Oct 19,2021

More than 10,000 pieces of new news a day. News update non-stop 24/7.  Kidnappers in Haiti Demand $17 Million to Free Missionary Group.  This Instant Pot white bean and kale recipe is good to the last drop of herby, earthy broth.  Washington Ballet kicks off its return to in-person performance with two shows at the National Building Museum.  India’s floods force couple to sail to their wedding in a giant cooking pot.  What questions do you have about Metro? Ask The Post..  Norway bow-and-arrow attacker killed five people with ‘stabbing weapon,’ police say.  What is Tommy Tuberville doing here?.  Lessons for my children about fears, real and imagined.  A statue of Thomas Jefferson has been in N.Y. City Council chambers for 106 years. Commissioners voted to remove it..  Opinion : Colin Powell didn’t want the American family breaking into warring factions over race.  More than 10,000 pieces of new news a day. News update non-stop 24/7.  Opinion : We can no longer ignore Haiti’s descent into chaos.  Opinion : Manchin’s shameful child-care stance isn’t just bad politics. It’s self-defeating policy..  Biden's pick to lead U.S. Customs and Border Protection testifies in nomination hearing.  Hearing aids without a prescription or an exam? The FDA takes big step toward making that happen..  Nathan Chen says he has grown since disappointing Pyeongchang Games.  'That is false': CNN reporter calls out Miami private school's bogus vaccine claims.  Washington State head football coach ousted after refusing Covid-19 vaccine.  Angelina Jolie makes rare appearance with kids on 'Eternals' red carpet.  Opinion: 3 ways executives hold Black women back at work.  Photos: Supply chain problems in the US.  
Kidnappers in Haiti Demand $17 Million to Free Missionary Group
The gang, known as 400 Mawozo, controls the area where the missionaries were abducted in the suburbs of Port-au-Prince, the capital. The group has sown terror there for several months, engaging in armed combat with rival gangs and kidnapping businessmen and police officers. The gang was blamed for kidnapping five priests and two nuns earlier this year. It is also believed to have killed Anderson Belony, a famous sculptor, on Tuesday, according to local news reports. Gangs have plagued Port-au-Prince over the past two decades, but were often used for political purposes — such as voter suppression — by powerful politicians.
This Instant Pot white bean and kale recipe is good to the last drop of herby, earthy broth
I wanted to make this a dish I could eat broth and all, because I know how much flavor the beans impart to their cooking liquid. To supplement that rich base, I built a foundation with onions, garlic and those umami-packed mushrooms. Taking a little inspiration from a favorite white bean dip recipe, I tipped in some dried rosemary and thyme. Then it was time to let the Instant Pot work its magic (of course, use any multicooker you have). After half an hour, the beans had just about reached my creamy ideal, so I popped open the lid, packed in the kale and pressure-cooked it until it was barely wilted.
Washington Ballet kicks off its return to in-person performance with two shows at the National Building Museum
“I feel like there’s a new understanding of what I do and what dance means to me,” Ndlovu says. “We’re happy to be back. But being back, we’re here with a different focus, with a different understanding, with a much more creative point of view, with much more of a direct point of view of what we’re doing. I think that’s where I came from, conceptualizing this [piece] and bringing it to life.”
India’s floods force couple to sail to their wedding in a giant cooking pot
Video footage of the groom, Akash Kunjumon, and his bride, A. Aishwarya, floating along muddy waters in the aluminum container caused quite the stir in the neighborhood — with many celebrating some good news after days of heavy rainfall that claimed the lives of at least 35 people.
What questions do you have about Metro? Ask The Post.
Metro is providing bare-bones rail service with trains generally departing every 30 minutes, which has created some of the most crowded cars and stations since the coronavirus pandemic began early last year. The derailment is a setback for the transit agency as commuters start to return to the office.
Norway bow-and-arrow attacker killed five people with ‘stabbing weapon,’ police say
Law enforcement officers arrested a Danish man over the rare mass killing on Wednesday, in which he roamed the streets of Kongsberg in the evening shooting arrows at people. Police now say he killed five people by stabbing them, some in their homes — not with his bow and arrow.
What is Tommy Tuberville doing here?
Jan. 6 is something that has stuck, not just to Tuberville but the whole Republican party. Far from moving on, Trump’s obsession seems to have deepened: Last week, he referred to solving “the Presidential Election Fraud of 2020” as the “single most important thing for Republicans to do.” Mike Lindell, the founder of MyPillow, has been barnstorming the country holding rallies for “Stop the Steal” crowds. And after Republicans in Arizona spent months conducting a dubious “audit” of the last election in Maricopa County (which affirmed Biden’s win there, in spite of everything), similar efforts are taking shape in states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Texas. More than 6 in 10 Republicans believe Biden’s win was fraudulent, according to multiple polls, despite all the evidence to the contrary.
Lessons for my children about fears, real and imagined
Yes, when Voldemort shows up in the Harry Potter movies, or The Trunchbull in “Matilda” is chasing the girl and Miss Honey through the old house, or that man in “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” reaches into another man’s chest and pulls out his beating heart, I bring up craft service. I remind my kids, and in particular my young son, that these are just regular grown-ups in costume, moms and dads many of them, and any minute the director will yell “cut,” and everyone will take a break. Voldemort will walk over to the craft service table for a snack, and in that moment, he’s not someone evil at all. He’s just a guy eating a bag of chips, trying not to get crumbs all over himself. This image always makes my son laugh, and then he adds his own details: “And then maybe he wipes his hands on his costume, and it gets all greasy, and no one wants to tell him!”
A statue of Thomas Jefferson has been in N.Y. City Council chambers for 106 years. Commissioners voted to remove it.
The fate of the statue — a replica of the bronze sculpture created by Pierre-Jean David D’Angers that stands in the U.S. Capitol — is uncertain. Under the original proposal, the commission was set to give it to the New-York Historical Society on a long-term loan. A crate had even been ordered to escort the statue to its new home. But the commission ultimately reversed course after some raised concerns about transferring a piece of public art to a private space where people would have to pay to see it. The statue has been in the council chambers since 1915.
Opinion : Colin Powell didn’t want the American family breaking into warring factions over race
Yes, he told the Howard University students, racism still exists. But he urged them to always remember that “racism is a disease of the racist. Never let it become yours.” He exhorted them not to allow “the dying hand of racism to rest on your shoulder, weighing you down. Always let racism always be someone else’s burden to carry in their heart.” Most of all, he told them to “believe in America with all your heart and soul, with all of your mind. Remember that it remains the ‘last, best hope of Earth.’” America’s faults, he said, “are yours to fix, not to curse.” Remember, he told them, that “America is a family: There may be differences and disputes within the family, but we must not allow the family to be broken into warring factions.”
Opinion : We can no longer ignore Haiti’s descent into chaos
Haiti’s outmatched police are bystanders to the spreading pandemonium, and the government, which includes no elected officials, is window dressing. The fate of the missionaries is anyone’s guess, but no one should assume that their seizure is an aberration, or that Haiti’s dissolution will not generate further agonies for its own citizens and those of other nations. Those agonies will include desperate migrants at the United States’ border, such as the thousands who camped under a bridge in South Texas last month, seeking a foothold in this country.
Opinion : Manchin’s shameful child-care stance isn’t just bad politics. It’s self-defeating policy.
That move isn’t just bad politics; it’s self-defeating policy. When the New York Times asked 18 experts to choose between paid leave, child care, pre-K and the child tax credit, they all said it was a “choice they would not want to make,” because these programs work best together. For instance, implementing free pre-K by itself has an unintended consequence: lowering the number of older toddlers going to child-care providers, resulting in higher child-care prices for younger children with more intensive needs. Spending more on child care reduces the child tax credit’s benefits, potentially pushing families back into poverty — which in turn makes schooling less effective.
Biden's pick to lead U.S. Customs and Border Protection testifies in nomination hearing
LIVE NationalBiden's pick to lead U.S. Customs and Border Protection testifies in nomination hearingChris Magnus, President Biden’s nominee to lead U.S. Customs and Border Protection, testifies during his nomination hearing in front of the Senate Finance Committee.
Hearing aids without a prescription or an exam? The FDA takes big step toward making that happen.
“Over the years, our number one call, email [and] letter is from people who can’t afford hearing aids, or they don’t have access to an audiologist or hearing aid specialist," said Barbara Kelley, executive director of the Hearing Loss Association of America. “Now, not all of those people would benefit from an over-the-counter product. We know that. But … this is going to help those people who might be able to benefit.”
Nathan Chen says he has grown since disappointing Pyeongchang Games
(Reuters) U.S. figure skater Nathan Chen on Monday said his disappointing performance at the Pyeongchang Games in 2018 gave him a fresh perspective on the sport. Chen was forced to settle for fifth place in the individual competition in South Korea, and left with just a bronze medal in the team event despite sky-high expectations. But the 22-year-old has been unstoppable since and picked up his third straight world championship in March. "That sounds a little like I don't care that much about skating ... but there's a life outside of skating. JUST WATCHED Nathan Chen describes the feeling of landing a quad Replay More Videos ... MUST WATCH Nathan Chen describes the feeling of landing a quad 01:10Read More
'That is false': CNN reporter calls out Miami private school's bogus vaccine claims
A Miami private school, which previously asked teachers not to get the Covid-19 vaccine or they wouldn't be allowed to return this school year, has now asked parents to keep their children home for 30 days if their child has received a vaccine dose, citing false and disproved claims about the impact of the inoculation, according to a letter sent to parents and obtained by CNN affiliate WSVN. CNN's Leyla Santiago reports.
Washington State head football coach ousted after refusing Covid-19 vaccine
Washington State University's head football coach, Nick Rolovich, and four assistant coaches are losing their jobs because of not complying with the state's Covid-19 vaccine mandate, according to the university's athletics department.
Angelina Jolie makes rare appearance with kids on 'Eternals' red carpet
(CNN) Angelina Jolie and most of her children recycled some old looks for a new movie premiere. Jolie was joined on the red carpet for her film "Eternals" by her children Maddox, 20, twins Vivienne and Knox, 13, Zahara, 16, and Shiloh,15. The actress told "Entertainment Tonight" that the family wore some classics for the event, including Zahara, who donned her mother's silver 2014 Academy Awards gown. "My kids are all mixed with vintage, and in my old Oscars dress," Jolie said. "We did all vintage and upcycled my old stuff."
Opinion: 3 ways executives hold Black women back at work
Despite promises from across the corporate world to diversify leadership and give people of all backgrounds equal opportunities, women of color remain stuck with little to no progress in sight. Women of color also continue to deal with discrimination at work, including just as many microaggressions as they did two years ago — all of which contribute to stress and burnout. But it isn't just people harboring bigotry that can make work life more difficult for women of color. To fix this, executives must work to actively counteract these challenges, paving the way for women of color to pursue and succeed in leadership roles. Here are some things they must keep in mind:We're equal employees, not symbolsOne major pitfall comes in the form of leaders presenting Black women to fellow employees as symbols of our race, gender or both.
Photos: Supply chain problems in the US
Kyle Grillot/Bloomberg/Getty Images Shipping containers in the Port of Los Angeles are stacked high on October 13. In pictures: Supply chain problems in the USKyle Grillot/Bloomberg/Getty Images Shipping containers in the Port of Los Angeles are stacked high on October 13. As the end-of-year holiday shopping rush approaches, the United States is dealing with a supply chain backlog. Some 200,000 shipping containers were gridlocked Monday, October 18, off the coast of Los Angeles as pandemic-related disruptions continued to affect various supply chains, said Gene Seroka, the executive director of the Port of Los Angeles. As the Biden administration tries to ease shipping woes, the Port of Los Angeles has moved to 24/7 operations.
‘He Lied’: Iraqis Still Blame Colin Powell For Role In Iraq War
Then-former Secretary of State Colin Powell is seen beside President George W. Bush in 2006. JIM WATSON via Getty Images“He lied, lied and lied,” said Maryam, a 51-year-old Iraqi writer and mother of two in northern Iraq who spoke on condition her last name not be used because one of her children is studying in the United States. As chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Powell oversaw the Persian Gulf war to oust the Iraqi army in 1991 after Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. “I am saddened by the death of Colin Powell without being tried for his crimes in Iraq. But Maryam, the writer from northern Iraq, refuses to accept the idea that Powell may have been misled on Iraq.
Participants in Manchin meetings claim progress even as gap in positions becomes clear
Rep. Pramila Jayapal, chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, talks with Rachel Maddow about meeting directly with Senator Joe Manchin on President Biden's Build Back Better bill and why she remains hopeful that the ultimate outcome will be a bill that makes Americans' lives better.Oct.
Mark Strong Says Night Out With Daniel Craig Cost Him A James Bond Role
British actor Mark Strong says he blew his shot at becoming a villain in the James Bond movie franchise after a night out boozing with future 007 star Daniel Craig. Strong was “quite cocky” about the prospect of landing a part in a Bond film starring Craig’s 007 predecessor, Pierce Brosnan, he said in an interview published in the Oct. 23 edition of Radio Times. Advertisement“But the night before, I went out for a drink with Danny,” Strong said. “And unfortunately, I had a bit too much to drink. So I got to the audition the next day, thinking it would all just come back to me.”Mark Strong, left, says he botched the audition after a night out with Daniel Craig.
The 'alarming' detail Marjorie Taylor Greene found in a poll
As the Republican saw it, major news organizations and independent polling outlets secretly conspired to release fraudulent survey results as part of an elaborate voter-suppression scheme. Republican voters, according to the conspiracy theory, would see the polls, learn how unpopular Trump was, and conclude that there was no point in voting. The more the then-president lied about the integrity of the electoral system, the more GOP voters believed their ballots would go uncounted. The New York Times reported yesterday:Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia has supported exhaustive audits of the 2020 results to look for evidence of voting irregularities that repeated reviews have failed to produce. The odds of nearly one-in-10 Republican voters in any part of Georgia skipping the 2022 cycle over pointless "audits" are low.
Ask Well
Questions submitted to Ask Well will be reviewed by our editors. Because of the large number of submissions, we can answer only select questions. Some questions may be edited before posting. Ask Well is not a source for personal medical advice; only your doctor can give you that. Illustration by Eiko Ojala
Is the Saturated Fat in Chocolate as Bad as the Fat in Meat?
But the label notes a high amount of saturated fat. Is this as harmful as the saturated fat in meat? The fat in chocolate is not as harmful as the fat in meat, said Alice Lichtenstein, director of the Cardiovascular Nutrition Laboratory at the Jean Mayer U.S.D.A. Stearic and palmitic acids are forms of saturated fat, which has been linked to heart disease, but stearic acid does not raise cholesterol, and palmitic fat makes up only a third of the fat in chocolate. Unlike dark chocolate, milk chocolate has little of one crucial flavanol, epicatechin, left in it after processing.
Are Calcium Supplements Safe?
Are calcium supplements safe? Many people, especially women, take calcium supplements in the hope of building stronger bones, but whether calcium supplements prevent fractures remains uncertain. But data from the Women’s Health Initiative and another large study from the National Cancer Institute, both of which assessed calcium in combination with vitamin D, found that calcium supplements do not increase the risk of dying prematurely. Calcium supplements probably do not increase the risk of heart disease. The best evidence, again, comes from the Women’s Health Initiative study of calcium and vitamin D. A Harvard review supports this conclusion, stating that “calcium intake, either from diet or from supplements, has little or no effect on cardiovascular disease risk.”
What Can You Do About a Hammertoe?
Is there anything you can do for a hammertoe? The abnormal bending of the toe known as hammertoe can become increasingly uncomfortable as the toe curls under and becomes stiff and rigid over time. “Patients may come in and ask, ‘Can you remove the corn?’ But it’s not really a skin problem — it’s a bone problem. “Once you have it, the bad news is, it doesn’t just go away.”Some people have a genetic predisposition toward developing a hammertoe or may have one from birth. Others develop a hammertoe after an injury.
When will oil prices peak? Traders and analysts are rethinking their forecasts.
crude oilMany Wall Street forecasters believe oil prices are about to peak. Oil usage is up from 2020 but below what it was in 2019, when oil prices were lower than they are now. The question of whether oil prices have nearly peaked or are about to rise much higher rests on what’s driving them up in the first place. If that is the case, oil prices are probably near their highs. With China’s economy slowing and the U.S. recovery hitting a weak patch, oil demand is not likely to grow very rapidly in the near future.
Tuberculosis, Like Covid, Spreads in Aerosols, Scientists Report
Upending centuries of medical dogma, a team of South African researchers has found that breathing may be a bigger contributor to the spread of tuberculosis than coughing, the signature symptom. As much as 90 percent of TB bacteria released from an infected person may be carried in tiny droplets, called aerosols, that are expelled when a person exhales deeply, the researchers estimated. The report echoes an important finding of the Covid pandemic: The coronavirus, too, spreads in aerosols carried aloft, particularly in indoor spaces — a route of transmission that was widely underappreciated as the pandemic began to unfold. TB is caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which usually attacks the lungs. It is the world’s deadliest infectious disease after Covid-19, claiming more than 1.5 million lives last year — the first increase in a decade, according to a report published last week by the World Health Organization.
Opinion | Introducing Tom Morello’s Newsletter
This article also appeared in the Opinion Today newsletter. Visionary works of literature or music become time capsules or soundtracks to our lives that you can revisit and remember. I felt confident he would be a fascinating person to hear from as we think about what our society needs, going forward. After pitching my dream of having him write for Times Opinion, I learned that my colleague Jane Coaston has been a fan for years. She writes, below, an introduction to him to help you understand the meaningful presence he’s had in pop culture, music and protest movements over the past three decades.
Can Being Cold Make You Sick?
“When you don’t have good nasal mucus flow, it’s harder for the immune system to work against the virus,” he said. In a dry room, those flu viruses often continue to float around until they reach their next victim. There are also some scattered laboratory studies that suggest being cold might weaken the immune system, making us more vulnerable to those viruses. In a 2005 study by other researchers, college students whose feet were soaked in cold water for 20 minutes a day were more likely to get sick than those not exposed to the cold. And research in mouse cells suggests that rhinovirus, the common cold virus, replicates faster at cold temperatures, Dr. Auewarakul added.
U.S. cyber czar wants industry to collaborate with government
Sinclair began investigating the incident Saturday, the company told investors. The following day, the company determined that some “servers and workstations” were hit by ransomware. “Certain office and operational networks were disrupted,” the company said, and “data also was taken from the Company’s network.” The hack “has caused — and may continue to cause — disruption to parts of the Company’s business, including certain aspects of its provision of local advertisements by its local broadcast stations on behalf of its customers,” Sinclair said.
Conservative radio host said he constantly hugged strangers to catch covid: ‘What I hoped for the entire time’
Contradicting studies and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Prager told his audience that natural immunity was more effective than getting the vaccine, saying a covid infection was “what I hoped for the entire time.” The CDC recommends that people get vaccinated even after contracting the virus — officials point to an August study that showed unvaccinated people who already had covid were twice as likely to be reinfected as those who had been fully vaccinated after contracting the virus.
In conversation with Jane Goodall on climate change — and remaining hopeful for the future
With the head and heart together we achieve our true human potential. One was seeing the writing on the wall, seeing that natural resources were diminishing and realizing that if he kept on with business as usual, that was the end of his business. But he said that the last thing that convinced him was his little girl when she was 10. She came back from school one day and said, “Daddy, somebody told me that what you are doing is hurting the environment. And that’s the world I’m growing up in.” That went straight to his heart.
States face an extra hurdle in boosting the Johnson & Johnson vaccines
The virus can mutate in two concerning ways, by becoming more transmissible, or by evading immunity produced by vaccines or prior infection. Scientists say the best way to prevent those mutations is to increase vaccinations. The more opportunity the virus has to spread, the more chances it has to mutate.
Opinion : Colin Powell, the reluctant warrior
Bush went forward with invasion planning, but as a concession to Powell, he agreed to seek U.N. support. That was how Powell came to be center stage in February 2003, presenting the American case to the United Nations about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction — an argument that turned out later to have based on flawed intelligence. Powell felt that his credibility had been tarnished, perhaps permanently, and he resigned as secretary of state in January 2005. The Iraq War went even worse than he had feared. It was a painful ending to a sterling career of public service.
High-profile and fully vaccinated but immunocompromised: Colin Powell’s death wrongly seized upon to undermine utility of coronavirus vaccines
Castrucci said that covid has so far lacked what he terms a “Magic Johnson moment” — a reference to the change in national attitudes that he said came after NBA star Johnson contracted AIDS and showed the country that the disease could be contracted by a famous athlete and someone outside the gay community. “It’s really hard to change your behavior when you’re not afraid of something,” Castrucci said.
Seville to become world’s first city to name heat waves
“We are very happy Seville is part of it because it is very much in line with the profile of the city of Seville, a city which is fighting for sustainability and against climate change and a city that is clearly helping to adapt to the current climate change effects,” Espadas said.
Biden to huddle with warring Democrats in hopes of reviving economic agenda
In past meetings, Biden has told the two sparring camps of Democrats that they have no choice but to compromise — suggesting that they may have to come to terms with a smaller, roughly $2 trillion package that forces them to scale back their policy priorities. But party lawmakers have agreed on neither the scope of the cuts nor the final price tag for the bill, resulting in a stalemate that has kept Democrats from acting to adopt a measure that many see as critical to their own reelection prospects.
Kanye West legally changes name to Ye
(CNN) Kanye West is no more. After filing paperwork to change his name, the rapper, born Kanye Omari West, finally got what he asked for, and will be legally known as "Ye." Judge Michelle Williams granted the change on Monday in a California courthouse, after the rapper filed a petition to change his name in August, documents seen by CNN confirm. The musician hinted at the change as far back as 2018, when he released his studio album "Ye," and then several months later tweeted: "the being formally known as Kanye West. Back in 2019, West suggested he might legally change his name to "Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West" for a little bit.
What actually happened during GameStop mania?
The SEC found that the number of unique accounts trading GameStop on a given day rose to nearly 900,000 by Jan. 27, up from fewer than 10,000 at the beginning of the month. Between Jan. 13 and Jan. 29, an average of 100 million GameStop shares were traded per day, up 1,400% from the 2020 average. More than 100 stocks "experienced large price moves or increased trading volume that significantly exceeded broader market movements," the SEC said. But the SEC found that "such buying was a small fraction of overall buy volume," and that it was "positive sentiment, not the buying-to-cover, that sustained the weeks-long price appreciation of GameStop stock." Analysts at Bank of America think the announcement may be an important signal about where the market is headed.
Spicy Beef Stir-Fry with Basil Recipe
Chef notesLeela Punyaratabandhu, a food blogger, adapted this recipe from Soei, a family-run restaurant in Bangkok, where she grew up. At Soei, they make it with sliced beef shanks and makrut lime leaves, which perfume the dish. A detail to keep in mind, from Punyaratabandhu: if you make the dish with holy basil, it's called phat ka-phrao; if you use sweet Thai basil, it's phat bai hora-pha. January 25, 2018: "A Garlicky Stir-Fry with Basil Leaves from Bangkok," by Tejal Rao. Recipe adapted from Bangkok: Recipes and Stories from the Heart of Thailand, by Leela Punyaratabandhu.
Taco Bell is giving away free breakfast burritos
New York (CNN Business) Breakfast is back on the menu at Taco Bell, so it's giving away free food to celebrate. On Thursday, the chain will offer free breakfast burritos at its United States restaurants. The giveaway, which runs between 7 a.m. to 11 a.m., serves as a reminder that breakfast has returned at roughly 90% of Taco Bell locations after being temporarily paused because of the pandemic. Taco Bell is giving away free breakfast burritos Thursday. Last year, the chain added a new line of pressed breakfast burritos including one with eggs, sausage and nacho cheese sauce.
Crackdown on Chinese spying at American universities backfires
A Justice Department effort to root out Chinese espionage at universities has run into controversy. A series of criminal cases brought by prosecutors against professors and researchers as part of the “China Initiative” have fallen apart. Critics are accusing the government of overreaching and Asian-American groups are concerned the FBI has engaged in racial profiling. NBC News’ Ken Dilanian reports. Oct. 19, 2021
How to get a free breakfast burrito at Taco Bell this week
Taco BellTaco Bell is celebrating bringing back breakfast by giving away its popular toasted breakfast burritos for free on October 21 from 7 to 11 a.m., while supplies last. Anyone who texts “Wake Up” to 1-866-WAKEUP3 will get a pre-recorded wake up call on the morning of October 21 reminding them to get their free burrito. The lineup of breakfast burritos include the Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito, Hash Brown Toasted Breakfast Burrito and Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito, starting at $1.29. There are a few caveats on the free toasted burrito offer — only one free burrito per person, at participating locations, and it's only available in-store or the drive-thru only, while supplies last. That means, no, you can't have your free breakfast delivered to you to enjoy in bed.
NBA star opens up about mom's COVID-19 death: 'That day changed me'
The Minnesota Timberwolves center said that at one point, he and his family were able to transfer his mother to another hospital. However, on the day she was scheduled to be removed from the ventilator, she was diagnosed with a blood clot. Towns' mother died on April 13. It was her at the draft day going crazy, and that made it fun. "I didn't want to go to therapy and not be ready to talk, because then I'm just sitting there," Towns said.
Plum torte, yogurt rice and beef stir-fry: 3 iconic New York Times recipes
CEO and co-founder of Food52 Amanda Hesser is joining TODAY to share a few of her favorite recipes from her iconic cookbook, "The Essential New York Times Cookbook: Classic Recipes for a New Century." She shows us how to make a Thai beef stir-fry with fragrant basil, Indian yogurt rice and the ever-popular purple plum torte. This is both the most often published and the most requested recipe in the Times archives. The real name of this dish, which comes from India, is Thayir Choru, and it means, simply, yogurt rice or curd rice. Leela Punyaratabandhu, a food blogger, adapted this recipe from Soei, a family-run restaurant in Bangkok, where she grew up.
Washington DC rail cars pulled out of service after derailment
Transportation officials in Washington, D.C. have taken more than half of the city’s Metro System train cars out of service following a derailment last week. More than 700 train cars were pulled offline, leading to reduced service and longer wait times.Oct.
Katie Couric on Matt Lauer: ‘There was a side I never knew’
Talking to Savannah Guthrie about her upcoming memoir “Going There,” former TODAY anchor Katie Couric talks about her former co-anchor Matt Lauer, saying “it was really upsetting and disturbing” when Lauer later left the show amid allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior. After doing some of her own investigating, she says, “I think I realized there was a side of Matt I never knew.”Oct.
Great white sharks swim near surfers: See the video
A drone captured images of several great white sharks swimming near a group of surfers just north of San Diego. Thankfully, no one was hurt.Oct.
Expert blames reliance on AstraZeneca jab, waning immunity for UK case coronavirus rise
The U.K.’s speedy rollout of vaccines has meant that those vaccinated early on are now experiencing waning immunity, Neil Ferguson, director of Imperial College London’s MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis, told the BBC’s Today program. Coronavirus case numbers in the U.K. continue to rise despite 67 percent of the population being fully vaccinated. However, other European countries with similar vaccination coverage, such as France, are not yet seeing a rise in cases. Ferguson also believes that vaccinating teenagers could be an important factor in preventing rises in cases. He added that they needed to be receiving two doses, not just one, as is currently recommended.
Olivia Jade Denies Viral TikTok Hookup Rumor
Reacting to a viral TikTok video that implied an affair, Giannulli said in her clip, posted Sunday: “I’m just going to be super blunt and straight up and say Val and I are not hooking up. We’re genuinely really good friends and I adore his wife.”AdvertisementThe rumor was spun by a gossipy video posted by TikTok user dearjane1, who describes her posts as “Stories, Parodies & Entertainment.” Giannulli said she was blocked by the account and posted her own TikTok video reacting to the scuttlebutt. “So let’s end this here and let’s fucking dance and have fun on this show, and not create lies especially when you almost have 400k followers. ? original sound - Olivia JadeIn another video, dearjane1 describes her posts as “reenactments” for “fun and entertainment.”“I don’t check every single detail of every single story,” she says. Olivia Jade’s influencer career took a hit as critics fumed over her privilege.
There's A COVID Testing Scam In My L.A. School And No One Is Listening To Me
"Without the support of our administration, some students will remain untested and continue to provide doctored test results to get into school." Without the support of our administration, some students will remain untested and continue to provide doctored test results to get into school. The health and safety of everyone in my school ? and I’m guessing many other schools ? will continue to be at risk. Because the school district doesn’t know how ? or isn’t properly equipped ? to enforce the testing requirements it put in place? I tried to call attention to the COVID testing results scam happening in my school and nothing happened.
Matt Gaetz's former 'wingman' gets more time to help prosecutors
It's been nearly six months since The New York Times first reported on the Justice Department's investigation into Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz. Conditions grew more serious over the summer when Joel Greenberg, an almost comically scandalous figure whom Gaetz used to describe as his "wingman," pleaded guilty as part of a cooperation agreement with federal prosecutors. Greenberg's lawyer told reporters, "I am sure Matt Gaetz is not feeling very comfortable today." Politico reported:A corrupt former Florida tax official and one-time "wingman" to Rep. Matt Gaetz won extra time Monday to cooperate with federal prosecutors in their investigation of the congressman and a host of other scandals. After all, Greenberg has pleaded guilty to several felonies.
Garlicky Chicken Thighs With Scallion and Lime Recipe
These tangy chicken thighs are a weeknight alternative to a long, weekend braise. They may not fall entirely off the bone, but the quick simmer in a rich, citrusy sauce yields an impossibly tender thigh that you wouldn’t get with a simple sear. Serve with rice, whole grains or with hunks of crusty bread for mopping up the leftover sauce.
Fish Larb Recipe
Larb, a boldly flavored Thai dish, often combines ground chicken, ground pork or other ground meat with dried chile, scallions, shallots, fish sauce, lime, fresh herbs and nutty toasted rice, which you can make yourself or find at Asian markets. The dish also works with crumbled tofu, mushrooms, cauliflower or fish. In this quick-cooking fish version, fish fillets are pan-seared until cooked through, then broken into bite-sized pieces and tossed with the rest of the ingredients. Serve with sticky rice, small wedges of salted green cabbage, cucumber spears or lettuce leaves.
Miso-Butter Pasta With Butternut Squash Recipe
A true love match, miso and butter create a simple yet deeply flavorful pasta that hits all the right notes: sweet, salty and savory. Smashed garlic cloves roast with the squash to gently flavor it, then become silky-soft treasures you’ll discover while eating. Finishing the dish with lime cuts through the richness of the butter, but you can use lemon, too. Try using other vegetables like eggplant, pumpkin or carrots to make this dish your own. To get vegetarian recipes like this one delivered to your inbox, sign up for The Veggie newsletter.
What Is COP26? And Other Questions About the Big U.N. Climate Summit
A United Nations global warming conference beginning this month in Glasgow is considered a crucial moment for efforts to address the threat of climate change. The conference is held annually but this year is critical because scientists say nations must make an immediate, sharp pivot away from fossil fuels if they hope to avoid the most catastrophic impacts of climate change. That’s the threshold beyond which scientists say the dangers of global warming — such as deadly heat waves, water shortages, crop failures and ecosystem collapse — grow immensely. But China, Australia, Russia and India have yet to make new pledges to cut their pollution, and it’s not clear that they will before the summit. Meanwhile, only a few wealthy countries have allocated money to help poor and vulnerable nations cope with the impacts of climate disasters that they have done little to cause.
Bitcoin-based fund’s expected launch will make it easier for investors to buy a stake in crypto
But in an August speech, Gensler signaled he would approve applications for certain exchange-traded funds tracking crypto assets. He reasoned the SEC could safely oversee such funds, since they fall under an existing securities law that “provides significant investor protections.” Specifically, the funds allow investors to bet on gains in the future price of bitcoin, without buying the underlying asset itself. And because the SEC regulates the exchanges that the futures contracts trade on, regulators should have greater insight into their pricing, which crypto critics say remains open to manipulation on unregulated exchanges.
Five renovations that will add the most value to your home
If you’re seeking the most return on investment, the answer to all three questions is no. According to an annual ranking of projects in Remodeling Magazine, you might be better off this year spending your money on improving exterior features. Only one of the top five projects is interior. The rankings are used by many remodelers and real estate agents to help guide homeowners on which improvements yield the most value.
The Braves’ Joc Pederson and his pearls are having a moment
“I’ve done the black chain and the gold chain and all those different ones and — I think a lot of other players have,” Pederson said last week. “But I don’t know, kind of caught my eye. I was like, ‘You know, those look good.’ And [I] texted the jeweler about it and got some out. And they kind of went crazy.”
NFL Week 7 power rankings: Packers capitalize on Bills’ slip-up
The Saints return from their bye and even get an extra day to prepare before they play Monday night at Seattle. They can win consecutive games for the first time this season, given the victory over the Washington Football Team at FedEx Field just before their bye. Overtaking the Bucs in the NFC South might be too much to ask, but the Saints should be in the thick of the playoff chase.
A Purple Heart medal was stolen from a Vietnam veteran nearly 40 years ago. He just got it back.
As he held the medal in his hand for the first time in almost four decades, Allbritton said, he was taken back to the day he was drafted into the Army at 18. It was the day after he graduated from Pasco High School in Dade City, Fla., in 1969.
A man stole a Capitol Police officer’s baseball cap on Jan. 6, feds say. He wore it on his YouTube channel.
Latest: Jan. 6 hearings open with visceral accounts of Trump supporters’ assault on policeA sprawling investigation: What we know so far about the Capitol riot suspectsSix hours of paralysis: Inside Trump’s failure to act after a mob stormed the CapitolProfiles of three involved in the attack: A horn-wearing ‘shaman.’ A cowboy evangelist. For some, the Capitol attack was a kind of Christian revolt. Video timeline: 41 minutes of fear from inside the Capitol siege
What is a mental health gym?
“At Coa it’s not about whack-a-mole-ing symptoms and just trying to get something broken to be fixed. It’s about having compassion for all of the many reasons why we feel the way we do and act the way we do, and giving people space to explore it and move to a more authentic and satisfied version of themselves,” Anhalt said.
NBA commissioner Adam Silver hopes Kyrie Irving decides to get vaccinated against Covid-19
(CNN) Ahead of the start of the NBA's 75th season, the sport's commissioner Adam Silver told reporter that he hopes Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving gets vaccinated against Covid-19. A seven-time All-Star, Irving has so far refused the vaccine and Nets general manager Sean Marks said he would not play or practice with the team until he met eligibility requirements. The NBA had warned the Nets as well as the New York Knicks and Golden State Warriors that new Covid-19 policies set by local governments will prohibit any unvaccinated player from playing in home games in New York City and San Francisco. Speaking on Monday, Silver told reporters that he understood the vaccine mandate and urged Irving to reassess his decision. "I think it's perfectly appropriate that New York and other cities have passed laws that require people who both work and visit arenas to be vaccinated," Silver said.
NBA's Kyrie Irving may not play a single game. But he could still score up to $19M
The seven-time All-Star is in his third year of a four-year, $136 million contract signed with the Nets in 2019. The NBA and NBA Players Association reportedly agreed on a pay reduction of 1/91.6 of a player's salary for each game missed by an unvaccinated player due to the local vaccine mandates, ESPN reported. Irving stands to lose abut $380,000 per game and potentially more than $15 million, ESPN reported. That would still leave Irving about $19 million -- and secure his standing among the 100 highest-paid players in the league -- without playing a single minute. More than 90% of NBA players are vaccinated, according to the league.
FIFA 'deeply concerned' at social media footage of DR Congo Under-20 women's national team
(CNN) Football's world governing body FIFA says it's "deeply concerned" at images that have recently emerged on social media of the Congolese Under-20 women's national team. Global soccer players' union FIFPRO posted video footage appearing to show team training in the street before an Under-20 World Cup qualifier. FIFPRO says they were kicked out of their hotel on October 12, which the players' union said the Congolese FA didn't pay for. Asked for comment, the continent's governing body -- the Confederation of African Football -- directed CNN to FECOFA and football's world governing body FIFA. The women's Under-20 World Cup is due to take place in Costa Rica next year after being postponed since 2020.
NBA star's vaccine skepticism runs counter to racial justice stance
And while vaccinated, basketball phenom LeBron James and other players have echoed vaccine refusers' flawed framing. Last month, James confirmed that, despite initial skepticism of the vaccine, he had been inoculated against Covid-19 . Crucially, the players -- the vaccinated as well as the unvaccinated -- have a duty to defend something bound up with their teammates' health. When you hear famous Black people such as LeBron James make getting vaccinated against Covid-19 a matter of "personal choice," what's your reaction? Because it runs counter, I think, to the narrative he has about his own history and his own progress in the US.
Saudi Arabia to launch enormous oil themed 'extreme park'
(CNN) — Saudi Arabia may be trying to reduce its dependency on oil, but that hasn't stopped the Arabic kingdom from using its petroleum industry as inspiration for a brand new tourist attraction. The Middle Eastern country has announced plans to convert an oil rig into a 150,000 square meter "extreme park" and resort located in the Arabian Gulf. Related content Dizzying glass box observatory to open high above New YorkUnique attractionA rendering of upcoming Saudi Arabia 'extreme park' The Rig. Tourism hopesThe Rig is part of a new strategy that aims to boost tourism in Saudi Arabia. Public Investment FundNews of The Rig project comes just months after plans for Six Flags Qiddiya were announced.
Israeli scuba diver discovers ancient Crusader sword
“The sword, which has been preserved in perfect condition, is a beautiful and rare find and evidently belonged to a Crusader knight,” Nir Distelfeld, inspector for the Israel Antiquities Authority’s robbery prevention unit, said in the statement. “The recent discovery of the sword suggests that the natural cove was also used in the Crusader period, some 900 years ago,” Kobi Sharvit said. “The recent discovery of the sword suggests that the natural cove was also used in the Crusader period, some 900 years ago,” Sharvit added. Katzin received a certificate of appreciation for good citizenship for reporting the sword to the Israel Antiquities Authority, which said the sword would be displayed to the public once it had been cleaned and researched. In March, the Israel Antiquities Authority announced that a new set of Dead Sea Scrolls, ancient fragments of biblical texts dating back almost 2,000 years, had been found in an Israeli desert.
Bill Gates bets £200M on UK’s underinvested green tech
LONDON — Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates and U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson are pouring a combined £400 million into scaling up underinvested green technologies to cut carbon emissions in Britain. “When the green premium is very high, you need to activate innovation,” Gates said during a discussion with Johnson at the event. Technologies like green hydrogen, he said, are currently “ridiculously expensive.” Gates said we wants to make them as affordable as wind and solar power. The government committed at least £200 million to these technologies last November as part of its £1 billion Net Zero Innovation Portfolio. “We'll make sure that we have private sector management power behind those projects,” Gates said.
Huma Abedin Details Rage At Anthony Weiner After Sexting Confession
Huma Abedin recounts her rage in a new memoir after then-husband Anthony Weiner confessed to sending a lewd underwear photo to a woman he’d flirted with online. But he finally fessed up to Abedin, then a top State Department aide to Hillary Clinton, in May 2011. Not out,” Abedin wrote in “Both/And,” excerpted by Vogue on Monday. It felt like a bolt of lightning had struck me and run straight through my body.”Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner attended a fashion awards event in an undated photo. “I just want our baby to be proud of their daddy,” he told Abedin, who was expecting at the time.
Joe Manchin is wrecking the Senate climate change bill
In that resolution, various House and Senate committees were instructed to allocate money toward certain climate change-related programs. Clean Energy Technology Accelerator: In this latest attempt to start a national “green bank,” the government would use public funds to start a bank that uses deposited private money to finance clean energy projects. Clean Electricity Payment Program: When it comes to reducing carbon emissions in the U.S., climate advocates and experts consider the Clean Electricity Payment Program the crown jewel of the legislative package. According to The Times, Manchin’s opposition to the entirety of the Clean Electricity Payment Program may lead to its being cut from the bill. And while a carbon tax of about 14 cents per gallon of gas is being debated among some senators, the policy isn’t exactly a winner politically.
Review: In the Disturbing ‘Dana H.,’ Whose Voice Is It Anyway?
It suggests an underlife, parallel to the comfortable, familiar one, that threatens at any moment to erupt through the rather thin barrier of routine, just as Higginbotham’s voice seems to erupt through O’Connell’s body in the process of possessing it. The question of voice is obviously central to Hnath’s concern here, only in part because Higginbotham — it’s no spoiler to say — is his mother. She did not want him to know: Jim held her son’s safety over her head, she says, to enforce compliance. With her own voice shut off, she emphasized the other tools at her disposal, so that even the smallest shifts of posture and expression became immensely expressive. We see O’Connell put on her earpieces at the beginning of the play and take them off at the end.
Stephen Colbert Can’t Take Christopher Steele’s Purported Tape
Welcome to Best of Late Night, a rundown of the previous night’s highlights that lets you sleep — and lets us get paid to watch comedy. ‘Urine’ TroubleStephen Colbert just can’t quit talking about reports about the existence of a tape rumored to show Donald J. Trump in a compromising position in a Moscow hotel room. On Monday, he bemoaned a recent assertion by Christopher Steele, a British ex-spy, that such a tape “probably exists.”“No! “This show had an official last pee-pee tape joke on January 25th. You cannot get me to talk about this until the actual tape has been released — or at least streamed.”
For the (Renewed) Love of Vintage Dressing
It’s fair to say that as a nation, our style is, collectively, in a state of disaggregation. I blame the pandemic, changing bodies and atrophied social skills, though those are just working theories that lead to more questions. Do the old rules of dressing we once subscribed to even apply in a world where many people no longer have to work in offices but do sometimes meet for after-work drinks? Could I now be someone who wears Western-style shirts on a first date? Is a red satin Versace sheath dress “too much” for sipping a Negroni at a sidewalk cafe on a Wednesday afternoon?
N.B.A. West Preview: The Return of ‘Beautiful Basketball’
The result was a first-round loss to the upstart Phoenix Suns in a generational battle that went in favor of youth. James, operating as de facto general manager, opened up his Brentwood manse to a series of potential recruits this summer. The Clippers are still brimming with talent without him, but do they have enough to make noise in the West? Without Leonard in a stacked West, though, the Clippers are likely to fall short of an N.B.A. — Alanis ThamesGolden State WarriorsKlay Thompson has not played basketball in public in quite a while.
N.B.A. East Preview: The Bucks Aren’t Finished Yet
Potential contenders in the Eastern Conference scrambled during the off-season to assemble teams fit to knock off Giannis Antetokounmpo — now with a new, improved jump shot? The 76ers seemed locked in a stalemate with Simmons, a three-time All-Star, who has wanted to be traded for months. Simmons ended his holdout midway through the preseason and reported to the team but has not played. Meanwhile, the Nets have a bona fide championship roster. They know this, and even with the distraction of Kyrie Irving’s murky status because he’s not vaccinated, they expect to hoist the Larry O’Brien championship trophy at season’s end.
Taliban Allow Polio Vaccine Program to Restart in Afghanistan
In an effort to eradicate polio and boost health measures for children in Afghanistan, the Taliban government has agreed to restart a door-to-door vaccination program next month, and will allow women to be frontline workers in the drive, health officials announced on Tuesday. The five-day nationwide program to distribute the polio vaccine, which is given orally and in multiple doses, will begin Nov. 8, according to officials. The drive aims to reach about 10 million children, according to Dr. Hamid Jafari, head of polio eradication for the W.H.O.’s eastern Mediterranean region. More than 3.3 million children had previously “remained inaccessible to vaccination campaigns,” according to the statement announcing the drive. Children who are 6 months to 59 months old will also be given vitamin A supplements during the campaign, officials said.
The Threat, in Perspective
The most effective way to reduce caseloads is to continue raising the country’s vaccination rate, through workplace mandates and other measures. If the declines continue — and can be maintained — the risks for older Americans will be much more manageable than they were in the late summer. Waning immunity, in turn, suggests that booster shots can protect vulnerable people. Pfizer vaccine recipients 65 and older are already eligible for a booster once they are at least six months removed from their second shot. Expand rapid testingIf rapid Covid tests were widely available, as they have been in much of Western Europe, they could help protect the elderly.
The Life and Career of Colin Powell
Luke Vander Ploeg , Stella Tan, Sydney Harper and Lisa Chow and Marion Lozano andListen and follow The DailyApple Podcasts | Spotify | StitcherColin Powell, who in four decades of public service helped shape U.S. national security, died on Monday. Despite a stellar career, Mr. Powell had expressed a fear that he would be remembered for a single event: his role in leading his country to war in Iraq. But Mr. Powell was also a pathbreaker, serving as the first Black national security adviser, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and secretary of state. We look back on the achievements and setbacks of a man whose trailblazing life was, in many ways, a classic American success story.
At City Homes in D.C., condo-living is a multilevel thing
He liked the two walk-in closets in the primary bedroom and the one in the guest bedroom. The construction was solid, Moore said, and the outdoor space inviting. “As a real estate agent, I’ve seen a lot. I asked to come back a second time, with a different set of eyes, looking at it for my personal use. I’m very picky about quality, and I found it excellent in 95 percent of the categories.”
Ask yourself these questions before you buy your next laptop
If you’re constantly ferrying lots of files around, you might want to prioritize lots of storage space — and maybe even a solid-state drive (SSD) instead of a traditional hard drive, so you don’t have to wait as long to access them. If your eyes maybe weren’t what they used to be (I can relate, believe me), bigger screens are the way to go. If you want more than anything to kick back in a coffee shop while cruising the skies in Microsoft Flight Simulator, a dedicated graphics card is almost a must. And if you’re a creator — or are trying to become one — wrangling and editing big video files is easier if you have a processor with lots of cores and loads of RAM.
Emanuel touts support among Black leaders ahead of confirmation hearing for ambassador job. But senators have questions.
“I realize that my position on this nomination might come as a surprise to some,” Hunter wrote. “I may even be attacked for speaking up. I believe in what the scripture says about righteous judgment and looking into a person’s heart. I have taken the time to get to know Rahm Emanuel. I understand the character of the man and that is why I support this nomination.”
Tuesday briefing: Mixing and matching vaccines; limits on ‘forever chemicals’; Colin Powell’s illnesses; NBA season starts; and more
Recipients of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which is less effective than Pfizer’s and Moderna’s, may get the best protection with a Moderna booster, a study showedShould you do it? People should generally stick to the vaccine they first got, a health official said. But the official acknowledged some may not have access to the original, while others might have had a bad reaction to it.
This woman wanted to die. Why was her euthanasia canceled?
Sepúlveda told her doctor that she wanted to undergo euthanasia in March. In less than a month, Sepúlveda requested authorization to undergo euthanasia under the new guidelines, and it was granted. Sepúlveda was happy to be the first patient in Colombia without a terminal prognosis to be allowed to undergo euthanasia. To tell patients that they can undergo euthanasia and then cancel a day before or a half-hour before, "that is an act of torture." González Correa was finally granted euthanasia after he appealed — the same action that Sepúlveda’s attorneys have initiated.
Rapper formerly known as Kanye West is now just Ye
LOS ANGELES — Kanye is now Ye. A Los Angeles judge on Monday approved the request of the rapper, producer and fashion designer to legally change his name from Kanye Omari West to just Ye, with no middle or last name. “There being no objections, the petition for change of name is granted,” Judge Michelle Williams Court said in court documents. The petition filed Aug. 24 cited “personal reasons." He tweeted in 2018 that he wanted the change saying, “the being formally known as Kanye West.
What You Need To Know About Michelle Young, The New Bachelorette
The Season 18 premiere of "The Bachelorette," starring Michelle Young, airs Tuesday on ABC. Season 18 of “The Bachelorette” premieres Tuesday, starring 28-year-old schoolteacher Michelle Young. AdvertisementOver the course of 10 weeks, 30 suitors will be battling for Young’s heart, but only one will receive the final rose. While she may not have won over James’ heart with embroidered his-and-hers basketball jerseys, Young quickly became a fan favorite. Adams, along with former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe, will be co-hosting Young’s season, guiding her on her journey.
Activists condemn London Science Museum over coal-linked sponsorship
Climate activists have hit out after the London Science Museum announced that its new "Energy Revolution" gallery will be sponsored by a subsidiary of the Adani Group, a conglomerate with coal mining operations in India, Indonesia and Australia. The "Adani Green Energy Gallery" will open in 2023 and, according to a statement, will "explore the latest climate science and the energy revolution needed to cut global dependence on fossil fuels and achieve the Paris targets to limit global warming to around 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels." Climate activists condemned the agreement as “reckless,” as Adani Green Energy is the wind and solar energy arm of the Adani Group, which is responsible for some contested coal mining projects, such as the Carmichael coal mine in Australia. The London Science Museum was also criticized in June for a partnership with Shell. "We’re hugely grateful to Adani Green Energy for the significant financial support they are providing for this gallery," said Mary Archer, chair of the board of trustees of the London Science Museum.
Progressive Pennsylvania Rep. Summer Lee Announces Run For Congress
Pennsylvania state Rep. Summer Lee (D) began her career in elected office by unseating a more conservative Democratic incumbent in 2018. Summer Lee for CongressPennsylvania state Rep. Summer Lee (D) announced Tuesday that she is running for Congress, escalating the contest to fill a Pittsburgh-area seat a day after 14-term incumbent Rep. Mike Doyle (D) declared his plans to retire. Lee won her first term in the state House of Representatives in 2018 when she ousted a more conservative 10-term incumbent Democrat. This is my lived experience.” - Pennsylvania state Rep. Summer Lee, now a Democratic congressional candidate“These are not theories in my head. Some other up-and-coming politicians on election watchers’ shortlist for the race include state Rep. Austin Davis (D), Pittsburgh city controller Michael Lamb and Pittsburgh City Councilman Corey O’Connor.
MLB is finalizing plan that will require teams to provide housing for minor leaguers
But this year, particularly after many minor leaguers went more than a calendar year without any pay because of the cancellation of the 2020 minor league season amid the coronavirus pandemic, advocacy groups such as Advocates for Minor Leaguers and More Than Baseball stepped up efforts to highlight the challenges minor leaguers were facing. Because they do not have a union, these groups provided a place for collective action and helped minor leaguers speak out while trying to shield them from organizational retribution.
MLB postseason flips the script on pitching roles
“They build their bodies to be able to do this, to be able to pitch three days in a row or four or five or however they do that. You build your arm to be able to do that,” Scherzer said. “But they’re just not built to throw more than 20, 30 pitches in any given day. My arm’s not built to do that. I’m built to throw a hundred pitches, and any time I get in a game, my arm gets sore.”
Giannis Antetokounmpo is trying to take the Bucks from a title to a dynasty
His shooting form looks better. He’s not obsessed only with the three-point shot like he has been since Budenholzer became the Milwaukee coach. He’s showing progress with counter moves, working on being smoother in getting to midrange jumpers and making quicker decisions when he’s in the post. But forget about fancy moves for a moment. If all this work translates only into improving his free throw shooting percentage — if Giannis can shoot in the 70s like he used to — he would become even more dangerous and have more impact at the end of games.
Chinese police say he killed two people in a land dispute. On the Internet, he was seen as another victim.
Ou Jinzhong, who lived in a village in China’s southeastern Fujian province, went on the run on Oct. 10 after he was named as the prime suspect in the double homicide of two of his neighbors. He is also alleged to have injured three others, including a nine-year-old boy.
How to build a brick foundation for a house
But travel to other parts of the United States or the world, and you’ll quickly discover that there are quite a few other ways to build foundations that last generations. Each time I go into town to get groceries, I pass at least five old houses that have stacked stone foundations with no mortar between the stones! The builder just filled the gaps between stones with smaller stones. Most of these houses were built in the mid-1800s, and they look to me as good as the day they were built.
Will LeBron James and Kevin Durant finally get a third act?
Irving, who said last week that he was “uncomfortable” because he thought he would be able to play even if unvaccinated, has expressed hope that he will be able to rejoin his teammates this season and said he plans to “stay in shape” as the situation unfolds. However, he hasn’t given any indication that he plans to get the shot. So far, Durant has diplomatically supported Irving’s right to make his own decision and expressed hope that his teammate will return to full availability.
Biden’s pick to lead Customs and Border Protection faces Senate confirmation hearing
His reform efforts would be directed primarily at CBP’s best-known component, the U.S. Border Patrol, which is responsible for securing border areas between ports of entry. The Border Patrol’s union, which backed President Donald Trump in last year’s election, has been fiercely critical of the Biden administration, most recently after the president said the horse-mounted agents who charged at Haitian migrants at the Del Rio, Tex., migrant camp last month “will pay.” The incident is under DHS investigation.
Australian territory leader slams Ted Cruz for vaccine mandate criticism: ‘You know nothing about us’
It’s not the first time a conservative commentator has taken a swipe at Australia’s tough approach to the coronavirus, which has included long lockdowns, border closures and quarantine policies that earned the Pacific nation the nicknames of “Fortress Australia” and the “Hermit Kingdom.” (The country has begun easing those restrictions and will reopen its mostly shut border next month.) Australia deported a British conservative commentator in July after she boasted on social media about appearing naked and maskless in hotel quarantine, in breach of the country’s strict rules.
This electric car can go 520 miles on a charge but the CEO says that's not important
That's the longest range of any purely battery-powered car yet rated by the EPA, including Tesla's Model S Long Range. With greater energy efficiency, which contributes to the Lucid Air's long range, electric cars will become accessible at all price ranges, he said. The 520 mile version of the Lucid Air, the Air Dream R, has an MPGe of 125. The factors that contribute to an electric car's efficiency include many of the same ones that impact the fuel efficiency of gasoline-powered vehicles. Maybe one that's fallen behind on the shift towards electric cars could use help to enter the market quickly with advanced technology.
Iraqis remember Powell as both liberator and 'engineer' of endless war
“Colin Powell is the engineer of the U.S. invasion of Iraq,” said Ahmed Falah Hassan, 54, a lawyer in Baghdad after Powell's death was announced on Monday. Marines pull down a statue of Saddam Hussein in the center of Baghdad on April 9, 2003. Ali Mohsin, 48, a retired Baghdad primary school teacher, also shed no tears for Powell. “They said that Powell was the reason behind liberating Iraq,” the Baghdad woman said. “The result was more instability in the region, not the democracy that he and the Bush administration promised.”These failed wars also did significant damage to the U.S. standing as a world power, he said.
Ursula von der Leyen, Mateusz Morawiecki clash in European Parliament
European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen delivers a speech during a debate on The Rule of law crisis in Poland | Ronald Wittek/POOL/AFP via Getty ImagesPress play to listen to this article Voiced by Amazon PollySTRASBOURG — With battle lines starkly drawn in the European Parliament plenary, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki clashed sharply Tuesday in a debate over Warsaw’s persistent challenges to EU rule-of-law principles. Von der Leyen said her team was still studying the Polish constitutional court’s decision. “Thank you prime minister,” Silva Pereira said, as Polish members of the European Parliament cheered and applauded Morawiecki. “You will take note that I was extremely flexible with the allocated time so that nobody can say that you didn’t have time enough to give explanations to the European Parliament,” he added. “But respect of the allocated time is also a way of showing respect for this house of the European democracy.”Zosia Wanat contributed reporting.
Turkey orders arrests in latest crackdown on Gülen network
The investigation stretches across the country and targets 110 military students as well as 48 serving and former military personnel. As of now, 97 people have been arrested, according to the state-run news agency Anadolu. A separate operation was carried out in Ankara, where 123 suspects are being sought over alleged connections to Gülen. In the aftermath of the failed coup, the Turkish government sought to “cleanse” its state institutions, schools, universities and security forces of Gülen’s followers. More than 20,000 members of the Turkish military have been expelled, according to Reuters.
Bitcoin funds are reaching the masses. Why crypto critics say it’s dangerous
Traders are eyeing three Bitcoin futures ETFs that will likely go live this month. "Given these important protections, I look forward to the staff’s review of such filings, particularly if those are limited to these CME-traded Bitcoin futures." (CME Group is an exchange operator that offers Bitcoin futures trading.) The CFTC, which Gensler led during the Obama administration, allowed Bitcoin futures to launch in late 2017 under former Chair J. Christopher Giancarlo. To be sure, the SEC is expected to continue pursuing a crackdown on crypto exchanges and digital currency products, despite its comfort with Bitcoin futures.
The Best Grain-Free, Gluten-Free Baking Mixes, According To Experts
If you’re following a grain-free diet, it can be a challenge to enjoy splurge-worthy versions of baked treats such as cupcakes, brownies and biscuits. AdvertisementYou might be wondering if a grain-free product is the same as a gluten-free one, so let’s get that cleared up right away. There is such a thing as gluten-free grains, and those include amaranth, buckwheat, corn, millet, oats that are produced and packaged as gluten-free, quinoa, rice, sorghum, teff and wild rice. A grain-free product will naturally be gluten-free and corn-free, but a gluten-free product will not necessarily be grain-free. Most people following a paleolithic (paleo) diet don’t eat gluten or other grains such as oats, rice and corn.
Race for Hastings’ Florida seat turns into 11-candidate pileup
| Wilfredo Lee/AP Photo Florida Race for Hastings’ Florida seat turns into 11-candidate pileupTALLAHASSEE — The late Alcee Hastings held on to his South Florida congressional seat for more than 28 years. The winner of the Nov. 2 primary is expected to easily win the January special election. “It’s a special election, in an off year and it’s coming at the tail end of summer. Hardy put himself at odds with other Florida Democrats — and Hastings — by announcing this week to Jewish Insider that he would oppose military aid to Israel. Ron DeSantis’ handling of this special election drew suspicion — and briefly a lawsuit — when the Republican waited 30 days before announcing the timing of the special election.
A field guide to Covid-19 boosters
FDA advisers recommended Moderna boosters for the same groups, whereas they endorsed J&J boosters for everyone 18 and older who originally got the J&J shot. I got J&J or Moderna — can I get a Pfizer booster? Moderna and J&J boosters will likely be authorized soon, perhaps as early as the end of the week. “We don’t want to have a wave of severe Covid-19 before we give boosters,” Peter Marks, FDA’s top vaccine regulator, said during the meeting last week. Many vaccines require periodic boosters, including shots for tetanus and whooping cough.
World leaders promised a green recovery. They got a brown one instead.
That meeting comes while much of the world faces a global energy shortage as it emerges from the pandemic that has sent prices soaring, even prompting the climate-focused White House to ask oil executives how they might tamp down fuel costs. “The world missed an opportunity to have a green recovery,” said Alice Hill, who ran climate resilience efforts in former President Barack Obama’s National Security Council. How big those governments themselves are willing to go at the Glasgow conference in calling for new climate spending is likely to depend partly on the United States. The $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act that passed early this year contained only modest green energy measures, and all eyes are on Democrats’ push for a climate and social spending bill. Climate veterans and Biden allies say whether the U.S. arrives in Glasgow with congressionally approved green stimulus is crucial to unlocking aggressive commitments from other countries.
Colin Powell's death is being used to spread Covid vaccine lies
Like most vaccines, the Covid-19 vaccines aren’t 100 percent effective, which translates into the inevitability of breakthrough infections and, in rare cases, hospitalizations and deaths. Unvaccinated people in the U.S. are 11 times more likely to die and 29 times more likely to be hospitalized for Covid-19. A third dose can be administered 28 days after a second dose; a booster, by contrast, is recommended only for certain populations six months after a second dose of an mRNA vaccine and two months after a Johnson & Johnson vaccine dose. A Covid-19 vaccine isn’t perfect, but very few vaccines confer nearly perfect immunity. Since the vaccine has been in wide circulation, the overwhelming majority of the people who have died have not been vaccinated.
Covid Live Updates: Washington State Fires Football Coach for Refusing Vaccine
Image Nick Rolovich coached his final game at Washington State on Saturday against Stanford. Credit... Young Kwak/Associated PressWashington State University fired its football coach, Nick Rolovich, and four of his assistants for failing to comply with the state’s Covid-19 vaccination mandate, the school announced on Monday. Mr. Rolovich, the state’s highest-paid employee, applied for a religious exemption this month from the mandate, among the strictest in the country. The status of the exemption request was unclear when the firings occurred. Jay Inslee set for state workers to be fully vaccinated or receive a religious or medical exemption.
No special deals to allow unvaccinated players at Australian Open
(Reuters) Australia's Victoria state will not do special deals with unvaccinated athletes to allow them to compete at major events, an official said on Tuesday, putting Novak Djokovic's Australian Open title defence and bid for the Grand Slam record in doubt. World number one Djokovic, level on 20 Grand Slam titles with Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal, declined to reveal his vaccination status again this week and said he was unsure if he would defend his Australian Open crown as authorities work out Covid-19 restrictions for the tournament. Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews said he opposed special arrangements to let unvaccinated athletes compete in the state, which is scheduled to host the Grand Slam at Melbourne Park in January. "(The virus) doesn't care what your tennis ranking is, or how many Grand Slams you've won. You need to be vaccinated to keep yourself safe and to keep others safe."
Novak Djokovic's search for 'Golden Slam' comes to an end at Tokyo 2020
(CNN) Novak Djokovic's search for a historic 'Golden Slam' came to an end on Friday as he lost to Alexander Zverev at Tokyo 2020 . The Serbian has already won the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon this year. He would have needed the gold medal at the Olympics and the US Open title to complete the set. After the match, Zverev explained what he and Djokovic said as the pair embraced at the net. Zverev, 24, will now meet the Russian Olympic Committee's Karen Khachanov in the gold medal match this weekend.
Andy Murray: Tennis star says players 'have a responsibility' to get the vaccine
(CNN) Three-time grand slam champion Andy Murray says he hopes more tennis players decide to get a Covid-19 vaccine in order to keep the "wider public" safe. The 34-year-old said he was happy he had got the vaccine but is aware not everyone on the tennis tour is as keen. "We have a responsibility as players that are traveling across the world to look out for everyone else as well. "I'm happy that I'm vaccinated. I'm hoping that more players choose to have it in the coming months."
Jayapal and Manchin meet for first time as negotiations over spending bill ramp up
WASHINGTON — Rep. Pramila Jayapal, the chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, met with Sen. Joe Manchin on Monday for the first time since broader negotiations over the Democrats' multitrillion-dollar spending bill began, sources familiar with the meeting said. Jayapal, D-Wash., and Manchin, D-W.Va., who have been on opposite sides of the debate for several months, had a two-hour discussion about President Joe Biden's social spending package. Democrats plan to pass the package through a procedural measure known as reconciliation without Republican support. The administration and progressive lawmakers have pushed for the $150 billion program to be in the social spending bill. Manchin has also voiced concerns about the Democrats' infrastructure package, which progressives would like to pass in tandem with the social spending plan.
'Dune' is nearly here. The stakes are high for devoted fans — and a fragile box office
#ReleasetheSnyderCut supporters pressured Warner Bros. to do just that — for better or worse. Chia Bella James / Warner Bros. PicturesIn this climate, it certainly helps to have buy-in from the stalwarts. But strictly in terms of box office performance, the resemblance may not be ideal. But the sequel, believed to have cost $150 million to $185 million, disappointed at the box office, grossing just under $100 million domestically and collecting a relatively modest $259 million worldwide. Warner Bros. has not officially announced a follow-up, however.
The John Deere strike and supply chain woes has farmers worried about harvest and planting season
Some farmers are concerned that the shortage could grow worse after 10,000 John Deere workers went on strike last week. Workers picket outside a John Deere Harvester Works facility in East Moline, Ill., on Thursday. Scott Olson / Getty ImagesFeelings among farmers about the John Deere strike are mixed. It's uncertain how long the strike could last and to what degree John Deere will be further slowed. Riley is also worried because John Deere is already so behind in production that he's unable to buy a new tractor for planting season next year.
White House dials up 'urgency' as Biden meets with Democrats on economic bill
WASHINGTON — As the clock ticks with few signs of progress, the White House is holding a series of meetings this week to pressure Democrats to resolve their differences and reach a deal on President Joe Biden's sweeping economic policy bill. I think you've seen that urgency echoed by members on the Hill who agree that time is not unending here and we're eager to move forward with a unified path," White House press secretary Jen Psaki said. Inside the White House, officials have been upping the pressure on members publicly and privately, saying the time had come to wrap up talks, according to a person familiar with the discussions. The White House said the trip is intended "to continue rallying public support" for the two bills. At an event honoring the teacher of the year at the White House on Monday, a reporter asked Biden when he would make a deal with Manchin.
Wisconsin boy, 3, missing after mother slain, suspected killer found dead
Milwaukee police are searching for a 3-year-old boy whose mother was found slain last week. Major P. Harris' mother, who was found dead Thursday, was thought to have been killed by someone who later died of a self-inflicted gunshot, officials said. Major's father, Carlton Harris Jr., has told NBC affiliate WTMJ of Milwaukee that he did not know why the boy or his mother, who are from the La Crosse area, were in Milwaukee. Major P. Harris. Major's father said he was trying to move the boy to West Virginia to live with him when Major and his mother disappeared.
Over half of Washington, D.C., Metro rail cars pulled after derailment
More than half of the Washington, D.C., Metro system's train cars have been taken offline after last week's derailment and a possible safety issue with wheel assemblies, officials said. The Washington Metrorail Safety Commission on Sunday ordered that all 748 of the system's 7000-series rail cars, about 60 percent of its rail car fleet, be taken out of service. No one was seriously injured in last week's derailment on the Blue Line, which investigators said could have been far worse. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority has known about an issue with wheel assemblies since 2017, Homendy said. Metro said in a statement that it has been working with the maker, Kawasaki, to resolve the issue since 2017.
Steve Bannon's House subpoena defiance should end in prosecution
The House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection will vote Tuesday on whether to hold former Trump White House aide Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress for his refusal to comply with its subpoena. Trump has asked his former aides to defy the subpoenas; meanwhile, committee members are pointedly refusing to rule out a subpoena for Trump himself. So if the House does refer the matter to DOJ, prosecutors are likely to bring it before a grand jury. If Bannon continues to refuse to comply with the subpoena, he should not only be tried but also convicted. But the particulars of this investigation aside, refusing to comply with any lawful congressional subpoena must have serious consequences.
Tom Morey, creator of the Boogie Board, dies at 86
Surfing legend Tom Morey, creator of the Boogie Board, has died. The California Surf Museum in Oceanside said in a published tribute that Morey died last week at Saddleback Medical Center in Laguna Hills. Morey died the week after the Oceanside City Council recognized 2021 as the 50th year since the Boogie Board was invented. Morey initially called it S.N.A.K.E. Morey signed a deal with Gordon & Smith surfboards, and the board was initially produced in San Diego County and Mexico.
Build Back Better Is a Jobs Program. Why Won’t Democrats Call It That?
I followed Shannon as the plant shut down around her. The job gave Shannon the confidence to leave a violent man. Studies suggest unemployment can be detrimental to mental health. During the Covid-19 pandemic, workers in Britain who’d lost their jobs experienced mental disorders at far higher rates than those who remained employed. “In other words, paid work is important for mental health, but a low dose is fine.”
Poland has a point about the EU’s legal supremacy
The Polish Constitutional Tribunal’s challenge to the principle of EU legal supremacy is not unprecedented. Let’s start with the principle of EU legal supremacy itself. Rather, legal supremacy was established by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) itself, in its landmark 1964 Costa vs. ENEL decision. The ill-fated Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe included an article enshrining EU legal supremacy. That the Constitutional Treaty and the Lisbon Treaty were so similar makes the omission of EU legal supremacy all the more notable.
Ad exaggerates potential impact of Biden estate-tax plan
“The estate tax functions as a toll that must be paid to shield capital gains from income taxation,” noted the Joint Committee on Taxation in a 2012 report. “As this toll falls (i.e., the estate tax rate is reduced and/or the estate tax exemption amount increases), it is relatively more attractive to pay the estate tax to avoid the income tax on capital gains realizations. Similarly, as capital gains taxes rise (fall), paying the estate tax toll becomes more (less) attractive because the step-up in gains at death is more (less) valuable. High estate tax rates make the transmission of wealth to heirs less efficient and so encourage the realization of capital gains.”
Washington State head football coach ousted after refusing Covid-19 vaccine
(CNN) Washington State University's head football coach, Nick Rolovich, and four assistant coaches are losing their jobs because of not complying with the state's Covid-19 vaccine mandate, the university's athletics department said Monday. "Due to the requirements set forth in Washington Governor Jay Inslee's Proclamation 21-14.1, Nick Rolovich is no longer able to fulfill the duties as the football head coach at Washington State University," the department said in a news release. Defensive coordinator Jake Dickert will become acting head coach, it said. "This is a disheartening day for our football program," director of athletics Pat Chun said in a statement. The leadership on our football team is filled with young men of character, selflessness and resiliency and we are confident these same attributes will help guide this program as we move forward."
NHL player Evander Kane suspended following league's investigation into his Covid-19 vaccine card
The NHL found "an established violation of, and lack of compliance with, the NHL/NHLPA COVID-19 Protocol," according to the reports. The NHLPA is the league's players' association. The NHL's protocol , like those of many other sports leagues, requires players to be vaccinated against Covid-19 unless they have a medical or religious reason to be excluded from the mandate. The league also announced that its concurrent investigation into domestic abuse allegations against Kane made by his estranged wife could not be substantiated. Kane issued a statement through the NHL Players' Association.
Southern Covid-19 hotspots are cooling down as cases in cold weather states begin to rise
New cases in Georgia and Florida are down 37% and 25%, respectively, compared to last week, JHU data showed. Five states saw Covid-19 cases increase more than 10% compared to last week, JHU data shows. Alaska, particularly, had more Covid-19 cases per capita than any other state over the past week, JHU data showed. Asked specifically about the success of Tyson Foods and Walmart's vaccine mandates in the state of Arkansas, the governor said it is "absolutely" proof mandates work. Covid-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths have all been rising in the UK, where there are no countrywide mask mandates and few travel restrictions from other countries.
Former student describes antisemitic bullying at Southlake, Texas, middle school
During a Carroll Independent School District board meeting, Jake Berman, a former student who said he was bullied in middle school, responded to a district administrator’s recent advice that teachers offer students books showing “opposing” perspectives on the Holocaust.Oct.
Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott’s Vaccine Mandate Whine Gets The Treatment On Twitter
They also noted how many people already receive the flu vaccine each year, even though it’s not mandated except in certain professions like health care or the military. — Dahling, I am happily vaccinated (@dahlingitsme) October 18, 2021I thought he wanted to keep people working? — Nectere (@tnectere) October 18, 2021The annual flu shot would like a word…(PS, lots of hospitals and healthcare facilities require annual flu shots.) You're making it worse — stan coffman (@stancoffman1) October 18, 2021I love the bullshit arguments they come up with. https://t.co/BDjxcb7QBZ — Will (@Julant80) October 18, 2021I get a flu shot every ear anyway.
Alabama Amazon Workers May Get Another Crack at a Union
“Amazon is not something where you just try an election, see what happens, and then you walk away." In March, the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU) lost its historic bid to unionize the Amazon warehouse on Bessemer’s outskirts by a more than 2?to?1 margin. Stuart Appelbaum, RWDSU president, says Amazon has already resumed anti-union messaging to employees at the warehouse. But the union also didn’t stop organizing after the first vote — in fact, Appelbaum says, the organizing committee of workers is even bigger now. Sustaining any long-term organizing strategy inside an Amazon warehouse is difficult because the rapid turnover rate requires the union to constantly educate new employees on what the organizing drive is all about.
Judge David Lee Sets New Deadline in State's Landmark Leandro School Funding Case
The showdown in the state’s landmark school funding case has been delayed until November 8. Superior Court Judge David Lee granted the reprieve to give plaintiffs in the Leandro case three weeks to craft an appropriate action to put into play if the state doesn’t produce a plan to pay for the $5.2 billion Leandro Comprehensive Remedial Plan. “I’m not going to beat myself up further about our state adopting a budget somewhere around November and either addressing or not addressing Leandro,” Lee said. The fine came after threats of sanctions if lawmakers did not live up to what that state’s constitution called a “paramount” duty to amply fund schools in that state. “Judge Lee makes a mockery of our constitutional order with every additional hearing.”Berger said the state Constitution is also clear that the legislature gets to make spending decisions.
Durham Council Votes to Increase Pay for Mayor, City Council Members
Durham's City Council members voted 6-1 at their meeting Monday evening to increase compensation for council members and the mayor beginning January 1, 2022. "In the end, it's just really important to me that everyone gets a living wage," Johnson said. "Paying council members a living wage makes a lot of sense," Schewel said, "because it is a full-time job for almost all of us." Middleton echoed Freelon's comments about having spoken to residents who have said they can't serve because council members aren't paid enough. Council member Javiera Caballero suspended her campaign for mayor but will serve in her at-large seat on the council until 2024.
Poverty Can Happen to Anyone
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Postal Banking Is Finally a Reality in (Some of) the United States
Postal Service (USPS) to offer postal banking is so remarkable. This approach is not exactly new — USPS actually offered postal banking from 1911 to 1967. Recent polling shows that a strong majority of Democrats and Republicans support postal banking. And we need to fire back when the big banks and their ideological allies trot out age-old — and inaccurate — critiques of postal banking. ), who introduced postal banking legislation in 2019.
Colin Powell, Politely Anguished War Criminal, Dead at 84
Yet he was also a war criminal responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of human beings. All this is true, but Powell presided over — and used his tremendous credibility to legitimate — a war that he almost certainly knew was wrong. Because Powell was who he was, his speech at the United Nations persuaded many — probably millions — of Americans to support the war. Data from several different studies showed that 10 percent of Americans, after seeing Powell’s speech, were moved from opposition to support for the Iraq War. “He lied, lied and lied,” an Iraqi writer and mother of two told the Associated Press today.
Bill Would Fight Environmental Injustices
It was the first time in U.S. history that leaders would come together to address human rights with a focus on environmental justice. An English teacher by love and training, I came to the environmental justice movement through nuclear weapons issues. Enforcement of public health and environmental safeguards ground to a halt, and Environmental Protection Agency officials had limited contact with communities and environmental groups. Congress is currently considering the Build Back Better Act, which would address environmental injustices in myriad ways. It’s time—past time—to deliver on what environmental justice leaders called for at the National Summit 30 years ago.
For the Love of Guns, God, and Donald Trump
The Rod of Iron Festival is a two-day event in rural northern Pennsylvania that celebrates God, guns, and a certain former President. The rest were mostly white Pennsylvanians who showed up for a love of God, guns, and Donald Trump. While Trump is no longer in the White House, his presence filled the hearts and minds of most Rod of Iron attendees. Most of the art is focused on Reverend Moon and his brother, like this paper clay figurine with an AR-15 accessory. Her speech focused on how her friends told her not to attend the Rod of Iron Festival.
How Germany’s far-right gained, even as it lost
On the face of it, Germany’s main far-right party should be licking its wounds. The Alternative for Germany, or AfD, dropped about 2 percentage points in last month’s elections from its showing in 2017, when it entered the country’s parliament for the first time and won the status of being the largest opposition party in the German Bundestag. With just about 10 percent of the vote, it has lost seats and will almost certainly no longer occupy the role of main opposition party as other more mainstream parties wrangle over the shape of the next government.
New York Democratic leader apologizes after comparing Buffalo mayoral nominee India Walton to former KKK leader David Duke
“My statement today on the mayor’s race in Buffalo has obviously caused an uproar that I did not intend,” Jacobs said in the statement, which was first reported by NY1. He added: “Using an extreme example of David Duke winning a primary, to make a logical point — even with stating twice the specific qualification that India Walton, was in a different category — was wrong. I should have used a different example, and for that, I apologize.”
U.K. Leaders Praise Slain Lawmaker Amid Heightened Security Concerns
LONDON — Politicians from across the political divide on Monday united in tribute to David Amess, the British lawmaker killed in an assault last week that has heightened concerns about security arrangements for members of Parliament. The police have declared the attack a terrorist incident and have until Friday to charge the man being held for the assault on Mr. Amess. Three houses in and around London have been searched by antiterror detectives but no clear motive has yet been disclosed for the assault. The authorities have not named the suspect, but British press reports identified him as Ali Harbi Ali, 25, a British national of Somali heritage and son of Harbi Ali Kullane, an adviser to a former prime minister of Somalia who currently resides in London. Addressing Parliament on Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson told lawmakers that Mr. Amess “was taken from us in a contemptible act of violence, striking at the core of what it is to be a member of this House.” He said Parliament had lost a “patriot who believed passionately in this country, in its people, in its future,” and one of its “nicest, kindest, and most gentle individuals.”
Showdown Over Northern Ireland Has a Key Offstage Player: Biden
LONDON — When President Biden met Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the White House last month, one of Mr. Biden’s advisers passed him a note reminding him to raise the issue of trade tensions over Northern Ireland. “We’ve already talked about that,” the president said, according to people in the room, referring to a one-on-one session he had held with Mr. Johnson before the group meeting. It is not clear what Mr. Biden told his British guest, but the president’s interest in Northern Ireland has not diminished since then. In recent days, unprompted, Mr. Biden asked his staff for an update on the negotiations between Britain and the European Union over trade arrangements in Northern Ireland. It also makes the United States an important offstage player in the latest chapter of the long-running Brexit saga.
‘Groundhog Day’ in Boston as Another Grand Slam Sets the Tone
BOSTON — The grand slam is the most productive offensive play in baseball, the equivalent of a touchdown and two-point conversion in football, or a four-point play in basketball. They are not exceedingly rare, but the Boston Red Sox managed only three of them in the 162-game regular season. Then came the American League Championship Series. Over the last two games of the series — in a span of only 11 innings — the Red Sox hit three grand slams to establish a record for most bases-loaded homers in a postseason series. Kyle Schwarber did the honors in the second inning on Monday to propel Boston to a 12-3 victory over the Houston Astros in Game 3 of the A.L.C.S., Boston’s second straight runaway victory.
'He died in my arms.' Twelve months on, a mother's agonizing wait to find out why her son died at Lekki toll gate
Her son was one of the protesters killed at Lekki tollgate last year. Wisdom Okon's relatives told CNN last year he went missing after he went to the toll gate. JUST WATCHED Government CCTV footage helps corroborate CNN Nigeria investigation Replay More Videos ... MUST WATCH Government CCTV footage helps corroborate CNN Nigeria investigation 03:54It said that hoodlums were mixed into the crowds of protesters. No accountabilityOne year on from the Lekki toll gate shootings, and no one has taken responsibility for what happened that night, nor has anyone been held to account. The Lagos State panel set up to investigate the shooting and other cases of abuse visits Lekki toll gate on Oct. 30, 2020.
London Playbook: CCHQ gets election ready — Canned heat — David’s city
**DAVID’S CITYTERROR FALLOUT: Today’s papers turn to the repercussions for Britain’s counter-terrorism strategy following the killing of Conservative MP David Amess last week. BBC Breakfast: Former FA chief exec Mark Palios (7.40 a.m.) … Labour MP Stephen Timms (8.15 a.m.). Also on Nick Ferrari at Breakfast (LBC): Tory MP Mark Francois (7.05 a.m.) … IEA head of regulatory affairs Victoria Hewson (7.10 a.m.). Politics Live (BBC Two (12.15 p.m.): Tory MP Alicia Kearns … SNP MP Stephen Flynn … The Mirror’s Pippa Crerar … Author Tim Marshall. Cross Question with Iain Dale (LBC): Labour MP Diana Johnson … Tory MP Alicia Kearns … The FT’s Robert Shrimsley … Journalist Liam O’Dell.
Trump, without the presidency to hide behind, faces litany of lawsuits
Rachel Maddow reports on Donald Trump sitting for an hours-long deposition for a legal case in which he is being sued, the first of many lawsuits he now faces after using the presidency as an excuse to postpone several of them. Oct. 19, 2021
Britain, COP26 Host, Is Not Leading the Way on Climate Change - The New York Times
The world’s activists and delegates soon on their way to Glasgow have reason to be anxious. After all, they are gathering for a climate summit with exceptionally high stakes. This apprehensive mood seems not to affect Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain, the leader of the host nation. With bombastic optimism, Mr. Johnson appears confident that countries will step up climate action: The conference, he said in September, will be “a turning point for humanity.” And he has positioned Britain as boldly leading the way. Mr. Johnson may claim the country leads the world on climate action, but we shouldn’t fall for the trick.
Israeli diver finds 900-year-old sword, said to be Crusader knight’s weapon, on Mediterranean seabed
Israeli law requires any artifacts found to be returned to the nation. After his discovery, Katzin said he retrieved the sword from the seabed out of concern that the find would be stolen or reburied. He turned it over to authorities and was awarded a certificate of appreciation for “good citizenship."
In QB-Obsessed NFL, 'King' Derrick Henry Is Making the Case to Sit on MVP Throne
Despite that, he still ranks second with 523 rushing yards behind Henry's 783. But Henry has 51 more carries, 260 more yards and five more rushing touchdowns than anyone else. Furthermore, he's on pace to shatter Larry Johnson's record of 416 carries in a single season and Eric Dickerson's long-standing tally of 2,105 rushing yards in 1984. In a pass-first league, the Titans' running back makes the entire squad far more formidable. The NFL may be a quarterback-driven league, but King Henry has more than proven he's ready to take the crown as the game's most valuable performer.
Astros Look Cooked as Slam-Happy Red Sox in Firm Control of ALCS After Game 3
Maddie Meyer/Getty ImagesOfficially, the baseball game played at Fenway Park on Monday night was Game 3 of the American League Championship Series between the Boston Red Sox and Houston Astros. Red Sox Players of the Game1B Kyle Schwarber: 1-for-4, 1 HR, 1 R, 4 RBI . In it, the Red Sox managed only nine singles and got shut out in a 5-0 loss. In this series, however, the Red Sox are making the Astros scratch and claw for runs. What's Next for the Red Sox and Astros?
Myanmar frees hundreds of political prisoners under regional pressure
Myanmar's military government has freed hundreds of political prisoners from the notorious Insein prison, including a famous comedian and the party spokesman for ousted leader Aung San Suu Kyi, local media reported. "The junta is releasing political prisoners in Myanmar not because of a change of heart, but because of pressure," he said. Download the NBC News app for breaking news and politicsThe junta has released prisoners several times since the coup. Myanmar's prison department spokesman and junta spokesman were not immediately available for comment. More political prisoners including parliamentarians and journalists were freed on Monday in other towns including Mandalay, Lashio, Meiktila and Myeik.
Playbook Paris: Le jour de Séjourné — Chèque chèque chèque — Ni Polexit ni remords
Par PAULINE DE SAINT REMYEnvoyez vos infos | Abonnez-vous gratuitement | Voir dans le navigateurBonjour à tous et à toutes, bon réveil, nous sommes mardi 19 octobre 2021. Si la désignation de Séjourné ne fait pas de doute, elle ne passe pas non plus comme une lettre à la poste. A Paris, c’est un secret de polichinelle que Séjourné ne se voyait pas propulsé à la tête de Renew à l’aube de la campagne présidentielle. Il poursuit ensuite la discussion du projet de loi sur la responsabilité pénale et à la sécurité intérieure. Un grand merci à : Rym Momtaz, mon éditeur Jules Darmanin, Pierre-Paul Bermingham pour la veille et Grace Stranger pour la mise en ligne.
UK homeowners offered cash to switch to greener heating
LONDON — Grants of £5,000 for installing energy efficient heating systems will be offered to homeowners in the U.K. from next year as Boris Johnson’s government tries to shore up its green credentials ahead of the COP26 summit. A separate pot of £60 million will be allocated to designing clean heat systems which are smaller, easier to install and cheaper to run, under the government’s long-awaited heat and buildings strategy. Ministers are expected to finalize two other key green documents this week — their net zero strategy and the Treasury’s net zero review — as the U.K.'s government-wide spending review and the COP26 talks loom large. The strategy aligns with Johnson’s stated intention for all new heating systems installed in U.K. homes from 2035 to be low carbon. But Shadow Business Secretary Ed Miliband called the plan “a meagre, unambitious and wholly inadequate response” to current pressures on the cost of living.
Brussels Playbook: Poland showdown — O’Reilly vs. the revolving doors — Fiscal rules
In a taste of things to come, Morawiecki on Monday warned his fellow EU leaders of a “dangerous” EU effort to control members. Of course, that wouldn’t solve the clash over the supremacy of EU law — which Warsaw rejected earlier this month. They’ve prepared a draft resolution “on The Rule of law crisis in Poland and the primacy of EU law,” signed by the EPP, S&D, Greens, Renew and the Left. EU leaders will also discuss energy prices at this week’s summit. SUBSCRIBE to the POLITICO newsletter family: Brussels Playbook | London Playbook | Playbook Paris | EU Confidential | Sunday Crunch | EU Influence | London Influence | AI: Decoded | Digital Bridge | China Direct | D.C. Playbook | All our POLITICO Pro policy morning newsletters
Stephen Colbert Tells Rep. Adam Schiff What Russian Oligarch Revealed About Trump 'Pee Tape'
“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert told Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) that he learned some inside information about the supposed Donald Trump “pee pee tape” when he visited Moscow in 2017. “I’m not joking,” Colbert said, adding that a Russian oligarch told him how Trump ended up watching the supposed “golden showers show” described in a salacious and unverified dossier compiled by British ex-spy Christopher Steele. “[Trump] was at a party that was being held in that room, and he sat there and watched it happen,” Colbert said. The prostitutes were just there at this party he went to.”Colbert also tried to get Schiff on the record about the supposed tape, which has never been confirmed:AdvertisementTONIGHT! #LSSC pic.twitter.com/FnDmLE1ZY0 — The Late Show (@colbertlateshow) October 19, 2021The alleged pee tape has made headlines all over again in recent days.
Maddow: Powell impact on U.S. history was profound, complex, and tragic
Rachel Maddow reviews the incredible personal achievements of General Colin Powell and his profound impact on American politics, as well as the disaster of his speech to the U.N. incorrectly describing threats posed by Iraq that would be used to justify the U.S. going to war. Oct. 19, 2021
If independent media are what keep alive hope for a vigorous, authentic Fourth Estate, as argued severally in this space, independent media are now subject to an insidious, profoundly anti-democratic effort to undermine them. The national-security state incorporates mainstream media into its apparatus, and then people stop believing the mainstream media: The thrill is gone, let’s say. Accumulating CredibilityIn consequence of these two factors, independent media have begun to rise as … independent media. People inside Deep State institutions start to leak, and they turn to independent media, most famously WikiLeaks, to get information out. Patrick Lawrence, a correspondent abroad for many years, chiefly for the International Herald Tribune, is a columnist, essayist, author and lecturer.
Behind Colin Powell’s Legend – My Lai
From the Archive: Colin Powell’s role as a military adviser in Vietnam during the My Lai massacre has continued to elude scrutiny, Robert Parry and Norman Solomon said in 1996. He landed his helicopter between one group of fleeing civilians and American soldiers in pursuit. Glen’s letter was forwarded to the American headquarters at Chu Lai where it landed on Maj. Powell’s desk. Courts martial were held against officers and enlisted men implicated in the murder of the My Lai civilians. For more on Colin Powell’s real record, please check out the “Behind Colin Powell’s Legend” series.
Where The Left Goes Next ? Current Affairs
I think many of us on the left find ourselves, especially after nearly two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, weary and overwhelmed. With a coal baron setting climate policy, in defiance of overwhelming public opinion, participation in electoral politics can feel futile. Us.” We, then, have to pick up where Bernie’s campaign of political mobilizing left off. I think there is a common perception on the left that it is impossible, or very difficult, to change people’s minds. Hartmann explained that it’s possible to build a left alternative, but we just need to do it.
Circus of unforced errors at White House
All of us know that Manchin and Sinema are the obstructionists here, but why didn’t the White House know this before proposing the whole gigantic thing in the first place? There’s an army of competent Democrats out there who could be better WH advisers. Then we’ve Merrick Garland as the head of DOJ. Could you imagine AG’s from the FDR/Truman/JFK/LBJ administrations treat the Jan 6 seditionists with kid gloves the way Garland has been doing? Merrick Garland wouldn’t know “tough” if he had to cut through a thick filet mignon at the next Harvard Law School reunion dinner.
NY Dem Chair compares Dem Nominee, a black woman, to David Duke, a KKK member
Jay Jacobs, NY Democratic Party chair today in an interview compared the Democratic nominee for Mayor of Buffalo to David Duke. City code enforcement officials did not respond to calls and emails from The News asking if they had taken action over the lack of detectors. The Democratic party needs to stand with its primary winners, those chosen by Democrats, and not with those who refuse to abide by primary results. Jay Jacobs should resign his position as state party chair. These comments show he is unfit for the job, both by comparing a black woman to a Klansman, and in his refusal to ensure the party supports the primary winner and nominee.
FOX News Callously Exploits Colin Powell's Death to Fear Monger About Breakthrough COVID Cases
The cause of death was revealed by his family as complications from COVID-19. On Monday's episode of Fox and Friends, the "Curvy Couch" potatoes couldn't let this personal misfortune go by without profiting from it politically. Co-host Will Cain offered a perverse eulogy that furthered Fox's mission to increase the death toll from COVID (video below). We're seeing data from Europe, from the United Kingdom, the fully-vaccinated people are being hospitalized and fully-vaccinated are dying from COVID. Fox News couldn't wait even a single day before launching this political exploitation of Powell's death.
Protecting America and Protecting the People
Defending the lifestyle of the peopleThe straight news or punditry often starts with the premise of scaring the American people away with a price tag. From the Biden Build Back Better plan reporting, one would think that its’ only attribute—or detriment, depending on your point of view, is the 3.5 trillion dollar price tag. Even the price tag has been the subject of confusion for the average consumer of news. I had a phone conversation with a learned colleague this past weekend, and her objection to the program was that it would cost 3.5 trillion dollars per year. Not enough attention has been paid to the actual price being 350 billion a year, not 3.5 trillion.
An update on my daughter, now her abuser has taken a job up the hill from where I work
I was able to find a young man in her neighborhood who helped do the work at a reasonable cost. I want to thank the community once again for the outpouring of financial assistance, good advice and moral support provided to my daughter. Oddly enough, her boyfriend took a job a couple of doors away from where I work. By the time she gets her next paycheck she should be able to cover her living expenses herself. Once I pay off the debts described above, I should be able to help her with the rest of what she needs.
Weaponizing Religion: Figs and the Mark of the Beast (part 2 of 2)
I started out the conversation with the statement that I view the Bible through the lens of Sallie McFague’s Metaphorical Theology. As mentioned in part one my acquaintance was unfamiliar with the idea that a fig could symbolize more that just a fruit. Both with my acquaintance and the pastor we never got to talking about the Mark of the Beast. But there were hints from them that the mark was a physical mark. And the mark was going to be reveled imminently as part of the end times.
A real Elysiyum: the "ultimate" gated community
But Marc Lore, a billionaire former Walmart executive has plans for an entirely self-contained city in our country, called Telosa, that... well... really gives me the creeps. The first phase of Telosa - stocking the city with 50,000 residents by 2030 - will likely include an application process, Lore told USA Today. Lore told USA Today that he also plans to build a venture capital fund for startups willing to relocate to Telosa. And get this, Lore envisions not only "investors," but government grants playing a role in getting his Telosa off the ground. Sadly, Elysiyum, the movie, might have been more prescient and realistic than I ever contemplated.
Steve Bannon is the Litmus Test
The Republicans’ vote to indict Steve Bannon of criminal contempt charges will tell us if the ass-kissing is waning. I’m sure Steve Bannon was the orchestrator of the liaison, as an incompetent Karl Rove want-to-be. When his fellow Republicans laughed at his comments, McCarthy replied, “Swear to God,” in a serious tone. I hope she will work diligently with Pelosi to unveil the truth and pressure fellow Republicans to follow through with all the subpoenas. We need to pay close attention to those Republicans that choose not to vote to convict Bannon of criminal contempt charges tomorrow.
Former Bush official and longtime aide to Frank Wolf to Endorse Democrat Emily Scott
Former President George W. Bush official and longtime aide to Frank Wolf, Wes Irvin, to endorse Democrat Emily Scott for Delegate in the Virginia House of Delegates District 15 at the Historic Courthouse in Woodstock, VA on October 19th at 11 am. It’s been a hard slough for the Emily Scott campaign running against the most powerful Republican in the Virginia House of Delegates in deep red district 15. x Here is a radio spot highlighting some of my opponent’s obstructionist votes in the VA House of Delegates. #elections2021 @vademocrats pic.twitter.com/xqeIvn0i8a — Emily Scott (@EmilyScott4D15) October 11, 2021x Check out my radio ad which we call “So tired” airing on local stations now. #Election2021 pic.twitter.com/S6HWbaTm7u — Emily Scott (@EmilyScott4D15) October 12, 2021They seemed to hit a chord.
Climate Brief: Using "Green Arithmetic" To Understand Climate Change
Grist has a story Meet the CEPP, the biggest federal climate policy you’ve never heard of which shows what's involved. "We are looking at the different ways society can dream bigger when planning for climate change and how community values and priorities play a role in that." “We should obviously be paying to relocate Americans from places that are being hit by climate change,” said Andrew Yang, who perhaps not coincidentally, was the only candidate on stage who had never been an elected official. Sea Level Rise What sea level rise will do to famous American sites, visualized Space Center Houston, +3C The collection of images and videos produced by the non-profit Climate Central visualize future sea level rise if the world fails to meet emissions reduction targets. Meeting the most ambitious goals of the Paris climate agreement could reduce the sea level rise exposure by roughly half.
USA off to the USSC on behalf of Texas women
I don’t have time to parse or bloviate right now, about the new paperwork filed by America. In Our Country versus Texas, after the vile Fifth Circuit acted to keep the Constitutional rights of TX women violated, the USA has filed an urgent application to USSC. In most real-big cases, the circuit justices will then “refer to the whole court” an application like this. The verbiage is to “vacate the stay” from the 2 judges of the 5th circuit. There are can be no predictions, no precedent to draw on, regarding this disgusting assault on women and the Constitution.
PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN---DAY271---Evening Shade-Monday
https://t.co/yDMwRIAsMX — The New York Times (@nytimes) October 18, 2021x NEW: The Biden administration is expected to announce soon that Amb. — Alexander Marquardt (@MarquardtA) October 18, 2021x Biden orders flags flown at half staff until Oct. 22. pic.twitter.com/u525bCKFXq — Jake Sherman (@JakeSherman) October 18, 2021x President Biden's full statement on the passing of Colin Powell. @SecBlinken speaks on the life of Colin Powell who died today at 84 from COVID complications as he also battled multiple myeloma. pic.twitter.com/YTJPw2eWM5 — Kelly O'Donnell (@KellyO) October 18, 2021x Colin Powell (1937-2021): pic.twitter.com/5dHmQsq08X — Michael Beschloss (@BeschlossDC) October 18, 2021x Colin Powell was a remarkable man, and a true patriot. — Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) October 18, 2021x This suit is just one of many the former president faces now that he's out of office.
Why Trump's lawsuit re presidential records should be thrown out
When this matter came up, I actually was—at first—a bit skeptical as to whether Biden could waive executive privilege claims concerning the Trump Administration. Executive privilege is limited. Executive privilege exists to protect the interests of the executive in political struggles with the Legislature using its investigative powers. Executive privilege is a political privilege, not a legal privilege. And as a political privilege, it only should apply when a political proceeding against the executive is likely or underway.
Is this a good idea?
Maybe we could get a bunch of law students to file civil actions for “aiding and abetting” against every one of the texas (i refuse to capitalize it) politicians that voted for the new abortion ban. For every civil action that is brought . File suits naming all the politicians, individually, of giving her gas money to do it (or whatever). The filing fee for bringing a civil action is $402, pretty expensive operation. If they want to put a bounty on anybody that helps a woman get a medical procedure done, let them deal with nuisance suits.
Powell: The courage to admit making mistakes
What is courageEspecially in the era of those Republicans who can't rise to the occasion. Colin Powell stands out, stands toll. An all out decent human being- what the Jews would call "a true mensch." Author David J. Rothkopf :On a personal note, he was always kind, generous with his time and insights and a great example to me of what is best about Washington. The courage to admit making mistakes.
Kitchen Table Kibitzing 10
Recently, upon realizing TLO had a 4-day weekend, we decided to squeeze in a trip to the Pinnacles. We arrived late Sunday night, quickly stowed our gear and got a good night sleep. The next morning TLO made us breakfast burritos, besides yummy, giving a full belly before heading out to tackle the High Peaks trail. On the way up to the high peaks we stopped to have some snacks and enjoy some of volcanic boulders. Looking out from the high peaks you can see the Balconies (centered between the two rocks), an area we plan to explore next trip.
Boebert in District 3, a Colorado State Open Thread, 10
The Colorado State Open Thread is for people interested in our squarish state, from the flat plains of the eastern side across the bumpy parts in the middle and southwest and to the dry deserts on the western slope. It’s no coincidence Lauren Boebert and her husband became flush with cash as soon as she ran for and got elected to Congress. These new findings from the FEC are just part of a pattern of blatant corruption with Congresswoman Boebert, and her constituents (and her donors) deserve answers. The spike in crime, inflation, and illegal immigration are a direct result of power-hungry liberals shoving honest, hard-working, freedom-loving Americans to the back of the line. And pushing honest, hard-working, freedom-loving Americans to the back of the line?
Where the hell are the WV Dems?
I’m not a political consultant. I’m a recovering inner-city middle-school math teacher. Joe Manchin, who has a (D) next to his name, could satisfy all his corporate masters and his D constituents easily. He could honor the sacrifice of the miners who worked in shafts barely wide and tall enough to accommodate their bodies, scraping their fingers to the bone by saying, “You heroes provided the energy to power us to win two World Wars and the Cold War against Russian aggression thanks to your incredible, selfless sacrifice.” We are now able to bring your grandsons and great grandsons into the light! We now have the technology to allow your progeny to continue your proud legacy of powering a nation without having to sacrifice themselves to black lung disease.
Colin Powell, R.I.P
What made me sad was reading about the death of Colin Powell today. His “Powell Doctrine” for optional wars may have been the only product of his careful mind that might fit on a bumper sticker. Under Powell’s careful management as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, we did infinitely better in Gulf I. We lacked the reserve of Powell’s careful planning, as job losses mounted and later sparked working-class rage and rebellion. But I wonder who like Powell will rise to lead our nation, in war or peace, and how long we’ll have to wait.
My question to my Senator
::So when I called my Senator today about the CEPP, I didn’t talk about the politics of Democrats potentially failing to pass the one component of the 2021 legislation that might move us off coal and natural gas and, finally, towards clean, renewable, American-made electricity. I didn’t talk about how burning carbon fuels like coal and oil and natural gas is the root cause of the global warming that is changing our climate, and driving these fires. I didn’t talk about Joe Manchin, or Kyrsten Sinema, or Joe Biden, or California politics. Instead, I just asked my Senator a simple question. My California Senator didn’t have an answer.
House Divided: Listeners Ring in on Whether Dems Should Gerrymander 'Blue' States: 'BradCast' 10
Also: How the unvaxxed helped kill fully-vaxxed Colin PowellAnd how Manchin is killing Biden's landmark plan to take on the climate crisis... Most of the callers to today's BradCast were in favor of it, though a few were opposed and explained why. But our focus today is on those who are dishonestly using his COVID-related death to claim vaccines don't work. We discuss this troubling news with Desi Doyen and hope to have more on tomorrow's BradCast. As I explained on Friday, after many months of torturous consideration, I now favor Dem state gerrymanders to counter the Republicans in hopes of saving democracy itself in the bargain.
Ted Cruz scrubs plan for Australian "Winter 2021 Runaway and Hide" after spanking from NT Gov Gunner
Cruz said last week while addressing the strict dealing of the COVID situation in Australia, “I love the Aussies. Their history of rugged independence is legendary; I’ve always said Australia is the Texas of the Pacific. They’ve forgotten all about Cancun. Just like they’ve already forgotten the whole signal stealing thing with the Yankees. He should have a lot of time; I know he’s not practicing law these days.
Anti-vaxx Chronicles: He thought 'face mufflers' was so clever, as if mufflers are bad
Yeah, now we know that’s bullshit. And yes, you can still catch it even wearing a mask, but the equation isn’t 100% you can catch it, or 0% you can’t. We need to be able to continue wearing our masks, wearing our masks appropriately, washing your hands frequently, using social distancing. So yes, call a mask a “face muffler” if you’d like, because either way, they do good things. He was more interested in getting in arguments with “Karens” about wearing a mask than in protecting himself and his family.
Fixing the affordable housing crisis requires big investments, but the prospects are dim
The Eviction Lab explains the stakes of eviction in a set of facts we should all commit to memory:Eviction causes a family to lose their home. Studies also show that eviction causes job loss, as the stressful and drawn-out process of being forcibly expelled from a home causes people to make mistakes at work and lose their job. The evidence strongly indicates that eviction is not just a condition of poverty, it is a cause of it. And eviction is another factor in racial inequality, with Black and Latino renters, particularly women, more likely to face eviction than white renters. According to Census Bureau data, more than half of all renter households had lost income during the pandemic.
Family wants accountability from students and parents after attack on trans middle schooler
And he got closer, and he punched me,” Ian told local station KREM 2 News. Ian’s family says he has bruises on his face and neck from the attack. Ian’s family filed a police report, and according to the Spokane Police Department, one minor has been charged with four-degree assault. “He’s gone to the mall a few times and was wearing sweaters that are promoting identity, and you need to be very careful,” Ring told the outlet in the video interview below. You can catch some of the KREM interviews with Ian and his mother below.
As cops are exposed as Oath Keepers, many defend extremist group’s infiltration of law enforcement
One of them, a Salem police officer name Joseph Webber, appears to have joined the Oath Keepers shortly after a pro-gun rally in the city in 2018. Nyssa City Manager Jim Maret told OPB that Codiga is transferring to a different law enforcement agency next month, but would not identify it. In Riverside County, California, Sheriff Chad Bianco told reporters that he only joined in 2014, paying $40 for a yearlong Oath Keepers membership, which he then did not extend. He said that despite the arrests of numerous Oath Keepers in the Jan. 6 Capitol siege, he did not consider them a threat to democracy. “Some people might have joined Oath Keepers with a minimal understanding of the group,” Sam Jackson said.
Right-wing radio host Dennis Prager claims he caught COVID-19 on purpose
I have, of course, for years—a year and a half, not years—been taking hydroxychloroquine from the beginning, with zinc. However, if you have caught COVID-19 and you also have gotten vaccinated you are as immunized as you can be. At one point, Prager repeats the debunked and dubious claims that brought ivermectin into our pandemic vocabulary: that the area of Uttar Prudish in India was cured of COVID-19 by widespread ivermectin use. Has Dennis Prager actually tested positive for COVID-19? Has Dennis Prager been taking the regimen of medications he claims he’s been taking for the time he’s been taking them?
Why Don’t Coal Barons Support Immigration Like They Used To?
So why does West Virginia seem so opposed to immigration from anywhere as I write this in 2021? The West Virginia state government website for the National Coal Heritage Area & Coal Heritage Trail notes what happened after John Nugent assumed his coal company salary for his State Commissioner of Immigration position, and how immigration is as West Virginian as coal workers. Hiring men like Nugent and Williams to import desperate immigrants and poor city-dwellers was an escalation on the part of the coal companies. Now let us maintain unity.”While West Virginia has never had a Pharaoh, our coal barons have been functional substitutes. Around 70,000 West Virginia miners lost their jobs and fled north via the “hillbilly highway” to Akron and Cleveland.
Ayn Rand described our economy 64 years ago
I am reading (for the first time) Ayn Rand’s 1957 novel, Atlas Shrugged. My purpose for reading it is to find out what made it so popular with conservatives. (In her telling, anything other than unrestrained capitalism must be complete but dysfunctional socialism - or worse). so much so that a hiccup in one part of the economy is quickly felt in other parts of the nation’s economy. Chapter V: ACCOUNT OVERDRAWN It was the first failure in the history of Rearden Steel.
Insomniacs' Late Night Venthole
Ocean Beach 7pmThis Vent-Hole (hereinafter known as IVH) if lost or stolen will not be replaced or purchase price refunded. Violation of IVH rules will result in expulsion without refund. A copy of IVH rules can be obtained from one or more members wearing tie-dyed Oxford shirts after written requests. In other news IT RAINED YESTERDAY and MORE is expected later this week !!!!!! To me this is a BFD though it maybe won't make much of a diff in our drought.
the Nightmare of Rationed Healthcare
A family member sees their 44-year-old relative succumb to a heart attack waiting for a bed in the Cardiac Care Unit. These actual examples underscore the reality of people unable to access crucial healthcare because of a crisis that has been exacerbated by people who refuse to be vaccinated. It’s also difficult to imagine what it must be like for exhausted doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. A report issued by The Washington Post/Kaiser Family Foundation in June “found that 26% of health care workers in hospitals are angry and 29% have considered leaving the medical field. It’s likely that deaths from rationed care will likely not be among them.
IAN: Tuesday: October 19, 2021: Rain! No, Really!!
If you are going to be away from your computer for a day or a week, let us know here. IAN is a great group to join, and a good place to learn to write diaries. We all share the publishing duties, and we welcome everyone who reads IAN to write diaries for the group! Monday: Youffraita Tuesday: ejoanna Wednesday: Pam from Calif Thursday: art ah zen Friday: FloridaSNMOM Saturday: FloridaSNDad Sunday: loggersbrat No, no really! So, a week ahead of moderate, but so very welcome rain hereabouts.
GOP idiots want Biden to recruit previous guy to manage a SCOTUS-reinstated Mexico program
Apparently the doltish Texas Lieutenant Governor thinks Trump can be ‘reinstated’ piecemeal, by bringing back the cruelty and incompetence of Trump’s Southern Border policy. GOP Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick has urged President Joe Biden to recruit former President Donald Trump to "negotiate with Mexico" on border policy. Patrick was discussing the Biden administration's plan to reinstate Trump's "remain in Mexico" policy following a court order. "What [Biden] needs to do is ask Donald Trump to come back and negotiate with Mexico for him," Patrick said. And Mexico found a way to work with President Trump to be sure that we kept the MPP—the Migrant Protection Protocols—in place.
Top Comments: The Mondayest Monday Edition
Anyone who’s met a 16 year old person unhappy with Things will know the atmosphere around Casa Brillig today. Yes he’ll be able to work from home but he was the SysAdmin/Ops type person who went to the office if the servers got grumpy. And lastly, our neighbors (they’re around the corner from us but our properties abut with ours being about 20 feet higher) needed tree work done. Not doing so would have put us at fault if god forbid that tree came down onto the neighbor’s house, because we knew and didn’t deal with it. Today was the day the tree came down and there’s a giant open space where it used to be and while necessary, it’s sad.
Overnight News Digest: RIP General Colin Powell
The initial report in the Financial Times newspaper prompted concern in Washington, where US intelligence was reportedly caught by surprise. The Guardian, All EditionsTributes poured in for former Republican secretary of state Colin Powell after the announcement of his death on Monday morning at the age of 84. "The Committee's request amounts to nothing less than a vexatious, illegal fishing expedition openly endorsed by [President] Biden and designed to unconstitutionally investigate President Trump and his administration. The crew of the Overnight News Digest consists of founder Magnifico, regular editors side pocket, maggiejean, Chitown Kev, eeff, Magnifico, annetteboardman, Rise above the swamp, Besame and jck. Alumni editors include (but not limited to) Interceptor 7, Man Oh Man, wader, Neon Vincent, palantir, Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse (RIP), ek hornbeck (RIP), rfall, ScottyUrb, Doctor RJ, BentLiberal, Oke (RIP) and jlms qkw.
Leaked Data Reveals At Minimum 133 Oath Keepers Are Affiliated With Every Branch Of The US Military
Oath Keepers recruitment billboard outside of Pine River, MN (2015) from Wikimedia Commons. Regardless of their motive(s) for joining, once in the military, extremists regularly cause problems. And when right-wing extremism experiences surges in American society, those surges are also reflected in the military and evinced by increased problems. We’ve seen it manifest...BuzzfeedIn the days after the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection, the Oath Keepers gained notoriety almost overnight as a symbol of right-wing extremism in America. We know it’s cause...USA TodayThe Oath Keepers trade in conspiracy theories and wild interpretations of the U.S. Constitution.
Ted Cruz takes on the Australians, gets smacked away like the putz he is.
Ted Cruz is second to none in his desire to ensure Americans are free to unnecessarily die of a disease — and in the process infect other Americans. Ted Cruz doesn’t say specifically why he loves the Aussies beyond their rugged independence. “I’m glad we’re nothing like you” is a sentiment that pretty much everyone who has met Ted Cruz feels. I like Ted Cruz more than most of my other colleagues like Ted Cruz. concurred, "If you killed Ted Cruz on the floor of the Senate, and the trial was in the Senate, nobody would convict you."
Jan. 6 panel flat-out rejects Bannon's bid to obstruct its inquiry as Trump files lawsuit
Bannon's attorney, Robert Costello, maintains that his client was contacted by a lawyer for Donald Trump, who instructed them to ignore the committee's subpoena in accordance with Trump's executive privilege claim. On Monday, Trump filed a lawsuit in the D.C. District Court suing the select committee and the National Archives in order to block disclosure of the records from his tenure under an executive privilege claim. President Joe Biden has rejected Trump’s assertion of privilege over the first group of about 40 documents being held at the National Archives. Legal experts typically laugh off both Trump's and Bannon's claim as wildly out-of-touch with the law. Even conservative legal gadfly Jonathan Turley effectively dismissed Bannon's privilege claim out of hand.
PWB Peeps: At the Speed of Kittens
We here at Peeps know that kittens are a vastly untapped source of energy, if only it can be harnessed in some way. Cats seem to have learned that taking life slowly is the best, but kittens…? Before we jump in, let’s re-check da rulz:Note: These are photos of the various kittens I’ve fostered over the years. Kittens play fastKittens eat fastKittens grow up fastSpeckles to Toffee: “Aw, Ma! !”Kittens claim our hearts… FAST!
Discovery Time! previous guy sues because his witches got caught hunting down Pelosi
WASHINGTON (CN) — Former President Donald Trump sued the Jan. 6 select committee and the National Archives on Monday, claiming that the committee’s request for records surrounding the failed insurrection is overly broad and illegal. “The committee’s request amounts to nothing less than a vexatious, illegal fishing expedition openly endorsed by Biden and designed to unconstitutionally investigate President Trump and his administration,” the lawsuit, filed in federal court in Washington, reads. Monday’s lawsuit marks Trump’s latest attempt to disrupt the House’s investigation into the circumstances and events leading up to Jan. 6 — as the former president has already attempted to block former aides from testifying by claiming executive privilege. “Many of the records are clearly protected by executive privilege and other privileges,” Trump claims in his lawsuit. “The committee is attempting to damage the republic itself, and the citizens of the United States, for executive privilege ‘safeguards the public interest in candid, confidential deliberations within the Executive Branch; it is ‘fundamental to the operation of Government.’”www.courthousenews.com/…
Call now to get all the benefits you deserve
Advertisements for Medicare Advantage plans are pervasive during the Annual Enrollment Period. It benefits insurance companies to encourage enrollment in Advantage plans because of the money they receive from Medicare. But over the next three months, you will also see many advertisements for Medicare Advantage Plans. Some Medicare Advantage plans market that they include extra benefits not covered by Original Medicare, such as vision, hearing and dental. A Medicare Advantage plan has the discretion to alter its “cost-sharing,” which is a genteel description of your out-of-pocket costs.
Pastor in deep-red KY county says God told him to protect his flock by getting them vaccinated
x If you doubt the science of #COVID19 #vaccine, who can you trust? Her pastor, Billy Joe Lewis, had told his congregation that, No, ma'am, a COVID-19 vaccine would not leave the "mark of the beast" nor rewrite their genetic codes. x"We've still got to use common sense," Lewis told Varney. The worker told Varney that she was “a fence-straddler” and the topic of to vaxx or not to vaxx came up nearly every day among her co-workers. "I'm not mean about it," she told Varney.
Rumors Of Age Being A Major "Confounding Factor" In COVID Death Rates Have Been Greatly Exaggerated.
There is a large disparity in rural/urban voting patterns with rural counties overwhelmingly going for Trump and urban counties going for Biden (true). And that differences in health access and outcomes between rural and urban counties could explain the difference. Let's view this another way, using my now-famous county-level "scatter-plot" graph:One of Beckham's biggest beefs with my "death rate" graph is that it doesn't adjust for age. The death rate since June 30th in the reddest bracket is now 5.8x higher than the bluest bracket. What about the death rate since the end of June, however?
What’s with all the hate on Daily Kos? Some Progressives are sounding like MAGA hats? WTF?
Negative emotions – hate, anger, even hurt – are like the breeze that ruffles the leaves of a tree then quickly passes and the leaves come to rest. It’s been said: “Hate is a wasted emotion” and the source of the quote has been attributed to different people. It harms us physically:Hatred negatively impacts the nervous system, immune system, and endocrine system. https://www.medicinenet.com/why_do_people_hate/article.htmOn January 6th we saw the fallout of hate ginned up by the prince of hate himself, trump. If we progressives allow hate to take root in our psyche, we’re no better than the GQP.
Before Colin Powell's body was cold, anti-vaxxers try to blame vaccine, ignoring Powell's cancer
As of July 2021, about 44% of fully vaccinated immunocompromised patients have had breakthrough infections from COVID-19. The New York Times reports that multiple myeloma also wasn’t Powell’s first cancer diagnosis. “I was excited to get vaccinated, hoping it would help speed a return to 'normal life'. "Yes, Powell had myeloma, but I was still stunned to hear of his passing from COVID," he went on to say. x I deleted my tweet about the tragic death of Colin Powell because many people interpreted it as anti-vax.
News Roundup: Manchin still blocking emergency climate action; Colin Powell dies at 84
Joe Manchin vs. civilization, continuedIn the news today: Senate Democrat Joe Manchin continues to thwart the nation's last chance to rework its energy infrastructure and, perhaps, dodge the worst of our impending, almost-unimaginable climate catastrophes. Advocacy groups staged a virtual walk-out during a meeting with the Biden administration in protest of the administration's continued backing of Trump-era anti-asylum policies. Former Bush Secretary of State Colin Powell died today due to COVID-19 complications; he was 84. Here's some of what you may have missed:
Miami school announces that vaccinated students must stay home for 30 days after each shot
“Because of the potential impact on other students and our school community, vaccinated students will need to stay at home for 30 days post-vaccination for each dose and booster they receive and may return to school after 30 days as long as the student is healthy and symptom-free,” the letter to parents from Center Academy read. “What happens 30 days after they get vaccinated? However, the private school later told WSVN that teachers and employees who did decide to get vaccinated would not be fired, just not allowed to work with students. Despite its anti-vaxx ideology and targeting of those who get vaccinated, school officials claimed they are not anti-vaxx. The email that was sent to families today was grounded in these priorities,” a co-owner of the school told WSVN.
‘We don’t need your lectures, thanks mate’: Australian politician roasts Ted Cruz
"Hey Ted Cruz, g'day from the Northern Territory in Australia. "Vaccination is so important here because we have vulnerable communities and the oldest continuous living culture on the planet to protect. "We don't need your lectures, thanks mate. And if you stand against a lifesaving vaccine, then you sure as hell don't stand with Australia. Coming from a state with not only high COVID-19 infection rates and hospitalizations but one of the highest coronavirus death tolls in the country, Cruz should understand that.
Longtime Democratic congressman elected in the face of 1994 GOP wave retiring from Pittsburgh seat
Bush’s poor performance in the Pittsburgh area seat gave Team Blue plenty of optimism about flipping it. This turned into an unusual contest between a Republican who identified as pro-choice and Doyle, who was against abortion rights. While 1994 was a horrible year for Democrats across the nation, Doyle flipped the seat by a decisive 55-45 margin. The new congressman won the following cycle 56-40 and never came close to losing reelection during the rest of his career. Law professor Jerry Dickinson used the incumbent’s longtime support for Hyde against him in their 2020 primary: Doyle won 67-33, which was his smallest win in a nomination fight since his 1994 squeaker.
A timeline of Palestinian mass hunger strikes in Israel
Palestinian prisoners have engaged in mass hunger strikes since 1968, after Israel occupied the Palestinian territories. Several Palestinian administrative detainees have also gone on individual hunger strikes and have managed to pressure Israel into releasing them, although some have been rearrested. Hunger strikes have taken place elsewhere throughout history as a method of nonviolent resistance. Under international human rights norms, hunger striking is seen as a form of freedom of expression and a civil and political right. Al Jazeera compiled a timeline of notable mass hunger strikes in Palestinian history and looked at what has been achieved.
Israel carries out mass arrests of Palestinians after jailbreak
Arrest campaign started after the escape of six high-profile Palestinian security prisoners from Gilboa prison. Ramallah, Occupied West Bank – Israeli forces have detained dozens of Palestinians in recent days in a campaign of mass arrests in response to an embarrassing high-security prison escape earlier this month. Amid the manhunt for the missing men, Israeli forces carried out retaliatory raids against family members of the escapees in the Jenin area, which was already restive, arresting and interrogating them before releasing some. A number of Palestinian students have also been caught up in the dragnet. On Wednesday, Israeli soldiers raided the headquarters of the General Trade Union of Workers in Services and Entrepreneurship Sector in Ramallah, seizing several computer hard discs and documents.
Urgent Intervention for the Immediate Release of Child Administrative Detainee Under Extenuating Medical Circumstances
In a recent medical report on Amal Nakhleh, a 17-year-old Palestinian child administrative detainee diagnosed with myasthenia gravis, a rare medical condition, Amal has been found to face a new, potentially threatening health concern. On 21 January 2021, Amal Nakhleh was re-arrested from his home by the Israeli Occupation Forces and placed in administrative detention. Since his most recent arrest, Amal Nakhleh has been detained arbitrarily in Ofer Prison, located inside the Occupying Power’s territory, in violation of international humanitarian law. The hearing for the appeal on Amal’s renewed administrative detention is currently scheduled for 22 June 2021. to demand the immediate release of Palestinian child detainee Amal Nakhleh.
Palestinians: 250 prisoners held by Israel on hunger strike
RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) — At least 250 Palestinian prisoners held by Israel have begun a hunger strike to protest their relocation to isolated cells, officials said Wednesday. The hunger strike, led by the militant Islamic Jihad group, comes amid heightened tensions in Israeli detention facilities following the escape of six prisoners from a high-security prison last month. The Palestinian Prisoners Club, which represents former and current prisoners, said the latest strike is to protest the separation of Islamic Jihad prisoners into designated cells, isolating them from most other members of the group. Israel’s prison service said it was unaware of any mass hunger strike. It said it has not isolated the Islamic Jihad prisoners, but instead has mixed them with the general population.
Recaptured Palestinian prisoner Zubeidi on hunger strike
Palestinian prisoner Zakaria Zubeidi, who was recaptured after escaping from Israel's high security Gilboa Prison last month, has today entered the seventh day of his hunger strike protesting against his continued detention in solitary confinement, Arab48 reported. On Thursday, prisoner Mohammad Al-Arida, one of the escapees, suspended his open hunger strike after the Israeli Prison Services responded to his demands. Meanwhile, seven other Palestinian prisoners have been on hunger strikes for several weeks, protesting against their administrative detention – being held without charge or trial. According to the Palestinian Prison Club, the hunger striking prisoners are Kayed Al Fasfous, who has been on hunger strike for 90 days, Miqdad Al-Qawasmeh, whose hunger strike has entered its 83rd day, Alaa Al Araj, 64 days on strike, Hisham Abu Hawwash, spent 57 days without food, Rayeq Bsharat, on hunger strike for 52 days, Shadi Abu Akar, whose strike has now entered its 48th day, and Hassan Shouka, on strike for 23 days. READ: The unfinished war of Zakaria Zubeidi
Ocean Cleanup's supersized system proves its worth with "massive" haul
Plastic waste hauled aboard in the latest test of OCP's trash-hauling system(Image by Ocean Cleanup Project) Details DMCABack in August, the Ocean Cleanup Project returned to the waters of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch with a redesigned trash-collecting system that was its largest yet, and it has just reigned in a "massive" haul of plastic waste. The latest OCP trash-collecting system is finally at scale to make a real difference in cleaning up the oceans' garbage patches of plastic. Plastic which otherwise might not degrade for centuries and would wind up in the food chain, and in us.
Fallout of rising anti-Muslim incidents in India: 20 homes of Hindus set on fire in Bangladesh
A mob has damaged 66 houses and set on fire at least 20 homes of Hindus in Bangladesh over an alleged blasphemous social-media post amidst protests by the minority community against temple-vandalism incidents during the Durga Puja celebrations last week, Indian news agency ANI reported Monday. The Bangladesh Hindu-Buddhist-Christian Unity Council said at least 70 puja pavilions and temples were attacked in the previous three days of violence. Prime Minister Sheikh HasinaIn a virtual interaction with members of the Hindu community to mark Durga Puja, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has vowed to hunt down those who vandalized some Hindu temples during Durga Puja celebrations. However, Hasina also used the occasion to urge India to remain vigilant against the escalation of any communal violence (meaning anti-Muslim hate crimes). "We expect that nothing happens there (in India), which could influence any situation in Bangladesh affecting our Hindu community here," Hasina said.
Gluttonous Charter School Continues Taking Space They Do Not Need
Under California law, the charter school should have calculated that they owed the LAUSD a $34,625.44 Over-Allocated Space Fee and sent a check to cover their debt. Approximately, 90% of the overallocation fee will be returned to the public school that was forced to host the charter school. Los Angeles students who had lost essential space so that charter schools could have empty classroom space would finally be compensated financially. He did, however, state that "approximately every month, the District posts an updated over-allocation summary to its website, identifying the [annual] over-allocation reimbursement amounts owed by each charter school and... the amounts paid to date by each charter school, and the amounts that remain outstanding." As a Green Party candidate in LAUSD's District 2 School Board race, he was endorsed by Network for Public Education (NPE) Action.
Yale's Bryan Garsten in Defense of Rhetoric (REVIEW ESSAY)
Yes, to be sure, Garsten discusses demagogues and demagogy (for specific pages references, see the "Index" [page 271]). Because I had long been interested in the history and theory of rhetoric, I decided that I should take a look at his 2006 book. In the somewhat narrowly circumscribed realm of contemporary political theory in the academic specialty known as political science, it seemed to Koziak that a theory of political emotion needed to be retrieved from Aristotle. In any event, Yale's political scientist Bryan Garsten also sets out in his 2006 book Saving Persuasion: A Defense of Rhetoric and Judgment to articulate a theory of political emotion in the academic specialty of political science. Consequently, Garsten frequently refers to Plato, Aristotle, and Cicero (see the "Index" for specific page references to Plato [page 274], Aristotle [page 269], and Cicero [page 270] - and for emotions [page 271] and passions [page 274]).
Robin DG Kelley on fighting for freedom in the darkness of capitalist dystopia
The world was a very different place when Robin DG Kelley’s renowned book Freedom Dreams: The Black Radical Imagination was first published in 2002. So, it says, “Kelley unearths freedom dreams in this exciting history of renegade intellectuals and artists of the African diaspora in the 20th century. There are very bad freedom dreams that many people have been sold on. And I think that’s really, really important. The other thing which I think is really, really important is that this is where politics comes in, and power comes in.
A staggering number of inmates have died in Louisiana prisons
In the state of Louisiana, 786 inmates—none of whom were ever sentenced to death—died behind bars between 2015-2019 while serving out their prison sentences. Since Black people are already incarcerated at disproportionate rates, these deaths have been disproportionately among Black inmates. This information has not been publicly available until now, because no single authority in Louisiana is required to collect such data. When law professor Andrea Armstrong and her students took it upon themselves to conduct this research, they were shocked by what they found. Professor Armstrong joined the Loyola University New Orleans,College of Law faculty in 2010 and founded IncarcerationTransparency.org, a database that provides facility-level deaths behind bars data and analysis for Louisiana and memorializes the lives lost.
Fed Chair Jerome Powell Sold Over $1 Million in Stocks Right Before Crash
Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell sold between $1 million and $5 million worth of stock just before a large stock market crash last year, according to new disclosure filings reviewed by The American Prospect. The embattled Fed chair is worth between $20 million and $55 million, according to his financial disclosure from last year. As Fed chair, Powell not only has an enormous amount of insider knowledge about the financial markets in the U.S. but also has sway over the laws governing those markets. The Fed has faced an onslaught of criticism in the wake of other scandals involving stock trades by important Fed officials. She has previously introduced legislation to ban members of Congress, judges and top government officials, including Fed officials, from being able to trade stocks at all.
Students in GA Protested Against Racism. Only the Black Pupils Were Punished.
Coosa High School students in Rome, Georgia, were warned by administrators not to organize a protest against racist actions recently taken by their peers — and when they went forward with their plan anyway, only Black students were punished. The students planned a protest condemning the school’s failure to discipline a group of white students who had used racial slurs against Black students; days earlier, students had also waved a Confederate battle flag in their direction. Shortly after, the organizers of the protest — a group that included Black, white and Latino students — were called to the office, where they engaged in arguments with administrators. Disciplinary action was handed out in the form of school suspensions, but only the Black students were punished. Black parents told CBS46 that their children suffered emotional distress from being harassed and called racial slurs by white students.
Manchin Obstructs Climate Progress as His Family Is Hit by “Unbelievable” Storms
Manchin chairs the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and is in charge of crafting the climate portion of the bill. The storms are likely worsening due to the climate crisis, which can create more precipitation in places like Farmington, a small town surrounded by a creek on three sides. The climate crisis will also affect other residents in West Virginia, many of whom don’t have the resources to move when climate disasters hit their neighborhoods. While West Virginia officials are struggling to protect residents from the worsening effects of the climate crisis, Manchin is collecting lobbyist funds. “We cannot advance legislation that makes the climate crisis worse,” said Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) on Twitter.
Humanitarian disaster in Yemen as fighting for Marib intensifies
In 2021, 1.6 million children were internally displaced due to violence, while essential health, sanitation and education services are “incredibly fragile” and “on the brink of total collapse.”Of the 20 million Yemenis in need of humanitarian assistance to survive, 11.3 million are children. Two million children are not in school and one in six schools are unusable. A further four million children are at risk of dropping out as unpaid teachers leave to find paid work. In Yemen, protests broke out against the 32-year-long dictatorial rule of US and Saudi-backed president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, who unleashed the military. The Houthis are now fighting to gain control of Marib, which along with Shebwa is the site of Yemen’s oil and gas reserves.
It’s Joe Manchin vs. the World, and Manchin Is Winning
The mere possibility that the Build Back Better Act might become real motivated the West Virginia coal baron to swing into action. Memo to Manchin, West Virginia, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, North Dakota and every other state that puts coal ahead of breathing: It’s done. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) has told the White House the child tax credit must include a firm work requirement and family income cap in the $60,000 range,” reported Axios. Memo to Manchin, West Virginia, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, North Dakota and every other state that puts coal ahead of breathing: It’s done. Jim Justice would certainly appoint a Republican replacement, just as “Democrat” Manchin appointed a Democratic replacement for Robert Byrd in 2010 when Manchin was governor of West Virginia.
Financial press reflects growing nervousness in ruling circles
In the past few days one can find headlines in the Wall Street Journal such as “4.3 million workers are missing. Commentary on the worsening economic situation is voicing the view that the growing problems are not transitory, but an expression of deeper shifts and government and financial authorities are out of their depth when it comes to dealing with them. There is nothing which strikes fear in the ruling classes as the resistance of the working class and the development of the class struggle. The politics of the past three decades has rested on the suppression of the working class and so the growing strike wave has far-reaching political implications. The extraordinary growth of social inequality to levels never seen in history is a powerful motivating factor.
The anti-democratic origins of Australia’s party registration laws
Facing deepening working-class opposition to the corporate-driven assault on jobs, working conditions and public health, in the global COVID-19 pandemic, Australia’s parliament rushed through blatantly anti-democratic electoral laws in late August. By trebling, from 500 to 1,500, the number of members previously required to be officially recognised, the latest laws seek to strip party registration from all political parties, including the Socialist Equality Party (SEP), that do not currently have parliamentary representation. In February 1983, with the election looming, Bob Hawke was installed as Labor Party leader, via a party-room coup. And it has continued, despite the 1983 laws also providing for state funding of political parties, in a bid to prop up the flagging finances of the old parties, due to the disintegration of their memberships. In 1983, the Socialist Labour League, the forerunner of the SEP, took a principled stand in opposing the party registration laws.
Coronavirus continues to surge in Northwestern US
Coronavirus cases remain high across the United States, including more than 78,000 new cases a day and close to 1,300 daily deaths. Daily deaths also stand at about 20 a day, a record exceeding the daily death tolls suffered last winter. The state also continues to set record-high hospitalizations, with a daily average of 661 on October 14 and a peak starting in September that reached 761 the first week of October. After falling to less than 350 daily cases, the number of new infections rose to 3,500 in early September and has since dipped to 2,500 now. As schools across the country reopen for in-person learning, COVID-19 cases remain high.
Workers Struggles: The Americas
The workers are employed by construction company ICA Fluor, which they denounce for poor pay and conditions. Moreover, the workers complain of the company union, which extorts kickbacks from them under threat of firing. Strikebreakers, military units and police attacked the striking workers with tear gas and rubber bullets, injuring at least three and workers hold the company union responsible for the shooting death of one worker. Argentine bus drivers strike for overdue payDrivers for the El Cacique bus company in Rosario, in Argentina’s Santa Fe province, struck October 13. Starting wages for bus drivers are $16 an hour and wage increases are no doubt an issue.
Questions remain in aftermath of disastrous Southern California oil spill
Investigators are still looking into the causes of the October 1 pipeline spill that released tens of thousands of gallons of oil across the coast of Southern California. Initial estimates of the spill were as high as 131,000 gallons although this has been downgraded to a little over 25,000 gallons. This Oct. 4, 2021, aerial file photo shows floating barriers known as booms set up to try to stop further incursion into the Wetlands Talbert Marsh after an oil spill in Huntington Beach, Calif. (AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Regulators had predicted in 1978 that a spill emanating from the Elly rig, the site of the October 1 disaster, would result in a spill of only 50 barrels of oil or 2,100 gallons. This task, and the tasks of preventing oil pipeline disasters like October 1 or the BP oil spill of 2010, falls to the international working class.
Oklahoma woman convicted of manslaughter, sentenced to four years in prison for miscarriage
On October 5 an Oklahoma woman was found guilty of first-degree manslaughter of a non-viable fetus, after suffering a miscarriage at 17 weeks, and sentenced to four years in prison. The fetus tested positive for methamphetamine, amphetamine, and another drug in the liver and brain, according to an obstetrician-gynecologist. Notably, Oklahoma’s murder and manslaughter laws do not apply to miscarriages that occur before 20 weeks, nor does Oklahoma law outlaw abortions. In direct contradiction to the medical and legal facts, prosecutors nonetheless filed manslaughter charges against Poolaw. Oklahoma and 13 other states have recently adopted “fetal heartbeat” abortion laws, with Oklahoma Republican Governor Kevin Stitt signing the law on April 26 of this year.
Hitler’s “Divinely Gifted” artists and documenta: Politics and Art: Two important exhibitions in Berlin
The “Favoured Artists” exhibition comprises over 300 works of art, including paintings, sculptures, busts, tapestries and murals created by what the Nazis described as “Divinely Gifted” artists. He was one of the organisers of the marches and pageants held on the “Day of German Art” in Munich in 1937 and 1938. The Expressionist painter Emil Nolde, whose pictures were ultimately included in the “Degenerate Art” exhibition, was in fact a convinced anti-Semite and National Socialist. Works by Kaspar were also shown in 1944 at an art exhibition “German Artists and the SS,” organised by Heinrich Himmler, the head of Hitler’s murderous SS paramilitary . Together they created the myth of a new beginning, a “zero hour” for German art.
Minnesota nurses strike at Allina Health facility over pay and benefits
Nurses at an Allina Health facility in Plymouth, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis, launched a three-day strike October 17 over pay and benefits. Picket line in Plymouth, MN (Source: Minnesota Nurses Association via Twitter)Workers rejected a previous agreement and voted by a supermajority on October 6 to authorize a strike. Currently, unlike other Allina nurses, the WestHealth nurses do not receive this. In the 2016 contract negotiations, the MNA signed contracts with the other healthcare systems and left the Allina nurses to strike alone. All nurses and workers in general must come to the defense of the WestHealth nurses.
Two decades since Australia’s SIEV X tragedy
The SIEV X tragedy occurred a few weeks after the September 11 terrorist attacks on the US. Two decades on, Australian governments, Liberal-National and Labor alike, and the corporate media maintain a conspiracy of silence about the SIEV X disaster. * * *The tragedy of SIEV X: Did the Australian government deliberately allow 353 refugees to drown? What, then, was different about this boat (SIEV X as it was later to be called)? Despite this “comprehensive surveillance,” and the constant flow of information specifically about SIEV X, Bonser was unable to explain why it dried up right at the time the SIEV X sank.
Details of second UAW-USW contract with Dana Inc. reveal massive sellout
The deal is an insult to Dana workers. Workers have labored for a year and a half in a deadly pandemic that has killed some Dana workers and hospitalized many. Under the second tentative agreement, Dana workers would remain years behind the national average in terms of wages. Dana workers confirmed that they make parts for Deere at least in plants at Danville, Kentucky and St. Clair, Michigan. On Friday, the Dana Workers’ Rank-and-File Committee (DWRFC) published a statement titled “Dana workers: We should be on strike!” which outlined the demands that Dana workers must fight for.
Oppose the Sri Lankan government’s massive price hikes!
($US1 is about 200 Sri Lankan rupees.) According to the appropriation bill, overall budget expenditure for 2022 will be 2,505 billion rupees, a cut of 173 billion rupees compared to this year, indicating drastic budget cuts in next year’s spending. Although education has been increased by one billion rupees to 127 billion rupees, this is a cut in real terms. This is slashing this year’s budget by 28 billion rupees compared to 2019. A meagre 12-billion-rupee supplementary amount has been allocated for “Covid control” next year, down from this year’s 18 billion rupees.
Biden hails police as dozens revealed to have joined fascist Oath Keeper militia group
The hack included roughly five gigabytes of data from the Oath Keepers militia group. Some of these addresses are tied to names, physical addresses, phone numbers, IP addresses and donation amounts. As of this writing, at least 22 Oath Keepers have been charged for their role in the January 6 attack, with at least 18 Oath Keepers facing conspiracy charges for attempting to thwart the certification of the Electoral College vote. The fascist Oath Keeper militia was founded by Yale-educated lawyer and former Army paratrooper Elmer Stewart Rhodes and former sheriff and fascist, Richard Mack. Last week, The LAist reported that Riverside Sheriff Chad Bianco was among those identified in the Epik leak as having been a member of the Oath Keepers.
Stellantis slashes 1,800 auto jobs at Windsor Assembly in Canada
Stellantis, the global auto giant and parent company of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Canada, announced Friday evening that it will indefinitely lay off 1,800 workers at the company’s Windsor Assembly Plant in Windsor, Ontario, just across the international border from Detroit, Michigan. Windsor Assembly, for instance, has operated for only 3 months in 2021. Stellantis’ Brampton Assembly Plant has seen significant downtime as well. GM’s CAMI assembly plant near London, Ontario—one of the hardest hit—has only operated for three weeks in the past 9 months. Insofar as the auto industry in Canada is being “saved” it is at the expense of auto workers and the communities in which they work and live.
New York City child dies from COVID-19 amid cover-up of infections in schools
New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) data revealed the death of a school-age child last week from COVID-19. (AP Photo/Brittainy Newman, File)Last week’s death was the first pediatric death in New York City since the reopening of K-12 schools this academic year and the 30th child death in the city since the beginning of the pandemic. The DOHMH report stated that children ages 5-12 have been the leading demographic in positive COVID-19 cases in New York City this week, the first time this has taken place during the pandemic. By official figures, nearly a quarter of all positive cases reported in the city in the past week have occurred in schools. Students, faculty and academic workers have spoken out against COVID-19 outbreaks in New York City’s colleges and universities.
Britain’s Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health calls for school COVID testing to be abandoned
Dr Camilla Kingdon, president of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH), has called for COVID testing in schools to end “for the sake of children's education,” the Telegraph writes. Miriam Cates, MP for Penistone and Stocksbridge, calls mass testing in schools “utterly pointless”. “There are a ‘heck of a lot’ of MPs who want to see testing in schools wound down,” the Telegraph quotes Brine. There are sick children with covid on the children's ward. It will lead to sick children, sick parents, sometimes protracted illness, and the death of both teachers, children and their loved ones.
Germany: Right-wing extremism in North Rhine-Westphalia police force
There have now been 53 confirmed cases of right-wing extremist activities in the police force of North Rhine-Westphalian, Germany’s most populous state. In the following months, the scandal about right-wing extremist police chat groups increasingly grew. Investigations by MAD were mainly related to the Bundeswehr, where the number of suspected right-wing extremist cases increased by a third between 2018 and 2019. The report by Mediendienst Integration cites numerous racist and right-wing extremist incidents in the security agencies between 2017 and October 2021. The right-wing extremist groups within the NRW police are part of a far-right extremist network that extends across all the security agencies and is promoted and covered up by the intelligence services.
Colin Powell: The US ruling class mourns a faithful servant
No one individual is so closely identified with so many of the crimes committed by American imperialism over more than four decades as Colin Powell. No one held so many high-ranking positions in the national security apparatus: general, national security advisor, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, secretary of state. Congressman Jamaal Bowman, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, tweeted that “as a Black man just trying to figure out the world, Colin Powell was an inspiration” to him. He did not elaborate on which Colin Powell was his inspiration: General Colin Powell helping rescue Ronald Reagan in the Iran-Contra scandal, or Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Colin Powell overseeing the incineration of Iraqi conscripts in 1991, or Secretary of State Colin Powell justifying the impending US invasion of Iraq in 2003. And Colin Powell was one of the principal instigators.
Australian workers support John Deere strike in the US
Workers, students and young people in Australia have issued strong statements of support for more than 10,000 John Deere workers in the United States, who are carrying out a courageous strike. Presenting an agreement to John Deere workers, the union falsely claimed that it contained economic benefits for the workers, when the opposite is the case. Workers have formed the John Deere Workers Rank-and-File Committee, independent of the union, as a first step to break from the conscious agents of corporate management. In this context, the decision by John Deere workers to establish their own rank-and-file committee is extremely important. The John Deere Workers Rank-and-File Committee will provide information and a perspective not only to John Deere workers, but throughout the US and around the world.
Texas boy dies after COVID-19 infection turned into severe gangrene
***Ten-year-old Zyrin Foots from Huntsville, Texas died on October 13 after contracting COVID-19. The school is open for full in-person learning, with no virtual learning, and like almost all Texas schools it does not require students or teachers to wear masks or socially distance. (Photo: Hunstville Intermediate School)The virus is still spreading in Texas schools. Last week, there were 4,643 reported new cases of COVID-19 among students and 907 among staff at public schools in Texas. At least 13 TDCJ staff members died of COVID-19 last month, including a cook at the Walls Unit.
Another anti-China provocation: US, Canadian warships transit Taiwan Strait
In another belligerent operation, the US Navy last week sent a warship through the Taiwan Strait, for the tenth time this year. While it asserts the “right” to sail its warships and fly its warplanes close the Chinese coast, the US brands the intrusion of Chinese military aircraft into Taiwan’s Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ) as aggressive and menacing. Chinese aircraft can only fly beyond the “First Island Chain” into the Pacific by breaching the various ADIZs of Taiwan, the Philippines, Japan and South Korea. If this were observed, Chinese aircraft in significant areas of eastern China could not even take off without notifying Taiwanese authorities. By stirring up tensions with China over Taiwan, the Biden administration is playing with fire.
US kidnaps Venezuelan diplomat for defying sanctions regime
The extradition–or rendition—was carried out on the day before national elections in Cabo Verde, a date no doubt selected to dull the impact of the news within the country. The Trump administration had used bribes and threats to compel Cabo Verde to hand over Saab. At one point, a US Navy warship was dispatched to the coastal waters of Cabo Verde in a show of force over the issue. The court’s decisions are legally binding on countries, including Cabo Verde, which signed the treaty creating it. The Cabo Verde government likewise ignored the demands made by four United Nations special Rapporteurs and one UN Working Group.
The removal of Jefferson’s statue is a gift to the political right
In this July 14, 2010 photo, a statue of Thomas Jefferson, right, stands in New York's City Hall Council Chamber. An event as enormously important as the American Revolution had huge causes, and even bigger effects. The American Revolution raised the problem of slavery for the first time as a historical problem. Together with Tom Paine he represented the far-left wing of the American Revolution. And certainly not Barack Obama, who as president oversaw the greatest transfer of wealth to the rich in American history and arrogated to the White House the “right” to assassinate anyone anywhere on the president’s say-so.
NATO Secretary Stoltenberg calls for stepped-up targeting of China
Speaking yesterday to the Financial Times of London, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg demanded that the military alliance intensify its threats against China. His remarks highlighted both the extremely aggressive policy pursued by the NATO alliance and explosive divisions emerging among the NATO imperialist powers. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg addresses the Annual Session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly at a hotel in Lisbon, Monday, Oct. 11, 2021. NATO, Stoltenberg insisted, should target not only Russia but China as well. Turning to the EU, Stoltenberg insisted that as they spend billions more on their armed forces, EU powers should avoid any competition with NATO.
Miss Manners: You can’t snub someone who’s already snubbed you
This is because the cut direct, which is the ultimate weapon under social circumstances — so much less disturbing than fisticuffs — depends on the confusion of the person being cut, who was presumably about to extend a greeting. If your target has no such expectation, it does not work.
Kyle Schwarber’s Red Sox tee off on the Astros again to grab a 2-1 lead in the ALCS
Urquidy was pulled after Xander Bogaerts singled with two outs in the second. The right-hander threw just 57 pitches — a 3-0, sitting-duck fastball to Schwarber the most consequential. This postseason, only one starter, Tampa Bay Rays lefty Shane McClanahan, has recorded more than eight outs against the Red Sox. Behind him, Yimi Garcia yielded Vázquez’s second RBI single and Christian Arroyo’s two-run homer in the third. 2 hitter, took his second plate appearance.
Ask Amy: Mom’s needs must take a back seat
Struggling: You could assume that your mother empirically understands that your husband’s needs must outweigh her own at this point. But if she has always been narcissistic and manipulative, your husband’s heartbreaking illness might cause her to simply up the ante, in terms of needing to catch — and keep — your attention.
Stripped naked, beaten, forced to shout ‘Viva Fidel!’: Inside Cuba’s crackdown on dissent
The crackdown is “clearly an effort to instill fear and make sure this won’t happen again,” said Juan Pappier, senior Americas researcher at Human Rights Watch. “The people who protested because they were tired of not having freedom, of waiting hours in line for bread or milk, they thought they had nothing left to lose. But the government has shown them that they do have something more to lose, that they can end up punished, and live in worse conditions in jail.”
Carolyn Hax: She plans to ‘disappear’ on dreary job and landlady
You’ve been living with this landlady for three years, and now you do something drastic? Maybe your boss is in a tough spot, too. Seems like you are looking for drama, but if you give everyone proper notice you won’t regret it later. You want to teach everyone a lesson to not mistreat you, but don’t give them a reason to think of you as a jerk anyway. Let them miss you rather than glad to be rid of you.
'I have concerns': Mother of Ahmaud Arbery as jury selection begins in murder trial
The jury selection has begun for the three men accused of chasing down and killing Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old Black man out for a jog in Georgia. CNN's Martin Savidge reports.
Dr. Wen on what Colin Powell's death teaches us about vaccines
Health officials worry that anti-vaccine activists will seize upon Colin Powell's death to make the claim that vaccines don't work. They might ask, "If you can still die after being vaccinated for Covid-19, what's the point of getting the vaccine?" CNN Medical Analyst Dr. Leana Wen offers answers.
6 signs it's time to quit your job
"Is it possible all of that is influencing your perception of your job?" Once you have the list, figure out if the problems are fixable, and start outlining any potential resolutions to improve your job satisfaction. If that doesn't seem possible, you may want to start looking for another job. Here are some signs that could signal it's time to find a new role:You feel like you've plateauedIt's hard to stay motivated and productive at work if you feel there's no room for advancement. She suggested asking yourself: If you were unemployed and your current job was offered to you as it is, would you accept it or keep looking?
See who tops this year's list of Fortune's Most Powerful Women
So perhaps it's not surprising that three of the top 10 women named to Fortune's 2021 Most Powerful Women list, released Monday, run companies in the health sector or that half of them became CEOs during the Covid crisis. Accenture's ACN chairman and CEO Julie Sweet, who was last year's top ranking woman on Fortune's list, takes the No. Here are the top 10 women executives on Fortune's 2021 Most Powerful Women list:1. Rosalind Brewer, CEO, Walgreens Boots Alliance7. Thasunda Brown Duckett, President and CEO, TIAA
Love online sports betting? Here's what you need to know
Big business alreadyToday, online sports betting is both legal and operational statewide in 16 states and the District of Columbia. And the risk of developing a gambling problem is associated with high-frequency in-game betting, increased advertising and marketing for online betting, and the perception that sports betting is a skill, among other things. "No one says if I drank a fifth of vodka yesterday, drinking two-fifths today can cure my problem," Whyte said. Having problems on the job: Getting too consumed by online betting may affect performance and attendance at work. And its sister site, GamAnon.org , lists meetings and resources for those affected by someone's gambling problem.
Chrissy Teigen says cookbook, friends helped save her after pregnancy loss
Chrissy Teigen is opening up about how her cookbook and friends helped her get through the grief of losing her "baby jack" more than a year ago. In an Instagram post on Monday, Teigen noted that it is Pregnancy Loss Awareness week. She found a behind-the-scenes photo from working on her latest cookbook with Adeena Sussman, "soon after losing our little jack." The photo shows Teigen under a blanket as Sussman worked next to her. "as I’ve said before, I absolutely threw myself into writing, quickly, to distract from the trauma, the pain, the grief," she wrote.
Australia starts chlamydia vaccine trial in koalas
Scientists at an Australian university are hoping to help make the island's dwindling and beloved koala population healthier with a chlamydia vaccine for the marsupial. The University of the Sunshine Coast said this month that it had started the third phase of a clinical trial for an experimental vaccine. They will be divided into two groups: 200 will receive the single-shot vaccine and 200 will be in a control group. A clinical trial is also underway in the U.S. for a human vaccine for chlamydia. A phase 1 trial testing the safety and immunogenicity of a human chlamydia vaccine began in 2019 and is expected to be complete in 2022, according to the National Institutes of Health.
Lawrence explains what Colin Powell and Barack Obama had in common
Lawrence O’Donnell explains that both Colin Powell and Barack Obama grew up without a role model for Black men doing what they were setting out to do. Obama campaign manager David Plouffe reacts.Oct.
Trump goes under oath for first time since his presidency
The attorney for Mary Trump says the dam is breaking for defendant Donald Trump, who hasn’t faced legal deposition since becoming president. “President Trump is no longer President Trump even though he keeps pretending that he is, and he’s going to have to testify in these cases,” says Theodore Boutrous, who will question Donald Trump in his lawsuit against his niece, Mary Trump.Oct.
North Korea Launches Ballistic Missile Hours After Envoys Meet in Washington
SEOUL — North Korea launched a ballistic missile off its east coast on Tuesday, just hours after special envoys on North Korea met in Washington to discuss how to deal with the isolated country’s nuclear capabilities. The test was the latest in a series of recent provocations from North Korea in recent weeks, forcing the National Security Council of South Korea to discuss the North’s steady acts of aggression in the region. The South Korean military said that the missile was fired from Sinpo, a city on the east coast where North Korea has often conducted its missile tests. It also has a naval base in the area, which is home to its submarine-launched ballistic missile program. The National Security Council at the South’s presidential office usually convenes when the North conducts a missile test, in order to assess the danger posed by the latest North Korean missile launch.
Titans get a huge night from Derrick Henry and a questionable call by the Bills in 34-31 win
The Bills had a touchdown on a 101-yard return by Isaiah McKenzie on the ensuing kickoff negated by a holding penalty. They then moved down the field on offense. But Josh Allen was stopped on a fourth-and-one quarterback sneak from the Tennessee 3-yard with 19 seconds to play. Allen had been knocked out of bounds just shy of the first down on a third-and-six run. Bills Coach Sean McDermott passed up a near-certain game-tying field goal and overtime in favor of the fourth-down try, on which Allen appeared to lose his footing.
Australian police search for Cleo Smith, 4, missing from tent on campsite
(CNN) Police are searching for a 4-year-old girl who went missing from a campsite in Western Australia on Saturday. Cleo Smith, who was last seen at around 1.30 a.m. local time Saturday, was staying in a tent at the Blowholes campsite in Macleod, according to a statement from Western Australia Police Force published Monday. "WA Police are exploring all possibilities and have a number of investigative resources to assist including detectives from the Homicide Squad as well as Forensics and local detectives." Cleo was wearing a pink one-piece sleep suit with a blue and yellow pattern, police said, adding that she was last seen sleeping in a red and black sleeping bag. She is around 110 centimeters (3 feet, 7 inches) tall with hazel eyes and honey-blonde hair, the statement added.
Pakistan father suspected of burning daughters and grandchildren to death in marriage feud
Lahore, Pakistan A father in Pakistan is suspected of killing his two daughters and their four children by setting their house ablaze because one of the women married against his wishes, police said. Manzoor Hussain is being hunted by police after allegedly setting fire to the home that sisters Fauzia Bibi and Khurshid Mai shared in a village in the Muzaffargargh district of central Pakistan, police official Abdul Majeed told Reuters by phone. Mai's husband also died in the blaze, Majeed said. Bibi had married Mehboob Ahmad about 18 months ago against her father's will in a so-called love marriage, according to the official, as opposed to an arranged marriage. "The incident is outcome of the rivalry between the two families over the love marriage," Majeed said.
A Chinese murder suspect who gained wide public sympathy died after a week on the run
Hong Kong (CNN) A murder suspect who garnered widespread sympathy from the Chinese public has died after more than a week on the run, triggering an outpouring of sadness and outrage on social media. Ou Jinzhong, who was accused of killing two neighbors and injuring three others in China's southern Fujian province, killed himself while resisting arrest on Monday, police in the city of Putian said in a statement on Monday evening. Ou was sent to hospital and died despite emergency rescue efforts, the police statement added. Over the past week, hundreds of police and other search crew members had been looking for Ou in the hills, where he fled after allegedly attacking his neighbors in a seaside village in Putian on Thursday. Police and paramilitary forces eventually found him in a cave on Monday afternoon and rounded him up, according to the police statement.
Why vaccinated people dying from Covid-19 doesn't mean the vaccines are ineffective
CNN: When we see vaccinated people dying from Covid-19, how do you explain that vaccines are still worth taking? The Covid-19 vaccines are extraordinarily effective in preventing illness and especially severe disease. However, the Covid-19 vaccines do not protect you 100%. However, another wave of infections is possible, especially with only 57% of the US population fully vaccinated. However, another wave of infections is possible, especially with only 57% of the US population fully vaccinated.
Vaccine mix-ups are rare and there are systems in place to keep it that way
(CNN) An Indiana couple says they took their family to get their annual flu shot at the local Walgreens , but all of them, including their 4- and 5-year-old, were given a Covid-19 vaccine by mistake. The couple had already been vaccinated against Covid-19 earlier in the year, and their children aren't old enough to get a Covid-19 vaccine yet, as they're only authorized for children 12 and older. If a small child gets a larger Covid-19 vaccine dose meant for an adult, they may feel side effects, for example. Pediatricians who have been testing Covid-19 vaccines in younger children tried a variety of doses, including full adult doses. As for the parents, getting the Covid-19 vaccine would be like getting a booster shot.
Why Colin Powell's cancer likely reduced his protection from the Covid-19 vaccine
Multiple myeloma is among the most common blood cancers in the United States, and it disproportionately affects Black Americans. Although the Covid-19 vaccines provide strong protection against severe disease and death in healthy people, multiple myeloma patients are among the immunocompromised groups who may not respond as well, studies have shown. Such therapies change a patient's T cells so they can better attack cancer cells. Multiple myeloma patients can live for many years with treatment, but it's not considered curable. It's essential that people around those with multiple myeloma -- or other immunocompromising conditions -- get vaccinated.
Jewish Southlake residents on administrator’s Holocaust remark: ‘There are not two sides’
At a tense school board meeting Monday night in Southlake, Texas, a former student gave painful testimony about antisemitic bullying that he said he endured in the Carroll Independent School District. The administrator, Gina Peddy, the school district’s executive director of curriculum and instruction, has not replied to messages requesting comment. Monday’s school board meeting was the first time Southlake residents had a public forum to raise concerns about Peddy’s comment. A group of Southlake parents has been fighting for more than a year to block new diversity and inclusion programs at Carroll, one of the top-ranked school districts in Texas. At the start of Monday’s meeting, school board President Michelle Moore said the board’s disciplinary vote was not about the anti-racism book, saying it was a personnel matter.
North Korea fires ballistic missile into sea, South Korea says
SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea fired at least one ballistic missile off its east coast on Tuesday, officials in South Korea and Japan said, as Seoul opens a major arms fair, spy chiefs meet to discuss the nuclear standoff, and South Korea prepares for a space launch. One ballistic missile was launched about 10:17 a.m. local time (9:17 p.m. Monday ET) from the vicinity of Sinpo, South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said, where North Korea keeps submarines as well as equipment for test firing submarine-launched ballistic missiles. North Korea has also launched other types of missiles from that area. The launch came as the intelligence chiefs of the United States, South Korea and Japan were due to meet in Seoul, South Korea, to discuss the standoff with North Korea, amid other issues, Yonhap news agency reported, citing a government source. South Korea is preparing to test fire its first homegrown space launch vehicle on Thursday.
Britain’s MPs pay tribute to ‘lovely’ David Amess
Press play to listen to this article Voiced by Amazon PollyLONDON — MPs observed a minute’s silence in the House of Commons in memory of Conservative MP David Amess, who was killed in his constituency on Friday in a suspected terrorist attack. Monday’s usual business was suspended for MPs to remember their colleague, who had served in the Commons since 1983. Speaker of the Commons Lindsay Hoyle: “On a personal level, David was a lovely man. I think it’s only a short time since Sir David last put that very case to me in this chamber. The pope took it thinking it was revered object and blessed the revered objectand David had to put it in his pocket.
EU charge against Silicon Valley clouds transatlantic tech alliance
"We saw this with the now-abandoned EU digital services tax. It's highly likely that U.S. Big Tech companies — Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft — will fall under the spotlight. That approach is welcome by EU tech champions like Swedish music streaming service Spotify or fintech firm Klarna. They are both members of the European Tech Alliance, which is pushing EU politicians to opt for a “targeted approach” to regulation. In the meantime, EU officials still have to placate anxious U.S. officials watching the debate from Washington.
Sweden’s new border headache: Drug boats
Meanwhile, the crew on larger cargo boats passing Sweden were believed to be throwing packages overboard for smaller craft to collect. The latter usually approaches Europe on large cargo boats, which head to the Netherlands first. In ports like Rotterdam, the cocaine can be shifted to smaller cargo boats heading to more remote markets like Scandinavia. The men, both from Stockholm, said they had been out fishing, but the late hour and stormy weather led the coast guard to report the incident as suspicious. Linden of the coast guard said his agency needs to keep up intensified intelligence gathering at sea while their partners in the customs agency continue to pay more attention to boats in the myriad small harbors along Sweden’s coast.
Europe must help poor countries fight the coronavirus, beginning by donating more doses
The COVID-19 pandemic has tested our resilience as a union, turned our lives upside down and isolated us from each other. To date, COVAX has delivered more than 300 million doses to over 140 countries, and over 57 million vaccine doses have been delivered through the EU vaccine-sharing mechanism. In the meantime, however, it is imperative that we share more doses to speed up the global rate of COVID-19 vaccinations. We must embrace global solidarity, multilateralism and partnerships as the only viable and sustainable way to defeat the ongoing global pandemic and create a more resilient world. Team Europe occupies center stage in this endeavor.
Ireland’s Facebook decision triggers argument over limits of GDPR
Ireland's Data Protection Commission (DPC) said last week it plans to fine Facebook between €28 million and €36 million over an alleged lack of transparency over what it does with users' data. The argument over the limits of Europe's flagship data protection law, the GDPR, is expected to heat up in coming weeks as data protection watchdogs from 27 EU countries are invited to weigh in Ireland's draft Facebook decision before a final decision is made. The official at another data protection agency rejected that argument. For example, Germany competition authority tried to use data protection law to hobble Facebook’s data practices. Other EU privacy regulators now have a month in which to weigh in on Ireland's decision.
A Third Of Chicago Police Didn't Disclose Vaccine Status To City By Deadline
CHICAGO (AP) — Roughly 65% of Chicago Police Department employees have complied with a city requirement to report their COVID-19 vaccination status, lagging far behind other city departments Monday in a dispute that could lead to officer firings in the nation’s third-largest city. The first deadline to report vaccination status was Friday with those who didn’t respond facing unpaid leave. I don’t see that.”Of police department employees who reported their status, including officers and civilians, roughly 84% were fully vaccinated, according to city data. AdvertisementMost city departments, including the mayor’s office, public library, animal control, streets and sanitation and water management, had either at or near 100% compliance with reporting their vaccine status, city data showed Monday. Lightfoot said the city had made progress with about 79% of all city employees reporting their vaccination status of which 84% were fully vaccinated.
Sharks’ Evander Kane suspended 21 games by NHL for reported use of fake vaccine card
Kane also was under investigation recently for allegations made by his estranged wife that he bet on Sharks games and tried to throw some with intentionally poor play. The NHL announced last month that it was clearing him of those allegations but that in the course of its probe it was made aware of and was looking into allegations that Kane mistreated his wife and behaved in a concerning manner with San Jose teammates. The league noted in its announcement Monday that “those two allegations could not be substantiated.”
When your friend group has that one person who won’t get vaccinated
Tell us about the hardest parts of life after lockdownThe Washington Post would like to hear from you about the challenges and annoyances of resuming normal life after months of lockdown. Are you finding out that you now dislike something that you liked before? Are you seeing your co-workers or relatives in a new light? Are you having a disagreement with a friend or loved one over the coronavirus vaccine? What are your weirdest, most uncomfortable or just plain worst moments?We respect your privacy and will not publish your name or response without contacting you first.
A trooper defying his state’s vaccine mandate uses his final dispatch to tell off the governor
As a Christian, he said, he has objections to the way the vaccines were developed. He said that his family shares his concerns, and that they had “put it up to prayer: ‘Hey God, if this is what you want, let’s see it.’ ” When he spoke publicly about his opposition to the mandate and subsequently received job offers from other agencies, he took it as a sign.
Why authors and booksellers want you to order your holiday gifts now
(CNN) In the last year, the supply chain has become less of a chain, and more of a fraying thread. And the book publishing industry is no exception. But that's only the beginning of the problem for the book industry and its deteriorating supply chain. Before the pandemic, in her 11 years in the industry, Watters said she'd never even heard of a publishing date delays. It's all increasingly important, especially since the supply chain issues this holiday season are expected to be even worse than last year, Hill said.
Right-wing media figures dishonestly use Colin Powell's death to question Covid vaccines
(CNN Business) Some prominent conservative media figures on Monday dishonestly used the death of former US Secretary of State Colin Powell, who died of Covid-19 complications, to cast doubt on the effectiveness of the coronavirus vaccines. He was also in a higher risk group, being 84 years old. Powell's cancer, however, did not make it into the monologue of Fox News host Tucker Carlson. Carlson, the right-wing talk network's highest-rated star, instead used Powell's death on Monday night to suggest Americans are "being lied to" about the vaccines. Throughout his monologue, Carlson, who has declined to say whether he is vaccinated, cast doubt on the effectiveness of vaccines.
‘His silence speaks volumes’: Gabby Petito’s family speaks out in fifth week of search for Brian Laundrie
Gabby Petito’s family spoke out as the search for her fiancé Brian Laundrie enters the fifth week. The family detailed their relationship with Laundrie and shared their desperate plea for answers. Oct. 19, 2021
Washington State's head football coach fired for refusing Covid-19 vaccine
Washington State University’s head football coach has been fired after refusing to get vaccinated against Covid-19, the school said Monday. “This is a disheartening day for our football program,” the university’s director of athletics, Pat Chun, said in a statement. The team’s defensive coordinator, Jake Dickert, will replace Rolovich as acting head coach. Rolovich, who was in his second season at Washington State and had led the team to 4-3 record so far this year, had applied for an exemption but was denied, Chun told reporters Monday. Rolovich was fired for cause, Chun said, adding that the mandate made him no longer eligible to work at the school.
South Korea says North Korea fired projectile into sea
SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea’s military says North Korea has fired an unidentified projectile to its eastern waters as it continued a recent streak of weapons tests apparently aimed at pressuring Washington and Seoul over a stalled nuclear diplomacy. South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff on Tuesday did not immediately say what the North fired or how far the weapon flew. Nuclear negotiations between Washington and Pyongyang have stalled for more than two years over disagreements in exchanging the release of crippling U.S.-led sanctions against North Korea and the North’s denuclearization steps.
Mother of Ahmaud Arbery: We will get justice for Ahmaud
The Ahmaud Arbery trial entering its jury selection phase is discussed by his mother Wanda Cooper-Jones and her attorney Lee Merritt in conversation with Joy Reid.Oct.
Louisiana trooper claims dept is retaliating against him
It took Louisiana state troopers a year to release police video of a violent arrest that led to the death of Ronald Greene, spurring criticism not just from the community, but from one of their own. Now, the state trooper who accused the department of a cover-up says he's being fired.Oct.
FDA May Soon Allow Mix-And-Match COVID Boosters: Report
The Food and Drug Administration may soon allow Americans to mix and match COVID-19 booster shots and be inoculated with a different vaccine than they initially received, The New York Times first reported on Monday. The shift would be particularly notable for those who received the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine. AdvertisementA group of advisers on Friday recommended the FDA authorize a second shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, with many members asking if the jab should actually be considered a two-dose regimen to begin with. Bloomberg noted later Monday that the FDA is still considering the guidelines of the mix-and-match policy, which would give Americans more choice and may ease vaccine administration due to supply constraints. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will meet on Thursday to determine its own recommendations on the booster campaign.
French education minister’s anti-woke mission
“Our country has become a target of the woke movement,” said Pierre Valentin, an expert at the new think tank Le Laboratoire de la République. “The [French] Republic is completely contrary to wokeism,” Blanquer said in an interview with Le Monde. The setting up of the think tank is the latest move in the government’s campaign against wokeism and in favor of France’s own brand of secularism. In September, the education ministry launched an online and social media campaign to promote secularism. In France, the world of politics is increasingly torn over whether French secularism is great on paper but in reality prevents minorities from seeking greater representation.
‘He lied’: Iraqis still blame Powell for role in Iraq war
“He lied, lied and lied,” said Maryam, a 51-year-old Iraqi writer and mother of two in northern Iraq who spoke on condition her last name not be used because one of her children is studying in the United States. “He lied, and we are the ones who got stuck with never-ending wars,” she added. As chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Powell oversaw the Persian Gulf war to oust the Iraqi army in 1991 after Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. “I am saddened by the death of Colin Powell without being tried for his crimes in Iraq. But Maryam, the writer from northern Iraq, refuses to accept the idea that Powell may have been misled on Iraq.
Apathy and Wariness of Kremlin Leaves Russians Unvaccinated
MOSCOW — After Sofia Kravetskaya got vaccinated with Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine last December, she became a pariah on the Moscow playground where she takes her young daughter. “When I mentioned I volunteered in the trials and I got my first shot, people started running away from me,” she said. On Saturday, Russia exceeded 1,000 deaths in a 24-hour period for the first time since the pandemic began. (Britain, with a little less than half the population, had 57 deaths in a recent 24-hour period.) On Monday, Russia broke another record with more than 34,000 new infections registered in the previous 24 hours.
University of North Carolina Can Keep Affirmative Action, Judge Rules
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill may continue using race as a factor in its admissions process, a federal judge ruled on Monday, rejecting the argument of a conservative nonprofit legal group that is attempting to dismantle college affirmative action policies across the country. In her ruling, which came down decidedly against the plaintiffs, Judge Loretta C. Biggs said that the school’s use of race in deciding which students to admit was narrowly tailored, and that it had made an effort to consider race-neutral alternatives. “While no student can or should be admitted to this university, or any other, based solely on race,” she wrote, “because race is so interwoven in every aspect of the lived experience of minority students, to ignore it, reduce its importance and measure it only by statistical models misses important context.”The plaintiff, a group called Students for Fair Admissions, vowed to immediately appeal, and the case appeared destined for the Supreme Court, which is currently considering whether to hear a similar case against Harvard University.
What Scientists Know About the Risk of Breakthrough Covid Deaths
But Mr. Powell’s immune system had quite likely been weakened by multiple myeloma, a cancer of white blood cells. His age, 84, may also have increased his risk, scientists said. Mr. Powell received his second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine in February, said Peggy Cifrino, his longtime aide. Mr. Powell had also undergone treatment for early stage Parkinson’s disease, she said. Although Mr. Powell’s death is a high-profile tragedy, scientists emphasized that it should not undermine confidence in the Covid-19 vaccines, which drastically reduce the odds of severe disease and death.
Covid dried up their old jobs — and got these food entrepreneurs to follow their passion
In October, Fraszczyk opened her business, Chef Ewa. Now she gets up five days a week and heads to La Cocina VA, the shared kitchen where she met Brige. She makes 450 pierogies by hand each day, serving the savory meat- or vegetable-filled dumplings at La Cocina VA’s cafe on Thursdays and at farmers markets and private catering jobs on other days. But it doesn’t feel like a slog. “Yes, I do make pierogies every day, and I love it and they come from my heart,” she said.
Live updates Bills face the Titans on ‘Monday Night Football’
The drive lasted 13 plays and took more than six minutes off the clock. The Bills didn’t even face a third down until the play before the kick. On third and three from the Tennessee 5-yard line, Josh Allen couldn’t find a receiver open. He finally moved out of the pocket to his left and, as he reached the sideline, threw the ball to the turf for an incompletion.
A Rikers Island inmate with coronavirus was granted emergency release. He died that afternoon.
Mercado’s death — he’s the 13th person to die in custody in New York City’s jail system this year — underscores the deepening crisis that plagues the prison: including severe staffing shortages, with the pandemic causing hundreds of officers to be on sick leave, according to the Associated Press; and a spike in violent incidents and reports of lawlessness in some units, according to the New York Times.
Navy contractor voluntarily returns to U.S. to face bribery charge
Rafaraci, a dual U.S.-Italian citizen, voluntarily arrived in the United States for his court appearance after the Justice Department’s efforts to extradite him from Malta hit a wall. U.S. officials had sought to keep him in custody after his Sept. 27 arrest, arguing that he was a flight risk. But judges in Malta released him and ruled that U.S. and Maltese law-enforcement authorities had not followed proper legal procedures.
Opinion : Don’t rant about short-staffed stores and supply chain woes. Try to lower expectations.
Other Ann Arbor merchants have given me a glimpse of what it’s like on their side of the supply chain misery. Leyla Conlan, owner of the stationery shop The Write Touch by Leyla, says she recently returned from a gift trade show, where vendors were happy to take her orders but warned that they couldn’t promise the same delivery time as they had in the past. The reasons included factory slowdowns, shortages of packing materials and fewer truck drivers.
Opinion : Manchin’s work requirement for child benefits would throw grandparent-led families under the bus
This might sound reasonable. Especially in West Virginia, where both receipt of government benefits and skepticism about benefits are high. Even Boyles says she suspects many people are “sitting on their butts.” When pressed, she says she’s not sure how the state could easily distinguish between hardworking-but-unlucky families like hers and the slackers who want “handouts.”
Opinion : A businessman with close ties to Maduro is in U.S. custody. Venezuela’s anger explains why this matters.
Given the strength of Venezuela’s mobilization on his behalf, it’s easy to guess that if Saab chooses to cooperate with the Justice Department, most of Maduro’s financial secrets will be laid bare. Saab became infamous due to accusations of corruption surrounding the sprawling program to subsidize imports of food, but his name has been linked to deals in the oil industry as well. Wherever the Maduro regime was moving big sums of cash, Saab’s name was never far from view.
Condoleezza Rice: Colin Powell’s greatest legacy is in the people he inspired - The Washington Post
Still, Colin was not blind to America’s many challenges. Colin’s wife, the former Alma Johnson, was the daughter of R.C. Johnson, the principal of the largest Black high school in Birmingham, Ala. Her uncle was principal of the second largest, Ullman High School, where my father was the guidance counselor. Colin was shocked at encountering Jim Crow Alabama when he visited Alma.
Opinion : The enduring impact of Colin Powell
Mr. Powell left his imprint on popular culture with his “Pottery Barn rule,” first used in a 2002 meeting with then-President George W. Bush (and later leaked), regarding the risks Mr. Bush assumed by invading Iraq: “You break it, you own it.” The phrase, with its dovish implications, reflected Mr. Powell’s instincts. Having emerged from Vietnam and decided to remain in the Army — while many other young officers left — Mr. Powell devoted himself to rebuilding and restoring what had become, by the late 1970s, a deeply troubled institution. He vowed that he and fellow Army officers would prevent another Vietnam by "not quietly acquiesc[ing] in halfhearted warfare for half-baked reasons that the American people could not understand,” as he put it. He helped the Pentagon not only restore training and discipline but also develop demanding criteria for the use of force: clear, attainable objectives; public and international support; a plausible exit strategy.
FDA to allow ‘mix-and-match’ approach on coronavirus booster vaccines
The agency is rushing to make the announcement Wednesday as part of its authorization of boosters for Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. The FDA may say that people should generally stick to the same vaccine if possible, but to allow other brands of boosters, according to two federal officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the issue.
Washington State football coach Nick Rolovich fired after failing to comply with vaccine mandate
“While much has been made of the relatively small number of university employees who are not complying with the governor’s mandate, we are immensely gratified that nearly 90 percent of WSU employees and 97 percent of our students are now vaccinated,” WSU President Kirk Schulz said in Monday’s announcement. I am proud of all those members of our community who have set the example and taken the steps to protect not just themselves, but their fellow Cougs.”
Powell envisioned moving the GOP ‘close to the spirit of Lincoln.’ It embraced Trump’s view instead.
“I thought of him really more as just a straight public servant, and I think, because of that, he really believed in doing what was right for the country and adhering to the values that he thought were important to the country,” Panetta said. “When he sensed that the Republican Party was moving away from those values, it really meant for him that he had to stay true to who he was.”
North America's biggest container port faces record backlog
(CNN Business) Approximately 200,000 shipping containers remain gridlocked off the coast of Los Angeles on Monday as pandemic-related disruptions continue to affect various supply chains, according to Gene Seroka, the executive director of the Port of Los Angeles. "We have about two weeks' worth of work sitting at anchor right now," Seroka said in an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper. Easing the backlog is crucial during the final months of the year because retail items are in high demand as holiday shopping begins to kick off, Seroka said. Five days ago, President Biden announced the Port of Los Angeles would move to a 24/7 operating schedule . While this has alleviated some of the congestion at the ports, Seroka said officials are not expecting to see the import market strengthen until February 2022.
Mountain lion sighting prompts lockdowns at two California schools
Two Northern California schools were placed on lockdown Monday after a mountain lion was seen nearby, authorities said. A tranquilized mountain lion. “We would like the mountain lion to move back to her home on her own,” the department said. She usually roams around Taylor Mountain Regional Park, a few miles north of Rohnert Park, a local wildlife researcher told the Press Democrat newspaper. According to the Mountain Lion Foundation, mountain lions rarely attack humans.
Vienna's museums turn to OnlyFans to promote lewd art
The tourism board ironically faced challenges trying to promote its OnlyFans account on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Though OnlyFans is credited with pioneering a sex-positive social media platform, the company has waffled on continuing to allow sexually explicit content. In August, OnlyFans said it planned to phase out sexually explicit content to appease requests from financial institutions. The site said it would continue to allow nudity, but it didn’t clarify the difference between that and sexually explicit content. Vienna’s move to using OnlyFans is an effort to promote tourism to the city as travel restrictions ease worldwide.
Elijah McClain's family settles lawsuit with Aurora, Colorado, over police confrontation
The mother of Elijah McClain, a Black man who died days after a violent confrontation with police in 2019, has settled her federal civil rights lawsuit against Aurora, Colorado, her lawyers said Monday. A city spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for information, but the city confirmed the settlement to NBC affiliate KUSA of Denver. Aurora officers Randy Roedema and Nathan Woodyard have been suspended without pay indefinitely, and officer Jason Rosenblatt has been fired. The group did not immediately respond to a request for comment Monday regarding the settlement. The Aurora Fire Fighters Protective Association did not immediately respond to an inquiry regarding the indictment and settlement.
How right-wing groups are catalyzing culture war battles in schools
“These things that were considered non-partisan, just the administration of schools are now being charged and really put under a magnifying glass in a way that is intended to extract maximum political benefit,” says Judd Legum on culture war issues in schools across the U.S. Oct. 19, 2021
Lofgren on Trump Jan. 6 lawsuit: Nixon tried to make same case and lost
“There’s no need to allow this to go on forever, especially since the legal basis for it is so very weak,” says Rep. Zoe Lofgren on Trump suing the Jan. 6 committee to block the release of White House documents. Oct. 19, 2021
Rep. Neguse: Congress needs to decide ‘whether they will save democracy or not’
Congressman Joe Neguse (D-CO) joins Nicolle Wallace to break down the inner workings of how the Democratic Congressional Caucus is trying to pass voting rights reform in wake of Senator Manchin’s refusal to abolish the filibusterOct.
Jury Selection Begins in Trial Over Ahmaud Arbery’s Killing
The slaying of Mr. Arbery, which was filmed by one of the men and viewed worldwide, sparked outrage and protest. In and around Brunswick, a city of about 15,000 people, it led to a resurgence of civil rights organizing and political activism. On Monday, there was a palpable sense of tension as journalists, TV trucks and activists gathered outside of the Glynn County Courthouse amid moss-draped trees and a gentle breeze off the nearby East River. A few dozen protesters, some of whom had come from out of town, carried signs declaring “Justice for Ahmaud.”It may be difficult to find local residents who have not closely followed the most explosive murder case in South Georgia in decades, but the court system is making an extraordinary effort to seat a local jury. As many as 1,000 people could eventually be called for service in Glynn County, which has a population of about 84,500.
Opinion | Joe Manchin Versus West Virginia
And the reason can be summarized in two words: Joe Manchin. You might be tempted to view this impasse as an indictment of America’s wildly unrepresentative political system, which effectively allows the interests of a small state — West Virginia has substantially fewer residents than the borough of Brooklyn — to dominate national concerns. But it’s actually worse than that: Manchin appears ready to veto policies that would be in the interests of his own constituents. Let’s talk about what considerations should sway a politician serving the people of West Virginia. At first glance, West Virginia might seem less exposed than many other states to the effects of climate change.
In Norway Attack, ‘Sharp Object,’ Not Arrows, Killed 5, Police Say
OSLO — The attacker who went on a rampage in a town in Norway killed his five victims using a “sharp object,” not a bow and arrow as had been widely reported, the Norwegian police announced on Monday. Espen Andersen Brathen, who confessed to the crime, did shoot arrows at people from a hunting bow during part of his attack last Wednesday in the town of Kongsberg, which also wounded at least three people. At some point in the rampage, the police said at a news conference Monday, he discarded the bow. The fatal blows are now said to have been delivered by a stabbing weapon or weapons, which the police did not identify. Four women and one man were killed in the attack about 50 miles southwest of Oslo.
Biden’s Paid Leave Plan at Risk as Lawmakers Look to Shrink Package
She had used up her vacation days, and without paid sick leave, she worried about paying her rent and electricity bill if she took more time off. But after her blood pressure spiked, her doctors induced labor two months early, fearing that she might have a seizure. She and her baby ended up being fine, but Ms. Hayes, now an airline gate agent in Inkster, Mich., said that having paid leave would have allowed her to prioritize her health over her paycheck. Mr. Biden’s initial $3.5 trillion plan called for providing up to 12 weeks of paid leave for new parents, caretakers for seriously ill family members and people suffering from a serious medical condition. Democrats proposed compensating workers for at least two-thirds of their earnings and funding the program with higher taxes on wealthy people and corporations.
The Brittney Poolaw Case: When a Miscarriage Is Manslaughter - The New York Times
Poolaw’s case is an injustice, but it is also a warning. This is what happens when the law treats embryos and fetuses as people with rights that supersede the rights of those who carry them. Abortion opponents often insist they have no intention of imprisoning women who end their pregnancies. In 2013, a peer-reviewed study by National Advocates for Pregnant Women, a reproductive justice organization, found 413 cases from 1973 to 2005 of women arrested or otherwise deprived of liberty because they were accused of endangering or harming their fetuses. Since then, the pace of prosecutions has escalated; between 2006 and 2020, National Advocates for Pregnant Women identified 1,254 such cases.
Democrats Are Courting Manchin on Their Agenda. Here’s What He Wants.
WASHINGTON — If Senator Joe Manchin III of West Virginia ruled the world, Democrats’ marquee domestic policy bill would look much different than what President Biden and top Democrats have proposed. And in an evenly divided Senate, where Democrats need the support of every single one of their members to push through the package, Mr. Manchin — one of his party’s only holdouts on the bill — might as well be king. Mr. Manchin has not been shy about laying out what he wants to see: a much cheaper, less generous, more targeted and less environmentally friendly measure than the one Mr. Biden and Democrats envision. Underscoring his place in the debate, Mr. Manchin and Mr. Biden spoke by phone on Monday, according to a person familiar with the call. And Mr. Manchin told reporters he met with Senator Bernie Sanders, the Vermont independent and chairman of the Budget Committee, who has been particularly critical of Mr. Manchin’s views.
Murder trial in Ahmaud Arbery’s killing begins with sparring over questions about race
Now the parties are trying to assemble an impartial panel of 12 jurors and four alternates from the Georgia county where the widely publicized case unfolded. The process could take weeks, and many prospective jurors questioned Monday indicated that they had negative views of the defendants. Legal experts expect the trial will be filled with potentially polarizing and personal issues for jurors — over race, guns and questions of self-defense that have long stoked debates around “stand your ground” laws.
Live updates Bills face the Titans on ‘Monday Night Football’
But the Titans are a threat, even if they’ve been inconsistent during a 3-2 start to the season that includes a defeat to the lowly New York Jets. The arrival of wide receiver Julio Jones was supposed to rev up the Tennessee passing game to complement the running of 2,000-yard rusher Derrick Henry. But Jones and fellow wideout A.J. Brown have struggled with injuries and have totaled only 22 catches this season. Henry again is the NFL’s rushing leader, getting far too little help.
GOP group’s apparent influence on Virginia redistricting map stirs mistrust on commission
The 5th district, represented by Rep. Bob Good (R), currently stretches from the North Carolina border to as far north as Warrenton, flirting with Northern Virginia while anchored in Southside. To make the district more compact, the proposed map only takes the 5th district as far north as Fluvanna County. But the 5th would also stretch eastward to into the Richmond suburbs, picking up southern parts of Henrico County and the western half of Chesterfield County that are now represented by Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D) in the 7th. Northern parts of Henrico would also be in the 1st district.
Remembering where Colin Powell came from
Those words are also pinpricks to an overinflated ego. They are constant reminders not to become so self-confident that you start to mistake luck for knowledge, the arc of history for the strength of one’s own bootstraps, experience for omniscience. Powell rebuffed calls by Republicans for him to run for president mostly because he didn’t think he should have the job; he didn’t think he was the fixer of the country’s most pressing problems. He was a rarity among the great men of Washington. He did not think he had all the answers.
‘Don’t feel sorry for me,’ Powell said as the end approached
“ ‘And I need to warn you a little bit, that when we lose an airplane, it crashes and I lose one guy. If they hit a tank, you’ll see four burning guys come out of it and you will see terrible things in ground war that you will never see in air war. So be prepared for that and be prepared to respond to it and defend us when we’re in ground war.’ I didn’t know it was going to be as easy as it was or as well-prepared as it was. And they took that seriously.”
Trump questioned for four hours in lawsuit from protesters allegedly assaulted by his guards
Since leaving the White House, Trump has faced a raft of civil lawsuits and state-level investigations. Some relate to his actions on Jan. 6, when his supporters stormed the Capitol. Others focus on his actions before taking office. Many of those cases were delayed during Trump’s term, as he insisted that the presidency shielded him from state-court procedures and state investigations.
Opinion: Colin Powell was a lot of 'firsts.' In this way, he was also the last
For much of the past three decades, Powell served as perhaps the most well-known Black Republican in the nation, a four-star general who served as Ronald Reagan's national security adviser, George H.W. Powell rebounded from this low point by emerging as the GOP conscience on matters of race and democracy. Powell found his place in a Republican Party of the 1970s, which at the time supported affirmative action. It closes one chapter in an imperfect effort by Black Republicans to preserve the GOP's sacred 19th-century roots: eradicating slavery, advocating abolition, reviving democracy. Powell and many of his fellow Black Republicans struggled for decades to forge spaces within their party that could welcome Black conservatives who embraced anti-racism and social justice.
NBC News Exclusive: Former Miami Police Chief Art Acevedo speaks out
Former Miami Police Chief Art Acevedo was fired just six months into his tenure. Acevedo says he was fighting corruption and punished for accusing city commissioners of interfering with investigations, but critics cite several missteps for his ouster. Acevedo speaks exclusively with NBC News’ Gabe Gutierrez about the ''embarrassing episode'' in his 35-year career, his biggest regret and more.Oct.
Report: WSU HC Nick Rolovich Fired After Not Complying with COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate
AP Photo/Young KwakWashington State fired head football coach Nick Rolovich with cause after the state's COVID-19 vaccine mandate went into effect, according to the Oregonian's John Canzano and ESPN's Kyle Bonagura. Canzano reported unvaccinated staffers from the Cougars have been dismissed as well. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee issued a proclamation requiring most state employees to be vaccinated. This article will be updated to provide more information on this story as it becomes available.
Colin Powell’s legacy of breaking barriers
Colin Powell became the United States’ first Black National Security Adviser, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Secretary of State.Oct.
Twitter Users Snarkily Respond To Trump's Lawsuit Against Jan. 6 Documents
Executive Privilege is usually understood to protect a sitting president, not a former president. Trump's lawsuit asks the court to do something no court has done before. This is a very aggressive and unprecedented lawsuit that may cause delay, but is unlikely to succeed. https://t.co/i3m5SbMKWV
The Manchin and Bernie show consumes Democrats
While they hail from opposite ends of the Democratic spectrum, Sanders and Manchin have some big things in common. Manchin and Sanders met for a short one-one-one Monday evening and told reporters afterward that "we’re talking.” Manchin then called Sanders over for a photo together outside the Capitol. “Trying to pressure Sen. Manchin in that way probably just stiffens his spine, I would think.”But Sanders is channeling a broader impatience among Democrats who are weary after weeks of stalled negotiations between Manchin and the White House. In other words, Democrats don’t exactly view the duo's back-and-forth as productive toward their end goal of getting a deal. “I don’t think much moves Manchin.
Fox News Host Deletes 'Anti-Vax' Tweet About Colin Powell's Death
Fox News anchor John Roberts on Monday clarified that he endorses COVID-19 vaccines after deleting a misleading tweet about the death of former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell that questioned vaccine efficacy. AdvertisementPowell had multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer that greatly reduces the body’s ability to fight infection. Other Fox News and right-wing personalities also used Powell’s death to question and criticize vaccines. He noted that he was excited to get vaccinated and had taken part in a Fox News public service announcement encouraging vaccinations. I deleted my tweet about the tragic death of Colin Powell because many people interpreted it as anti-vax.
‘Prolific criminal’: Gaetz’s old wingman gets more time to help prosecutors
The investigation into Gaetz has stretched on since November and became public this spring amid predictions of an imminent indictment for the congressman that never came to pass. Greenberg has pleaded guilty to sex-trafficking the 17-year-old teen, who is now an adult. Greenberg wasn’t on that trip, but the victim of his sex trafficking was, though at that point she had turned 18. Prosecutors on Monday hinted that Greenberg’s case has ensnared multiple people and led to several lines of investigation. He said he’ll sentence Greenberg at sometime in March, and “this is now a deadline that we’re going to have to meet.”The prosecutor, Handberg, indicated the information Greenberg has been given has been helpful and sometimes “unexpected.” But it takes time.
Could there finally be justice for Ahmaud Arbery?
Jury selection in the Ahmaud Arbery murder trial has begun. Father and son Greg and Travis McMichael, as well as William Bryan are facing charges of aggravated assault, false imprisonment, and murder. Katie Phang joins Zerlina to break down the case.Oct.
Guitarist Tests How Many Gloves It Takes Before He Can't Play 'Enter Sandman'
You can’t say Jordan Perkic isn’t willing to do whatever it takes to help the advancement of science. AdvertisementWhy else would the guitarist see just how many gloves he can wear before he is physically unable to play “Enter Sandman,” the classic Metallica song. In the YouTube clip below, Perkic embarks on the metal music mission, starting with no gloves and then adding a new pair each time he plays the familiar “Sandman” riff. The gloves start slipping at five pairs, and Perkic has problems holding a pick at seven pairs. Still, he was able to then attempt another experiment: Seeing if his cat enjoyed being petted by a man wearing 20 gloves.
NHL Suspends Evander Kane For Using Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Card
Evander Kane will forfeit about $1.68 million of his $7 million salary for this season with the money going to the Players’ Emergency Assistance Fund. AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, FileSAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — The NHL has suspended San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane for 21 games for submitting a fake COVID-19 vaccination card. Kane had previously been cleared by the NHL in an investigation into allegations made by Anna Kane that he bet on hockey games, including some against the Sharks. A person familiar with the investigation said earlier this month that the league was looking into allegations that Kane submitted a fake vaccination card. Using a fake vaccination card is illegal in both the United States and Canada, as well as against NHL rules.
In Texas, an attack on trans kids is poised to get the official 'OK'
The Texas House passed the anti-trans bill, House Bill 25, last Thursday. The Texas Senate, with Abbott's support, has proposed bills targeting transgender athletes four times total this year — including three times during special sessions. Contrary to popular belief in conservative circles, trans children are not taking over youth sports by the numbers, and even when they do participate, trans children often face unique obstacles that can hinder their performance. And trans children "suffer disproportionately high rates of anxiety, depression, and suicidality," according to research published by the Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health. In their crusade against transgender athletes, Texas Republicans have set out to scapegoat children for the sake of scoring political points.
Why Colin Powell’s death is still a good case for vaccines
Colin Powell, who was immunocompromised, suffering from cancer, and 84 years old, died of Covid-19 complications despite being vaccinated. Dr. Kavita Patel explains how Powell is an example of why people should get the Covid-19 vaccine.Oct.
MAGA Leader Steve Bannon Faces Jail Again -- With No Pardon This Time
Trump ally Steve Bannon could face jail time as Congress preps for a vote on whether he is in criminal contempt for defying January 6 committee subpoenas. In a special report, Melber details the case against Bannon, how there are three different types of immunity one can use and how the DOJ historically struggles to actually send persons to jail on criminal contempt charges.Oct.
Andrea Mitchell reminisces about Colin Powell: He was ‘such a good soul’
NBC News’ Chief Foreign Affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell and former director of defense strategy at the National Security Council Kori Schake remember Colin Powell’s kind demeanor and his opinions about the military and growing extremism within the GOPOct.
A Designer Who Finds Beauty in Decay
ONE OF THE designer Marcin Rusak’s lasting memories from his childhood in Poland was spending time in his family’s greenhouses. “I can still feel the warmth and smell the weeds and bacteria growing there,” he says. It’s fitting, then, that the 34-year-old has built an international following for furnishings and objects that incorporate flowers and plants in unexpected ways. “So much effort goes into the flower industry, which is massive and confusing,” he says. “We grow these living things that we keep for two weeks, and then they end up in a bin.”
Among Chardonnays, Chablis Is Not Better, Just Different
I’ve seen many chardonnays from elsewhere described as “Chablis-like,” but never have I found the characterization to be true. But the terroir is fragile, and the biggest variable aside from the human factor is weather, particularly given the continuing effect of climate change. The weather was relatively cool in 2017, with late frosts that diminished yields, but the wines were vibrant and full of Chablis character, which delighted me. At base are Petite Chablis, followed by Chablis, Chablis Premier Cru and, at the top, Chablis Grand Cru. It will be interesting to see whether the 2018s, particularly the premier crus and grand crus, develop more Chablis character as they age.
Elizabeth Diller Is Retelling Edmund de Waal’s Story — and Her Own
In Edmund de Waal’s home in South London stands a 19th-century vitrine once in the Victoria & Albert Museum. Bronze and mahogany, seven feet tall, it was purchased by the British author and ceramic artist to hold a fabled collection of miniature carved netsuke figurines from Japan passed down over four generations. It has always been kept open so his three children, now in their 20s, could touch the treasures and listen to their father’s stories, culled from the family’s history. One is a tiny ivory-and-buffalo-horn piece from Osaka, signed by its maker, Masatoshi, and dating from around 1880. The little creature at rest with its forepaw raised and a glint in its amber eyes is the piece that inspired de Waal’s acclaimed, best-selling memoir of 2010.
Soccer’s Problem With Silver Medals
There is no conclusive proof, as far as I am aware, of teams that take the domestic cups seriously being relegated more frequently. There is not even a compelling body of proof that it necessarily makes the difference between finishing 15th and 16th. Plenty of the Premier League’s members have an unfortunate tendency to conflate the best interests of the league and their own best interests. But, having thought about it, I’m not sure I buy the idea of privilege on this one. We should all make an effort, of course; I take great pride in putting my accents in the right places.
Washington Metro Pulls Most Train Cars From Service After Derailment
“We may at some point issue an urgent recommendation, or I’d say if you’re a transit agency operating in the United States and you’re listening, make sure that you’re checking your cars as well.”The N.T.S.B. learned of the alignment failures from Washington’s transit authority only after the federal agency opened its investigation into last week’s derailment, Ms. Homendy said. There were 187 passengers aboard a blue line Metro train when it derailed at 4:51 p.m. on Oct. 12, just south of the Rosslyn station in Arlington, Va., according to federal investigators. Federal investigators said that they found broken sections of a brake disc where the two earlier derailments occurred. The car responsible for the derailment was four cars back from the motorman’s cab, Joe Gordon, the N.T.S.B.
Treasury Warns That Digital Currencies Could Weaken U.S. Sanctions
The United States has more than 9,000 sanctions in place, largely to punish countries such as North Korea, Iran and Venezuela for facilitating terrorism, violating human rights or committing other illicit behavior. That has intensified efforts to find new ways to evade America’s sanctions, including by using digital currencies that do not flow through the traditional banking system. This year, the Biden administration is on a pace to impose 900 sanctions, which would tie for the third-highest total on record. The seven-page report offered little detail about how the Treasury plans to adapt to the new digital financial architecture that is spreading around the world. Last month, the Biden administration cracked down on the growing problem of ransomware attacks, expanding its use of sanctions to cut off digital payment systems that have allowed such criminal activity to flourish and threaten national security.
An ‘Allegory for Our Times’: The Royal Ballet’s ‘Dante Project’
LONDON — “Be like a jellyfish,” Wayne McGregor said, undulating his upper body expressively. The dancers on the darkened stage of the Royal Opera House on a recent afternoon looked at him for a moment. McGregor, the resident choreographer at the Royal Ballet, laughed. Expectations, already high, have been amplified by the multiple cancellations and reschedulings since its May 2020 premiere was swept aside by the pandemic. (“Inferno,” was performed in Los Angeles at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in July 2019, with the L.A. Philharmonic, a co-commissioner of Adès’s score.)
Colin Powell, Boosters, Russia: Your Monday Evening Briefing
And finally, how a nuclear bomb could save the Earth. An atomic blast is not the preferred solution for planetary defense, but 3-D models are helping scientists prepare should a stray asteroid come calling. Though the orbits of almost every asteroid two-thirds of a mile across or larger have been precisely mapped out, NASA estimates there are 17,000 near-Earth asteroids 460 feet or larger that have yet to be found. Your Evening Briefing is posted at 6 p.m. Eastern. If you’re in the mood to play more, find all our games here.
Myanmar’s military junta releases thousands of political prisoners
The junta seized power from the elected government in February and has clamped down on dissidents, including more than 1,000 who have been killed by security forces since then. According to the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (Burma), a nonprofit human rights organization, at least 7,355 people have been arrested, charged or sentenced in the post-coup period.
Colombia is responsible in kidnapping and rape of female journalist, rights court says
“It took me many months to stop feeling filthy and many years to allow a man to touch me again. Such a violation is not like a fist or a blow; it is a crime that destroys our lives,” Bedoya wrote in a piece for the Committee to Protect Journalists in 2016. “The second part of the nightmare came as I debated my next reality: Whether to commit suicide or go into exile. In the end, I chose neither. I chose to continue doing journalism in Colombia.”
Dominion Energy asks for donations back from group targeting Youngkin
While Youngkin promised to roll back restrictions on gun rights while pursuing the GOP nomination, he has more recently been mum on the topic — focusing instead on crime — as he seeks to woo independent voters who will play a crucial role in his increasingly tight race against former governor Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic nominee.
Coronavirus rates decline in the DMV, but flu season poses new threat
And with flu season around the corner, some hospitals are still at or near capacity with covid-19 patients and people who put off care at the height of the pandemic, meaning there’s little room for an influx of flu patients this winter. Officials are bracing for the possibility of a severe flu season and encouraging people to get the flu vaccine on top of the coronavirus vaccine.
Zalmay Khalilzad, special envoy to Afghanistan, resigns
Whether under Biden or Trump, no one appeared more qualified for the job of pushing Afghanistan toward peace and negotiating with both the Taliban and the Afghan government than Khalilzad. Born and raised in Afghanistan, he had gone to school with Ghani and the two traveled together to the United States as young students. As a Columbia University professor, he worked with the Jimmy Carter administration in the early days of U.S. covert support for Afghan mujahideen fighting against the Soviet Union’s occupation of Afghanistan.
The coronavirus is still mutating. But will that matter? ‘We need to keep the respect for this virus.’
So far, there is no compelling evidence that any of the delta offspring have evolved into new, more dangerous variants. The attention-grabbing sublineage in the United Kingdom has taken several months to reach 8 percent of new infections there, so although it may have an advantage, it is not spreading with the kind of explosive speed seen with the ancestral delta strain, noted William Hanage, an epidemiologist at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.
A Greek shipping port and China's major global infrastructure push
COSCO, a Chinese state-owned shipping company, owns a majority of a shipping port near Athens. Chinese companies have spent billions on similar ports in a number of countries, according to data compiled by conservative think tank AEI. Experts say the U.S. is offering no real competition for China when it comes to these ports worldwide.Oct.
German media group fires BILD editor after damning press reports
"Axel Springer SE has relieved BILD Editor-in-Chief Julian Reichelt of his duties with immediate effect," the company said in a statement. "As a result of press investigations, the company gained new knowledge in the last few days about Julian Reichelt's recent conduct." Now, however, Axel Springer says that "new evidence of current misconduct by Julian Reichelt has come to the company's attention in the last few days." Eric F. Phillips, senior vice president at Edelman, and a spokesperson for Axel Springer, declined to elaborate on this misconduct in response to a CNN inquiry. The Executive Board therefore considers the termination of his office to be unavoidable."
An'Twan Gilmore's Killing By D.C. Cops Illustrates Another Flawed Police Tactic
Several Washington, D.C., officers surround a car where An'Twan Gilmore, 27, was found sleeping in his vehicle on the night of Aug. 25. Several other police departments have similar guidelines regarding use-of-force tactics where moving vehicles are involved. “Cops were shooting at moving vehicles, stolen cars [in prior decades]. The group reviewed 469 use-of-force policies and found 119 cities and towns have policies that ban shooting at moving vehicles. New York City has had a policy against shooting into moving vehicles for 50 years, Wexler said.
Former aide to Rep. Pete Sessions testifies at trial of Giuliani associate
Parnas and Fruman worked closely with Giuliani in that drive, which ultimately led to Trump’s first impeachment. In the end, only $5,400 came in and fundraisers were told to attribute half to Parnas and half to Fruman. “Congressman Sessions is a very friendly man and he likes to do friendly things,” she told Parnas’ defense attorney Joseph Bondy. But when cross-examined by Bondy, Boothe acknowledged some of the campaign-finance rules have exceptions, like one that allows foreigners with green cards to give money. U.S. District Court Judge Paul Oetken said he’d approve a defense subpoena for Ahearn when the court received it.
Covid anger drives recall election targeting 3 San Francisco school leaders
In this Sept. 26, 2018, photo, Alison Collins, right, speaks during a meeting in San Francisco. | Liz Hafalia/San Francisco Chronicle via AP, File Covid anger drives recall election targeting 3 San Francisco school leadersSAN FRANCISCO — Voters with "recall fever" will decide next year whether to remove three San Francisco school board members in one of the nation's most significant ouster attempts, fueled by parental anger over pandemic shutdowns and controversial school renamings where even Sen. Dianne Feinstein was deemed unworthy. The San Francisco election was announced just weeks after California voters overwhelmingly rejected a recall of Democratic Gov. And that makes the San Francisco Board of Education recall perhaps the largest and most consequential of any such effort in the country right now, he said. As with the Newsom recall, the drive to recall the San Francisco school board was fueled by parent frustration over pandemic policies.
Colin Powell's death raises questions over his shameful Iraq War legacy
Unfortunately, Powell marshaled that reputation and power in service of a terrible misdeed: making the Bush administration’s most powerful case for the Iraq War. In the run-up to the Iraq War, Powell was skeptical of the wisdom of invading Iraq and argued in high-level meetings for the U.S. to work on coalition-building against Iraq at the United Nations instead of rushing to invade it. Powell once famously told Bush during a private dinner in August 2002 that invading Iraq could go wrong and define his presidential legacy. Eventually the U.N. became the site of the United States' most powerful and agenda-setting case for the Iraq War, and it was Powell who made that argument. Again, Powell’s legacy does not rest solely on his actions regarding the invasion of Iraq.
The dangerous argument at the heart of the Ahmaud Arbery case
Jury selection in the trial for three white men charged with murder in the death of Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old Black man, began Monday. The case has reignited discussions about racial profiling and citizen’s arrests. The McMichaels said they pursued Arbery because they thought he was a burglary suspect, and Travis McMichael’s attorneys said he shot Arbery in self-defense. In particular, one of the first prosecutors assigned to the case, George Barnhill, cited the citizen's arrest law and called the pursuit “perfectly legal” in a letter recusing himself over potential conflicts of interest. Although data is sparse, there are reasons to believe citizen's arrests involve the same disparate treatment as arrests conducted by police.
The harrowing hostage drama of 'Dana H.' arrives on Broadway
It’s hard to say which is more absorbing: Dana’s story or O’Connell’s uncanny portrayal, requiring her to reproduce in perfect alignment with the audiotape every cough, pause, giggle and slap of the chair in which she sits for much of the 75 minutes of the piece. None of this occurs, by the way, in the Sarah Cooper vein of political parody. As directed with a solemn intensity by Les Waters, “Dana H.” — which had its official opening Sunday — ultimately succeeds as an ideal, entirely serious, synthesis of interviewee and actor. The details of Dana’s story are as disturbingly memorable as O’Connell’s embodiment is of Dana.
Darnell Coles, ‘born and raised’ in the Nationals’ organization, comes home as hitting coach
“That person is vitally important because the information that we give or get to the players is going to be what allows us to compete during games,” Coles said. “So we got to make sure that all that stuff is spot on: what pitchers do, why they do it, when they do it, how they do it and then how we’re going to make our adjustments to attack that pitcher on a nightly basis.”
At the Kennedy Center, tenor Jonas Kaufmann and pianist Helmut Deutsch shed light on the art songs of Liszt
Which leads to another reason these songs have gone so unfortunately unheard: the extreme subtlety of their Lisztiness. The virtuosic fireworks and technical bravura one might expect from the composer is subdued in his songs into a far more gentle touch — a tenderness and tension that delivers its drama through color, and draws its power from within. As Kaufmann pointed out at the outset of the evening — which he dedicated to the art of the art song itself — when it comes to lieder, “there is no before and no after.”
U.N. to launch a polio vaccination campaign in Afghanistan with Taliban permission
Taliban takeover of Afghanistan: What you need to knowSurprise, panic and fateful choices: The day America lost its longest warAsk The Post: The Post’s Afghanistan bureau chief answers your questions about reporting on the TalibanFAQ: What you need to know about the TalibanThe 13 U.S. service members killed: What we know about the military victims of the Kabul airport blastMore storiesTaliban co-founder reemerges to challenge reports of internal strife among militantsISIS-K, the group behind the Kabul airport attack, sees both Taliban and the U.S. as enemiesHere’s how the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan could affect al-Qaeda and the Islamic StateThe story of an Afghan man who fell from the skyThe treacherous journey into Kabul airport to escape Taliban-controlled Afghanistan
Opinion : Christopher Steele doubles down on unproven charges in his dossier
“I stand by the work we did, the sources that we had and the professionalism which we applied to it,” said Steele in his ABC News interview. That unwillingness to admit fault and to correct the record was popular among some news outlets — McClatchy, MSNBC and CNN, to name some of the most prominent — that had hyped the dossier before it was exposed as a fraud. Perhaps they, too, are waiting for confirming details to emerge from the haze. We’ll check back at the dossier’s 10th anniversary.
David Axelrod: I'll always be grateful for this surprise call from Colin Powell
David Axelrod, a senior CNN political commentator and host of "The Axe Files," was a senior adviser to President Barack Obama and chief strategist for the 2008 and 2012 Obama presidential campaigns. (CNN) In the midst of President Barack Obama's intense deliberations in 2009 over the way forward in Afghanistan, I got an unexpected call. "It's Colin Powell." David AxelrodObama was engaged in intensive deliberations over the strategy in Afghanistan. As chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Powell led the military to victory in the first Gulf War in 1990.
Zillow slams the brakes on home buying as it struggles to manage its backlog of inventory
Zillow will stop buying homes through Zillow Offers for the rest of the year, as the company's iBuying program goes from full speed to full stop. The company announced on Monday it would not contract to buy any more homes in 2021 in order to work through the backlog of homes it has already bought. The "iBuyer" model used by Zillow and other real estate companies entails purchasing homes directly from sellers, and then re-listing the properties after doing minor work. But thanks to the current shortage on labor and materials, Zillow can't close, renovate and resell the homes fast enough. "Pausing new contracts will enable us to focus on sellers already under contract with us and our current home inventory," said Wacksman.
Thomas Jefferson statue to be removed from New York City Hall
A statue of Thomas Jefferson that stands over New York City Hall's council chamber will be removed following a city commission vote on Monday. The New York City Design Commission voted unanimously to move the statue to a public location, yet to be determined, before the end of 2021. The New York City Design Commission and the office of Mayor Bill de Blasio did not immediately respond to an NBC News request for comment. City Council Speaker Corey Johnson spearheaded the effort to remove the statue last summer with a letter to de Blasio. Johnson wrote that he and Black, Latino and Asian members of the city council found it "inappropriate" that Jefferson had such a prominent display in City Hall.
Dick Vitale Announces Lymphoma Diagnosis, to Undergo 6 Months of Chemotherapy
Ethan Miller/Getty ImagesLegendary college basketball announcer Dick Vitale announced he has been diagnosed with lymphoma. The news comes two months after he announced he had been diagnosed and treated for melanoma. Vitale said he will begin a steroid treatment and undergo six months of chemotherapy and that doctors said the disease has a 90-percent cure rate. He remains optimistic he can work around his chemo schedule and continue calling basketball games. Few, if any, announcers have had the same impact on college basketball broadcasts as Vitale has.
Powell's discretion heightened his credibility — when he chose to use his power
WASHINGTON — When he exercised it — in the realms of foreign policy, national security and politics — discretion was the better part of valor for Colin Powell. Powell would later turn down entreaties to run for president in 1996 and in subsequent election years. His decision to steer clear of elective office cost Powell a chance at greater power. His theory would come to define the limited use of American military force for more than a decade. Journalists sought his views on politics because he knew the players and the debates, and because he was well regarded by the American public.
Bones or no bones? The internet's mood is now determined by Noodle the pug
When Noodle flops over, Graziano declares it a "no bones" day — and advises his viewers not to take any risks. But when Noodle, who is 13, stands — aka "bones" day — it becomes cause for celebration. "It just felt like, man, even on a 'no bones' day it doesn't have to be a bad day. Samuel Laughton, 22, first saw Noodle after seeing other TikTokers posting about whether it was a "bones" or "no bones" day. He said he started waking up earlier to learn if it's a "bones" or "no bones" day.
Netflix talent to support employee protest of Dave Chappelle
Last week, Netflix faced widespread backlash as co-CEO Ted Sarandos defended Dave Chappelle's special "The Closer," which has been come under fire for what critics say contains transphobic and homophobic content. Shortly after Sarandos' memo, three employees were suspended for crashing an executive meeting, including Terra Field, who identifies as trans and queer and had criticized Chappelle's special on Twitter. According to Netflix, Field was not suspended due to her tweets, but for attending the meeting uninvited. However, on Oct. 15, an employee was fired for sharing "commercially sensitive information" outside of the company that was included in a Bloomberg report. In protest of Sarandos' comments, Netflix's trans employees and allies last week announced their plan to hold a walkout.
32 Of The Funniest Tweets About Married Life (Oct. 7-18)
And somehow, the spouses of Twitter continue to find humor in the minutiae of married life ? and sum it up perfectly in no more than 280 characters. Every other week, we round up the funniest marriage tweets of the previous 14 days. Read on for 32 new, relatable ones that will have you laughing in agreement.
U.S. envoy for Afghanistan to step down
"Tomorrow, I step down from my position as the Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation. But the diplomatic talks broke down after Biden announced in April that the U.S. would end its 20-year mission in Afghanistan by Sept. 11. Khalilzad was one of the first Biden administration officials to admit that the Taliban’s rapid sweep across Afghanistan caught the U.S. flat footed. The Biden administration’s chaotic departure from Afghanistan was marred by scenes of chaos and a frantic rush to evacuate American citizens and Afghan allies. The State Department and Pentagon inspectors general, as well as several congressional committees, have launched investigations into the end of U.S. operations in Afghanistan.
Valerie Jarrett: Colin Powell’s family shared him with the country in ‘a very gracious way’
Former senior adviser to President Obama Valerie Jarrett reflect on the life of General Colin Powell, including his groundbreaking endorsement of then Senator Obama in 2008 and the relationship Obama had with Powell during his presidencyOct.
S.E.C. Describes the GameStop Frenzy, but Not What to Do About It
The report was highly anticipated after months of speculation that the commission’s chairman, Gary Gensler, could seek aggressive structural changes to the way the American stock market works. Mr. Gensler himself had suggested that some notable options were on the table — particularly regarding the way some popular retail brokerages, like Robinhood, are compensated by bigger Wall Street firms. The S.E.C.’s report echoed that concern: “These payments can create a conflict of interest for the retail broker-dealer,” the report said. The practice was challenged in a proposed class-action lawsuit by retail investors against Robinhood, and some critics have suggested that the time had come to ban it. In a statement that accompanied the report, Mr. Gensler did not offer any signal of what action he might take.
Live Updates: Biden Calls Colin Powell a ‘Patriot of Unmatched Honor and Dignity.’
President Biden says Colin Powell embodied ‘the highest ideals of both warrior and diplomat.’ Image Mr. Powell and President Biden worked closely together when Mr. Biden was on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. In 2020, Mr. Powell, a longtime Republican who rejected the party under Donald J. Trump, said he would vote for Mr. Biden. Mr. Powell received his second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine in February, said Peggy Cifrino, his longtime aide. Image Colin Powell, left, received an honorary degree in 1994 from the University of the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica. Saying he was “a huge admirer” of Mr. Powell, Mr. Blinken recalled that he had “spent a few precious hours” with him on July 4 of this year, discussing world events.
Zalmay Khalilzad, Biden’s Envoy for Afghanistan, Steps Down
As the Taliban stormed through the country in August, capturing city after city, Mr. Khalilzad continued to negotiate with its leaders, urging them to negotiate a peaceful political transition and political power-sharing agreement with the Afghan government. He was unable to do so before President Ashraf Ghani fled the country on Aug. 15, saying he feared for his life. After the Taliban captured Kabul, Mr. Khalilzad helped facilitate safe passage for American civilians and at-risk Afghans. A naturalized American citizen, Mr. Khalilzad had a lifelong personal investment in the country he first left for the United States as a high school exchange student. He served as President George W. Bush’s White House envoy for Afghanistan and then U.S. ambassador, and even once considered seeking the Afghan presidency.
In Two Rulings, Supreme Court Bolsters Legal Shield for Police
WASHINGTON — In two unsigned decisions without noted dissents, the Supreme Court on Monday ruled in favor of police officers accused of using excessive force. The rulings were a signal that the court continues to support the doctrine of qualified immunity, which can shield police misconduct from lawsuits seeking damages. The Supreme Court has generally required a tight factual fit between an earlier ruling and challenged conduct. Critics of the doctrine were heartened by two rulings this year that called on appeals courts to reconsider rulings in favor of corrections officers accused of mistreating prisoners. One prisoner was held in what the court called “shockingly unsanitary cells,” and the other was sprayed in the face with a chemical “for no reason at all.”
2022 NBA awards predictions: MVP, Rookie of the Year and more
Nash still needs to prove himself in the playoffs, but he possesses two key ingredients for Coach of the Year: a roster that is talented enough to post the NBA’s best record, and an adversity narrative created by Irving’s absence. If Durant and Harden play to expectations and stay healthy, Brooklyn should take command of the East. Nash’s easygoing temperament proved to be an asset last year when he kept the Nets focused and motivated through many injury and covid-related absences.
Travelers are confessing to using fake vaccine cards to their travel advisers
One travel adviser at Ovation Travel Group, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to protect her clients’ privacy, said multiple clients told her they are buying fake cards or borrowing legitimate cards from friends or family members. They have used them to go to establishments such as restaurants and beach clubs, she said, but they are too worried about using them for international travel. The adviser said she tells clients in writing that she can’t be involved in their trip planning after such admissions.
Democrats to scale back Treasury’s IRS bank reporting plan amid GOP uproar
Democratic aides in both the House and Senate are still skeptical whether the bank reporting requirement will be included in the final version of Biden’s Build Back Better package, even with the changes. Democrats supportive of the proposal have pointed out that well-funded business lobbyists and Republican lawmakers have mounted an all-out campaign against the measure that has sometimes exaggerated or outright fabricated the extent of the changes. But opposition to the measure is not limited to Wall Street, and has extended to community banks influential with much of the congressional Democratic caucus.
Washington Football Team highlights and lowlights from loss to Chiefs
Washington was 3-0 when it forced at least three turnovers last year and 11-2 in such games dating back to the start of the 2016 season. After tallying four takeaways in its first five games this season, Washington forced three turnovers in the first half Sunday, with Kendall Fuller and Bobby McCain intercepting Patrick Mahomes, and Cole Holcomb forcing a fumble by Mecole Hardman that was recovered by Kam Curl. Washington’s previous loss with at least three takeaways was Sept. 29, 2019, a 24-3 setback against the New York Giants in which both teams turned the ball over four times. It didn’t help that Washington’s offense was limited to 13 points by a Chiefs defense that was allowing 32.6 points per game.
Colin Powell had been treated for a cancer that severely impairs the immune system, lowering coronavirus vaccine effectiveness
Citing the waning of antibodies over time, federal officials have also authorized a third shot six months after the initial course of a Pfizer vaccine for people over 65 or at higher risk of complications because of underlying health conditions or occupational exposure. A Food and Drug Administration advisory panel has recommended the same for recipients of the Moderna vaccine, though the agency must authorize the extra shot. The panel also recommended a second shot for all recipients of the single-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which the agency must also authorize.
Opinion : Don’t look now, but once again the super-rich are winning
The $5 trillion in wealth now held by 745 billionaires is two-thirds more than the $3 trillion in wealth held by the bottom 50% of U.S. households estimated by the Federal Reserve Board. The great good fortune of these billionaires over the past 19 months is all the more stark when contrasted with the devastating impact of coronavirus on working people. Almost 89 million Americans have lost jobs, over 44.9 million have been sickened by the virus, and over 724,000 have died from it.
Opinion: This country's election may be the strategy to defeat Trumpism
One approach is to follow the blueprint that led to last week's surprising defeat of Czech Republic Prime Minister Andrej Babis , who's also known as the Czech Donald Trump. So how did the people of the Czech Republic edge out Babis? Through various political parties putting their ideological differences aside to form an alliance with one goal: getting him out of office. Babis' party lost by a slim margin, but it appears to have worked. We do need to form a pro-democracy coalition in the same way leaders in the Czech Republic were able to put aside political differences to defeat a right-wing, populist leader.
Halloween candy sales are booming. Here are the most popular candies in your state
Spooky season is upon us — and it appears that Americans are gearing up for an epic Halloween celebration this year. According to CandyStore.com, Halloween chocolate and candy sales have hit $324 million so far this year, which is an increase of 48% compared to the same time period in 2020 — and an increase of 59.8% since 2019. That means not only are candy sales back to normal, but they're booming. But it's not just candy, Halloween gear — everything from costumes to decor — have increased 26.9% versus the same time period in 2020, according to data gathered over an eight-week period ending October 4. According to sales data, some of the most popular candies are Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Skittles, and M&Ms.
New & Notable: Latest from Apple Event, Kangaroo and more
The latest big-box retailer to announce its Black Friday sales, Walmart released the dates of its Black Friday Deals for Days event this morning. Apple debuts new AirPods and MacBooksAt Apple’s latest keynote event, it debuted new MacBook Pro models and the third generation of AirPods, which are currently available to pre-order. After the brand recently launched at Bed Bath & Beyond, Safely introduced a line of dish products. The collection features products like dish soap, a dish towel, reusable paper towels and dish brushes. The toilet paper is three-ply and comes with 12 rolls, while a pack of paper towels comes with six rolls.
Despite supply chain woes, these shoppers can get early access to hot holiday gifts
Essentially, the loyalty program is a sales-boosting model nearly as old as retail itself, said Margaret Kidd, director of the supply chain and logistics technology program at the University of Houston. “Retailers do buy merchandise that they pull aside to provide access to their loyalty [program] customers.”According to Forrester Research, close to 90 percent of people who shop online belong to at least one loyalty program. In a June report, Forrester noted that perks and exclusive access can foster repeat-purchase loyalty better than just a slate of discounts. Dalton said the benefit for retailers who can persuade a shopper to become a loyalty program member is twofold. “This could be the supply chain that stole Christmas.”Shoppers are already adopting new habits as a result, Webster said.
'I wanted to feel OK': Woman loses 85 pounds, cuts rheumatoid arthritis flares
“I had a lot of things going on.”Having two autoimmune disorders made Jenn Langerfeld feel exhausted and in pain very often. “I wound up losing another 20 pounds.”During the pandemic, Jenn Langerfeld decided to train for a half-marathon. 1 and then your workouts will basically complement that.”Running and weight lifting along with healthy eating habits helped Jenn Langerfeld lose almost 85 pounds. Courtesy Jenn LangerfeldDuring the pandemic, she often pushed herself in new ways, such as running a half-marathon. “But I’m as prepared and ready as I’ll ever be.”Changing her diet and exercise habits helped Jenn Langerfeld lose weight.
EU’s Borrell fires back at Putin by saying gas price surge is political
LUXEMBOURG — The EU's foreign policy chief said on Monday that sharp increases in gas prices had "deep geopolitical roots," seemingly hitting back at Russian President Vladimir Putin who denied that Moscow is using gas sales as a political weapon. Gas is one of the most significant factors in driving up power costs, as it is widely used to generate Europe's electricity; Russia supplied more than 40 percent of EU gas imports in 2019. Putin last week promised that his country stood ready to boost natural gas shipments to Europe. Borrell said this "geopolitical dimension" would be discussed at the next meeting of EU foreign ministers in November. EU leaders meeting this Thursday and Friday in Brussels for a European Council summit are also planning to discuss the high energy prices.
State IG launches investigations into end of Afghanistan operations
Asked about the memo’s content, State OIG spokesperson Ryan Holden said “State OIG notified its committees of jurisdiction today of planned projects in the areas you mention. This work will be conducted in coordination with other members of the IG community. However, it is inaccurate to say that these projects are investigations. The program has been plagued by bureaucratic challenges and delays since its inception. Before the August evacuation, there were some 18,000 applications stuck in the pipeline.
Billy Porter Shreds Vogue For Featuring Harry Styles In A Dress
Billy Porter, whose red carpet ensembles have made him a gender-fluid fashion icon, isn’t thrilled about Vogue’s cover featuring Harry Styles in a dress. Advertisement“I changed the whole game,” Porter said. "I changed the whole game," said Billy Porter, pictured here at the 2019 Academy Awards. Dan MacMedan via Getty Images“He doesn’t care, he’s just doing it because it’s the thing to do,” Porter said. AdvertisementStyles is the first man to appear solo on the cover of Vogue.
Candace Bushnell: 'Sex And The City' Was 'Not Very Feminist' By The End
“Sex and the City” author Candace Bushnell will forever be paired in the public imagination with Carrie Bradshaw, but she maintains a discerning view of the iconic HBO franchise based on her work. The columns were later collected in the 1997 anthology “Sex and the City,” on which the first season of the HBO series of the same name was based. when you have to rely on a man.”Advertisement“The TV show and the message were not very feminist at the end,” she added. “But that’s TV. Still, the revival appears to be bringing back the best-loved elements of “Sex and the City,” including the high-end fashions and dreamy locations.
Czech president too ill to work, powers to be handed to PM Babiš
PRAGUE — Doctors treating Czech President Miloš Zeman say he is physically incapable of performing his official duties and unable to name a new prime minister, Senate President Miloš Vystr?il told reporters Monday. As a result, the Senate is working to transfer Zeman’s constitutional powers to the current prime minister, Andrej Babiš, and the speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Radek Vondrá?ek, a member of Babiš’s ANO movement. The move complicates the expected transfer of power following the recent Czech parliamentary elections on October 8 and 9, which saw the three-party Together coalition defeat ANO. But on Monday, the head of Prague’s Central Military Hospital, Miroslav Zavoral, sent a message to Vystr?il detailing Zeman’s condition. Fiala has been negotiating with the Czech Pirates/STAN coalition to form a five-party coalition government that will have a comfortable majority in the Chamber of Deputies.
Trump sues Jan. 6 committee, National Archives seeking to block handover of documents
WASHINGTON — Former President Donald Trump has filed a double-barreled lawsuit seeking to block any handover of documents the committee investigating the Jan. 6 riot has sought from the National Archives. The suit names both the committee and the Archives as defendants. The House committee has demanded that several former White House aides and top political advisers to Trump produce records and appear for depositions before the committee. Additionally, the committee instructed the Archives to turn over records it holds from the Trump White House. President Joe Biden has said he will not block the requests by invoking executive privilege on Trump's behalf.
As Online Shopping Surged, Amazon Planned Its New York Takeover
New York has about 128 million square feet of industrial space, far less than many smaller cities. Indianapolis, whose population is just one-tenth that of New York’s, has nearly double the space. Many packages come to New York from New Jersey and Pennsylvania, where there is room to build bigger and cheaper warehouses. And in the past year Amazon has added 14 new warehouses in New Jersey and on Long Island, totaling more than 7 million square feet. An Amazon spokeswoman disputed the allegations and said the company cared “deeply about the health and safety” of its workers.
1.5 Million Packages a Day: The Internet Brings Chaos to N.Y. Streets
But to deliver Amazon orders and countless others from businesses that sell over the internet, the very fabric of major urban areas around the world is being transformed. And New York City, where more than 1.5 million packages are delivered daily, shows the impact that this push for convenience is having on gridlock, roadway safety and pollution. Delivery trucks operated by UPS and FedEx double-park on streets and block bus and bike lanes. The main entryway for packages into New York City, leading to the George Washington Bridge from New Jersey, has become the most congested interchange in the country. Trucks heading toward the bridge travel at 23 miles per hour, down from 30 m.p.h.
Justice Department Asks Supreme Court to Block Texas Abortion Law
The challenged law, called Senate Bill 8, has been in force since the beginning of September and effectively bars abortions after around six weeks of pregnancy. “It virtually eliminated access to abortion in Texas after six weeks of pregnancy,” the brief said. “Texas has, in short, successfully nullified this court’s decisions within its borders.”The court signaled that it may act quickly. Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr., who oversees the federal appeals court responsible for Texas, asked officials there to file their response to the Justice Department’s application by Thursday at noon. The court could rule in the following days.
The Bidens’ dinner date at Fiola Mare shows they’re still creatures of habit
This weekend’s jaunt to Fiola Mare seemed almost inevitable: The Georgetown restaurant is known for accommodating VIPs (and their security details) from the Obamas to Oprah, and classic Italian fare is known to be a favorite in the Biden household. Previously, the couple had a Memorial Day brunch with Vice President Harris and her husband, Doug Emhoff, at upscale French bistro Le Diplomate. Some critics painted it as out-of-touch — but that pick was pure Biden, too. It’s a place he has visited before (where he has been known to order the American-style burger) — and he’s a creature of habit, that reliable Biden.
Remembering a high school quiz show
Friendly retired from The Post on his 60th birthday in 1971. After his death in 1983, The Post honored him in an editorial: “Mr. Friendly broke a lot of newspaper rules in his years here, none more repeatedly and enthusiastically than the old stricture about keeping poetry out of the paper.­ . He knew the difference between good writing and the other kind, and he liked to remind his staff that he knew it.”
Here are the juiciest parts of Katie Couric’s new tell-all book
Perhaps the most anticipated part of her book deals with her personal vantage on the toxic culture of broadcast news that would eventually spawn so many #MeToo scandals. The hands,” she writes. “The whole scene was such a cliche, I began to laugh and gently pushed him away.” Couric told King she was looking for someone closer to her own age; he replied, “No problem. But when I like, I really like.” Couric “wasn’t sure if that was a compliment or a warning,” she writes. (They parted on good terms: “Every time we ran into each other in the years that followed, it gave us a big laugh.”)
Updates on MacBooks, AirPods and HomePods from today’s Apple Event
Introducing the Help Desk: Making tech work for youHelp Desk is a new destination built for readers looking to better understand and take control of the technology used in everyday life. Meet the Help Desk team. Data and Privacy: A guide to every privacy setting you should change now. Google | Amazon | Facebook | VenmoAsk a question: Send the Help Desk your personal technology questions. Go deeper: Tech in Your Life | Tech at Work | Your Data and Privacy | Internet Access | What’s New | Ethical Issues
Zookeeping isn’t common in the Black community. This Black zookeeper wants to change that.
There were some rough patches, such as when Ollie the bobcat escaped, or these past few weeks, when he had to prepare his staff for the idea that one of the beloved lions was near death. And though he was always aware of his minority status, he didn’t dwell on it.
U.S. extends security pact with Georgia as Russia tensions flare
Georgia and Ukraine also face internal political discord that has made Western powers wary of whether the two countries — which both have seen popular pro-democracy revolutions in this century — are backsliding. Alongside the warm words he offered for Georgia on Monday, Austin also noted that the U.S. Embassy in Tbilisi signaled that there had been “some problems” with its election this month, including reports of intimidation and vote-buying.
Opinion : How Colin Powell shouldered the special pride and burden of many Black ‘firsts’
“You feel a dual pressure,” he told me. “The obvious — to prove wrong those who think, for whatever reason, that Black folks can’t do the job. The more subtle — you don’t want to disappoint those people whose hopes and sense of pride are with you. The pressure is not always front of mind — as it must have been for Jackie Robinson — but it is part of the task calculus. A primary reason: Regardless of the level of his societal acceptance, he never lost his sense of himself as a Black man.”
Opinion : Another phony Republican campaign about a fake ‘issue’
In Washington, we’re seeing Democrats wrestle with the complications of governing as they try to pass something resembling the agenda President Biden ran on. Meanwhile, across the Potomac in Virginia, we’re seeing why Republicans don’t have to worry about that kind of struggle. They’ve run so many campaigns built on pandering, outrage, and phony “issues” that are forgotten the moment the campaign is over that the very idea that the way they govern should have something to do with the way they ran is a joke.
Balance of Power Was Returned to Normalcy in NFL Week 6
1 of 6Icon Sportswire/Getty ImagesThe Baltimore Ravens won an AFC-high six games by three or more scores last season. You could argue that the loss represented a return to normalcy for a Chargers team that has seemed snakebitten for years, but the Bolts' modus operandi is to lose in heartbreaking fashion. This was just demoralizing as they put up just 208 yards in a 34-6 blowout. It was Baltimore's first win this season by three-plus scores. Now we'll see if they can keep killing it and pull away from the rest of the AFC North, starting with a huge Week 7 matchup with the revitalized Cincinnati Bengals (4-2).
More proof that America is returning to normal: Concerts are back
New York (CNN Business) Music superstars BTS and Harry Styles are hitting the road this fall, while The Weeknd and Billie Eilish have concerts planned for 2022. Live music is back — and that's great news for Live Nation (LYV). Shares of Live Nation, a concert promoter, venue operator and the owner of Ticketmaster, are up nearly 40% this year and trading near an all-time high. But investors are likely already looking ahead to next year, when the concert business should be mostly back to normal. "The momentum for the return to live events has been building every month," Live Nation said in a press release, "with ticket sales and concert attendance pacing faster than expected, underscoring the strength and resiliency of the concert business and live events in general."
Amazon plans to hire 150,000 temporary workers for the holidays
New York (CNN Business) Amazon plans to add 150,000 temporary workers in the United States for the holiday shopping rush, a 50% increase from the company's holiday hiring push a year ago. Amazon AMZN , like many retailers and logistics companies, is facing challenges hiring workers and is raising pay, dangling bonuses, and expanding benefits in response to the pressures. Amazon's temporary positions for the holidays include picking, scanning and packing items at warehouses and loading boxes onto trucks. Amazon's business has surged during the pandemic as many shoppers, spending more time at home, increased their online purchases. Amazon has added more than 450,000 workers in the United States since the beginning of the pandemic and now has upwards of 950,000 US workers.
32 B/R Staff Predictions for 2021-22 NBA Season
3 of 32Adam Hunger/Associated PressPrediction: Kyrie Irving Will Play for the Nets This Season...ProbablyKyrie Irving doesn't want to get vaccinated. The Brooklyn Nets want him to. At some point this season, the 29-year-old will rejoin his Brooklyn Nets teammates. While he will likely return, don't be surprised if he decides to call it quits from the NBA soon after. So look for a career shift on Irving's part in the coming years, with one last pitstop in Brooklyn to finish out this season with the Nets.
Opinion: What the global gas and coal crisis means for clean energy
Henning Gloystein is a director of Energy, Climate and Resources at Eurasia Group, based in London. This means they will order energy-intensive businesses to reduce output or even temporarily shut down to save energy for homes. This continued risk of supply disruptions and high prices for fossil fuels — which drive up electricity costs — are a signal to countries that it's time to invest in clean and domestic energy resources. As a result, the current gas and coal supply crisis will accelerate, not slow, the green energy transition. That's not to say, however, that the gas industry has no role to play, or that renewables are without problems.
Several Injured After Race Car Crashes into Safety Fence at Waterford Speedbowl
AP Photo/Mel EvansMultiple people were injured Sunday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl after Tim Jordan's car flipped and crashed into the fence, per TMZ Sports. Shawn Courchesne of RaceDayCT.com reported four ambulances were called to the scene and two people were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. "We're happy to report everyone involved in tonight's incident is okay," track officials said in a statement. "We will release relevant details about any scheduling plans as soon as they’re made available. The crash occurred during the 43rd lap of the SK Modified feature event.
Batman and Superman still occupy a unique place as pop culture's most iconic heroes
The latest DC FanDome event unleashed seismic waves through social media with the first extensive preview of "The Batman," the upcoming movie starring Robert Pattinson. Never mind, as more than a few have noted, that "The American way" was a World War II addition for the radio show in the 1940s, one that followed the character into television. DC Comics publisher Jim Lee explained the "new mission" by stating that it "better reflects the storylines that we're telling across DC and honors Superman's incredible legacy." 'Superman: Red Son' speculated on a world where the son of Krypton landed in Russia, not Kansas. Still, the unique place that Superman and Batman occupy in pop culture creates a distinct set challenges, as well as opportunities.
Best humidifiers for your bedroom, large rooms and more in 2021
If you're looking for the best humidifier for the bedroom, or for anywhere else in the house, here are 12 that will get the job done. Best humidifiers of 2021, according to shoppersWith over 45,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, this ultrasonic cool mist humidifier is a widely popular option. Ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers run quietly, so they’re best for bedrooms, according to Pennington. The 1.47-gallon water tank makes this option especially great in larger rooms up to 426 square feet. A cool-mist humidifier is best for little kids, as there’s no risk of burns like some steam or evaporative models, said Pennington.
Former Secretary of State Colin Powell dies from COVID-19 complications
WASHINGTON — Colin Powell, the former general who was the country's first Black secretary of state and its first chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, died Monday due to complications from COVID-19, his family said in a statement on Facebook. Powell, 84, was fully vaccinated from COVID-19, his family said, and had been treated at Walter Reed National Medical Center. Powell became the first Black secretary of state under President George W. Bush. "Alma lost a great husband, and the family lost a tremendous father, and I lost a tremendous personal friend and mentor. Despite serving Republican presidents, Powell said days after the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol that he could no longer call himself a Republican.
Black military members on Colin Powell's influence and importance
When he was an Army cadet in the mid-1980s, Jeffrey Freeland met Colin Powell during a visit to Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Freeland’s admiration for Powell illustrates the thoughts and memories of many retired and active Black service members. Powell, a retired four-star general and the first Black secretary of state, twice earned the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Freeland and other Black service members said Powell broke barriers within the military for people of color. "I always thought of Powell as an inspiration for African American military leaders like myself.
Age, underlying health condition were 'double blow' to Colin Powell, experts say
Fatal breakthrough Covid-19 infections among people who have been fully vaccinated, like former Secretary of State Colin Powell, are rare. The trailblazing public servant was 84 years old and had multiple myeloma, a blood cancer in which malignant plasma cells overtake the space usually reserved for normal plasma cells that fight off infections. His cancer may have left him particularly susceptible: Not only does multiple myeloma rob the body of its ability to resist infections, it also can interfere with a vaccine's efficacy. Research published in the journal Nature in July on multiple myeloma patients found that only 45 percent developed an “adequate response” to Covid mRNA vaccines. "If you add onto that, of course, the underlying illness, that’s a double blow to the immune system."
Most Latinos aren’t saving for retirement, and information is a big factor
Private retirement plans like individual retirement accounts aren’t filling the gap. Hispanic households led by an adult who completed college have a 1.1-percentage-point higher retirement savings rate than those who completed less than a high-school education. Hispanic households are 17 percent less likely than white households to have access to a retirement plan, Morningstar found. Some are already offering emergency savings plans through automatic after-tax withdrawals from paychecks. Hispanic households are 17 percent less likely than white households to have access to a retirement plan, Morningstar found.
Jonah Hill's body is his business. But here's why we need to talk about it.
In a rare statement from a male celebrity concerning body image, Jonah Hill has gently asked his fans to cease commenting about his body. Hill’s request prompted some thinking: Women have faced scrutiny and commentary on their bodies since celebrities were invented. Regressive ideals of masculinity are the reason we started surveilling women’s bodies. Body dysmorphia now affects just as many men as women, and queer men have always been more vulnerable than heterosexual men. The more brave men — including Jonah Hill — who connect their issues with body image as adjacent with women’s, the stronger the chorus of voices become in demanding change.
Democrats unveil doomed funding bills ahead of December shutdown cliff
President Joe Biden and top Democrats on Capitol Hill have yet to start brokering a bipartisan deal on the two main buckets of government funding. Congress last struck a government funding deal in December 2020, when President Donald Trump was still in office. Republicans on the Senate spending panel publicly delivered their ultimatum last month on funding negotiations. Until the two parties strike a bipartisan budget agreement, they said, GOP senators will block action on any spending bills Democrats try to advance. Moderate Democrats are unlikely to support the 13 percent increase for non-defense programs, while progressive Democrats like Senate Budget Chair Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) insist on slashing the military budget by as much as 10 percent.
Lawmakers on edge over lack of nominee for top Joint Chiefs job
The delay in announcing a nominee has already scuttled Grady’s planned handover of Fleet Forces to his successor, two of the officials confirmed. Asked for comment, White House officials would only confirm that there is no nominee for the job at this point. Though Hyten was eventually confirmed, the vote came roughly two months after Gen. Paul Selva retired as vice chair. With the Army and Marine Corps having had a lock on the chair job since Adm. Mike Mullen retired in 2011, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. C.Q. The reasoning was to ensure that the chair and the vice chair positions are offset by two years.
Is Trump running in 2024? The Claremont Institute hopes so
Claremont is also, as Daniel Drezner wrote, "the poster child for the devolution of conservative thought into simple-minded racism, immature oppositional thinking and reactionary authoritarianism." Once one of the most prestigious bastions of conservative thought, Claremont now spends its time putting lipstick on the Trumpian wildebeest. The institute is the home base for John Eastman, the founder of Claremont Institute's Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence, and a senior fellow. This is bigger than President Trump! https://t.co/wEKMXUJzhP — Patrick T. Brown (@PTBwrites) January 8, 2021Despite the racist tweets, Ryan Williams, the Claremont president, continued to tout Beattie on Twitter the next day.
Dennis Prager Catches COVID And Claims He Did It On Purpose
Conservative pundit Dennis Prager announced Monday that he had COVID-19, and told his audience that he contracted it on purpose. “It is infinitely preferable to have natural immunity than vaccine immunity and that is what I hoped for the entire time. Hence, I so engaged with strangers, constantly hugging them, taking photos with them, knowing that I was making myself very susceptible to getting COVID,” Prager said, according to MediaMatters.org. Thoughts and Pragers https://t.co/qg6AS5QVPl — Jesse Hawken (@jessehawken) October 18, 2021DP: "I have natural immunity, it is preferred over vaccines." I hope Dennis Prager recovers soon and learns something from this.
BREAKING: Congressman David Price to Retire, N.C. Sen. Wiley Nickel Will Run For His Seat
North Carolina Sen. Wiley Nickel, (D-Wake County), is running for Congress as longtime U.S. Rep. David Price announced Monday that he plans to retire at the end of his term following more than 30 years in office. Nickel, a lawyer from Cary, is known for his support of public employees, public education, and efforts to combat climate change. Recently, he co-sponsored a bill to legalize medical marijuana, the North Carolina Compassionate Care Act. "We owe Congressman David Price a debt of gratitude for his tireless service to the people of North Carolina," Nickel said in a statement. I've fought for these issues as a North Carolina Senator.
The Local Film Festival Bringing Stories of Immigration and Resettlement to the Big Screen
× Expand A still from documentary short "Águilas/Eagles" | Photo courtesy of Home is Distant Shores Film FestivalHome Is Distant Shores Film Festival | Friday, Oct. 15-Sunday, Oct. 24Sachi Dely has a message for the 130,000 Afghan evacuees now resettling around the world:“Even though in the moment things are bad, it gets better. It always gets better.”Those are the opening words of Letter from a Refugee, a 2.5-minute film released September 8. The Morrisville independent film company VerveFilms produced the video to promote the third annual Home is Distant Shores Film Festival, a 10 day-long celebration of refugee and immigrant-focused movies that runs this week. Dely, a Greensboro-based actor and artist, narrates this over clips of her interacting with greenery around her art studio. “When you make it to whatever country they send you to, there’s hope now because you’re in a safer place,” Dely says.
Know Your Enemy: God, Death, and the Pandemic
The Kurds[W]hen we refer to all Kurdish fighters synonymously, we simply blur the fact that they have very different politics. right now, yes, the people are facing the Islamic State threat, so it’s very important to have a unified focus. After World War I, their lands were divided up between Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Turkey. The situation is worse in Iraq, Syria, and Turkey, where the Kurds are a minority people subjected to ethnically targeted violations of human rights. Syria: Kurds make up perhaps 15 percent of the population and live mostly in the northeastern part of Syria.
Op-Ed: North Carolina's New Energy Law Explained
It is now up to the state Utilities Commission to ensure that the framework delivers an affordable, reliable and clean system. Duke Energy Carolinas and Duke Energy Progress are rate-regulated monopolies that are insulated from competition. The law requires Duke Energy and the Utilities Commission to determine the least-cost pathway to achieve both the 2030 and 2050 targets. The first would count on new technologies emerging that allow Duke Energy to operate their gas plants without releasing greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, a Duke Energy executive referred to this as an “accounting problem.” By that, she meant determining when, not if, Duke Energy is compensated for the investment.
The South Is Ripe for Organizing
Mississippi is the place most defined by the twin struggles of racial justice and labor rights that date back to slavery. Organizer Sanchioni Butler says the common cause workers find through the labor movement can effectively unite otherwise disparate parts of the South. Mississippi’s agricultural economy remains one of large white (now corporate) landowners and poor Black workers. Another is through a worker center, the catchall term for labor rights groups that aim to serve people unions don’t reach. Hill is passionate on the subject of organizing the South— its possibility and its absolute necessity.
Europe’s Border Regime Is Killing Thousands
The numbers reaching the Spanish islands increased 750 percent in 2020, while the first six months of 2021 saw a further 120 percent rise over the same period the previous year. He and the tens of thousands of others forced to risk their lives and undergo such trauma are living proof of the brutality of the EU border regime. The latter policy in particular — outsourcing EU border security enforcement to authoritarian governments in Turkey and Libya — has led to widespread abuses. Along with Turkey and Libya, Morocco is currently a major beneficiary of EU border funds. Europe’s Island Jails Few other leaders better embody the hypocrisy of the EU’s approach to migration than Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez.
How Farmers Markets and Food Trucks Became a Beachhead for Gentrification
Take City Heights , a large multi-ethnic San Diego neighborhood where successive waves of refugees from places as far away as Vietnam and Somalia have resettled. Everybody, it seems, welcomes the arrival of new restaurants, cafés, food trucks and farmers markets. Upending an existing foodscapeIn media coverage of changing foodscapes in low-income neighborhoods like City Heights, you’ll rarely find any complaints. When I see that City Heights’ home prices rose 58% over the past three years, I’m not surprised. The distinctions of time and place start to blur: An ?“ethnic food district” in San Diego looks no different than one in Chicago or Austin.
Kellogg's Workers Are Striking Against a "Two-Tiered" System of Workplace Inequality
Like Frito-Lay, Nabisco, John Deere, and Heaven Hill Distillery, cereal giant Kellogg’s has seen consumer demand skyrocket during the pandemic, reporting profits of $1.25 billion in 2020. To meet this demand, many workers in Kellogg’s plants around the US report pulling 12 to 16-hour shifts seven days a week, leaving little time for anything outside of work beyond sleep. But the creation of a two-tier employment system in 2015 has meant that newer employees in the lower ?“transitional tier” are earning significantly less than their coworkers for doing the same work. Demanding that the company raise the floor for all of its employees, Kellogg’s plant workers in Nebraska, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee have been on strike since Oct. 5. We talk about the ongoing strike with Dan Osborn, who has worked at the Omaha, Nebraska, plant for 18 years and currently serves as president of the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union (BCTGM), Local 50G.
He Exposed Colombia’s Vaccine Contracts with Big Pharma. Then the Right Came for Him.
?“The Consejo de Estado asked the Tribunal to send it the contracts,” Enciso explains. ?“There’s a huge misunderstanding of how access to information should be applied to these cases, even if pharmaceutical companies impose a lot of contractual conditions. Muñoz did tell the press that pharmaceutical companies had expressed their concern and annoyance with the leak. ?“They [pharmaceutical companies] have the intellectual property, they have the exclusivity, they have the power. There is no immediate sign, at this point, that the release of the contracts will impact Colombia’s vaccine supply.
Colin Powell Skates Free on Torture
“I think it was unfortunate but we had a system that kept that in a very compartmented manner,” Powell said. When asked when he learned that some of the bogus evidence had been extracted by torture, Powell said, ?“I don’t know that. Did Powell participate in the Principals Committee as it – according to some reports – ?“choreographed” the torture sessions or didn’t he? However, for Colin Powell, it was another chance to impress the brass. The U.S. news media’s fawning over Colin Powell also has not been a victimless exercise.
Durham City, County to Make Public Resolution Supporting Federal Legislation That Protects Workers' Rights to Form or Join a Union
Durham city council members on Tuesday night will give voice and document their support for a federal bill that will protect workers who are trying to organize. Undeterred, Bull City council members have drafted a resolution that calls on North Carolina’s Republican Senators Thom Tillis and Richard Burr “to encourage and support its timely passage.”The city council resolution will be made public Tuesday night during the council's regularly scheduled meeting. City council members in 2019 voted to pay more than 200 part-time city employees a living wage and are support local businesses that pay workers a living wage. The document also notes that union workers are more likely to have access to employer-sponsored health benefits and greater access to paid sick days. Council members note that the legislation would also allow freelance and “gig” workers “to collectively bargain alongside regular employees.”The resolution concludes, “Durham City Council stands with workers in Durham and across the country in support of their right to unionize.”Support independent local journalism.
France’s Fascist Pundit Éric Zemmour Is Winning Already
France’s presidential election next April was long expected to produce another runoff between the neoliberal Emmanuel Macron and the far-right Marine Le Pen. A proponent of the fascist claim that France’s white population is being erased by a “great replacement,” he damns even Le Pen as weak on combating immigration. Now, French media is full of speculation that he is planning to run for the presidency. Éric Zemmour’s rise on the French political scene may seem dazzling — but it certainly didn’t fall from the sky. His ubiquity in French media is the culmination of a process that has been underway for many years.
Democrats Should Call Manchin and Sinema’s Bluff, Right Now
One way to stop playing the game Manchin, Sinema, and their corporate sponsors are playing is to schedule a vote on a bill. A Calculated Gamble Polls show the reconciliation bill remains wildly popular, despite corporate media obscuring its details in vapid horse race coverage. On a final passage vote on a $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill, the two could opt to join Republicans and reject the bill. If that happened again now — if Manchin and Sinema voted no on an initial reconciliation bill — the legislation wouldn’t be in a different place than it is right now. That’s the only way to have any chance to make Manchin, Sinema, and other potential apostates feel extremely uncomfortable.
Jonathan Franzen’s God
“Almost everything in life,” Franzen writes, “was vanity—success a vanity, privilege a vanity, Europe a vanity, beauty a vanity. I can’t quite believe anyone would speak of God thus, but if anyone would, it’s Marion to Russ. For the reader too young or secular, Crossroad’s interest in the individual, unmediated relationship of the person with God is hard to parse. Crossroads is a measured work, but writing about God doesn’t need to be so pious. Not only is Crossroads is about God; it reminded me how all authors are playing God.
Mark Zuckerberg Knows Exactly How Bad Facebook Is
Subscribe to The Nation Subscribe now for as little as $2 a month! For more from The Nation, check out our latest issueSubscribe to The Nation Subscribe now for as little as $2 a month! On March 25, Republican Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers grilled Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on whether social media platforms were doing harm to children. As the Journal highlighted: “Facebook has been conducting studies into how its photo-sharing app affects its millions of young users. There’s no need for further arguments about whether Facebook has a deleterious effect: The company’s own research says it does.
How NOT to Talk About Race
Those numbers alone could account for why Bell is often hailed as the founder of critical race theory. Indeed, my only concern is that this much is billed as “anti–critical race theory.” By this rubric, such laws strongly—and wrongly—imply that critical race theory is nothing more than crude biological determinism. So what are we really talking about when we talk about this newly corrupted fantasy of critical race theory? “Turned it into a salient political issue with a clear villain.” This is what critical race theory has become: an effigy. In contrast, the new anti–critical race theory laws ban whole categories of speech not yet spoken.
Gavin Newsom Likes Racial Justice — As Long as It Doesn’t Cost Anything
When he beat back a recall attempt last month, he said in his victory speech that “economic justice, social justice, racial justice” and “environmental justice” had all been “on the ballot” in the race between him and Republican Larry Elder. Two of Newsom’s back-to-back decisions combine to tell a striking story about what, in practice, “racial justice” in the education system means in Newsom’s California. Sadly, even Biden’s proposed consolation prize of tuition-free community colleges may be in the process of being surrendered in budget negotiations. As a strategy for closing the “achievement gap,” excluding students with bad high school grades is also perverse. Gavin Newsom is happy to score a few points with the progressive side of the culture wars by having high school students take an ethnic studies class where they’ll learn about social injustice.
Film and TV Workers Have a Tentative Deal. Will IATSE’s Rank and File Accept It?
After the tentative agreement was announced on Saturday, IATSE members received an email with abbreviated highlights. During the last round of contract negotiations in 2018, membership did not vote on the tentative agreement until two months after it was announced. After news of the tentative agreement broke on Saturday night, IATSE members began dissenting, loudly. There are certainly some IATSE members who are happy with the contract, and feel that even a milquetoast victory will help set the stage for future wins. They treat us like rental equipment,” says Brandon Silverman, an assistant editor and member of Local 700.
Britain’s Imperial Heyday Is Nothing to Be Nostalgic For
What the counterprotesters shared with GB News and its target audience was an intense resistance to the notion of decolonization, and a sense of comfort and pride in Britain’s imperial past. Into this ferment arrives Peter Mitchell’s book Imperial Nostalgia. Mitchell takes on the mildly preposterous but influential figure of Nigel Biggar, who has made a name for himself as a virulent defender of Britain’s imperial past. The role that imperial nostalgia plays in contemporary Anglo-Irish relations could have made for a fascinating case study. The health service itself became the object of a kind of recuperative imperial nostalgia, with its centenarian fundraiser used to promote all kinds of mawkish nationalist sentiment.
Tom Paxton returns to the concert stage
Tom Paxton on stage. Tom Paxton, a pioneering voice of the folk music revival of the mid-twentieth century, has returned to live stage performances, enlightening both new and older fans alike. This was followed by “Eleanor’s Song,” a sweeping tale of a free-spirited woman and the first song Tom Paxton wrote in collaboration with the DonJuans. Tom Paxton was an important part of the popular folk music resurgence in the early Sixties. As he returns to touring, the progressive causes Tom Paxton stands up for still have a wise and talented voice singing out for our collective inspiration.
Biden’s Supreme Court Commission Was Designed to Fail
The Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court of the United States released its draft findings late last week, and, in a surprise to absolutely no one, the commission was skeptical of the idea of court expansion—or pretty much any other real reform to the Supreme Court. He put really smart and interesting law professors on the commission, but none with particular expertise in court reform. The Supreme Court is the only court in the country that operates without ethics rules. Biden’s strategy of running out the clock on court reform has almost certainly worked. Remember that the Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court of the United States was Biden’s answer to all of it.
Here’s why Jeff Sessions’ parting shot is worse than you thought
Stymieing future consent decrees is bad enough, but Sessions’ memo will make it challenging to negotiate any effective police reform agreement going forward. It also makes it more difficult for the Justice Department’s civil rights lawyers to enforce agreements already in place. The Justice Department has negotiated such agreements in places like Ferguson, Baltimore, New Orleans, Cleveland and Los Angeles. The Sessions memo, contrary to some news reports, also has implications for consent decrees that are already in place. Yes, you read that correctly: Sessions’ memo, like its author, supports states’ rights except where the state is trying to protect individual rights.
Congress must reclaim its constitutional authority to subpoena witnesses
The Congress is within its constitutional authority to send out their sergeant-at-arms to arrest the criminal lawbreakers and bring them before the House to testify. The answer, unfortunately, may well be “yes” if Congress does not assert its authority. Even in the mainstream media, some are suggesting that Congress should reclaim its constitutional authority here during this investigation. But congressional subpoenas and contempt citations never even got off the ground at Trump’s Justice Department during the Republican’s four-year reign. If democracy is to survive in America, Congress must, at the very least, re-assert its constitutional role as an equal branch of government.
Remembering Maurice Bishop and the revolution in Grenada
May Day 1980: Grenada's Prime Minister Maurice Bishop, center, is flanked by Cuba's leader Fidel Castro, right, and Nicaragua's President Daniel Ortega in Havana, Cuba. | APnearly ten years laterlook at me here analyzingstill distraught and debatingsympathizing synthesizingregretting and rememberingand timejust passing— “Nearly Ten Years Later (For Grenada)” by Merle CollinsOct. 16 marked 38 years since the death of Maurice Bishop, leader of the tragically short-lived People’s Revolutionary Government of Grenada (PRG). The PRG was formed when the New Jewel Movement (NJM), led by the widely popular Bishop, seized control of the country from the U.S.-backed dictator Eric Gairy. Maurice Bishop became prime minister. actions…to undermine the government of Maurice Bishop were barely reported…Also unreported were the other measures pursued [ex.
Flight Attendants detail passenger air rage over masks, safety
Sara Nelson, president of Flight Attendants/CWA, says air rage sequences like the one described in this story are getting more frequent. But one particularly obnoxious, and possibly drunk, male passenger greeted his “wear a mask” reminder with a particularly ugly incident in a growing phenomenon: Air rage. An AFA-CWA survey of 5,000 flight attendants halfway through 2021 found 85% had dealt with incidents of air rage, mostly around wearing masks, she told the panel. Since January 1, there have been a record 4,284 air rage incidents, she reported, citing FAA figures, and 73% involved resisting requests to wear masks. The aviation panel’s top Republican, Rep. Garret Graves of Louisiana, gave lip service to the air rage issue, before minimizing it.
Biden Ed Dept., Congress give Teachers, public service workers wins
Miguel Cardona, the Biden-appointed current Secretary of Education who replaced Betsy Devos, the Trump appointee who tried to destroy public education. | Susan Walsh/APWASHINGTON—Democratic President Joe Biden’s Education Department and a bipartisan coalition in Congress gave state and local public workers—notably Teachers but also including Fire Fighters and AFSCME members—two wins in mid-October. Cardona’s department will reverse her constant denials of public service loan forgiveness (PSLF). Weingarten sued in 2019 on behalf of her union and its members along with eight of the teachers DeVos turned down. Other unions of public workers also hailed the win.
Live Updates: Biden Calls Colin Powell a ‘Patriot of Unmatched Honor and Dignity.’
President Biden says Colin Powell embodied ‘the highest ideals of both warrior and diplomat.’ Image Mr. Powell and President Biden worked closely together when Mr. Biden was on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Credit... Paul Hosefros/The New York Times President Biden called Colin Powell a “patriot of unmatched honor and dignity” and ordered government flags to fly at half-staff through Friday. In 2020, Mr. Powell, a longtime Republican who rejected the party under Donald J. Trump, said he would vote for Mr. Biden. The family’s statement did not provide further details about the complications or underlying health conditions Mr. Powell, 84, had. Mr. Powell responded, saying it was “the most difficult decision I have ever made.” “But I am sure it was the right one,” Mr. Powell wrote, in a letter that Mr. Maiella shared on Twitter.
Video Shows Louisiana Sheriff’s Deputy Slamming Black Woman to the Ground
The camera lens quickly zooms past a car and focuses on the scene behind it: A sheriff’s deputy in Louisiana, who towers over a small Black woman, is slamming her onto the ground. The woman is lying on her back, and the deputy is hunched over her. He is clenching her left wrist with one hand, and her left forearm with another, and hoisting her body off the ground. “Someone record that,” a woman off camera can be heard saying. He kneels down, possibly on top of her, and the video cuts out.
Russia Breaks Diplomatic Ties with NATO
MOSCOW — Russia plans to cease its diplomatic engagement with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the Russian foreign minister said on Monday, in the latest sign of unraveling relations between Moscow and the West. Though significant on a diplomatic level, the announcement was not apparently accompanied by any military moves by Russia threatening European security. And Moscow still maintains diplomatic relations with the individual governments in the alliance. The decision will end a post-Cold War experiment, never very successful, in building trust between Russia and the Western alliance, established decades ago to contain the Soviet Union, which officials in Moscow accused of later encroaching on former Soviet territory. By early next month, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said, Russia will halt the activities of its representative office at NATO headquarters in Brussels and withdraw diplomatic credentials from emissaries of the alliance working in Moscow.
An Official Wizard in New Zealand Loses His Job
After more than two decades as the official wizard of Christchurch, Ian Brackenbury Channell, 88, saw his $10,000 annual contract go poof last week, according to Stuff, a news site in New Zealand. No longer will the city payroll support “acts of wizardry and other wizard-like services,” as his contract had demanded since 1998. “They are a bunch of bureaucrats who have no imagination,” Mr. Channell, known most commonly as the Wizard, said of the Christchurch City Council, according to Stuff. Some fair questions might follow: What does an official wizard do? What are wizard-like services?
Two veteran Democratic House members announce they will retire
Reps. David E. Price (D-N.C.) and Mike Doyle (D-Pa.), both of whom have served in Congress for more than two decades, became the second and third senior Democrats in the past week to announce plans to exit, just days after House Budget Committee Chairman John Yarmuth (D-Ky.) announced last week that he would step aside. Four other Democrats have previously said that they plan to retire, while five members facing tough reelection prospects are seeking other offices.
'A very small minority’ of U.S. Olympians has objected to vaccine mandate for Beijing
“The response is as you would expect: Within our general population, there are some people who are extremely happy that they introduced this policy,” Jonathan Finnoff, the USOPC’s chief medical officer, said during the organization’s Media Summit. “Then there are others who are upset and would not like to have any mandate regarding vaccinations.”
Opinion : Why have Biden’s approval ratings plummeted? Look to his spending agenda.
It is no surprise, then, that progressives are increasingly saying that the party shouldn’t worry about the next election and should pass the bigger bill, especially since history suggests Democrats aren’t likely to win the 2022 midterms anyway. That obviously doesn’t appeal much to members from swing states or districts, such as West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin or New Jersey Rep. Josh Gottheimer, both of whom represent regions that Donald Trump carried in 2016 or 2020. But their stance obviously carries little weight with Democratic primary voters, who overwhelmingly back a big bill. A recent poll of Arizona Democrats, for example, found that Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, who has backed Manchin’s efforts to pare down the bill’s cost, would lose a primary by about 30 points to any of four Democrats tested. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
The ongoing drama of finding a new ‘Jeopardy!’ host
Arts & EntertainmentThe ongoing drama of finding a new ‘Jeopardy!’ hostActress Mayim Bialik and former champion Ken Jennings will host "Jeopardy!" through 2021. It remains unclear who will permanently fill Alex Trebek's former role.
Jan. 6 committee lays out legal arguments against Bannon’s subpoena defiance in private letter to his attorney
The emphatic tone of the letter and legal arguments it lays out underscore the committee’s desire to move quickly and aggressively to combat any attempts to slow down or scuttle its investigation. The panel is scheduled to meet Tuesday evening to vote on the contempt charge against Bannon, which it is expected to approve, and it is possiblethe vote could be taken up by the full House as early as this week. The matter would then go to the Justice Department.
A small part of the economy of a small state is poised to shape the future of the world
While the state is home to only one-half of 1 percent of the country’s population, it also has 2 percent of the country’s senators. As the Democratic Party tries to put together a package of policies that will advance President Biden’s agenda, one of those two senators, Sen. Joe Manchin III (D-W.Va.), has reportedly made clear that West Virginia’s coal industry will continue to be protected — even though burning coal contributes to global warming and even though it employs only about 0.008 percent of the country.
Opinion : The BDS movement shows its hypocrisy by boycotting Israel but not China
The case against Israel was buttressed by an April report from Human Rights Watch accusing it of committing “crimes against humanity,” including “apartheid and persecution.” Palestinian Israelis do face discrimination (as do Muslims in Europe), but nothing like the formal system of oppression in apartheid South Africa, whose “pass laws” dictated where Black people could live and work. Indeed, 1.9 million Arabs living in Israel are able to exercise political rights denied to the citizens of almost all Arab states. Arabs sit in the Knesset and on the Israeli Supreme Court, and they are part of the governing coalition. Overall, Israel is the freest state in the entire region — the only place in the Middle East where tens of thousands of people can march for LGBTQ pride.
18 Tennessee Fans Arrested For Allegedly Throwing Trash on the Field vs. Ole Miss
AP Photo/Wade PayneEighteen fans were arrested for throwing items onto the field during Tennessee's game against Ole Miss on Saturday. The University of Tennessee Police department told Adam Sparks of the Knoxville News Sentinel that they are continuing to investigate security footage in an effort to identify fans. Fans littered the field with trash and other items late in Ole Miss' 31-26 victory over the Volunteers, which also featured former Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin returning to Knoxville for the first time as a head coach since leaving the program in 2009. "Really, the Tennessee people were really down there on the field taking care of us. Tennessee coach Josh Heupel told reporters he was "disappointed" by the behavior exhibited at the stadium.
How will our solar system end? A distant planet offers hints
Stars like the sun grow tens of thousands of times in a red giant phase after burning all their nuclear fuel, before collapsing into feeble "white dwarf" remnants. And now the detection of the distant planet orbiting a white dwarf strengthens that idea. In fact, it’s only due to microlensing that the white dwarf system has been detected at all. “We think the planet survived the red giant phase of its star’s evolution likely untouched,” he said. That study, however, showed that the planet completes an entire orbit every 1.4 days — so it’s much closer to the white dwarf than Mercury is to the sun.
Ida's forgotten victims: Nearly all storm's basement deaths were Asian residents, obscured by climate injustice
Nearly all of the 11 New York City basement-flooding deaths were residents of Asian descent who lived in below-ground dwellings that were particularly susceptible to storms. Many basements are “high-risk, dangerous” living situations in the city, Lee said. The number of undocumented Asian immigrants has grown rapidly, tripling from 2000-2015, a 15-year period. Courtesy Johnson HoGiven these vulnerabilities, many Asian immigrants resort to living in illegal basement apartments of their family, friends and social networks. “It is only when there is a tragedy like the victims of Hurricane Ida that the city pays attention to the plights of Asian American tenants,” Lee said.
Apple unveils two new MacBooks, AirPods and a $5 music streaming service
Apple on Monday launched two new MacBook Pro models powered by new in-house Apple Silicon chips as well as a new generation of its AirPods wireless earbuds and a $5-per-month music subscription service. Apple today introduced HomePod mini in three new colors, as well as the Apple Music Voice Plan which is designed around Siri, and the third generation of AirPods. AppleApple’s two new high-powered chips are called the M1 Pro and the M1 Max. The company has already placed a first-generation in-house-designed M1 chip into some MacBooks as well as its Mac Mini and iMac desktop machines. Meanwhile, Apple’s new AirPods are sweat- and water-resistant for use with workouts and will have some sound features previously found in the higher-end AirPods Pro, Apple said during the launch event.
Vermont high school's halftime show is a drag pageant
A Vermont high school homecoming football game turned into a “drag ball" runway at halftime, with a mix of students and faculty members parading in gowns, wigs and makeup — and a big crowd in rainbow colors to cheer them on. “Things went amazing," Ezra Totten, student leader of the Gender Sexuality Alliance at Burlington High School, said of Friday night's event, which also included participants from South Burlington High School. People participate in the "drag ball" halftime show at Burlington High School on Friday, Oct. 15, 2021, in Burlington, Vt. The event was part of that school's homecoming and was sponsored by the Gender Sexuality Alliance from Burlington and South Burlington high schools. People watch the "drag ball" halftime show at Burlington High School on Oct. 15, 2021, in Burlington, Vt. Fritz Senftleber via APLeValley joined students on the runway, dressed in a Shakespearean burgundy gown and a wig.
Pence group backs coach at Supreme Court in school prayer case
The case, Kennedy v. Bremerton School District, seems highly likely to be granted review because when the Supreme Court turned the case down in 2019 four justices signed a statement that appeared to raise doubts about the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision in favor of the school district. The 9th Circuit panel said the school's actions in terminating Kennedy were justified based on concerns that his conduct violated the Constitution's guarantee against establishment of religion. The brief from Pence's group echoes language in Kennedy's petition filed with the Supreme Court last month blasting the appeals court's decision as "egregiously wrong." Scott Walker (R-Wis.), and a group that often backs social and religious conservatives at the high court, the Alliance Defending Freedom. Pence's group has previously filed briefs with the high court in two other cases it is set to hear argument on in December: Mississippi's 15-week abortion ban and a case from Maine about use of state tuition subsidies at sectarian schools.
Ex-MEP Roberto Gualtieri on course to be next mayor of Rome
The Democratic Party's Roberto Gualtieri celebrates following the first results in the second round of the Rome mayoral election | Tiziana Fabi/AFP via Getty ImagesROME — The Democratic Party’s Roberto Gualtieri, a former Italian finance minister and MEP, has claimed victory in the race to be Rome’s next mayor. His rival, Enrico Michetti, who was supported by a right-wing coalition of parties, finished first in the first round of voting two weeks ago. But Gualtieri picked up votes in the second round that had initially been divided between several center-left candidates. Low turnout in the outskirts of the city, where the right-wing vote is stronger, further damaged Michetti’s prospects. Gualtieri, a communist in his youth, was a founding member of the Democratic Party in 2007.
EU accused of greenwashing football’s oil and gas sponsors
But Pascoe Sabido from Corporate Europe Observatory called it a “massive own goal” for the EU. UEFA has deep economic ties to the oil and gas industry, with Gazprom a major sponsor of its flagship Champions League competition and several clubs that play in it. Being involved with football is a big plus for companies and countries with controversial records, something that also applies to climate change. A UEFA spokesperson said sports organizations had "a responsibility to use their platforms to raise awareness of the urgent need to tackle the climate emergency." Von der Leyen is "telling people that we tackle climate change by turning off the lights, rather than ending our addiction to fossil gas," said Sabido.
EU’s ambassador to UK to meet queen as status row put to bed
LONDON — The post-Brexit cold war between the U.K. and EU will thaw a little Tuesday as the bloc's ambassador to London has his status confirmed in a meeting with the queen. It formally resolves a row that erupted last winter, when the U.K. government refused to grant João Vale de Almeida full diplomatic recognition. On a visit to Buckingham Palace, Vale de Almeida will present his diplomatic credentials to the British ruler, as is standard diplomatic practice. The lunchtime ceremony officially confirms his status, which was the subject of much ill-feeling between Britain and the EU last year. British officials warned that EU member countries would become effectively demoted if the bloc itself was treated as a state.
Russian plane, engulfed in flames, makes emergency landing in Moscow
A plane belonging to Russian national carrier Aeroflot has landed in flames at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport and unconfirmed reports say at least five people have been injured.May 5, 2019
No longer able to use executive privilege to skirt, Trump deposed in lawsuit over 2015 protest
Former President Donald Trump, under order, answered questions under oath in a lawsuit Monday about allegations that his security guards roughed up protesters outside Trump Tower in New York. NBC News' Tom Winter and New York Law School profession Rebecca Roiphe discuss. Oct. 18, 2021
Editor of Germany’s Bild sacked after report on workplace behavior
The top editor at Bild, Germany’s biggest tabloid, was dismissed Monday, after a New York Times report on allegations that he had behaved inappropriately with female employees. Julian Reichelt, the editor-in-chief, was relieved of his duties “with immediate effect,” according to a statement from media giant Axel Springer, which owns Bild (and also owns POLITICO). Reichelt had “failed to maintain a clear boundary between private and professional matters” and was also “untruthful” to the company’s executive board in this regard, the statement said. The dismissal came after the New York Times reported that Reichelt promoted a junior employee to a high-profile job while he was having an affair with her. His replacement at the helm of Bild is Johannes Boie, editor-in-chief at Welt Am Sonntag, another newspaper owned by Axel Springer.
The Most Popular Movies On Netflix Besides 'The Forgotten Battle'
“The Forgotten Battle” is the most popular movie on Netflix, according to the streaming service’s public ranking system. “The Forgotten Battle” first premiered in the Netherlands in December 2020 and was released on Netflix on Oct. 15. AdvertisementThe second most popular film on the platform right now is “Going in Style” ? the 2017 heist comedy starring Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin. Next in the ranking is the kid-friendly animated special “Sharkdog’s Fintastic Halloween.”Netflix "The Forgotten Battle" on Netflix. And if you want to stay informed about everything joining Netflix each week, subscribe to the Streamline newsletter.
Lentil and Orzo Stew With Roasted Eggplant Recipe
For rich, golden cubes of roasted eggplant, a high-temperature oven is crucial. Here, lentils and pasta make for a hearty stew, and the coriander seeds introduce a robust, clean flavor. Use a mortar and pestle, a spice grinder or the base of a wine bottle to crush the seeds, opening them up before they’re tossed with the eggplant. Serve this stew warm or hot, topped with an aged, salty cheese like ricotta salata or feta, and a soft-poached egg if you like. The lemon zest and juice are essential and enhance the finish.
Lamb, Harissa and Almond Sausage Rolls Recipe
In this sassy twist on a classic sausage roll, the Australian chef Paul Allam of Bourke Street Bakery riffs on North African flavors to create something fragrant, rich and generously spiced. Harissa pastes can vary widely in heat content; Mr. Allam uses a moderately hot homemade paste in his recipe. If your harissa is especially potent, consider using half the amount called for here. —Melissa ClarkFeatured in: A Childhood Favorite Reimagined.
Tuna-Salad Sandwich, Julia Child Style Recipe
This was one of Julia Child’s favorite dishes for a working lunch. For decades, Julia was on the road more than she was home and, when she returned to her beloved kitchen, she craved simple foods. For Julia, the important ingredients for this sandwich were the tuna (it had to be packed in oil) and the mayo (she preferred Hellmann’s). Her longtime assistant, Stephanie Hersh, said, “The rest was up for grabs.” Make it with capers, cornichons and chopped onion, a squirt of lemon juice and some herbs, serve it open-face on an English muffin or between slices of white bread, and you’ll have Julia’s midday signature. —Dorie GreenspanFeatured in: This Tuna Salad Sandwich Is Julia Child Approved Lunch.
Live Updates: Biden Calls Colin Powell a ‘Patriot of Unmatched Honor and Dignity.’
President Biden says Colin Powell embodied ‘the highest ideals of both warrior and diplomat.’ Image Mr. Powell and President Biden worked closely together when Mr. Biden was on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Credit... Paul Hosefros/The New York Times President Biden called Colin Powell a “patriot of unmatched honor and dignity” and ordered government flags to fly at half-staff through Friday. In 2020, Mr. Powell, a longtime Republican who rejected the party under Donald J. Trump, said he would vote for Mr. Biden. Image Colin Powell, left, received an honorary degree in 1994 from the University of the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica. Mr. Powell responded, saying it was “the most difficult decision I have ever made.” “But I am sure it was the right one,” Mr. Powell wrote, in a letter that Mr. Maiella shared on Twitter.
Foxconn unveils prototypes as it pushes to become an electric-car maker.
Foxconn, the Taiwanese electronics giant that assembles Apple’s iPhones, on Monday showed off the first physical fruits of its effort to become a major player in electric vehicles: a luxury sedan, a sport-utility vehicle and a bus. Foxconn has since begun working on hardware elements and software that automakers can use in developing electric cars. It has also signed agreements with start-ups like Fisker and Lordstown Motors to help develop and mass-produce their vehicles. The prototypes Foxconn presented on Monday, which the company has christened Models C, E and T, are templates that clients can refer to when designing their vehicles. Foxconn worked with the Taiwanese carmaker Yulon Motor to develop the prototypes, and Yulon will be the first customer to bring the two companies’ efforts to market.
Opinion | ‘History Will Not Be Kind to Senator Joe Manchin’
To the Editor:Re “Crucial Element of Climate Plan Likely to Be Cut” (front page, Oct. 16):History will not be kind to Senator Joe Manchin, who has arrogated to himself the right to deep-six the clean electricity program in President Biden’s budget bill. Mr. Manchin, of course, represents West Virginia, where coal is king. Benjamin Clay JonesKalamazoo, Mich.To the Editor:I lived in West Virginia from 1971 to 1996. Few politicians in West Virginia history have held as much power for as many years as Joe Manchin. And the floods that annually ravage his beloved West Virginia, well, Joe has a yacht to keep him high and dry no matter how miserable life may be for the citizens he serves.
Atlantic hurricane season has gone to sleep. Will it awaken?
On Monday morning, the National Hurricane Center’s forecast depicted a map devoid of any outlook areas, the center writing that “tropical cyclones formation is not expected during the next 5 days.” The same was true in the central Pacific, and only one system in the eastern Pacific west of Guatemala has even a remote chance of development, and those prospects are low.
Iraq War role was a stain on Powell’s record — one he openly said he regretted
Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, echoed that point in praising Powell. “He leaves behind an admirable legacy that encompasses not only his many achievements, but also his great courage and resolve to always speak truth to power, stand up for what's right, and take responsibility for his mistakes,” he said in a statement.
Justice Department asks Supreme Court to stop Texas abortion law
Usually in challenging abortion restrictions, opponents seek to enjoin government officials from enforcing laws that violate constitutional protections. But the Texas law is enforced by private citizens rather than the state government. Any individual can sue anyone who helps a woman get an abortion after cardiac activity is detected in the womb. Successful lawsuits would result in an award of at least $10,000 to the person who filed the complaint.
Opinion : America’s ‘troubled teen industry’ is broken — and needs accountability
When I was 16 years old, I was awakened one night by two men with handcuffs. They asked if I wanted to go “the easy way or the hard way” before carrying me from my home as I screamed for help. I had no idea why or where I was being taken against my will. I soon learned I was being sent to hell.
The prospect of a speedy real estate deal compounds some Surfside families’ grief
The tension between compensating survivors who lost their homes and families whose relatives lost their lives is playing out in the community as well as in a Miami courtroom. Lawsuits were filed almost immediately after the Champlain Towers South fell in the predawn hours of June 24, sheared in half for reasons that are still unknown. Miami-Dade County Circuit Judge Michael A. Hanzman held the first hearing the following week — even as rescue and then recovery teams were searching the site. Not until July 26 would the remains of the 98th victim finally be identified.
The U.S. doesn’t need more nuclear weapons to counter China’s new missile silos
For the sake of argument, assume that targeting each individual silo with a nuclear weapon is desirable and necessary. At present, there are about 270 apparent silos observable in the three silo fields. If the third field grows to match the others, they will total about 350. Using the historical standard of targeting each missile silo with two warheads (to account for possible launch failures), this works out to about 700 warheads needed. This number is about half of the 1,550 accountable warheads allowed to the United States under the terms of the New START Treaty, so it’s considerable, but not unmanageable.
Texas doctor: What abortion law is doing to my patients
Dr. Amna Dermish is an abortion care provider and regional medical director at Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas. (CNN) I am an Ob-Gyn who has been providing abortions in Texas for eight years. Since September 1, my staff and I have been forced to comply with an extreme abortion ban -- SB 8 -- that has blocked patients from getting an abortion at approximately six weeks of pregnancy, before many patients know they are pregnant. She did not want to delay her appointment for fear that she would be unable to get an abortion under the new law. There are so many stories of people whose lives have been damaged by this draconian law.
France wins UEFA Nations League as VAR decision leaves Spain frustrated
(CNN) France came from behind to defeat Spain and claim the UEFA Nations League on Sunday thanks to goals from Karim Benzema and Kylian Mbappé. The 2-1 victory at the San Siro in Milan sees France become the second country to win the Nations League as Spain's players were left frustrated by Mbappé's contentious winner. Mikel Oyarzabal had opened the scoring in the second half when he finished off Sergio Busquets' pass, but France equalized moments later as Karim Benzema fired a wonderful, curling shot into the top corner past Unai Simón. Then with 10 minutes remaining, Mbappé got behind Spain's defensive line and calmly finished past Simón -- a goal that was allowed to stand following a video assistant referee (VAR) review.
France and Bayern Munich defender Lucas Hernández given deadline to enter prison
(CNN) France and FC Bayern Munich defender Lucas Hernández has until October 28 to voluntarily enter prison after breaking a restraining order in 2017. The 25-year-old was sentenced to six months in prison by a Madrid court last week for breaking a restraining order following a 2017 conviction of domestic violence against his then-girlfriend and now wife, Amelia de la Osa Lorente. Hernández appeared in a Madrid court on Monday and now has 10 days to voluntarily begin his six month sentence. Neither FC Bayern Munich nor Hernández's lawyers have responded to CNN's request for comment. Hernández had been given two previous criminal sentences in relation to the February 2017 incident.
10 Epic MLB Playoff Records That Will Never Be Broken
0 of 10Nick Laham/Getty ImagesRecords were meant to be broken, but there are some MLB postseason records that have a great chance of standing the test of time. From the way pitchers are utilized to the level of leaguewide parity in today's game that makes frequent trips to the postseason and World Series more difficult for teams, the game's evolution over the years has made a handful of records look essentially untouchable. Never say never, but the 10 postseason records that follow are as close to unbreakable as it gets in a sport where it's always wise to expect the unexpected.
After a year of cancellations, some HBCUs welcome homecoming
For Black colleges, homecoming brings about a sense of nostalgia, or a place to relive fond memories, said Ty Couey, president of the National Historically Black Colleges and Universities Alumni Associations Foundation. Duke Ellington Radical Elite Show Band gives an impromptu performance on campus after the Howard University Homecoming Parade in Washington on Oct., 12, 2019. Marvin Joseph / The Washington Post via Getty Images fileMany historically Black colleges opted to welcome back homecoming, in many cases with alumni, albeit in limited forms. At Delaware State University, homecoming on Saturday will also coincide with the university’s 130th anniversary. Texas Southern University officials said they were deliberate in their planning for homecoming, which took place earlier this month.
What is '12-3-30'? The walking treadmill routine helped TikToker lose 30 pounds
“I’m not a runner, and running on the treadmill was not working for me,” Giraldo told TODAY via email. “I started playing around with the settings, and at the time, my gym’s treadmill had 12 incline as the max. That’s how the combination started.”Anyone who has ever walked an incline on a treadmill knows that it’s much harder than it looks. “I was proud of myself every day for getting on the treadmill and having my ‘me time’ for 30 minutes. “If someone is outdoors and starting their workout program, whether it’s walking, jogging, interval training, don’t look for a hill," said Cardone.
Trump officials being investigated for stealing diplomatic gifts did more than embarrass us
Many of the senior officials in the Trump administration evidently skipped that portion of the protocol class. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, under whose watch this occurred, blamed the “incompetence” of a staff he so ably led. If gifts are purloined by the individuals in charge, they can quickly become a powerful means of exerting personal persuasion on policy matters. Concerns about corruption or exerting undue influence on diplomats also extends to gifts given at home. They forgot that public service and especially foreign service on the world stage is fundamentally not about personal interests.
Luka Doncic, Trae Young, 2018 Rookie Class Set NBA Record $1B in Contract Extensions
Jacob Kupferman/Getty ImagesThe 2018 rookie class set an NBA record for contract extensions after Jaren Jackson Jr.'s four-year, $105 million deal with the Memphis Grizzlies took that draft class over a billion dollars in extension agreements, per ESPN's Bobby Marks. The top overall pick in the 2018 NBA draft, Phoenix's DeAndre Ayton, is the most notable member yet to sign an extension. 2 overall pick Marvin Bagley III to sign a long-term extension with the Sacramento Kings, however:The 22-year-old Doncic is the jewel of the 2018 draft class. He was the 2018-19 Rookie of the Year and is a two-time All-Star and two-time first-team All-NBA selection. But all eyes are on Ayton, who helped lead the Suns to the NBA Finals last season, averaging 14.4 points, 10.5 rebounds and 1.2 blocks per game.
Alabama woman found dead 12 days after going inside police van, authorities say
An Alabama police department is under scrutiny after video showed a woman entering one of its vans nearly two weeks before an officer found her dead inside the vehicle. City cameras captured Christina Nance, 29, going inside the van about 12:30 p.m. Sept. 25, Huntsville Police Deputy Chief Dewayne McCarver told reporters during a news conference on Friday. Nance made it into the van because it was unlocked, which goes against department policy and "shouldn't have happened," McCarver said. People walk near the van,” McCarver said. Investigators have no way of knowing what Nance’s state of mind was before entering the van, and once inside, McCarver said.
Biden administration asks Supreme Court to block Texas abortion ban
Fletcher said that the doctrine of sovereign immunity undercut the abortion providers’ case but poses no obstacle to the suit filed by the Justice Department last month. The New Orleans-based 5th Circuit Court of Appeals plans to hold oral arguments on the Texas law in December, right around the time the Supreme Court is set to take up Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban and the fate of the nearly-half-century-old precedent guaranteeing abortion rights, Roe vs. Wade. The high court is likely to act in the coming days or weeks on the latest request to freeze enforcement of Texas’ ban. Texas’s abortion ban took effect Sept. 1 after the justices failed to rule on the abortion providers’ emergency motion before the law’s effective date. The justices’ decision not to step in last month made Texas the first state to implement a ban on abortion early in pregnancy since the Supreme Court found a constitutional right to the procedure in 1973.
Vanessa Bryant Asked To Take Psych Test In Suit Over Crash Photos
Los Angeles County is demanding that Vanessa Bryant and others undergo psychiatric evaluations in order to prove emotional distress over leaked photos of the scene where Bryant’s husband, Kobe Bryant, their daughter and seven others died in a helicopter crash. The victims’ family members say sheriff’s deputies violated their civil rights and privacy, and inflicted emotional distress, by taking and sharing photos of the January 2020 crash. The photos were not shared publicly, and authorities have said the photos have since been deleted. AdvertisementLos Angeles County argued Friday in a California Superior Court filing that Bryant and the family of the other crash victims need to complete a medical examination. Her husband, who played for the Los Angeles Lakers, and their 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, were among those who died in the helicopter crash.
Biden quietly deciding how to restart student loan payments
More than 40 million federal student loan borrowers have benefited from the Education Department’s pause on interest and monthly payments that began in March 2020. The Biden administration most recently extended the relief through the end of January, which officials have insisted was the last reprieve. The Education Department declined to comment directly on its plans to restart federal student loan payments. "In the coming months, we will release more details about our plans and will engage directly with federal student loan borrowers to ensure they have the resources they need." Some Democrats are also continuing to press the Biden administration to use executive authority to cancel up to $50,000 of outstanding federal student loan debt per borrower.
Disney Delays ‘Indiana Jones 5,’ ‘Black Panther 2’ Releases
The Walt Disney Co. is pushing back the release dates of many of its upcoming titles, including the untitled Indiana Jones movie and the Black Panther sequel “Wakanda Forever.”The company said Monday that the fifth Indiana Jones, a James Mangold-directed and Steven Spielberg-produced installment which sees the return of Harrison Ford as the adventurous archaeologist, will be delayed almost a year and open in theaters in June 2023. Advertisement“Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” has also been pushed several months, from July 2022 to November 2022. Both films are currently in production.
What happened to the GOP legislators who participated in Jan. 6?
The Donald Trump supporters who participated in Jan. 6 had a variety of different backgrounds, but there was one group that stood out: While no members of Congress attacked their own workplace, several elected state legislators were on hand for the insurrectionist violence. The then-president added those who participated in Jan. 6 "defiled the seat of American democracy." It happened gradually, but Republicans who set out to rewrite the story of Jan. 6 have succeeded, at least with their target audience. It's the same thinking that leads Trump to celebrate those who committed acts of political violence. It's also the same thinking that leads GOP members of Congress to characterize Jan. 6 participants as innocent tourists who are being unfairly persecuted.
It's crunch time for the Democrats' Build Back Better agenda
For Democratic leaders, the original plan was to reach a compromise agreement on the Build Back Better agenda last month, then pass the bipartisan infrastructure package that cleared the Senate several weeks earlier. Toplines and Price Tags: No one seriously believes a $3.5 trillion package over the next 10 years is going to pass. There's scuttlebutt about packages ranging from $1.9 trillion to $2.5 trillion, but there's been little clarity about the final target. Differences between Manchin and Sinema: Manchin is on board with rolling back ineffective GOP tax breaks, but Sinema is not. Manchin has endorsed putting Medicare drug negotiations in the bill, but Sinema reportedly remains skeptical.
Colin Powell suffered from blood cancer that left him immunocompromised
Dr. Uché Blackstock explains how Colin Powell's immunocompromised status contributed to his death due to Covid complications even though he was fully vaccinated and the ongoing importance of vaccines. Oct. 18, 2021
Colin Powell: A Failed Opportunist
In one of our first investigative projects, Norman Solomon and I examined the real story of Colin Powell. My LaiOn July 27, 1968, Major Colin Powell returned to Vietnam to serve as an executive officer at an outpost at Duc Pho. Gen. Colin Powell became military assistant to Secretary Weinberger, top Pentagon players quickly learned that Powell was more than Weinberger’s coat holder or calendar keeper. A Press FavoriteIn 1994-95, back in private life, Colin Powell was still remembered as the confetti-covered hero of Desert Storm. In its Oct. 10, 1994, issue, the magazine posed the hyperbolic query: “Can Colin Powell Save America?” Not to be outdone, Time endorsed Powell as the “ideal candidate” for president.
October 18, 2021 – Consortiumnews
An article in the NYT Magazine tells us how the CIA helped cook the evidence to invade Iraq and why Colin Powell should have resigned rather than go along with it. Read more ?
SCOTT RITTER: Powell & Iraq—Regime Change, Not Disarmament: The Fundamental Lie
Regime change, not disarmament, was always the driving factor behind U.S. policy towards Saddam Hussein. Regime change, not disarmament, was always the driving factor behind U.S. policy towards Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. Regime change was the only policy objective of three successive U.S. presidential administrations—Bush 41, Clinton, and Bush 43. I spent a considerable amount of time impressing upon him the reality of regime change as a policy, and the fact that the WMD disarmament issue existed for the sole purpose of facilitating regime change. By 2002 the WMD narrative that had been used to support and sustain this regime change policy was weakening.
JOE LAURIA: Powell & Iraq—How One Resignation May Have Stopped the Disastrous Invasion
Mr. Powell left no room to argue seriously that Iraq has accepted the Security Council’s offer of a “final opportunity” to disarm. He had just heard Blix practically destroy any hope of the second resolution being passed by the Security Council. Powell ordered officials to gather together the ‘E10’, the 10 elected members of the Security Council. After his speech, at the press stakeout outside the Security Council chamber, I asked de Villepin what could be done to stop the war. Powell’s response to this possible scenario was:“But I knew I didn’t have any choice,” Powell told me.
Why I blame Joe Biden for making Trump a folk hero, because of what we learned in grade school.
If consequences for criminal behavior are too late in coming, the case gets diluted and memories get altered. Gentlemen Joe and Merrick, afraid to look too political and hoping the Biden “agenda” would wash out much of Trumpism, failed to strike while the iron was hot. Sure: to prosecute a criminal case on the basis of political gain, is indeed a miscarriage of justice. To FAIL to prosecute a criminal, on the basis of political concerns, is ALSO a miscarriage of Justice. And screw the fair play hesitation with eliminating the filibuster to get the fair voting passed; Republicans would do it in a heartbeat when it serves them.
Sen. KAINE Fights Anti-Black Casino in Richmond
SENATOR KAINE DEFIES VIRGINIA ESTABLISHMENT: JOINS FIGHT AGAINST EXPLOITATIVE ANTI-BLACK RICHMOND CASINOI write today to ask you to Join the fight to stop the $$exploitation of poor and working class families, predominantly Black families, in my City of Richmond, Virginia. 36 years, I sadly have to report that the Virginia Democratic Party Leadership, including the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus, is doing it again. (1) $300 million is equal to the total yearly utility bills of everyone in Richmond, the highest in the region. (2) $300 million is more than the total annual property taxes paid in Richmond, the highest property taxes in the region. But I am a realist: Every Black state legislator from Richmond is backing the Casino, the NAACP has endorsed the Casino, gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe too, as well as the Mayor of Richmond.
Cheers and Jeers: Monday
And now, our feature presentation…-Cheers and Jeers for Monday, October 18, 2021Note: Since it's Monday, I'm just gonna phone it in today. JEERS to bad book learnin'. Speaking of education, 42 years ago this week, in 1979, President Jimmy Carter signed legislation creating the Department of Education. Anyway, happy birthday to all the hard workers at the Education Department. -Today's Shameless C&J Testimonial A teenager in Liberia who has become a national hero after finding the Cheers and Jeers kiddie pool and returning it to its rightful owner said he will meet Bill in Portland Maine next week.
Cartoon: A very Sparky Halloween
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Colin Powell Dies "of COVID Complications"
Colin Powell, the former Secretary of State who made false statements to the UN Security Council to start the Iraq War, has died. Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell has died aged 84 of Covid-19 complications, his family has announced. He was a former top military officer who rose to become the first African-American secretary of state in 2001 under Republican George W Bush. "We have lost a remarkable and loving husband, father, grandfather and a great American," a statement said. He had been fully vaccinated
Colin Powell dead from Covid
The former Secratary of State, Colin Powell has died from complications from Covid. He was 84 years old. According to his family, he was receiving care at Walter Reed National Medical Center and was fully vaccinated. His career was stained with his participation in lying the USA into an unjust war. At least he publicly left the Republican party due to the Insurrection.
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365 Days of Climate Awareness 69
A basic concept is the "carbon footprint", and like any system analysis, a primary question is howThree scopes of carbon accounting (per PAS 2060). much to include as part of the system: where to "draw the system boundaries", to use a phrase from thermodynamics. According to the British standard PAS (Products And Services)-2060, published in 2011 and since being adopted internationally, there are three scopes in carbon reporting. This has led to the currently popular concept of "net zero", where a company's carbon dioxide production and consumption are combined into one final net value. The concept is based on the 2015 Paris Accord, to drop global carbon emissions to 45% of 2010 levels by 2030, and to zero net by 2050.
Former Secretary of State, General Colin Powell died this morning
Former Secretary of State, General Colin Powell, dies today of complications from COVID-19 even though fully vaccinated. Colin Powell, dead of COVID-19Watch Politics Done Right TV here. General Colin L. Powell, former U.S. Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, passed away this morning due to complications from Covid 19. The Powell FamilyAmerican historian Jon Mechan had some of the most prescient statements about Colin Powell. That Colin Powell was fully vaccinated and still died from COVID complications should dissuade no one from taking the vaccine.
What's In the Biden Agenda—and What Should Be
Addressing climate change. If we don’t address climate change, and rather urgently, it will start to trigger extinction events. (See …the seven most dangerous things from climate change by Pakalolo for why this is an emergency.) If there isn’t enough money for a $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill, then there isn’t enough money for a $1 trillion infrastructure bill. In doing so, we will rebuild a tattered healthcare system and address deadly climate change that Republicans refuse to challenge.
How to fight voter cynicism
If you ask me for a word to describe the mood as we approach the November 2 election though, I would have to say that word is unfortunately, cynicism. I think much of this cynicism comes from people being tired of the corrosive influence of money in politics and the unchecked influence of big public utility companies directing policy in the General Assembly. Doing so will go a long way in building trust, leveling the playing field and facilitating real progress on environmental issues in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Finally, another way we can improve civic participation is by allowing localities to establish voluntary public financing systems for local elections. This is why we must limit the power of big corporations and take steps to improve participation in our democracy.
Trumps Parallel Universe
The adults paying attention scoffed with indignant, fully justified protest that such a nonsensical statement could be made by a senior elected official. In quantum physics, parallel universe theories have not only been proven theoretically, they frequently appear today in movies, television, and engaging lectures, sparking the public's imagination. No empirical evidence, even the "coup memo"revealed by Bernstein and Costa's book with a "paint-by-the-numbers"plan to incinerate democracy, has moved the needle. The observer effect in quantum physics tell us that observing a situation changes it based on our observation of it. Lastly, we need to recruit progressive billionaires and leaders of commerce and industry to set about acquiring broadcast-media outlets across the nation.
Tomgram: Rebecca Gordon, The Curse of Cassandra
Take Chalmers Johnson , writing as January 2003 began, months before the Bush administration’s March invasion of Iraq (“ Mission accomplished! As it happens, she writes movingly about Barbara Lee as the Cassandra of our time. Rebecca Gordon ByFor decades, I kept a poster on my wall that I’d saved from the year I turned 16. Although Tiger was written in the 1930s, between the two world wars, it could just as easily have appeared in 1968. All too many of us sensed just what was coming as soon as the bombing and invasion of Afghanistan began.
“Unfreedom of the Press”: I read it so you don’t have to #3
Mark R. Levin, Unfreedom of the Press (New York, et al. Levin is critical of the mainstream press because its ideology does not allow it to report on Trump objectively. In That Noble Dream, Nozick identifies four periods in the discussion about objectivity within the historical profession. One can certainly argue they overcorrected, but it was clearly led by a desire to good journalism rather than sudden conversion to Trumpism. In discussing the “unfreedom of the press,” Levin never discusses his own role as a journalist.
PA-Sen: John Fetterman (D) Raises Money To Support UAW John Deere Workers Strike For A Fair Contract
Every dollar in the strike fund goes directly to food + supplies for striking John Deere workers across the country. Support the Strike Fund »Look, John Deere is a multi-billion dollar corporation. The John Deere workers who helped make that possible should be able to live in dignity. Can you please chip in to UAW’s strike fund as an act of solidarity? Even $5 will help UAW reach its goal of raising $25,000 into the strike fund to support workers.
18 is Multicultural Diversity Day
Multicultural Diversity There is a story widespread in business circles that illustrates, to them, the importance of having a multicultural workforce. The simple fact is that everything you say, write and/or do is filtered through a great number of perspectives. One such was Prince Eugene of Savoy, who was born on this day in 1663. It is Persons Day in Canada where, on this date in 1929, it was decided that women were persons, fully entitled to participate in government. -On this day in history:-1540 – de Soto's forces destroyed the town of Mabila and killed Tuskaloosa.
Facebook and Other Social Media Sites Challenged to Rein in Climate Disinformation
On Friday a coalition of environmental and tech accountability organizations sent an open letter to leadership of Facebook, Twitter, and other major social media platforms, calling on them to protect their users from the fossil fuel industry’s false advertising climate disinformation. And it’s not like it’s hard to figure out climate denial, either. So not only is it not a study, it also contradicts his claim that EVs are worse everywhere! (And as of 2020, clean energy surpassed coal power globally , making the argument increasingly less true as the transition continues!) And that's exactly why he's the sort of climate disinformation professional who should be kicked off social media.
Cartoon: Curious State of Detachment
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Museums 101: Forest Service Telephones (photo diary)
According to the display:“When the Forest Service was looking for transportable communication options, they initially used commercially-available telephone such as this portable railway phone. According to the display:“The Army Signal Corps first used the Model EE8 portable telephone in 1937 and it continued to be widely used through the Vietnam War. Although they weren’t as powerful as the earlier Forest Service phones, they still had a talking range of about 11 to 17 miles. According to the display:“This was the standard portable phone used by the Forest Service for many years. If the called was trying to contact someone without a howler such as a lookout, the caller would often have to call the howler-equipped ranger station and have the ranger contact the lookout.”More museum exhibit photo toursMuseums 101: Telephone Pioneers Exhibit (photo diary)Museums 101: The General Store in the Presby House Museum (Photo Diary)Museums 101: Ranch and Sawmill (Photo Diary)Museums 101: The Timber Industry on the Oregon Coast (Photo Diary)Museums 101: Japanese glass fishing floats (photo diary)Museums 101: Sawmill (Photo Diary)Museums 101: Logging Train (Photo Diary)Museums 101: Forest Fires in North Idaho (photo diary)
Rightwing Media Causes Death When "Used As Directed"
The actual answer, though, is pretty straightforward: the psychopaths running the rightwing media ecosystem dominated by Fox “News” and social media, and echoed by 1500 radio stations across the country, have decided people dying and being disabled is both profitable and politically advantageous to them. When Joe Biden was elected president the Republican Party and their joined-at-the-hip rightwing media did a sudden about-face from praising Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” to encouraging their followers to remain unvaccinated so President Biden would struggle to get the economy back on sound footing. It used to be in American business that you knew where the psychopaths were: tobacco. It’s an industry producing a product that, when used as directed, kills around a half-million Americans every year. They’re embracing quack cures promoted on the network and across rightwing media, including hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, giving their viewers the false sense of security that if they get sick with this awful disease there’s a ready cure at hand…so there’s no need to get vaccinated.
TODAY IN CONGRESS: Manchin & Sinema
Getting pissed off at them may make us Progressives feel good, but it does not help and could make matters worse. I think Greg Dworkin has it right in this Morning's APR when he said:Senator Manchin has all the cards to play because of a 50-50 senate. But the truth is you need more than the number we have now to get what we think is better. Get all House Progressives to back the compromise and put the House 9 member Sabotage Squad to vote it up or down. Schumer then could try to put it on the floor and make Manchin and Sinema face the music.
Solving problems in the kitchen with Spanky and Ivanka
Besides, he spends all his time playing with the swords MBS gave him, he seems to have stopped reading now that you aren’t assigning him tasks. You know, he still thinks he stopped the Israel-Palestine conflict.”Spanky laughs, “Twenty-five books he read. The cleaning staff are getting tired of shampooing the carpets, and I am getting tired of running him to the hospital for stitches. Just pees thru it.”“We have to sell the hotel, don’t forget you and the boys own a piece of it too. You’d screw a pile of rocks if you thought there was a snake in it, wouldn’t you?”
At Risk of Collapse
Around the country, hospitals continue to stretch workers to the breaking point and put the entire health care system at risk. They’re not going to get their hands dirty.”The pandemic exacerbated staffing shortages that plagued hospitals, nursing homes and other health care facilities long before COVID-19. That’s fueling widespread burnout and fatigue, and it’s forcing a growing number of health care workers to escalate their fights for fair treatment and patient safety. “That’s not OK. It’s disrespectful and an outrage to health care workers everywhere. Yet, like Garzon and Gomez, Anklam found herself fighting to preserve workers’ hard-earned benefits during contract negotiations with ungrateful executives.
How are COVID-19 vaccines like cellphones?
Cell phones seemed to working out for other people, and I heard that they could save lives. The biggest practical reason for me not to get a cell phone was the expense. Cell phones just weren’t for me, they were for the Gordon Geckos and the Valley Girls of the world. Even as late as 2004, I had yuppie friends who stayed true to their rural Midwestern roots and refused to get cell phones. If there was a well-funded and organized effort to deter us from getting a cell phone, I didn’t know about it.
West Coast Cookbook & Speakeasy Daily Special, River City Hash Mondays
West Coast Cookbook & Speakeasy is Now Open! 8am-9am PT/ 11am-Noon ET for our especially special Daily Specials; River City Hash Mondays! Starting off in the Bistro Cafe, Col Vindman noted that Trump has not been held accountable for his attempts to steal the 2020 presidential election, and 'he should suffer the consequences.' All that and more, on West Coast Cookbook & Speakeasy with Chef de Cuisine Justice Putnam. The Netroots Radio Live Player
Democrats held hostage by Dems. Right-Wing IRS lies dispelled. Buttigieg shines. RIP Colin Powell
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg tells truth about the private sector and more. The private sector dropped the ball. The private sector dropped the ball. That Colin Powell was fully vaccinated and still died from COVID complications should dissuade no one from taking the vaccine. Podcasts: Politics Done Right | Egberto Off The RecordLive Video: Facebook Live | Youtube Live | Periscope | Twitchy Books, "NEW!
Public health experts urge CDC to end 'pseudoscientific and discriminatory' Title 42 policy
That news has been welcomed by border region businesses that have depended on Mexican customers for their survival. “The Title 42 order helps to fuel this rhetoric,” the experts said. “As part of its public health mandate, the CDC should dismantle tropes that present migrants as vectors of disease rather than promote them. “When public health policy is subverted to serve political agendas, or to exclude, control, or discriminate against certain groups, we are all at risk,” they continue. But that policy change raised a major discrepancy: Tourists can visit for a day of shopping, but vulnerable people can’t exercise their asylum rights?
Daily Kos Elections Live Digest: 10
Welcome to the Daily Kos Elections Live Digest, your liveblog of all of today's campaign news. Please note: The Live Digest is a 2016 and 2020 Democratic presidential primary-free space. It’s also a place to discuss elections, not policy. Sign up here to receive the Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest in your inbox each weekday.
Daily Kos Elections 3Q 2021 House fundraising reports roundup
Iowa Democrat Liz Mathis was one of the top fundraising House challengers in the third quarter of 2021. Quarterly fundraising reports for federal candidates covering the period from July 1 to Sept. 30 were due at the Federal Elections Commission on Oct. 15 at 12:00 AM ET. Below is our chart of fundraising numbers for every House incumbent (excluding those who’ve said they’re retiring) and any notable announced or potential candidates. You can also view this chart in spreadsheet form here. In addition, we’ve put together a companion chart for the Senate.
The 'QAnon' movement is struggling to hide its antisemitic, neo-Nazi roots
Whether they can be reformed once they've gone down that rabbit hole is a subject for others to engage. The movement itself, however, has been drifting back to the rawer antisemitism that first crafted it. And yes, this is the "QAnon" provocateur with enough clout to collect Republican candidates from across the nation. VICE reports that other QAnon figures have similarly embraced the film, though none as prominent as Sabal has been. It's probably not surprising that the Republican slide into fascism could not help but stoke the same antisemitic sentiments that past versions have relied on.
A man died today.
It was a blot on my record...A man died today. A man died today...As of 07/19/21, 4,431 Americans died because of the actions of that man. But, you do ALL know the name of the man who died today. You don’t know how many Iraqis have died, as NO ONE knows how many have died… why don’t we know? The man who died today is not alone in his sins with regards to Iraq, and there is no hell that will ever burn hot enough to cleanse that man, and the others; of their sins.
Best-selling Author Sally Rooney Attacked for Supporting Boycott, Divestments and Sanctions Movement
Sally Rooney, the 30-year-old best-selling author of three novels, must have known how it was going to go when she refused an Israeli publishing firm’s request to produce a Hebrew translation of her new novel, “Beautiful World, Where Are You,” in support of the Boycott, Divestments and Sanctions (BDS) movement. The attacks have been vicious, aimed at Rooney’s integrity, intelligence, and her Irish background. "There is something inherently flawed with an intellectual who refuses to engage in conversation, and instead supports the silencing of opinion." In addition, a spokesperson for the Israeli Embassy in Dublin said: “We are disappointed by Sally Rooney’s decision. “While I don’t agree with all aspects of the BDS movement, support for it is a principled and defensible position motivated in the majority of people by genuine concern for human rights,” he said.
Political scientist turned Democratic congressman will retire after 17 terms in North Carolina
The Tennessee native, who went to North Carolina for college, first arrived on Capitol Hill in 1963 as an aide to Alaska’s first U.S. senator, Democrat Bob Bartlett. Price went on to get his doctorate in political science and teach at Yale in Connecticut, where his wife successfully ran for local office, before returning to the Tar Heel State in 1973 to work at Duke. The ex-congressman went back to teaching but was hardly done with politics, and he soon sought a rematch with the new incumbent. While both sides saw a close race just weeks ahead of Election Day, Price ended up reclaiming his seat in a 54-44 landslide. And so I reluctantly did that [and] found out that I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would.”
Daily Kos Elections 3Q 2021 Senate fundraising reports roundup
Florida Democrat Val Demings, who is running against Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, was the top fundraising Senate challenger in the third quarter of 2021. Quarterly fundraising reports for federal candidates covering the period from July 1 to Sept. 30 were due at the Federal Elections Commission on Oct. 15 at 12:00 AM ET. Below is our chart of fundraising numbers for every Senate incumbent up for reelection this cycle (excluding those who’ve said they’re retiring) and any notable announced or potential candidates. You can also view this chart in spreadsheet form here. In addition, we’ve put together a companion chart for the House.
Manchin and Sinema blackmail the Biden Administration
Senator Manchin and Sinema suffer from the same sociopathic narcissism that Trump and the current leadership of the Republican Party do; only they know what is best for the people and, they are the messiahs of the faith. Manchin and Sinema are counting on support from Republicans to win their seat in 2022 (Manchin) and 2024 (Sinema). Most of the so-called moderate Democrats in both Houses will lose their seats in 2022. Manchin will try to jump to the Republican Party but he will lose big time in his re-election bid in 2022; WV Democrats will vote against him and Republicans will vote for a real Republican in 2022. Sinema will suffer an even more ignominious defeat in 2024 and, irony of ironies will go back to her day job of teaching politics and law at the University of Arizona.
Justice Department asks Supreme Court to block Texas' 6-week abortion ban
DOJ sued Texas over the law. Texas says the DOJ can’t intervene in this particular state matter, and that the first judge Pitman can’t interfere in the law being administered. Any justice who gave lip service to respecting precedent must now use this suit to shoot down the law for good. The justices could act at any time, although they are likely to ask for a response from Texas. Normally, once they get the response, the Justice Department has a chance to reply before the court issues an order in the case.
How Should Iraqis Remember Colin Powell?
Colin Powell willingly served a neocon administration that lied about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction and Iraq playing a role in 9/11. His contorted regrets for presenting fake evidence to the UN came only after the foreign policy establishment viewed the Iraq war as a failure. It has nothing to do with the any remorse for the hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis he helped to murder. Powell represented an imperial American war machine. I won’t pay my respects to this man, who served American empire in its mass murder of brown people around the world.
Climate change has made Lake Tahoe terminal and altered the way salmon spawn this year
UC Davis has been monitoring Lake Tahoe since 1958 and annually releases a “State of the Lake” report highlighting its conditions. This year’s report sounds the alarm on the damage climate change will continue to do to Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is presently on a downswing in water levels and, according to Schladow, that’s the way it’s mostly been since last year. If conditions stay dry, many of the 63 streams flowing into Lake Tahoe could become blocked by sandbars. Though Kokanee salmon were introduced to Lake Tahoe by humans in 1944, the fish are a vital part of the region’s economy, drawing tourists and sports fishermen alike.
Moondai Furkids: Strike While the Iron is Hot
It's a laydown strikeIn solidarity with the current nationwide mass resignation/strikeout, the boys have gone on strike for better service, moar treats and more frequent cuddles. We here at Casa Rose support all critters and hoomans who have quit their jobs for better working conditions. Moar treats. Moar treats. Here at Casa Rose we salute you!
Knocking Knock-tober Out of the Park! Flipping a Republican District!
Virginia Democratic Candidate for House of Delegates 88th District Kecia Evans and some of her endorsements. Kecia Evans is the Democratic Nominee running for the House of Delegate seat in District 88. After 20 years, this Republican District spanning across Fredericksburg City, Fauquier County, Stafford County, and Spotsylvania County is flippable and ready to receive its first women delegate in history. Therefore, WE CAN flip this Republican District. The Republican opponent had $33,755 for an Ending Balance on Sept. 30, 2021.
Pope Francis calls on powerful institutions to make structural changes to better serve humanity
Pope Francis on Saturday delivered a speech that demanded powerful institutions, private and public, change their ways of operating to better serve humanity. Dear social poets This is what I like to call you: social poets. You are social poets, because you have the ability and the courage to create hope where there appears to be only waste and exclusion. This is good human living that puts us in harmony with all humanity, with all creation. The popular movements are not only social poets but also collective Samaritans.
This Enemy of My Enemy Is Not My Friend: Beware the Trojan Elephant
She indicated her group’s efforts were to BOTH get more moderate Republicans to vote for moderate Democrats AND get more moderate Democrats to vote for moderate Republicans. In other words, this is about saving the increasingly feckless moderate Republicans and any moderate Democratic politicians who enable their bad behavior. Here are the facts:The Republican party has been undermining (or trying to undermine) all things public for over 50 years. In addition, too many moderate Democrats have been part of the stalling and excuse making rather than the problem solving, i.e., good governing. But unfortunately, it may be an absolutely essential intermediate step in creating a country with more than one responsive and responsible political party.
NV-Sen: Adam Laxalt (R) Had To Go To Court Over The Weekend To Face His Russian/Giuliani Problem
Here’s some more info:Mr. Laxalt’s testimony illustrated how thoroughly Mr. Parnas appeared to have installed himself in Mr. Trump’s orbit. Mr. Laxalt was a co-chair of Mr. Trump’s 2020 campaign in Nevada and he supported an effort to overturn Mr. Trump’s loss there. A pattern emerged, in which Mr. Laxalt asked Mr. Parnas about donations, and Mr. Parnas provided responses that were short on commitment. “Are you going to deliver on this fund-raiser,” Mr. Laxalt texted Mr. Parnas at one point. Mr. Laxalt testified that he encountered Mr. Parnas at a rally for Mr. Trump in Elko, Nev.
Live from the GNR Newsroom: The Monday Good News Roundup
Welcome back to the Monday Good News Roundup, your source for all things wonderful and hopeful, at the time you need them the most: the beginning of the work week. But before we fall to fall, its time to fall into some good news stories, special thanks to my crew of Killer300 and Bhu who always work hard to get the news stories we need. As estimated by OFV, sales of all-electric cars increased by roughly 46 percent compared to the previous September. But it’s good reason to challenge skeptical takes that regurgitate old arguments that have been proven wrong again and again. Like I said, saving the world is easier and cheaper every day, and we need to make sure the people know it.
What a Mess
Being the only sister the family expects me to step up and take care of all problems. I just need to vent a bit. In one of his last trips to the hospital the EMTs were talking about whether he wanted to go to the hospital. The EMTs took Reid to the hospital without letting me know that is what they were going to do. There is no one I can ask to take care of Reid so I can get out.
Sit Down For This One: Anti-Vaxxer Florida School Requiring 30 Day Quarantine-FOR BEING Vaccinated!
It is not live virus. “What happens 30 days after they get vaccinated? That’s science fiction, not even science fiction because it’s pure fiction.”So as you can see, pharamaceutical companies did not try to combat the spread of covid-19 by using live virus. So kids can get vaccinated and ruin their school year, or maybe they could get their money back. There needs to be a clause that reads,“If you think this school is run by idiots, let us know within 30 days for a full refund.”They say the children will lead.
Buttigieg schools Chuck Todd: Private sector made supply chain fiasco. Biden not waiting on market.
In his folksy manner, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg schooled Chuck Todd by putting supply chain discourse in the proper context. Supply chain problem is a private sector failWatch Politics Done Right TV here. Many on the right would like to blame the supply chain failure on the Biden administration. Pete Buttigieg did not allow Chuck Todd to go unanswered as he implied that the Biden administration had dropped the ball with supply chain problems. The Biden administration is not waiting for the mythical market to respond.
Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: The contours of the ask come into focus
Or, conversely, can it afford to wait to address large social, environmental and economic problems that will accrue costs for years to come? Manchin himself helped craft it, so he wouldn’t want it to die in a filibuster — would he? x “I can unequivocally say [it was] the best decision we ever made.”^^^a Texas CEO on implementing a vaccine requirement. But new research shows governors in states without vaccine mandates — or where they’ve outright prohibited such a requirement — have “significantly lower” approval ratings for their handling of Covid-19. But spotting one headline about a rare-but-tragic air accident might bring up fears that no amount of data can sway.
MAGA Twitter Is Going Nuts With Colin Powell Being Fully Vaxxed. Let's Explain This Right Now.
What they are doing right now is flooding Twitter with a bunch of hot garbage of how “if General Powell was fully vaxxed, the vaccines don’t work.”One, as we know the vaccines will not be 100 percent effective. General Powell had a specific condition that made his body significantly less able to fight infections. General Powell had multiple myeloma, a blood cell cancer that is almost a worst case scenario for fighting infections. The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) was honored to have General Colin L. Powell (Ret.) General Colin L. Powell (Ret.)
Morning Digest: Megadonor boosts ex-NFL player's GOP primary bid against veteran Arkansas senator
Uihlein, for his part, is no stranger to picking fights with the GOP establishment, as he proved in 2018 when he financed Illinois state Rep. Jeanne Ives' nearly successful intra-party campaign against Gov. ? IL Redistricting: Democrats in Illinois' legislature released a proposed congressional map on Friday, an aggressive gerrymander that would aim to elect 14 Democrats and just three Republicans. Despite its many snake-like districts, however, several districts would be tenuous for Democrats during strong GOP years, particularly the 3rd, 14th, and 17th. Governors? OR-Gov: Conservative Democratic state Sen. Betsy Johnson announced Thursday that she was finally making good on her long-running threat to run for governor as an independent. On the GOP side, both Catanese and state Rep. Jason Nemes name-drop state Sen. Julie Raque Adams as a possibility, though she did not respond to Watkins' inquiries.
Colin Powell, first Black U.S. secretary of state, has died at 84 of complications from COVID-19
Born in Harlem, New York, to Jamaican parents, Powell was a retired four-star general who served in multiple administrations. And so on that basis, I called myself a Republican,” Powell said during a lecture. They would not stand up and tell the truth or stand up and criticize him or criticize others," Powell told Zakaria. A four-star general, the first Black US Secretary of State, and an NAACP Spingarn Medal recipient. x The fact that Colin Powell died from a breakthrough COVID infection raises new concerns about how effective vaccines are long-term.
Tentative deal averts IATSE strike ... for now
The deal, as described by IATSE, would guarantee workers 10-hour rest periods each day, 54-hour weekend breaks, “improved wages and working conditions for streaming,” retroactive 3% annual raises, and increased penalties to be paid when workers are forced to miss meal breaks. But in the process of gearing up for a strike, many members realized they needed more. As for the John Deere workers who did reject the tentative deal their leadership brought to them, they remain on strike. Workers also remain on strike at South Buffalo Mercy Hospital, Kellogg cereal, Heaven Hill Distillery, St. Vincent Hospital, Warrior Met Coal, and more. And more than 20,000 health care workers at Kaiser Permanente in California have authorized a strike.
'Sadly reached a turning point': Groups leave Biden admin meeting in protest of anti-asylum policy
In urging the Biden administration back in Sept. to reissue a memo terminating the policy, El Paso Rep. Veronica Escobar and New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez wrote, “The horrors of MPP are well-documented. But in August, a federal judge appointed by the previous administration ruled the Biden administration unlawfully ended the policy. The Biden administration said following the Supreme Court’s decision that it would again try to end the policy, but nothing has been issued yet. "- @WelcomeWDignityhttps://t.co/DSWOcQBfTS — Center for the Children of Immigrants (@KidsImmigration) October 18, 2021Advocates who walked out of the call with the Biden administration on Saturday said they did so because they have “sadly reached a turning point,” the statement said. “Border groups, including RAICES attorneys, just walked out of a meeting with the Biden administration in protest of their recent plans to resume the inhumane #MPP program,” the organization said in a tweet Saturday.
Marjorie Taylor Greene's campaign is in bad shape, but Matt Gaetz's is even worse
In Greene's case, she's still bringing in significant cash, but it's how the cash is coming in that's getting alarming. That's big money, but it's mostly big money for the direct mail consultants and others sucking up most of the cash Greene's remaining donors are willing to contribute. It appears that the fringe Republican base has decided that promoting insurrectionist lies is less bad than being an accused sex trafficker, because Gaetz's fundraising has been dismal. Gaetz's fundraising numbers have gone into the red, with $527,000 raised in the last three months on $627,000 of expenses. And it's not like Gaetz can count on the Republican Party to boost his book sales with one of their infamous bulk book buys.
The nation can’t afford two presidents. Biden has to deal with Manchin
Here’s how West Virginia families spent the first monthly payments, according to the West Virginia Center on Budget & Policy: 76.7% of households that spent the payment bought food. Manchin wants the work requirement to discourage what he calls an “entitlement society” of people sponging off the system and refusing to work. “If Manchin is worried about dependency, he should see the value in having the CTC be relatively universal,” Hammond told Sargent. “The CTC expansion represented an influx of nearly $100 billion in new purchasing power for households with children,” Hammond said. Biden has to stop treating Manchin as just another Senate colleague and start treating him as someone he can break politically.
Texas lawmaker wants to let pregnant people drive in the HOV lane for the very worst reason
At a very brief glance, it’s easy to think this bill is one of the few bits of consideration Texas legislators wanted to offer pregnant people in their state. This is probably the logic Cain and those who may support the bill hoped the public would rely on. However, HB 153 is pretty clearly a discreet effort to establish a fetus as a person. And while the bill—surprisingly—doesn’t use the words “woman” or “mother,” I’m willing to bet a pregnant trans man would not have quite as easy a time being pulled over in Texas as a pregnant cis woman. Sign the petition: We support the fight against SB 8 and those leading the charge.
Colin Powell's Own Staff Had Warned Him Against His War Lies
In the wake of WMD-liar Curveball’s videotaped confession, Colin Powell is demanding to know why nobody warned him about Curveball’s unreliability. The event had been advertised as including questions from the floor, but for some reason that plan was revised. Well, it’s a sin of omission, so ultimately Powell could claim he forgot. This claim too is highly questionable and might be subjected to criticism by UN inspection officials.”That didn’t stop Colin. Yet, repeatedly, Powell’s staff warned him that the specific claims he wanted to make were not going to even sound plausible.
Secretary Pete Buttigieg returns from the 'joyful, wonderful, fulfilling work' of parental leave
Buttigieg, on returning to his role as a public voice for the Biden agenda, deftly used his own story to make the case for paid family leave for everyone. “Look, paid family leave is important. It’s wonderful work, but it’s definitely work.”But the fate of paid family leave in the hotly negotiated reconciliation bill remains unclear. Last week, Politico reported that the Senate bill might slash family leave funding by 40% from the House bill. Multiple polls show more than 80% support for paid family leave.
Ute Mountain Ute Tribe, Navajo Nation march five miles to protest the only uranium mill in the U.S.
Despite, the mill’s toxic legacy, Vice President of Energy Fuels Curtis Moore claims the mill presents no danger to the local Utah community. The Ute Mountain Ute Tribe believes that one of the mill’s tailings ponds is leaking and polluting a shallow aquifer under the community with toxic chemicals. The U.S. imports about 80% of its rare earth minerals from China, and Energy Fuels hopes to change that. The White Mesa Concerned Community is fighting to keep the mill from becoming an international dumping ground for radioactive waste. “They are bringing toxic waste, radioactive waste, from places all across the United States to the mill in White Mesa.
Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States
Congress Switchboard: 202-224-3121"Rob Kall's book, Bottom-Up: Tapping the Power of the Connection Revolution has really caused me to relook and reframe many of my thoughts on where our connectedness using social media tools like LinkedIn is headed, and not just for career trajectory but for life. If you are looking for a new perspective on our sometimes zany digital world we live in, this book will keep you reading and may ultimately revise but for sure challenge your current paradigm." Wayne Breitbarth, author of The Power Formula for Linkedin Success: Kick-Start Your Business, Brand, and Job Search
Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States
Congress Switchboard: 202-224-3121"Rob Kall has been the center of a vast, decentralized conversation for years, letting us hear in interviewees' own words the power of connection in every realm. His new book brings it all together, showing us that the old order is broken and fast being replaced from the bottom up. The old power elite may not know it yet, but millions of us -- organizers, artists, thinkers and doers -- have gotten the message. So should you, by reading Bottom-Up." Arlene Goldbard, author of The Culture of Possibility: Art, Artists & The Future
Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States
Congress Switchboard: 202-224-3121"The book is very well written...very important in this individualized capitalistic illusory world that enslaves us all within its tentacles and forces us to believe that we are atomized and disconnected beings. Indigenous Lakota people end prayers with "Mitakuye Oyasin...all my relations..." An ancient African proverb states, "A person is a person only because of and with others..." This instructive text is very useful for us living in what we are always told is the modern world, because it reconnects us all and reminds us that ultimately, the endless circle of the Universe binds and connects us all and the Earth is Mother to us with no hierarchy...the ones at the bottom matter the most...like the ants who build mounds and hills, all working in unison and harmony...the book teaches that we were created for community and our destiny is organic community...anything else is doomed..."Julian Kunnie, Professor of Religious Studies/Classics at the University of Arizona and author of The Cost of Globalization: Dangers to the Earth and Its People
Asteroid impact could be stopped with nuclear missiles, study suggests - The Jerusalem Post
Many scientists feared using asteroid disruption - destroying it, like with nuclear weapons - could cause the fragments to cause more damage, but a new study suggests otherwise. The simulation in question used the model of a one-megaton nuclear bomb detonating on the surface of an asteroid measuring 100 meters long and accounted for several possible different orbits, the sun, and the gravity by other large objects in space. It was also assumed that the asteroid was hit with the bomb several months ahead of its planned impact against the planet.
Economic Woes: Biden Blames Trump. Trump Blames Biden. They're Both Right.
Simply sign up for a Advocate premium membership and you'll automatically see this data on every article. Poultry is in such short supply that WingStop has re-branded itself as ThighStop "to combat the volatility of chicken wing pricing." In my January 19 column, I predicted that the Biden administration would be "business as usual, as usual." Usually, however, we produce wealth faster than a Trump or Biden can steal it and blow it. Government was always too expensive, but now we've reached the point where we clearly can't afford it at all anymore.
Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States
Congress Switchboard: 202-224-3121"The world is seemingly full of disconnected crises, but Rob Kall begs to differ. An exceptional pattern thinker, he connects a range of contemporary challenges through a framework of bottom-up solutions in a world dominated by top-down thinking. Mining extensive interviews with thought leaders and exploring an eclectic mix of leading-edge ideas, Bottom-Up describes a variety of latent and emergent characteristics of an evolutionary paradigm shift that's changing the world. Whether your focus is in business, leadership, activism, or organizations, Kall offers a practical conceptual map and toolset to engage the planetary evolution taking place all around us. If you want to make a difference and need inspiration for how to participate in this global transformation, there is plenty in this book to draw from."
Sonnet: Man-Machine: The Grudge Match
Sonnet: Man-Machine: The Grudge Matchby John Kendall Hawkins . We won't be able to handle the strainof some shape-shifting virus when it comesto rattle our genomes. Best have some Tumsready to fix that reflex in the brainwhen crystal geodesic wows the sight. We were defiled by our own degraders,as if those AIs had us by the bitsand wide opened up a man-machine rift. Your move, putz, he "says," and then pow pow pow.
Asteroid impact could be stopped with nuclear missiles, study suggests - The Jerusalem Post
Congress Switchboard: 202-224-3121"In Bottom-Up, Rob Kall offers important insights on why our society is in such disarray and what we must do to change it. Rob shows how lasting change must come from the people themselves and not from the leaders. Indigenous elders have told me, "if you want to change the world, start talking and keep talking." Rob is doing this with this book and with his OpEdNews, and he is making a difference. I recommend this book to all who wish to see lasting, human-friendly, compassionate change that will sustain humanity is this crazy world of today."
Tomgram: Rebecca Gordon, The Curse of Cassandra
As it happens, she writes movingly about Barbara Lee as the Cassandra of our time. When you see that and Afghanistan appearing in the same articles, you'll know we know we're in trouble." Running against the Vietnam War, McCarthy was challenging then-President Lyndon Johnson in the Democratic primaries. Millions of us around the world were then working to end the war in Vietnam. Nixon went on to win the 1968 general election and the Vietnam War dragged on to an ignominious U.S. defeat seven years later.
The Axis A-bombs
Luftwaffe officers were aboard, as well as two Imperial Japanese Navy officers. That stopped the German atomic bomb project cold, no need for further discussion. All atomic bomb building was theoretical at this time. The laboratory was run by the Japanese Army and when it was bombed in April 1945 the story goes that Japanese atomic bomb research ended there. Four years later, the USSR announced that they exploded their first atomic bomb.
Thus it is (for people who live near the sea, a semi-autobiographical confession)
To be read aloud to: .youtube.com/watch?v=WHPEKLQID4UIOf course the swirling tideWith slow revolutions of its wheelsTwas ever thus FrailtyWatch the bubbles on your coffeeThere will inevitably be days whenThe front door is openThe strange man turned up againA bowie knife between his teethI was surprised to see he had red hairThey kept him in the hutThe sum of the shadowsThe camera could not do justiceOnly when they started to digThey heard cries for helpI felt their roots with my handsTo be asked about the same thingsHad taken solemn counselA man is coming backThe king is not yet deposedShe showed him the golden childIIHow to go on in lifeAs if one's life were a radiant lightCovering his blind eyeIn the dream he finds himselfAnd the unconscious answersThe bear called after himHe was nonetheless freeThe very fact that someone imaginesI felt their roots with my handsTo be asked about the same thingsHad taken solemn counselA man is coming backWith sort of a half smileNo one in the world knewIt wasn't even rainingAll through my childhoodThe secret heart or depthThe last room in the long corridorDeep levels of sorrowA real problem for meAs I found my teachersA direct transfer of thoughtsThe experience happened some years beforeThe first important dream comesAt the dentist's office for a fillingAfter a time he met a ravenTo speak to him in song(I could find an illustrationThis is illustrated fairly well)The world we are living in nowI had begun to feel relaxed ThenSomebody was playing musicSomeone read that poemThat is where it should belongThere are many ways to rememberThis knowledge is crucialThis strange feeling of knowingI have come I have reached youEntered the boat and crossed the streamThat's what my dream taught meIt's just that so many people have so littleHis message overflowed out of the wiresHis seemingly spontaneous detourThis god did not make our ancestorsSlogans chalked up on the wallsI used to be a jazz musicianThe solution lies hereI didn't hear the teach
Bureau Of Prisons Puts Drone Whistleblower In Unit Created For Terrorists
Drone Whistleblower Daniel Hale Imprisoned In Communications Management Unit Designed For TerroristsThis article was funded by paid subscribers of The Dissenter, a project of Shadowproof. Drone whistleblower Daniel Hale, who pled guilty to violating the Espionage Act, was transferred from a jail in Virginia to a communication management unit (CMU) at United States Penitentiary Marion in southern Illinois. His contracting job gave him access to documents on the drone program, and he shared copies with journalist Jeremy Scahill. On October 17, Radack shared that she had called the case management unit at Marion twice to seek some explanation but was routed to voicemail each time. There are CMUs at two federal prisons—USP Marion and Federal Correctional Institution Terre Haute in Indiana.
Colin Powell, Who Helped George W. Bush Lie Nation Into Iraq War, Dead at 84
It is shared here with permission under a Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0) license. Colin Powell, the former US Secretary of State who helped President George W. Bush, under whom he served to sell the 2003 invasion of Iraq to the United Nations and the American people, has died at the age of 84. According to the New York Times, “He died of complications from Covid-19, his family said in a statement. It’s crucial to remember just how important Colin Powell was to selling the Iraq War, and how deliberately he used his public credibility to boost the lies that pushed us into the war. He’s never been held accountable for his actions, and it’s extremely unlikely he ever will be.”
US Billionaires Became $2.1 Trillion Richer in 19 Months of Pandemic
American billionaires grew in number and expanded their collective fortunes by $2.1 trillion since Covid-19 sparked a worldwide pandemic nineteen months ago, according to a new analysis unveiled Monday. To put this extraordinary wealth growth in perspective, the $2.1 trillion gain over 19 months by U.S. billionaires is equal to: 60% of the $3.5 trillion ten-year cost of President Biden’s Build Back Better plan. Currently under consideration in Congress is the Billionaires Income Tax (BIT) bill, spearheaded by Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Oreg. Under Wyden’s BIT, billionaires will start paying taxes on their increased wealth each year just like workers pay taxes on their paychecks each year. “It’s time for a Billionaire’s Income Tax that ensures billionaires pay taxes just like the nurses and firefighters,” he added.
DOJ Will Ask Supreme Court to Place Stay on Texas’s 6-Week Abortion Ban
On Friday, the Biden administration announced that it planned to appeal to the Supreme Court an order from a lower court issued last week, which kept in place a restrictive Texas law that outlaws abortion after the sixth week of pregnancy. “The Justice Department intends to ask the Supreme Court to vacate the 5th Circuit’s stay of the preliminary injunction against Texas Senate Bill 8,” a statement from DOJ spokesperson Anthony Coley said. Rather than having the state enforce the law, private citizens are incentivized to sue people they believe helped someone procure an abortion, including abortion providers themselves. 8 from judicial scrutiny in suits by directly affected persons,” the DOJ wrote in a federal court filing in mid-September. “It’s an incredible longshot that the Supreme Court would say, no, we’re going to push pause on this Texas law,” Levinson said in an interview with NPR last week.
Biden Has Outpaced Trump’s Use of Title 42 to Expel Asylum Seekers
Trump’s administration invoked Title 42 last year, shortly after the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic. There have been more than 1.1 million Title 42 expulsions, though some people have been expelled multiple times within that total. Migrant advocacy and human rights groups throughout Guatemala and Mexico have been speaking out against Title 42 expulsions since they first began. (Truthout’s request was clearly and explicitly about the use of Title 42 and was directed to DHS in the first place.) The couple knew about Title 42 expulsions but had heard they were no longer happening.
Lead Pipes Leave Benton Harbor, Michigan, With Toxic Water
Residents of Benton Harbor, Michigan, are calling for immediate action on replacing the city’s lead pipes, which have endangered their drinking water. And in Benton Harbor, Michigan, we’re joined by the Reverend Edward Pinkney, president of the Benton Harbor Community Water Council, executive director of the Black Autonomy Network Community Organization. I cannot believe that they didn’t have a better system to make sure that everybody in Benton Harbor get fresh water. Flint, Michigan, Benton Harbor, in their eyesight, it’s all right. AMY GOODMAN: Well, I want to thank Reverend Edward Pinkney for joining us, president of Benton Harbor Community Water Council.
Colin Powell, Who Helped George W. Bush Lie Nation Into Iraq War, Dies
Colin Powell, the former U.S. Secretary of State who helped President George W. Bush under whom he served to sell the 2003 invasion of Iraq to the United Nations and the American people, has died at the age of 84. According to the New York Times, “He died of complications from Covid-19, his family said in a statement. It’s crucial to remember just how important Colin Powell was to selling the Iraq War, and how deliberately he used his public credibility to boost the lies that pushed us into the war. He’s never been held accountable for his actions, and it’s extremely unlikely he ever will be.”This piece was reprinted by Truthout with permission or license. It may not be reproduced in any form without permission or license from the source.
Corporate Democrats’ Toothless Drug Pricing Alternative Is a Coup for Big Pharma
But to win these popular reforms, we have to defeat the efforts of Big Pharma, their greedy lobbyists and the politicians who take their money. Their bill excludes most drugs, letting Big Pharma continue to price-gouge. Big Pharma is orchestrating this horror story. While PhRMA presses corporate Democrats to put profit before people and weaken Medicare drug price negotiations, organizations like the American Dental Association are squeezing the same elected officials to limit care. That’s why our elected officials need to stand up to Big Pharma.
How Top Runners Reframe Their Races
“We use that term when the loss of something may not be widely understood, and we see that a lot with amateur runners,” Ross said. Why is it so hard?”After this year’s Chicago Marathon and Boston Marathon — both of which were run in warm weather, slowing down athletes — many runners were eager to reframe how they thought about their races. She ran the London Marathon — an elite-only event held last year on Oct. 4 instead of its usual April date — in a personal best, 2:22:01, placing second. On Dec. 20, she raced in the Marathon Project in Chandler, Ariz. (she races relentlessly), finishing in 2:20:32, the second-fastest marathon run by an American woman. She was just under one minute off the American record — 2:19:36, set at the London Marathon by Deena Kastor in 2004.
Aack! A Millennial’s Audio Odyssey Through the ‘Cathy’ Comic Strip
I don’t want to go too far in that direction either because, well, they’re deeply unsympathetic for a reason. Was your mom’s love of the comic strip the impetus for this series? After “Lolita,” I wanted something that’s fun and light and not the darkest place to possibly go. And then just talking to my mom, because she’s a freak for “Cathy.” She was the target audience. I felt myself being so unsympathetic to boomer women to the point that I was being deeply unsympathetic to my mom.
Boston Found a Top Reliever in the Yankees System. Blame Instagram.
The Jeep Wrangler with the Yankees tire cover became a familiar sight at the Central Alabama Baseball Academy in 2020. The vehicle belonged to Garrett Whitlock, who received the navy cover with the interlocking “NY” insignia as a gift after the Yankees drafted him in the 18th round in 2017. Whitlock drove the Jeep to his job as one of the academy’s pitching coaches, a paid gig he picked up while recovering from Tommy John surgery amid a minor league season canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic. He frequented the travel program’s facilities, often throwing bullpens as he restored his arm’s strength. So when the Red Sox scooped up the right-hander with the fourth pick in the Rule 5 Draft on Dec. 10, 2020, those at the academy instantly noticed the naked tire when he arrived later that day.
Hello? This Is Colombia’s Antimachismo Hotline.
I’ve hit my wife. Callers are young and old, wealthy and poor. The new hotline they are calling is aimed at fighting violence against women. But instead of focusing on women, it puts men at the center of the conversation, in an effort to teach them to understand their emotions and control their actions. The idea of the Calm Line, as it is called, is not just to prevent violence, but to address what many experts say is one of its root causes: machismo, the often ingrained belief that men must be dominant.
In Hungary’s Heartland, Orban Faces a Unified Challenge to His Rule
HODMEZOVASARHELY, Hungary — A devout Catholic, he abhors abortion as “murder” and once voted for Viktor Orban, Hungary’s pugnacious populist leader, impressed by his promises to root out corruption and end the disarray left by years of leftist rule. On Sunday, however, Peter Marki-Zay, the mayor of this town in Hungary’s conservative rural heartland, became the most potent threat yet to the decade-long stranglehold on the country by Mr. Orban and his combative brand of far-right nationalism. Mr. Marki-Zay, 49, victorious in a primary election that brought together six previously squabbling opposition parties, is now the standard-bearer for a rickety political alliance that will challenge and, according to opinion polls, perhaps defeat Mr. Orban and his political machine, Fidesz, in legislative elections next year. Previous challengers hoping to unseat Mr. Orban, who has been prime minister since 2010, mostly channeled the frustrations and anger of a liberal elite in Budapest. This time, the mayor is fighting Fidesz on its own terms and home turf — small towns and villages where many voters, Mr. Marki-Zay included, once found comfort in Mr. Orban’s conservative message but grew disenchanted with what they see as his corruption, hypocrisy and authoritarian tendencies.
Haile Gerima Is Having a Hollywood Moment. It’s Left Him Conflicted.
Gerima tends to speak directly and without euphemism, his words propelled by the force of his conviction. The filmmaker has been at loggerheads with the American film industry since the 1970s, when he was a student at the University of California, Los Angeles. In a phone interview, Burnett described Gerima’s work as coursing with emotion: “People have plots and things, but he has energy, real energy. That’s what characterizes his films.”The stark, black-and-white “Bush Mama” (1975) charts the radicalization of a woman in Los Angeles as she navigates poverty and the Kafkaesque bureaucracy of welfare. “Ashes and Embers” (1982) — which opens with the protagonist driving into Los Angeles with dreams of Hollywood before being abruptly stopped by the police — traces the gradual disillusionment of a Black Vietnam War veteran.
Elizabeth Strout Gets Meta in Her New Novel About Marriage
“At times in our marriage I loathed him,” Lucy narrates. “I saw, with a kind of dull disc of dread in my chest, that with his pleasant distance, his mild expressions, he was unavailable. “It ebbed and flowed — but it was a terrible thing,” Strout writes. Because I could not speak of it and William became less happy and he closed down in small ways, I could see that happen. “There have been a few times — and I mean recently — when I feel the curtain of my childhood descend around me once again,” Lucy says.
Grada Kilomba’s Rituals of Resistance
But for African families already living in Portugal, like hers, laws still enforced the use of standard Portuguese, rather than African, names. Kilomba is a reclaimed family name that she learned from her grandmother; it is not the name in her passport. Raised in the immigrant outskirts of Lisbon, Kilomba found in psychology and psychoanalysis both her career start and methods for self-understanding. But she found Portugal limiting: “I wanted to do a lot of things and all of them were forbidden,” she said. It drew her, she said, for its role as a site of Black thinking in Europe, from W.E.B.
The Smoky Taste of Wok Hei, Without a Wok
When I asked whether that sentiment applied to how we eat at home, I already knew the answer. The demands of real life dictated mealtime, and roasting ingredients on a sheet pan felt easier than stir-frying and steaming. It’s arguably the most versatile tool in a kitchen, its steel-drum shape suited to boiling, steaming, deep-frying, dry-toasting and, of course, stir-frying. With that technique, a wok imparts wok hei, which translates to “the breath of a wok” and tastes like a thrill. It gives the dish a singed smokiness that makes it feel like it’s still cooking, even as it’s entering your mouth.
Microsoft leaders warned Bill Gates over ‘inappropriate’ emails.
Microsoft executives warned Bill Gates in 2008 about inappropriate emails he had sent to a female employee, a Microsoft spokesman said on Monday. The warning involved messages in which Mr. Gates, who at the time was a full-time employee and the company’s chairman, asked an employee out on a date. Senior Microsoft executives learned of the emails in 2008, according to Frank Shaw, a Microsoft spokesman. “These emails proposed meeting outside of work and off campus,” Mr. Shaw said. Mr. Gates told the board members that he agreed that what he had done was inappropriate, and the board took no further action.
Live Updates: Colin Powell Was Vaccinated, but Cancer Battle Compromised His Immune System
As The New York Times reported recently, severe Covid is rare in people who have been fully vaccinated. In photos: Colin Powell through the years. Mr. Powell ultimately registered as a Republican and spoke at the 1996 Republican National Convention, though he hardly adhered to G.O.P. Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin described Colin Powell as a “tremendous personal friend and mentor” following Mr. Powell’s death from Covid-19 complications. Mr. Powell responded, saying it was “the most difficult decision I have ever made.” “But I am sure it was the right one,” Mr. Powell wrote, in a letter that Mr. Maiella shared on Twitter.
Glimpses in Los Angeles of an Oasis With Deep Immigrant Roots
Ten minutes from my home, next to a decommissioned landfill, a freeway and the largest port in the country, sits an unlikely hillside oasis of vegetables and fruit trees. Emerging like a mirage from its surroundings, the San Pedro Community Gardens occupy a six-acre parcel of city-owned land in the otherwise highly industrialized area of the blue-collar harbor community of San Pedro, in Los Angeles. Once part of the ancestral land of the Tongva, an Indigenous people of California, the site — now divided into 224 family plots and one communal plot, each averaging 30 feet by 40 feet — has provided physical and spiritual nourishment to multiple generations of immigrant Angelenos, ever since gardeners first began working the soil here in the 1960s.
Axel Springer removes a top editor after a Times report on workplace behavior.
The German media giant Axel Springer said on Monday that the editor of Bild, its powerful tabloid, had been removed from his duties after The New York Times reported on allegations that he had behaved inappropriately with women at the publication. The editor, Julian Reichelt, has denied abusing his authority. Mr. Reichelt had “not clearly separated private and professional matters, even after the compliance proceedings were concluded in spring 2021,” and had misled the company’s executive board on the subject, Axel Springer said in a statement. The company’s chairman and chief executive, Mathias Döpfner, praised Mr. Reichelt for his leadership but said retaining him had become impossible. He said his replacement, Johannes Boie, would combine “journalistic excellence with modern leadership.”
Protests Against Lawlessness Erupt in Haiti
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Small, peaceful protests erupted across Haiti Monday morning, with groups taking to the streets and some burning tires and blocking roads with barricades, to demand that the government restore security in a country where many feel violence and crime have spiraled out of control. The group that was kidnapped, missionaries working for the Ohio-based Christian Aid Ministries, was taken by the 400 Mawozo gang, a growing menace in the capital, Port-au-Prince. The gang has increased its territorial control over the past year, while the government struggled to cope in the face of natural disasters and the assassination of the country’s president in July. The presence of other gangs grew during the last year as well. By many estimates, about half of the capital is under the command of armed criminal groups, many of which use kidnappings to raise funds, sparing no one — not even children, priests or the poor.
Best new audiobooks to listen to this month
Like all Liane Moriarty’s novels, “Apples Never Fall” is something of a guilty pleasure. In this case, Joy and Stan Delaney have sold their successful tennis academy, leaving them with a dissatisfying retirement. Now Joy has vanished from their Sydney home without a word to her husband or their four adult children. Clues are everywhere, but it takes all 18 hours for them to snap beautifully together. (Macmillan, Unabridged, 18 hours)
5 brie recipes that celebrate the cheese’s gooey glory
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Ready to talk about the shocking finale of ‘You’ Season 3? One of the breakout stars explains all.
“If I as a Black woman was to take part in this, and being the place that we’re at in our world right now, I would feel uncomfortable letting Marienne be so oblivious to Joe’s antics. And I would be very averse to having him kill her,” Gabrielle said. “I asked them upfront: ‘Are you going to honor and respect what’s happening right now in the world and acknowledge my race and make sure there’s truth in that?’ And they were like, ‘Absolutely.’ ”
Yes, kids are playing Squid Game at recess. Now what?
Thanks to hugely popular TikTok and YouTube videos, not to mention show-themed games on Fortnite and Roblox, “Squid Game” is reaching kids long before they see it trending at number one on their Netflix homepage. (Netflix says the show has reached the top 10 list in 94 countries.) For many kids who get caught up in the buzz of “Squid Game” and other overnight social whirlwinds, that is all of the contact they may ever have with the show — a moment of belonging created entirely by being peer adjacent, often several times removed.
Eagles’ Lane Johnson returns after stepping away to address depression and anxiety
“I’d like to address what happened yesterday. I woke up and did my typical routine of morning vomiting. It didn’t go away like it normally does, but I figured it would calm down once I got to the stadium. The nausea came back and I tried to battle through it and went out for the first drive. The nausea and vomiting came back until I left the field and I tried everything I could to get back for my teammates but just wasn’t able to do it.
Cam Newton says he’s vaccinated, waiting for ‘the right opportunity’ to return to the NFL
The 32-year-old appeared in 15 games with the 2020 New England Patriots but was released by New England just before this season began. He had missed three practices because of what the team said was a “misunderstanding” about coronavirus protocols that restrict unvaccinated players’ contact with teammates and call for fines for violations of those protocols. Coach Bill Belichick said at the time that Newton’s vaccination status wasn’t a factor in the decision to release him, and that the team was moving on with rookie Mac Jones.
Aaron Rodgers claimed he owns the Bears. The numbers back him up.
It’s a rivalry that began swinging sharply in the Packers’ direction once they acquired Brett Favre, Rodgers’s decorated predecessor. From 1921, the year the teams began playing each other, to 1992, Chicago amassed a 23-game lead in the series at 80-57-6. However, since Favre took over under center for Green Bay in 1992, the Packers have won a whopping 45 of 60 games against the Bears, not counting the postseason matchup. Rodgers took over from Favre in 2008, and he has more than done his part to make the Packers arguably the most hated team in the Windy City.
States move to shore up child care as Biden’s agenda looks uncertain
“The former president’s fixation on disproved conspiracy theories is frustrating to many in his party who see it as needlessly divisive at a time when Republicans feel they are poised to take back the House of Representatives and perhaps the Senate in the 2022 midterm elections. They worry he could cost Republicans otherwise winnable seats in Congress and complicate the party’s more immediate goal of winning the governor’s race in Virginia next month.”
The Trailer’s guide to the New Jersey governor’s race
Murphy’s popularity has shifted dramatically, in multiple directions, since Ciattarelli launched his campaign 21 months ago. The Republican goal, which got easier as the delta variant bit down on the East Coast, was to bring Murphy down to earth after he got a boost for his handling of the coronavirus. The governor’s approval rating has dipped back into the 50s, and while most voters still approve of his job performance, a poll last week found them almost perfectly divided on whether the state was moving in the “right direction.”
Opinion : How Glenn Youngkin could become the education governor we need
If the Virginia legislature is willing, Youngkin should seek authority for principals to be able to dismiss as poor performers those teachers who either never had the talent to inspire to begin with or who have lost their drive as tenure sapped their energy. School districts have to be able to rank and rate their teachers, and to say farewell to the bottom 10 percent — every year. There’s a bell curve in every setting and that includes public school teachers. Empower principals to dismiss their lowest performers — indeed, insist they do so on an annual basis — and overnight more school kids will thrive in classrooms.
Jill Biden paid a surprise visit to the woman who helped her regain faith in God
Robin Jackson, the wife of the church’s pastor, is that woman, and in 2019, Biden said, she “changed my life.” That’s when Jackson approached Biden during a service and said she’d like to become her “prayer partner.” Biden didn’t know what a “prayer partner” was, she told PBS in 2020, but she was intrigued. They’ve kept in regular contact, and have been praying together, ever since. Every Wednesday for the past 2½ years, Jackson has texted Biden some words of prayer or just let her know that she’s been praying for her, and Biden texts back, no matter how busy she is.
Opinion : Joe Manchin’s ugly new demands expose the absurdity of arbitrary centrism
In both cases, the primary impetus seems to be mainly about doing less of whatever liberals want to do. But this will impose costs that will likely be much worse than those Manchin worries about. Alas, the ideology of arbitrary centrism is blind to these trade offs.
Christmas trees may be hard to come by this year
CNN's David Culver follows the supply chain from a factory in southern China to a wholesaler in New Jersey, where the National Tree Company's CEO is warning that consumers will have to dish out more for an artificial Christmas tree this year. Source: CNNBusiness
Female doctor share stuggles of infertility during Covid-19 pandemic
CNN's Elizabeth Cohen looks at the infertility struggles female doctors are experiencing during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Weather forecast: Some drought relief forecast for areas in the West
A steady flow of moisture is forecast to flow into the Pacific Northwest beginning Wednesday. This will help with the drought, but could impact burn areas left by the devastating wildfire season. CNN Meteorologist Pedram Javaheri has the forecast. Source: CNN
Wolf Blitzer reflects on the passing of General Colin Powell
CNN's Wolf Blitzer reflects on the death of Colin Powell, the first Black US secretary of state whose leadership in several Republican administrations helped shape American foreign policy in the last years of the 20th century.
Behind the Scenes of Candace Parker's 'Surreal' WNBA Championship in Chicago
Kena Krutsinger/Getty ImagesCHICAGO – Before the game Sunday, Candace Parker—the now-two-time WNBA champion—kept all of her emotions in check. As the gold confetti came down, Parker hugged WNBA Finals MVP and close friend Kahleah Copper. Once her daughter, Lailaa, dodged the yellow rope where the championship trophy and celebrations were taking place, Parker's walls fell. "I knew we were going to win this championship yesterday when Allie was the only one in the gym shooting," Copper said. A theme that the fab four in Parker, Quigley, Vandersloot and Copper all expressed was gratitude.
AP College Basketball Poll 2021: Complete Preseason Rankings Released
AP Photo/Michael ConroyGonzaga lost three starters from last year's Division I men's basketball tournament runner-up team, but the arrival of Chet Holmgren and Hunter Sallis helps put them at the top of the preseason Associated Press Top 25 poll. The Bulldogs are followed by UCLA, Kansas, Villanova and Texas to round out the Top Five. "There's only one Drew Timme, but I could be his partner in crime," Holmgren told Dana O'Neil of The Athletic. Martin will be expected to step in right away in a starring role and fill the team's biggest hole at point guard. Texas is Kansas' biggest competition in the Big 12 this season and will likewise need help from transfers.
Capital of Ethiopia's Tigray region hit by airstrikes, eyewitness and local forces say
(CNN) The capital of Ethiopia's war-torn Tigray region was hit by at least two airstrikes on Monday, an eyewitness and a spokesman for forces fighting the country's central government told CNN. One resident of the city told Reuters one strike hit close to a market, behind a hotel. A spokesman for the Tigray People's Liberation Front accused Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of targeting civilians in an attack on a busy market day. Ethiopia's federal government launched a military offensive to oust the TPLF last November and fighting has been ongoing since. One of the targets of the airstrikes was the Planet Hotel where a "dozen or so humanitarian agencies used to have their employees," TPLF spokesman Getachew Reda claimed.
Colin Powell, military leader and first Black US secretary of state, dies after complications from Covid-19
Colin Powell, the first Black US secretary of state whose leadership in several Republican administrations helped shape American foreign policy in the last years of the 20th century and the early years of the 21st, has died from complications from Covid-19, his family said on Facebook. CNN's Wolf Blitzer looks back on his life and career.
Raiders Owner Mark Davis Discusses Jon Gruden's Emails: 'We Don't Stand for It'
AP Foto/Rick Scuteri, ArchivoLas Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis spoke out Sunday against the offensive emails former head coach Jon Gruden sent, saying they are "not what we stand for." "Listen, the Raiders stand for diversity, inclusion and social justice," Davis told Ed Graney of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The emails that came out are not what we stand for and so Jon Gruden is no longer head coach. Gruden resigned last week after his use of racist, sexist and anti-gay language in emails leaked to the press. Gruden, who apologized in his statement resigning from the Raiders, spent 15 seasons in the NFL as a head coach in addition to nine years in a Monday Night Football booth.
America's factories were hurt by shortages of workers and supplies last month
New York (CNN Business) September was no easy month for America's factories. They struggled with shortages of materials and qualified workers plus the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, which battered the US gulf coast at the end of August. US industrial production fell 1.3% last month, according to data collected by the Federal Reserve, which was a disappointment as economists had predicted a modest increase. The industrial production index measures output from the manufacturing, mining and electric and gas utilities industries. But even though the September data was worse than expected, it doesn't mean America's factories are stagnating, economists from Citi said.
Sports - TODAY.com
As Once in a Lifetime, TODAY’s ongoing series with NBC Sports, continues, NBC’s Morgan Radford talks to Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Joe Haden, who discusses his bond with his brother Jacob, a Special Olympian, and his own work as a global ambassador for Special Olympics.
The Barbra Streisand Institute is launching at UCLA
(CNN) Students will soon be able to attend The Barbra Streisand Institute at UCLA. "It is my great pleasure to be able to fund an institute at UCLA, one of the world's premier universities. The institute's four research centers will be housed in UCLA's Division of Social Sciences. The Barbra Streisand Institute at UCLA will be an exploration into vital issues that affect us all," Streisand said in the release. "The fact that my father, Emanuel Streisand, was an educator makes this Institute even more meaningful to me."
NFL player rejoins team after absence to address depression: ‘You are not alone’
After missing three games, Philadelphia Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson is opening up about his struggle with depression and anxiety. "Depression and anxiety are things I've dealt with for a long time and have kept hidden from my friends and family. While more celebrities and public figures have opened up about their mental health, several NFL players told TODAY's Carson Daly that it can often feel hard to step back from the league. I was afraid of, like, what fans would think, if teammates would think I'm soft." The NFL has taken some steps in recent years to provide more support for players.
Hooters clarifies uniform policy after servers' outcry over controversial new shorts
A change to the Hooters uniform at some locations has prompted a handful of the restaurant chain's servers to share their concerns on TikTok. In the videos, which have racked up millions of views since popping up on the platform last week, Hooters servers hold up the new black shorts while sharing their thoughts. ?”Several Hooters servers who posted about the new shorts on TikTok declined to speak on the record out of fear of risking their jobs. Hooters locations are operated by one of two companies: Hooters of America and The Original Hooters group. Hooters of America, LLC, operates more than 420 Hooters restaurants in 42 states and 29 countries, according to its website.
Venezuelan opposition and Norway urge Maduro govt. to resume talks
CARACAS/MEXICO CITY — The chair of the Venezuelan opposition’s negotiating team at talks with the government urged President Nicolás Maduro’s administration on Sunday to resume dialogue as soon as possible, after the government suspended its participation this weekend. “We urge our counterpart to restart as soon as possible the session in Mexico to produce the necessary agreements,” said opposition negotiator Gerardo Blyde, speaking from Mexico City. Socialist party legislator Jorge Rodriguez, who heads the government’s negotiating team, announced the suspension on Saturday. His inclusion in the negotiating team was widely seen by Maduro critics as an attempt to delay his extradition. The United States also imposed sanctions on him for allegedly orchestrating a corruption network that Washington says allowed Saab and Maduro to profit from a state-run food subsidy program.
Wife of NHL player Jimmy Hayes says she was ‘shocked’ drugs contributed to his death
Former NHL journeyman Jimmy Hayes, who won a national championship with Boston College, died with fentanyl and cocaine in his system, authorities said Sunday. Jimmy Hayes time in the NHL included a stint with the Boston Bruins. The right winger played in 334 NHL games over seven seasons with the Chicago Blackhawks, Florida Panthers, Boston Bruins and New Jersey Devils. Kevin Hayes, 66, told the Globe that he approached his son after noticing a change in his behavior. The younger Hayes, who had struggled with painkillers as a player, later revealed that he started taking pills again due to an injury and never stopped, according to the newspaper.
Texas bill banning transgender students in school sports heads to governor’s desk
Greg Abbott is poised to sign a bill barring transgender youth from participating on school sports teams that align with their gender identity. Abbott, a Republican, placed a sports ban on the agenda for all three special legislative sessions ordered this year. The UIL previously testified it does not have a way of tracking how many transgender athletes are currently participating in sports across Texas, according to NBC affiliate KXAN-TV in Austin. About 4,000, or 36 percent of all contacts from Texas, came from transgender or nonbinary youths. Some 52 were introduced in Texas, according to Equality Texas, more than any other state.
Supreme Court rules for police in two lawsuits claiming excessive force
The Supreme Court ruled Monday that police officers in two cases should be shielded from lawsuits claiming their conduct killed one man and injured another. He raised it over his head and took a stance as if he was about throw it, according to court documents. In both cases, the Supreme Court said the officers were entitled to the form of legal protection known as qualified immunity. "We have repeatedly told courts not to define clearly established law at too high a level of generality," the Supreme Court said in the Oklahoma case. Other cases are pending before the Supreme Court that challenge law enforcement conduct when split-second decisions are not an issue.
'Succession' star Sarah Snook secretly got married to friend she was on pandemic lockdown with
Sarah Snook, who plays the fashionable and ferocious Siobhan Roy on HBO's hit "Succession," has revealed that she secretly got married months ago. “At the beginning of the pandemic last year, I got locked down in Melbourne with one of my best mates and we fell in love,” Snook, 33, told Vogue Australia of comedian Dave Lawson, 43. Sarah Snook plays Siobhan "Shiv" Roy, daughter of Logan Roy, played by Brian Cox, on "Succession" on HBO. They often have a strength and they’re not pushovers, but there’s usually been a redeeming softness that they’re protecting," she said. Whereas, I’m on this farm with Dave in nature and I’m like, 'Woo hoo,'" she told Vogue Australia of living in the woods near Melbourne with her new husband.
Former NHL player Jimmy Hayes died from fentanyl and cocaine intoxication, M.E. determines
Former NHL journeyman Jimmy Hayes, who won a national championship with Boston College, died with fentanyl and cocaine in his system, authorities said Sunday. The right winger played in 334 NHL games over seven seasons with the Chicago Blackhawks, Florida Panthers, Boston Bruins and New Jersey Devils. Kevin Hayes, 66, told the Globe that he approached his son after noticing a change in his behavior. The younger Hayes, who had struggled with painkillers as a player, later revealed that he started taking pills again due to an injury and never stopped, according to the newspaper. I was in shock when it happened, but then I started putting stuff together in my head."
Legendary singer Tony Bennett sets world record as oldest person to release album of new material
Legendary crooner Tony Bennett can add another record to his list of achievements. The 95-year-old Grammy-winning singer set a Guinness World Record as the oldest person to release an album of new material following the Sep. 30 release of "Love for Sale," his second album with Lady Gaga. "Wow, thank you to all my fans," Bennett says in an Oct. 8 video, reacting to the announcement of the world record. This isn't the first time Bennett has achieved a world record. According to Guinness World Records the singer holds four other titles: the oldest person to reach No.
From soldier to statesman: Colin Powell's life in pictures
Lt. Gen. Colin Powell, commander of the 5th U.S. corps, with his wife, Alma, at a farewell ceremony in Frankfurt, Germany, on Dec. 30, 1986. Powell, who served Democratic and Republican presidents in war and peace but whose sterling reputation was forever stained when he went before the U.N. and made faulty claims to justify the U.S. war in Iraq, died of Covid-19 complications on Oct. 18, 2021.
Justice Department asks Supreme Court to block Texas abortion law
The Justice Department asked the Supreme Court on Monday to temporarily block enforcement of the Texas law banning abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. It claimed that Texas could not take away the right of access to abortion without providing a means to defend the right in court. The Texas law, unlike every other abortion restriction to come before the Supreme Court, does not depend on state officials to enforce it. The issue of whether the Constitution provides a right to abortion will be squarely before the Supreme Court in December, when the justices hear a challenge to Mississippi's law that would ban abortion after 15 weeks. That case presents a direct challenge to the court's abortion precedents, including Roe v. Wade, which say that states cannot ban abortion before fetal viability.
Political world reacts to Colin Powell's death: 'A trailblazing leader'
Leaders around the world paid tribute to former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who died at 84 of Covid-19 complications on Monday. "Colin Powell dedicated his extraordinary life to public service because he never stopped believing in America,” Blinken said. “And we believe in America, in no small part because it helped produce someone like Colin Powell." "America has lost a trailblazing leader with the passing of Colin Powell," Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said in a statement. "Gen. Powell served this country with decency, integrity, & showed respect to everyone he encountered," she added.
How William Shatner Turned a Flight of Fancy Into a Lyrical Pitch For the Planet
Getting Captain Kirk to fly Blue Origin was quite a P.R. But perhaps not in the way that Bezos might have imagined. Into black ugliness.”As he spoke, the other astronauts (or “customers” as Blue Origin’s Livestream hosts called the flight’s two paying passengers) and a Blue Origin executive who was also on the flight cheered and jumped and sprayed champagne on each other. Is that the way death is?”Actor William Shatner speaks with Jeff Bezos, founder of Blue Origin, a private space flight company, after Shatner landing in the New Shepard rocket capsule near Van Horn, Tex. on Oct. 13, 2021 Blue Origin livestreamBezos, also in a bright blue flight suit, pinned insignias on his four astronauts looking like the head of a small country.
Opinion | Trump Can’t Keep His Jan. 6 Documents Secret. And Biden Can Help.
Legally speaking, there’s little to debate about Trump’s constitutional claim to his papers. In 1977, the Supreme Court recognized the limited scope of former presidents’ constitutional interest in their confidential papers. Churches seeking an injunction against Covid restrictions have been quick to obtain injunctive relief from the Supreme Court. Using his constitutional power to declassify at will, Biden could order his aides to take one of two paths. Famously, as president, Trump employed this power cavalierly to disclose classified information to Russia’s foreign minister and ambassador.
Seat of murdered British MP to be granted city status
LONDON — Britain will pay tribute to David Amess, the Conservative MP killed on Friday in a suspected terror attack, by upgrading the coastal town he represented to a city. Amess had been meeting constituents at a drop-in session in a church when he was stabbed multiple times. A 25-year-old British man, Ali Harbi Ali, is being held under the Terrorism Act. His killing has raised questions about MPs’ safety, particularly in their constituencies. And the people of Southend have lost one of their own.”
Emma Watson Returns To Red Carpet In Outfit Made From Old Wedding Dresses
Since first casting her spell on Hollywood, Emma Watson has been on a mission to make the red carpet as green as possible. AdvertisementOver the weekend, at her first red carpet appearance in nearly two years, Watson reminded everyone you can look good and make a statement. She hit the carpet in an upcycled outfit, which designer Harris Reed made from 10 wedding dresses that had been donated to the charity organization Oxfam. Emma Watson attends the Earthshot Prize in London on Sunday. Watson shows off her outfit, which Harris Reed created using 10 old wedding dresses.
Jamie Lee Curtis Says Mother Janet Leigh Would Have Kept Silent In Me Too Movement
Jamie Lee Curtis suggested recently that her mother, the late “Psycho” star Janet Leigh, would have stayed silent amid the Me Too movement that has exposed sexual predators in show business and elsewhere. “I don’t think Janet would have ever acknowledged if there was any bad behavior,” Curtis replied. “I don’t think Janet would ever have acknowledged anything, because from her standpoint, she was just grateful,” she told Griffith. “You know, she was of the #MeToo movement, and it was not accepted at that time,” Griffith said of her own mother. Leigh became part of Hollywood lore for her primal scream before her character was slashed to death in the shower.
2 longtime House Democrats will retire
The list of House Democratic retirements already includes House Budget Chair John Yarmuth, who announced last week that he would not be seeking reelection, potentially clearing a path for his son to run for the seat. Neither Yarmuth, Price nor Doyle is in clear peril of losing their seats in the coming redistricting. But the departure of such senior Democrats does not inspire confidence in the party’s midterm prospects. Price represents a safe Democratic seat in the Research Triangle region of the state. Other retiring Democrats are Reps. Filemón Vela of Texas, Ann Kirkpatrick of Arizona, Cheri Bustos of Illinois and Ron Kind of Wisconsin.
Russia suspends its mission at NATO, shuts alliance's office
“The alliance’s line towards our country is becoming more and more aggressive,” the ministry noted. That is more than regrettable.”The Russian mission isn’t based at NATO’s headquarters, but in a leafy neighborhood in the south of the Belgian capital, Brussels. NATO suspended practical cooperation with Russia in 2014 after it annexed Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula, but has kept channels open for high-level meetings and for military-to-military cooperation. Amid a strain in ties, Moscow has repeatedly voiced concerns over the deployment of NATO forces near Russian borders, describing it as a threat to its security. Russia and the alliance also have blamed each other for conducting destabilizing military exercises near the borders.
Protesters Disrupt Torch Lighting For Beijing Winter Olympics
AdvertisementA security officer tries to stop protesters holding a banner and a Tibetan flag as they crash the flame lighting ceremony for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. The flame was lit at the birthplace of the ancient Olympics in southern Greece under heavy police security. With the public excluded amid pandemic safety measures, and a cloudless sky over the verdant site of Ancient Olympia, the flame was ceremoniously kindled using the rays of the sun before being carried off on a mini torch relay. Pro-democracy protests also had broken out during the lighting ceremony for the 2008 Beijing Summer Games. AdvertisementA police officer rushes to stop protesters holding a banner and the Tibetan flag (unseen) as they crash the start of the flame lighting ceremony for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics at the Ancient Olympia archeological site.
Sen. Manchin said to oppose key climate provision in budget bill
Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W. Va., has told the White House he opposes the clean electricity program, according to sources, and Manchin's vote is key to the bill passing. The Morning Joe panel discusses.Oct.
Biden Administration Asks Supreme Court To Block Texas Abortion Law
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Biden administration is asking the Supreme Court to block the Texas law banning most abortions, while the fight over the measure’s validity plays out in the courts. The law has been in effect since September, aside from a district court-ordered pause that lasted just 48 hours, and bans abortions once cardiac activity is detected, usually around six weeks and before some women know they are pregnant. AdvertisementThe Justice Department asked the high court Monday to lift an order imposed by a conservative federal appeals court that has allowed Texas to continue enforcing the nation’s strictest curbs on abortion through a novel law that was written to make it hard to challenge in the federal court system. The department had announced its intentions last Friday.
Myanmar Announces Amnesty for Thousands of Anti-Coup Protesters
Myanmar’s ruling junta announced on Monday that it would free more than 5,600 anti-regime protesters this week in its first significant release of political prisoners since seizing power in a Feb. 1 coup. The junta said it was granting the prisoners amnesty to mark the Lighting Festival, a three-day holiday that begins on Tuesday. Most of the protesters were arrested during a brutal crackdown this year as millions of people took to the streets and staged a national strike. Soldiers and the police killed more than 1,170 protesters — often by shooting them in the head — and have detained more than 7,300 others, according to the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners, an advocacy group. It is also clashing with newly formed rebel units in outlying areas, including Chin State, where witnesses say the military is building up forces.
I survived breast cancer and should be thriving. But it’s not so simple.
Unlike the desired Hollywood ending to my story, however, the months and years that followed were not as simple as rolling the credits and moving on. As I attempted to gain back a sense of normalcy, I was wrought with fear of the cancer returning, my bubble of invincibility having been forcibly punctured and impossible to repair. My body and mind were still healing while I tried to rejoin a world where I no longer felt I belonged. I wrestled with a newfound pressure to live a more meaningful existence, struggling to figure out my purpose after overcoming such a traumatic event. The weight of my “cancer friends” who never made it to the finish line was crushing, as I questioned why I survived and they didn’t, and felt guilty for not seizing life as much as I should.
Powering the picket line: Workers are turning to tech in their labor battles
In Hollywood, workers, who recently reached a deal with their employer, detailed stories of their struggles anonymously through the aid of the IA_Stories Instagram account, run by members of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees union. One worker recalls eating cold ravioli over the sink, dipping pasta into a cold jar of tomato sauce by hand to maximize sleep time, according to an image of the message. In another post, a script coordinator writes that she had to produce pages during a rehearsal dinner for her own wedding. Another worker chronicled her fear of being fired and forced to go to work after taking her daughter to the hospital following her suicide attempt.
U.S. in contact with Haitian officials over effort to free kidnapped American missionaries
Haitian politicians and police are too weak — or co-opted — to intervene. Haitian people are consequently too afraid to leave their homes for work — if they have a job at all. A spike in hijackings of fuel trucks has led to a severe shortage of gas and electricity, further exacerbating the public’s misery. Some victims of the gangs are specifically targeted; many more are chance bystanders.
Medicare vision, hearing and dental benefits are No. 1 on progressives' list
But still, that recommendation could be muddied. The committee was presented with data from a small National Institutes of Health study suggesting that patients who initially got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine might get a bigger antibody boost from an mRNA booster. Limitations in the study’s design made it hard to draw conclusions, and the committee did not take a vote on mixing and matching vaccines.
The big hole in Christopher Steele’s defense of himself
Skeptics of Steele's reporting, however, suggest he may have fallen victim to another trademark of Russian spy craft: disinformation. Steele acknowledged that "there is a chance" the Russians intentionally tainted his reporting, but said he felt it was "very unlikely." “Ultimately, any disinformation operation has an objective,” Steele said. “Seems to me pretty far-fetched that the Russians’ objective during the campaign of 2016 was to aide Hillary Clinton and to damage Donald Trump. And I just don’t think you can get past that.”
Opinion : Racial disparities may be emerging in breakthrough infections. We must track them better.
Despite the importance of data to understand patterns in covid-19 breakthroughs, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stopped reporting most breakthrough cases in May. Instead, the CDC now reports only severe breakthrough cases that result in hospitalization or death, which are not publicly available divided by race or ethnicity. As a result, there is minimal information about whether the protection vaccines confer differs by race or ethnicity and no data to guide potential policies to address inequities. This lack of publicly available data by the CDC runs counter to its declaration of racism as a public health crisis earlier this year.
Roger Goodell needs to respond to the Jon Gruden emails and Daniel Snyder investigation
Goodell can and should publish his own conclusions about the Wilkinson investigation into Washington owner Dan Snyder, and clear up the gauzy confusion over the content of those emails. Goodell can surely issue a summary without violating any victim confidentiality — and he will just as surely incur some owner displeasure, and maybe even risk a bonus. But it’s the only way to square and make decent his own conduct. He managed to publish 20 pages on his Deflategate decision to suspend Tom Brady for four games over a matter of ball pressure, citing “public confidence” in the game. If he won’t or can’t devote the same energy to his reasoning and actions on Snyder and Allen, then there can never be public confidence, only the presumption of coverup, and he has broken the commissioner’s office.
Republicans saw Colin Powell as their presidential savior in 1996. He couldn’t see himself that way.
Powell was offended that many Republicans reduced their arguments to, "We'll lose without you." He felt he was not being invited to the GOP for any purpose other than to dig the party out of the hole it had dug for itself. "People were popping up out of nowhere," said another close associate, "and they were representing themselves only and their interests. Very few people were addressing his {Powell's} interests."
Sec. Austin on Colin Powell: ‘The world lost one of the greatest leaders’ ever witnessed
PoliticsSec. Austin on Colin Powell: ‘The world lost one of the greatest leaders’ ever witnessedOn Oct. 18, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin expressed sadness over the death of former secretary of state Colin Powell, adding he had a “hole in his heart” over the loss of his close friend and mentor.
18 weather and climate disasters this year have killed over 500 people and cost over $100 billion in US
Hide Caption 2 of 84Photos: Wildfires raging in the West An air tanker drops retardant on a wildfire in Goleta. Hide Caption 40 of 84Photos: Wildfires raging in the West Crews battle a fire in Newhall, California, on August 12. Hide Caption 49 of 84Photos: Wildfires raging in the West The Dixie Fire burns near Taylorsville, California, on July 29. Hide Caption 50 of 84Photos: Wildfires raging in the West California Gov. Hide Caption 82 of 84Photos: Wildfires raging in the West Firefighters monitor the Sugar Fire in Doyle, California, on July 9.
Tennis' newest superstar Emma Raducanu celebrates return to UK by playing with Duchess of Cambridge
(CNN) Fresh off breaking onto the biggest stage possible with her debut grand slam victory, Emma Raducanu is enjoying the success that comes with it. Upon her return to the UK following her US Open victory earlier in September, the 18-year-old picked up one of the most famous doubles partners imaginable. In an event commemorating Raducanu and other British champions from Flushing Meadows, she took to the court with the Duchess of Cambridge in London. Kate is a patron of the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), and Raducanu called it a "perfect day for some tennis." Raducanu stunned the tennis world when she won the US Open in an extraordinary run in which she didn't drop a set.
Ons Jabeur of Tunisia becomes first Arab tennis player to break into top 10
(CNN) Ons Jabeur of Tunisia already was a trail blazer in her own right when she became the first Arab woman to win a WTA Tour title and advance to the quarterfinals in a grand slam event. Now, she'll be the first Arab player -- male or female -- to reach the top 10. On Thursday, Jabeur defeated Estonia's Anett Kontaveit 7-5, 6-3, to reach the semifinals at the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells. Jabeur has 48 match wins in 2021, the most on the WTA Tour this season. It was Jabeur's 48th match win in 2021, the most by any WTA player this season.
Britain has a new tennis star: Meet Cameron Norrie
(CNN) It's been quite the few months for British tennis -- you've met Emma Raducanu, now get ready for Cameron Norrie. The 26-year-old became Britain's first ever Indian Wells champion with a 3-6, 6-4, 6-1 defeat of Georgia's Nikoloz Basilashvili in California, coming back from a set and a break down. Victory marks the stunning high of an incredible season for Norrie -- who was ranked 74th in the world at the beginning of the year. Today, he wakes up ranked 15th in the world and number one in Britain. I'm so happy, I can't even describe it right now," Norrie said during his on-court interview after the match.
UEFA hands English FA stadium ban following Euro 2020 final trouble
(CNN) European football's governing body has ordered England to play its next two UEFA competition matches at Wembley Stadium behind closed doors, the second of which is suspended for a probationary period of two years, following crowd trouble at this summer's Euro 2020 final. UEFA has also fined the English Football Association €100,000 ($116,000) for "the lack of order and discipline inside and around the stadium." Ahead of kick-off, a number of fans without tickets tried to force their way into the stadium. Supporters walk down Olympic Way ahead of the Euro 2020 final between Italy and England at Wembley Stadium on July 11, 2021. In a statement on Monday, the English Football Association said it had accepted UEFA's verdict, adding that such scenes "can never be repeated."
We are almost out of hurricane names -- AGAIN. Here is what happens next
CNN Weather produces a weekly column, publishing Mondays, with the news you should be aware of and the week's hurricane outlook. (CNN) It's that time in hurricane season when meteorologists like myself like to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Wanda is the last name on the 2021 hurricane name list, which could be used by the end of the week. After the record-shattering season in 2020, the World Meteorological Organization decided to do away with the Greek alphabet as the list we would use if we ran out of hurricane names. We have Hurricane Sam, which was a Category 4 major hurricane at its peak over the weekend.
La Niña has arrived and will stick around. Here is what that means for the dry Southwest and US hurricanes
In contrast, La Niña means drier and warmer-than-average conditions usually prevail in the South. (La Niña also was present last winter and worsened the drought situation across the West and Southwest.) "La Niña is anticipated to affect temperature and precipitation across the United States during the upcoming months," the center said as it issued a La Niña advisory Thursday, predicting conditions are present and expected to remain. Both La Niña and El Niño occur every three to five years on average, according to NOAA. "Too much shear is typically what ends the Atlantic hurricane season, so La Niña can extend the active part of the season.
First significant snowstorm of the season takes aim at the Rockies
(CNN) The first significant snowstorm of the season is gearing up to impact portions of the Rockies this week. In 2020, the Rockies received their first significant snow of the season as early as September 8, but did not have much of a showing afterward. Many thought the snow season was a bust until an historic snowstorm in March brought many locations snow totals up to the normal range with a single snow event. We know an early snow does not always mean a good snow season. A new and stronger storm will move into the Plains tomorrow and again increase the threat for severe weather through the Plains, where some locations are already under a level 3 of 5 risk for severe weather and tornadoes.
A drone survives a sail into a major hurricane and "lives" to show the video
They've been tossed around and risked their lives for the sake of hurricane research and keeping communities safe. In a world first, a @saildrone has captured video from inside a hurricane. When Hurricane Sam became Saildrone's first hurricane mission, NOAA released the first-ever video from an uncrewed surface vehicle from inside a major hurricane. The California oil spill is an environmental nightmareJUST WATCHED Why California oil spill will likely spread Replay More Videos ... MUST WATCH Why California oil spill will likely spread 02:14The spill now covers 8,300 acres, an area larger than Santa Monica. A 2007 oil spill in the San Francisco Bay released 58,000 gallons of oil, (half of the current spill) and killed more than 7,000 birds.
Antarctica's last 6 months were the coldest on record
(CNN) In a year of extreme heat, Antarctica's last six months were the coldest on record. "This is the second-coldest winter (June-July-August months) on record, behind only 2004 in the 60-year weather record at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station," the NSIDC said. Even in a warming world (climate change), there are areas of below average temperatures and record cold. "All of NSF's US Antarctic Program (USAP) participants are given extreme cold weather gear and are trained in how to recognize the dangers of extreme cold." Antarctic sea ice extent has been above average for the past several months, culminating in late August when extent was the 5th highest in the satellite record.
Coal-fired power is on the rise in America for the first time since 2014
New York (CNN Business) In a blow to the climate movement, US power companies are ramping up their coal consumption due to surging natural gas prices. US coal-fired generation is expected to surge by 22% in 2021, the US Energy Information Administration said Monday. That would mark the first annual increase in coal-fired electric power generation since 2014, the EIA said. Coal was long the main fuel source for the US power grid — even though its environmental footprint is the largest. US coal consumption fell in 2019 for the sixth straight year, dropping to the lowest level since 1964 , as natural gas prices fell to record lows.
Here's a first look at 'The Munsters' reboot cast
(CNN) "The Munsters" director Rob Zombie is giving fans a look at the cast of the reboot. Zombie took to Instagram to officially confirm that Jeff Daniel Phillips will play Herman Munster, Sheri Moon Zombie will be Lily Munster, and Dan Roebuck will be Grandpa Munster. He captioned a picture "Since Halloween is rapidly approaching I thought it was the perfect time to MEET THE MUNSTERS! Direct from the set in good old Hungary I present Herman, Lily and The Count sitting in front of the newly completed 1313 Mockingbird Lane." Zombie recently revealed that the 1313 Mockingbird Lane set had been built from scratch to imitate the original.
Got a job offer but hoping another one comes through? Here's what to do
You've been interviewing with three different companies that all sound promising, and Company A is the first to give you an offer. You're excited, but you are still interested in what Company B and C might have to offer. Responding to Company AIf the first job offer you get wasn't from your top choice, it's fairly customary to ask for time to think it over. "After a while it gets hard to ask someone to hold a job open for you. "Push the company you want the offer from, but try and slow down the company making the offer."
How IHOP wants to get you to order more food to-go
New York (CNN Business) IHOP wants to give you a new reason to get its food on the go and consider it an option for later in the day. In fiscal year 2020, sales at IHOP restaurants open at least 18 months fell by about 33% compared to the previous year. IHOP's same-store soared 120% in the second quarter, compared to the same period in 2020, when dine-in restrictions kicked in. But sales in the second quarter of this year were still about 3% lower than in 2019, before the pandemic. IHOP is adding sandwich melts to its menu.
Ree Drummond's Sheet-Pan Salad Recipe
Chef notesThis sheet-pan salad is hard to put into words, but I'll try: I roast squash and cauliflower (which is a favorite veggie combo of mine) with shallots and chickpeas, then use the roasted veggies as a base to build a serious looker of a salad. Creamy tahini dressing really makes it unique, but this salad is so pretty and delicious, you could top it with ranch and it'd still be a star! Technique tip: The salad is great whether you build it on the hot pan/veggies as soon as you pull them out of the oven. But if you want to keep a little more cool/room temp, you can roast the veggies a good hour before serving, then let them sit at room temp until you're ready to build the salad. Swap options: The tahini dressing is great, but any good, bottled dressing is delicious!
Thousands protest in El Salvador against Bukele government
SAN SALVADOR — Thousands of people in El Salvador took to the streets on Sunday in protest against President Nayib Bukele who has stoked concern that he is steadily concentrating power and who responded with changing his Twitter profile late in the day to “Emperor of El Salvador”. They bore banners and signs decrying Bukele’s ouster of Supreme Court judges, the potential for the president to seek a second consecutive term and the adoption of bitcoin as legal tender. Bukele’s apparent joke with his Twitter profile follows an update last month when he changed it to say “Dictator” of El Salvador. Sunday’s protesters chanted slogans including “What does El Salvador want? Bukele, a seasoned and often provocative user of social media, dismissed the protests as a “failure” on Twitter.
Finding identity: Growing up a transracial adoptee
Transracial, or interracial, adoption in the U.S. has changed dramatically over the last two decades. Two families share their own experiences.Oct.
Lance Bass shares first photos of twin babies: 'Never been so happy!'
On Sunday, the ‘NSync singer posted the first pictures of the twins he and husband Michael Turchin welcomed via surrogate last week. “Haven’t slept much in 5 days and I’m covered in ick but I’ve never been so happy!” he captioned the quartet of photos of daughter Violet Betty and son Alexander James. Turchin also shared a pair of pictures of the babies. Bass revealed on Instagram last week that the babies had been born with photos of their birth certificates. “I think it’s just amazing that science has gotten this far where we can make the healthiest human beings ever.
From 2003: Colin Powell addresses United Nations Security Council on Iraq
In 2003, Secretary of State Colin Powell addressed the United Nations Security Council on information and intelligence that he believed showed the possibility of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.Oct.
'America's Got Talent: Extreme' production paused after Jonathan Goodwin accident
Production of "America’s Got Talent: Extreme" has been paused after escape artist Jonathan Goodwin was injured last week while practicing for a segment of the show. "In order to focus on the wellbeing of our crew, we will be temporarily pausing production on America’s Got Talent: Extreme and will resume the last few days of filming at a later date." "America's Got Talent," a reality talent show, was created by Simon Cowell in 2006 and has broadcast for 16 seasons on NBC. "America's Got Talent: Extreme" is a spinoff of the show. The next year, he made it to the semifinals of "America's Got Talent."
Polish PM warns of ‘dangerous’ EU effort to control members
However, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has already cautioned EU countries and the European Parliament against rushing to block Poland’s recovery funds. He said he wanted to draw their attention “to a dangerous phenomenon that threatens the future of our Union. The consequences of the ruling “might be severe not only for Poland, but for the whole European Union,” wrote Medel, a legal NGO. Morawiecki appealed to his fellow leaders to dodge a confrontation over the rule of law. His argument is Germany is guilty of the same thing Poland stands accused of — politicians choosing judges.
Cuba Gooding Jr. Faces February Trial In Groping Case
NEW YORK (AP) — Cuba Gooding Jr. will go on trial in February in his New York City groping case, a judge said Monday, with prosecutors planning to portray the actor as a serial offender and the defense contending the case is an example of #MeToo run amok. Judge Curtis Farber set a Feb. 1 trial date in the case, which involves allegations the Oscar-winning “Jerry Maguire” star violated three different women at three different Manhattan night spots in 2018 and 2019. AdvertisementOne of the women alleged Gooding pinched her buttocks. Farber had expressed a desire to start the trial sooner, possibly in December, but Gooding lawyer Peter Toumbekis said he’ll be tied up with trials in the Bronx then. “I want to lock this down for trial,” Farber said at a hearing in state court in Manhattan.
Greek police arrest more activists as Beijing 2022 Olympic ceremony disrupted
Policemen chase tibetan activists holding a tibetan flag after they invaded the Olympic flame lighting ceremony for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics | EPA-EFE/Yannis KolesidisATHENS — Activists protesting against the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics on Monday disrupted the flame-lighting ceremony in ancient Olympia in Greece. They reported being watched by at least ten Chinese and Greek personnel outside the ceremony,” according to New York-based campaign group Students for a Free Tibet. “The Hellenic Olympic Committee respects the individual right to freedom of expression, but it is disappointing that this traditional cultural event was ‘used’ by individuals for other purposes,” the Greek Olympic Committee said in a statement. “The Olympic Games cannot address all the challenges in our world. In 2017, Greece drew criticism when it vetoed a planned European Union condemnation of China’s human rights record at the U.N. Human Rights Council.
Betty Lynn, Thelma Lou On ‘The Andy Griffith Show,’ Has Died
MOUNT AIRY, N.C. (AP) — Betty Lynn, the film and television actor who was best known for her role as Barney Fife’s sweetheart Thelma Lou on “The Andy Griffith Show,” has died. Lynn died peacefully Saturday after a brief illness, The Andy Griffith Museum in Mount Airy, North Carolina, announced in a statement. AdvertisementLynn appeared as Thelma Lou on the show from 1961 until 1966. Betty Lynn as Thelma Lou, Andy Griffith as Andy Taylor, Don Knotts as Barney Fife in a "Return to Mayberry" file photo. She played Thelma Lou on #TAGS & brightened every scene she was in & every shooting day she was on set.
Jury selection underway in Ahmaud Arbery murder trial
NBC News' Catie Beck and former federal prosecutor Paul Butler comment on the latest in the trial of three suspects charged with killing Ahmaud Arbery. Oct. 18, 2021
Inside the Real-Life Succession Drama at Scholastic
Ms. Lucchese said that when the office was redesigned a few years ago, Mr. Robinson hadn’t wanted any pictures of himself displayed but Ms. Lucchese said she sneaked that one in. Mr. Robinson made it no secret that he wished Scholastic to remain an independent company, even as consolidation within the publishing business sped up around him. The company’s new leadership team appears to share what was perhaps Mr. Robinson’s most precious goal: Ms. Lucchese and Mr. Warwick expressed no interest in selling. “We’ve got the resources ourselves to go forward at the pace that we want to go,” Mr. Warwick said. Given Mr. Robinson’s devotion to Scholastic, it was fitting that his memorial service was held there last month.
Live Updates: Colin Powell, Who Battled Blood Cancer, Died of Covid Despite Being Vaccinated
Powell, whose immune system was weakened, died of Covid-19 despite being vaccinated. Image Former Secretary of State Colin L. Powell died on Monday at age 84. Credit... Doug Mills/The New York Times Colin L. Powell, whose immune system was weakened by treatment for multiple myeloma, died of complications of Covid-19 despite being “fully vaccinated,” his family said in a statement. In photos: Colin Powell through the years. First, African American secretary of state, a man who was respected around the globe and who will be, quite frankly, it is not possible to replace a Colin Powell. Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin described the former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell as a “tremendous personal friend and mentor” following Mr. Powell’s death from Covid-19 complications.
Live Updates: Colin Powell, Who Battled Blood Cancer, Died of Covid Despite Being Vaccinated
Powell, whose immune system was weakened, died of Covid-19 despite being vaccinated. In photos: Colin Powell through the years. Image Former Secretary of State Colin L. Powell died on Monday at age 84. Credit... Doug Mills/The New York Times Politicians, public figures and celebrities alike praised Colin L. Powell Monday as a respected statesman and public servant. He always had great, great counsel. Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin described the former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell as a “tremendous personal friend and mentor” following Mr. Powell’s death from Covid-19 complications.
Extreme weather, pandemic have exposed flaws in science communication
Weather forecasters often express frustration that many people still don’t know the difference between a watch and a warning. But what is second nature to one who eats, sleeps and breathes their particular area of scientific expertise may barely register with much of the public at large. So while regularly explaining the difference between a watch and warning may seem repetitive to the forecaster, it might be a valuable refresher for their audience. (For the record, a watch means the potential for severe weather to develop, while a warning means that severe weather is imminent or already occurring.)
How to check your oven’s temperature, and what to do if it runs hot or cold
“You should assume that your oven temperature control is incorrect (alas, even those that were recently calibrated),” Shirley Corriher says in “CookWise: The Secrets of Cooking Revealed.” But incorrect by how much? Do yourself a favor and start by getting an oven thermometer. A good dial-face model can be had for less than $10. Turn on the oven to 350 degrees and check the reading after the oven says it’s preheated, keeping in mind that the oven may cycle on and off once it has supposedly reached that temperature. If you have an older oven, as I do, and have a sneaking suspicion it’s just slow to start, hang tight and hope for the best.
Prince William and Kate recycle outfits to highlight climate impact of fashion
Scientists concerned about the climate crisis say that the fashion industry – with many brands under fire for churning out cheap clothes to meet high demand – has its own part to play when it comes to protecting the planet and have called on it to strive toward more sustainable goals. According to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, the fashion sector uses more energy than aviation and shipping combined, accounting for roughly 10 percent of global carbon emissions, and almost 20 percent of wastewater.
Allison Williams to leave ESPN over coronavirus vaccine mandate: ‘I cannot put a paycheck over principle’
Guidance for pregnant people and those trying to conceive has fluctuated and been unclear. That has left those expecting babies as one of the country’s most vaccine-hesitant populations. Less than 26 percent of pregnant Americans have received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine while expecting, CDC data shows.
Russia shutters its mission to NATO in retaliation for expulsion of its diplomats
Relations between the military bloc and Moscow have grown progressively worse since Russia’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula in 2014. Moscow has regularly accused NATO of deploying troops and weapons close to its border. Tensions spiked this spring, when Russia increased its military presence along the Ukrainian border; the Kremlin said the buildup was for planned exercises.
Colin Powell’s death is a reminder that vaccination is about every person, not just one person
This should not be an impetus to nihilism, though. It’s not the case that this demonstrates that vaccines are futile or not useful. Instead, it’s a reminder that the virus still poses a risk to the elderly, even when vaccinated, and therefore that the goal should be to tamp down on the spread of the virus broadly. If Powell had been at little risk of contracting the virus because transmission rates were low, he would have been at almost zero risk of dying from it. But, instead, his death comes at a time when more than 80,000 people a day are still contracting the virus and more than 1,500 people are dying from it — about as many people as were dying in early April 2020.
Wheels on Metro rail cars involved in derailment had failed repeatedly, NTSB says
The transit system’s 6000 series, which makes up about 15 percent of Metro’s cars, has been sidelined since November, when the agency pulled the trains out of service after two train separations on the Red Line over nearly two months. Metro discovered that some of the apparatus that joins the cars was restored with the wrong parts or tools, and it has only recently been returning a handful of the 184 cars to service.
Lawmakers question whether Amazon misled congressional panel about its business practices
Last year, House Judiciary leaders questioned whether an Amazon executive misled Congress during a 2019 hearing about how the tech giant uses data it collects from third-party sellers. The session was part of a sweeping investigation into whether Amazon and other digital behemoths are squelching competition online. The standoff arose after The Wall Street Journal reported in April that Amazon employees had used such data to launch competing products, which the company has disputed.
Opinion : Who doesn’t know the difference between sex and rape? ‘The Last Duel’ has an answer.
What’s intensely disturbing about the juxtaposition between Le Gris and Marguerite’s experiences of the rape turns out to be not how different they are, but how similar. In Le Gris’s own memory, he barges into Marguerite’s house by way of a ruse. He pursues her up to her bedroom even when she asks him to leave, forcing the door open when she tries to close it. He tells her, “If you run, I will only chase you.” He pushes her onto the bed even as she says no. And afterward, Le Gris warns Marguerite not to tell anyone, on the grounds that her husband may retaliate by killing her.
Biden administration moves to curtail toxic ‘forever chemicals’
An array of other agencies are also working on the problem, the White House said. The Defense Department is investigating nearly 700 installations around the country where the chemicals were or might have been released, aiming to finish initial assessments by 2023. The Agriculture and Health and Human Services Departments, as well as the Food and Drug Administration, are researching the chemicals’ health effects.
Opinion: Colin Powell was a soaring star until he got trapped
Powell was a star in the post-Vietnam military, blazing a trail for Black leaders (military and otherwise) in Washington. He also promoted the "Powell Doctrine" which stipulated the US should only use military force when necessary. Under President George W. Bush, Powell became the first Black person to be named Secretary of State. But in the end, Powell decided it was his duty to be loyal to the administration for which he worked. It also hurt the Republican Party.
How the Covid-19 booster shots could make the vaccination gap worse (Opinion)
This past week, one step closer: Advisers to the FDA recommended the agency authorize additional doses of the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines for emergency use. Yet the Pew Research Center found, for instance, that unvaccinated individuals look very negatively at the fact that public health officials have consequently changed their Covid-19 recommendations over time. For example, Johnson & Johnson pursued development of a vaccine that required only one shot versus two in order to simplify the logistics of administration. The FDA's advisory committee has not determined whether it would be best for Johnson & Johnson recipients to now get the same shot or a different one. Local public health officials have told me that they are already confronting these questions.
Melissa Joan Hart becomes the first to win $1 million on 'Celebrity Wheel of Fortune'
(CNN) Melissa Joan Hart took home a cool million on Sunday's "Celebrity Wheel of Fortune." The "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" star is the first celebrity to win the grand prize on the spinoff of the popular game show. "They serve families and children across 23 different states in every kind of level, going through foster care and aging out of foster care especially," Hart said of the charity. She managed to solve the bonus puzzle, which was "bran muffins." Hart -- who had squared off against Tituss Burgess and Lacey Chabert -- was excited to win for charity.
Channing Tatum weighs in on Dave Chappelle controversy
(CNN) Channing Tatum has addressed Dave Chappelle's controversial remarks about the trans community. Tatum added his own statement to it. "I understand that Dave is a very dangerous person to talk about at the moment," the "Magic Mike" star wrote. "I understand and hate that he has hurt so many people with things he has said." Chappelle's Netflix special "The Closer," debuted on Netflix recently and has drawn criticism from LGBTQ+ advocates, artists and Netflix employees for his remarks and jokes about the trans community.
Sinclair Broadcast Group hit by ransomware attack
(CNN Business) Sinclair Broadcast Group (SBGI), one of the largest TV station operators in the US, said Monday that a ransomware incident had disrupted some of its office and operational networks. Sinclair began investigating the incident on Saturday, and on Sunday identified "certain servers and workstations in its environment were encrypted with ransomware," the statement said. The unidentified hackers also stole data from Sinclair's network; the company said it was working to determine what information was taken. Sinclair said it had notified law enforcement and US government agencies, and that it was working to "restore operations quickly and securely." Sinclair owns 185 television stations in 86 markets, according to its website.
Facebook to hire 10,000 people in EU to build the 'metaverse'
London (CNN Business) Facebook (FB) plans to hire up to 10,000 workers in Europe to build a "metaverse" that will combine virtual and augmented reality technologies in a new online realm. The US tech giant announced the recruitment drive on Sunday, saying it would take place over five years. Facebook said the investment was a "vote of confidence" in Europe's tech industry and its workers. Facebook faces competition in developing the metaverse from immersive games platforms such as Roblox and Epic Games, the maker of Fortnite. Similar projects have been in the works since 2003, when Linden Lab launched a virtual world called Second Life.
Amazon may have lied to Congress, bipartisan group of lawmakers say
New York (CNN Business) A bipartisan group of lawmakers warned Amazon on Monday they are concerned top executives including former CEO Jeff Bezos may have misled or even lied to Congress about the company's business practices. "At best, this reporting confirms that Amazon's representatives misled the committee," the lawmakers wrote in a letter to Amazon CEO Andy Jassy. "At worst, it demonstrates that they may have lied to Congress in possible violation of federal criminal law." Amazon executives have previously told lawmakers that the company doesn't use the data from individual third-party sellers to inform the development of its own private brand products. 'Incorrect and unsubstantiated'In a statement, Amazon defended its executives' testimony to Congress.
Adele's concert special to include Oprah interview
(CNN) Adele is bringing both her new music and her story to television. The British singer has teamed up with CBS for a new prime-time special titled "Adele One Night Only." According to a news release the event will be filmed in Los Angeles and will welcome back the star "with an extraordinary concert performance that includes the earliest opportunity to hear her first new material in six years" as well as "some of Adele's chart-topping hits, in addition to several never-before-heard songs." But that's not all. "The special will feature an exclusive interview with Adele by Oprah Winfrey from her rose garden, in Adele's first televised wide-ranging conversation about her new album, the stories behind the songs, life after divorce, weight loss and raising her son," the release states.
Apple expected to unveil new MacBooks
(CNN) Apple (AAPL) is about to kick off its second big product event of the fall. At a virtual event on Monday at 1 pm ET, the company is expected to show off two high-end MacBook Pro laptops powered by its next-generation silicon chip, the M1X. The company may also introduce an update to its entry-level AirPods that's more in line with the features of the AirPods Pro line. Apple isn't the only Big Tech company unveiling new gadgets this week. Apple, in particular, confronted supply constraints earlier this year mainly impacting the iPad and Mac.
‘America’s Got Talent: Extreme’ contestant severely injured in stunt
Production on a spinoff of “America’s Got Talent” has been temporarily shut down after an escape artist was badly injured when a stunt went wrong. NBC’s Emilie Ikeda reports for TODAY from Los Angeles.Oct.
Goldman Sachs looks forward to a 'new chapter' in China
London (CNN Business) Goldman Sachs (GS) has received clearance to take full ownership of its securities joint venture in China, a sign that Beijing remains open to foreign financial firms even as geopolitical tensions simmer. Goldman announced Sunday that the entity, previously called Goldman Sachs Gao Hua Securities Company, will be renamed Goldman Sachs Securities Company. The unit, which was first established in 2004, underwrites local stock sales and provides financial advisory services to clients in mainland China. "This marks the start of a new chapter for our China business following a successful 17-year joint venture," CEO David Solomon said in a letter to employees. Wall Street has long sought greater access to mainland China, a market where bankers see huge potential despite a recent slowdown in economic growthRead More
Mandatory Covid health pass sparks protests in Italy
Italy’s newly implemented Green Pass, a mandatory Covid-19 health certificate for workers, is sparking protests across the country. If workers fail to adhere to the Green Pass rules, they could face suspension from work without pay.Oct.
Hollywood studios, union avert strike with tentative deal
The union representing film and television workers has tentatively found common ground between studios and production teams, just a day before the strike deadline. The three year contract includes improved working conditions, higher wages and expanded benefits. Oct. 18, 2021
Inside the money race to control Congress
Inside the money race to control Congress Presented by PREMIONQuick Fix— Democrats dominated fundraising in six of the seven battleground Senate races, and more key takeaways from the third-quarter FEC reports. Terry McAuliffe outraised Republican challenger Glenn Youngkin last month, as the tight race for governor heads into the home stretch. But unsatisfied with the map, national Democrats floated an alternative that could give Republicans control of only two districts. The state House tweaked a map on Saturday that was approved by the state Senate, and the Senate rejected the changes and requested a conference committee on Sunday. State Republican Party chair Ron Weiser filed a lawsuit against Benson over the contributions last month.
DOJ: ‘Lionizing' Jan. 6 rioters fueling future political violence
It’s an indirect broadside at Republicans who have sought to whitewash the violence committed by supporters of former President Donald Trump during the assault on the Capitol. Trump himself has argued alternately that his supporters were “hugging and kissing” police — rather than committing the approximately 1,000 assaults prosecutors say occurred — and has baselessly claimed that left-wing agitators caused the violence. Trump has taken up the cause of Ashli Babbitt, the Jan. 6 rioter shot dead by a Capitol Police officer as she sought to breach the House chamber. DOJ’s suggestion that this rhetoric could fuel additional violence is the most directly it has taken on these claims to date. Afterward, prosecutors say Mattice celebrated his role in the attack.
Miami Democrat upends Florida governor’s race
| Wilfredo Lee/AP Photo Miami Democrat upends Florida governor’s raceTALLAHASSEE — State Sen. Annette Taddeo on Monday scrambled Florida’s Democratic primary for governor, as the Miami Democrat jumped into the contest against two better-known rivals who have been running for several months. In the 2018 race, Democrats wound up having a splintered and crowded field that led to the upset victory of former Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum in the primary. Taddeo’s decision to run for governor also complicates Democrats ongoing quest to chip away at the GOP majority in the state Senate. Taddeo, who had not yet drawn an opponent for her state Senate seat, had raised more than $80,000 in her reelection campaign account. Taddeo’s position in the state Senate, however, complicates her bid for governor since she’s barred from raising money during the two-month session that starts in January.
Biden puts chemical industry’s feet to the fire
After evidence accumulated showing some of the earlier PFAS were linked to health problems, industry voluntarily phased them out of use. The Biden administration plans to require chemicals manufacturers to conduct aggressive health and environmental testing of the chemicals. But industry has balked at that approach, and is likely to push back against the category-based approach the Biden EPA plans to take. The Biden administration said the first round of testing orders will be issued by the end of the year. The Trump EPA committed to issuing those regulations, but under the Safe Drinking Water Act that process typically stretches for years.
Tech money floods the Senate
Tech money floods the Senate Presented by EricssonWith help from Emily Birnbaum and Steven OverlyEditor’s Note: Morning Tech is a free version of POLITICO Pro Technology's morning newsletter, which is delivered to our subscribers each morning at 6 a.m. Quick Fix— Homing in: As the Senate gears up for antitrust legislation, tech giants are targeting key senators with donations. Email me at [email protected] and find me on Twitter @benjamindin. From our good friends at POLITICO Influence: Tech companies have added to their extensive lobbying rosters, according to recent disclosures. Send them along via email to our team: Bob King ([email protected]), Heidi Vogt ([email protected]), John Hendel ([email protected]), Alexandra S. Levine ([email protected]), Leah Nylen ([email protected]), Emily Birnbaum ([email protected]), and Benjamin Din ([email protected]).
Allison Williams And ESPN Part Ways For Good Over Vaccine Refusal
ESPN reporter Allison Williams has been sidelined for good after refusing to take a COVID-19 vaccine as mandated by parent company Disney. In a tearful Instagram video over the weekend, the journalist said she will be “separated from the company” because her request for an exemption to the vaccine requirement was denied. (Watch the video below.) There is no evidence that COVID-19 vaccination poses a threat to fertility. In her Instagram video, Williams downplayed the effectiveness of the vaccines and said Disney’s mandate goes against her personal beliefs.
Jury selection to start in trial over Ahmaud Arbery’s death
Arbery's killing stoked outrage in the summer of 2020 during a period of national protests over racial injustice. Bryan joined the pursuit in his own truck and recorded the now-infamous cellphone video of Travis McMichael shooting Arbery three times at close range with a shotgun. As a precaution against the coronavirus, 600 jury pool members were ordered to report Monday to a gymnasium to provide room for social distancing. Attorneys on both sides will spend the coming days questioning the jury pool, in groups and individually, to determine whether they have formed opinions about the case that render them incapable of serving. Once a jury is seated, the trial itself could take more than two weeks, Adams said.
WNBA players, America’s leading sports activists, have Texas in their crosshairs
The union is “proud to stand with everyone who’s fighting back against the cruel abortion bans in Texas and across the country,” the ad said. The Times ad — a statement sanctioned by the WNBA players union and signed by its leadership — was a first for the league, but collective activism has been a growing trend in the WNBA in recent years, on reproductive rights and other matters. And in 2016, WNBA players led some of the earliest and most pronounced athlete protests against the police killings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling. The Times ad was just the latest demonstration from what is inarguably America’s most socially active sports league. Routinely, the WNBA has shown that when it comes to social justice, its players are about action.
Powell was being treated for multiple myeloma, fully vaccinated for Covid before death
Before his death, former Secretary of State Colin Powell was being treated for multiple myeloma at Walter Reed National Medical Center and he was fully vaccinated from Covid-19. NBC News' Andrea Mitchell remembers Colin Powell as an American leader and a friend.Oct.
Why one red-state Senate Republican won't back Trump in 2024
Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana appeared on "Axios on HBO" and balked when Mike Allen noted that Donald Trump would likely be the Republican Party's 2024 nominee. Cassidy seems eager for Republican voters to make an electoral calculus: Prioritize candidates who know how to win, and Trump does not. He told Allen, "Trump is the first president in the Republican side at least to lose the House, the Senate and the presidency in four years." In 2005, George W. Bush was inaugurated for a second term as a Republican president, and he worked alongside Republican majorities in the House and Senate. In other words, the most recent Republican president lost all three in four years, but so too did his immediate GOP predecessor.
Live Updates: Tributes Pour in For Colin Powell
Image Former Secretary of State Colin Powell died on Monday at age 84. Credit... Doug Mills/The New York TimesWithin minutes of news on Colin Powell’s death on Monday morning, politicians of both parties, public figures and celebrities honored him as a statesmen and public servant. “He was a great public servant, starting with his time as a soldier during Vietnam,” former President George W. Bush said in a statement. He died on Monday of complications of Covid-19 at age 84, his family said in a statement. He always made time for me, and I could always go to him for tough issues,” Mr. Austin said. “When he and I ran into each other and conversed, I always left feeling he was a sincere and committed man to what he believed in.”
The days of U.S. tech companies fighting back against authoritarian regimes are long gone
In recent years, the Chinese Communist Party has only tightened its grip on business, media and other institutions, according to human rights group Freedom House. Technology has played a key role, with the country developing sophisticated surveillance systems to track and control the lives of its citizens. In Vietnam, the government has passed increasingly strict laws governing Internet content. The same goes for Thailand and the Philippines, also places where Facebook, YouTube and Apple are popular. The government had threatened to arrest employees if the companies didn’t comply.
Opinion : Urban myths about economics have taken root — and the cost is high
Sadly, that is the world in which we now live: In many areas of economic policy, initial studies turn out to be incorrect, yet they take on a life of their own, being quoted, cited and tweeted to such an extent that few people bother to question their veracity. Cognitive scientists refer to this as the “truth effect,” which occurs when people believe something simply because it is widely repeated. Here are four prime examples of urban myth economics in action.
Opinion : Will the Biden administration take a stand against vaccine obstruction?
India and South Africa were just reading the writing on the wall. Last week, Noubar Afeyan, chairman and co-founder of Moderna, said his company would not share its vaccine recipe, despite World Health Organization calls for it to do so. In an interview with the Associated Press, Afeyan said the company, which has never produced a vaccine of this scale before, would instead dramatically ramp up its own production to meet the needs of the developing world. But worry not! Afeyan assures us that the company will build a vaccine manufacturing facility in Africa, at some undetermined location, at some point in the future — like some sort of phantom consolation prize.
Opinion : Debate over which Democratic proposals to invest in shortchanges our needs
It’s not just Republicans who are calling for Democrats to think less ambitiously. Sen. Joe Manchin III (D-W.Va.) says many proposals under consideration — such as making permanent the child tax credit — should be targeted to those living in poverty and should come with work or schooling requirements. Other naysayers, such as Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.), appear to think the price tag is simply too large.
Opinion : I talked with John Eastman about his plans. He’s not done with 2020 just yet.
Eastman’s present activities and future plans fit with a history of trying to invalidate laws he doesn’t like. This was certainly the theme of my 2010 encounter with him. I was an editorial writer at the Sacramento Bee, and Eastman was seeking our endorsement for his campaign to be the Republican nominee for state attorney general. Many California gun safety laws violated the Second Amendment. He’d sue to invalidate the law, which provides health-care coverage to 1 in 3 Californians.
Powell praised by U.S. politicians from both parties as trailblazer, trusted adviser to presidents
“America needs more leaders like him at this moment, people willing to put nation over party and to call us together,” Sen. Christopher A. Coons (D-Del.) said in a statement. “Colin was truly a class act, who loved our nation deeply and who worked diligently in service to our country in key diplomatic, national security and public service roles over several decades. His loss will be felt by all who served with and learned from him.”
Beijing 2022: Protesters arrested in Athens over Winter Olympics
(CNN) Greek police detained three protestors on Sunday after they unfurled a banner opposing the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, as China prepared to receive the Olympic flame. The protestors, who were all non-Greek nationals according to police, staged their protest at the Athens Acropolis, Greek police said in a written statement Sunday. "Specifically, after entering the space they approached the monument of Agrippa and tried to unfurl a large banner and two flags with ideograms and words in English," the statement said. "Their attempt was not successful after they were noticed by the guard of the archaeological space who prevented them. A case has been filed and the protestors are due to testify in front of a prosecutor, according to police.
How space researchers knew that 90-year-old William Shatner didn't have to worry about his age
Photos: William Shatner's life in pictures Photos: William Shatner's life in pictures William Shatner plays Captain James T. Kirk in a 1968 "Star Trek" episode. Hide Caption 10 of 40 Photos: William Shatner's life in pictures Shatner married actress Marcy Lafferty in 1973. Hide Caption 11 of 40 Photos: William Shatner's life in pictures Shatner appears in the television movie "Pioneer Woman" in 1973. Hide Caption 27 of 40 Photos: William Shatner's life in pictures Shatner attends a celebrity roast in his honor in 2006. Hide Caption 31 of 40 Photos: William Shatner's life in pictures Shatner appears with Jonathan Sadowski in an episode of "$#*!
Seahawks' Darrell Taylor Taken to Hospital After Suffering Neck Injury vs. Steelers
Nick Wosika/Icon Sportswire via Getty ImagesSunday night's matchup between the Seattle Seahawks and Pittsburgh Steelers took a backseat to a scary scene in the fourth quarter. Seahawks defensive end Darrell Taylor was stretchered off with a neck injury after a long delay during which players on both teams gathered on the field to see if he was all right. She noted, "It was confirmed to me by Seahawks PR that he is moving all of his extremities." According to NFL.com, Taylor was moving his legs when he was on the ground and before he was immobilized and stretchered off. Pittsburgh beat Seattle in overtime on a Chris Boswell field goal that was set up by T.J. Watt's forced fumble.
Patrick Mahomes' Brother Jackson Apologizes for Dancing on Sean Taylor's Number
Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty ImagesThe Washington Football Team retired Sean Taylor's No. 21 during Sunday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs, but Patrick Mahomes' younger brother, Jackson, apparently didn't realize the number on the field wasn't a good place to bust out one of his TikTok dances:"I want to sincerely apologize for accidentally being on the Sean Taylor #21 at FedEx Field," Jackson tweeted. "We were directed to stand in that area and I meant absolutely no disrespect to him or his family." The younger Mahomes is well known as a TikTok personality and was caught on camera pouring water on Baltimore Ravens fans earlier this year. As for the game, Patrick Mahomes threw for 397 yards and two touchdowns while leading a comeback win in the second half for the Chiefs.
Blue Origin: Essay alleges sexism, 'dehumanizing' culture at Jeff Bezos' rocket company
In a statement, Blue Origin said it has "no tolerance for discrimination or harassment of any kind. Alexandra Abrams, the former head of employee communications at Blue Origin, came forward with allegations about the company's workplace culture. "At Blue Origin, a common question during high-level meetings was, 'When will Elon or Branson fly?'" The essay published Thursday also states that many of its authors "say they would not fly on a Blue Origin vehicle." "I don't necessarily think Blue Origin is the most important thing to be talking about on planet Earth right now," she said.
Virgin Galactic delays start of commercial flights
Virgin Galactic stock dropped after it announced it would push back the start of commercial services to the fourth quarter of 2022. CNN's Clare Sebastian reports. Source: CNNBusiness
Netflix buys rights to Roald Dahl's works
(CNN Business) Netflix says it has acquired the rights to Roald Dahl's stories and plans to create a "unique universe" of products based on them. The streaming giant said Wednesday it had acquired the Roald Dahl Story Company (RDSC), which manages the rights to the late British author's works. Netflix said in a press release that the two companies "are joining forces to bring some of the world's most loved stories to current and future fans in creative new ways." "These projects opened our eyes to a much more ambitious venture — the creation of a unique universe across animated and live action films and TV, publishing, games, immersive experiences, live theater, consumer products and more," Netflix added. Roald Dahl's children's stories have captured the imagination of millions worldwide.
Ree Drummond's Sheet-Pan Gnocchi Recipe
Chef notesPackaged gnocchi are one of my most favorite ingredients during this need-things-to-be-easier season in my life. All self-deprecating old lady references aside, this meatless marvel is both a cinch and a revelation: soft and tender gnocchi pillows roasted on a sheet pan with the best variety of veggies and topped with Parmesan and basil. Give me this, a clear to-do list, a glass of wine … and I'm just fine. Swap options: Add peeled raw shrimp to the pan with the veggies for a bit of seafood! Sub in or add any veggies you like, such as halved mushrooms, zucchini chunks, fresh green beans and so forth.
Why Netflix is holding its own version of Comic-Con
New York (CNN Business) Netflix is holding its first-ever global fan event, called "TUDUM," this weekend. That's always been a sticking point for Netflix : It's the king of the streaming world with more than 200 million subscribers. But why does Netflix need its own FanDome or Comic-Con? And TUDUM comes at a time when Netflix could use a bit of a boost on that point. It's the first time Netflix has acquired a company with this level of intellectual property.
13 LGBTQ royals you didn’t learn about in history class
In light of the Dutch monarchy’s recent announcement and in honor of LGBTQ History Month, which is celebrated in October, here are 13 queer royals you didn’t learn about in school. King Edward II of England (1284 - 1327)King Edward II of England’s intense relationship with Piers Gaveston drew the ire of many nobles at court and forced Edward to send his favorite away more than once. In “The Chronicle of the Civil Wars of Edward II,” historian George Haskins describes the then-prince as entranced by Gaveston from their first meeting in 1297. Rumors that Edward II had been gruesomely executed by having a red-hot poker inserted into his backside spread quickly, likely started by his political enemies. Italian King Umberto II greets the crowd gathered on Piazza del Quirinale in Rome in 1946.
Can the EPA get rid of toxic 'forever chemicals'?
PFAS are known as "forever chemicals" because they don't ever break down and remain present in the human body. The chemicals seeped into the groundwater around the Warminster naval base for decades, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. “We are acting with a sense of urgency,” said Michael Regan, EPA administrator, in an interview with NBC News. The EPA is also creating new rules to stop companies from dumping PFAS into waterways, launching a national testing strategy, publishing toxicity assessments of PFAS chemicals and studying PFAS in fish. What the government isn’t doing is an outright ban, which Europe has done for many PFAS chemicals.
Celebrities join Prince William, Kate for Earthshot Prize award
LONDON — Celebrities joined Prince William in London on Sunday for the inaugural awards ceremony of his Earthshot Prize, an ambitious environmental program that aims to find new ideas and technologies around the world to tackle climate change and Earth’s most pressing challenges. Actors Emma Thompson, Emma Watson and David Oyelowo joined William and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, in handing out the awards at Alexandra Palace in north London. Actor Emma Watson wore an outfit made from 10 recycled wedding dresses. William and his charity, The Royal Foundation, launched the Earthshot Prize last year, inspired by President John F. Kennedy’s 1962 “Moonshot” speech that challenged and inspired Americans to go to the moon. Kate wore an Alexander McQueen dress, previously worn in 2011, whilst William wore a green velvet blazer from 2019.
3 ways to get financially fit before the end of the year
"First and foremost, you want to be aware of your money," said Ruhle. But I know you care about your money and you cannot make changes until you know where the money is going." "Those are often the easiest things to cut out, and if you don't know they are happening you can't cut them." "Once you know where your money is going, you can start saving for your goals," said Ruhle. When it comes to Duane's question about savings, Ruhle said it's a good rule of thumb to have three to six months of living expenses set aside for emergencies.
Political outsider set to challenge Hungary’s Viktor Orban
Peter Marki-Zay, a political outsider with no party affiliation, will challenge Prime Minister Viktor Orban in an election next year after winning an opposition primary on Sunday. Marki-Zay will lead an alliance of six opposition parties against Orban. His comments to Reuters set him apart from Orban who, after over a decade in power, has strained relations with many EU leaders, particularly over democratic standards. Opinion polls show Orban’s ruling Fidesz and the opposition alliance running neck-and-neck though they do not yet gauge the impact of Marki-Zay’s victory on Sunday. 'Corrupt autocrats'If the opposition alliance wins, Hungary should join the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO), Marki-Zay said.
Russia suspends NATO mission in retaliation for expelled diplomats
Russia will suspend the activities of its mission to NATO starting next month in response to the alliance’s expulsion of eight Russians, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Monday. Lavrov said staff at NATO’s military mission in Moscow would be stripped of their accreditation from Nov. 1, and that NATO could interact with Russia via its embassy in Brussels if needed, Russian news agencies reported. NATO this month expelled eight members of Russia’s mission to the alliance who it said were “undeclared Russian intelligence officers." The dispute marks the latest deterioration in East-West ties that are already at post-Cold War lows. Russia accuses NATO of provocative activity close to its borders, and recently staged major exercises of its own.
EPA announces new steps to deal with toxic ‘forever chemicals’
The Environmental Protection Agency is unveiling a new plan Monday to clean up and limit so-called “forever chemicals” that are widely used but have been associated with cancer and other health problems. NBC New Capitol Hill correspondent Leigh Ann Caldwell reports exclusively for TODAY.Oct.
Can the EPA get rid of toxic 'forever chemicals'?
U.S. manufacturers continue to use the chemicals, and public water systems are not required to monitor for any PFAS. PFAS are known as "forever chemicals" because they don't ever break down and remain present in the human body. The chemicals seeped into the groundwater around the Warminster naval base for decades, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. “We are acting with a sense of urgency,” said Michael Regan, EPA administrator, in an interview with NBC News. The chemicals have been linked to a long list of health problems, including high cholesterol, a suppressed immune system, infertility, some cancers and reduced efficacy of vaccines, according to the EPA.
Russia shuts diplomatic mission to NATO
Russia on Monday suspended its diplomatic mission to NATO and ordered the Western military alliance to shut its liaison office in Moscow, according to a statement issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry. Russia said the move was retaliation for NATO’s decision earlier this month to revoke the accreditation of eight Russian diplomats who were accused of working under diplomatic cover as intelligence officers. Diplomatic relations between NATO and Russia have been in precipitous decline for years, particularly since the 2014 invasion and annexation of Crimea. “Due to the absence, as a result of purposeful steps on the part of NATO, of appropriate conditions for the implementation of diplomatic activities, the work of the Permanent Mission of Russia to NATO is suspended, including the chief military representative,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in its statement. “They are not interested in an equal dialogue and joint work to de-escalate military-political tensions,” the ministry said of NATO allies.
Meacham: Colin Powell represents the best of what the country can be
Presidential historian Jon Meacham discusses the life and legacy of first Black Secretary of State Colin Powell, who died from Covid complications at the age of 84.Oct.
Like Colin Kaepernick, I Wish My Adoptive Family Had Talked About Race
Colin Kaepernick recently shared that, as a transracial adoptee, there were some conversations he couldn't have with his white family growing up. The idea was that if adoptive parents don’t “see color,” the children wouldn’t feel like they didn’t belong. Adoptive families can think that it will never happen to their child, but for most of us, it does. This is why adoptive parents need to get comfortable having uncomfortable conversations about race, and so do agencies. Melissa Guida-Richards is the author of “What White Parents Should Know about Transracial Adoption,” released on Oct. 5.
Which Is Better, Rewards or Punishments? Neither
The child would go wild as bedtime approached, stubbornly ignoring his parents’ directions and melting down at the mention of pajamas. Many parents grew up with punishments, and it’s understandable that they rely on them. Punishments make us either rebel, feel shamed or angry, repress our feelings, or figure out how not to get caught. Rewards are more like punishment’s sneaky twin. Families find them alluring (understandably), because rewards can control a child momentarily.
What Your Exercise Habits Might Say About How Long You’ll Live
They checked answers and categorized people according to their reported exercise habits and whether and how they had altered over the years. Some of the men and women said they had been unwavering in their workout routines, spending about as many — or few — hours exercising in midlife as when they had been teenagers. Others had been active when young but tailed off as adults, remaining mostly sedentary during middle age. And a few had exercised often as teenagers and young adults, slowed or stopped as adults, but returned to regular exercise later in life. Not surprisingly, those men and women who had been sedentary throughout their lives were the most likely now to have died, particularly from heart disease.
Male Infertility: What to Know and How to Cope
“For most patients in the study, their sperm count was still in the normal range,” he said. They’re not.”Still, as many as 80 percent of men who are infertile have low sperm counts. Most of the time, varicoceles (which are common) don’t lead to fertility issues, but they’re estimated to occur in 35 percent of men tested for infertility. “They’re the easiest source of male infertility to treat,” Dr. Schlegel said. Other issues — such as a condition called retrograde ejaculation, where semen enters the bladder during orgasm instead of coming out of the tip of the penis — can contribute to low sperm count.
How to Clean Leather and Suede Shoes
Let the shoe dry for about five minutes, and then apply a thin layer of shoe conditioner by massaging little dabs into the leather in small, circular motions, using light to moderate pressure across the entire shoe. You can do this with either a cloth wrapped around your index and middle fingers, a dauber, or your bare index and middle fingers. Whichever method you go with, be sure to get the tongue of the shoe, as well. Wait around five minutes for the conditioner to dry and for the leather to absorb its nutrients.
Between Fear and the Need to Feel Alive
We had just completed a grueling, four-day hike in Maine that culminated with us climbing Mount Katahdin. At its summit, Katahdin has an extremely dramatic, mile-long ridge known as the Knife Edge, that looks like the back of a stegosaurus. We knew we had to be careful, but in an odd way, the danger was part of the allure. We read “The Maze Runner” and watched “The Golden Compass.” We lived vicariously, and — somewhere along the way — our conception of the outside world began to shift. Afterward, he began getting a series of injections so that his body might begin to tolerate the bees’ venom if he was ever stung again.
Colin Powell Dies at 84
Colin L. Powell, who in four decades of public life served as the nation’s top soldier, diplomat and national security adviser, and whose speech at the United Nations in 2003 helped pave the way for the United States to go to war in Iraq, died on Monday. Mr. Powell was a path breaker serving as the country’s first African American national security adviser, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and secretary of state. Born in Harlem of Jamaican parents, Mr. Powell grew up in the South Bronx and graduated from City College of New York, joining the Army through R.O.T.C. From a young second lieutenant commissioned in the dawn of a newly desegregated Army, Mr. Powell served two decorated combat tours in Vietnam. He later was national security adviser to President Ronald Reagan at the end of the Cold War, helping negotiate arms treaties and an era of cooperation with the Soviet president, Mikhail Gorbachev.
Keeping Older Drivers Protected on the Road
The children of older drivers have worried along with them, sometimes going to extremes to commandeer the keys of their aging parents when reasoning fails to get them off the road. Although there are now more older drivers than ever before on American roads, it seems there’s never been a safer time for those in the upper decades of life to drive a car. The study, published in June in the Journal of Safety Research, recorded a 43 percent drop in fatal accidents among drivers 70 and older from 1997 to 2018. For middle-aged drivers, the decline in fatal accidents was half that, 21 percent. In 2017, for the first time ever, drivers 70 and older had fewer crashes reported to the police than middle-aged drivers, the institute found.
Marhaba restaurant review: Middle Eastern cooking deserves a permanent spot in Tysons food court
The lamb and chicken mandi (spelled “mandy” on Marhaba’s electronic menu) are the main attractions. Mahmood grew up on lamb mandi in Sanaa, the Yemeni capital. Second, the lamb shanks and chicken must be available for immediate consumption, ready to serve straight from a steam table. This demands gravy, which Mahmood and Sulaiman Saeed, the chef on-site at Marhaba, have dutifully developed for both dishes. Make sure to ask the counter server to add a spoonful or two over your rice.
Cybersecurity legislation is waiting in the wings
“The competition, now at its fourth edition, took place using the now-classic rules established by the Pwn2Own hacking contest,” Catalin writes. “In July, organizers announced a series of targets, and participants had three-to-four months to prepare exploits that they would execute on devices provided by the organizers on the contest’s stage….Researchers had three 5-minute attempts to run their exploits, and they could register to hack multiple devices if they wished to increase their winnings.”
How to get a low down-payment mortgage
Buying your first home can be exciting but requires planning and a precise understanding of your entire financial situation: What is your monthly debt-to-income ratio — that is what are your monthly expenses compared to monthly income? What does your credit report look like? Credit scores are based on data in your credit reports from the three credit reporting agencies: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Lenders will want to know all of this to determine how much you can afford to borrow and the likelihood that you will pay back the loan.
Pete Buttigieg speaks out ... on climate
Buttigieg said he thinks the infrastructure bill has strong climate provisions that shouldn't be overlooked. “I keep reminding even friends in the climate community that there are things in this bill that may not have the word climate in them” but would reduce emissions, he said. “Let's be clear, this is the first infrastructure bill to have a climate subtitle, so it's very explicit.”
Deadly floods, landslides bring south India monsoon death toll to 35, authorities say
This summer, deadly floods affected millions of people across the world including China, Europe and the United States — hazardous weather conditions that scientists warn should serve as a wake-up call that urgent steps need to be taken to protect the planet and younger generations from the effects of climate change.
Tips for starting therapy for mental health
If you’ve decided to take this step, “figure out what you want to get out of therapy,” said Aisha R. Shabazz, a therapist, licensed clinical social worker and anxiety specialist in metropolitan Philadelphia. Make a list of goals, such as processing trauma or grief, or acquiring tools to cope with anxiety. If you aren’t sure yet what your goals are but just know you want someone to talk to, write down the issues that prompted you to consider therapy. You can bring that list to the therapist and identify some goals together.
Colin L. Powell, former secretary of state and military leader, dies at 84
“The one word I have to use with respect to what he’s been doing for the last several years is the word I would never have used before, never would have used with any of the four presidents I worked for: He lies,” Gen. Powell said on CNN’s “State of the Union” show. “He lies about things, and he gets away with it because people will not hold him accountable.”
Singapore Airlines to fly A380 on 60-minute flight
But come November 2021, Singapore Airlines will deploy a superjumbo on a short-haul flight lasting a mere 60 minutes. Singapore Airlines also recently announced plans to reinstate its grounded A380s on select return flights from Singapore to London from mid-November. A Singapore Airlines' spokesperson said the A380 Kuala Lumpur flights were scheduled "for operational requirements." Return of the superjumboAnnouncing the return of the A380 last week, Singapore Airlines' global public affairs head, Siva Govindasamy, told CNN Travel that Singapore Airlines' recognizes the A380s enduring appeal for passengers, and that's partly why the airline's returning the aircraft to rotation. Singapore Airlines isn't the only airline to be operating one-off short-haul superjumbo flights this fall.
This could make bitcoin bigger than ever
Driving the gains: Investors are excited about the anticipated launch of the first bitcoin futures exchange-traded fund. The ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF could launch in the coming days, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. "Before investing in a fund that holds bitcoin futures contracts, make sure you carefully weigh the potential risks and benefits," the agency tweeted. "We view the approval of a Bitcoin futures ETF as a positive step for the digital asset space," Isaac Boltansky, BTIG's director of policy research, said in a recent note to clients. Boltansky noted that a futures ETF is different from an ETF that buys and sells bitcoin directly.
Stellantis and LG to work together to build batteries in North America
New York (CNN Business) The auto industry's building boom for the massive batteries needed to power electric vehicles continues. The companies said in a news release that they plan to build a new facility with a yearly production capacity of 40 gigawatt hours. While the facility's location is still under review, the companies said they plan to break ground in the second quarter of 2022. The batteries it produces will go to Stellantis plants throughout North America for electric vehicles. "Today's announcement is further proof that we are deploying our aggressive electrification road map and are following through on the commitments we made during our EV Day event in July," said Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares.
CNN Business
by Sofia BarrettTwo upcoming reality television shows plan to offer a once-in-a-lifetime grand prize: A trip to space. Mike Massimino, a former astronaut, talks to CNN Business about the feasibility of these shows taking off.
Ree Drummond's Top-Secret Chocolate Cake Recipe
Chef notesAs a middle-aged woman of the world, it is no secret to me that you can doctor up boxed cake mix to create a heavenly dessert. This trend took hold in the nineties and it gave masses of people permission to forgo the measuring and mess of a from-scratch cake. But just in case your generation hid this eternal cake mix truth from you your whole life, I'm here to lift the veil. This is an incredibly simple way to ease into the cake-mix era in your life: a rich, very chocolaty cake that's such a cinch to make, it might become your go-to birthday cake request. Technique tip: You can double the ganache if you'd like a thicker coating on the cake.
Ree Drummond's Buffalo Chicken Totchos Recipe
Swap option: Make traditional totchos by topping the tots with cheddar cheese and cooked taco meat. Add the chicken, salt and pepper, and stir and cook until the chicken starts to brown, about 3 minutes. Bunch the tots in a pile in the center of the sheet pan and sprinkle on half the pepper jack. To serve:Drizzle some of the Blue Cheese Ranch all over the top, then sprinkle on the celery leaves and the rest of the green onions. Serve with the rest of the Blue Cheese Ranch on the side.
Six rotors. 200mph. This electric helicopter may be the future of transportation
Joby Aviation's electric, six rotor aircraft can take off like a helicopter yet fly like a plane. Here's how the company envisions the future of flying transportation.
This elite restaurant ditched meat. Here's why
Chef and owner Daniel Humm rattled the fine dining industry when he announced he would transform his famed Eleven Madison Park into a fully vegan restaurant. Whether Humm's gamble will pay off is unclear, but he certainly has people paying attention. Source: CNN Business
Ree Drummond makes a 'top-secret' chocolate cake using boxed cake mix
The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, is joining TODAY to share a few of her favorite easy and delicious recipes from her newest cookbook "The Pioneer Woman Cooks ? Super Easy! She shows us how to make Buffalo chicken totchos, a secret-ingredient chocolate cake, sheet-pan roasted veggie salad and sheet-pan gnocchi with pesto. TODAY has affiliate relationships, so we may get a small share of the revenue from your purchases. As a middle-aged woman of the world, it is no secret to me that you can doctor up boxed cake mix to create a heavenly dessert. But just in case your generation hid this eternal cake mix truth from you your whole life, I'm here to lift the veil.
Curtis Stone's Lemongrass Chicken Bowl Recipe
Chef notesThis dish has all the hearty Asian flavors that my wife adores. Plus, the leftover chicken can be repurposed to create a truly amazing rice stir-fry! Technique tip: The curry can be made days ahead; the chicken can be marinated the day before. Swap option: You can swap the chicken for shrimp, lamb or even tofu. If you can't find kaffir lime leaves or lemongrass, you can substitute them with 2 teaspoons grated lemon and lime zest.
Turn chickpeas into savory chana masala and rich chocolate brownies
Chickpeas are full of fiber and protein, making them a filling ingredient in a variety of dishes. I grew up with chana masala on the dinner table at least once a week growing up. Its rich, spicy and savory notes are perfect served alongside baked sweet potatoes. This vibrant chutney is the perfect zesty topping to take earthier dishes to the next level. I promise you won't taste the legume in this rich chocolate batter, but you will be impressed by how dense these brownies are.
Ahmaud Arbery murder trial begins this week
Jury selection begins Monday at the trial of three men accused of murdering Georgia jogger Ahmaud Arbery, one of the high-profile cases that set of Black Lives Matter protests nationwide. NBC’s Catie Beck reports for TODAY from outside the courthouse.Oct.
Curtis Stone and his wife Lindsay Price make green curry chicken to serve 2 ways
Chef Curtis Stone and his wife, actor Lindsay Price, are joining TODAY to share their favorite make-ahead recipes — green curry chicken bowls and, using the leftovers, chicken fried rice — and to encourage people to #SpeakUpSpeakOut about Asian hate. Price recently collaborated with designer Alice Kim to help fight hate against the AAPI community. This dish has all the hearty Asian flavors that my wife adores. The juicy curried chicken, fragrant rice and aromatic veggies really hit the spot when I want something filling but not heavy. If you like those make-ahead recipes, you should also try these:
Curtis Stone's Green Curry Chicken Fried Rice Recipe
Chef notesThis is one of my favorite quick dishes to whip up after a long day. The juicy curried chicken, fragrant rice and aromatic veggies really hit the spot when I want something filling but not heavy. Use my Green Curry Chicken in this recipe. Technique tip: The vegetables can be cut up to 2 hours ahead, covered and refrigerated. Swap option: Use soy sauce or fish sauce in place of ginger vinaigrette.
Looking back at Colin Powell’s life and career
In the wake of the news that General Colin L. Powell, former U.S. Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, died Monday morning due to complications from COVID-19, NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell reports on Powell’s remarkable life and career.Oct.
Haitian gang blamed for kidnapping U.S. and Canadian missionaries
Sixteen U.S. nationals and one Canadian were visiting an orphanage on Saturday as part of their work for Christian Aid Ministries, according to a statement from the nonprofit issued on Sunday. "Join us in praying for those who are being held hostage, the kidnappers, and the families, friends, and churches of those affected," Christian Aid Ministries said in the statement. A man and a child walk by burning tires on a street in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Sunday. It is in their control," former Special Envoy to Haiti Ambassador Daniel Foote told NBC News. A senior State Department official told NBC News, "We are engaging with Haitian authorities at the senior most levels."
Daniel Craig's era as James Bond comes to an end with 'No Time to Die.' What's next for the franchise?
Ian Gavan / Getty Images"No Time to Die" indeed marks the end of an era for one of the most popular franchises in movie history. Craig’s first four Bond films were the four top-grossing installments in franchise history at the North American box office, according to Comscore. Sean Connery in a scene from the James Bond film "From Russia With Love" in 1963. Considering the initial backlash over casting Craig — a blonde — for a role previously played by brunettes, the very idea remains a touchy subject. "So, for me, the question is whether we should be casting a woman in this particular role," Funnell, a scholar on the Bond franchise, added.
ESPN reporter Allison Williams leaving network over Covid vaccine mandate
Longtime ESPN college football and basketball reporter Allison Williams said over the weekend that she will be leaving the network over its Covid-19 vaccine mandate. "I have been denied my request for accommodation" to not get the vaccine, Williams, 37, said in a video posted Friday to Instagram. ESPN had told its 5,500 traveling employees in May that they would need to be vaccinated by Aug. 1. Doctors have been repeating for months that the Covid-19 vaccines are safe for pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding and women who would like to have babies. Williams said that in April, Disney told employees that it would be their decision to get the vaccine, but it was encouraged.
Colin Powell dies of complications from COVID-19
General Colin L. Powell, former U.S. Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, died Monday morning due to complications from COVID-19. He was fully vaccinated and had been treated for cancer for years. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports on TODAY.Oct.
Colin Powell dies from Covid complications
Powell and Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf were widely praised for the victory; for once, it seemed, a war had gone as planned. “Colin Powell is a special case,” Joe Klein wrote in Newsweek in 1994. Counting on his popularity, Bush tasked Powell with making the case against Iraq to the world. In February 2003, Powell went to the United Nations to plead the Bush administration’s case. “After leaving office,” Thomas Ricks wrote in “Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq,” “Powell would spin his record, talking about how he had won victories within the Bush administration and with allies.
Colin Powell Has Died of COVID-19 Complications, Family Says
Colin Powell, former Joint Chiefs chairman and secretary of state, has died from COVID-19 complications, his family said Monday. In 1989 Powell became the first Black chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In an announcement on social media, the family said Powell had been fully vaccinated. Former President George W. Bush said he and former first lady Laura Bush were “deeply saddened” by Powell’s death. “And most important, Colin was a family man and a friend.
Colin Powell dies from Covid complications
Powell and Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf were widely praised for the victory; for once, it seemed, a war had gone as planned. “Colin Powell is a special case,” Joe Klein wrote in Newsweek in 1994. Counting on his popularity, Bush tasked Powell with making the case against Iraq to the world. In February 2003, Powell went to the United Nations to plead the Bush administration’s case. If Weinberger had not been pardoned before his trial, Powell would have had to testify against his former boss about those sales.
Risky Business: Some Capitol Riot Defendants Forgo Lawyers And Represent Themselves
A judge told another New Yorker that he may have incriminated himself during courtroom arguments. In denying Fellows’ bid for release, McFadden told Fellows that he admitted to likely obstructing justice in the New York case and considering it in his riot case. McFadden appointed lawyers to serve as standby counsel for Fellows and Bauer and assist at the defendants’ request. A fifth riot defendant, Brian Christopher Mock, began representing himself last month after having an assistant federal public defender as his attorney, court records indicate. AdvertisementHe said laypeople shouldn’t represent themselves for the same reason that lawyers shouldn’t, either.
Colin Powell, the first Black US secretary of state, dies of Covid complications
Colin Powell, the first Black US secretary of state, has died from complications from Covid-19, according to his family. The Morning Joe panel discusses.Oct.
White House: Biden 'has no intention to lead an insurrection'
As part of its comprehensive investigation, the bipartisan House committee examining the Jan. 6 attack is seeking materials from the White House — not because the Biden administration bears responsibility for the insurrectionist riot, but because its predecessor does. As NBC News recently noted, as a matter of tradition, sitting presidents have shielded White House materials at the request of their predecessors. The presidential spokesperson responded:"I can assure you, Ed, that this president has no intention to lead an insurrection on our nation's Capitol." Though her tone was more formal, White House Counsel Dana Remus made the same point in her letter to the National Archives two weeks ago. In terms of the process going forward, circling back to our earlier coverage, the White House has given the National Archives the green light to release materials — phone records, visitor logs, internal communications, etc.
Short on options, Trump pushes a new idea: A do-over election
As the NBC affiliate in Phoenix reported, Pima County officials received a large amount of mail-in ballots, which was consistent with statewide turnouts. The same report from KPNX added that Pima County has a bipartisan commission that's tasked with ensuring local elections run smoothly. What's more, the fact that the Republican is floating the idea of an "immediate" do-over election is kind of hilarious. Let's not forget that over the course of the year, he saw Maricopa County, Arizona, as the lynchpin of his entire strategy. And with that in mind, Trump has effectively arrived at a new point: "Never mind Maricopa County, how about Pima County?"
Colin Powell dies from Covid complications at 84
Former Secretary of State Colin Powell has died due to complications from Covid-19. Powell was 84 and had been fully vaccinated from Covid-19.Oct.
Mushroom Potpie Recipe
Dried porcini mushrooms and caramelized fresh mushrooms give this dish plenty of deep, earthy flavor. Sweet parsnips, garlicky kale, carrots and potatoes round out the mushroom filling, but if those don’t suit you, the filling is fully flexible. Substitute butternut squash, celery root or just about any root vegetable for the carrots, parsnips and potatoes. The entire dish cooks in a large ovenproof skillet, but you could also transfer the filling to buttered ramekins for individual pies, or divide the mixture between two 8-inch pie dishes for two separate pies. Rich and creamy, it feeds a crowd, and can easily be prepared in advance: Refrigerate the cooked filling overnight, then warm it on the stovetop, assemble and bake.
Sheet-Pan Crispy Pork Schnitzel  Recipe
Schnitzel is a way of preparing thin slices of meat by breading and frying them until crisp. While the popular Viennese dish is traditionally made with thinly pounded veal, here, pounded pork cutlets are breaded and baked on a sheet pan — rather than fried in a skillet — until golden for an easy weeknight meal. The key to perfectly brown breadcrumbs is the addition of a few dollops of mayonnaise, which helps the coating crisp up during baking. A tangy salad offers fresh and bright notes that balance the rich pork. Learn: How to Make a Sheet-Pan Dinner
For In-Person School, Fulfilling Students’ Wish Lists
In June 2021, Ms. Fils and her family were able to move into an apartment on Staten Island. As summer break wound down, Ms. Fils was relieved that her children would once again be attending school in person, but the costs of supplies and clothing loomed. “At first I was like OK, thank God they get to go back,” Ms. Fils said. “But then I was like, dang, now I’ve got to buy school supplies. Close to 900 families received gift cards totaling $100 to $500.
Can I Wear a Ponytail to Work Without Looking Like a Kid?
I am a teacher, and when wearing a mask at the school where I work, I find it easier to keep my hair in a ponytail. I’d prefer not to turn into a character from “Grease” or be mistaken for a teenager. In 18th-century Europe, the ponytail was a sign of the military, with British soldiers wearing their hair in low ponytails while the French sported a low braid. Though it was to a certain extent always a practical, sporty thing, by the 1970s the pony was also a hippie thing for both guys and girls. Famous ponytail wearers include Barbie; Sandra Dee, the 1950s movie star famous for her pony; Barbara Eden in “I Dream of Jeannie”; Madonna in her “Blonde Ambition” years; and Karl Lagerfeld with his powdered poof.
‘Succession’ Recap, Season 3, Episode 1: Action Stations, Let’s Go
Season 3, Episode 1: ‘Secession’The “Succession” Season 3 premiere opens with a shot of two helicopters speeding across the sky, with a stunning mountain landscape in the distance. Both factions know they have to project strength to win over the press, the public and the politicians. It matters what they wear, where they’re seen, and who they’re seen with. The show’s creator and head writer Jesse Armstrong, working alongside the most frequent “Succession” director Mark Mylod, doesn’t waste much time. This episode barrels forward, generating much of its tension and humor from the people who are on the periphery of Logan and Kendall’s feud and are scrambling to keep up.
Why Are All Eyes on the Virginia Governor’s Race?
Listen and follow The DailyApple Podcasts | Spotify | StitcherThe Virginia governor’s race — the first competitive election in the United States since President Biden took office — will be a major test of the national political environment before the midterms. In 2020, Virginia epitomized the way in which Democrats took the White House and Congress — by turning moderate and swing counties. But with Mr. Biden’s poll numbers waning, particularly among independents, Republicans see an opportunity.
Foxconn unveils prototypes as it pushes to become an electric-car maker.
Foxconn unveils prototypes as it pushes to become an electric-car maker. The prototypes Foxconn presented on Monday, which the company has christened Models C, E and T, are templates that clients can refer to when designing their vehicles. Image The Goldman Sachs headquarters in Manhattan. The company will be renamed Goldman Sachs China Securities Company. Image Dave Baszucki, the chief executive of the gaming company Roblox, at a company conference on Thursday.
From Graffiti in the Shadows to Designing an Observation Deck in the Clouds
In middle school, I was a graffiti artist, so I always explored the city in the weird hours between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. It takes you through the city in a different way; you are going through tunnels and train tracks and all these abandoned and forgotten parts of the city. I learned to see the city as an organism — how it moves and connects together — and that’s pretty incredible. I also started realizing how the city can be perceived differently at different times. But even if I didn’t have a project I would have stayed because the city is my source of inspiration.
Looking for a Star? Check the Dodgers’ Bench.
ATLANTA — The Los Angeles Dodgers are not for everyone. Sometimes, young players need to leave when they become eligible for free agency if they want regular playing time. And sometimes, accomplished players are brushed aside because the Dodgers have the ability and the will to acquire other, more accomplished players. Gavin Lux, who started Sunday’s Game 2 of the National League Championship Series, became familiar with the latter this summer. in May but swooned later in the summer and was not getting the regular playing time he would have in a place like Pittsburgh or Miami, where he might have worked his way out of a slump.
America’s Cash Glut
Sluggish income growth has been a defining economic problem of recent decades. With only brief exceptions, the incomes of most middle-class and working-class American families have grown frustratingly slowly — trailing well behind economic growth — since the late 1970s. Even amid a global pandemic, most American households are doing better financially than they were in 2019. But it has not damaged credit markets or household balance sheets, as the housing bubble of the early 2000s did. Instead, the pandemic caused a sharp, brief recession.
NFL Week 6 recap: Bill Belichick cost the Patriots; Baker Mayfield had a rough day
While fighting injuries, Tagovailoa has shown few signs he will be an elite quarterback — which stings especially as Justin Herbert, taken one pick after him, has become an MVP candidate for the Los Angeles Chargers. To compound their problems, the Dolphins either misjudged their readiness to win or showed impatience when they dealt a 2022 first-round pick to move up six spots in this year’s draft to select wide receiver Jaylen Waddle. Even though Waddle has been excellent, the Dolphins have been lousy, and now the Philadelphia Eagles own their first-round pick — which, if the season ended this week, would be a top-five choice.
Carlos Correa shines in MLB postseason, but Astros future remains cloudy
“When you look back at it, it’s just terrible,” he told reporters in 2020. “It’s not right for the game of baseball, the game that we grew up loving so much. … It’s not right to know what [pitch is] coming and do what we did. We were wrong. Whatever comes this year on the road from the fans, we have to take that.”
Retired FBI official saw a shortage of school bus drivers. He stepped up to the wheel.
Particularly meaningful moments have included seeing a shy student smile for the first time, or beaming with pride as a child waved at him as he approached the school for pickup at 2:30 p.m. “These kids are just like you and me. They want to self-actualize, they want to be the best they can be,” Mason said.
How DJ Heat would spend a perfect day in D.C.
After that, I would likely hit up Turning Natural, the one in Anacostia. The juices from Turning Natural were always a key part. They have these immunity-boosting shots called Flu Shots which have also always been a key to my wellness routine. My favorite smoothie is the Happy Hemp because that’s their green smoothie. I’m going to get a smoothie and spinach patty and I’m going to end up picking up some juices.
Manchinema become K Street darlings
“I don't know. I think if I had that answer now, I'd probably go in, you know, and not be able to see all the pieces,” Kinzinger told CNN's Jake Tapper on when asked if the committee could thoroughly investigate Jan. 6 without subpoenaing the former president. “If we subpoena all of a sudden the former president, we know that's going to become kind of a circus so that's not necessarily something we want to do up front. But if he has pieces of information we need, we certainly will.”
Miami school says vaccinated students must stay home for 30 days to protect others, citing discredited info
The school has a history of spreading inaccurate information about the vaccine and penalizing those who choose to get the shots. In April, Centner Academy employees were told they had to notify Leila and David Centner, the married co-founders of the school, if they received a vaccine. Vaccinated school employees were told they would not be allowed any contact with students “until more information is known” about the vaccines. School leaders also told those wanting the vaccine to wait until the summer to get the shots.
New political ad strategy in Virginia: Promoting news articles in Google search results
On Google, state and federal campaigns that wish to advertise on the search engine (and on YouTube, which is owned by Google), have to go through a verification process and include an additional disclosure that shows who paid for the advertisement. According to Google, the ads purchased by the McAuliffe campaign passed the verification process and contain the required political disclosures, which clearly identify that the ads are paid for by the campaign.
Drug lord Pablo Escobar smuggled hippos into Colombia. Officials are now sterilizing the invasive species.
By then, the hippos will have done irreversible damage to the environment, and their numbers will be impossible to control, researchers said. Authorities this year have intervened, using a chemical contraceptive to sterilize the animals without the blowback that would come from exterminating what has grown to become “the town pet.” Developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the drug GonaCon inhibits production of an animal’s sex hormones, such as estrogen and testosterone, putting it in “a nonreproductive state.” The USDA donated 55 doses of the drug to Colombian wildlife officials.
Monday briefing: Americans kidnapped in Haiti; fears of a ‘twindemic’; the Ahmaud Arbery trial starts; and more
A landslide down a narrow road at Denali National Park has forced half the road closed at least through summer of next year, affecting a prized tourist attraction. It will probably be at least two years before a bridge can be built and things return to normal.
Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are engaged
(CNN) Kourtney Kardashian has confirmed her engagement to Travis Barker with a romantic post on Instagram. The reality TV star posted photographs on Sunday of herself and the Blink-182 drummer hugging on a beach, amid a circle of roses, captioning the post "forever." Barker commented "FOREVER" underneath the post. Barker popped the question at a beachside hotel in Montecito, California, on Sunday, according to TMZKardashian's sisters welcomed the news, with Kim Kardashian posting engagement ring emojis beneath the post. Kendall Jenner posted a zoomed-in image of Kardashian's hand -- and engagement ring -- as she cupped Barker's face.
FMIA Week 6: Confident Cowboys, Dangerous Dak And The Top 12 Quarterbacks In The NFL Right Now
• Gruden, Gruden, Gruden. #DallasCowboys pic.twitter.com/kh34E4rPsU — NFL (@NFL) October 17, 2021The design of the play was good because New England’s mush-rushers had to respect Ezekiel Elliott at the left of the formation. NFL game rep: Dawn Aponte, NFL chief administrator of football ops. I think this is not a good sign for Christian McCaffrey’s long-term viability:First 49 NFL games: 49 games played. Next 24 NFL games: 6 games played.
Hatian gang blamed for kidnapping U.S. and Canadian missionaries
Sixteen U.S. nationals and one Canadian were visiting an orphanage on Saturday as part of their