Mar 28,2021

More than 10,000 pieces of new news a day. News update non-stop 24/7.  'Girlhood,' by Melissa Febos book review.  Maya Rudolph's Kamala Harris celebrates Passover on 'SNL'.  Nashville flash flooding triggered by record rainfall.  Van Drew opponent was shot at, beaten by cops — then became one.  Derek Chauvin Trial: What To Know About The Charges, Jurors And More.  Democrats Prepare To Push Biden For A $10 Trillion, Decade-Long Green Infrastructure Plan.  Coronavirus pandemic slowdown has made the oceans quieter, which has been good for whales.  Q&A with Rhett & Link: Battling YouTube sensations, keeping the team together and blood oaths.  Netflix and Amazon gave daring Indian filmmakers hope. Now that's turning to fear.  Howard Schnellenberger, college coach who built winning football tradition at Miami, dies at 87.  More than 10,000 pieces of new news a day. News update non-stop 24/7.  Airbnb and Vrbo are overloaded with reservations.  Senate faces a new post-tragedy quagmire as anti-Asian hate crimes rise.  An Open Letter To My Shelter Dog's First Owner.  'Things really are very bad' — Biden navigates cyber attacks without a cyber czar.  If Matthew McConaughey Runs for Office, Which Role Should He Reprise for the Campaign Trail?.  I Found a Rainbow At the End of My Hunt For a Vaccine Appointment.  'An inflection point': Congress prepares for battle over massive voting rights bill.  ‘He’s toast’: GOP leaves Raffensperger twisting in the wind.  Overlooked No More: Kitty Cone, Trailblazer of the Disability Rights Movement.  His Plane Crashed in the Amazon. Then Came the Hard Part..  
'Girlhood,' by Melissa Febos book review
The genius of a social structure is that you cannot see it; it is built to be invisible to you, this machine that compels you to perpetuate it. None of us were, or are.”Over the course of eight essays with poignant illustrations by Forsyth Harmon, Febos interrogates the strength, savvy and vulnerabilities of girlhood. “To hate my own body was to suffer from an autoimmune disease of the mind,” Febos writes. ADADNo longer holding herself responsible for what happened to her childish body, adolescent reputation and womanly psyche, Febos got free. GirlhoodBy Melissa Febos
Maya Rudolph's Kamala Harris celebrates Passover on 'SNL'
New York (CNN Business) "Saturday Night Live" didn't open up with politics to kick off the latest episode of the NBC variety show, but Maya Rudolph's Kamala Harris still had her moment. Rudolph, the host of this week's "SNL" who has played the vice president multiple times, welcomed guests to a Passover meal. Rudolph's Harris said. "That's why it's time for 'A Kamala Harris Unity Seder.'" Rudolph's Harris introduced Martin Short as Doug Emhoff, the second gentleman.
Nashville flash flooding triggered by record rainfall
A flash flood emergency was issued Sunday morning in Middle Tennessee due to record rainfall. More severe weather is expected as this storm system pushes east. Meteorologist Allison Chinchar has the forecast. Source: CNN
Van Drew opponent was shot at, beaten by cops — then became one
Tim Alexander, a Democrat who served as a detective captain for the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office, launched a campaign in March 2021 to unseat Republican Rep. Jeff Van Drew. | Tim Alexander for Congress New Jersey Van Drew opponent was shot at, beaten by cops — then became oneIn 2020, New Jersey Republican Rep. Jeff Van Drew attacked his Democrat opponent, Amy Kennedy, for wanting to "defund the police." Kennedy, a native of the South Jersey district who’s from a local political family and who married into the famous national political dynasty, has not ruled out another run. Van Drew, his congressman, switched parties in late 2019 after he lost Democratic support because he refused to vote to impeach Trump, famously pledging his “undying support” during a meeting with the president at the White House. Despite his support for Kennedy, he said he was “disappointed” in how she handled herself during the campaign, including during her televised debate with Van Drew.
Derek Chauvin Trial: What To Know About The Charges, Jurors And More
Trial BeginsJury selection for Chauvin’s trial began March 9 and lasted roughly two weeks before wrapping up on Tuesday. 44 is a white woman in her 50s who serves as an executive of a nonprofit health care advocacy organization. 55 is a white woman in her 50s who works as an executive assistant at a health care clinic. 91 is a Black woman in her 60s who worked in marketing before retiring. 118 is a white woman in her 20s who is a social worker.
Democrats Prepare To Push Biden For A $10 Trillion, Decade-Long Green Infrastructure Plan
“The THRIVE Act is the agenda that establishes the pillars for economic renewal in our country,” Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass. The White House’s infrastructure package is potentially less ambitious on the climate front, allotting just $400 billion for measures like green transit and research and development, according to The Washington Post. And it could include Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s $454 billion electric car proposal and the $1.1 trillion plan for greener public schools that Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-N.Y.) endorsed this month. “The infrastructure package should also be done in one bill, not two,” Alexandra Rojas, executive director of the left-leaning campaign group Justice Democrats, said in a statement. “Republicans have made it clear that they have no intention of working with the President on an infrastructure package.
Coronavirus pandemic slowdown has made the oceans quieter, which has been good for whales
“It's probably the most popular activity for visitors, foreign and domestic,” Heimir Hardarson, captain at North Sailing, said. “Very mystical creatures,” he said, “floating around in their weightlessness.”Captain Heimir Hardarson takes whale watchers out on his boat in Húsavík, Iceland. But the global slowdown has actually been good for the whales, as human interference has decreased. He is studying how the quieter oceans have affected whales by measuring their stress levels through hormone samples. Carlo AngererHe acknowledged that animals are also affected by whale watching tours but said the experience helps motivate people to protect them.
Q&A with Rhett & Link: Battling YouTube sensations, keeping the team together and blood oaths
Rhett: Yeah, I do appreciate that when you say YouTube sensations, a lot of times it needs to come with a disclaimer. They watch YouTube endlessly and see those guys playing the video games and they're just screaming. But I think in the way you interact with a spouse, the most healthy relationships have high frequency but low amplitude conflict. We had these two rocks — one was a little rock and one was a big rock. And you could only speak if you were on the little rock, and then you could speak freely if you were on the big rock.
Netflix and Amazon gave daring Indian filmmakers hope. Now that's turning to fear
The program was Streaming content broke that mold becauseit was, until recently, unregulated by the government. "I am glad I did my film for Netflix because they did not dilute anything," said Narain, referring to her project "Guilty." must be " While activists have criticized these rules, the government said the video streaming servicesmust be " responsible and accountable " for their content. "Ram Setu" will "highlight our Indian heritage," said Vijay Subramanium, the head of content at Amazon Prime Video India, in a statement. But film writer Arpita Chatterjee, said it is too late to rein in the Indian filmmaking community now.
Howard Schnellenberger, college coach who built winning football tradition at Miami, dies at 87
AD“I was reluctant to take it because it was a graveyard for coaches,” Mr. Schnellenberger later told the Miami Herald. ADAfter profanely telling the owner to get off the sidelines, Mr. Schnellenberger later recalled, “He said, ‘You’re fired.’AD“I said, ‘You can’t fire me. You’ve got to wait until the end of the game.’ ”Mr. Schnellenberger later returned to the Dolphins coaching staff. Mr. Schnellenberger was a well-known figure throughout South Florida, a diverse region that united behind its football teams, if nothing else. That football team was able to do something the federal government, city and county tried to do and couldn’t: Bring the community together.”
Airbnb and Vrbo are overloaded with reservations
And that's good news for companies like Airbnb and its home sharing rival Vrbo, which is owned by online travel giantShares of Airbnb are up more than 20% this year following 2020's successful initial public offering , while Expedia has soared more than 30%. Consumers clearly want to start taking trips again, especially as more adults are vaccinated. "We've had a phenomenal recovery," said Vrbo president Jeff Hurst in an interview with CNN Business. The jobs recovery may be gaining speedThe US jobs report is the big event on the calendar next week. Capital Economics predicts that 700,000 jobs were added to the economy in March, which would be the best month since September.
Senate faces a new post-tragedy quagmire as anti-Asian hate crimes rise
“We’ve already got a hate crimes bill,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.). Kim wrote that she was talking with her colleagues about hate crimes recording but that "we cannot legislate hate out of people’s hearts and minds." But she and other Democrats insisted they would not accept long-term defeat on either hate crimes or gun control legislation. "I don't think we have that kind of lobby" against fighting hate crime, Chu said. Blumenthal, who has long worked on gun reform, said that the Atlanta shooting illustrated how hate crimes and gun violence are inevitably intertwined.
An Open Letter To My Shelter Dog's First Owner
When I say “our,” I mean me and my husband ? but also you, our dog’s first owner. Less than a week after his fifth birthday, you left him at the shelter with the excuse that you were moving. A year later, I came into his life ? an innocent volunteer, whose intent was just to spend some time playing with dogs. Little did I know that he’d steal my heart almost immediately. Two weeks later, after receiving a clear bill of health, I couldn’t bear to take him back to the shelter.
'Things really are very bad' — Biden navigates cyber attacks without a cyber czar
Administration officials, including national security adviser Jake Sullivan, have been wary of the idea of a largely autonomous national cyber director role because of the power it would give to Congress in a key area of national security. Neuberger has clashed in the past with the top candidate for the national cyber director role, Jen Easterly, who also headed cyber policy for the Biden transition team. “They are like oil and water,” said one former national security official involved in the discussions, referring to Easterly and Neuberger. The former official said the transition team “tried to kill” the national cyber director provision — inserted into the National Defense Authorization Act — altogether. I hope they don't do that.”Wherever the White House lands on this, a decision needs to be made soon, experts said.
If Matthew McConaughey Runs for Office, Which Role Should He Reprise for the Campaign Trail?
Political models: Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Tom CottonDownside: Communities don’t always want rich white guys to save them. Political models: Madison Cawthorn, Sarah Palin, Bill ClintonDownside: One voter’s charm is another’s smarm. Political models: Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Chuck SchumerDownside: This personality screams Washington insider—not exactly a winning campaign slogan. Political models: Chris Collins, Tom DeLayUpside: Could sweet-talk potential donors out of a fortune. Political models: Pete Buttigieg, Ben SasseDownside: The smartest guy in the room is sometimes the least likable.
I Found a Rainbow At the End of My Hunt For a Vaccine Appointment
There was even a rainbow-y halo around that big moon, another lucky omen if you’re hungry for such things. He’s a co-creator of RainbowChase, an app that alerts users when nearby conditions are conducive to rainbow sightings. “The Hawaiians thought the rainbow was a path to a higher dimension, and in a real sense, it is,” says Businger. There are Earth-clinging rainbows (uakoko), standing rainbow shafts (k?hili), and barely visible rainbows (punakea). A vertical rainbow, or K?hili over Hawaii Photograph courtesy of Steven Businger/University of Hawai'i in ManoaUnfolded by rainbows are the faces of the flowers.
'An inflection point': Congress prepares for battle over massive voting rights bill
WASHINGTON — Congress is preparing for a heated battle over the way Americans vote, with the two parties set to clash over proposed federal election standards and Republican-led state restrictions. Republicans say Democrats are executing a power grab to remove necessary protections on the voting process and usurp authority from states. McConnell criticized the bill as "a grab-bag of changes" that go beyond voting rights. He highlighted a provision to restructure the Federal Election Commission, calling it a ploy to make it more partisan. The fightSome progressives believe they can make the voting rights bills a rallying cry to gut the 60-vote threshold, which Biden expressed openness to supporting on Thursday.
‘He’s toast’: GOP leaves Raffensperger twisting in the wind
Earlier this week, Rep. Jody Hice, a defender of Trump’s effort to overturn the election, announced he’s running with Trump’s endorsement to unseat Raffensperger. And the Georgia Republican Party isn’t exactly sitting on the sidelines. Brian Kemp, that removes the secretary of state as the state election board chair — to be replaced by a person approved by the state legislature. The law also gives the state election board the ability to suspend county election officials, who are replaced by an individual picked by the board. “In a Republican primary — like the Ohio Senate primary, for example — I suspect the challengers are going to be MAGA, or more MAGA, or mega MAGA.
Overlooked No More: Kitty Cone, Trailblazer of the Disability Rights Movement
This article is part of Overlooked, a series of obituaries about remarkable people whose deaths, beginning in 1851, went unreported in The Times. It wasn’t long after Kitty Cone had enrolled at the Mount Vernon Seminary in Washington that she felt the grip of discrimination. Cone walked with a cane, and the headmistress of the seminary, a private women’s school, began imposing strange rules that segregated her from the rest of the student body. For instance, she demanded that Cone bathe in a separate tub outside of the suite that she shared with three other girls. “I think she was worried about liability, looking back on it, because she gave me these prohibitions.”
His Plane Crashed in the Amazon. Then Came the Hard Part.
“I would never fly for wildcat mining again.”After this plane crashed, when it became clear help was not going to come from the sky, Mr. Sena, 36, started walking. For days, Mr. Sena walked only in the morning, using the sun’s position to head eastward toward the river. Mr. Sena knew that predators usually hunt near the water, where prey is abundant. But he was frequently besieged by packs of spider monkeys, which tried to destroy his precarious shelters. One afternoon about four weeks after the crash, when he gone three days without eating, a buzzing noise stopped him in his tracks.
Would the Pandemic Stop Paul Theroux From Traveling?
And Theroux agrees. Theroux seems aware of this, or at least of the notion that his way of writing about the world is fading. His new novel tells the story of Joe Sharkey, an aging North Shore surfer who resembles characters Theroux has gotten to know on the beaches near his home. For him, surfing was a way of life, an existence centered on catching waves, a commitment to the ocean. Theroux sees surfing as a metaphor for his own life.
On ‘S.N.L.’, Maya Rudolph Hosts a Unity Seder as Kamala Harris
This weekend, “Saturday Night Live” added one more question to the four that are customarily asked at a Passover Seder: Why wasn’t this sketch chosen as the cold open? You had to wait until just before midnight for the topical, politically themed satire that usually kicks off an “S.N.L.” broadcast — this one featuring the host, Maya Rudolph, in her recurring role as Vice President Kamala Harris. a Passover meal intended as a call for unity. “This has been a difficult year for all of us,” Rudolph's Harris said. And what better night to celebrate a new beginning than Passover — or as my adopted people call it, Pesach.”
For Them, New York City Will Never Be The Same
This is the new New York, and these are some of the new New York lives:Andrew S. Gonzalez, 31, was a chef and menu planner for a chain of restaurants in Qatar. “Families come, they say, ‘Thank you, thank you, it’s all I have to eat today,’” she said. An apartment rearranged by absence. “I work hard in a restaurant,” she said. It’s too hard, because I love my sister.”If the city has long had millions of stories, many of them have been changed, rearranged.
What to Know About the Trial of Derek Chauvin
What to Know About the Trial of Derek Chauvin Mr. Chauvin, a former Minneapolis police officer, faces charges of manslaughter, second-degree murder and third-degree murder in the death of George Floyd. The jury in the murder trial of Derek Chauvin has been seated. Video transcript Back bars 0:00 / 1:11 - 0:00 transcript Final Juror Selected in Derek Chauvin Murder Trial The final member of the jury was interviewed and seated Tuesday for the murder trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin in the death of George Floyd. Judge denies motion to delay Derek Chauvin trial. Video transcript Back bars 0:00 / 0:47 - 0:00 transcript Judge Denies Motion to Delay Derek Chauvin Trial On Friday, Judge Peter A. Cahill of Hennepin County District Court, who is overseeing the trial of Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis officer charged in the death of George Floyd, denied the defense team’s request for a trial delay.
A Volunteer Army’s Mission: Vaccinate Black People in the Rural South
Mississippi and Alabama are among the dozen states whose Republican-led governments have rejected Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. “Until we get a better system, we have to come up with these workarounds, but it gets really tiring,” Dr. Rayford said. “The options are increasing very quickly and pretty soon people are not going to have to go to a drive-through site,” he said during a news conference last week. But she added that the overwhelmingly rural composition of the state had made the task daunting given Alabama’s limited resources. Still, the logistical challenges remain stark in rural areas of the Deep South, where years of spending cutbacks and a lack of jobs have made life more difficult for the shrinking number of people left behind.
‘Beyond Comprehension:’ 10 Lives Lost in Boulder
To her children, Olivia, 24, and Pierce, 22, Ms. Murray was a fashion expert of a different sort, with a knack for designing their Halloween costumes. Ms. Mahoney, the news director for KAZU Public Radio in the Monterey, Calif., area, wrote on Twitter that she was heartbroken. “I know he wants me to be strong for his granddaughter,” she posted, noting that she is now pregnant. The son of Serbian refugees who had fled central Bosnia during the violence of the 1990s, Mr. Stanisic was born in the United States. His profile picture shows him in a blue cap and gown, posing with friends from his Lakewood, Colo., high school.
Suez Canal Live Updates: Crews Scramble to Free Ship as Economic Toll Mounts
Live Suez Canal Live Updates: Crews Scramble to Free Ship as Economic Toll Mounts Officials reported steady progress in dislodging the giant cargo ship blocking the crucial maritime route. A satellite image of tug boats and dredgers on attempting to free the Ever Given lodged sideways and impeding all traffic across Egypt’s Suez Canal, on Saturday. Lt. Gen. Osama Rabie, the chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, said that water had started running underneath the vessel. MEDITERRANEAN SEA Port Said EGYPT Suez Canal Sinai Peninsula EGYPT SUEZ GULF 25 MILES MEDITERRANEAN SEA Port Said EGYPT Suez Canal EGYPT SUEZ GULF 25 MILES MEDITERRANEAN SEA Suez Canal EGYPT EGYPT SUEZ GULF 25 MILES Salvagers are determined to free the vessel this weekend, but their best chance may be on Monday, when a spring tide will raise the canal’s water level as much as 18 inches, analysts and shipping agents said. Video The Ever Given container ship on Saturday remained lodged in the Suez Canal in Egypt, where it had been stuck since Tuesday.
D.C.-area forecast: Mild today with early showers and strong to severe late-day storms
Today (Sunday): Showers are likely this morning, with some thunder possible as well, as a warm front tries to push its way to our north. Winds turn gusty from the south during the afternoon, pushing afternoon highs to the upper 60s to mid-70s under mostly cloudy skies. Some storms could be severe with damaging winds near or past 60 mph, heavy rain and lightning, and a lesser chance of large hail or an isolated tornado. And winds still gust from the northwest around 30 mph before starting to diminish later in the afternoon. Confidence: Medium-HighTomorrow night: Winds finally settle down heading into the evening and leave us with more tranquil conditions overnight.
Raised to identify as Black, Harris steps into role as a voice for Asian Americans amid rise in hate incidents
Duckworth told reporters that White House aides had pointed at Harris “multiple times” over the past year in response to lawmakers’ pressure. He is a co-founder of Stop AAPI Hate, an advocacy group that has tallied 3,800 incidents of bias and hate directed at Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders over the past year. Neera Tanden, an Indian American, failed last month to win Senate confirmation to lead the Office of Management and Budget. The absence of Asian Americans at the White House has been noticeable. ADRohini Kosoglu, a Sri Lankan American who serves as Harris’s domestic policy adviser, was the highest-ranking Asian American official in attendance, participants said.
Vaccines, Suez Canal, Passover: Your Weekend Briefing
Democrats see an opportunity to raise taxes on big corporations and the wealthy but do not agree on the details. And because Republican support is unlikely, they have no room for error in a closely divided Senate. Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, a critical Democratic swing vote, has signaled openness to making changes to the 2017 tax overhaul. Mr. Manchin is now at the center of the most important policy debates in Washington, most notably the one over the filibuster. Eliminating that voting mechanism would give Mr. Manchin even more influence in the 50-50 Senate, but he’s against doing so.
Ten Months After George Floyd’s Death, Minneapolis Residents Are at War Over Policing
Minneapolis was no exception: it saw a 25 percent increase in homicides, rapes, robberies and assaults. But zero in on the four neighborhoods surrounding George Floyd Square, the name given to the corner where Mr. Floyd died, and the story is far bleaker and deadlier. The area has become something of an autonomous zone, with barriers and signs calling it “the free state of George Floyd.” The police have stayed away for almost a year to avoid inflaming tensions. Residents and city leaders have tussled over the role that the Police Department’s depleted ranks have played in the violence plaguing the entire city. The City Charter allows for 888 officers, but there are currently 648 on active duty, city officials said.
A state program offers health coverage to seniors regardless of legal status
CHICAGO – While teaching music classes for children, Juan often used to find himself bouncing between health clinics to get treated for diabetes. At 67 years old, he’s now getting access to health insurance for the first time. Illinois is implementing a first-of-its-kind program to offer health care access to low-income immigrant seniors, whether they’re legal permanent residents who previously didn’t have access, or if they’re undocumented. Under federal law, Americans who lack legal status are not eligible for Medicare, Medicaid or "Obamacare" enrollment. Juan's family said the program has given them peace of mind when it comes to his health.
Biden wants to strengthen Medicaid, but Trump left major hurdles for him
The Biden administration hopes to quickly help those uninsured in Georgia, as well as in 11 other states, by providing incentives to expand Medicaid. Brian Kemp greets President Donald Trump as Trump arrives at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on July 15. The Biden administration also has to figure out how to contend with the lawsuits that have blocked four of the waivers. They are suing the Department of Health and Human Services, which is now under the leadership of the Biden administration. Every day in her office, Kinsell said, she sees unmet health care needs that lead to disability and unemployment.
DoorDash pushes back against fee delivery commissions with new charges
In the most comprehensive look at commission delivery caps, NBC News has found 68 localities that have passed such caps. NBC News found that DoorDash added supplemental local fees in 57 of the 68 locations that have fee caps, far more than have previously been reported. By 2019, DoorDash had become the country’s leading food delivery company, overtaking its rivals, including Grubhub and Uber Eats. Lobbying effortsAs the rush to implement caps appears not to have slowed, all three major food delivery companies have stepped up their lobbying efforts. Amy Healy, Grubhub's head of public affairs, said the commission caps were "exactly the wrong thing to do."
Former prisoners struggle to re-enter society. What happens when society moves online?
Later that day, he arrived at the Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation, a restorative justice non-profit that helps former prisoners get on their feet. The challenge he faced has been amplified in the past year as the Covid-19 pandemic has driven many more parts of life online. Now, everything is online, and the obstacles in the way of gaining access to those services are far greater. Burnett didn't realize John was struggling to use technology until he began to miss online appointments. She was looking forward to hearing about John's telemedicine appointments, but realized he didn't know that his phone had to be connected to WiFi or cellular service in order to call in.
Former 'Saturday Night Live' Cast Members Gather In Eerie Homage To 'The Shining'
Horror met comedy in a strangely affecting sketch with former cast member Maya Rudolph reminiscing with ghosts of “Saturday Night Live’s” past on a set staged to look like the hotel in “The Shining.”Former cast member Tina Fey played fictional early “SNL” writer Gloria Zellwig. “I was one of the first to have the idea that maybe the women could talk,” Fey told Rudolph. Fey explained that her character died of “perm cancer” (so “worth it,” she noted), and that she was now a ghost. But when Rudolph felt the face of returning cast member Rachel Dratch (who appeared to be “The Shining’s” woman in a bathtub), she got a poke in the eye because Dratch wasn’t a ghost. “SNL” veteran Kristen Wiig played both creepy twins from “The Shining.” Kenan Thompson rounded out the crew as Scatman Crothers, and Alex Moffat played the oily barkeep.
Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon: Alex Salmond’s comeback raises ‘serious questions’
Sturgeon said in an interview with the Scotsman newspaper that Salmond's "ego" is stopping him doing the right thing | Jane Barlow/AFP via Getty ImagesScottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said there are “serious questions about the appropriateness” of Alex Salmond’s political comeback, after he announced the creation of a new pro-independence party that will compete with the Scottish National Party (SNP) he led for 20 years. Salmond — who left the Scottish parliament in 2016 — has been entangled in a public feud with his Sturgeon over her government’s handling of harassment complaints made against him. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the release of two separate inquiries into the affair cleared Sturgeon of breaking the ministerial code but also criticized her government’s conduct. Salmond has said he intends to move on from the issue, but has vowed fresh legal action against the Scottish government. Speaking at a press conference Friday, Salmond said that “strategic aims” of his new party, called Alba, “are clear and unambiguous — to achieve a successful, socially just and environmentally responsible independent country.”
What the prosecution and the defense are expected to argue at Derek Chauvin's trial
Chauvin faces second-degree murder, third-degree murder and manslaughter charges in Floyd's death. Here’s what the prosecution and the defense are expected to argue when opening statements in the high-profile trial begin Monday. Two minutes and 53 seconds of this was after Mr. Floyd was nonresponsive,” the complaint adds. Mr. Floyd’s active resistance required an escalation of force,” they wrote. “Combined with sickle cell trait, his pre-existing heart conditions, Mr. Floyd’s use of fentanyl and methamphetamine most likely killed him,” they wrote.
'Changed hearts and minds': Biden's funding offer shifts Medicaid expansion debate
The conversation around Medicaid expansion appears to be undergoing a new and dramatic shift in some of the holdout states, however. It’s expected that funding could cover the states’ Medicaid costs for that period. “We have over 400 studies showing why Medicaid expansion is a good thing,” said Joan Alker, executive director of Georgetown University's Center for Children and Families. “Anytime a meeting was set up with the governor or his office, I was told if you bring up Medicaid expansion, the meeting is over,” he said. Ron DeSantis' office said he was opposed, declining health care coverage for approximately 800,000 people.
U.S. 'horrified' by Myanmar violence, Blinken says after bloodiest day since military coup
The United States is “horrified” by the bloodshed in Myanmar, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Saturday, after the country’s bloodiest day of protests since last month’s military coup. The violent crackdown on demonstrators by Myanmar’s security forces showed that the junta will “sacrifice the lives of the people to serve the few,” Blinken said in a tweet. Medics attend to a protester who was shot and injured when security forces opened fire on Saturday in Yangon, Myanmar. Download the NBC News app for breaking news and politicsThe crackdown took place as Myanmar’s military celebrated the annual Armed Forces Day holiday with a parade in the country’s capital. In contrast, security forces have allegedly used live ammunition for weeks against what have still been overwhelmingly unarmed and peaceful crowds.
Russia’s Putin pumps up the swagger in swipes at Biden
Cue a state propaganda blitz with 68-year-old Putin portrayed as a dynamic leader with years ahead of him and 78-year-old Biden as a doddering has-been. Biden made Putin seem powerful, facing down an external enemy, instead of trying to cocoon himself from the pandemic. The basic mode is anti-Western and it’s not the first time, or last time, it is used.”ADADAn editorial in the business paper Kommersant predicted that “thanks to Biden” Putin’s United Russia might win every seat in Russia’s parliament. “Joe Biden seems to have launched a major theme for uniting society around Vladimir Putin ahead of the September Duma elections,” it said. But Gaaze said this ideology had limited appeal and that Putin’s era of political invulnerability was showing signs of fatigue.
Carter Kieboom sent to minors as Nationals’ roster comes into focus
The club selected the contracts of veterans Hernán Pérez and Jordy Mercer, solidifying their spots on the Opening Day roster. ADADTo make room for Mercer and Pérez on the 40-man roster, the Nationals designated infielder Jake Noll for assignment. The Nationals again gave Kieboom a chance to win the third base job. If Harrison becomes a regular, the five-man bench is Mercer, Pérez, catcher Alex Avila, first baseman Ryan Zimmerman and outfielder Andrew Stevenson. The Nationals have 29 players left in major league camp, and among them are pitchers Rogelio Armenteros and Seth Romero.
Second Gentleman Martin Short Nuzzles 'Kamala Harris' At An 'SNL' Unity Seder
After Rudolph cooed that Short, another “SNL” veteran. was her “load bearing wall” who’s “always on top of my basement,” Aidy Bryant’s Ted Cruz popped up for the seder. Cruz blamed his daughters for scraping Emhoff’s Prius parked outside, and brought Israeli flag cupcakes to the do. “I see serial killer on the side, and bait and tackle shop owner in the front,” she noted. “You may think I look insane, but I assure you I’m the most normal looking girl in Bushwick,” she explained.
US, European defense chiefs condemn violence in Myanmar
The defense chiefs of a dozen nations, including the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany, issued a joint statement Saturday calling for an end to violence by the military against unarmed civilians in Myanmar. The violence took place on Armed Forces Day, which commemorates the resistance against Japan during the Second World War. Russia and China have so far not commented on the recent violence in Myanmar. U.N. Special Rapporteur Tom Andrews said in a statement that if the Security Council cannot act, then an international emergency summit on Myanmar should be held immediately. “Words of condemnation or concern are frankly ringing hollow to the people of Myanmar while the military junta commits mass murder against them,” Andrews added.
Houston’s defense is at its suffocating best in bouncing Syracuse to advance to Elite Eight
On Saturday night in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, Sampson guided the second-seeded Cougars to a height the program hasn’t reached in decades. 11 Syracuse from the tournament with a commanding 62-46 win in the Sweet 16, sending the Cougars to the Elite Eight for the first time since 1984. The Cougars’ defense, one of the best in the nation, ensured nothing came easily for the Orange. But the collective highlight for Houston was its defense, which held Syracuse to a season-low scoring output. Houston entered this matchup with the second-best scoring defense across Division I, giving up 57.9 points per game, and Syracuse fell victim to a stifling effort.
The Ever Given blocking the Suez Canal moved slightly, but a poor tide stopped its progress
The fifth day of the salvage operation illustrated the technical and weather challenges facing the international team seeking to dislodge the Ever Given from the eastern bank of the canal and stave off a global economic calamity. Both are scheduled to arrive on Sunday in the canal, said the ship’s technical manager, Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement. Also unclear on Sunday was the reported arrival of a U.S. Navy team of dredging experts to assist in the operation. Naval Fifth Fleet spokesperson, said nothing had changed since U.S. Central Command made an offer to help on Friday. The ship is owned by a Japanese company, operated by a Taiwanese firm, its crew is Indian, and it sails under a Panamanian flag.
Covid vaccines mean the end of quarantine is in sight. For some, the view doesn't look so good.
People with social anxiety, introverts and others who find the “normal” expectations of life stressful woke up to a world that more closely resembled the one of their dreams. People with social anxiety, introverts and others who find the “normal” expectations of life stressful woke up to a world that more closely resembled the one of their dreams. While there’s been a very real increase in substance abuse during quarantine, mostly overlooked is the fact that others took this opportunity to get sober. “There is so much pressure to be around people and no one seems to understand that doesn’t make me happy,” she explained. Nudging reluctant people who’ve grown accustomed to, and even prefer, living in quarantine back into society requires understanding.
Georgia's 'Jim Crow' voter suppression bill is now law. Here's how Democrats can fight back.
On Thursday, Georgia Republicans passed restrictive changes to the state election process. Brian Kemp immediately signed a bill into law that President Joe Biden accurately labeled "outrageous," "un-American" and "Jim Crow in the 21st Century." The new law also restructures the authority of the State Election Board. There’s also the chance that this voter suppression law could backfire for Republicans. State law allows for the casting of ballots and the tabulation of ballots to be observed by members of both parties.
Suicide bomber targets Palm Sunday mass in Indonesia, at least 14 injured
MAKASSAR, Indonesia — A suicide bomber blew himself up outside a packed Roman Catholic cathedral on Indonesia's Sulawesi island during a Palm Sunday Mass, wounding at least 14 people, police said. The attack came as Indonesia was on high alert following the arrest of Aris Sumarsono, known as Zulkarnaen, the leader of Jemmaah Islamiyah in December. He said that police were investigating whether they were linked to a local affiliate of the banned Jemaah Islamiyah network or were acting independently. A court banned Jemaah Islamiyah in 2008, and the group was weakened by a sustained crackdown. Police said the father was the leader of a local affiliate of the Islamic State group known as Jemaah Anshorut Daulah.
'SNL's' Bowen Yang Offers Incredibly Powerful Message Against Asian American Hate
“Saturday Night Live” cast member Bowen Yang began his bit on “Weekend Update” against Asian American attacks all attitude and eye rolls, but ended with a powerful message to “fuel up” and keep moving — together. Yang first dinged co-anchor Colin Jost for introducing him as the program’s “Asian American cast member.”Jost responded: “That’s how you told me to introduce you.”“I set your ass up. “Things for Asians in this country have been bleak for the past two weeks — and all the weeks before that since forever,” he noted. He said he didn’t know what to say to help change “how insanely bad things are. If someone’s personality is ‘punch an Asian grandma,’ it’s not a dialogue.
SNL invites Maya Rudolph’s Kamala Harris and Martin Short’s Doug Emhoff to host a Passover Seder
During “A Kamala D. Harris Unity Seder,” she would ask four questions: “How’s school? And, what’s with that haircut?” In the spirit of the holiday, Rudolph’s Harris continued, she had reached across the aisle and invited several Republicans to the Seder — starting “at the bottom,” with Aidy Bryant’s Ted Cruz. “Such a fun, solvable problem.”Moffat’s Biden brought along his retrained dog, Major, who attacked Short’s Emhoff until being “spooked” by someone else. When Rudolph’s Harris worried her Seder wasn’t actually bringing people together, Short’s Emhoff quoted “Dayenu”: “It would have been enough. On a more serious note, Yang added: “I can’t address any of this without bringing up class, or gender, or imperialism.
What those in power need to consider about gun control
As America once again grapples with another shooting tragedy, NBC’s Joshua Johnson asks what can be done to fix the issue of gun violence.
Snatched, Vaxed Or Waxed: 'Saturday Night Live' Goes Spring Break Bonkers
The “Saturday Night Live” cast cut free of politics for a change to morph into a wild crew of Miami Beach spring breakers on a TV game show for the cold open. The host of the faux dating show for “hot, infected singles” was Cece Vuvuzela (Maya Rudolph). The program was sponsored by Spirit Airlines, offering $10 flights to Miami Beach. “You guys know no one partying in Miami is vaxed,” Vuvuzela piped up. Gardner revealed she was “anti-vax.”Fineman headed out with Mooney to Club Syph packed with 2,000 people chirping: “Pepper balls sound fun!
Equal pay Activist Lilly Ledbetter on Gender Inequality and the Wage Gap
President Biden and First lady Dr. Jill Biden marked National Equal Pay Day at the White House this week. The date of the event, March 24th, is a symbolic representation of how far into the year a woman must work to match what a man made the previous year. Equal pay activist Lilly Ledbetter, the namesake of the first bill former President Obama signed into law: the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009, spoke to NBC’s Joshua Johnson about how the country can address the gender pay gap.
Scores of protesters shot, killed by Myanmar security forces
Myanmar experienced its bloodiest day of state repression since a military coup in earlier February after more than 90 people were reportedly killed by security forces. Protesters had taken to the streets across the country before police and soldiers opened fire.
Anguished mother of 9-year-old who died crossing Rio Grande: ‘She was everything to me’
Araceli Franco Cruz traveled from Guatemala to the U.S. border with her two children. She tells Telemundo they were overwhelmed by the current while crossing the Rio Grande. NBC News spoke to two women making the same treacherous journey with their daughters.
2021 NCAA tournament live updates Sweet 16 scores and analysis from Saturday’s games
INDIANAPOLIS — If a team that’s won two of the past four NCAA men’s basketball championships can be a valiant underdog, this month’s Villanova squad has worn that title well. The top-seeded Bears and their stout defense thrived, forcing Villanova into a sloppy performance, and Baylor’s 62-51 win in the Sweet 16 sends Coach Scott Drew’s group into the Elite Eight to face No. 3 Arkansas or No. 15 Oral Roberts in the South Region. Now the Bears, who can usually shoot as well as they defended against Villanova, will continue their quest for a Final Four berth, a defining accomplishment the program has not achieved since 1950.
Oregon State is the True NCAA Tournament Cinderella We Didn't See Coming
12 seeded Oregon State Beavers. Prior to last Friday, Oregon State's most recent win in the NCAA tournament came in 1982. Just five weeks ago, the idea of Oregon State making it into the NCAA tournament was borderline incomprehensible. Even after winning the Pac-12 tournament, Oregon State ended the year ranked 91st in the NCAA Evaluation Tool rankings and 85th on KenPom. In 17 of 29 games played prior to the tournament, Oregon State allowed at least 1.0 points per possession (PPP).
Mexican standoff: Tequila producers take on Heineken over Desperados beer
But it is now the EU, and more precisely the brewer Heineken, that’s on the back foot because Mexico is kicking up a fuss about the use of tequila in Desperados beer. Tequila-makers say the down-market brand, billed as “the world's first Tequila Flavoured Beer,” is besmirching the reputation of their precious liquor and flouting EU rules by using tequila as a mere flavoring rather than a major ingredient in Desperados, a 5.9 percent-alcohol-by-volume lager. The body regulating the use of tequila in Mexico last year revoked the export license of the main company supplying Heineken through a French drinks importer, and launched legal action. And the European Commission has been asked to weigh in on the dispute to decide whether the tequila lobby’s actions constitute a barrier to trade. That is not the case for Desperados beer, which uses tequila as a mere flavoring rather than a major ingredient.
'Saturday Night Live' mocks spring break in the time of Covid-19
"Saturday Night Live" poked fun at the social-distancing concerns sparked when tens of thousands of spring break revelers descended on Miami Beach this month, inspiring city leaders to declare a state of emergency. The night's host, Maya Rudolph, performing as game show host Cece Vuvuzela, explained why there was such a party atmosphere amid a pandemic. Rudolph, who has been portraying Vice President Kamala Harris this season, reprised the role in a skit about celebrating Passover seder. Maya Rudolph and Martin Short as Vice President Kamala Harris and Doug Emhoff on "Saturday Night Live" on March 27, 2021. He suggested that gun buyers should be required to have five friends testify they believe they should have firearms.
Poland’s expensive stillborn coal plant
The driver for the project was the looming shutdown of the older 647 megawatt Ostro??ka B plant, built in 1972. “Technically speaking, Poland’s power grid does need something to replace Ostro??ka B. PiS resurrected the project in the name of “healing Polish coal mining,” ahead of the 2015 election, which it won. The partner for the revamped project is Poland’s former gas monopoly PGNiG. "You have to remember that I took the decision based on the calculation that coal energy would continue to function in Poland until 2060," Tchórzewski said in a radio interview last week.
Rich Countries Can—And Should—Help the Rest of the World With Vaccines and Debt Relief
But for many developing countries and emerging markets, the end of the crisis is a long way off. Advanced economies, especially the U.S., have acted forcefully to reignite their economies and support vulnerable businesses and households. Lastly, developed countries could orchestrate a comprehensive response to the overwhelming debt problems many countries are facing. In the early stages of the pandemic, it was hoped that a suspension of debt servicing for developing countries and emerging markets would suffice. The policies described here would be of enormous benefit to the developing world and would come at little or no cost to developed countries.
'Way Past Time to Fire Mr. DeJoy' Says Sanders After House Dems Unveil Bill to Stop Assault on USPS
Postal Service. SCOOP: Democrats are swarming to block Louis DeJoy's planned USPS service cuts. Duckworth continued: "The only question facing the USPS Board of Governors right now is whether PMG DeJoy is the best individual to lead the Postal Service moving forward. We will not allow Trump's handpicked Postmaster General Louis DeJoy to slow down mail delivery, cut hours at post offices, and sabotage the Postal Service. "It is time to remove all governors and start over with a board vested with the expertise and acumen this nation needs in its Postal Service leadership."
How Public Sector Workers Are Fighting to Prevent More Job Losses
After the pandemic sent state and local budgets into a tailspin, public sector workers across the country were suddenly faced with furloughs, layoffs, and potentially deep concessions. More than 1.3 million state and local government workers lost their jobs in 2020... Higher education workers and public school staff saw the largest immediate losses, but public workers everywhere felt the budget squeeze and spent months waiting for the other shoe to drop. It will also provide $123 billion for public schools and $29 billion for public colleges and universities. Shock and AweThe aggressive federal aid is certainly welcome news for public workers like bus operator JorDann Crawford, a member of Transit (ATU) Local 1575.
As Junta Kills Over 100 in Myanmar, UN Expert Says It Is 'Past Time for the World to Respond'
According to Myanmar Now, soldiers and police had killed at least 114 people, including children, nationwide as of 9:30 pm on Saturday in Myanmar. "It's past time," Andrews added, "for the world to respond in kind with and for the people of Myanmar." The European Union's delegation to Myanmar tweeted: "This 76th Myanmar Armed Forces Day will stay engraved as a day of terror and dishonor. This 76th Myanmar armed forces day will stay engraved as a day of terror and dishonour. — EUMyanmar (@EUMyanmar) March 27, 2021British foreign secretary Dominic Raab said that "today's killing of unarmed civilians, including children, marks a new low.
If Businesses Were Run Like the Republican Party
This is a public domain image obtained from I modified it by adding extra space at the top and bottom and adding text. If you’re the Republican party, what should you do when people are not voting for you? You could look into where you might have gone wrong and modify some of your policies to broaden your appeal to more voters. So, you might try looking into the people who tend to vote for the other party, and making it as hard as possible for them to vote at all.
No Need to File An Amended Return: $10.2k Deduction From Unemployment Will Come Automatically
I chose to not file my return until I saw that show up in the little box, but many Americans who received unemployment may not have even been aware that the deduction was coming, and filed the tax returns already. If you have already files without that deduction being applied, the IRS has a request: Do NOT re-file or file an amendment this year! If you have already filed your 2020 Form 1040 or 1040-SR, you should not file an amended return at this time. Instead, sit tight, and the IRS will check your return, and if you’re owed it, they will include it automatically. So I’m helping this particular benefit become one more reminder to everyone who received unemployment that Democratic governments are better for your bottom line by a wide margin.
Were the last 12 months a 'lost year' for you because of the pandemic?
), donating old books and clothes, completing long-dormant writing projects, luxuriating in books both on tape and on paper, and contacting old friends by phone and by actual snail mail letters (with stamps and everything)! For me, the last 12 months feel like a “lost year”: time that slipped through my fingers without clear memories or a sense of direction or concrete accomplishments of any kind. I did do one good thing, although I started it before the pandemic: I had a streak on a language app and managed to stay with it. Here is today’s question one more time:Were the last 12 months a “Lost Year” because of the pandemic? This is also a good place to ask general questions about politics, Democrats, Daily Kos, or anything else on your mind.
My personal Georgia boycott
I was reading another diary on the Georgia anti-democracy, anti-voting, pro-Jim-Crow bill, and one person mentioned they had contacted the state tourism department and told them they had canceled their planned business trip to Georgia, and wanted to let them know why. I thought, “Well, I can do that too.” We have relatives in Georgia, and were planning on going down to see them once Covid was not a threat. But, if Georgia is going to pass laws like this, they don’t need my business. Just wanted you to know that we have canceled our planned trip to Georgia to see relatives, due to the Jim Crow voting laws your state just passed and your governor just signed. Bruce MaplesIf you want to add your own personal boycott, here’s the email address:
We're making history in Virginia
What’s happening here in Virginia this year is nothing short of historic and has been written as such in recent publications and recognized by the nationally renowned, Amanda Litman from Run For Something. Of the 45 Republican-held seats, we now have 41* challengers, but that number changes by the day as the effort I’ve been so proud to assist in makes new Virginia history. x The days of the old boys club deciding who can run, where they can run, and what they can run on are over. — Matt Rogers ?? (@MattForDelegate) March 27, 2021When the next General Assembly is sworn in, I’d be honored to be among those raising my hand. On June 8th, the name “Matt Rogers” will be on the ballot in Arlington, and across the Commonwealth there will be choices for November in every single House of Delegates district.
Dealing with the modern day plague
As the holiday of Passover is upon us we should reflect on how we celebrate plagues (ten specifically) while we as a society are still dealing with the modern day COVID-19 plague. Weather it is mental health issues, poverty, discrimination, voter intimidation or gun violence all can be considered a plague on our society. Gun violence and needless deaths occur yet can be prevented! In less than two weeks we have seen several cases including Atlanta (8 deaths), Boulder (10 deaths), Virginia Beach (2 deaths). Together we can end gun violence.
A short river
The D River in Lincoln City, Oregon, which flows from Devils Lake into the Pacific Ocean, claims to be the world’s shortest river. The River is 440 feet long and has been listed in the Guiness Book of World Records as the world’s shortest river. However, in 1989, some Montana Boy Scouts convinced Guiness that Montana’s Roe River which flows into the Missouri River in Great Falls was actually shorter. The Guiness Book of World Records has dropped the world’s shortest river category from its listings. Shown below are some photographs of Lincoln City’s D River Open Space.
I Messed Up
I messed up big time. I didn’t mean to imply that she thought I was abusive to Reid. I totally misinterpreted what she said. I have hurt her and that is something I will have to live with. I can only say again that I am so sorry.
Pesach (Passover) begins this evening. Passing thoughts on Liberation
Pesach is the annual commemoration of the Torah’s account of the Jews liberation from slavery. Freedom is, according to the American exceptionalist mythology, what the US has represented to the world since the 18th Century. [12] The survivor’s voice is conceived as the direct speech of the victim, but such a view is a form of slippage, the survivor’s survival a fetish representing its otherness. [15] The problem of voice, of the directness of the survivor’s speech, its standing in for others, is at the heart of testimony. The first thing Levi realizes is that survival is a language and that to survive, one must become fluent in this language.
WOW2: Late March's Trailblazing Women and Events in Our History
March 22, 1808 – Caroline Sheridan Norton born, English author and social reformer. The jury threw out the claim, but the scandal almost brought down the government, and Caroline was unable to get a divorce. She was passionately involved in the campaigns to pass the Custody of Infants Act 1839, and the Matrimonial Causes Act 1857. An English wife did not have the right to leave her husband. Caroline Norton was not in favor of women getting the vote, and never espoused women’s equality.
Airing my Briefs in Public
Thanking Trump for Operation Warp SpeedFox News has been ablaze with calls for President Biden to publicly thank Trump for Operation Warp Speed. Trump should be thanked… as many times and in the same manner as he thanked President Obama. For example, Trump thanked Obama for a smooth transition. Trump thanked Obama for leaving 142 judgeships unfilled. In return Biden could thank Trump for not overthrowing the government of the United States.
Global landmarks turn off the lights to mark annual 'Earth Hour' (& 8:30 pm tonight)
The end of our present societies means the end of human and animal lives and the potential death of planet Earth. Making a commitment to saving the planet, and trying to create a sustainable Green future for all. To Join: (GreenRevolution is the Sister Action group to Regenerative Culture. Climate Change Anxiety Support Group a non-partisan support group on DK in conjunction with Kosability. CLIMATE CHANGE ANXIETY SUPPORT GROUP Green Revolution: Climate Anxiety Support Group(Dk on Facebook)
I Really do not care what faith You Follow, or none at all!
This is a week that many faith hold as holy. I believe in G-d, I just don’t think She cares about how a person worships. The important thing to him is how we treat with each other with care. The him/she was on purpose. God gave up to Great artist to express the thoughtx YouTube Video:
Another Saturday Night
Using the new comment format allows me to stay in the comments well past my bedtime. If anybody is still having issues, please try the new comments (if you’re not already doing so). 1st Song Choice2nd Song Choice. You know how this works — Put your quarter in the slot and your song in the comments. This is your Saturday night jukebox and the party starts NOW.
PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN---Day66---Evening Shade-Saturday
— Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) March 26, 2021MARTY WALSHx Marty Walsh, the former mayor of Boston just confirmed as Biden's Labor Secretary, will be the first Cabinet member in U.S. history to be openly in 12-step recovery from addiction. — Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) March 27, 2021REPUBLICAN SEN. JOHN CORNYNx . The crooked cop behind the arrests was given an award by Republican John Cornyn, but Vanita Gupta, now a Biden DOJ nominee, got the cases overturned. — Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) March 27, 2021DEJOY ACTx House Democrats have introduced legislation to prohibit the Postal Service from lengthening mail-delivery windows. — Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) March 27, 2021JASON MILLER
What’s For Dinner? v15.38 Growing Older And Making The Things You Love to Cook
My Instant Pot, Ninja, electric kettle and my new bread machine are my friends. It is “The Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook” by Beth Hensperger. I’ve made the Homestyle White Bread and the Honey Whole Wheat Bread. When I can find Bread Machine yeast again I’ll try that. The flours I use are King Arthur bread flour and Bob’s Red Mill organic whole wheat flour.
This Week in the War on Women, 3/21-27/2021: Toxic Elite White Male Culture and Hazing Edition
Fraternity hazing. Tragically, I don’t believe that hazing deaths will decrease until our culture changes. I remember fraternity hazing deaths in the news back when I was a child — I’m now 60. I asked Mom, she remembers fraternity hazing deaths in the news back when she was a child — she’s now almost 90. We see that repeatedly when young women are attacked by young men, don’t we?
Let My People Go!
What's Your Fucking Problem? We Want To Know! Last year I did nothing — this year I am having guests. This week has been rough — the ENT swore my ears weren’t infected, but they are sensitive and I still have crap coming out of them. I suppose I should get on with getting on with things for now, but that’s been my FP — what’s yours?
It sucks being lonely and depressed during a major holiday celebration.
Sometimes I hate my life...being stuck alone in a nursing home with no hope of getting out anytime soon. This is my favorite Jewish holiday, a time to spend with friends and family, to celebrate and learn from our history, to enjoy a great meal, and to be in comfort. I managed to attend a Zoom Seder and for this I am blessed, but it is not the same. But being able to take part in the steps of the Seder was lost. No Hillel sandwich, no hard boiled eggs, I was not able to read from the Haggadah, etc.
'They'll be back'
He was right. The moment the public consciousness moves on to the fact that Myanmar is slaughtering it’s own population, or how bad China is; the big, bold, eagles of the Corporate World show their colours once again. Link —…From the article —’Dozens of companies said after the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol that they would stop donating to the 147 Republicans who voted to overturn the results, but recent financial disclosures show some are now making direct contributions to the House and Senate GOP campaign arms that dole out funds to those same lawmakers.’Snip’“Intel divides its political contributions evenly among Republicans and Democrats, including individual candidates, campaign committees and Governors Associations. We continuously reevaluate our contributions to ensure that they align with our values, policies and priorities,” a spokesperson told The Hill.’So, Mitch, was right. So right, it hurts.
21: How to make Ghormeh Sabzi, the 'Iranian National Dish'
Ghormeh Sabzi, essentially a beef or lamb stew cooked in sauteed herbs, has been described as the “Iranian national dish.” This Diary will tell you how to make it. You can fake the dried limes with aGhormeh Sabziquarter cup of lime juice, but it’s not the same. As far as the dried limes go, I was able to go to my local specialty spice shop and get them (just ask for “dried limes” If you ask for dried “Persian limes” the store owner won’t likely know what that is). Do you use kidney beans or black-eyed beans? And how much dried fenugreek leaf?” Recipes vary, but the one provided here seems to be recognized as a template.
Books So Bad They're Good: Postponement
Tonight was supposed to be the next installment in my ongoing series on Curtis D. MacDougall’s book Hoaxes. I’ve also been including modern books that either are hoaxes, debunk hoaxes, or discuss hoaxes in some way. Tonight was supposed to be Chapter III, “Suggestion,” and the case I was going to discuss was a beauty. Forgeries, a major religious institution, two dead people, a major governmental institution, even a library two towns away from me...this one truly had it all. One good thing this week: I was able to schedule my first Covid shot for next Wednesday.
Brazil may be experiencing the same COVID horror Italy experienced
As we all know, the first COVID horror story outside Asia played out in Italy. Well, an article in today’s New York Times suggests that Brazil is headed for that same horror. Take the situation in Porto Alegre, which anchors Brazil’s fifth-largest metropolitan area (after Sao Paulo, Rio, Belo Horizonte and Brasilia). The patients began arriving at hospitals in Porto Alegre far sicker and younger than before. In Rio Grande do Sul, home to Porto Alegre, there’s a 240-person waiting list for ICU beds.
Homelessness was rising before COVID-19. Can the pandemic teach us to do better?
Again and again we see how the rolling tragedy that hit the entire country hit the most vulnerable among us the hardest. “What the pandemic has showed us is that individual rooms are healthier and safer,” an attorney who has represented people living in encampments told the Orange County Register. A provider in Bethesda, Maryland, said some people who had been unwilling to accept assistance did so because of the pandemic, and got permanent housing. So with homelessness as with unemployment benefits and direct payments, the pandemic has highlighted the fact that building a safety net can work. And we know that some of these areas are not going to embrace state-level policies that help prevent homelessness and support people who are struggling.
Boycott Georgia businesses for their Jim Crow voting legislation
I have compiled a list of the top 85, or so, of the largest companies and employers based in Georgia if anyone is interested in joining me in a boycott effort. I will reach out to all avenues I can think of to promote a wide based boycott. The more that join me the more effective we can be.
Minerva @ Midnight: fungible space and fungible time
The stuck ship does tell us something about the fragility of global trade and the flow of capital. Fungible SpaceLogistics, that concept popularized by United Parcel Service is also about the spatial problems of concrete versus abstract global networks. Fungible TimeNon-Fungible Tokens (NFT)s are more about computing time than the visual space of the object, even as the product is ephemeral to the point of nonsense and the externality of energy consumption will soon bring such activity to a halt.
'Echoed every conceivable GOP talking point': Critics slam Washington Post's immigration coverage
They have been doing so for several years, which The Post fails to note in its breathless coverage. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), historically a paper-pushing agency, was reportedly ordered by the previous administration to not communicate with then-President-elect Biden’s team. Both Cornyn and Cruz did nothing while the previous administration implemented humanitarian disasters like the anti-asylum Remain in Mexico policy, which the Biden administration has begun winding down. Where was the panic-stricken media coverage about the border ‘crisis’ then, and how the Republican administration had no policy answer? “Two years later, the press is once again playing along with Republicans, claiming a huge border surge is bad news for Democrats.”
Everything is Black and White...until it's not
I view the world through the eyes of a Black woman. My life began in black and white with only a hint of others in between. Moms of their friends, moms on the PTA board, Scout moms, and Sunday school moms. My children’s circle of friends is Black, White, and everyone in between. Still in broader discussions of diversity, equity, and inclusion, we mostly frame it around Black and White.
Vaccine survey
Got my first dose of Pfizer, at Six Flags Park, Bowie, Maryland. Wife gets her’s in two days. What about you?
Blind spots on the Left: White privilege, White supremacy and the blood-stained fabric of America.
Whiteness and the normalization of white racial identity throughout America's history have created a culture where nonwhite persons are seen as inferior or abnormal. Whiteness, to those born with a fortuitous skin pigmentation, immediately confers White privilege. This defensiveness derails the conversation, which means, unfortunately, that defining white privilege must often begin with defining what it’s not. September 30, 2020 White supremacy is the belief in the superiority of the white race, and that it should therefore dominate other races—especially the Black race. And, due to American white supremacy and the resulting apartheid, discrimination has, so far, bled into and through my Black American life.
Biden Day Sixty-Seven: The First 100 Days
Border heating up as Repubs have sent several senators down with press to make Biden and Harris look bad. This situation has existed prior to Biden’s election and is made more complex in warmer weather. We all must be patient and trust in Joe and Kamala. The stimulus has been passed out for the most part and the economy should begin to roar back. Pray Biden gets rid of the filibuster as Georgia and many other states are passing bills to suppress the vote by not offering water to voters in line and changing hours making it hard for the working class to vote.
Ode to Autoreload, or Why I Canceled The Hill
One of those for the past several years has been The Hill. Something changed in their site software, though, which has caused me to delete their bookmark and stop using them as a source. They have every story page set up to autoreload on about a ten minute cycle. Apparently they use the same tech as Firefox as their software is ineffective in stopping The Hill pages from reloading. I have to presume that the reason they do this is to artificially inflate their page load counts.
Overnight SCIENCE News Digest: Decolonizing Paleontology Edition
Some cells even increase their activity and grow to gargantuan proportions, according to new research from the University of Illinois Chicago. [...] These 'zombie genes'—those that increased expression after the post-mortem interval—were specific to one type of cell: inflammatory cells called glial cells. But Horizon Europe also includes new elements that reflect increasing attention to open science, equality, interdisciplinary research and practical applications. An international team of researchers including the University of Leeds unearthed the previously unknown form of basalt after drilling through the Pacific ocean floor. After a long slog exploring the quirks of cyanobacteria gluing themselves to an invasive water weed, a research team has found a toxin that could be the culprit.
IAN: March 28, 2021
If you're not here, or anywhere else on DKos, and there are adverse conditions in your area (floods, heatwaves, hurricanes, etc. ), we and your buddy are going to check up on you. If you are going to be away from your computer for a day or a week, let us know here. IAN is a great group to join, and a good place to learn to write diaries. We all share the publishing duties, and we welcome everyone who reads IAN to write diaries for the group!
Recycled Solar Cloche
How to make a three tone tuned solar cloche using plastic 2 liter soda/pop/tonic bottles, water, and string. Plant seeds and seedlings in your garden a month early.
Seditionist Mo Brooks Says That Jan 6th Insurrectionists Were
But you see there was going to be a DEBATE on the floor of the U.S. House and Senate about this very same non-issue on Jan 6th. Even though Jan 6th was scheduled to be the routine process of counting the electoral votes that had already been certified by all the states. But Mo Brooks does not see it that way. Oh, and Mo Brooks really didn’t appreciate how the interview went either. And Republican voters really don’t think the Jan 6th was that big a deal.
Devin Nunes' mom does his FEC reports, and she appears to be really bad at it
Nunes has two fundraising committees—the Nunes Victory Fund and NEW PAC—and his mother, Diane, has served as treasurer for both of them. And while Nunes is also suing Devin Nunes’ Cow, his actual cow presumably has nothing to do with his FEC filings. The Daily Beast:All but one of the campaign’s 2020 FEC reports filed by Nunes’ mom contain material errors, according to the [FEC’s Requests for Additional Information]. In total, the FEC sent the Nunes Victory Fund and his campaign six RFAIs each for the 2020 election cycle. In the 2018 cycle, the FEC sent the campaign eight RFAIs.
PWB Peeps Caturday Open Thread: Writing Our Stories.
Peeps or critters, we all have stories to tell. Maybe we write them down. we might start small, with letters and diary entries. my life is an open book. PWBPeeps is a group that posts a daily diary and nightly open thread for animal lovers.
Top Comments: You're Vaccinated for Covid. Now What? What You Can and Can't Do Now.
Now that people are getting vaccinated, there’s a lot of misinformation that’s circling around and I’d like to set the record straight. The vaccines prevent us from getting severe disease requiring hospitalization. You can visit friends and family that have been fully vaccinated. Yes, you can visit fully vaccinated people inside without masks or social distancing as long as everyone is fully vaccinated. It’s best to stay home — after all, we don’t have “fully vaccinated” tattooed on our foreheads so it would look like we’re flouting the rules.
DUH! GOP Tweet Admits that 'The Republican Party Isn’t Going Anywhere' ?
The Republican Party is unarguably mired in a historically deep trench of disinformation, division, and cultist devotion to a deranged former reality TV game show host. The Republican Party isn’t going anywhere, and we are going to win in 2022 and 2024! — GOP (@GOP) March 27, 2021The video in that tweet features a brief exchange from President Biden's press conference that Fox news found so appalling and boring. The GOP's official response to that was the inadvertently honest observation that "The Republican Party isn’t going anywhere." And that's the part that truly devastates the core raison d'etre of the Republican Party.
It moved! There is hope for a recovery this weekend at the Suez Canal
The twitter site of “Guy With The Digger At Suez Canal” has been very informative and timely (and funny too at times) with news from the accident site. ???#SuezBLOCKED #suezcanel #Suez #Evergreenship #Evergiven — Guy With The Digger At Suez Canal (@SuezDiggerGuy) March 27, 2021Other news organizations are corroborating the news -x Ship blocking Suez Canal moves slightly, unclear when it will refloat — Reuters (@Reuters) March 27, 2021Dredging and heavy lift experts Boskalis (which owns Smit Salvage) are on the scene. — Maxar Technologies (@Maxar) March 27, 2021High capacity dredging ship, moving sand away from the bow, at 2,000 cubic meters per hourWhat Next? #Suez #SuezBLOCKED #SuezCrisis #Evergreenship #Evergiven #Egypt — Guy With The Digger At Suez Canal (@SuezDiggerGuy) March 27, 2021Two additional high-power tugs will be arriving on Sunday - the ALP Guard registered in the Netherlands and the Carlo Magna, registered in Italy. The "SCA - Rules of Navigation" document has more detailed information about allowed sizes at the Suez Canal.
Beto O'Rourke shames Ted Cruz over silly border stunt
Ted Cruz continued his “Hey, look! This is the same Ted Cruz who couldn’t stop suckling Donald Trump’s magnificent Halloween muffin teat long enough to defend our country and Constitution before, during, or after the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. — Beto O'Rourke (@BetoORourke) March 26, 2021x If you’re ever interested in actually working on solutions to what we’re seeing at our border (instead of trafficking in seditious lies, fleeing Texas during a storm that killed more than 100, etc. ), here are some ideas: — Beto O'Rourke (@BetoORourke) March 26, 2021(If ya don’t do Twitter, you can click here to read the thread.) Of course, this is still a better look than Cruz’s last run for the border, but that’s not saying much.
Baltimore Stops Arresting People for Petty Crimes & All Crime Rates Go Down.
Violent crime dropped 20% from March 2020 to March 2021, property crime decreased 36%, and there were 13 fewer homicides. It wasn’t due to COVID lockdowns — other big cities saw crime increases in the time of pandemic. The US leads the world in incarcerating its citizens — without any concomitant success in producing low crime rates. And two, it allows the criminal justice system to focus on violent crimes — the crimes that actually hurt people. Criminal justice in the US is often grounded in hostility, racism, and a belief that poverty is a moral failure — if not an outright crime in its own right.
Will Trump's America First policies topple the Empire?
Congress Switchboard: 202-224-3121"Rob Kall has been the center of a vast, decentralized conversation for years, letting us hear in interviewees' own words the power of connection in every realm. His new book brings it all together, showing us that the old order is broken and fast being replaced from the bottom up. The old power elite may not know it yet, but millions of us -- organizers, artists, thinkers and doers -- have gotten the message. So should you, by reading Bottom-Up." Arlene Goldbard, author of The Culture of Possibility: Art, Artists & The Future
The COVID-19 'It wasn't my fault' tour begins in earnest
In “her mind” the number of deaths could have been “mitigated or decreased substantially.”Well, what exactly was in her “mind,” last spring? “We’ve hit our peak,” she would say, and that message would find its way back to Mr. Trump. Dr. Birx began using versions of the phrase “putting out the embers,” wording that was later picked up by the press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, and by Mr. Trump himself. So during the time that she now says deaths from COVID-19 “could have been mitigated or reduced substantially,” Birx was doing essentially nothing to achieve that end. Dr. Birx, who was afraid to challenge his unscientific rhetoric and wrongfully praised him."
Cops Commit Cultural Genocide Cutting up Sweat Lodge
Image from first tweet belowThese aren't churches, so what the ignorant cops don't get is, what they're doing is tearing down the womb of the Earth Mother. The ignorant cops also do not understand that it's work, a lot of hard work. And it's not just ignorant cops that don't understand that - it's most Americans. After arresting us, cops took selfies w/our lodge & laughed as they cut it apart. @JoeBiden @ginamccarthy46 — tara houska ???? (@zhaabowekwe) March 27, 2021x Today, we experienced police protecting & serving the interests of Dakota Access, LLC.
A Short, Little, "Pipple" Poem
There are big pipple, Little pipple, Short ones, And some round. Dog-walking pipple, Baby-pushing pipple, Pipple with smiles, And pipple with frowns. Pipple drive by in cars, Pipple ride the bus. 'cause they're pipple! Daily Weekly OpEdNews NewsletterNameEmail(Opens new browser window)
Insurrectionist insists that she won't go to jail because she has 'blonde hair, white skin'
Insurrection Karen, aka Jenna RyanSadly, she might have been right. But the cardinal sin in our justice system that she broke is that you don’t say the quiet part out loud. Realtor and part-time insurrectionist Jenna Ryan stormed the Capitol building on Jan. 6, took a selfie by the smashed window where the insurrectionists entered, and for some reason thinks its a good idea to keep the incendiary rhetoric going on her social media. Most people aren’t very supportive of her on Twitter. One guy told her she was going to jail.
Citizen science is still there, and you can make a big contribution while waiting out the pandemic
One the United States occupied the islands a couple of decades later and enforced the use of English, native language newspapers began to fold. Though there are many ways the physical world records climate change, from the width of tree rings to the type of oxygen trapped in ice cores, these records are often on a large scale level. But there are other sources besides Hawaiian newspapers. For example, there are U.S. Navy records collected during World War II. And data on UK sea levels that also extends into the 19th century.
Marty Walsh confirmed as labor secretary, this week in the war on workers
Labor Secretary Marty Walsh. Marty Walsh, formerly the mayor of Boston, was confirmed as labor secretary on Monday in a 68 to 29 vote. Walsh was the head of the Boston Building Trades Council before being elected mayor. But Harold Meyerson has argued that Walsh has been an effective bridge, working “to push the trades into the 21st century. There’s no question” that Walsh himself has benefited from white privilege, he said, and, “White people shouldn’t be afraid of the word white privilege.
A Short, Little, "Pipple" Poem
Congress Switchboard: 202-224-3121"There's no dispute that we now live in a hyper-connected, globalized world--but plenty of argument over the type of globalization that's best for our collective future. In this timely work, Rob Kall makes a persuasive case for 'trickle-up' globalization from below and that the truest, best, and most long-lasting fundamental change always comes from the bottom up. Read this book?then act on it!" Rory O'Connor, award-winning filmmaker and author of Friends, Followers, and the Future: How Social Media are Changing Politics, Threatening Big Brands, and Killing Traditional Media
A Short, Little, "Pipple" Poem
Congress Switchboard: 202-224-3121"In this book, Rob Kall is fueling a discussion that is long overdue, one that can perhaps shake us out of our current herd mentality, back to true community and intertwined purpose. His bottom-up discourse may serve to turn us all upside down just long enough to view our current politic from a different perspective." Dr. Mari K. Swingle, author of i-Minds: How Cell Phones, Computers, Gaming, and Social Media are Changing Our Brains, Our Behavior, and the Evolution of Our Species
Latvian FM has banned entry to Latvia for Belarusians, but something went wrong
The following individuals [see link] have now been placed on the list of persona non grata in Latvia. The Foreign Minister's decision has been taken in accordance with Paragraph 61(2) of the Law on Immigration. However, this decision was coordinated with the Foreign Ministries of Estonia and Lithuania, but was not coordinated with the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine. According to the head of the Interior Ministry Andrei Parshin, Luponosov engaged in targeted espionage. "We have certain grounds to say so, it was stated by a former employee Luponosov," - said the head of GUBAZIK Interior Ministry.
Article: Book Review: Memoirs of a Russianist, Volumes I & II, by Gilbert Doctorow
Russia analyst and author Gilbert Doctorow has written a 2-volume memoir that takes the reader on a journey through his years as a Russia specialist. It was during this time that he met Larisa, a young Russian writer who would become his wife. This type of problem was a recurring theme during Doctorow's business life in 1990s Russia:"One hears of the mafia and extortion, the racket. These are indeed frightening aspects of the Russian business predicament. This young man told Doctorow and the other guests that the war seemed to have been needlessly prolonged for political reasons.
NATO troops in Lithuania neglect Covid-19 quarantine rules
Covid-19 cases have been confirmed in the NATO Enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup in Lithuania. It should be noted that last year cases of infection in the NATO Battlegroup, as well as now, were confirmed precisely after the weekend. This may indicate that the Norwegian servicemen of the Battlegroup on weekends neglected Covid-19 quarantine rules in Lithuania. It is understood that many (not only Norwegian) NATO troops experienced psychological discomfort during the Covid-19 lockdown. Unfortunately, the Lithuanian government will not pay attention to infection cases among NATO troops because it wants them to remain their "defenders".
Quotation: Life
Congress Switchboard: 202-224-3121"Rob Kall's Bottom-Up weaves together the many strands of new thinking about how to use decentralized, non-hierarchical approaches to solve crucial social and economic problems. Bottom-Up presents a tapestry of ideas and examples that can inspire and guide readers." Peter Plastrik, coauthor of Connecting to Change the World: Harnessing the Power of Networks for Social Impact
Strangest Places on Earth (Are Also the Most Sublime)
Technicolor mountains, otherworldly forests, and glow-in-the-dark beaches: These unusual places around the world prove that weird can also be wonderful. Grand Prismatic Spring: As its name suggests, the largest hot spring in the United States is essentially a rainbow ring of vibrant colors. Grand prismatic spring. STAY IN THE KNOWIf you've enjoyed this, sign up for our daily or weekly newsletter to get lots of great progressive content. Daily Weekly OpEdNews NewsletterNameEmail(Opens new browser window)
The Consequences of the Past
Consequently, Thailand never had a mass movementConsequently, Thailand never had mass mobilisation. Consequently, Thailand never experienced political pressure to please voters or interest groups..Consequently, Thailand never had industrial or political unrest (with a brief exception). Consequently, Thailand has had 19 military coups since 1932 without the military falling into disfavour. Today Thailand has an income of $16,000 per person and India a measly $6,800 per person. The men in khaki have done a far better job than the men in dhoti.
Bingeing: Grace, Midge ... cauliflower
Right place, right time. While exploring and waiting on the "Girls" to return, we looked in on "The Good Place." Speaking of bingeing, you can't watch all this great stuff on an empty stomach, right? Apparently, a lot of people put on a lot of weight sitting around for a year bingeing on snacks. I may have even dropped a couple of poundsThey call the shows comfort bingeing and I can see why.
Sonnet: Super Free, Look at Me
Exclusive to OpEdNews: OpEdNews Op Eds 3/27/2021 at 3:59 PM EDT H4'ed 3/27/21Cheeky Bravehearts(Image by johnny.guernica) Details DMCASonnet: Super Free, Look at Meby John Kendall Hawkins. All we know about cheeky bravehearts isthey boast no underwear giving bollocksto authoritarianist cocksof the walk who do not know what art is. But this crazy new craze -- 'super freeing'--letting it all hang down, all that's left, kilting,as it were, is it dark? Part of the re-make of human being? I'm an old man to question such freedom,Next Page 1 | 2(Note: You can view every article as one long page if you sign up as an Advocate Member, or higher).
'It's Given Me Faith Back in Humanity': the Lockdown Volunteers
Congress Switchboard: 202-224-3121"Rob Kall's book Bottom-Up: Tapping the Power of the Connection Revolution is both a welcomed manifesto and a guide for rethinking the power of human agency, understanding the connections that both make us human and legitimate human planetary relations. Moreover it is a powerful call for providing the ideas, social practices, and relations that make human connections possible, enable them to work together from the bottom up, and to transform such connections into a powerful movement in which people take control of their lives and create a better future for everyone." Henry Giroux, Director of the McMaster Centre for Research in the Public Interest, author of Zombie Politics and Culture in the Age of Casino Capitalism, America?s Education Deficit and The War on Youth, and dozens more.
Latvian government turned population into prisoners
Baltic States' authorities decided not to "reinvent the wheel" and just found "hot" topics to divert attention from situation at home. Distrustful Baltic leaders typically favor political pressure and are confident in their ability to wield it effectively. It would be more logical to stop and think - maybe we're doing something wrong, maybe there is some other solution and maybe we can learn something from other countries' experience? It could be concluded that Latvian government, which does not seem too interested in taking care of residents' health. Why does it take care of prisoners in Russia and Belarus but really does not think about its own population turned into prisoners in their own homes by silly government decisions.
Wake up, Greta - the Baltic Sea is under attack!
Immediately after World War II, Soviet Navy ships disposed of thousands of tons of Nazi Germany chemical weapons in the Baltic Sea. Metal is very prone to corrosion in seawater, and it is also believed that the chemical aerial bombs in the Baltic Sea are decayed. There is a reason doctors don't suggest eating fish caught in the Baltic Sea more than once a week. Those familiar with genetics won't need any convincing that the chemicals left in the Baltic Sea by the communist regime are more dangerous to the health of humans than radiation. I hope Russia, being the heir of the USSR, will be made to clean up the Baltic Sea from the chemical weapons.
At least 5 killed in anti-Modi protests in Bangladesh
At least five people were killed and dozens more injured when police attempted to disperse protests in various cities against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Bangladesh. Four protesters were killed in the country's largest port city Chittagong and another was killed in the eastern district of Brahmanbaria, Islamabadi added. Hefazat spokesman Jakaria Noman Foyezi told AFP some 100,000 supporters of the group staged protests in at least 22 cities and towns across the country. Hefazat is known for its nationwide network and large-scale protests demanding blasphemy laws in Bangladesh, according to Deccan Herald. Ruhul Amin, the government administrator of Hathazari town, said up to 1,500 supporters of Hefazat attacked a police station chanting anti-Modi slogans.
Signs of Collapse Across Brazil as Covid Spirals Out of Control
Of Brazil's 26 states plus its federal district, only one or two on any given day have ICU occupancy rates below 80%. More than half are above 90%, which means if the healthcare systems haven't yet collapsed already in those states, they are at imminent risk of doing so. Health systems have been inundated with patients they can no longer adequately take care of due to a critical lack of space and supplies. As Brazil suffers through its worst days of this pandemic so far, there are signs of collapse at every level of the healthcare system in nearly every state across the country.
Georgians Are Waking Up To Governor Kemp's Authoritarian Takeover
And then, in a relative instant, they changed the laws so it was all irreversible. You can draw a straight line from Reagan through Bush to Trump, and then to Georgia and Iowa outlawing democracy in their states this past week. We're watching democracy ripped right out from under us. This was Chicago reporter Milton Mayer's great fear and great fascination, after he got to know real Germans who'd lived through the years of the Nazis. It was introduced into the House, passed the House; introduced into the Senate, passed the Senate; sent to the Governor and signed by Governor Brian Kemp...all in less than one day.
New Yorkers Delighted as Dolphins Spotted Swimming in East River
A video of a pair of dolphins swimming in New York’s once famously polluted and dirty East River has served as a reminder that the body of water is cleaner than it has been in more than a century. It has also triggered a degree of fascination among New Yorkers who have greeted the rare sight of the aquatic mammals swimming in the shadows of Manhattan’s soaring skyscrapers with delight on social media.
Ali Velshi uses his impressive immigrant story to excoriate Republicans for suppressing democracy.
(Image by Egberto Willies) Details DMCANo one explains the Republican attack on Democracy other than Ali Velshi, who uses his immigrant story to get the message through. Georgia rushed through a voter suppression bill this week. Velshi details his family's fight for democracy from India, to South Africa, to Canada. Ali Velshi details like very few could, in simple words, the path Republicans are using. He itemizes the insidiousness of the Republican voter suppression bill.
Value, Cryptocurrency, and the State's War on Both
Takeaway Number One: What's up with a billionaire hedge fund manager who doesn't understand the concept of "value?" "Bubbles," says Dalio, "are financial assets that have imputed value. It has imputed value. I'm not an investor, but if I was I'd think twice before handing my money over to a fund manager who doesn't understand value. They're not the first victims of governments' developing war on cryptocurrency and they almost certainly won't be the last.
Next Indo-Pacific U.S. Military CommanderWarns of China's Threat to Taiwan: Killer Reaper Drones Coming to the Pacific
Aquilino told the committee that the "annexation of Taiwan is the number one priority of China" and asked the Senate committee to fund the $27.3 billion Pacific Deterrence Initiative. The Hawaii-based Reapers, which will be operated by hundreds of Marine Corps personnel with new job specialty designations, could be armed with AGM-114 Hellfire missiles, officials said. In another aspect of the new Marine stategy, on March 15, the entire Marine Corps fleet of CH-53E Sea Stallion helicopters in Hawaii began leaving the islands to be replaced by a squadron of KC-130 cargo and refueling aircraft. Eliminating from the Marine Corps inventory of all tanks is another move to use of longer-range missiles over conventional, tubed artillery shelling. Next Page 1 | 2(Note: You can view every article as one long page if you sign up as an Advocate Member, or higher).
China and Iran sign 25-year strategic cooperation agreement
China and Iran Saturday signed a 25-year long cooperation agreement. The president also said Iran and China can work together to fight "terrorism and extremism in the region" in addition to economic and trade cooperation. Wang was quoted by the president's website as saying that maintaining the nuclear deal would mean preserving multilateralism. The deal with China marked the first time Iran has signed such a lengthy agreement with a major world power. In 2001, Iran and Russia signed a 10-year cooperation agreement, mainly in the nuclear field, that was lengthened to 20 years through two five-year extensions.
This bodycam footage reveals all that is wrong with policing
Stephen JanisHost & ProducerStephen Janis is an award-winning investigative journalist whose work has been acclaimed both in print and on television. His in-depth work on the city's zero-tolerance policing policies garnered an NAACP President's Award. As an Investigative Producer for WBFF/Fox 45, he has won three successive Capital Emmys: two for Best Investigative Series and one for Outstanding Historical/Cultural Piece. He is the author of three books on the philosophy of policing: Why Do We Kill? The Pathology of Murder in Baltimore; You Can't Stop Murder: Truths About Policing in Baltimore and Beyond; and The Book of Cop: A Testament to Policing That Works.
Carolyn Hax: A friend is leaning hard, and it’s weighing heavily on this reader
I am exhausted from being a constant therapist, when she already has one, and seemingly only support system. We know this because your friend is not getting any less miserable, as far as you can tell. Meanwhile, you’re always there for her to keep dumping on, so nothing has forced her to reckon with such a hard truth. ADThere is no shame in either side — in having bigger issues than a friend’s love can resolve or in being the friend who tries so hard to help. ADThe hard part is for you to figure out why an instinct to protect yourself didn’t kick in much sooner.
Ask Amy: Wife’s hoarding may bury the family
— Worried I'll Be BuriedWorried I’ll Be Buried: Your wife might have a hoarding disorder. This probably did not come on overnight, and you probably adjusted to the conditions in your home as her hoarding behavior increased. Hoarding disorder is a serious malady with underlying contributing factors, and your wife needs professional treatment and lots of patience from you. Does she do all the grocery shopping, cooking and kitchen cleanup? Please, hear me out.”Dear Amy: You were way off-base about the offering of prayer by health care workers.
LaMarcus Aldridge Signs 1-Year Contract with Nets After Spurs Buyout
The Miami Heat were the front-runners to sign the center, but Aldridge planned to "talk with several teams," according to Wojnarowski. Aldridge appeared in 53 games for the Spurs last season and averaged 18.9 points and 7.4 rebounds, a year removed from his second of two consecutive All-Star selections. Aldridge joins a loaded Nets team that sits second in the Eastern Conference with a 30-15 record. Per Wojnarowski, Aldridge is expected to see a "significant amount" of his minutes at center. He joins the recently added Blake Griffin, the six-time All-Star whom the Nets signed on March 8.
NCAA Men's Tournament 2021: Saturday's Sweet 16 Winners and Losers
1 of 8Darron Cummings/Associated PressNot many teams can shoot 17.4 percent from the floor in the first half and still have a chance to win. Despite those early struggles, the Loyola-Chicago Ramblers were right in the thick of things late in the second half, and a Tate Hall layup with 6:56 remaining trimmed the deficit to 45-39. An alley-oop to Aher Uguak made it a three-point game with 3:30 remaining, but the lead swelled back to seven points in less than a minute. Their undoing proved to be a 5-of-23 shooting performance from beyond the arc against the Oregon State zone. Credit the Beavers for making it an uncomfortable game from start to finish, but the Ramblers had their chances to claw back into the game.
Georgia Voting Law Punished Secretary Of State For Defying Trump: Election Official
Georgia Republican election official Gabriel Sterling told CNN on Saturday that the state’s new restrictive voting law was also motivated by revenge against an official who defied Donald Trump over his false claims of election fraud. The law also strips Georgia’s secretary of state of his role as chief elections officer. “I wouldn’t have written the bill this way,” said Sterling, the chief operating officer for the Secretary of State’s Office. Sterling has called the election the most secure and transparent election in Georgia history. Nevertheless, Sterling supports the new voting law, insisting it’s not going to “suppress” voting rights.
Bradley Beal leaves early, but Wizards still have enough to hold off Pistons
The Wizards rebounded for a much-needed 106-92 win against the Detroit Pistons for their first victory in four games. ADADWizards Coach Scott Brooks did not have an update after the game on Beal, who was also dealing with right foot soreness entering the game. ADBeal headed to the locker room when it seemed the Wizards were on cruise control just over three minutes after halftime. The veterans and Hachimura helped the Wizards to a 9-0 run in the fourth that got them safely out of trouble. ADBefore the disjointed third quarter, Washington played a dominant first half that ended with a 68-41 lead.
Ali Patberg leads Indiana, her hometown school, to upset of top-seeded N.C. State
ADAD“This is a dream to play for Indiana,” Patberg said. “Ali Patberg is one of the best kids I will ever coach,” Hoosiers Coach Teri Moren said. She loves being in the gym.”Patberg is averaging 14.1 points this season as Indiana’s third-leading scorer. Patberg lead the Hoosiers in minutes per game (33.9) and was one of four players to log at least 37 against the Wolfpack. “She was broken when she arrived at Indiana,” Moren said.
Arkansas hangs on as No. 15 Oral Roberts misses a three-pointer at the buzzer
15 seed to reach the Sweet 16 (after Florida Gulf Coast in 2013), would not have the first No. It would not boast an Oral Roberts that finished fourth in the Summit League before a mad surge through some rugged Dakotan teams in the conference tournament, then No. 3 seed Arkansas following its escape by trying to solve No. And it looked like their tack against Oral Roberts’ other point-gusher, Kevin Obanor, had worked, with Obanor squeezing out only seven shots and 12 points. … You always think a shot here, a shot there, if Coach Mills doesn’t get a technical foul (in the first half) …”
2021 NCAA tournament live updates Sweet 16 scores and analysis from Saturday’s games
The game tips off at 7:25 p.m. and will air on TBS. The Razorbacks rank 10th in adjusted defensive efficiency by and have held their previous two opponents to 37.9 percent shooting from the field. 15 seed to advance to the Sweet 16 having defeated No. Despite losing to Arkansas on the road in December, guard Max Abmas, has since found a new gear and emerged as the nation’s leading scorer. The team is 8-2 since Glasper’s injury and rides a seven-game winning streak into the round of 16.
No. 3 Arkansas Survives Against No. 15 Oral Roberts to Advance to Elite Eight
The Arkansas Razorbacks played spoiler to the Oral Roberts Golden Eagles' Cinderella run with a 72-70 victory in Saturday's Sweet 16 game of the 2021 NCAA men's tournament at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. 3 seed in the South Region, helping the Razorbacks advance to the Elite Eight for the first time since 1995. The Razorbacks handled Oral Roberts by 11 points in December by exploiting their size advantage. Oral Roberts enjoyed the rebounding advantage and held Smith to just four points on the way to a seven-point halftime lead. Supporting Cast Comes Up Short for Oral RobertsThe formula was straightforward for Oral Roberts in the Big Dance.
How Volkswagen aims to beat Tesla at its own game
Volkswagen this week announced a massive expansion of its electric car plans with multibillion-euro moves on battery cell production and software development aimed at cutting off Tesla by copying its strategy. "I think for a non-sporty car it's pretty good," Musk told Diess of the electric VW ID.3 that has become a flagship e-model for the company. GigafactoriesThe battle between upstart Tesla and Diess' 83-year-old German giant is centered just outside Berlin, where Tesla is building a car plant capable of producing 500,000 electric vehicles a year. “There is only one complex software domain where Europe still has a chance to play a leading role: the next generation of automotive software,” Diess said Tuesday. That sentiment echoes what Musk told German politicians late last year during an event on battery technology organized by the country's economy ministry.
Judge Backs Austin After Texas AG Sues To Block City's Mask Mandate
A judge has blocked a move by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to rescind a mask mandate in the city of Austin and the surrounding county. Travis County District Court Judge Lora Livingston on Friday denied Paxton’s demand for a temporary injunction against Austin and Travis County’s orders that require masks in public spaces. Greg Abbott’s decision early this month dropping almost all COVID-19 safety precautions, including a mask mandate, against the advice of health experts. “For however long the city’s mask mandate is in effect, our community is more safe because the message is clear that masking works and is effective,” Adler said in a statement. The Austin COVID-19 mortality rate is less than half of the state’s average, according to Adler.
Tornadoes, thunderstorms continue to batter the South
Tornadoes and thunderstorms on Saturday continued to pummel the South, which has been battered by extreme weather since mid-March. At least 24 tornadoes have touched down in Georgia and Alabama since Thursday, the National Weather Service said. The weather service office in Atlanta said Friday that at least one tornado displayed evidence of 170 mph winds. About 30 million people in the South and Mid-Atlantic continued to be under the threat of severe weather. "The primary hazards associated with the severe thunderstorms are frequent lightning, severe wind gusts, hail, and tornadoes," the NWS said in a forecast discussion.
Michigan Secretary of State vows to fight voter suppression effort from state GOP
Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson joined Alicia Menendez on American Voices to discuss the effort from the GOP in her state to make it harder to vote. Secretary Benson argued action from the federal level is needed to fight voter restriction efforts at the state level.
Comic-Con to hold in-person Thanksgiving weekend convention
Comic-Con Special Edition will be held over Thanksgiving weekend at the San Diego Convention Center from Nov. 26 to 28. It will be the first in-person Comic-Con since the coronavirus pandemic derailed large gatherings throughout the country. “It is our hope that by fall conditions will permit larger public gatherings,” organizers said in a statement. “Comic-Con Special Edition will be the first in-person convention produced by the organization since Comic-Con 2019, and the first since the onset of the global pandemic COVID-19." “Hopefully this event will shore up our financial reserves and mark a slow return to larger in-person gatherings in 2022," said David Glanzer, spokesperson for the nonprofit organization.
‘We’re going to take care of you, okay?’
“We’re going to take care of you, okay? “Okay, you’re going to be fine,” the nurse said, detecting some nervousness as she swabbed his arm. “They have one left — hurry.”* * *Residents wait in line at Cahaba Medical Care’s mass vaccination event at Bethel Baptist Church in Birmingham. The impoverished and medically underserved town is one of many rural Alabama communities that Cahaba Medical Care is visiting with its mobile vaccination campaign. The impoverished and medically underserved town is one of many rural Alabama communities that Cahaba Medical Care is visiting with its mobile vaccination campaign.
Migrants at border motivated by need, opportunity
MISSION, Tex. (Michael Robinson Chavez/The Washington Post)Many of the migrants Vela finds in Rincon del Diablo say they are motivated by a complicated and varied set of personal and practical reasons that intersect where survival meets opportunity. Vela gets the age and nationality of the migrants and points them in the direction of a Border Patrol facility under a nearby bridge. Their first stop is often a rudimentary Border Patrol station or facility, where thousands of minors have stayed for days longer than legally allowed. They die.”Vela never finds out what happens to the migrants he meets after delivering them to busy Border Patrol agents.
Do presidents have the power to stop mass shootings?
But the country has been here before, in the aftermath of mass shootings. Regardless of which party is in power, little reform has happened. But the country has been here before, in the aftermath of mass shootings. Will this time be differentThe United States has faced two mass shootings less than one week apart. According to data from the Gun Violence Archive, nearly 20,000 Americans died from gun violence in 2020 — that’s more than any other year in at least two decades.
Renovations delay Kamala Harris' move to official residence
More than two months after Vice President Kamala Harris was sworn in, she and her husband have not yet moved into their official residence because of ongoing renovations. CNN's Kate Bennett has more.
Video shows Maryland police handcuffing, berating 5-year-old boy
Newly released body camera footage shows two Maryland police officers handcuffing and berating a 5-year-old boy who had allegedly left school without permission. The Montgomery County Police Department released the video on Friday. The video begins after police find the boy, who is not identified, on what appears to be a residential street in southern Maryland near the Washington border. The boy's mother filed a lawsuit earlier this year against Montgomery County, Montgomery County Public Schools and the Montgomery County Police Department, NBC Washington reported. In a statement, Montgomery County school officials said the video is "extremely difficult for us to watch."
Oklahoma inmate fatally shot after corrections officer held hostage
An inmate was fatally shot Saturday after a corrections officer was taken hostage at the Oklahoma County jail in Oklahoma, authorities said. "The person who had taken him hostage was shot by an Oklahoma City police officer," said Aaron Brilbeck, spokesman for the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office. The officer was taken hostage on the 10th floor of the Oklahoma County Detention Center, which was placed on lockdown at about 4:22 p.m., authorities said. Officers were distributing medication when "the inmate overran the officer," said Sheriff Tommie Johnson III, at the news conference. Authorities tried to de-escalate the situation, he said, but when the inmate held an unidentified object to the officer's neck, at least one Oklahoma City officer opened fire, killing him, Johnson said.
America's Richest 1% Dodge Taxes On More Than A Fifth Of Their Income, Study Finds
Beefing up budgets and staff alone, as the Biden administration plans to do, could increase tax revenue by over $1 trillion over a decade, The Wall Street Journal reported. The percentage of income tax evasion generally increases with the income category, the study found. Taxpayers in the bottom half of income categories evade taxes on around 7% of their income. Taxpayers in the top fifth evade taxes on 10% of their income, with the richest 5% avoiding taxes on at least 20% of income. Even as high earners are dodging taxes, IRS audits of the wealthy have plunged, another recent study has found.
On Discord, bots find a foothold as mini indie success stories
In fact, “Epic RPG” doesn’t even have its own executable. Since its release last year, “Epic RPG” has already made its way into more than 100,000 servers. Design-wise, most of them are similar to “Epic RPG”; simple, stripped-down, almost “Zork”-like in their spareness. Unlike “Epic RPG,” Karuta isn’t a numbers-driven stat grind full of beasties and catacombs. High-profile Discord games have abruptly vanished from the service in the past.
The Consequences of Fear, by Jacqueline Winspear book review
“The Consequences of Fear” opens in 1941, when Britain has been at war with Germany for two years. Children like Freddie dodged bombs, running past decimated buildings and dead bodies, as they carried messages in aid of their country. Meanwhile, she grapples with her fears: fear of dying in the bombings, fear of Hitler invading England, fear for her family’s safety and fear, as a widow, of moving on to a new marriage with the American diplomat who loves her. Winspear seems to have channeled those fears and the memories of her mother’s stories into an intriguing series that entertains and inspires. The Consequences of FearBy Jacqueline Winspear
Korean groups rally on the Mall to decry racism after deadly attacks in Atlanta
The incidents have drawn fresh attention to the long history of anti-Asian racism in the United States and President Biden has denounced attacks on Asian Americans. Anna E. Ko, a leader of the Korean American Society of Virginia, said many people she knows were reluctant to attend the rally. Another read: “Protect our Korean elders.”ADSpeakers addressed the group and onlookers enjoying the spring morning on the Mall. Seyang Jeong described harassment she had faced in the five years she has lived in the United States. But Chang questioned the lack of support from local leaders: “To be honest with you, where are the other elected officials?”
A 57-year-old woman who survived a brain tumor just gave birth, breaking a state record
When the couple explored whether it was right for them to have another child, doctors discovered a brain tumor in Higgins, as well, the Monitor reported. Outside the United States, women in their 60s and even 70s have given birth via IVF. “I’m inspired by the miracle of science,” Feinberg told The Washington Post. ADAD“There’s never been a live birth with a woman’s own egg over 46 years old,” Feinberg noted. Higgins maintained her rigorous workout routine until she gave birth, while her husband told the newspaper he feels better at 65 than he did a decade ago.
Trump country remains gun country
Put another way, Biden’s Arizona victory was a function in part of his flipping one of the most gun-centric places in the country. After the 2016 election, we declared that gun country was Donald Trump country; these data, it seem, tell a different story. The places with the most licensed dealers are populous, urban counties, places where there are a lot more stores of all types. Gun country remains Trump country, and vice versa. The places in the United States with the most gun retailers per person are places that tended to vote for Donald Trump.
Where to see art gallery shows in the Washington area
Maremi Andreozzi and Wayson R. Jones: “May You Live in Interesting Times” Through April 10 at Adah Rose Gallery, 3766 Howard Ave., Kensington. Nekisha DurrettBecause they endure long after they’re shed, magnolia leaves are a symbol of resilience. In Nekisha Durrett’s Cody Gallery show, “Magnolia,” 30 of the leathery leaves stand for 30 Black women who died as the result of encounters with police. Although magnolia leaves are unusually durable, they appear poignantly fragile inside such enclosures. There are several such creations in “Black History Is American History,” a seven-artist show at Zenith Gallery’s 1111 Sculpture Space.
What Derek Chauvin’s trial in the death of George Floyd means for America
“The irony is that race may not come up in the actual courtroom during the trial. ADADBut Moriarty said the ongoing pandemic may also have contributed to the makeup of the Chauvin jury in other ways, pointing to the large number of young people on the jury, including people of color. He did not tell Floyd who he was or what he was investigating, causing Floyd to panic, cry and beg officers not to kill him. Thao suggested placing Floyd on the ground, where Lane held Floyd’s legs, Kueng held his back and Chauvin pinned him at the neck. “One question would be, should they try to communicate to the jury that Chauvin is not a racist?” Butler, the Georgetown Law professor, said.
Derek Chauvin’s lawyer appears outnumbered at trial. But colleagues say Eric Nelson’s low-key style is easy to underestimate.
ADWhen one of the state’s lawyers criticized Nelson for raising concerns about pretrial publicity during a hearing instead of first filing a formal brief, the judge interrupted. But former colleagues and friends say Nelson’s understated approach is easy to underestimate. “The kinds of barriers that get in the way of a lot of trial lawyers communicating with jurors, Jerry is the best at bringing those down,” Goss said. Even other Minnesota attorneys named Eric Nelson were getting threats, he added. Nelson’s former colleagues say he is not rattled by the attention, that he is well-organized and known for thinking on his feet.
With shots not falling, Baylor leans on its defense to take care of Villanova
The top-seeded Bears and their stout defense thrived, forcing Villanova into a sloppy outing. Villanova only managed to score 21 points during the final 20 minutes, and the Bears’ aggressive defense forced mistakes. AD“Down the stretch, their defense just got into us and wore us down,” Villanova Coach Jay Wright said. With the commitment to driving inside, Baylor tied the game with 11:56 remaining and gradually exerted its control from there. But against the Wildcats, Baylor missed 10 of 12 attempts from three in the first half and didn’t improve as the game progressed.
Georgia election official: Both political parties are treating US voters like children
Georgia election official Gabriel Sterling, who called out former President Donald Trump's election misinformation as a Republican, echoed Gov. Brian Kemp about the state's controversial new voting law . Sterling tells CNN's Pamela Brown that both political parties are responsible for creating distrust in the election process.
A doctor said she had extensive training in diagnosing child abuse. Her résumé shows otherwise.
Officials at Seattle Children’s, which manages the state’s child abuse medical consultation network, did not answer specific questions about Woods’ qualifications. “This training allows [child abuse pediatricians] to diagnose abuse in a scientific manner. That goes against the guidance of leading child abuse pediatricians, who say their role is to identify abuse, but not who committed it. Based on her report, police charged the mother, Baylen Armendariz , with felony child abuse, and Child Protective Services took custody of the children. “If I ask, ‘Does this person have abuse training, or does this person have extensive abuse experience?’ I think that's an important question,” she said.
Insurgents Seize Mozambique Town, Killing Several People; Fate of Hundreds Unknown
The attack on Palma began late Wednesday afternoon when around 100 militants — divided into two groups — made their way into the area on foot, according to private security contractors in East Africa. On Friday afternoon, dozens of people who were trapped inside tried to escape in a 17-vehicle convoy but were ambushed outside the hotel. Only seven vehicles managed to escape the town, the private security contractors said. It is unclear how many people remained trapped inside the town on Saturday night. In a statement on Thursday, officials said the country’s security forces were “pursuing the enemy’s movement and are working tirelessly to restore security and order as quickly as possible.”
Vietnamese tenants say a city worker called them ‘Chin Chong’ in an official letter
It was addressed to “CHIN CHONG.” Pham, who is 22, said he and his roommates are Vietnamese. A New York City Council member called the letter “infuriating.” The mayor’s press secretary tweeted out, “My god.”Pham, a Vietnamese citizen who moved to New York City for college, said he appreciates the responses that have poured in. AD“This is infuriating,” New York City Council Member Brad Lander tweeted early Friday morning, calling for the inspector involved to be fired. ADPham said he has worried little for his safety during his nearly five years in New York City. ADBefore the rampage in Atlanta focused new national attention on racism toward Asians, Pham had also heard of attacks in New York City.
Solutions for the stains and scratches pandemic life has left on our furniture and rugs
Use a soft, damp cloth with a touch of soap to clean your tabletop, then wipe with a dry cloth. If a hot mug has left a mark on your table, Caperton suggests trying Mohawk’s No Blush Plus Retarder. Rugs and carpetExperts say you should remove stains on a carpet or rug immediately, if possible. Cheryl Sigmon, vice president of merchandising and product development for furniture manufacturer Bradington-Young, says her company stocks bottles of touch-up colors for its own line, as well as leather cleaning and protection kits. For serious scratches or damage such as ink stains, she recommends a professional repair service such as Uniters or ServeCo.
After surviving the pandemic, workers at a Boulder supermarket felt hopeful. Then a gunman walked in.
“The pandemic feels like a decade ago after all of this,” Lopez said. Among the 10 people killed by the gunman were three grocery employees: Denny Stong, 20, Teri Leiker, 51, and Rikki Olds, 25. Olds was a front-end manager with a sunny disposition in the face of pandemic stressors. It’s something else.”King Soopers told employees they’d be paid through Friday, consistent with the hours they were scheduled to work, employees said. The union has pledged to assist all of the store’s workers — including those it doesn’t represent — with money from the union’s hardship fund.
Storm threat looms as South surveys damage from deadly tornadoes
The National Weather Service confirms at least 24 tornadoes struck Georgia and Alabama, leaving at least six people dead. As residents survey the damage, millions are bracing for more severe weather.
MSNBC's Tiffany Cross Comes For 'Princess' Meghan McCain Over Identity Politics
Cross sarcastically claimed that McCain is “really shy” about mentioning her famous father — then played a montage of McCain doing just that, over and over and over. “Let’s talk identity politics,” Cross said. She noted that the term was initially coined by three feminists to articulate “Black women’s struggle at the nexus of race, gender and class oppressions.” But white voters are as animated by identity politics as any other group, Cross pointed out. Cross noted that McCain seems concerned about the idea that “a person’s ethnic identity may afford them some advantage.” And she had a theory why that might be. “Everyone deserves to see themselves reflected in this space,” Cross said, referring to broadcast media.
Suicide and Self-Harm: Bereaved Families Count the Costs of Lockdowns
But as lockdowns in Britain dragged on and no job emerged, the young man grew cynical and self-conscious, his sister Yasmin said. Mr. Morgan felt he could not get a public-facing job, like working at a grocery store, because his mother, Joanna, had open-heart surgery last year, and Mr. Morgan was “exceptionally careful” about her health. He and his mother contracted the coronavirus in January, forcing them to quarantine in their small London apartment for over two weeks. But days before the end of his quarantine last month, Mr. Morgan, 25, took his own life. “He just sounded so deflated,” his sister said of their last conversation, adding that he said he felt imprisoned and longed to go outside.
The White Sox have October ambitions. To get there, they staged a high school reunion.
ADSimilarly, the White Sox are no longer stockpiling talent in hopes of a brighter, distant future. They named Tony La Russa, who has won baseball games in five decades, the team’s new manager. He called anyone who would listen and made his case: The guy the White Sox needed, Giolito insisted, was … his high school pitching coach. As it happened, Rodón’s success meant former Nationals prospect Reynaldo López was bumped out of the White Sox rotation for now. “It wasn’t okay.”After getting limited chances in 2017, the White Sox gave Giolito his first chance to pitch a full season in 2018.
Connecticut shows off its top-to-bottom excellence in Sweet 16 win over Iowa
I could tell you guys were so antsy in the first half, which I think is kind of true. “But Paige, before the game, she was telling us that this is a team game, don’t worry about the media. Bueckers (averaging 19.9 points, 6 assists and 2.4 steals) was a bit more efficient, but the Huskies (27-1) didn’t need to lean on her. “I think our defense, as bad as it was at times, was really, really good when it had to be. Obviously neither of them did, even though both of them played really, really well.”The Hawkeyes cut the lead to nine early in the fourth quarter, but Bueckers wasn’t entertaining any thoughts of a comeback and sank a three-pointer from the corner.
Birx tells CNN most U.S. covid deaths ‘could have been mitigated’ after first 100,000
There were about 100,000 deaths that came from that original surge,” Birx told Gupta. Last March, Birx praised Trump for being “so attentive to the scientific literature and the details and the data” with regards to the outbreak. ADIn January, Birx defended her actions, telling CBS News that the White House “censored” her and that she had “always” considered quitting. ADOn Saturday, much as with the other times Birx has spoken out since Trump left office, her comments were met with frustration from Democrats. Dr. Birx, who was afraid to challenge his unscientific rhetoric and wrongfully praised him.”
2021 NCAA tournament live updates Sweet 16 scores and analysis from Saturday’s games
3 Arkansas and No. 15 Oral Roberts will meet in the South Region semifinal at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, a rematch of their Dec. 20 contest which the Razorbacks rallied from a 10-point halftime deficit to win 87-76 in Fayetteville, Ark. The game tips off at 7:25 p.m. and will air on TBS. The Razorbacks rank 10th in adjusted defensive efficiency by and have held their previous two opponents to 37.9 percent shooting from the field. 15 Oral Roberts (18-10)
Oregon State’s NCAA tournament run continues with a win over Loyola Chicago in the Sweet 16
8 seed Loyola Chicago. “Beaver Nation has waited a long time.”Where Loyola Chicago had deprogrammed No. 1 seed Illinois, Oregon State deprogrammed Loyola Chicago. “Very hard scene in our locker room,” said Porter Moser, the coach who led Loyola Chicago to the Final Four in 2018. ADBut as the half wore on and Loyola Chicago reached a desolate 16-13 lead, things turned.
Sure, erase the names of history’s racists. That won’t undo their messes.
What could be wrong with obliterating the name of this “dean of American architects,” as he was known? More likely, they will continue to follow the path set by the men even as they strip their names from places of honor. In a pivotal 1910 report supported by the medical establishment, Flexner proposed requiring that medical schools have expensive labs and science-heavy curriculums. But when the historical figures had monumental influence on foundational systems — our buildings, our safety, our public health, in the cases of Johnson, Vollmer and Flexner — erasing their names is hardly sufficient redress. It doesn’t preclude a deeper examination of the systemic legacies, but if the names suddenly vanish, why ask any more questions?
A $15 national minimum wage makes no sense
ADADBut Congress hasn't touched the issue since 2007 (when it mandated the 2009 increase), principally because any minimum wage has trade-offs: It creates both positive and negative effects. Similarly, the CBO says a $15 minimum would modestly increase the federal deficit through a combination of costs (such as higher unemployment compensation) and savings. When economists talk about the minimum wage, they envision a "sweet spot," or a range, that best accommodates these trade-offs. As recently as 2019, Dube cautioned, "We are currently witnessing minimum wage increases that go beyond our experience of the past few decades." In the new Congress, every Democrat is on record supporting a hike, and President Biden supports a national $15 wage.
Why don’t we treat Asian American history the way we treat Black history?
The relationship between Asian American and Pacific Islanders and their place in American history is not, to many, nearly as obvious. By contrast, Asian American history is often footnoted or compartmentalized, recounted and analyzed as a subplot in the bigger narrative. For one, Asian Americans have been unjustly perceived as less assertive than African Americans in the fight for equality. Still, Asian American and Black history share something crucial: the burden of stereotype and scapegoating for the nation’s ills. Until we understand the ways in which the Asian American story is in many ways like the African American story, we won’t be able to reckon with tragedies like Atlanta.
The U.S. can’t prevent tomorrow’s catastrophes unless we imagine them today
The present almost always wins, because the gains from success — and the costs of failure — are immediate and concrete. By contrast, the consequences of not adequately managing the future are far-off, uncertain and abstract (and often a problem for another administration). To its credit, the Biden administration has linked fast action to broader goals: The president’s interim national security strategy and early executive orders emphasize climate change, and his pandemic response includes long-term investments in public health infrastructure. This myopia has national security implications. Often, as with the National Intelligence Council’s “Global Trends” report, efforts to imagine possible futures are disconnected from policy.
A 'preemption law' prevented Boulder from regulating assault weapons.
The Supreme Court has never held that the Second Amendment forbids densely populated urban areas from reasonably regulating weapons within their borders, a common practice since the nation’s founding. State “preemption” laws, however, limit local officials’ power to impose gun restrictions beyond those set by Congress and the state government. Today, more than 40 preempt some or all local gun regulation. And yet preemption laws forbid cities from imposing their own regulations to stem the violence. And there are constitutional and practical limitations on what local gun laws can achieve.
What’s behind the backup in new furniture and appliance orders
Businesses across the U.S. are seeing major delays in furniture and appliance deliveries. NBC News’ Jo Ling Kent reports on what’s contributing to the backlog and what shoppers should know before they buy.
Georgia church leader calls for corporate boycott in wake of voter restriction law
Bishop Reginald Jackson of the Sixth Episcopal District of the AME Church joined American Voices with Alicia Menendez to discuss his call to boycott Georgia-based businesses for not opposing the state’s new election law. Bishop Jackson says these companies need to take a stronger stance to protect the right to vote.
U.S. hits new daily Covid vaccination record
NBC News’ Gadi Schwartz reports the latest news on the vaccination effort in the U.S., as 11 million more doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine are on the way and eligibility is set to expand in most states.
Talk Politics? Some Brokers Are Only Too Happy to Do So
With 1.4 million members, the association is the country’s largest trade organization, representing about half of all licensed real estate agents in the United States. The association encourages members to get involved in their communities, and to speak out on issues related to housing and property rights. Calling out this activity last June, Jennifer Pino, then president of the Atlanta Realtors Association, wrote to the national association: “We cannot continue to allow the Realtor brand to be damaged by these hateful few. This must be stopped.”“Realtors were being outwardly discriminatory on social media while supposedly adhering to Fair Housing rules,” said Ms. Pino, 49, managing broker at Sotheby’s International Realty’s Buckhead office. The sampling included messages like “I think Black people bring out the worst in us,” and “homosexuals and lesbians are murderers, according to the scripture.”
Surprise for some young, healthy D.C. residents: Hospital offering them a vaccine
At a council meeting Wednesday, she suggested that perhaps these hospitals should not receive so many vaccine doses if they aren’t using them according to the city’s guidelines. Hospitals receive a share of the vaccine doses the District is allotted by the federal government each week, and they run their own sign-up systems for administering those shots. Shah said the number has been shrinking in recent weeks, as more doses shift to the city’s vaccine registration portal. AD“I don’t qualify by BMI. I don’t qualify by anything that I’m aware of,” she said.
Cicadas emerge after 17 years and my boy is nearly a man
One of his many books is titled, “Periodical Cicadas: The Plague and the Puzzle.”He ran me through a quick biology lesson. ADSoon there will be millions upon millions of periodical cicadas flying through the air, with their signature translucent wings and red eyes. But, eventually, you will get tired of eating them.”ADThe demise of the periodical cicadas has been predicted for more than a century. That’s when they were officially designated a new brood, Brood VI. “But these are bugs of history.”Soon — another beginningWhen Brood X cicadas emerge in May, they’ll be brand new to Jake.
Hesitancy and access issues: The vaccine challenges in the Black community
& Va.Hesitancy and access issues: The vaccine challenges in the Black communityHealth-care workers in Washington, D.C., are trying to make the coronavirus vaccine more accessible in Black communities and combat the skepticism that exists for some.
Brazil coronavirus: Videos shows dire conditions of country's health system
Brazil is gripped by a devastating new surge in cases, with thousands of people dying every day. Hospitals' intensive care units across the country are overstretched, and some states have warned they're running out of medicines necessary to intubate severe cases. CNN's Matt Rivers reports from Brazil.
Video: Egypt train crash kills dozens
At least 32 people have been killed and 165 injured after two trains collided in Egypt, according to the government. Source: CNN
President Biden is betting the public is ready for bigger government in light of the pandemic
At his Thursday news conference, Biden spoke glowingly about the possibilities the package will offer for jobs, productivity and global competitiveness. ADADFormer president Barack Obama took some steps in that direction with the Affordable Care Act, a more modest stimulus package and financial reform. ADADFor Biden, the obstacles to successfully enacting the next big package are obvious. The $15 minimum wage got knocked out of the stimulus package by the Senate parliamentarian for not fitting into the rules of reconciliation. Ultimately, it triggered a backlash against bigger government, which gave rise to the conservative movement that eventually elected Ronald Reagan as president in 1980.
Daniel Dale fact-checks GOP's criticism of voting bill
CNN's Daniel Dale fact-checks some misleading claims from Republicans about a Democratic bill, called the For the People Act, which would make major changes to laws governing campaigns, voting and government ethics.
Reporter says secret Trump meeting turned into 'Hunger Games'
CNN's Brianna Keilar speaks with Politico reporter Alex Isenstadt about his report on Trump's meeting with Ohio Senate candidates who were competing for his endorsement.
2 people killed in 'chaotic' Virginia Beach shooting incidents
Two people are dead and at least eight have been injured after multiple shootings near the oceanfront in Virginia Beach, Virginia, police said Saturday.
Dr. Birx: All deaths over first 100,000 could have been mitigated
CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta sits down with Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx to look back at the US response to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Spring break travel and people not wearing masks fueling COVID-19 spike, doctor says
Dr. William Schaffner, a disease expert at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, joins Weekend TODAY to discuss concerns over another wave as some areas lift restrictions, and weighs in on the importance of getting vaccinated to reach herd immunity.
Stray dog finds fur-ever home with stuffed unicorn toy
A stray dog named Sisu was picked up by animal control in North Carolina after he kept breaking into a Dollar General store to steal a stuffed unicorn. The animal control officer was so taken by the dog that she bought the toy for him before taking him to an animal shelter. As of Friday, Sisu has found a forever home with his beloved companion!
Slower service, higher prices: Postmaster General Louis DeJoy unveils 10-year plan
Postmaster General Louis DeJoy unveiled his 10-year strategic plan for the cash-strapped U.S. Postal Service on Tuesday, which includes higher postage rates, some slower services and reduced post office hours aimed at cutting red ink. Postal Service to transform to meet the needs of our customers is long overdue,” DeJoy said in a presentation of the plan online with other postal officials. DeJoy said unless changes are made soon, the postal service stands to lose $160 billion over the next decade. “The Postal Service’s problems are serious, but working together, they can be solved, he said.
Beloved author Beverly Cleary, who created Ramona Quimby, dies at 104
Children’s author Beverly Cleary has died at age 104. She’s remembered by many fans for her books “Henry Huggins,” “The Mouse and the Motorcycle” and “Ramona the Brave.” NBC’s Rehema Ellis looks back at her life and literary legacy for Weekend TODAY.
Imported ‘cocaine hippos’ running wild in Colombia
Drug trafficker Pablo Escobar had his own zoo in Colombia that included four pet hippopotamuses. After Escobar was killed in 1993, the hippos were too big and expensive to remove, and they have since multiplied. Now, there are an estimated 100 hippos in the Colombian jungle, drawing tourists to the area, and there are fears the wild animal population could get out of hand. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports for Weekend TODAY.
China proposes teaching masculinity to boys as state is alarmed by changing gender roles
Chinese boys pass a patriotic banner as they walk home together from a local elementary school after classes in Sept. 2020 in Beijing, China. "Boys don't need masculinity education," said Lü Pin, the founder of China's largest feminist advocacy media channel, Feminist Voices, which was banned by Chinese censors in 2018. In January, China's Education Ministry published plans to "cultivate masculinity" in boys from kindergarten through high school. "Chinese boys have been spoiled by housewives and female teachers," the adviser, Si Zefu, said in a policy proposal in May. Elementary school students attending a class on the first day of the new semester in Wuhan in China's central Hubei province.
Meet Mayor Kim Janey, history-making first woman and first black mayor of Boston
Boston Mayor Kim Janey has made history as the first woman and the first black mayor of Boston. Janey joins Tiffany Cross to discuss getting vaccinated for the COVID-19 virus and more.
N.Y. trooper dies three years after being struck by distracted driver
A New York state trooper has died after suffering traumatic brain injuries more than three years ago when a distracted driver's vehicle struck him, officials said Saturday. Trooper Joseph Gallagher died Friday, said Kevin P. Bruen, New York State Police acting superintendent, in a statement. State Trooper Joseph Gallagher. New York State Police / APGov. Gallagher, a trooper since 2014, worked out of the state police office in Brentwood, New York, Bruen said.
Who Are Gavin Newsom’s Enemies?
That recall effort is being led by Orrin Heatlie, a conservative and a former sergeant in the Yolo County Sheriff’s Department, who as recently as last year shared anti-vaccination and anti-L.G.B.T.Q. Randy Economy, a political consultant and talk-radio host, serves as the lead adviser to Recall Gavin Newsom, the group organizing the effort. “It’s because of Gavin Newsom himself, and the way he conducts himself every day since he’s become governor,” Mr. Economy said in an interview. “It’s all been more about his image and self-aggrandizing, as opposed to fixing the problems.”Mr. Newsom’s approval rating isn’t nearly as low as Gov. Just because there is a Republican-led effort does not mean that a Republican will be the one to ultimately benefit.
2021 NCAA tournament live updates Sweet 16 scores and analysis from Saturday’s games
There will be no Final Four for Sister Jean and Loyola Chicago this time around. Oregon State, meanwhile, is headed to its first Elite Eight since 1982. The Beavers used a 2-3 zone to confound the Ramblers in a 65-58 Sweet 16 victory that set up a meeting with either Houston or Syracuse in Monday’s Midwest region final. The Beavers (20-12) were 10-10 at one point, with a loss to a Portland team that went winless in West Coast Conference play and lost its league games by an average of 23.5 points. But they came on strong to defeat UCLA, Oregon and Colorado (all NCAA tournament teams) for the conference crown.
A professor was reprimanded for refusing to use a transgender student’s pronouns. A court says he can sue.
Meriwether hadn’t previously met the student — identified in court documents as Jane Doe — or received any information about her sex or gender identity, according to court documents. ADOn Friday, a federal appeals court ruled that the professor could sue the university over the reprimand. ADThe decision revives a lawsuit by Meriwether accusing the university of violating his First Amendment rights and sends it back to a lower court. In a lawsuit similar to Meriwether’s, a high school French teacher in Virginia sued school district officials after they fired him for refusing to address a transgender student with masculine pronouns. The university placed a written warning in Meriwether’s file ordering him to change the way he addressed transgender students.
Celebrate the cherry blossoms by joining the Petal Porch Parade
Because of the coronavirus pandemic, National Cherry Blossom Festival organizers have reimagined related events to allow for social distancing. That includes the traditional parade. Instead of a parade along Constitution Avenue, neighborhoods across the D.C. area can be part of the Petal Porch Parade. The idea is to decorate the front of your house — porch, yard or windows — with cherry blossom art and crafts. If you would like inspiration, look for how-to videos at the website,
They Were Guantánamo’s First Detainees. Here’s Where They Are Now.
Now, two decades on, the detention operation at Guantánamo endures as a chapter in American national security that successive administrations have struggled to bring to closure. The 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks will come and go this year without the start of the trial of Guantánamo’s most infamous prisoners — the five men accused of helping plot the attacks. Keeping the dilapidated prison and no-frills court compound running has come to cost the taxpayer about $13 million per prisoner per year. The extraterritorial enterprise began on a Friday afternoon when a C-141 Starlifter cargo plane bearing prisoners from Afghanistan touched down at the remote outpost. We asked for the bad guys first.”But none of those first men were ever charged in the Sept. 11 attacks, nor were any accused of knowing in advance about the Qaeda plot.
The Original 20 Guantánamo Detainees: A Roster, and Where They Are Now
Mullah Fazel Mazloom, sent to Qatar in 2014Mullah Mazloom, sometimes identified as Mullah Mohammad Fazl, was among five Taliban members sent to Qatar in exchange for the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who was held prisoner by the militant Haqqani network in the tribal area of Pakistan’s northwest frontier. He and the other four Taliban prisoners who were traded for the release of Sergeant Bergdahl live as guests of the Qatari government like many expatriates in Doha. Instead, neighboring Oman agreed to take him, along with 29 other detainees, in one of the most successful resettlement programs. As a rule, former detainees in Oman refuse to speak with foreign reporters, apparently at the urging of the host nation.
Images From a ‘Day of Shame’ in Myanmar, With Scores Shot Dead
March 27, 2021Children, including a 5-year-old-boy, were among those killed on Saturday as the country’s security forces cracked down on nationwide protests against a coup. Among those fatally shot on Saturday were a 5-year-old boy, two 13-year-old boys and a 14-year-old girl. “Today is a day of shame for the armed forces,” Dr. Sasa, a spokesman for a group of elected officials who say they represent Myanmar’s government, said in a statement. The killings also drew condemnation from countries around the word, including the United States, Britain and the European Union. On Saturday, the U.S. ambassador to Myanmar, Thomas L. Vajda, said security forces were “murdering unarmed civilians, including children,” and he called the bloodshed “horrifying.”
Opinion | Biden’s Chance to Save the Everglades
With passage of the Covid-19 relief bill behind it, the Biden administration will soon offer its encore, one or more big proposals reflecting President Biden’s multitrillion-dollar Build Back Better, which will enlarge government’s role in the American economy. Together, these budget requests will be bigger in dollar terms than the relief bill, will address daunting problems like infrastructure and climate change — and, inevitably, will revive the partisan divide that plagues Washington. There is, however, one environmentally important project that boasts remarkable bipartisan agreement and has important climate implications. It may be the most ambitious ecosystem recovery project ever, not just in the United States but anywhere, and it has the added virtue of being an act of atonement for past government failures.
Opinion | The Kind Workers at King Soopers Who Helped a Confused College Kid
Eager to finally cook food of my own, I decided to pick up groceries at the King Soopers on Table Mesa Drive. Right away I was struck by how welcoming and friendly everyone working there was. Teri Leiker, killed in Monday’s massacre, was the employee who packed groceries into my large duffle bag. “You could pack this thing three times over,” she added, when zipping up my bag. My interaction with Teri was representative of the warm vibe and casual relationship I developed with many of the store employees.
An Immigrant Family Caught Up in a Distinctly American Tragedy
This account of the family’s life was pieced together through court records, police reports and interviews with neighbors, former classmates of Mr. Alissa and family friends. Ms. Archuleta said she had found an outgoing and friendly family when she went to the Alissas’ home for birthdays and dinners. Ms. Archuleta said she remembered Ahmad Alissa as quiet and verging on antisocial. “We never thought anything was wrong,” Ms. Archuleta said. The 21-year-old man now charged with adding another bloody chapter to Colorado’s history of mass shootings was born in Syria, just three days before the attacks on Columbine High School in 1999.
Can New Gun Violence Research Find a Path Around the Political Stalemate?
The studies by Dr. Naik-Mathuria and the others are being paid for by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which is once again funding research into gun violence after a nearly 25-year hiatus imposed by Congress. And while they might not reduce the number of massacres, mass shootings account for an extremely small percentage of the roughly 40,000 Americans who die each year from gun violence. “There’s at least five different gun violence problems in the country and mass shooting is one of them,” said Mr. Morral, who has a Ph.D. in psychology. “There’s also suicide, there’s urban gun violence which mostly affects minority young men, there’s family shootings and there’s police shootings. “It’s not either, ‘Keep your guns or prevent gun violence,’ ” said Dr. Mark Rosenberg, who helped establish the C.D.C.’s Center for Violence and Injury Prevention but said he was fired in the late 1990s under pressure from Republicans who opposed the center’s gun research.
Broadcasting ‘the Shock, the Horror, the Outrage’ Live, Again and Again
Last week, the CNN anchor Brianna Keilar found herself, for the second time in under a week, guiding viewers through the grim ritual of trying, and failing, to make sense of another mass shooting. In 2019, Ms. Keilar reported on the back-to-back shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. In 2018, she spoke with relatives of students killed in the shooting in Parkland, Fla.Broadcast journalists like Ms. Keilar, 40, have now spent the bulk of their reporting careers chronicling an unending, uniquely American horror show: the random gun massacre. She was CNN’s first journalist to arrive on the Virginia Tech campus in 2007. “I just wonder, can you count how many times you’ve covered a story like this?” she asked, her voice catching.
Covid-19 Live Updates: State Lawmakers Across U.S. Seek to Curtail Governors’ Emergency Powers
Live Covid-19 Live Updates: State Lawmakers Across U.S. Seek to Curtail Governors’ Emergency Powers About a third of U.S. adults have now received at least one dose of a vaccine. Utah lawmakers voted for an April 10 end to mask requirements and to rein in powers of the governor and state health officials to deal with crises; the bill became law on Wednesday. The nonpartisan Uniform Law Commission is reviewing state emergency statutes to see if they need updating in light of the coronavirus crisis. A mask mandate in the city and surrounding Travis County is under fire by state officials. Advertisement Continue reading the main storyAfter a year of the pandemic, public transit around the world is hanging by a thread.
What a Supreme Court ruling in Canada teaches us about the global struggle against climate change - The Washington Post
“Climate change is real. In Canada, this denialism is manifest in, among other forms, doing too little, too late to reduce carbon pollution while squabbling over jurisdiction. Likewise, the effects of climate change do not respect lines on a map. A national framework for battling climate change is necessary, including the standards and expectations it sets. ADADUnfortunately, the effort, time and resources that losing fight will require could be better spent as we face climate change, and the pandemic.
Georgia state Senator Michelle Au: Republicans are silent as voting rights are taken away - The Washington Post
This hastily sewn-together bill is a broad attack on voting rights. The bill had sailed through a House vote earlier that day, landing on our desks for approval about 3 in the afternoon. While my Democratic colleagues raised their voices in defense of these rights, the silence of the Republicans in the chamber was deafening. Near the end of the evening, before the Senate vote, one of my Republican colleagues had taken to the well to close the discussion. Unbelievably, Sen. John Albers called SB 202 a measure to enhance voting access, and painted my colleagues’ framing of the bill as a distortion.
Opinion | Georgia Republicans’ petty crusade against giving voters water
While state Republicans backed off their worst ideas, such as abolishing no-excuse absentee voting, the restrictionists still scored a victory on Thursday, when Gov. Among them: a ban on distributing food or water to voters waiting in long polling place lines. Meanwhile, state lawmakers added new rules on absentee voting, which may require more people to sit out in the sun to cast a ballot. They added voter ID requirements for absentee voting and narrowed the amount of time people have to request mail-in ballots. In the grand scheme of voter-suppression measures that Republicans have proposed, limiting water distribution is not the most pernicious.
Opinion | I fought California’s wildfires day and night. Then I was denied unemployment.
In the winter, if we can’t find other work, we rely on unemployment. As I soon discovered, the state’s already rickety unemployment system has been near collapse during the pandemic. By year’s end, nearly 45 percent of the California workforce had filed for unemployment benefits. Between March and September, unable to process hundreds of thousands of claims automatically, EDD used a painstaking manual review, the California state auditor reported. Amid the chaos, criminals took advantage of emergency measures such as the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program.
Opinion | ‘Children’s author’ Beverly Cleary was a great writer, period
The Bard of Klickitat Street, the creator of Beezus and Ramona, their friend Henry Huggins, the mutt Ribsy and the cat Picky-Picky. These are, of course, allusions to various classics that range from pretty darn good to genuinely great. Cleary’s work is packed with such masterly paragraphs on nearly every page. At the same time, like all children, Ramona is growing up swiftly. But to me, Beverly Cleary won’t fully have her due as long as she’s remembered as a great children’s author.
Asian women say Hollywood has failed them for decades. They’re ready for meaningful change.
ADADThe Atlanta murders occurred amid a surge in anti-Asian hate crimes, both extreme examples of the harm inflicted upon Asian American communities. In Hollywood, it can more subtly manifest in objectified portrayals like that of “A Benihana Christmas,” or the running gag on “Scrubs” about Dr. Kelso fetishizing Asian women. “The stories have been told from within such a limited demographic.”Just before mourning the lives lost in Atlanta, Asian and Asian American members of Hollywood celebrated the milestone achievements of their peers. ADAD“Sexuality is a part of life, and unfortunately it’s been used in such a disciplinary way for Asian women,” she continues. The “To All the Boys” franchise centers on a Korean American protagonist who refuses to conform to anyone’s expectations.
The Racist Misogyny Of The Atlanta Spa Shootings
It’s high time the words “racist misogyny” entered the conversation about the Atlanta spa shootings. We can’t overlook that the shootings occurred at places like Young’s Asian Massage, not some generic Massage Envy he spotted off the side of the road. “There is an intersectional dynamic going on that others may perceive both Asians and women and Asian women as easier targets,” he said. VIRGINIE KIPPELEN via Getty Images Gold Spa, one of the three Asian massage parlors attacked by a gunman on March 16, 2021. “That erasure and disavowal is why people target sex workers,” Kate D’Adamo, a longtime sex worker rights advocate, tweeted Wednesday.
Howard Schnellenberger, famed NFL and college coach, dead at 87
Famed football coach Howard Schnellenberger, who led the University of Miami Hurricanes to its first national championship in 1983, died Saturday, his family announced. "Without him, there is no Miami Football," the Hurricanes tweeted Saturday. Schnellenberger started his football life in earnest as an All-American tight end at Kentucky in the 1950s. In 2001, Schnellenberger led the Florida Atlantic University Owls in their inaugural season and went on to spend 11 seasons at the Boca Raton school. "Howard always treated me special, like a queen, and was truly a husband that every Canadian girl dreams of," Beverlee Schnellenberger said in the statement.
Democrats Aren’t Doing Enough to Address America’s Mental Health Crisis
Our collective trauma is recast as a personal crisis, a private concern to be shared between you and your doctor. Americans’ assessment of their own mental health is at its lowest point in decades. This erosion of our mental health will only be compounded in a post-pandemic world if stimulus funds dry up, eviction moratoriums are lifted, and people are herded back into offices with superficial shows of sanitation. The World Health Organization’s report on social determinants of mental health recognizes the threat of inequality to mental health. Democrats should address those anxieties substantively, with policies that speak to the root causes of the country’s mental health crisis.
Arby’s Says It Helped Kill the $15 Minimum Wage
The parent company of some of America’s largest fast-food chains is claiming credit for convincing Congress to exclude a $15 minimum wage from the recent COVID relief bill, according to internal company documents reviewed by The Daily Poster. The company, which is owned by a private equity firm named after an Ayn Rand character, also says it is now working to thwart new union rights legislation. The company’s boasts come just a few months after a government report found that some of its chains had among the highest percentage of workers relying on food stamps. Inspire Brands — which owns Jimmy John’s, Arby’s, Sonic, and Buffalo Wild Wings, plus recently acquired Dunkin’ Donuts for $11.3 billion in November — on Thursday sent employees and franchisees a review of its government lobbying activity that highlighted its success in keeping the $15 minimum wage out of Democrats’ American Rescue Plan, the COVID-19 relief bill President Joe Biden signed earlier this month. “We were successful in our advocacy efforts to remove the Raise the Wage Act, which would have increased the federal minimum wage to $15 and eliminated the tip credit,” reads the report.
There’s Never Been a Better Time to Abolish the Monarchy
Multiple defenses of the monarchy appeared in publications like the Federalist and the National Review. In a National Review article entitled “An American Defense of Britain’s Constitutional Monarchy,” the Heritage Foundation’s Joseph Loconte rails against the “the Left” and “the radical Left” for its hostility to the monarchy. So, really, if you think about it hard enough, a successful revolution to throw off the rule of Britain’s monarchy redounded to the credit of . Britain’s monarchy. More serious defenses of the monarchy often revolve around the idea that the institution has provided “stability and continuity” while allowing democratic institutions to evolve.
We Need an Anti-Imperialist Alternative to Biden’s Status Quo Foreign Policy
Interview by Ana Kasparian Nando VilaEarlier this week, Axios reported that Joe Biden “loves the growing narrative that he’s bolder and bigger-thinking than President Obama.”One dramatic exception: foreign policy. While Biden and others in the political establishment have dropped their usual paeans to belt-tightening, there’s no indication Biden will make any foreign policy moves that could be spun as “bolder and bigger-thinking.” He hasn’t even reentered Barack Obama’s Iran nuclear deal yet. To sort out Biden’s foreign policy, Ana Kasparian and Nando Vila, cohosts of Weekends, recently spoke with historian and Jacobin contributing editor Daniel Bessner about China; the United States’ sprawling, opaque national security state; and the need for a leftist, anti-imperialist alternative. Their conversation has been edited and condensed for clarity.
Yuh-Line Niou Urges Chinatown Residents to Claim Their Power
Yuh-Line Niou has been one of the most outspoken members of the New York State Assembly since being elected in 2016 to Sheldon Silver’s former seat in Lower Manhattan. Last Sunday, Niou spoke at a rally for Asian American lives at Columbus Park, a popular gathering spot for the local Chinatown community. They fuse the personal and the political and don’t hesitate to indict deeply entrenched systems of racism, sexism and classism and demand fundamental change. “Until our systems are made in our image, we’re here to dismantle theirs.”Niou is reflective of all of these trends. And it is to keep us from reaching it.”That same structural racism, she notes, has led to her community being shortchanged in Albany.
Walmart’s Company Town of Bentonville, Arkansas
But the foundation’s self-appointed role of NWA’s regional developer actually functions as a three-pronged accumulation strategy for the Walton family. Walmart’s Urban Utopia For over a generation, Walmart’s massive, highly integrated distribution network has imposed itself across the global economy. Since 2003, Walton family members have injected billions into the Walton Family Foundation through twenty-one charitable trusts. Before building their Bentonville utopia, the Walton Family Foundation spent the bulk of its philanthropy dollars privatizing public education. Today, the Walton Foundation currently issues about $575 million in annual grants, with half of those going to NWA redevelopment projects.
Opinion | How Does a Baby Bust End?
The declining American birthrate is a frequent preoccupation of this column, and over the years that I’ve been writing about the problem it’s only gotten worse, with the apparent Covid-19 baby bust a punctuation mark. But with the pandemic’s end inspiring various forms of optimism, hopes of faster growth and scientific breakthroughs, it’s worth considering what optimism about the future of fertility might look like. Because if you assume that dynamism and growth are desirable things (not everyone does, but that’s a separate debate), then for the developed world to be something more than just a rich museum, at some point it needs to stop growing ever-older, with a dwindling younger generation struggling in the shadow of societal old age. So what would it take for our demographic decadence to end — for sub-replacement fertility to climb back to replacement levels, for the gap between desired family size and actual births to close, for Americans to have enough kids to sustain our country’s population? Let’s consider three possible scenarios.
Opinion | Stop It With ‘Gun Control.’ Enough Already.
I’m talking about “gun control,” a phrase whose day should be done. You don’t hear Joe Biden talking about “gun control,” not anymore. The same holds true for other Democrats urging “gun safety,” a preferable coinage, if not a perfect one. But “gun control” still appears frequently in this newspaper, in The Washington Post, on the CNN website and throughout the news media. It was there — “gun control,” just like that — in the first question put to Biden on Thursday during his first full-fledged news conference as president.
2021 NCAA tournament live updates Sweet 16 scores and analysis from Saturday’s games
INDIANAPOLIS — The Tinkle family of Montana, then of Europe, and nowadays of Oregon, is the first family of American basketball, and don’t you argue with that, you myopic East Coast snob. Their number of family members stands at five — two parents, two adult daughters, one adult son — and their number of family members who played in Division I stands at, wait, let’s check it, five. The five Tinkles have treated four universities to 7,224 points and 3,684 rebounds. If you’re one of those who recoils at diving through the intricacies of basketball, you ought not go messing around at their house in Corvallis, Ore., which is not to say the two Rottweilers and the Double Doodle will chase you off or anything.
What’s inside all those masks?
When the pandemic started, a team of NIST scientists began studying how well different cloth mask materials filter particles. But although their initial research showed that tightly woven cotton fabrics filter most efficiently, their work was conducted in a lab with dry air and using pre-pandemic standards for measuring mask filtration. The filtration efficiency of woven, 100 percent cotton flannels increased from 12 percent to 45 percent during the tests. “When particles go into the humid environment of the mask, they swell up and become much easier to filter,” Zangmeister explains. N95s and medical procedure masks performed similarly under humid and dry conditions.
Rough waters in Key West as city, cruise industry and state lawmakers tangle over its future
Key West will do just fine without the megaships, said treasurer Arlo Haskell, a writer and poet. That left only Key West, Panama City, Pensacola and Saint Petersburg subject to the proposed prohibitions. ADADLawmakers may not be done trying to punish Key West for its November vote. In a recent tweet, Roach urged his colleagues to oppose giving federal stimulus funds to ports that ban cruise ships. ADADIt’s been more than a year since cruise ships have docked in Key West.
Biden walks the union line, making a play for blue-collar workers
Seth Harris, now a top labor adviser to Biden, wrote a script for a Biden video promoting the union effort. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) wrote an op-ed voicing carefully calibrated support for the Amazon union drive. ADIn his first two months, Biden has aggressively sought to cement support from unions and workers. While Biden has positioned himself staunchly alongside the Amazon workers, he also has some associations with the company through his vast political network. Jay Carney, Biden’s communications director when he was vice president, is now a senior vice president at Amazon.
'A cop on the beat again': Biden looks to reassert consumer watchdog agency sidelined by Trump
The Biden administration is working to reassert the government's top consumer watchdog, which was sidelined by President Donald Trump, just as the U.S. economy is showing signs of revving up. "There is going to be a cop on the beat again," said Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., who helped create the agency. In 2018, the Trump administration stripped the agency of its powers to enforce discrimination cases in lending, a move that enraged many Democrats and consumer finance advocates. Still, the money recovered by actions under both agency chiefs during the Trump administration paled in comparison to the total recovered during the Obama years. CFPB Director nominee Rohit Chopra.
16th woman files lawsuit accusing Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson of sexual misconduct
Two more women on Tuesday made sexual-misconduct allegations against Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, who has now been accused of lewd behavior in 16 lawsuits. The trainer accused Watson of exposing himself and "ejaculating onto her" during a session at his Houston home May 28, according to her lawsuit. Watson allegedly hired the other woman for a massage Oct. 8, her civil complaint said. Late Monday, a Los Angeles massage therapist accused Watson of exposing himself before allegedly forcing her to "pleasure him," the civil complaint said. "I believe that any allegation that Deshaun forced a woman to commit a sexual act is completely false," Hardin added.
Taiwan feared Biden would be softer than Trump on China. So far, it has been pleasantly surprised.
But, so far, Biden has continued to display strong support for Taiwan, at times even going further than the Trump administration did. On the other side of the table is a Biden administration that has already staked out China as America's most important challenge. Chinese President Xi Jinping and President Donald Trump attend a welcome ceremony at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing in 2017. Many Taiwanese favored Trump because of his administration's hard-line stance against China and support for Taiwan. The Biden administration has so far signalled strong support for democratic Taiwan, which has been ruled separately from China since 1949.
WATCH: All roads lead back to the filibuster
The ongoing debate over filibuster reform took center stage in political news this week. TARA and EUGENE look back at Biden’s response over eliminating the filibuster during his first official press conference on Thursday. They also discuss why the filibuster is the only way Democrats can pass legislation on gun control and voting rights. Watch all the individual clips that Eugene and Tara get into in this week’s edition of Playback:1. But when asked if he agreed with President Barack Obama's assessment that rule was a relic of the Jim Crow era, he agreed.
Biden admin.’s response to Georgia voter suppression with WH Principal Deputy Press Sec. Jean-Pierre
The Biden administration responds to Georgia passing voter suppression legislation, and questions about the filibuster, as White House Principal Deputy Press Sec. Karine Jean-Pierre discusses these issues with Tiffany Cross.
Border Patrol set to break recent records for monthly encounters with border crossers
A bipartisan group of lawmakers are headed to El Paso, Texas, amid a surge of migrants crossing the border, following dueling trips to the region by separate groups of Democratic and Republican Congress members. NBC News’ Suzanne Gamboa reports.
Rep. Angie Craig on social media's role in spreading disinformation: “A lie can spread so fast”
Rep. Angie Craig (D-MN) joins Ali Velshi to discuss the trial of Derek Chauvin, representation in government, and what it was like to participate in that hearing this week on disinformation and social media. She said, “We saw the CEOs of three of the biggest tech companies in America put their head in the sand and really refuse to admit what a critical role that their platforms are playing in disinformation and in hate speech across the country.”
Velshi: Bipartisanship is a two-way street
During an interview on Fox, the now Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell said, “there has been no effort whatsoever by the president or the administration to do anything in the political center." A bold statement from Mitch McConnell, who would have trouble navigating himself to the center of a Tootsie Pop, let alone the political center. McConnell may be confusing doing things his way with what the word “bipartisanship” means. There is probably a lot more the Biden administration can, will, and should do, but the literal last person to speak about a lack of bipartisanship is Mitch McConnell.
Beverly Cleary, through Ramona, captured the essence of childhood
We chatted for nearly an hour before I finally asked Cleary the question I’d long wondered about: How much of Ramona is you? She sighed before informing me, firmly: She loved Ramona, but she did not like being compared to her. “I thought like Ramona,” she said, “but I was a very well-behaved little girl.”Little girls (and boys), well-behaved (and not), have fallen in love with spirited Ramona Geraldine Quimby for decades. Cleary, anyway, didn’t have much interest in lit crit, at least when it came to her own work. “Don’t expect me to analyze my books,” Cleary told me during our phone conversation five years ago.
What to watch this weekend: The 52nd NAACP Image Awards on BET
Tina (HBO at 8) A look at the life and career of Tina Turner. MiniseriesThe Green River Killer (Reelz at 8) A look into who the Green River Killer was and how his victims are still being found today. ADADThe Simpsons (Fox at 8) Chief Wiggum’s wife is more than she seems, and Marge is a part of a jewel heist. Bob’s Burgers (Fox at 9) When Tina is forced to listen to Spanish lessons in the library, she unexpectedly develops a crush. NCIS: New Orleans (CBS at 10) Sebastian’s life is in danger after a criminal he put in jail escapes police custody.
Asian American official condemns anti-Asian violence by removing shirt, showing his military scars: ‘Is this patriot enough?’
“Here is my proof,” said Wong, 69, who last year ran as a Republican candidate for the state Senate. A report released this month by Stop AAPI Hate found that Asian Americans reported nearly 3,800 hate incidents during the pandemic. In an interview with the Cincinnati Enquirer, he said he needed to speak out against the constant wave of anti-Asian violence. “The timing was right in light of what’s happening in this country,” Wong told the newspaper. “I’m just afraid it might come down to what’s happening in Atlanta, sooner or later, if we don’t speak up.”
2021 NCAA tournament live updates Sweet 16 scores and analysis from Saturday’s games
Connecticut and Iowa kick off women’s Sweet 16 play with a River Walk Region showdown at the Alamodome in San Antonio. The game is being broadcast on ABC at 1 p.m. The winner will advance to play 2-seed Baylor or 6-seed Michigan in the Elite Eight. Despite coach Geno Auriemma missing the team’s first two NCAA tournament games after testing positive for coronavirus, Connecticut made quick work of each of its opponents — High Point and Syracuse — to reach its 27th straight Sweet 16. Connecticut is led by freshman all-American Paige Bueckers, who is averaging 19.9 points and 6 assists while shooting 46.7 percent from three.
Irish hospital’s vaccination program ended after it gave leftover shots to elite school
Irish media reported that Beacon Hospital chief executive Michael Cullen personally phoned the school that his own children attend, St. Gerard’s, to offer vaccines to its teachers and staff. “The provision of vaccines by the Beacon Hospital to a school was entirely inappropriate and completely unacceptable,” said Health Minister Stephen Donnelly, who ordered an investigation. Beacon Hospital, in Dublin’s affluent southern suburbs, is owned by one of Ireland’s wealthiest men, telecoms tycoon Denis O’Brien. About 12 kilometers south, overlooking the Irish Sea and the beach resort of Bray, is St. Gerard’s School. Cullen said the hospital offered the shots to St. Gerard’s staff after the day’s scheduled inoculations were completed and approximately 20 doses were left.
Collins avoids state-party censure after voting to convict Trump
Some of Collins’ six other Republican Senate colleagues who voted to convict Trump, who was charged with inciting the Jan. 6 insurrection, have faced rebukes from their state parties. 3 House Republican Rep. Liz Cheney for voting to impeach Trump. Among other Senate Republicans who voted to convict Trump, Sens. and Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) were rebuked by their state parties but narrowly averted censure, while the Utah GOP defended Utah Sen. Mitt Romney’s vote. Collins has defended her decision, saying Trump failed to uphold his oath of office.
China sanctions U.S., Canadian officials over Xinjiang
China has strongly rejected accusations of human rights abuses in Xinjiang and has launched calls for boycotts and other punishments against foreign firms including retailer H&M and Nike, along with sanctions against foreign government officials and activists whom it says are spreading false information about its policies toward Uyghurs and members of other Muslim minority groups in Xinjiang. China announced sanctions Friday against British officials and H&M products were dropped from Chinese websites over their opposition to buying cotton from Xinjiang. The ruling Communist Party’s Youth League launched attacks Wednesday on H&M following the European Union’s decision to join the United States, Britain and Canada in imposing sanctions on Chinese officials blamed for abuses in Xinjiang. More than 1 million members of the Uyghur and other predominantly Muslim ethnic minorities have been confined to detention camps in Xinjiang, according to foreign governments and researchers. The Chinese government rejects complaints of abuses and says the camps are for job training to support economic development and combat Islamic radicalism.
Man wanted after trooper shot in the head, critically injured in Texas
Authorities are looking for a man accused of shooting a state trooper in the head Friday night in Texas. Officials issued an alert Saturday for DeArthur Pinson Jr., 36, who they said should be "considered armed and dangerous and should not be approached." DeArthur Pinson Jr. Texas Department of Public SafetyThe trooper, identified as Chad Walker, responded to "a motorist assist" near Mexia, Texas, around 7:45 p.m. when he "came upon a disabled vehicle parked on the shoulder of the roadway," according to a Facebook post from the Texas Department of Public Safety Officers Association. Walker was taken to a hospital after with gunshot wounds to his head and abdomen. The Texas Department of Public Safety told KCEN-TV, NBC's affiliate in Temple, Texas, that the Facebook page where Walker was identified is a private group.
This May Be This Foreign Correspondent's Final Column
In September 2020, oncologists diagnosed me with Stage IV prostate cancer. (I notice that doctors don’t actually say “die” or even “pass away.” They never say “croak” or “bite the dust” either.) But most prostate cancer is slow-growing, my doctor assured me. The doctors knew my dad had died of prostate cancer in his mid-seventies, about my current age. And so I write what I believe will be my final column, confident that I have life left in these withering bones.
Celebrating Women Leaders of the Religious Socialism Movement
They all stand on the shoulders of women who built the religious socialism movement in past generations, including:Vida Dutton Scudder (1861-1954). Scudder was active in the Socialist Party of America, a supporter of striking textile workers, and an activist for women's suffrage. For more on Willard—and other women socialists of her era, check out Mari Jo Buhle's Women and American Socialism, 1870-1920 (Chicago: U. of Illinois Press, 1983). There are many more women who have led the U.S. religious socialist movement in recent years, including the Catholic theologian and feminist scholar Rosemary Radford Ruether and the German liberation theologian Dorothee Solle, who helped build the RS Working Group in its earliest days. The movement to connect the socialist cause with religious beliefs in the human right to shelter, healthcare, and necessities owes them a great debt.
On a Quilt of Oppressions and Injustices
In our society, poor and low-income women of color—many of whom have been compelled to work in poorly-paid, dangerous, and often exploitative trades across the globe—are bound to face multi-layered oppressions and injustices, especially in wartime but also in peacetime. A particularly ugly segment of that patchwork quilt can be found in none other than this country's own war in Indochina more than five decades ago. In that war, racism, sexism, and neo-colonialism coalesced into a monstrous war machine that systematically dehumanized and sexually exploited indigenous women. One thing remains certain: there is no disentangling the ugly patterns without destroying the entire quilt. It was, surely, another day of being a woman and an Asian person struggling to leave their marks on a blemished patchwork quilt.
The U.S. Has a Moral Obligation to Forgive the World’s Debts ? Current Affairs
As consumer debt pressures individuals to twist their lives around repaying it, sovereign debt contorts nations in a similar way. But consumer debt in the U.S. and the sovereign debt of nations around the world are morally and politically linked. But the current sovereign debt system has not institutionalized debt jubilees as an integral part of its function. Creditors’ racial prejudice also makes its way into sovereign debts the same way it influences consumer debts. But the moral case is crystal clear: the global debts must be canceled.
What the 2021 Suez Canal Blockage Reveals About the History and Politics of Global Shipping
On the morning of March 23, a gargantuan freighter laden with containers , heading north to the Mediterranean, ran aground in the Suez Canal. A strong gust and the hydrodynamics of shallow waters pushed the merchant vessel Ever Given into the east bank of the canal. Ironically, as my new book explains, the most dramatic leaps in ship sizes were precipitated by Suez Canal politics in the 1950s and 1960s. Decades later, it's the vast size of the ship that makes refloating it so difficult. Egyptian officials appeared confident the canal could reopen within days, while salvage engineers cautioned that freeing the stuck ship might take weeks.
It’s 1974 again....
Randy Newman’s “Rednecks” has been repeat playing in my head after watching the recent wave of good old boy politics returning to the land. The 1974 album was titled “Good Old Boys” as well. Black and white, male and female loving one another, marrying one another having children….in the mid ‘70’s! The song is playing again 47 years later ……...for real this real as troopers arresting a legislator for daring to knock on a white man’s door. Then ask them “When the revolution comes whose side you gonna be on?
MF Daily for Saturday March 27, 2021
Musicians play on the bed of an 18-wheeler in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. Welcome to MF Daily(Formerly know as Mojo Friday’s Weekly Open Thread — MFWOT)All are welcome to hang out and share what is happening in your life today.
Then, to further address the outrage, he brought on conservative talk show host Jesse Kelly. “How do you think it would work if you lied on a federal gun form?” Carlson asked. ” I think I wouldn’t be on your show right now unless they were allowing me to do it from Fort Leavenworth somewhere,” Kelly replied. They’re breaking down, Tucker,” Kelly said. “I have said this before and I’m telling you I’m worried that I’m right.
Morning Open Thread. Junk Drawers.
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Ali Velshi uses his impressive immigrant story to excoriate Republicans for suppressing democracy.
No one explains the Republican attack on Democracy other than Ali Velshi, who uses his immigrant story to get the message through. Georgia rushed through a voter suppression bill this week. Ali Velshi details like very few could, in simple words, the path Republicans are using. They are using our democracy to morph us into minority rule, the possibility of an autocracy. He itemizes the insidiousness of the Republican voter suppression bill.
Swing States Now and Future, Who moves Rep, Who moves Dem?
Swing States: Great LakesThe manufacturing center (in popular imagination anyway) of america, producing high horsepower cars and even higher horsepower blenders*. For future presidential elections, it’s probably off swing state duty unless the election goes really well for dems. Pennsylvania 2 party marginThe state’s voting patterns are like its fellow trio of doom states, but less extreme. The Future Will Be Different Tomorrow; Future Swing StatesWhat states will go swingy in the future, maybe a decade or so away? No, I’m not high on coffee, these are no question highly republican states and will be in the near future.
Say their names
@aaja has just released a video pronunciation guide for the names of 6 victims in the #Atlanta shooting. Soon Chung Park lived most of her life in the New York metro area before moving to Atlanta to manage the Gold Spa. Xiaojie Tan was also a licensed massage therapist and the owner of Young’s Asian Spa. Daoyou Feng had only been working at Young’s Asian Spa for a few months. According to the mother of his godson, Mr. Michels had been out of work for some time and had been doing maintenance work at Young’s Asian Spa when the shooting occurred.
GA election Law – Casino Theory Peeps
The Georgia State QGOP have enacted a new voting law that restricts voting but will probably have the opposite effect – more Georgians will actually cast a vote – citing, here, former GOP Chair Michael Steele and Mike Murphy GOP Strategist (Brian Williams MSNBC Show). Clearly this is among the most anti-democratic measures enacted by any state government since civil rights legislation was enacted. In the Senate, there will be 20 GOP / 14 Dem seats that get vacated once the 117th Congress ends. Pelosi is going to be the “default” Speaker prior to the 118th Congress seating new House Members and taking the first votes. Almost all of the most egregious anti-democratic laws are being enacted by States with a majority of their House delegation being QGOP.
ArtKos: Saturday Painting Palooza Vol.815
This week I will be continuing with the painting of the Connor Hotel in Jerome, Arizona. is seen directly below. When last seen the painting appeared as it does in the photo seen directly below. Finally, I have added the suggestion of the building's name in the upper story without actually painting it. The current and final state of the painting is seen in the photo directly below.
Open Thread: Foreign Policy and International Events
Welcome to an all day open thread hosted by “Foreign Policy and International Events Group”. If we’re missing an open thread, please leave a note in Comments and we’ll add it in. If you are thinking of writing a diary, does not have to be politics, get in touch for encouragement. ????? ????? ???Meanwhile, anyone who would like to host an open thread as a one off, please leave a note in the comments or get in touch with Torilahure via Kosmail. You do not have to be awake when the open thread goes liveThis is an open thread.
How to tell if someone's a brainwashed authoritarian Trump cultist: See what they laugh at
Abstract (emphasis added):This study investigated biased message processing of political satire in The Colbert Report and the influence of political ideology on perceptions of Stephen Colbert. Results indicate that political ideology influences biased processing of ambiguous political messages and source in late-night comedy. Using data from an experiment (N = 332), we found that individual-level political ideology significantly predicted perceptions of Colbert's political ideology. Finally, a post hoc analysis revealed that perceptions of Colbert's political opinions fully mediated the relationship between political ideology and individual-level opinion. Satire as a Device for Engaging Audiences in Public Debate” prompted me to ask myself whether Trump cultist types even “get” satire.
Photo Diary: A Variety of Critters
Some random critters encountered lately during my daily walks. For those who don't know, I lived in a converted campervan and traveled around the country, posting photo diaries of places that I visited. But the pandemic has clipped my wings, and I am now holed up in Florida until I can begin traveling again.
Community Spotlight: A tribute to Top Comments
For 16 years, Top Comments has been a nightly feature, bringing the day's best, most insightful, wittiest, and most informational comments from story readers to the Daily Kos Community. What remains is a nightly roundup of great comments, a listing of the comments that are highest-rated for the day, and an assemblage of the day's best images. Community Spotlight’s Rescue Rangers read every story published by Community writers. Rescue priorities and actions were explained in a previous edition: Community Spotlight: Rescuing your excellent stories for over 14 years. If you’re a regular reader of Daily Kos, you probably already think that Science will save the economy.
An incomplete journey through the biggest blunders, gaffes, and miscalculations in politics
Did Cruz voters see this and change their minds about him? The McCain campaign wouldn't let Palin get near a reporter's microphone for weeks after she was selected. Early speculation that this might be an “October Surprise” that would lead to Trump’s withdrawal from the campaign was dashed quickly as a two-prong defense—deflection and rationalization—was employed by the Trump campaign. Gaffes matter to those voters, but only the ones they think should matter. Gaffes, of course, have tremendous power to shape both popular culture and our memories, lingering long after a campaign is over.
The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia
*You see, folks, on Thursday, March 25, 2021, thanks to the fine Republicans in Georgia’s legislature and to that model governor, Brian Kemp, the lights went out in Georgia. To help you understand why the lights went out, let me quote from the brilliant commentator, Heather Cox Richardson:There is only one story today. I ask you…is this the Georgia, the fourth state of the original 13 to ratify the Constitution? Take a look at the lowlights of this new Georgia law (for which the passing and signing process was “faster than a speeding bullet.”). Heather Cox Richardson wrote, there are “…more than 250 measures in 43 states designed to keep Republicans in power no matter what voters want.”Yes, the lights went out in Georgia.
A tool in the box of solutions to the new Georgia Jim Crow law
Hours in the sun, thirst and hunger, patience all are stresses that have to be endured just to cast a ballot. Georgia just made it illegal to provide food and water to voters standing in line. Wheelchairs. Wheelchairs provide a place to sit. And after the citizen has voted, the wheelchair can be given to another citizen to relieve their burden while waiting.
Saturday: Red
Cafe bird — Strawberry Finch, aka Red Munia, aka Red Avadavat — Amandava amandava. The Red Munia live in small flocks. During nesting and breeding season, the males undergo a makeover— a color change that is spectacularly red. LINK[Male and female Red Munia]These birds have four different named populations —Amandava amandava amandava - The nominate subspecies is found in Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Pakistan; Amandava amandava flavidiventris - The Burmese form is also found in China, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam); Amandava amandava punicea - The form in Java is - also found in Cambodia. The rump is red and the breeding male is red on most of the upper parts except for a black eye-stripe, lower belly and wings.
Republicans went all in some time ago
1926 KKK demonstration in WashingtonWill the Republicans play out their hand, or are they bluffing? In case you haven’t noticed, the Republicans have gone all in, Texas hold’em style. The North looked the other way and market capitalism was content for 100 years to leave things largely undisturbed. The Republican Party has gone full circleRepublican Sabotage is DeliberateOnce the Anti-slavery Party, the Republican Party has gone full circle, starting in the 50s when they not so slowly became primarily the party of white supremacy. If the Republicans prevail, a period of Civil War is possible and a destabilization of profits.
Manchin and the Filibuster: How’s It Going to Go?
The filibuster and the fate of the nationOrdinarily, the question of “How will this particular Senator vote on this particular issue?” is of limited significance. But, conceivably, in the case of how West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin will deal with the issue of filibuster reform, much of America’s future may hang on the answer. Hence the question: will Manchin use his virtual veto power to substantially cripple the Biden presidency? And how Manchin decides will tell us a great deal about what kind of man he is. On the other hand, Manchin has an opportunity to have a big positive impact – at a most crucial moment -- on America’s path forward.
DKos Asheville Open Thread: Final approval for monument demolition
Asheville City Council has approved the monument’s demolition, which will occur within 45 days. Good day and welcome to DKos Asheville. This is the weekly DKos Asheville Open Thread for Saturday, March 27th, 2021. DKos Asheville and other local and state groups can give us all a better sense of connection, a better understanding of who we stand with, work with and share with. We hope this local and wider community can help leverage our orange passion for progressive politics to move the country forward.
You might be a republican
If you think that gun ownership is a God-given right, you might be a republican. If you think second amendment rights should be omnipresent and extend even to the criminally insane, you might be a republican. (Just ask Jim Jordan ??)If you profess undying devotion to the constitution, but don’t know the difference between the Bill of Rights and a bill of sale, you might be a republican. If you don’t know the difference between a social democracy and communist totalitarianism , you might be a republican. Republican or not, if you fall into one or more of these categories, you are most certainly an un-American asshole!
But your love won't pay my bills I VANT MONEY!
This my first DK blog and I post it here because this is the place I like to go for my political actions. The Daily Kos has always had a lot of good community-based ideas that I agree with, so adding my name to a mail-in campaign is usually not a problem. Why I write this today is because from around the time of 2020 election cycle and the subsequent Georgia Senate run-offs a trend seems to be emerging. What’s become of the idea that there is strength in numbers, and not just dollars? What has happened to the currency of one voter’s name and signature?
Insecure cis-gender hetero White males: toxic masculinity, domestic violence, criminality.
x What is toxic masculinity? MARK FOLLMAN/ Mother Jones June 2019 There is also a strong overlap between toxic masculinity and public mass shootings, according to our latest investigation. Domestic violence has often been referred to as domestic terrorism because domestic violence and terrorism are similar—both rely on the use of violence and intimidation... x The term 'toxic masculinity' doesn't mean that all masculinity is toxic. x — Lana Condor (@lanacondor) March 17, 2021Prior diaries about toxic masculinity and violence:Hate crimes— it’s what insecure cis-gender hetero White males do.
Playing Chicken
Add chicken and mushrooms and cook until chicken browns and mushrooms soften. Per Serving : 199 Calories; 6g Fat (28.8% calories from fat); 21g Protein; 14g Carbohydrate; 3g Dietary Fiber; 44mg Cholesterol; 495mg Sodium. Heat oil in wok or large frying pan to medium and cook chicken in batches until browned on all sides. Coq au VinServing Size: 6Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method-------- ------------ --------------------------------1½ pounds skinless boneless chicken breasts1 cup burgundy or other red wine2 tablespoons olive oil20 small pearl onions4 ounces crimini mushrooms -- sliced1 clove garlic -- minced½ teaspoon dried marjoram½ teaspoon dried thyme1 whole bay leaf1 cup low sodium chicken broth -- divided4 tablespoons unsalted butter -- softened2 tablespoons all-purpose flourPour wine in Ziploc bag and add chicken. Per Serving: 361 Calories; 14g Fat (37.4% calories from fat); 31g Protein; 21g Carbohydrate; 5g Dietary Fiber; 87mg Cholesterol; 831mg Sodium.
In Politics, Timing Is EVERYTHING!
In response to a reporter’s question on gun control (in light of the recent Boulder shootings), Joe Biden said this:It's a matter of timing. Furthermore, of all the Biden legislation, this is the one with the best chance of getting some Republican support. Lastly, an Infrastructure spending bill can have some political side benefits in terms of old time politics. Let me close on a somewhat related note, in terms of related to that all important concept of political timing. As I said at the beginning, In politics, timing is EVERYTHING!
Finally, gardening is finally here!
Whether this is your first time gardening or you have been gardening for 60 years (as I have in my 80 years of life), there is always something new to learn. Because of their quick growth, they will be harvested before the strawberries and peas are large enough to shade the quick inter-cropping. The intercropping of early crops will work toward keeping a variety of crops on the earth at all times as well as allowing interaction of different plants. They will cause the peas to produce nitrogen that will migrate to the strawberries and all the other crops planted nearby. Finally, gardening is finally here!
Paul's Book Reviews
There's a fascinating story here, the last point in particular one I haven't seen explored in any science fiction novel or story I've read ... and I've read a lot. At one point I put the book aside to read some reviews on Goodreads; one of the reviewers counseled patience ... all my questions would be answered, he said. I stovepipe, publishing my reviews as standalone blog posts, not normally discussing what I've read in other posts. My overwhelming sense of the book, now I've read it, remains as above. I'm less happy with "Below Zero" than I have been with previous Joe Pickett novels.
After over a decade spent playing World of Warcraft, I finally have Black avatars
It’s not surprising that, due to my reading choices, I would choose role-playing video games that allowed me to step into those fantasy worlds. Yet, as video games continue to grow, both in popularity and scope, racism and harassment remain endemic to the experience. There's plenty about Wreck List of Garrosh (US-H) that's a little different from your run-of-the-mill World of Warcraft guild. With a median member age of about 40, Wreck List boasts well over 200 members, half of them women. Wreck List Guild.
20 worst places for GLBTQI+ travelers, collected by Forbes magazine.
Yet again Forbes magazine has compiled a list of the 20 worst places for a gay person to travel to. I do not want to cut and paste the whole article, obviously, so I will only provide why they rank the number 1 worst place as the worst place (Nigeria) and if you’re interested please go read the reasons for the other rankings. He would related stories of this mistreatment and penalties for being gay and being in the country. He applied for, and was granted asylum to the United States for fear of being gay and having to go back. Again, if you’re interested I suggest you go to the original article to see why a specific area is included, as well as to see their 5 top places for gay travelers.
Money talks. Often that's bad, but sometimes it's good.
After muting Lindell's microphone, a Newsmax anchor told viewers that the My Pillow Inc founder's claims were unsubstantiated and unverified. The anchor then read a prepared statement that included: "Newsmax accepts the (election) results as legal and final." Since Newsmax is considered to be far to the right of Fox News, this has got to mean something. It can be terribly frustrating when actual, provable facts are ignored by bad actors who don’t WANT to accept those facts. But it is somewhat heartening to discover that when actual facts become combined with a potential monetary impact in a court of law, people’s minds suddenly become more amenable to reason.
Tiffany Cross schools Meghan McCain for silly Identity Politics comment on Asian Senators' actions
MSNBC's Tiffany Cross, the host of the Cross Connection, excoriated Meghan McCain for her ignorant statement on Identity Politics. Tiffany Cross schools Meghan McCainSee full episodes here. She made it clear with her narrative that identity politics seem to be mentioned solely when relegated to people of color and others. But when dealing with the majority population, somehow white-economic-anxiety, soccer mom, Joe-The-Plumber, NASCAR Dad, and other cute names don't reflect just that, identity politics. Tiffany Cross had some closing advice for Meghan McCain.
Saturday Morning Garden Blogging Vol. 17.13
Part of my day was wandering around and familiarizing myself with all the different garden related items they had so I could help people find things. Soon this indoor area will be filled with bedding plants of all kindsHere’s where I’ll be today. The biggest task will be talking people out of plants we know won’t make it yet because they will freeze. Since there’s no watering to be done at this point, I will probably be helping unpack the new shipments of yard art etc. The perennial yard segues into the trees and the back area, where the bulk soil and compost is.
The Daily Bucket: Squirrels are damaging the natural environment
The invasion of the grey squirrel in the United Kingdom can be classified as a Disease Mediated Invasion (DMI)PoxvirusIn addition to competition for resources, the spread of the squirrel poxvirus from grey squirrels to reds is thought to be a major factor in the decline of red squirrel populations. [6] Grey squirrels do not die from the squirrelpox virus and can infect red squirrels causing the appearance of scabs and lesions on the face, feet, and genitals and eventually death. [6] In Great Britain, grey squirrels have been able to spread 17-25 times faster through competitive exclusion of the red squirrel due to increased mortality of reds from the squirrelpox virus. [7] For example, Garry oak trees on Vancouver Island have become endangered due to urban development and the presence of invasive species including the grey squirrel. illegal and allowed importations and escapes of grey squirrels from captivity pose threats to native red squirrel and tree…"Worst case scenario,grey squirrels will reach the Western Alps by 2015, France by 2026, and Switzerland between 2031 and 2041"Ha ha.....
Former Trump officials behaving badly: Redfield and Slaoui
The SARS-CoV-2 virus was sequenced in January 2020, Analysis immediately showed that virus is, as the name implies, very similar to the SARS-CoV virus that causes the disease SARS. Redfield’s entire basis for claiming that COVID-19 didn’t come straight from bats is that it’s too infectious. Once in charge of Operation Warp Speed, Slaoui took an approach that seemed to guarantee a vaccine shortage. “I won’t leave those shares,” said Slaoui before giving his old company $2.1 billion, “because that’s my retirement.”Retirement sounds like a good idea … for both Slaoui and Redfield. When CNN is looking for scientists who can shine some light on the COVID-19 vaccine, these two are among the last they should question.
I'll risk arrest to give water to Georgia voters, but there are other ways to fight
Coca-Cola has donated over $30,000 to politicians co-sponsoring voter suppression bills while referring to themselves as allies to the movement. We expect the businesses that we support to SUPPORT us and fight against racist policies that undermine voting rights. Some companies, like SalesForce, have taken a firm stance standing up against Black voter suppression, yet Coke wouldn't even comment. Georgia is turning back the clock on voting rights because Abrams’ Fair Fight Action was so wildly successful in 2020. The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act would restore parts of the Voting Rights Act—including requiring states that consistently engage in voting suppression tactics to pre-clear voting laws with the federal government.
Public Lands: Ghost town and pandemic (photo diary)
In 1895, the town of Garnet was established. In 1934, gold prices were raised and, together with new technology, another gold boom began. By 1948, the general store had closed, and souvenir hunters were looting the town. Today the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Garnet Preservation Association maintain Garnet in a state of arrested decay. In response to the pandemic the BLM has closed the visitor center as well as several of the town’s historic buildings, such as the hotel, general store, and saloon.
Will Trump's America First policies topple the Empire?
Congress Switchboard: 202-224-3121"Rob Kall's book, Bottom-Up: Tapping the Power of the Connection Revolution has really caused me to relook and reframe many of my thoughts on where our connectedness using social media tools like LinkedIn is headed, and not just for career trajectory but for life. If you are looking for a new perspective on our sometimes zany digital world we live in, this book will keep you reading and may ultimately revise but for sure challenge your current paradigm." Wayne Breitbarth, author of The Power Formula for Linkedin Success: Kick-Start Your Business, Brand, and Job Search
Community Quilt for Sara R
Sara R swaddles a pootie in hugs. As some of you may have heard, Sara R needs your words of love and hope. The official quilt enterprise PayPal donation link is:…Or if you prefer, the link to Sara R’s personal PayPal is: Sara R’s actual PayPal email address is: rainwoman*at symbol* Lastly, a virtual tour of the Daily Kos Quilt Community, penned by Sara R herself:…Let’s show Sara R how much we love her and help provide her a financially stress-free recovery. Please leave your quilt message for Sara R in the comments section below, and I will copy it by hand onto the quilt we are giving her.
Caturday Pootie Diary: Come Look at Memes with Freddie (The Boat is Stuck Sideways Edition)
“I guess the litter box could hide anything, eh?” I asked, poking him gently with my elbow. “I don’t hide things there,” he said. “A lot of you do that.”“It’s cool and smooth and small enough to hold the body,” he said. I really don't get why you sleep in such uncomfortable places.”“There’s no such thing as an uncomfortable place,” he said, simply. “This looks like an uncomfortable place,” I said.
When the Good News Lady has a Very Bad Day: Saturday's GNR
And y’all, I just can’t pull it together tonight. But it was a tough day and it just took it out of me. And, for whatever reason, I just can’t pull this together. We have a righteous fight in front of us for voting rights, but it is one we are up for. Can you all share your own good news in the comments for all of us?
This Muslim Women’s Day, let's celebrate America's trailblazing Muslim women
But Muslim women don’t just encompass the women you see on the screen, they come from all ethnicities and backgrounds. To break the negative and weak portrayal of Muslim women in Hollywood and grossly embedded in the mind of Americans, Muslim Women's Day was created to reclaim that narrative. The day not only supports Muslim women but celebrates their accomplishments, which are often excluded or not highlighted in mainstream media. "In the current climate, Muslim women are rarely given the space to be heard above all the noise," Al-Khatahtbeh wrote in a tweet. Here’s a list of some trailblazing Muslim women who have broken the glass ceiling in various fields.
Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: we still have a pandemic to deal with, even if DC reporters are bored
"What I'm worried about is how un-American this whole initiative is," Biden said during his first White House press conference. x A study showed voters in predominantly black neighborhoods waited 29 percent longer, on average, than those in white neighborhoods. President Biden has promised enough doses by the end of May to immunize all of the nation’s roughly 260 million adults. President Biden, in a sharp reversal from his predecessor, has signaled that he wants to raise taxes on the wealthy, corporations and estates. In multiple ways, the measure appears designed to target African American voters, the very voters who drove the 2020 Democratic wins.
Joe Biden wiped the floor with Republicans at his press conference. They should be very, very afraid
When it came to GOP efforts to take a wrecking ball to voting rights across the country, Biden lambasted Republicans. "The Republican voters I know find this despicable," Biden said. Voters,” he said, emphasizing the split between GOP voters and party elites. In fact, plenty of those GOP voters were drinking in Biden’s message, word for word. But no one with any allegiance to the actual Republican Party has the juice right now to lead an opposition movement to the Democrats, much less Joe Biden.
Reopening too soon: In the race between the virus and vaccinations, the virus is winning
While trends may be nothing but illusory, the number of active cases at any given time certainly sets the stage for what happens next. So a large number of new cases does not guarantee an increase the following day, but it provides that possibility. The Sunshine State has also seen a return to triple-digit daily deaths after an encouraging trend earlier this month. Original calculations based around the best estimates of COVID-19’s transmissibility set a baseline of about 65% of the population before a significant herd immunity effect would set in. Which makes it impossible to ever reach the level of vaccination needed for herd immunity, even without factoring in children or people who can’t be vaccinated for medical reasons.
Saudi offers to allow fuel ships in Yemen peace proposal, after CNN investigation exposes toll of blockade
Abu Dhabi, UAE (CNN) Saudi Arabia's top diplomat has announced a UN-backed proposal to end the six-year conflict in Yemen, including an offer of a ceasefire and the lifting of a Saudi-imposed sea and air blockade on the Iran-backed Houthi rebels. This proposal follows a recent CNN investigation which revealed that not a single oil tanker has been able to dock in the Houthi-controlled port of Hodeidah this year because of the blockade enforced by Saudi warships. CNN's investigation triggered calls from the UN Yemen Envoy Martin Griffiths and WFP Chief David Beasley for Saudi Arabia to lift its blockade and allow fuel into the country. His statement marked the first time that Saudi Arabia has publicly acknowledged obstructing fuel ships into Hodeidah, which the UN calls "unacceptable" on humanitarian grounds. Saudi Arabia said that the initiative is pending acceptance by both the Houthi rebels and Yemen's internationally recognized government, which has Saudi backing.
U.S. Yemen envoy says ceasefire plan before Houthi leadership, urges response
A Saudi Arabia-led military coalition intervened in Yemen in 2015 after the Iran-allied Houthi group ousted the country's government from the capital Sanaa. "We now have a sound plan for a nationwide ceasefire with elements that would immediately address Yemen's dire humanitarian situation directly," Lenderking said. "That plan has been before the Houthi leadership for a number of days." He provided no further details, and said the plan has Saudi support. The "most egregious" interference has been by the Houthis in northern Yemen, she said, prompting the partial suspension last year of U.S. support to nongovernmental humanitarian groups that "cautiously" was lifted on Friday.
'Is this patriot enough?' Asian American elected official reveals battle scars to prove his loyalty
Because some Americans just can’t stop being awful long enough for us to digest the last awful thing, the media spin cycle seems to have largely washed away the March 16 Atlanta-area shootings that claimed the lives of eight people, including six women of Asian descent. The massacre further highlighted the kind of abuse—physical and verbal—that’s proliferated in the wake of the novel coronavirus’ emergence, which a certain ocher ogre used to stir up even more hatred and division, in part by calling COVID-19 the “China virus” or the “kung flu,” and scapegoating China to distract from his own rank incompetence. Well, enough is enough, and at least one Asian American elected official, a long-serving veteran, is using this teachable moment to deliver a scorching lesson about true patriotism.
Drone strike on Riyadh oil refinery claimed by Houthis causes fire
The refinery is operated by state-controlled oil giant Saudi Aramco. The attack, which happened at 6:05 a.m. Saudi time (0305 GMT), did not result in injuries or deaths, and did not disrupt the supply of oil or oil derivatives, the energy ministry said. The Iran-aligned Houthis have stepped up attacks into Saudi Arabia, the world’s top oil exporter, in recent weeks. The Saudi energy ministry said this and other attacks had targeted the security and stability of the world’s energy supply, not just Saudi Arabia. A residential compound in Dhahran used by Saudi Aramco was also targeted.
US drone strike case appealed to Germany’s highest court
BERLIN (AP) — Two Yemeni men who allege their relatives were killed in an American drone strike have appealed their case to Germany’s highest court, urging a ban on the U.S. military’s use of a base southwest of Frankfurt to help control such attacks, their attorneys said Tuesday. The Muenster court stopped short of ordering the ban that the human rights activists had called for. ADVERTISEMENTIn the 2020 appeal, the federal court in Leipzig ruled that German diplomatic outreach to the U.S. over the strikes was sufficient, regardless of international law. But the Leipzig court concluded that there was no direct link to Germany in the case, citing the provision of technical relay capabilities as insufficient. It wasn’t immediately clear when the Federal Constitutional Court would consider the latest appeal.
‘This is hell’: UN food aid chief visits Yemen, fears famine
FILE - In this Nov. 23, 2019 file photo, a woman holds her malnourished boy at a feeding center at the Al-Sabeen Hospital in Sanaa, Yemen. Beasley visited Yemen earlier this week, including the capital of Sanaa which is under the control of Iran-backed Houthi rebels. He said that at a child malnutrition ward in a Sanaa hospital he saw children wasting away from lack of food. A pledging conference last month raised a little more than half from the international community of what was needed to continue food aid services for the next year. One source of funding for Yemen could be a new anonymous aid fund.
Aid group reports spike in COVID-19 patients in Yemen
CAIRO (AP) — The international aid group Medecins Sans Frontieres said on Thursday it is witnessing “a dramatic influx” of critically ill COVID-19 patients in war-stricken Yemen, as a second wave overwhelms the country’s depleted medical facilities. ADVERTISEMENTMore than 3,000 infectious cases, including 800 deaths, have been recorded in Yemen since the outbreak of the pandemic. The Geneva-based relief agency said that it has been running the COVID-19 treatment center in Al Gamhouria hospital in the city of Aden where all 11 ICU beds are currently occupied. “Unfortunately, many of the patients we see are already in a critical medical condition when they arrive,” said Line Lootens, MSF medical coordinator in Yemen. “Most patients need very high levels of oxygen and medical treatment.
Bill Gates Reacts to "Crazy and Evil" Conspiracy Theories About Him
In an interview with Reuters, Gates said the millions of online posts and “crazy conspiracy theories” about him and about top U.S. infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci had likely taken hold in part because of the combination of a frightening viral pandemic and the rise of social media. “Nobody would have predicted that I and Dr. Fauci would be so prominent in these really evil theories,” Gates said. “I’m very surprised by that. I hope it goes away.”
Will Trump's America First policies topple the Empire?
A constitutional amendment banning (more...)The views expressed herein are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this website or its editors. OpEdNews depends upon can't survive without your help. If you value this article and the work of OpEdNews, please either Donate or Purchase a premium membership. STAY IN THE KNOWIf you've enjoyed this, sign up for our daily or weekly newsletter to get lots of great progressive content. Daily Weekly OpEdNews NewsletterNameEmail(Opens new browser window)
US Sinks to New Low in Rankings of World's Democracies
The US has fallen to a new low in a global ranking of political rights and civil liberties, a drop fueled by unequal treatment of minority groups, damaging influence of money in politics, and increased polarization, according to a new report by Freedom House, a democracy watchdog group. The US earned 83 out of 100 possible points this year in Freedom House’s annual rankings of freedoms around the world, an 11-point drop from its 94 ranking a decade ago. The US’s new ranking places it on par with countries like Panama, Romania and Croatia and behind countries such as Argentina and Mongolia. It lagged far behind countries like the United Kingdom (93), Chile (93), Costa Rica (91) and Slovakia (90). Red, White and Blue(Image by Olin Gilbert) Details DMCA
Tiffany Cross schools Meghan McCain for silly Identity Politics comment on Asian Senators' actions
(Image by Egberto Willies) Details DMCAMSNBC's Tiffany Cross, the host of the Cross Connection, excoriated Meghan McCain for her ignorant statement on Identity Politics. Tiffany Cross did not hold back. She made it clear with her narrative that identity politics seem to be mentioned solely when relegated to people of color and others. But when dealing with the majority population, somehow white-economic-anxiety, soccer mom, Joe-The-Plumber, NASCAR Dad, and other cute names don't reflect just that, identity politics. Tiffany Cross had some closing advice for Meghan McCain.
Women and Men Are Like the Threads of a Woven Fabric
Congress Switchboard: 202-224-3121"In Bottom-Up, Rob Kall offers important insights on why our society is in such disarray and what we must do to change it. Rob shows how lasting change must come from the people themselves and not from the leaders. Indigenous elders have told me, "if you want to change the world, start talking and keep talking." Rob is doing this with this book and with his OpEdNews, and he is making a difference. I recommend this book to all who wish to see lasting, human-friendly, compassionate change that will sustain humanity is this crazy world of today."
Calls Mount To Boycott Coca-Cola After Home State Of Georgia Strangles Voting Rights
coca-cola-crates.jpg(Image by inov8d) Details DMCA'Calls grew Friday for a consumer boycott of Coca-Cola after the mammoth corporation largely stood by as its home state, Georgia, passed one of the biggest crackdowns on voting rights in recent history....'Coca-Cola has come under particular pressure over the voting rights crackdown. Critics held a 'die in' earlier this month to protest the company’s lack of action at its Atlanta tourist attraction. '[The company] issued a statement in early March saying that it supported a “balanced approach to the elections bills that have been introduced in the Georgia Legislature” and that they should aim to be 'inclusive. '”'As boycott calls mounted, [Coca Cola] issued a new statement Friday saying it supports reforms that 'maximize voter participation.
Threat of Authoritarianism Is No Longer on the Horizon: It's Arrived in the GOP
Democracy(Image by pedrosimoes7) Details DMCA'Democracy has always been fragile in the United States, but at the present moment, it has moved from being imperfect to collapsing under the rubric of a failed state. The threat of authoritarianism is no longer on the horizon. It has arrived, forecasting a bleak future haunted by the poisonous ghosts of a poisonous past. 'The Republican Party no longer hides its racism and boldly engages in widespread voter suppression. As of February 27, 253 restrictive voting bills in 43 states have been either introduced or pre-filed, mostly by Republicans.'
Fake News Travels 6 Times Faster Than the Truth, Study Shows
A new study finds that false information on the social media network travels six times faster than the truth and reaches far more people. They found that “fake news” sped through Twitter “farther, faster, deeper and more broadly than the truth in all categories of information,” according to the study in Thursday’s journal Science . Social media companies have experimented with using computer algorithms and human fact-checkers to try to weed out false information and abuse online. She also suggested that calling this bogus information “false stories” does not capture how malignant it is. The researchers dug deeper to find out what kind of false information travels faster and farther.
Democrats Could Undo Trump Policies Faster, But They’re Not. Why?
There is one tool, however, that Biden and the Democratic Congress could use to undo the policies the Trump administration left behind. With a few exceptions, it applies to only those Trump administration policies finalized between Aug. 21, 2020, and Jan. 20, 2021. KHN is tracking health regulations, guidance and executive orders implemented during Trump’s term and whether those policies will continue under the Biden administration. That raises another hurdle the White House has encountered as it tries to change health policy. Keith said one possible use would be on a last-minute Trump regulation known as the sunset rule.
Sanders Will Push to Expand and Enhance Medicare Through the Infrastructure Bill
“We have to look at the structural long-term problems facing our people,” Sanders told the outlet in an interview Friday. We’re talking about human infrastructure.”“In the rescue plan, we were able to take a major step forward in lowering child poverty — very important,” Sanders added. Surveys have shown that the idea of lowering the Medicare eligibility age — which has been at 65 or older since the program’s inception in 1965 — is popular with the American public. A GoHealth survey from last October found that 70% of respondents not on Medicare at the time and 58% of Medicare beneficiaries supported the idea. Additionally, according to an analysis by the healthcare consulting firm Avalere, lowering the Medicare eligibility age to 60 could extend the program’s coverage to as many as 23 million people.
Cops Hired by Amazon Are Intimidating Workers and Supporters of the Union Drive
If this union vote is successful, it will be the first union of Amazon workers in the United States. We arrived at the Bessemer facility to stand in solidarity with the workers and take footage of the facility. Left Voice reporters stopped by Bessemer police and Amazon security while filming a solidarity report in front of the Amazon BHM1 facility. Amazon has hired off-duty cops to moonlight as security on the premises to harass union supporters and workers. If Bessemer workers are successful in their union drive, then they will join the ranks of the Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store Union (RWDSU), which is an affiliate of the AFL-CIO.
Progressive Lawmakers Met With the White House to Discuss Action on Filibuster
Democrats have already passed two in the House, according to Insider, but it is extremely unlikely they’ll see the support they need in the Senate. Biden has gradually inched toward a more progressive outlook on the filibuster, but also expressed hesitations about scrapping it entirely, stressing the need for incremental reform. Currently, the federal minimum wage sits at $7.25 per hour, a mandate that has not changed since 2009. There was a progressive push to raise the minimum wage as part of the newest coronavirus relief package, as Salon reported last month. “Progressives are a big part of our party and making sure their voices are heard here at the White House is a big part of my job,” Klain said in an interview.
In Louisiana, Activists May Be Winning a Battle Against Environmental Racism
Sharon Lavigne, a Welcome resident and co-founder of RISE St. James, a faith-based environmental justice group opposing Formosa, has testified before Congress and most recently the United Nations. At the United Nations, a panel of experts recently declared that environmental racism in Cancer Alley must come to an end. “Formosa is goliath, RISE St. James is David,” Lavigne said on Facebook Live after testifying before a UN environmental justice panel on Thursday. The legal challenges have also contributed to the delay, according to a statement emailed to Truthout by FG LA, the division of Formosa Plastics operating in Louisiana. Formosa is on the rocks in St. James Parish, but the company has not pulled out yet.
Corporate Media Biases Threaten the Passage of Landmark LGBTQ Protections
Intolerance on TelevisionCoverage of the Equality Act by major news organizations has been sparse and lacking in context. We examined television coverage of the Equality Act, from March 3, 2019, through March 4, 2021, using the Television News Archive. We found that MSNBC covered the Equality Act 40 percent more often than Fox News and 35 percent more frequently than CNN. Our analysis of the most popular articles about the Equality Act on social media exposes a thinly veiled version of this logic. But even calling out Greene’s misunderstanding of “the science” will not necessarily recenter attention on the Equality Act itself.
Biden Could Use One Law to Undo Some of Trump’s Legacy, But Time’s Running Out
There is one tool, however, that Biden and the Democratic Congress could use to undo the policies the Trump administration left behind. With a few exceptions, it applies to only those Trump administration policies finalized between Aug. 21, 2020, and Jan. 20, 2021. KHN is tracking health regulations, guidance and executive orders implemented during Trump’s term and whether those policies will continue under the Biden administration. But those changes are embedded within a much larger regulation required each year to keep the health law operating. Keith said one possible use would be on a last-minute Trump regulation known as the sunset rule.
Biden White House hosts AOC, progressive lawmakers to discuss filibuster reform
White House chief of staff Ron Klain met privately with a number of progressive lawmakers, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass. Rep. Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y. and Andy Levin, D-Mich, to discuss the filibuster and the minimum wage, signaling potential for a spirit of collaboration between the Biden administration and left-leaning Democrats. Although no deal on the filibuster was struck, Klain did reaffirm President Biden's commitment to enacting a $15 national minimum wage. Currently, the federal minimum wage sits at $7.25 per hour, a mandate that has not changed since 2009. There was a progressive push to raise the minimum wage as part of the newest coronavirus relief package , as Salon reported last month.
The death penalty ended sooner than expected in Virginia — and not soon enough
Ralph Northam (D) signed a bill that ended the death penalty in Virginia. It came nearly a year after the death of a former Virginia executioner who had become one of the country’s most vocal opponents of the death penalty. Only it isn’t just time for other states and the federal government to abolish the death penalty. Growing up in Texas, which has led the country in modern day executions, I never even questioned the death penalty as a punishment. “Virginia took a big step,” he says, “but there are still a lot of death penalty cases.”
Nationals say reliever Will Harris doesn’t have a blood clot after all
On March 13, Harris appeared in a B game and felt numbness in the fingers on his right hand. He went to a doctor in West Palm Beach, Fla. and was told he had a blood clot in his right arm. Before leaving camp for St. Louis, Harris did everything he could aside from throwing. It’s very likely he begins the season at the Nationals’ alternate site in Fredericksburg, Va., building up his arm strength. Without Harris, whose $8 million salary is the second highest in the bullpen, Martinez may have to reach for creative solutions.
This March Madness, the globetrotters have found their way to Indianapolis
A man from Bordeaux, France, as if that weren’t enviable enough, posted 12 points and eight rebounds for favored Gonzaga. A Slovakian player so commanded the flow of the game that his coach, the eternal Jim Boeheim of Syracuse, raved his way into a thick paragraph. It’s a big part of what we do.” Speaking of his team, who ever heard of a Jamaican big man (Kofi Cockburn) and a Georgian-Austrian big man (Giorgi Bezhanishvili) becoming mutual-adoring friends and cohabitating on the plains of Champaign, Ill.? As the years have gone along and the scouting has gone ascendant, the rich fabric of March Madness has grown richer. He’s just a terrific basketball player.
Trump helped the GOP raise $2 billion. Now former aides and allies are jockeying to tap into his fundraising power.
Trump himself has encouraged supporters to donate to Save America, a leadership PAC he launched at the end of 2020. ADIn a statement, Jason Miller, a senior Trump adviser, said Trump plans to use his influence to help the party. During his time in the White House, Trump was the most prominent fundraising figure for the Republican Party, which enjoyed a financial bonanza. They are doing it because the biggest force for the Republican Party for fundraising is President Trump. Days later, the national party sent out a fundraising pitch to members after they received tacit approval to do so from Trump.
DeSantis hires top GOP operative for 2022 campaign
Ron DeSantis has become a favorite of major GOP donors and conservative activists. | Lynne Sladky/AP Photo DeSantis hires top GOP operative for 2022 campaignFlorida Gov. Ron DeSantis has tapped a veteran national Republican political operative to help spearhead his 2022 reelection race. Phil Cox, a former executive director of the Republican Governors Association, has joined the DeSantis team as a senior-level adviser. DeSantis is well positioned heading into his reelection campaign, and Phil is an excellent addition to his operation,” Dave Rexrode, the current RGA executive director, said in a statement.
Democrats Assail Georgia Law, Make Case For Voting Overhaul
He told reporters the Georgia law is an “atrocity” and the Justice Department is looking into it. Allies meanwhile plan to fight the Georgia law, and others, in court. He called as well for the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, which would restore some aspects of a landmark law struck down by the Supreme Court in 2013. Donald Trump, the former president who promoted false claims of election fraud, congratulated the Georgia governor and state leaders on the new law. 1 is vast, and its Senate counterpart would confront the new Georgia law by expanding voting by mail and early voting, both popular during the pandemic.
'Be aware': The Pentagon's target list for extremist infiltrators — right and left
But those materials did not identify specific threat groups, and Austin has provided wide leeway for individual units and commands to address the challenge as they see fit. The more detailed materials break down extremist movements into three main categories, including “Patriot” extremism, anarchist extremism, and ethnic/racial supremacy. The slides list other radical ideologies that don’t specifically target the military, including religious extremism, environmental extremism, and “Anti-feminism." It says religious extremists espouse purity through subjugation or elimination of other religions. Some Democrats also expressed concern over the military inadvertently punishing troops for their political opinions or religious views.
Scholastic pulls popular children's book from 'Captain Underpants' author
In a statement released by Scholastic, the publishing company stated that it stopped the distribution of the title. “On Monday, March 22, 2021, with the full support of Dav Pilkey, Scholastic halted distribution of the 2010 book 'The Adventures of Ook and Gluk.' “'The Adventures of Ook and Gluk: Kung-Fu Cavemen from the Future' was intended to showcase diversity, equality, and non-violent conflict resolution. "The Adventures of Ook and Gluk" is a spinoff from Pilkey's hit "Captain Underpants" series and became a New York Times bestseller after its release. “Ceasing sales of these books is only part of our commitment and our broader plan to ensure Dr. Seuss Enterprises’ catalog represents and supports all communities and families.”
What Does It Mean to Be a Living Thing?
To this mix, he added a dab of radium, the newly discovered element glowing with radioactive energy, and waited overnight. The next morning, he skimmed the radioactive soup, smeared a layer on a glass slide and placed it under a microscope. “They are entitled to be classed among living things,” he would later write. His “radiobes” would later turn out to have little to do with living chemicals, or life. And what criteria should we even use to define something as “living”?
We Want Our Friends Back! (But Which Ones?)
It depends on the friends, obviously. Friends generally fall into tiers, like those old food-pyramid posters in the school cafeteria, except in this case, the tiny triangle at the pinnacle is where the good stuff is, your best friends who provide the most nourishment. The broad base of the pyramid represents the acquaintances, the kinda-friends, the friends of friends and amiable whoevers that, like matcha cupcakes or pigs in a blanket, are great to sample at a party, but do not make a full meal. Such loose acquaintances can be categorized as “weak tie” relationships, to summon a term coined by the Stanford University sociologist Mark Granovetter in the 1970s, as Amanda Mull wrote in The Atlantic in January. Rachel Stevens, 35, a producer at a radio station in Bozeman, Mont., has been fine without the “riffraff,” the extraneous half-friends.
Dozens Gunned Down in ‘Day of Shame’ for Myanmar
At a military parade on Saturday, the general who led the overthrow of Myanmar’s civilian government last month said the army was determined “to protect people from all danger.”Before the day was over, the security forces under his command had shot and killed a 5-year-old boy, two 13-year-old boys and a 14-year-old girl. A baby girl in Yangon, Myanmar’s largest city, was struck in the eye with a rubber bullet, although her parents said she was expected to live. The slain children were among dozens of people killed on Saturday as the security forces cracked down on protests across Myanmar, in what appeared to be one of the deadliest days since the Feb. 1 coup led by Senior Gen. Min Aung Hlaing, commander of the Tatmadaw, as the military is known. One news outlet, Myanmar Now, put Saturday’s death toll as high as 80. “Today is a day of shame for the armed forces,” Dr. Sasa, a spokesman for a group of elected officials who say they represent Myanmar’s government, said in a statement.
Gun-control activists gird for tough national fight in wake of deadly rampages: ‘We’re playing the long game’
AD“Saying nothing has changed is not true and it’s actually feeding into the gun groups and the NRA narrative that we can’t make change,” she said. ADMeanwhile, gun rights advocates are girding for a major battle, with organizations rallying their membership to fight any proposed legislation. Meanwhile, the vast majority of advocacy around guns focused on protecting gun rights, with little organized opposition. Meanwhile, gun rights groups pushed to expand the number of places where guns can be carried. “I’m talking about focusing in investing in neighborhoods most impacted by gun violence, which is all just a side effect of neglect.
Suez Canal mishap puts battered supply chains under more pressure
About 13 percent of world trade passes through the Suez Canal, according to Allianz, an investment firm. AD“This week it’s the Suez Canal that’s clogged up, next week who knows what’s going to happen,” Jose Boisjoli, chief executive of BRP Inc., told investors this week. ADThe Suez Canal opened for navigation in 1869, completing a dream that had eluded the pharaohs, the Romans and Napoleon Bonaparte. Over the next several weeks, freight forwarders will negotiate their annual contracts with retailers and manufacturers that rely on global supply chains. Executives also have increased their “safety stock” of inventory to cope with supply chain interruptions.
Spring break: For Cancún workers, it’s money vs. health
James Hayes, 46, and Anthony Rega, 43, visiting from New Jersey, pose for a portrait at the Grand Oasis Cancún resort on March 20. TOP LEFT: James Hayes, 46, and Anthony Rega, 43, visiting from New Jersey, pose for a portrait at the Grand Oasis Cancún resort on March 20. TOP RIGHT: Visitors speak with a server at Mandala Beach Club, a popular tourist destination. Patrons cheer on a mariachi band at the Grand Oasis Cancún resort. Patrons cheer on a mariachi band at the Grand Oasis Cancún resort.
A Florida woman refused to move out of her father’s home. She’s now been arrested in his death.
The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office announced Friday that they have arrested Shannon Gillespie, 46, at her apartment in St. Petersburg, Fla., in the death of her 71-year-old father. Shannon Gillespie, a mother of four, has been charged with first-degree murder, police said. ADEfforts to reach Shannon Gillespie, who has denied the allegations, were unsuccessful. Daniel Gillespie had taken possession of the home on Meadow Dale Drive following his wife’s death. She “hid and waited for the opportunity to surprise” her father, according to police.
Sleep-deprived kids have gotten a break with remote learning’s later start times. Some hope it’s a wake-up call for schools.
But on remote days, his first class begins at 9:04, letting him snooze an extra hour. “I do better work on the days I start later,” he said. ADADThe Academy of Pediatrics recommends that middle and high schools start their days no earlier than 8:30 a.m. Even so, at last count, 93 percent of U.S. high schools and 83 percent of middle schools were not following that guidance. James Minichello, speaking for the School Superintendents Association, said his organization wasn’t tracking the issue of school start times.
Ana Martinez Singson, 68, loved karaoke, photo shoots and travel
Singson died of pneumonia related to covid-19 at Sibley Memorial Hospital on Jan. 25, at age 68. She didn’t tell Reyes about contracting the virus until she was at the hospital, Reyes said. Reyes said she didn’t realize the impact Singson had on the residents of her buildings until after she died. Singson loved dancing to live bands and singing on her own karaoke machine, Reyes said. She loved photo shoots too, but only if the photographer captured her best angle and poses.
Biden condemns Georgia’s new voting law that forbids providing water to voters in line
President Joe Biden has condemned a new voting law signed by Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, which includes a provision that forbids providing food and water to voters waiting in line. The new law will also require a photo ID to request an absentee ballot. NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell reports for Weekend TODAY.
Southwest Airlines pilot caught on hot mic ranting about liberals
A Southwest Airlines pilot is under investigation after he left his microphone open while he was talking to air traffic control and was caught giving an expletive-filled rant about liberals.
All slingshot rides in Florida closed after teens get stuck
All slingshot rides in Florida were shut down after a cable failure in Kissimmee left two teens suspended in the air for nearly two hours Thursday before they were rescued, according to officials. The rides were closed as a precaution so the manufacturer can conduct an investigation, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services said in a statement to NBC News. The other attractions are located in Daytona Beach, Orlando and Panama City Beach. Two teens being rescued from 'Slingshot' ride in Kissimmee, Fla. Osceola County Fire Rescue and EMSOsceola County Fire Rescue rescued the teens, who were suspended 30 to 40 feet in the air. The four rides will remain closed until officials consult with the manufacturer and the state agriculture agency conducts its own subsequent inspection, officials said.
Noose found hanging from tree outside a church near Capitol Hill
A noose was found hanging from a tree outside a church in Washington, D.C., on Friday morning. D.C. Councilman Charles Allen first posted about the incident on Twitter, describing it as a "despicable symbol & act of hate." A noose was found today at St Marks Episcopal Church on the Hill. — Charles Allen (@charlesallen) March 26, 2021Officers at the scene took the noose down from the large tree it was found on and kept it for evidence, NBC Washington reported. “That symbol has no business being in our country, in our city and certainly not in a church courtyard,” she said.
Slack's new DM feature proves that we're all office mates now — like it or not
The last year has seen people lose work, find work and find their patterns of work completely disrupted. Instead, we’ve turned to digital workflows and with it digital camaraderie. And with the advent of Slack Connect, we really are all basically office mates in one giant coworking space, for better or for worse. I spent my high school years fully absorbed in my digital life whenever I could escape. Through our internet connection — either a dial-up modem or DSL connection, depending on my family’s financial status at the time — I spent hours becoming close friends with people I’d never met.
Alaska Costco Shoppers Say Ravens Steal Their Groceries
ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Some Alaska Costco shoppers said they’ve had their groceries stolen by ravens in the store parking lot. Matt Lewallen said he was packing his groceries into his car in the parking lot of an Anchorage Costco when ravens swooped in to steal a short rib from his cart, the Anchorage Daily News reported Friday. Lewallen said the piece of meat was about 4-by-7 inches (10-by-18 centimeters) large — a sizable meal for a sizable bird. “I had two ravens, one that was on the car next to me and he kept squawking really loud,” Josey said. A manager at an Anchorage Costco declined to comment to the newspaper about the raven thieves.
Was a Trump critic's 1st Amendment violated by Yale? We're about to find out.
Her statements ended up costing her her job at Yale, and this week, Lee sued Yale for breaking her employment contract. Law professor Alan Dershowitz, often an apologist for Trump and Trump’s lawyer in his first impeachment trial, believed our concerns about Trump’s mental condition were overblown. All of us had the freedom to raise our concerns about Trump’s mental health without fear of retribution. Lee continued to question Trump’s mental health and point out the danger he posed for our country and the world. Even more important than Lee’s lawsuit against Yale is that we should examine the role of mental health professionals in our political system.
‘A Very Big Problem.’ Giant Ship in the Suez Remains Stuck.
Mr. Mosselhy said teams of divers were already inspecting the hull and had not yet found damage. But in most other respects, the Ever Given had succumbed to Murphy’s Law: Everything that could go wrong did, starting with the ship’s size, among the world’s largest. “It was the biggest ship in the convoy, and she ended up in the worst part of the canal” — a narrow section with only one lane, Capt. When a similarly sized ship, the CSCL Indian Ocean, ran aground near the port of Hamburg in 2016, it took nearly six days to clear the Elbe River. All this because, to put it simply: “This is a very big ship; this is a very big problem,” said Richard Meade, the editor in chief of Lloyd’s List, a London-based maritime intelligence publication.
Joe Biden Should Just Give It a Go - The New York Times
Biden should do what he can to help Senate Democrats dilute the filibuster. One recent evening, Biden met with historians in the East Room for two hours. The president seemed interested in activist presidencies, ones that took on big problems, like Lincoln, F.D.R. Republicans are grasping to find something to throw at Biden. He seemed to know his own mind — a nice contrast with his predecessor, who was out of his mind.
Opinion | How Sanctions Hurt Iranian Women
A few weeks after the Trump administration withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal in May 2018, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo condemned “brutal men of the regime” in Tehran for oppressing Iranian women who were demanding their rights. “As human beings with inherent dignity and inalienable rights, the women of Iran deserve the same freedoms that the men of Iran possess,” Mr. Pompeo said. But the Trump administration then dealt a tremendous blow to Iranian women by reimposing sanctions on Iran, restricting oil sales and access to the global banking system, and pushing the economy into a deep recession. Since the spring of 2018, the Iranian rial has lost 68 percent of its value. The sanctions scuppered one of the nuclear deal’s key dividends: the foreign investment and job creation that was set to accompany the opening of Iran’s markets to the world.
Opinion | He’s a Famous Evangelical Preacher, but His Kids Wish He’d Pipe Down
He claims liberals are in league with Satan and Democrats are plotting “to criminalize Christianity.”Of course, I may not be a fair narrator. Other kids wish they could take away an elderly parent’s car keys; the Joyner kids wish they could take away their dad’s megaphone. “There is a responsibility to hold those you love accountable,” said Amber Grace Joyner, 30, a musician. Soon after, she nearly died in a boating accident — and the first person she called was her dad. I told Rick Joyner that I thought his struggles with his children reflected a larger generation gap and dwindling of influence of the religious right.
Fauci and others look ahead to the holidays: Put another leaf in the table
This Christmas, with everyone fully vaccinated, he expects them to fly home to join him and his wife, Christine Grady, for the holiday and watch his culinary wizardry in person. Public health officials still advise people to mask up, wash their hands and social distance. Recently, fully vaccinated, they gathered at Saguaro National Park, home of the West’s giant cactuses, where they went hiking and popped the corks on several bottles of cold champagne. By summer, Schooley predicts more people will be boarding airplanes. “It ­depends on how well we do in maintaining public health measures and continuing the vaccine program.
Make your favorite ballpark snacks at home with these 7 recipes
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Opinion | The numbers undercut myths about mass shootings and White men
ADADBut this commits a common statistical fallacy — thinking that if most mass shooters were White, that means that White people must be particularly likely to commit mass shootings. Most mass shootings are committed by adult men, and census data shows that about 67 percent of adult men in the United States are non-Hispanic Whites. Overall, Whites are both half of those who commit mass shootings and also about half of those who die during their crime. So White shooters tend to have White victims — and to be covered more intensively by the mostly White media. In short, there are indeed subtle racial angles to mass shootings that we might profitably explore.
Opinion | Global warming is endangering more than we think. We must adjust.
ADADThe scientists believe the ultimate cause is global warming. The circulation occurs because warm tropical water cools and becomes saltier as it travels north, which makes it denser. The study’s authors warn that climate change may further destabilize the Atlantic circulation over coming decades. The consequences are hard to predict with precision, in part because warming air might offset some of the cooling associated with slower circulation. The longer we humans fail to adjust our behavior, the worse the consequences are likely to be.
Opinion | The border is a ‘crisis’ — and also Biden’s first big mistake
ADADMake no mistake: President Donald Trump’s border policies, especially separating children from their parents, were terrible by anyone’s standards. At least Trump can validly claim that he allowed reporters to visit his border encampments on organized tours. The little we do know about the current deluge of unaccompanied children is thanks to photos released to Axios by Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Tex. ADADThe flow of these unaccompanied children seems nowhere near ending. Contrary to the narrative of their defense, sending unaccompanied children back home does not mean turning them out into the desert to starve.
Are we heading for a post-pandemic ‘Roaring 2020s,’ with parties and excess?
“We could be living through the Roaring Twenties again — this time, the Roaring 2020s.”Before the celebrations begin, however, there probably will be some trepidation as people adjust to their newly restored freedom. “People, jobs and society should be aware that the first few months of reopening society are going to be awkward. AD“But most people have gone a year or longer without seeing friends, families or experiencing human connection,” Stolow adds. Indeed, turnover in this age group is very high.”Children should fare well, in fact, better than many people expect, Dunbar says. Irksome it certainly is, and it may exacerbate the condition of those already suffering from depression, or the like.
Beverly Cleary's protagonist Ramona Quimby is headstrong and exasperating, and showed girls that's okay.
ADBeverly Cleary, whose death at 104 was announced Friday, first introduced Ramona as a minor character in a different children’s novel. Cleary took every attribute that girls were then warned away from — bossiness, brashness, hot temper — and she tucked them all into one character. “Millions of girls saw themselves in Ramona Quimby,” she tweeted on Friday, upon learning of Cleary’s passing. “Thank you from all the ‘pests’ out there.”ADTo identify with Ramona Quimby was to understand that the world didn’t fit you yet, but it might one day. ADTo identify with Ramona Quimby was to never question whether you were too improper, too loud, too much.
Mission to clean up space junk with magnets set for launch
This debris is composed of parts of old satellites as well as entire defunct satellites and rocket bodies. The debris poses risks to the International Space Station and threatens things we take for granted on Earth -- weather forecasting, GPS and telecommunications. A demonstration mission to test new technology developed by the company Astroscale to clean up space debris is set to launch in the early hours of Saturday from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. A Soyuz 2 rocket will launch a 175-kilogram spacecraft with a satellite attached into space. It will do this in a series of different maneuvers, with the mission expected to end in September or October of this year.
David's Bridal says weddings are coming back -- now with jumpsuits and short hems
New York (CNN) Weddings across the country have been postponed or canceled in the pandemic, but couples are now signaling that they won't have their love locked down forever. David's Bridal, one of largest seller of wedding gowns in the United States, said it's anticipating weddings to return with a vengeance this year and into 2022 because of pent-up demand. "In terms of volume of weddings, we anticipate it to be up approximately 50% compared to an average year, pre-pandemic," he said. In addition to the postponed weddings that will come to fruition this year, Marcum said many couples who proceeded with their nuptials in 2020 but opted for more intimate affairs, or "minimonies," are planning to hold second larger celebrations. "As vaccination rates pick up, we're seeing signs of heightened wedding-related activity."
5 big signs that travel is roaring back
New York (CNN Business) Vacation deprivation is about to be replaced by a travel boom , according to Expedia CEO Peter Kern. He told CNN's Julia Chatterley earlier this week that people are beginning to think about their future travel "very quickly." Of course, "normalcy" for the travel industry is still a long way off because of the lack of business travel and the continued closure of many international borders.And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is still urging Americans — even those who have been vaccinated — not to travel. Here are some major signs that there's a travel turnaround:Air travel is soaringAmerican Airlines AAL United UAL Delta DAL JetBlue JBLU Executives fromandall said this week that they've seen strong demand for seats from leisure travelers. Big dealsExtended Stay America STAY announced this week that it's being taken private in a $6 billion deal.
Bikini waxes, lashes and blowouts: It's time to return to our pre-pandemic selves
New York (CNN) After months of sporting the "casual look" -- in some cases surrendering fully to our inner shaggy and shabby -- consumers are itching to trim, wax and glue their way back to their glorious pre-pandemic selves. Service providers for body waxes, eyelash extensions and one-hour shampoo and blowout combos say their business has revved up since January even though it's not fully back to 2019 levels. "Resuming pre-pandemic grooming behaviors is one way that consumers are indicating greater comfort and return to normal," Maria Steingoltz, managing director with L.E.K. "Consumers are eager to see their service providers with whom they often have personal connections and resume 'normal' behaviors like traveling and seeing family and friends." "As a result, personal expenditures in 2021 and 2022 on 'indulgences' may actually receive an outsized 'bump' as things open up and get back to normal."
Opinion: We can't suspend evictions and foreclosures forever
Laurie Goodman is a vice president at the Urban Institute and director of its Housing Finance Policy Center. As the coronavirus shuttered much of the nation's economy last year, policymakers imposed a moratorium on evictions and foreclosures to keep millions of families from losing their homes. As the nation's lockdown dragged on, they extended both, with the eviction moratorium now set to expire this week on March 31st, but likely to be extended again, and the foreclosure moratorium set to expire at the end of June. Given the cost, it is important that these moratoria go only as far as necessary to get struggling families to the other side of the economic chasm. The question, then, is when the relief for those struggling to cover their housing costs will be in position to help.
Fried chicken wars goes global and free donuts: 5 fast food stories you might've missed this week
New York (CNN Business) The fried chicken sandwich wars are going global, cookie subscriptions are the new Netflix, and, for or better or worse, you can soon get a free doughnut every day for the rest of the year. Those are just some of the tantalizing and tasty offers that made headlines this week in the fast food world. Companies in that crowded space operate on razor-thin profit margins, so they are constantly trying to gain an edge over its competitors , often with perks like free food or other giveaways. Here's some of the food news you might have missed this week:Popeyes plots UK entranceAmericans have lost their minds over the Popeyes' fried chicken sandwich for the past two years. Soon, our friends in the United Kingdom can experience the clucking craze.
Here's how much vaccines are selling for on the illegal market
(CNN Business) Counterfeit vaccine cards and what are being billed as Covid-19 vaccines are now for sale on the dark web, according to a report released Tuesday. Covid-19 vaccines from various brands, such as AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson, for up to $1,000 a dose, as well as at least 20 vaccine certificates for $200 each. The dark web is a part of the internet not detected by search engines where cybercriminals often sell and buy illicit materials, from credit card numbers and drugs to cyberweapons and now, apparently, coronavirus-related products. A Check Point spokesperson told CNN Business it's uncertain if the vaccines are real, but said "they appear to be legitimate" from pictures of packaging and medical certificates. Advertisements for vaccines on the dark web are up 300% in the past three months, according to the report.
Former Miami, Oklahoma Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger Dies at Age 87
Joel Auerbach/Associated PressHoward Schnellenberger, who guided Miami to a college football national championship in 1983, has died at the age of 87. Florida Atlantic University, where Schnellenberger made his final coaching stop from 2001 through 2011, announced the news Saturday, per Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press. The Indiana native also served as head coach of the NFL's Baltimore Colts as well as Oklahoma and Louisville at the collegiate level during a career that spanned seven decades. He'd go on to spend 10 years at Louisville and one season at Oklahoma. FAU has since grown into an FBS program that plays its home games on Howard Schnellenberger Field at FAU Stadium, which is called "The House That Howard Built."
HBO's Tina Turner documentary is her way of saying thank you — and goodbye — to all of us
HBO's "Tina" opens with a thunderous greeting from Tina Turner: a clip from 30 years ago of the then-50-year-old singer in all of her silver-sequined, long-legged glory, demanding that a stadium full of people ask her how she feels. This is also a reminder that Black women are very rarely afforded soft spaces to expand and thrive. It is also a reminder that Black women are very rarely afforded soft spaces to expand and thrive. Black women are too often forced to suffer in silence or simply be put on display as walking trauma porn. These stories are all crystal-clear examples of the misogynoir — a term coined by Black feminist Moya Bailey to express the hatred and contempt for Black women, femmes and girls — that all Black women face to some degree.
Man held in New Jersey killing charged in deaths of ex-wife, two others in New Mexico
Lannon told investigators that he put Jennifer's body and the bedding into a container and placed it in the backyard. The remains of Jennifer Lannon, Mata and Miller were found in early March inside a pickup truck at a parking garage at the Albuquerque airport. Lannon told investigators that he killed the 60-year-old Albuquerque man on Feb. 24 after he asked for more money to help move the containers to another spot. Extradition papers have yet to be filed by New Mexico authorities and an attorney still needs to be appointed. Lannon told investigators that Dabkowski had sexually abused him as a child and that he had gone to the home to retrieve sexually explicit photos.
France ‘blind’ to Rwandan genocide, says report
PARIS — France bears “serious and overwhelming” responsibility in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, according to a report commissioned by President Emmanuel Macron. However, the report cleared France of complicity in the genocide that led to the deaths of almost a million people. The commission was tasked with examining the role of France in Rwanda between 1990 and 1994. “Is France an accomplice to the genocide of the Tutsi? It remained blind to the preparation of a genocide by the most radical elements of this regime.
Former Ohio police officer shot Andre Hill four times, coroner says
COLUMBUS, Ohio — Andre Hill was shot four times by the Ohio police officer who has since been charged with his death, according to a coroner’s report released Friday. Former Columbus police officer Adam Coy has pleaded not guilty to murder and other charges stemming from the Dec. 22 shooting of Hill. Karissa Hill, left, Andre Hills daughter, is comforted by friends and loved ones at a press conference and candlelight vigil to honor her father's memory outside the Brentnell Community Recreation Center in Columbus, Ohio on Dec. 26, 2020. Coy’s attorney has said the officer had “a good faith basis”to believe that Hill was holding a silver revolver. Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther and former Police Chief William Quinlan sharply criticized officers for handcuffing Hill after he was shot and then not providing first aid.
Covid-19 Live Updates: E.U. Approves 3 New Vaccine Production Sites
“What is left?” Mr. Kumar initially borrowed about $40 from a lender through an online app to supplement his $200-a-month salary. A year into the pandemic, public transit is hanging by a thread in many cities. Public transit is a relatively simple remedy for urban greenhouse gas emissions, not to mention air quality, noise and congestion. “One of our concerns are substantial declines in public transport and higher levels of car use.” Cities could upgrade transportation systems now so passengers will return, said Mohamed Mezghani, head of the International Association of Public Transport. “People will feel more comfortable traveling in a new modern public transit system” after the pandemic, Mr. Mezghani said.
Michigan GOP leader calls top Democrats ‘witches,’ jokes about assassination of Republicans
ADADWeiser’s rhetoric toward Democrats and Republicans opposing the former president comes at a time when elected officials villainized by Trump and other GOP leaders have faced armed protests, harassment and death threats. ADLater, a woman in the audience asked Weiser how people could remove politicians like Reps. Fred Upton and Peter Meijer. The Michigan congressmen were two of the 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump and drew the ire of the former president’s supporters. The Michigan GOP did not respond to a request for comment Friday evening, nor did representatives for Upton and Meijer. Whitmer spokesman Robert Leddy called Weiser’s choice of words “destructive and downright dangerous” given a “dramatic increase in death threats against Michigan elected officials” during Trump’s tenure.
Nets' James Harden After 44-Point Effort vs. Pistons: 'I Feel Like I Am the MVP'
Carlos Osorio/Associated PressJames Harden made a statement on the court against the Detroit Pistons on Friday and then made an even bigger one off it. After pouring in 44 points with 14 rebounds and eight assists in a 113-111 victory, Harden told reporters he feels like he's this year's MVP:Since joining the Nets via a four-team trade in January, Harden is averaging 25.4 points, 11.5 assists and 8.7 rebounds and has Brooklyn just 1.5 games back of the Philadelphia 76ers for first place in the Eastern Conference. With injuries to LeBron James, Joel Embiid and Stephen Curry tightening up the MVP race, Harden, Damian Lillard, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Nikola Jokic have been able to close the gap a bit with their recent play. In Harden's case, that's meant 11 triple-doubles—third in the NBA behind Russell Westbrook (14) and Jokic (12)—and a league-leading 427 assists. Harden, 31, won MVP in 2018, and Antetokounmpo has won it in back-to-back seasons.
NCAA Men's Tournament 2021: B/R Expert Predictions, Updated Results for Sweet 16
0 of 8Michael Conroy/Associated PressYour bracket for the 2021 NCAA men's tournament is hopelessly busted. And that's OK. We're all in this together, and now we can just sit back and enjoy the final four rounds of this wild and crazy dance. Though this tournament has been almost entirely unpredictable through the first two rounds, we're not going to stop making predictions. In fact, with fewer games to worry about, we've dug even deeper into the matchups than usual and feel more confident than ever with these predictions. After each of these Sweet 16 clashes goes final, check back here for postgame synopses, as we'll be updating this tracker throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday.
A fight is brewing over an oil pipeline and it's pitting Native groups against Big Oil
PALISADE, Minn. — On the edge of the Mississippi River in Northern Minnesota, Tania Aubid stares at the slushy waters that thaw a little more with every passing spring day. “Sixty-eight million people rely upon this water that comes from up here in Northern Minnesota, and it goes all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico,” she said. “And along the way there are cities — people that drink straight from the river here.”Tania Aubid says Enbridge Line 3 poses a threat to drinking water for millions. Enbridge’s Line 3 is a 60-year old pipeline that will be partially taking a new route with new construction in Minnesota. These wilds of Northern Minnesota have become the new front line in tensions between climate protesters, some Native populations, and Big Energy.
No One At Work Had Any Idea I'm Trans. Here's Why I Decided To Tell Them.
I would have vivid dreams that this were true, only to wake up and stare in the mirror in disbelief. There was an LGBTQIA/Ally inclusive floor that I wanted to live on to make myself more comfortable. It felt great, and I lived what the community calls “stealth” where I didn’t tell anyone about my past. We decided to put together a presentation about “Being Authentic at Work” for one of our quarterly department meetings. Seven years passed between coming out as transgender in college and coming out publicly at my job.
POLITICO Playbook: Boehner backs House incumbent targeted by Trump
POLITICO Playbook: Boehner backs House incumbent targeted by Trump Presented by FacebookDRIVING THE DAYFormer House Speaker John Boehner is slated to be the special guest at a Monday afternoon Zoom fundraiser for Rep. Anthony Gonzalez (R-Ohio). Gonzalez was one of 10 House Republicans to vote for former President DONALD TRUMP’S impeachment, and he’s now facing the repercussions: a primary challenge from the right by MAX MILLER, a former Trump White House side. Congressional Progressive Caucus leader PRAMILA JAYAPAL (D-Wash.) has also been privately pushing the White House to address health care in the next reconciliation package. PLAYBOOKERSSTAFFING UP — The White House announced it plans to nominate Daniel Kritenbrink, Brian Nichols and Brett Holmgren as assistant secretaries of State. ABC “This Week”: White House comms director Kate Bedingfield … Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska).
As Myanmar death toll climbs, a soldier’s wife is caught between protesters and military
The U.S. ambassasor to Myanmar, Thomas Vajda, denounced the latest bloodshed as “horrifying.”AD“On Myanmar’s Armed Forces Day, security forces are murdering unarmed civilians, including children, the very people they swore to protect,” Vajda wrote on Twitter. “There are very few people [in military families] who will risk expressing the truth openly because there are many consequences,” she said. Life for military wives mirrors in many ways that of their husbands. While this has brought some integration, the armed forces remain quite insular, with existing parallel services, from banks to hospitals, available to members of the armed forces. “The propaganda in the military is very successful since they are isolated and cut off from the outside world,” said May.
Thomas Jefferson High School admissions change debated
Jackson is a member of the NAACP and works with the nonprofit Black Student Fund to create science, technology, engineering and mathematics enrichment programs for underrepresented minorities. ADAD“As an African American father of a TJ student,” he said, “I would also like to see more Black and Hispanic students at the school. But Jackson said the district’s attempt to let in more low-income, Black and Hispanic applicants would make the school less challenging. I think the district plan to raise the 1.7 percent of low-income students and the 5 percent of Black or Hispanic students would not hurt the school at all. I have carefully studied AP and IB classes in other Fairfax schools where the collaborative intellectual environment is exceptional.
The Alex Ovechkin-era Capitals remain an NHL powerhouse
Those are the stories specific to this season, and they matter in telling what these Capitals have overcome and how and why these Capitals are succeeding. In their first 32 years of existence, the Capitals won three division titles. losses Playoff berths Washington Washington 1,355 618 315 12 Pittsburgh Pittsburgh 1,340 619 332 13 Boston Boston 1,325 596 320 11 San Jose San Jose 1,287 585 350 11 Chicago Chicago 1,269 576 356 10/Point out, if you must, that for six of those seasons Washington played in the (generally weak) Southeast. There’s no, ‘We used to do it this way and we had success.’ There’s been none of that. Just when you think that period might be winding down, a new version of it is just winding up.
Her pandemic year was already tough, as an Asian American nail salon owner. Then came the Atlanta shooting.
Salons are a service field dominated by Asian American women who are similarly vulnerable targets, and many workers fear for their safety. I knew it was going to be Asian American women who were killed,” she says. AD“I still feel very invisible in an industry dominated by Asian American women. Until it was called out earlier this year on social media, Nailpro magazine didn’t include a single Asian American on its 14-member advisory board. It’s hard not to see the connection,” says Lisa Fu, executive director of the advocacy group California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative.
Man charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder in Colorado grocery store shooting
The suspect, whom police identified as Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, 21, was charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder in connection with Monday's mass shooting at the King Soopers grocery store, Boulder Police Chief Maris Herold said at a news conference. Aerial news video from Monday showed police escorting a man in handcuffs, his right leg covered in blood. "The employees observed the suspect shoot an elderly man in the parking lot," according to the affidavit. "Grocery stores like King Soopers have been one of our consistent gathering places, one of the few routine activities that we've continued to engage in as Coloradans and as Americans," he told reporters. Thirteen people were killed at Columbine High School in Littleton, 35 miles south of King Soopers, on April 20, 1999, before the two gunmen took their own lives.
Shocked, afraid and 'blessed': Cruise line workers remained on board for months to keep ships operational
As vaccination efforts ramp up in many parts of the world, the cruise industry is making preparations to resume voyages. The workers we spoke with declined to be named for fear of retribution from the cruise line companies that employ them. The industry attracts workers from many different countries, so access to vaccines varies greatly, which will impact when they can re-board ships. For essential cruise ship workers, such as engineers, the wait was particularly long as they had to maintain the ships and keep them operational, since cruise ships can’t be left unattended for months on end. One engineer told NBC News he remained on board a Norwegian Cruise Line ship from the start of the pandemic until September.
10 people dead, including police officer, after shooting at Colorado grocery store
Ten people were killed, including a police officer, after a gunman walked into a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado, on Monday and began randomly shooting shoppers. The officer, Eric Talley, 51, an 11-year veteran of the Boulder police force, was the first officer to arrive at the King Soopers grocery store Monday afternoon, police Chief Maris Herold said. An employee from the store told him a shooter was inside. Logan Smith works at a Starbucks inside the grocery store. A spokesperson for the grocery store said the company was "horrified by the senseless violence."
Deshaun Watson's massage therapy allegations spotlight a misunderstood industry
Just this month, over a dozen women filed lawsuits against Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, alleging that he exposed himself during various massage therapy or related appointments. Historical connections between massage and sex work have created harmful stereotypes and misconceptions about the services that massage therapists provide. Massage therapists complete an accredited massage therapy program involving up to 1,000 hours (depending on the program) of in-class instruction and practical training. Some massage therapists specialize in a certain area of massage therapy by completing a certification involving clinical hours in that area and passing an examination. According to the lawyer representing Watson’s accusers, the quarterback’s actions left his massage therapists feeling “violated, disgusted and ashamed."
Miami Beach declares state of emergency over spring break crowds
The city of Miami Beach on Saturday declared a state of emergency over spring break crowds that have descended on the popular South Florida destination. During an afternoon news conference, Mayor Dan Gelber announced an 8 p.m. curfew for the South Beach entertainment district. Full coverage of the coronavirus outbreak"As we hit the peak of the peak of spring break, we are quite simply overwhelmed," City Manager Raul Aguila said. Citing the crowds, the Clevelander South Beach hotel said it was temporarily shutting down its bar and restaurant services. Police Chief Rick Clements said his officers responded to multiple fights on South Beach on Friday night.
Iran, China sign strategic long-term cooperation agreement
The deal marked the first time Iran has signed such a lengthy agreement with a major world power. In 2001, Iran and Russia signed a 10-year cooperation agreement, mainly in the nuclear field, that was lengthened to 20 years through two five-year extensions. Before the ceremony Saturday, Yi met Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and special Iranian envoy in charge of the deal Ali Larijani. It comes on the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Iran. Reportedly, Iran and China have done some $20 billion in trade annually in recent years.
Boris Johnson talks tough on China following sanctions against UK MPs
Johnson's remark on Beijing's multi-billion-dollar investment and infrastructure scheme was described as "unprompted" | Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP via Getty ImagesBritish Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Saturday vowed to make developing countries less dependent on China economically, as he met five MPs sanctioned by China a day earlier. "The prime minister talked about exploring ways towards alleviation programs to offset the level of dependency on China through the Belt and Road initiative," a politician who attended the meeting at No 10 Downing Street said. I stand firmly with them and the other British citizens sanctioned by China." Beijing sanctioned a total of nine British citizens over what it called "lies and disinformation" about human rights abuses against the Uyghur minority in Xinjiang. Meanwhile, the Daily Telegraph reported Friday that some of the MPs sanctioned by China are facing increased cyber-security threats, and they were being offered support on cyber security by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.
China, With $400 Billion Iran Deal, Could Deepen Influence in Mideast
The foreign ministers of the two countries, Javad Zarif and Wang Yi, signed the agreement during a ceremony at the foreign ministry in Tehran on Saturday, according to Iran’s semiofficial Fars News Agency. “It must build a security architecture that accommodates the legitimate concerns of all sides.”Iran did not make the details of the agreement public before the signing. But experts said it was largely unchanged from an 18-page draft obtained last year by The New York Times. That draft detailed $400 billion of Chinese investments to be made in dozens of fields, including banking, telecommunications, ports, railways, health care and information technology, over the next 25 years. In exchange, China would receive a regular — and, according to an Iranian official and an oil trader, heavily discounted — supply of Iranian oil.
A psychiatric patient wanted to talk about God. A stranger started a conversation that lasted 14 years.
Webb, a schizophrenic, spent most of his life incarcerated or institutionalized at St. Elizabeths Hospital. After struggles, St. Elizabeths was homeWebb, who struggled with depression, sought out a prayer companion and a conversation partner outside the walls of the Southeast Washington facility. What is God?”Webb was in his mid-50s when he turned to McNott after flitting in and out of jail and St. Elizabeths for decades. Webb wasn’t in a Virginia Department of Corrections database, the agency said. Returning to his volunteer work with inmates, he learned of a St. Elizabeths resident who wanted to meet with a Christian Scientist spiritual adviser.
Noose found in courtyard of Episcopal church on Capitol Hill
St. Mark’s, a stately, historical church a block from the U.S. Capitol, has had two Black Lives Matter banners stolen off the red brick building in the past year, Morgan said. The first, put up after the death of George Floyd in police custody, said: “All Lives Matter Only If Black Lives Matter: Let’s take seriously the injustices and wrongs that are right in front of us.” The second read: “Our Witness Remains The Same: Black Lives Matter.” The third, which is still up, is the same as the first. St. Mark’s is majority White and relatively high-profile, with an idyllic public courtyard with benches and pathways and a dramatic wood-and-brick nave inside where arts groups hold events. A vocal ensemble has for the last two weeks rented out St. Mark’s to rehearse a performance about the crucifixion that features a Black Jesus. A group of preschoolers who are taught inside the church started to come out to play in the courtyard, like they do every day, she said.
Grand Canyon men’s basketball player dies in car crash days after starting in NCAA tournament
“We love O,” GCU Coach Bryce Drew said in a statement. ADADIn that game, Frayer made his 107th start, third-most since the 'Lopes joined DI, the school said. Two officers at the scene suffered major injuries while the Subaru struck a tree and became engulfed in flames. ADFrayer was 7 years old when his father died in a car crash, according to GCU. But he was able to get back on track academically and return to the team, and the sport, that he loved.
How women invented book clubs, revolutionizing reading and their own lives
ADADSome 63 percent of women in book clubs now have an advanced degree, according to data from Book Browse. Despite increased demands on women’s time balancing work and childcare, millions of Americans continue to join and participate in book clubs, and 88 percent of participants in private book clubs are women. Through these book clubs, women found important partnerships to support themselves through things like chemotherapy,” she said. That has proved true during the pandemic, as book clubs meet online, and some have seen increased attendance. In an uncertain world, book clubs can still serve as a place built on “patience, mutual reverence, and fearlessness.”
Maryland explores tightening law on public-private partnerships amid proposal to build new toll lanes
ADMaryland’s P3 law, like in other states, seeks to attract private investment by limiting the potential for political interference. Montgomery Council President Tom Hucker (D-District 5), who supported the P3 law as a state delegate, said lawmakers considered it the only way to build the Purple Line. Any necessary changes could go back to the legislature next spring, he said, before the state seeks approval of the 50-year toll lanes contract. While Brown opposes the HOT lanes, he said he doesn’t think the P3 law needs to be changed. Brown said he will ask the Biden administration and Congress to skip the Maryland toll lanes project when it doles out any new infrastructure funding.
Michigan’s Naz Hillmon knows all about inequity. Her mother and grandmother lived it.
Gender inequity issues resonate in a profound way for Hillmon, a rare third-generation women’s basketball player. Her mother, NaSheema Anderson, played at Vanderbilt in the mid-1990s, and her maternal grandmother, Gail Williams, played at Bethune-Cookman two decades earlier before transferring to Cleveland State. “It’s just such a difference because, during their times, no one was able to speak up about it,” Hillmon said during a telephone interview. “They didn’t have people backing them to say, ‘Speak up about what you believe in or what you think is unfair,’ but they’re doing that for us, and I think that’s huge. “And I think that’s her trying not to put pressure on me, but I’ve known forever that’s been a big rival.
When smaller is better: Microstates, island nations and overseas territories speed ahead in global vaccination race
The United States is currently vaccinating well over 2 million people a day, far more than the entire population of all of these nations. In the Pacific, some small island nations like Palau and the Marshall Islands have benefited from their close relationship with the United States. Barbados’ health ministry did not immediately respond to a request for further details, such as how many vaccine doses would be set aside for tourists. Big complicationsThere are many small countries that have not begun vaccinations, or expect the process to take years rather than months. Though the Vatican is on its way to being fully vaccinated, it has seen a number of cases among its small population and staff.
Hopes for blocked Suez Canal hinge on rising tide potentially freeing ship
ADThe ship is currently wedged sideways in a single-lane stretch of the canal, roughly four miles north of the waterway’s southern entrance. Later Saturday, Hend Fathy Hussein, the spokeswoman for the Suez Canal Economic Zone, wrote in a Facebook post that the ship’s rudder had begun moving again. ADLt. Gen. Osama Rabei, the head of Egypt’s Suez Canal Authority said in a statement late Friday night that the “complex technical process,” could require “multiple attempts” to free the Ever Given. There are two canal pilots aboard to guide the ship through the canal. The unprecedented bottlenect at or near the canal could strain global supply chains that are already stressed by the coronavirus pandemic.
Why NASCAR turned Bristol into a muddy throwback to its dirt-track roots
After an audacious feat of engineering, Sunday’s Food City Dirt Race won’t be held on an existing dirt track. “Show me a good dirt race that’s never had that.”A cleaner imageNASCAR’s top series ran its last race on dirt in September 1970 at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds. NASCAR’s Cup cars are bulky behemoths in comparison, generating 700 horsepower and weighing 3,400 pounds. Other NASCAR drivers with minimal dirt experience have squeezed in practice laps and races on dirt tracks in the Mid-Atlantic to get a feel. … The dust is just insane.”NASCAR hasn’t said whether it plans another dirt race next season.
Why the head of Regal Cinemas thinks movie theaters will be back this year
He has made a decision to begin opening Regal theaters in the U.S. as early as next week as states loosen regulations. Yet you’re showing the studio’s movies in 2021 even though they’ll be on HBO Max. They originally made a 17-day window deal with AMC. If someone would have told me that it would be a year and still theaters are closed, I would think he’s crazy. ADThere has been a long history of disruption to movie theaters that was supposed to kill them but didn’t — the TV, the VCR, cable, various wars.
Max Abmas and Oral Roberts, overlooked until March Madness, have long been on Arkansas’ radar
Max Abmas and Kevin Obanor — who totaled 113 total points in upsets of second-seeded Ohio State and No. 7 Florida in the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament — were held by the host Razorbacks to eight total points in the final 11 minutes. Abmas, the nation’s leading scorer at 24.5 points per game, was held to 11 against Arkansas. They are the third pair of teammates to each score 25 points in consecutive NCAA tournament games, according to ESPN Stats & Info. Oral Roberts made its first NCAA tournament appearance since 2008 and earned its first tournament win since 1974 when it defeated Ohio State in the first round.
Maryland’s Brenda Frese has been coaching with a heavy heart as her dad battles cancer
Marsha Frese, sister of Maryland women’s basketball coach Brenda, remembers talking their dad — he was the “softy” — into taking them to the gym instead. “My mom wanted us to be well-rounded young women,” said Marsha, an assistant coach at San Diego State. She became the program’s all-time winningest coach this season and has the second-seeded Terps ready to face No. ADESPN’s national coach of the year has done all of this with a heavy heart as Bill, 89, has fought a battle against prostate cancer that has progressively worsened in recent months. “It just made me cry — let’s put it that way,” Donna said about the moment with the net.
Congressional approval ratings at highest level in more than a decade as covid stimulus checks hit bank accounts
Republicans, Democrats and independents all showed gains in approving how Congress handled the early days of the pandemic, when more than 25 million jobs vanished and hospital wards were flooded. Democratic voters were the most scornful as just 11 percent approved of the performance on Capitol Hill, according to the monthly Gallup poll. That’s the highest level of public approval since June 2009, the last time when at least one in three Americans approved of how Congress handled its work. Experts say this new wave of Congressional support is likely the result of voters enjoying getting direct cash payments from Washington. And, once the stimulus checks are spent, results-oriented independents might view Congress more negatively.
Boeing 747 gets a new lease on life with café makeover
A jumbo jet from an Asian airline that went bust has been relocated to a Bangkok suburb and transformed into a café.
UK to offer coronavirus booster jab in the fall for most vulnerable
The U.K. government is planning to provide coronavirus booster jabs for the over-70s, starting in September, to further protect them from new variants of the disease, according to a Telegraph interview with U.K. vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi. Jonathan Van-Tam [England's deputy chief medical officer] thinks that if we are going to see a requirement for a booster jab to protect the most vulnerable, [it] would be around September," Zahawi said. The British government's goal is to offer a first jab to all adults by end of July. France is lagging behind, with the over-70s only getting access to the first jab as of this week. The U.K. is easing its restrictions starting Monday, with outside gatherings of six people or two households allowed, after months of strict lockdown.
Where we are now: New York City after a year in the grip of pandemic
By the end of March last year, New York City had been transformed from a teeming metropolis with a booming economy, to a city gripped by pandemic and in economic free fall. Andrew Cuomo’s order shuttering all non-essential businesses and encouraging residents to avoid leaving their homes took effect after a month of misleading and progressively dire warnings from city and state leaders. Hospitals were overrun, bodies piled up in makeshift morgues and residents abandoned the city in droves. One year later, more than 30,000 New Yorkers have died, close to 800,000 have been infected and much of the city’s economy remains in peril. Hotels are largely empty of the tourists that poured money into the city’s economy.
Satellite Images Show Just How Bad The Suez Canal Traffic Jam Is Becoming
Here’s what the maritime traffic jam caused by the quarter-mile-long MS Ever Given’s blocking of the Suez Canal looks like from space:European Space AgencyThe European Space Agency shared the above satellite image on Friday. Taken on Thursday, it shows hundreds of boats backed up in the Gulf of Suez, waiting to pass through the Egyptian waterway. By now, the queue will likely be much longer. Compare it to the image below, taken Sunday, just two days before the vessel was blown off course and became stuck:European Space AgencySee the images, which were both captured by the ESA’s Copernicus Sentinel-1 mission, side by side here:European Space AgencyAs some ships stuck in the queue decided to divert around the southern tip of Africa, efforts were ongoing Saturday to free the Panama-flagged boat so it could continue its voyage from China to Rotterdam. Extra tugboats and dredgers were being recruited in a bid to help shift the ship, said officials, who revealed a further possible plan to remove containers from it in a bid to lighten its load.
Atlanta massacre sparks a political awakening in the Korean church
An invigorated Korean community, pushed to action by Korean churches, could be good news for Democrats, who have been losing ground with the Korean community in recent years, according to early poll data. Korean churches today are following in that tradition, said Omar Wasow, a politics professor at Princeton who tracks political movements. And he sees many of the same patterns playing out in the Korean community today. Organizers had already been targeting this group because of its sheer size: 70 percent of Asian Americans in Georgia are foreign-born. During the event, which was conducted entirely in Korean, Han addressed the crowd, gently chastising those who cling to the model minority myth.
High anxiety over federal weed loophole
But there’s one big difference: Delta-8 products are being marketed as a “legal” way for people to get stoned. Delta-8 THC is an isomer of Delta-9 THC, the compound responsible for marijuana’s intoxicating effects. Delta-8 products do not have that same level of regulatory oversight or tax burden, reducing costs for consumers. ImOberstag started making Delta-8 products after nearly all of his wholesale customers said they were only interested in purchasing them. The hemp industry must deal with ever-shifting regulations, and Scott is worried that a regulatory change is imminent.
An Ex-King, Missing Millions and a Monarchy in Crisis
These days Juan Carlos is the main character in a long-running scandal that has all the ingredients of a made-for-television drama, a full-bore telenovela. The ex-queen Sofia, 82, is a Greek princess who married Juan Carlos in 1962. In many ways, Juan Carlos was an accidental king, one who had Francisco Franco to thank for his reign. In 1969, he named Juan Carlos, Alfonso XIII’s grandson, as his eventual successor. In some ways, however inadvertently, Juan Carlos is again saving Spain during a time of national crisis — this time, by keeping us entertained.
Why Testing Still Matters
Last May, the city of Los Angeles turned a fabled baseball park into a mass testing site for the coronavirus. At its peak, Dodger Stadium was testing 16,000 people a day for the virus, making it the biggest testing site in the world, said Dr. Clemens Hong, who oversees coronavirus testing in Los Angeles County. Local demand for coronavirus testing has plummeted, Dr. Hong said. He said that he saw the evidence firsthand recently when he visited a community hospital: “The testing site had three people and the vaccine site had a line around the block.”Los Angeles is not an anomaly. Across the nation, attention has largely shifted from testing to vaccination.
Live Updates: Scramble Against Time to Free Ship Stuck in Suez Canal
Live Live Updates: Scramble Against Time to Free Ship Stuck in Suez Canal Five days after the Ever Given became lodged in the canal, its rudder has been freed and dredging is complete. A satellite image on Friday showed tugboats and dredgers working to dislodge the Ever Given container ship in the Suez Canal. Video A ship has been stuck in the Suez Canal in Egypt since Tuesday evening, after powerful winds forced the ship aground on one of the canal’s banks, shutting down traffic in both directions. A two-week Suez Canal delay could strand a quarter of the supply of containers typically found in European ports, one expert estimated. Credit... Nacho Doce/Reuters With each day that the Ever Given container ship remains stuck in the Suez Canal, the cost of the disruption grows more consequential.
The Weekender
How the World’s Oldest Wooden Sculpture Is Reshaping PrehistoryAt 12,500 years old, the Shigir Idol is by far the earliest known work of ritual art. Only decay has kept others from being found.
Skiing in Himalayas Is ‘Like a Beautiful Dream,’ Despite Conflict and Coronavirus
After driving 30 miles from her house in Srinagar, Kashmir’s biggest city, Ms. Khan reached a scrappy ski town tucked deep into the folds of the world’s highest mountain chain. And she was hardly alone: A steady stream of skiers, music blasting from their cars, were racing to make it to the slopes while the snow was still fresh. It felt like arriving at a carnival in the middle of a forest, she said. “I wanted to throw away my mask and wear my skis,” said Ms. Khan, an avid downhill skier. “There was only one place on my mind: Gulmarg.”Every year, Gulmarg, one of Asia’s largest and highest ski resorts, attracts thousands of skiers, drawn by perfect powder, cheap hotels, breathtaking views and the feeling of an island of peace inside an often restive territory.
The New York Times News Quiz, March 26, 2021
The New York Times News Quiz, March 26, 2021Did you follow the news this week? Take our quiz to see how well you stack up with other Times readers. We’ll be back next Friday with a new weekly quiz.
A Collapse Foretold: How Brazil’s Covid-19 Outbreak Overwhelmed Hospitals
The virus has killed more than 300,000 people in Brazil, its spread aided by a highly contagious variant, political infighting and distrust of science. PORTO ALEGRE, Brazil — The patients began arriving at hospitals in Porto Alegre far sicker and younger than before. But Sebastião Melo, Porto Alegre’s mayor, argued there was a greater imperative. “Put your life on the line so that we can save the economy,” Mr. Melo appealed to his constituents in late February. Now Porto Alegre, a prosperous city in southern Brazil, is at the heart of an stunning breakdown of the country’s health care system — a crisis foretold.
As Pandemic Upends Teaching, Fewer Students Want to Pursue It
For some young people, doubts about entering the teaching work force amid the pandemic are straightforward: They fear that the job now entails increased risk. After months of seeing only her roommates, moving around a classroom brimming with fourth and fifth graders was nerve-racking. But for many students, the challenges posed by remote teaching can be just as steep. “You have to like what you’re doing a lot more for it to translate on a computer. I’m wondering, if I don’t like doing this online that much, should I be getting a degree in it?”
In Washington, Policy Revolves Around Joe Manchin. He Likes It That Way.
A former high school quarterback who friends say still relishes being at the center of the action, Mr. Manchin is something of a unicorn in today’s Congress. As a pro-coal and anti-abortion Democrat, he reflects a less-homogenized era when regionalism was as significant as partisanship and senators were more individual actors than predictable votes for their caucus. Twice elected governor before claiming Mr. Byrd’s seat, he’s the only lawmaker standing in the way of an all-Republican congressional delegation in West Virginia, a state that former President Donald J. Trump carried by nearly 40 points last year. “We really are the big tent,” said Senator Debbie Stabenow of Michigan, before knowingly adding: “Now it’s a lot of work when you have a big tent, right? And while he may admire Mr. Byrd’s dedication to Senate tradition, Mr. Manchin has not emulated his predecessor by leveraging his power to focus relentlessly on steering spending projects back to West Virginia.
The Covid relief bill and the promise of vaccines aren't enough. Pay everyone to stay home.
We know this can work: Paid shutdowns have helped control the spread of the virus abroad. But it doesn’t have to if we implement a paid shutdown. In fact, a short-term paid shutdown could be more effective than all the lengthy restrictions we’ve seen until now, as those have only been partial. The concept of a paid shutdown is simple and would address both issues. Democrats have the majorities in both houses of Congress to make a paid shutdown happen.
Powell plays down inflation — again — while Yellen sees possible return to full employment by 2022
"We are meeting at a hopeful moment for the economy — but still a daunting one," Yellen said in her opening remarks to the House Committee on Financial Services. "While we're seeing signs of recovery, we should be clear-eyed about the hole we're digging out of." Powell described the CARES Act, the sweeping emergency pandemic aid package implemented in March 2020, as "historically important legislation" that provided "critical support in our nation's hour of need." "Business investment and manufacturing production have picked up," but spending on services remains low, Powell said. Powell and Yellen are both set to testify again, on Wednesday, this time before the Senate Banking Committee.
China's growing firepower casts doubt on whether U.S. could defend Taiwan
A war over Taiwan remains a worst-case scenario that officials say is not imminent. But China's growing military prowess, coupled with its aggressive rhetoric, is turning Taiwan into a potential flashpoint between Beijing and Washington — and a test case for how the U.S. will confront China's superpower ambitions. U.S. intelligence analysts have warned for more than a decade that China's military strength was progressing at a dramatic pace, and that America's superiority was evaporating in the Pacific, Defense officials told NBC News. China's political leadership sees reunification with Taiwan as a core objective, and Beijing's actions and statements have grown more assertive in recent months. Taiwan has reported a series of aviation mishaps in recent months, raising questions about whether China's encroachment was having an impact on Taiwan's air crews.
'A huge, huge toll': For households reliant on two incomes, Covid job loss changed everything
The sudden blow of losing one income has sent the family tumbling from relative comfort to living week to week. "It did take a huge, huge toll on me, and I still suffer with it constantly," Accolla said. The pandemic upended the lives of millions of families who suddenly found themselves without one or both sources of income. "That's a really, really important part of the story," she said. "When I lost my job, I knew it was not going to be very easy to find another job.
Postal banking, alcohol delivery could save the U.S. Postal Service, experts say
Porter McConnell, who runs the Save the Post Office Coalition, says it’s now time for postal banking to make a comeback. She points to a 2014 report from the Postal Service Office of the Inspector General that indicates postal banking could generate $9 billion in new revenue for the post office. In 2019, the union called for the launch of a pilot program, in which postal banking services could be tested in four locations. Just as McConnell believes postal banking could provide additional revenue for the Postal Service, she notes that shipping alcohol could also generate money for it. “There’s a history of the government messing with the post office and saying, ‘Look – it’s broken, you have to fix it.’ The post office is not broken.
Can’t Take the Heat? A Taste for Spicy Foods Can Be Learned.
The sauces on the table remain untouched — plain is fine, thank you. Cross your fingers that you can find the one mild dish on the menu. Those who love spicy food might find these behaviors pitiable. A resistance to spiciness can produce shame as well as taunts from others who see their love of spiciness as an act of courage or a mark of more refined tastes. Others who don’t like the spiciness — myself included — might counter with, ow, it really hurts, and how could anyone possibly enjoy this sensation?
D.C.-area forecast: Beautiful today, stormy late Sunday and cooler to start the workweek
Today (Saturday): We start the day mostly sunny, but probably see some increased cloudiness into the afternoon. Any of that tends to fuel the fire for the potential of afternoon and evening showers and storms. Confidence: MediumADTomorrow night: Once we get rid of the showers and storms, winds are very gusty out of the northwest behind the front and through much of the night. Confidence: MediumA look aheadIt’s quite a bit cooler for Monday, although it’s pretty close to normal for late March. Highs are near 60 under mostly sunny skies.
Was Keeping Tourists Out the Only Way to Survive?
— In a regular spring season at Johnson’s of St. Mary, the R. V.s would be pulling into the more than 150 sites with sweeping views of Glacier National Park. But last spring, everything was quiet at this tourist destination in the corner of northern Montana, where the Blackfeet Reservation meets Glacier National Park. The pandemic, which has ravaged Indigenous communities across the country, has taken a devastating toll on the Blackfeet Nation and Native Americans in Montana. Nathan St. Goddard, a Blackfeet tribal member who runs Johnson’s, is hoping for a better spring this year. On March 17, the business council voted to allow him to open — with vaccination rates of eligible people on the reservation reported close to 95 percent.
Former CDC chief Redfield urged to step aside as Hogan adviser after Wuhan lab comments
ADMaryland Senate President Bill Ferguson (D-Baltimore City) said Redfield should resign from the advisory role he took with the Hogan administrationgovernor earlier this month. Redfield’s comments were inappropriate, unacceptable and beyond unfortunate,” Ferguson said. And if not, I hope the governor does ask him to step away.”Two Asian American state senators said Redfield’s comments “put a big bull’s eye” on people of Asian descent. Hogan spokesman Mike Ricci said the governor, who has been outspoken about anti-Asian bias and violence, would not ask Redfield to step down over his remarks. Hogan (R), whose wife Yumi Hogan is a Korean immigrant, has stepped to the fore of the conversation.
Bridging Time, Distance and Distrust, With Music
Ms. Elkayam’s grandparents left Morocco for Israel, more than 2,000 miles away, in the 1950s and 1960s, never to return. She grew up in Netivot, a relatively poor town of Sephardic Jews in southern Israel. Their language, music and food survived in such places — until her parents sent her to boarding school when she was 14, Ms. Elkayam said, she did not know any Ashkenazi Jews — but have faded with time. Ms. Elkayam was very close to her father’s mother, who left Tinghir, an Amazigh village in the Atlas Mountains, in 1956. “If it weren’t for the faith and religion and the memories, she wouldn’t have survived,” Ms. Elkayam said.
What Fox hosts said that Dominion is suing over
In its suit against Fox, Dominion alleges that it repeatedly notified the network that it had aired falsehoods and also sent retraction requests to Fox. And they’re private firms, and very little is known about their ownership, beyond what you’re saying about Dominion. Do you think that’s a fair statement?” (Jan. 4, Fox Business Network)Maria Bartiromo, Fox News“There is much to understand about Smartmatic, which owns Dominion Voting Systems. Why do they leave our country?” (Nov. 15, Fox News)ADAD“We have a machine, the Dominion machine … [that] was developed to steal elections, and being used in the states that are involved.” (Dec. 12, Fox News)Tucker Carlson, Fox NewsLINDELL: I’ve been all in trying to find the machine fraud and I — we found it. … I dare Dominion to sue me because then it will get out faster.
Two die, several wounded in late night Virginia Beach gunfire, officials say
A woman died in connection with that incident, the city said. The city’s statement said eight people were taken to hospitals. The officer-involved shooting occurred in an incident related to the original event, the city statement said. ADBut the city said a “male suspect involved” in that shooting died at the scene. The “male suspect” was not identified.
The best memes about the big, stuck ship
Yes, she is a 1,312-foot long, ambling Brontosaurus of a boat, a 52-foot deep behemoth, a beast lugging hundreds of thousands of tons of merchandise. The extremely large, extremely stuck ship is all of us just trying to get through another day. The enormous, unmoving boat is also everyone who has ever tried to park. Fans of the fantastically large, very firmly grounded containership have come up with some ingenious plans to free her. Some people are placing bets on when the gargantuan craft will be “declared unstuck.”
Myanmar protests continue as junta chief uses Armed Forces Day to justify coup
YANGON, Myanmar — The head of Myanmar’s junta on Saturday used the occasion of the country's "Armed Forces Day" to try to justify the overthrow of the elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi, as protesters marked the holiday by calling for even bigger demonstrations. Senior Gen. Min Aung Hlaing did not directly refer to the nationwide protests that show no signs of stopping. People in cities and towns around Myanmar marked the public holiday with more demonstrations against the Feb. 1 coup. The toll of protesters confirmed killed in Myanmar since last month's takeover has reached 328, according to the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners, a group that documents deaths and arrests. The organization has cautioned that its tally includes only verified cases, with the actual number of casualties "likely much higher."
How QAnon helps its followers find conspiracy in chaos
The equally lovely Greek word for that tendency is apophenia. QAnon believers tried to make sure it wouldn’t, forming a prominent contingent during the Jan. 6 Capitol riot that left five people dead. Nothing happens by chance; trust the plan, as a popular QAnon saying goes. Nothing happens by chance; trust the plan, as a popular QAnon saying goes. “People have fallen back on the endless anticipation with no particular date.”BuzzFeed News reporter Albert Samaha recently wrote a moving essay about his mother’s headlong rush into the QAnon conspiracy.
Fox News Whine About CNN Fact-Checking Gets A... Fact-Check
Fox News personalities on Friday complained about CNN’s fact-checking of President Joe Biden — and received a sharp fact-check in response. Might be worth watching CNN's coverage — or at least doing a simple scan of his work, which is available on his CNN bio page — before going on-air and trashing it! — Oliver Darcy (@oliverdarcy) March 27, 2021“Like this really isn’t hard stuff,” Darcy added, linking to Dale’s on-air fact-check of Biden:Like this really isn't hard stuff. “If Biden behaved identically to Trump from a fact-check perspective, the fact-check coverage would be identical,” he wrote. This is not a complicated concept.”If Biden behaved identically to Trump from a fact-check perspective, the fact-check coverage would be identical.
With U.S. withdrawal delay likely, and new peace proposal on the table, Taliban faces inevitable crossroads
AD“The Doha deal is the best and most effective way to resolve issues and move forward,” he said. AD“The Taliban have a lot to gain from this peace deal,” said retired Pakistani Brigadier Saad Muhammad, who served as Pakistan’s defense attache to Kabul. Some fear the Biden administration’s push for a peace deal between the Taliban and Afghan government within weeks is unrealistic. The longer peace talks drag on or remain stalled, violence is expected to continue on the ground. ADNaeem, the spokesman for the Taliban’s political office in Doha, said Taliban fighters reduced violence following the Doha agreement.
Trades shake up the NFL draft order as 49ers move up to the third overall pick
The Eagles emerged with the 12th pick next month, plus a first-round choice next year. It’s relatively rare but not unprecedented for NFL teams to make blockbuster trades of draft picks so far in advance of the draft. The 49ers, Dolphins and Eagles apparently couldn’t wait. 3 pick to the 49ers for the 12th choice, a third-round selection next year and first-rounders in 2022 and 2023. The trade by the 49ers moves them into position to potentially select one of the draft’s prized quarterbacks.
Is your laptop battery dead? Acceptance is the first step to making a change
Maybe it was one year ago, or maybe it was three, but there wasn’t a definitive moment, either. You are scrolling on a device that you’ve time-machined backwards to 1988, completely unbothered by how absolutely absurd that is. There were plenty of warnings — shorter spans of energy, the little exclamation icon, a less ambiguous recurring notification to “service battery” — but you did nothing. We thread cords around table legs and weight them to the surface with a book if they risk falling off. Thank the luck or loved one that brought you here: You’re replacing your laptop’s dead battery this week.
Payment deferrals were a lifeline for millions during Covid. What happens when those end?
The federal government's response to Covid-19 has allowed millions of Americans to defer payments on their mortgages, rent, student loans and utility bills. "As the pandemic winds down, there is a lot of debt overhang: deferred rent, deferred mortgages, deferred student loans. Many utility companies have also voluntarily allowed consumers to pause their payments on electric and gas bills during the economic crisis. In the end, the federal government will have to decide whether and how it can provide more assistance and relief," he said. "But the agency, if strong, can ensure fair treatment under the law for some of our most financially vulnerable consumers."
Frustration among women in China as new divorce law stalls process
BEIJING — For Qi Jia, an office worker and blogger in China, the decision to divorce her husband was not one she took lightly. Download the NBC News app for breaking news and politicsLike many other countries, China's divorce rate has steadily increased in recent years. The new law is meant to urge couples to reconsider hasty divorces, but the legislation has instead only generated frustration among women who fear that seeking a divorce has now become more difficult. The feminist writer Xiao Meili called the law a "step backwards" for women and said it limited their rights to freely seek separation from a spouse. A Chinese woman wears a protective mask as she is helped by a photo assistant while taking pictures in advance of her wedding outside the Forbidden City, on April 30, 2020 in Beijing, China.
MLB's opening day latest signal of American life returning to normal
Unlike a year ago, when there were myriad uncertainties, players seem eager to get back to the diamond this spring. “Coming out of this pandemic, baseball is a unique sport because it’s played every day. Simply said, baseball signifies American normalcy.”Simply said, baseball signifies American normalcyIt was anything but normal last year when spring training began. “There needs to be more good sense brought to that relationship (between ownership and players) and to the bargaining table. "Baseball, like all sports, is a major distraction, and the country is desperate to have anything that looks even remotely like normal.”
Julius' Bar, site of historic gay 'sip-in,' threatened by pandemic
Julius Constantine Motal / NBC NewsWithin a few years, there were legitimate, independent gay bars. “It has historical significance but it’s also a throwback to what gay bars used to be — lively, friendly, unpretentious. That’s harder to find now.”Daniel Onzo, left, chats with Brendan Byrnes, center, and his husband Stephen Cabral at the bar Julius' in New York on March 19, 2021. “The photos on the wall, the Mattachine sip-in. It really led to the legalization of gay bars in New York.”In 2008, Mitchell launched a monthly dance party at Julius’ called, appropriately enough, Mattachine.
Children Trapped by Colombia’s War, Five Years After Peace Deal
Her father said he believed the violence she witnessed had driven her to the guerrillas — and that her death was likely to create more anger, pushing other young people to join the fighters. “The armed groups are going to be strengthened more and more by all this repression,” he said. The bombing of another FARC dissident camp in 2019 led to the deaths of eight children and adolescents. The scandal was a major test for newly installed President Iván Duque, a conservative whose party vociferously opposed the peace deal. “We cannot undo 56 years of war in just two years,” said Mr. Duque’s high commissioner for peace, Miguel Ceballos, in an interview last year.
Bodybuilder Ryan Crowley Tears Chest Muscle Doing Bench Press (GRAPHIC VIDEO)
Bodybuilder Ryan Crowley tore his chest muscle off the bone in a horrifying weightlifting accident. One side of his chest can be seen giving way as he takes on a barbell loaded with heavy weights on an incline bench press. The spotter who got the barbell off him, powerlifter and bodybuilder Larry Wheels, aka Larry Williams, posted the video and later shared a photo with Crowley after surgery in a Dubai hospital. “Surgery was a success!” wrote Wheels, who organized a GoFundMe for Crowley to offset the cost. !,” Crowley wrote in the comments.
Fox News' Meltdowns Over Joe Biden Lampooned In 'Scandals' Video
Fox News’ faux outrage over Joe Biden’s presidency was sent up by “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” correspondent Desi Lydic on Friday. In a spoof clip, Lydic pretended to go full conspiracy theorist after watching 153 hours straight of the conservative network. The comedian ranted about the scandals that Fox News personalities claim have engulfed Biden in his first two months in office and declared:If you thought Obama wearing that tan suit was disgraceful, and Jesus knows I did, wait until you get a load of this... The Fox-style railing only went downhill from there:Watch the video here:
Bindi Irwin Gives Birth To Baby Girl, Honors Late Father Steve With Name
Bindi Irwin honored her father, the late wildlife expert Steve Irwin, with the name of her newborn baby girl. Irwin and her husband, Chandler Powell, welcomed Grace Warrior Irwin Powell on Thursday, the one-year anniversary of their lockdown wedding. “Her middle names, Warrior Irwin, are a tribute to my dad and his legacy as the most incredible Wildlife Warrior.”Grace “already has such a kind soul just like her dad,” Irwin continued. “There are no words to describe the infinite amount of love in our hearts for our sweet baby girl,” she added. — Terri Irwin (@TerriIrwin) March 26, 2021“Let the uncle adventures begin!” added Robert Irwin, Bindi’s brother:Let the uncle adventures begin!
The Olympic Battle for Echo Park
In the shadow of Hollywood, conflicts continue between a community encampment of the unhoused in Los Angeles’s Echo Park and the LAPD. Members of both groups turned out in droves—alongside hundreds of supporters—at Echo Park Lake. The police crackdown at Echo Park Lake is a grim foretaste of what is likely to arise when the Olympics come to town. The day after the showdown at the park, Parriott helped organize a vigil outside the offices of O’Farrell in Echo Park. Reporters and legal observers were detained by the LAPD as a part of this “cleansing” of Echo Park.
Colectivo Coffee Workers Are Organizing a Union
All of [the organizing] had to be done via Zoom and Facebook and texting. It’s a huge challenge, because the easiest way to talk to people is face-to-face, going to doors, going to stores. It was a challenge to get an ambassador in each store, talking about the union, talking about organizing. You can just google “let’s get real Colectivo,” and there are four of those targeted emails that are on their website. I don’t know if we’d be fighting so hard to have a union.
Git Your Vaccine Incentives!
What other incentives might there be to convince people to get vaccinated? After all, people who are “vaccine hesitant” or outright anti-vaxxers may hold the future of this damn pandemic in their hands. Let’s just hope a smaller percentage of the herd doesn’t kill the rest of the herd by making stupid choices. Remember, if coronavirus outbreaks happen among unvaccinated people, the virus may mutate and create new variants that will be resistant to vaccines. In other words, we all need to get our vaccine, stat.
Two killed, 8 injured in Virginia Beach violence near oceanfront
Two people were killed and eight were injured late Friday in shootings in Virginia Beach, Virginia, police said. Some of the surviving victims sustained life-threatening injuries, the Virginia Beach Police Department tweeted early Saturday. @CityofVaBeach — Virginia Beach PD (@VBPD) March 27, 2021Gunfire broke out after 11 p.m. near the oceanfront, and eight victims were discovered, Police Chief Paul Neudigate said. Six gunshot patients were being treated at Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital early Saturday following a shooting on Atlantic Avenue, the hospital said. Virginia Beach is an annual destination for spring break vacationers.
How an around-the-world sailor became an MEP fighting ocean trash
Her report on marine plastic was presented to the European Parliament late Wednesday and was up for a vote on Thursday. The 58-year-old is now an MEP for French President Emmanuel Macron's La République en Marche party, and has made marine waste a personal crusade. In 2016, an estimated 11 percent of the world’s plastic waste (about 19-23 million tons), ended up in rivers, seas and oceans. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation predicted that by 2050, the plastic trash in the ocean will weigh more than all of the fish. The immense amount of plastic waste is also having a negative effect on the ability of oceans to absorb carbon dioxide.
US aviation takes off as European airlines stall
While U.S. airlines are beginning to recover from the pandemic blow, Europe's aviation industry is still struggling | Cooper Neill/Getty ImagesPress play to listen to this article Voiced by Amazon PollyAfter a year of relentless gloom for the aviation industry, there’s some light at the end of the tunnel for the sector — unfortunately for European airlines, it's in the U.S., not the EU. The industry blames a patchwork of travel restrictions, a lack of bailout cash and a plodding vaccine rollout. The Commission has tried to shepherd countries toward a common travel policy throughout the crisis but national governments have been reluctant to do so. But the aviation industry believes it won’t fully recover until a detailed travel roadmap is released. From the digitization of the automotive sector to aviation policy, logistics and more, our specialized journalists keep you on top of the topics driving the Mobility policy agenda.
UK pushes ahead with mandatory vaccines for care home staff
The U.K. is moving forward to make coronavirus vaccination mandatory for care home staff | Pool photo by Kirsty O'Connor/AFP via Getty ImagesThe U.K. government is preparing to push ahead with mandatory coronavirus vaccinations for care home workers by the summer, in what could be a worldwide first. Ministers are especially concerned at the low take-up of vaccines among care workers, which has reached the level of immunization thought safe by government scientists in only half of England’s care homes. But health care staff working with sharp instruments may be required to have a hepatitis B vaccine, or else be moved to other work if they refuse. More broadly, support for mandatory coronavirus vaccination varies across Europe. Mandatory vaccinations for other diseases are relatively commonplace, with some European countries such as Italy and France writing these provisions into law.
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Dennis Schroder, Lakers Pull Away from Cavs to Snap 4-Game Losing Streak
Mark J. Terrill/Associated PressOne night after failing to complete a late comeback against the Philadelphia 76ers, the Los Angeles Lakers had little trouble defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers, earning a 100-86 victory on Friday at Staples Center. The win snapped a four-game losing streak and gives Los Angeles (29-17) its first victory since LeBron James suffered a right high ankle sprain against the Atlanta Hawks on March 20. The four game losing streak matched Los Angeles' longest of the season. Instead, Gasol went 2-for-3 from the floor with four points, two rebounds, one assist, one steal, one block, two turnovers and three fouls. ET when the Orlando Magic visit the Staples Center while the Cavs head north to face the Sacramento Kings at 10 p.m.
Covid vaccinations showing great success; variants a concern for unvaccinated
Rachel Maddow points out the current contrast in coronavirus numbers, as higher age groups, being the most vaccinated, are showing a major drop in per capita Covid deaths, but younger, unvaccinated groups are seeing another increase in cases with the growth of variants.
Raphael Warnock Rips Power-Mad Politicians Sacrificing Democracy On 'Rachel Maddow Show'
Warnock said that while the law has devastating implications for Black voters, “in a real sense this is about something much more profound.”“It is about whether we are who we say we are. Either we’re a democracy or we’re not. Either we believe in the idea of one person, one vote, or we don’t. Either I’m a citizen or I’m not.”
'It's a power struggle.': Warnock outlines what's at stake in Republican war on democracy
Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock talks with Rachel Maddow about the new Georgia voting law and the broader fight to secure voting rights and democracy itself as Republicans across the United States use every means at their disposal to preserve their power.
House Democrats rattle Social Security Administration to put Covid relief checks in motion
Rachel Maddow reports on four Democratic members of the House Ways and Means Committee who figured out that tens of millions of people on Social Security had not received their Covid relief checks because the Social Security Administration had not processed information the IRS needed to send out the checks.
Several injured in Virginia Beach shooting, police say
Several people were injured in a shooting in Virginia Beach, Virginia, late Friday, police said. It was not clear how many people were hurt, but some of the victims may have sustained life-threatening injuries, the Virginia Beach Police Department tweeted early Saturday. VBPD is investigating a shooting involving several victims with possibly life-threatening injuries. @CityofVaBeach — Virginia Beach PD (@VBPD) March 27, 2021Six gunshot wound patients were being treated at Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital early Saturday following a shooting on Atlantic Avenue, the hospital said. Virginia Beach is an annual destination for spring break vacationers.
Missouri Republicans refuse to honor vote on Medicaid expansion
Rachel Maddow reports on Missouri voters defying Republicans and approving a referendum to expand Medicaid that would extend health insurance coverage to over 200,000 people. Instead of accepting the loss, state Republicans are attempting to block the law's implementation.
Does the US Have a Culture of Violence? Not the United States of Women
"Culture of violence." Does the US have a culture of violence? Does the US have a culture of violence? When it comes to gender-based violence, women have mostly turned to mutual aid, not mass murder. The white, male, militarist culture of violence isn’t inevitable.
New Racist Voter Suppression Law In Georgia Increases Urgency for Congress to Pass For the People Act
WASHINGTON - Yesterday, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and his Republican allies in the state legislatures passed sweeping voting restrictions in a blatant attempt to keep communities of color and new voters from participating in our democracy. NBC News broke down how the new law, which:Shortens the window to request absentee ballotsRequire mail-in voters to include their driver's license numbers or other documentation, instead of using signature verificationReduces early voting hours across the state and limits the use of ballot drop boxesProhibits people from providing food and water to voters waiting in lineThis latest effort by Republican state lawmakers to restrict voting rights must be met with immediate action from Congress—and the For the People Act (S. 1) provides popular, common-sense solutions that will combat this blatant voter suppression. In fact, S. 1 would blunt Georgia’s new voter restrictions by:Requiring at least 15 consecutive days of early votingEnsuring that early voting sites are open for at least 10 hours each dayRequiring states to allow any eligible voter to cast their ballots by mail in federal elections standardizing no-excuse absentee voting nationwideEstablishing automatic voter registration and same-day registration nationwideRequiring every state to create online systems where Americans can register to vote, update their registration information, and request their absentee ballotsProhibiting wrongful voter purges and committing Congress to passing the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, which would re-establish pre-clearance requirements###
Georgia GOP's Fond Return To A By-Gone Era: No Voting Or Knocking on Doors While Black
visuals surrounding the bill. Clueless about even token diversity, his office released a photo of him proudly signing the bill - to make it "easy to vote, hard to cheat," thus repeating "the big lie"- surrounded by a phalanx of henchmen so blindingly white they begged for KKK hoods to be photoshopped in. Behind them - see picture vs 1,000 words - hung a painting of Callaway Plantation, an actual slave plantation, home to one of the era'slargest slaveholders anda "monument to Georgia's history of brutal white supremacy," from slavery to"Sometimes, America'swrites Will Bunch; by using the painting "as a backdropfor signing a bill that would make it a crime to hand waterto a thirsty voter waiting on Georgia’s sometimes hours-long voter lines, the GOP governor was sending a clear message about race and human rights in the American South." Activities do not include re-creating slaves running away and hounds biting "plugs out of their legs," or, says Uju Anya, lawmakers' "genocidal ancestors" raping, maiming, torturing, terrorizing and literally working to death over 300 black slaves. The image displayed as "sons of the white planter class" try to restrict black Georgians' right to vote and challenge their power, she furiously notes, reflects "the criminal legacy that gave them that power, and the blood money which continues to nurture it."
AFSCME President Lee Saunders Decries Discriminatory Georgia Legislation Aimed at Voter Suppression
WASHINGTON - AFSCME President Lee Saunders released the following statement after Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed into law sweeping legislation designed to silence Georgia voters:“Legislation like S.B. Brian Kemp and Georgia Republicans are sending a clear message that if you can’t win fairly, you should rig the game. “AFSCME condemns this racist, discriminatory and anti-democratic legislation that will make it harder to vote for Black and brown voters, the elderly, people with disabilities and workers. As more states across the country move to pass similar voter suppression bills, federal legislators must act urgently to pass H.R.
Sanders Pushing to Expand Medicare by Lowering Eligibility Age in Next Relief Package
"In the rescue plan, we were able to take a major step forward in lowering child poverty—very important. Bernie Sanders"We have to look at the structural long-term problems facing our people," Sanders told the outlet in an interview Friday. "In the rescue plan, we were able to take a major step forward in lowering child poverty—very important," Sanders added. Surveys have shown that the idea of lowering the Medicare eligibility age—which has been at 65 or older since the program's inception in 1965—is popular with the American public. Additionally, according to an analysis by the healthcare consulting firm Avalere, lowering the Medicare eligibility age to 60 could extend the program's coverage to as many as 23 million people.
Faith Groups Part of Human Rights Coalition Urging Biden to Ease Sanctions Amid Pandemic
"The regular U.S. use of economic sanctions has had a devastating humanitarian impact on communities, with women and girls often the hardest hit." "On top of it all, they are proven to undermine the work of changemakers struggling for progress within sanctioned countries. "By raising food and fuel prices, weakening water infrastructure, and making medical equipment and care harder to access, economic sanctions only deepen these burdens." Calls for sanctions relief have likewise grown louder in Washington, with Democratic Senator Chris Murphy penning a letter urging the Biden administration to lift the ban on diesel swaps. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on Thursday sent their own letter urging Biden to "use the full force of our diplomatic and economic tools" in relations with Iran.
US Water Shutoff Moratorium May Have Prevented Nearly 500,000 Covid-19 Cases: Study
NEW: A report from @foodandwater & @Cornell found that a nationwide water shutoff moratorium might have prevented nearly 500K #COVID19 infections & 9K deaths. @POTUS needs to issue a national shutoff moratorium NOW. A nationwide water shutoff moratorium might have reduced Covid cases by 3.97% and Covid-related deaths by 5.51% in the 41 states without full coverage of a moratorium over this period. Extrapolating from model results, we estimated a nationwide water shutoff moratorium during the study period might have protected 480,715 people from Covid-19 infection and 9,052 people from death. "Congress must pass the WATER Act to invest in communities, promote climate resilience, and ensure public water for all."
'Shameful': Florida House Passes GOP's Anti-Protest Bill
Decrying the passage of House Bill 1 in the Florida legislature on Friday, the state's ACLU chapter warned that if the undemocratic anti-protest bill pushed by Republican Gov. —Micah Kubic, ACLU of Florida"It is shameful that this bill has passed in the House," Micah Kubic, executive director of the ACLU of Florida, said in a statement. "We've said it before and will state it again," Kubic continued: "This bill is not intended to increase public safety. Over 95% of protests across the state of Florida have been peaceful." HB 1, the anti-protest bill, is being debated on the Florida House floor today.
'Jim Crow in the 21st Century': Biden Rebukes Georgia's New Voter Suppression Law
—President Joe Biden"This is Jim Crow in the 21st century. It must end," Biden said in a lengthy statement about the Georgia law. The president noted the crucial impact that Georgia voters had on national politics in the 2020 election cycle. In Georgia we saw this most historic demonstration of the power of the vote twice," Biden said Friday. It adds rigid restrictions on casting absentee ballots that will effectively deny the right to vote to countless voters.
Big Oil's Embrace of Carbon Pricing Called PR Ploy to 'Avoid Real, Effective Climate Action'
"Nobody should fall for the oil industry's new PR ploy, which will do nothing to fight the climate emergency." CNBC noted that "the industry envisions changes to existing regulations following a carbon price policy endorsement." Think oil & gas industry embracing carbon pricing is a good thing? "This is yet another greenwashing tactic wielded by the fossil fuel industry to distract from their disproportionate responsibility for the climate crisis." In fact, fossil fuel corporations like Exxon, BP, Chevron, and ConocoPhillips must pay for the damage they've done to people and the planet."
Senate Dems Employ Obscure Law in Effort to Reverse Trump Rollback of Methane Emissions Standards
), and Angus King (I-Maine)—who caucuses with the Democrats—led a larger group of lawmakers Thursday in introducing a resolution of disapproval, under the Congressional Review Act (CRA), to reinstate Obama-era methane rules. Notably, such a resolution allows for Congress to take action while avoiding the filibuster in the Senate. The outlet noted that "it would be the first rollback of Trump environmental policy Democrats target with the CRA" and "would come as lawmakers are rapidly approaching the deadline to use the technique." Bolder action is urgently needed after four years of reckless Trump administration policies and feet-dragging by industry on climate," said Lauren Pagel, Earthworks policy director. This CRA is just one of many initiatives the Senate Democratic majority will undertake to address the climate crisis.
'What You're Doing Is Historical!' Bernie Sanders Rallies With Amazon Workers in Alabama
"There is no excuse for workers at Amazon not to have good wages, good benefits, and good working conditions." "Your message to people all over this country is stand up and fight back," asserted Sanders. Amazon worker Darryl Richardson, who launched the Alabama unionization effort, also addressed the rally. Bezos will step down as CEO later this year and be replaced by longtime Amazon Web Services chief Andy Jassy. What Amazon workers in Alabama are doing is historical.
In Quest of a Multi-Polar World
And you’ll have the whole ideal of Russia, China, and other countries being the ideal of not only Marx, but Adam Smith, John Stuart Mill, Ricardo. And the American economy is all about extracting rent through the real estate sector, the financial sector, the health insurance sector, the monopolies and infrastructure sector. The free world was a world centrally planned by the American military and finance together. If there’s no European central bank to borrow, to pump euros into the world economy, then, only dollars will be left for central bank reserves. Well I wonder whether that’s going to be a model for what’s happening in the United States with the ethnic war here.
Rescuing Rich Investors in Poor Countries
The G20 is really the G7 – that is, the seven leading rich nations, the U.S, the U.K,, France, Germany, Japan, Canada, Italy – in disguise. The rich nations’ response to the catastrophe afflicting poor nations is the Debt Service Suspension Initiative (DSSI) — an offer for 77 “least developed countries” to suspend interest payments to official creditors (i.e. In other words, rich countries’ governments are not rescuing poor countries, they are rescuing rich investors in those poor countries. The debt crisis facing the poorest countries is one facet of a colossal global debt crisis. Including the private and public debt of middle-income and rich countries, global debt now totals $277 trillion.
As Myanmar Death Toll Tops 320, UN Expert Warns Crisis Will Worsen Without World's Help
"I fear the situation of human rights in Myanmar will further deteriorate as the junta increases the rate of murders, enforced disappearances, and torture." Khin's killing came the day after regime forces reportedly killed Tun Tun Aung, a 14-year-old boy, at his family's home, also in Mandalay. "The fact that so many children are being killed on an almost daily basis now shows a complete disregard for human life by security forces." "Member states have an opportunity to demonstrate this alternative, but the window in which this can be achieved is closing rapidly," he added. "I fear that the international community has only a short time remaining to act."
African origins of Caribbean music, Reggae, Calypso, Compas, and Zouk
In particular, during the movement to independence, calypso music would include common messages of freedom, anti-colonialism and empowerment of African descended people. After Trinidad and Tobago gained independence in 1962, calypso music continued to be used as an outlet for political commentary. The blend of African and European cultures has created popular dance music, music played on simple acoustic instruments. Another explanation is that at a recording session in 1959 produced by Coxsone Dodd, double bassist Cluett Johnson instructed guitarist Ranglin to "play like ska, ska, ska", although Ranglin has denied this, stating "Clue couldn't tell me what to play!" Derrick Morgan said: "Guitar and piano making a ska sound, like 'ska, ska".
Monoclonal Antibodies ... We need to get everyone informed
The other night Rachel highlighted a Covid-19 death preventative that needs wide acknowledgement, monoclonal antibodies. This treatment is available NOW, and can prevent death and serious hospitalization. It can block the virus from entering cells and helps the body’s immune system to fight off these viruses. Here’s a link on the subject:…,It takes time to administer, but are readily available because they are laboratory-produced. She added that because of people not asking about it, Michigan found lots of doses just sitting around unused.
Street Prophets Friday: Out and About (Photos and Fluff)
RokytkaThe Rokytka is a small river/broad stream that flows through much of central and north-eastern Prague and into the Vltava near the chateau at Liben. Many beautiful buildings in the neighborhood around the chateauIt was beautiful weather for a walk. We enjoyed our ice cream as we continued our walk through a village on the outskirts of the big city. We were really on the outskirts of the outskirts and passed through their old industrial area adjacent to the railway station. After getting requests from some of the parents I decided to start seeing some of my students in person again.
It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world
Republicans bet everything to defeat President Obama’s health care reform plan — without ever offering a real alternative or working with Democrats to find common ground. They doubled-down again believing that voters would deny President Obama re-election and they could repeal the law. Now, the country will live under a health care law — for probably a generation or more — that could have been based on many Republican ideas had they simply negotiated. But since there is seemingly no chance of ever winning Republican support, Biden can safely just ignore them. It’s allowed Joe Biden — so far, at least — to be the most liberal president of the last half century.
Boycott the Masters
I wrote an email to the PGA of America that the PGA should immediately cancel the Masters Golf Tournament until such time as the Georgia republicans have a change of heart. I encourage all other golf enthusiasts to contact the PGA and echo these sentiments. If you’re not a golfer, consider contacting Coca-Cola, UPS, or Delta Airlines and indicate that you will be boycotting their products and services until positive change is witnessed. You might also indicate that you are contacting all folks in your friends and family circle and urging the same. There has to be a penalty, both financial and moral, if we are going to make progress.
Crazy/Stupid Republican of the Day: Jim Lucas- 2021 Update
Indiana state legislator Jim Lucas has caused outrage with inflammatory posts, and he's not just been enabled by his party to keep getting worse, but now he's even attacking his own party on social media... for Covid-19 safety. In the six years he’s been in office, he has become synonymous in the Hoosier State with conservative douchebaggery. Not long after the 2016 election, Lucas twice made headlines for extremely misogynistic posts, the first when on Dec. 19, 2016 Lucas shared on his page the photo of a woman in a car trunk with the words, “Wanna know who loves you more your wife or your dog? One Year Ago, March 26th, 2020: Jim Lucas (IN)… 2020 UpdateTwo Years Ago, March 26th, 2019: Jim Lucas (IN)… 2019 UpdateThree Years Ago, March 26th, 2018: Jim Lucas (IN)… Original ProfileFour Years Ago, March 26th, 2017: Tom Hooker (MI)Five Years Ago. March 26th, 2016: Lee Terry (NE)Six Years Ago: March 26th, 2015: Cathie Adams (TX)
We’re Not Done Fighting for California’s Frontline Communities
The climate crisis has already come to Kern County. Kern residents experience the “ slow violence ” of the fossil fuel industry every day, not just during wildfire season. About 80% of California’s oil and gas production happens in Kern County. Fossil fuel pollution affects nearly every corner of Kern County, but some residents experience more of its harms. People of color, especially those in low-income communities, are disproportionately likely to live near oil and gas wells and their toxic emissions.
AZ SoS Decries 'Dangerous, Unprecedented' GOP Schemes to Roll Back Voting Rights: 'BradCast' 3
Unfortunately, Nicole got hit pretty hard after her second COVID vaccine shot, so she's been a bit under the weather (but getting much better!). However, she was kind enough to share the interview with us anyway so we could share it with you on today's program. The Grand Canyon State also elected Democrat Mark Kelly for the U.S. Senate last November. On today's program, Hobbs speaks to similar efforts now under way by Arizona's GOP state lawmakers to roll back voting rights, including the state's popular mail-in voting options, despite last year's "very successful" election...or, perhaps, because of it. Hobbs describes the measures being pushed by state Republicans as "unprecedented" and "really dangerous in terms of voting rights, not just in Arizona but across the country."
Biden Doubles Vaccination Goal and It Looks Achievable
Having reached 100 million vaccinations in just 59 days in office, Joe Biden is now calling for 200 million vaccinations in his first 100 days, which will be April 30. The Center for Disease Control reports 136.7 million total vaccinations for US residents for yesterday, so reaching the goal will require about 83.3 million vaccinations in the 36 remaining days. We are currently averaging about 2.5 million vaccinations per day and Biden’s goal will require 2.3 million a day. The company had forecast delivery of 20 million doses by March 31. Today and tomorrow’s deliveries may well add 5.5 million bringing us to 210 million doses.
PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN---Day65---Evening Shade-Friday
— Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) March 26, 2021x President Biden: "If you have the best ideas, you have nothing to hide. — Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) March 26, 2021x President Biden: "This is Jim Crow in the 21st Century. — Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) March 26, 2021x Sen. Warnock: "The people of Georgia have been voting like this for years. — Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) March 26, 2021x Sen. Warnock: "No Senate rule should overrule the integrity of our democracy." — Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) March 26, 2021REP. JOE NEGUSEx Rep. Joe Neguse is requesting that President Biden put in place a ban on the importation of assault weapons.
Steve Daines laments the loss of American-made meth
Championing dangerous addictive American-made drugs since 2021.x Sen. Steve Daines: “Twenty years ago in Montana, meth was homemade. And you had purity levels less than 30%. Today the meth that is getting into Montana is Mexican cartel.” — Sahil Kapur (@sahilkapur) March 26, 2021“Sen. Steve Daines: “Twenty years ago in Montana, meth was homemade. And you had purity levels less than 30%.
Civility, part II: Don't flag when you're angry. Or upset. Open Thread for Community Moderation
Anyone who wants to discuss community moderation topics is welcome. Previous diaries in this series, and a compilation of historical diaries showing the growth of Community Moderation on Daily Kos, can be found at A Guide to Community Moderation. A caveat:I do not speak for the Help Desk. In the unlikely event that any member of the Help Desk joins the group it still will not speak for the Help Desk. Kos and the rest of the Daily Kos staff, usually speaking through the Help Desk, are the ultimate authority in any and all disputes.
Olbermann vs Apartheid Georgia
Happy Friday…Page notes from video:Boycotting Delta Airlines and Coca-Cola and other Georgia-based companies comes later. But the first step to protest Georgia's 21st Century Jim Crow voting laws must be taken in sports, specifically by baseball. It's Jackie Robinson Day - but if the owners will not respond to Georgia's racism by moving the game elsewhere, the players must boycott the Robinson celebrations. Celebrating integration while a state acts to disenfranchise its residents of color is obviously hypocritical and humiliating, but it's worse: Jackie Robinson was BORN in Georgia. He would find nothing to celebrate today, or in July, or on April 15.
Two proposals to advance voting rights
The Democratic bill to advance voting rights is facing grim prospects in the Senate. If it doesn’t, the second addition would be the creation of a national ID system that doesn’t rely on voluntary action on the part of citizens. We’ll deliberately hurt ourselves if you’ll go along with our voting rights bill!” They’ll eat it up. India has a national ID system that reaches most of its population, and it cost them about $1 per citizen. So instead of butting heads with Republicans over voting rights, why not offer them a few inducements?
Do you have a favorite wordplay or pun image? Please share!
I love dad jokes, word play and puns. Humor rules my life, or I like to think so. One of the reasons that I write many of the diaries I do is because, I hope, they get people to smile or chuckle, or remember good times in the past. Life is too short to not smile at least once a day.
To the point that port of Thessaloniki was even closed on Saturday or Shabbat, the Jewish day when religion forbids working. But on September 2, 1939, with the outbreak of World War II, this peaceful community would one day feel the terror of the Nazis. Of the 60,000 Jews in Thessaloniki, around 50,000 were exterminated at the Birkenau concentration camp. He changed his first name Abraham to Albert and met a Jewish woman named Miriam who then became his wife. From there, the road was short for little Abraham (Albert) to rise through the ranks to become Chief Operation Officer before obtaining his appointment as CEO of the company in 2019.
MyPillow Guy is launching his own social media platform
By now, you know that Donald Trump is making plans for his own social media platform. Trump BFF and MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell recently announced he’s rolling out a new social media outlet—“Frank.”MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, the Trump ally who pushed voter-fraud conspiracy theories, has just offered a first glimpse at his new social-media site. Frank is set to launch fully in 10 to 14 days, Lindell told "The Eric Metaxas Radio Show" on Tuesday. Lindell has been secretly creating his own social-media platform over the past four years, he said earlier this month. I know, I know, Gab has survived despite being blackballed from iPhones and Androids.
Kitchen Table Kibitzing 3
Hi, everyone who’s still looking for this diary! I have no idea who was supposed to be scheduled, but, shit happens. So, the better for us to talk about whatever, here’s a thread! (If the real diarist shows up with a real diary, I’d be glad to take this down.
Friday Night Beer Blog
Happy Friday, beer fans! Come in and share a cold one with us! -An out-of-town friend is visiting so I will actually be going out for beer at a restaurant for the first time in months. What are you drinking? Who’s brewing?
Watch Beto O'Rourke Testify Against GOP Voter Suppression Bills On The Texas Senate Floor
Received this e-mail from former presidential candidate, Rep. Beto O’Rourke’s (D. TX) organization, Powered By People:Just this week, our team found out that there were two voter suppression bills — HB6 in the Texas State House, SB7 in the Texas State Senate — that were going to be introduced. So, on Wednesday, Beto drove over eight hours from El Paso to Austin to testify against these bills via public comment. We expected that he was going to be able to take to the floor of the State Capitol to testify against HB6. Today, the State Senate took public comment for SB7 — and Beto, along with others, were able to testify against this dangerous and harmful bill. Then, chip in to help us organize and fight back against these dangerous bills.
Georgia Needs the Movie Industry and the NCAA
I am hoping someone can put together a concerted effort to pressure the big businesses in the state. Every effort should be made to support the sure to be loud response by the movie industry and the NCAA. If there are any two industries in the state that can apply real pressure, it is those two.
Voting Rights Roundup: GOP passes Georgia's most far-reaching voting restriction law since Jim Crow
It's unclear just how effectively these provisions will deter Black voters and Democrats from voting as Republicans undoubtedly intend. Voting Access Expansions? Delaware: State Senate Democrats have passed a bill in a committee to adopt automatic voter registration. Democratic legislators also passed another bill that sets minimum requirements for absentee ballot drop box locations. Northam has until Wednesday to take action on the remaining voting bills passed in the most recent legislative session. ? West Virginia: State Senate Republicans have passed a bill with almost all Democrats voting against it that would enact major new restrictions on voting.
Biden blasts Republicans' voter suppression, while Manchin gives credence to their Big Lie
He once again endorsed the talking filibuster, saying that it would force senators "to stand there and talk and talk and talk and talk until you collapse" if they wanted to opposed a bill. The showdown over the filibuster is coming sooner rather than later and it will likely be over voting rights. And this Senate will take action to protect the voting rights of tens of millions of Americans. Meanwhile, self-declared king Sen. Joe Manchin has issued his decree on what he would find acceptable in a law, proving that bipartisanship is more important to him than protecting voting rights. He ignores most of the major and critical provisions to restore democracy including gerrymandering reform, voter registration expansion and improvements, vote-by-mail access, voter purge prevention—all the things that Republicans have attacked in their voter suppression efforts.
Has inflation been hiding in plain sight?
It was the notion that higher prices led workers to demand higher wages which led to higher prices etc. Inflation is what happens when the supply of money in circulation grows more rapidly than the supply of goods and services. And it’s based on the money supply, not workers’ demanding fair wages. The reason the money is hiding in plain sight in the stock market is because of growing inequality. And if the stock market goes down, well, so be it.
GOP Senator Marsha Blackburn flashes congressional pin after getting pulled over; gets let go
After rushing out of the Senate after a vote, she had an aide take her to the airport. Apparently, the car was fast and/or erratic enough to catch the attention of the Capitol Police, which pulled the car over. Republicans like Blackburn don’t want to be in office to serve, they want to be in office for the power the office bestows. x I stand with Georgia State Rep. Park Cannon (@Cannonfor58), who was arrested and CHARGED WITH A FELONY for ... for what? Kemp’s office door* as she tried to observe the cowardly closed-door signing ceremony for the voter suppression law.
My response to the excellent diary "Don't let your guard down."
And my response here is in NO way an argument to this diary. BUT, It is something I feel is important enough to respond to in a diary of its own. The known information changes from day to day, and contradicts itself every other day. Sure, you want to let people know about the science, what’s working and how often. If we don’t believe our chances are good in doing so, then when will they ever be good?
IAN: 03.27.2021 "Wild Sign" As Promised...
If you're not here, or anywhere else on DKos, and there are adverse conditions in your area (floods, heatwaves, hurricanes, etc. If you are going to be away from your computer for a day or a week, let us know here. IAN is a great group to join, and a good place to learn to write diaries. We all share the publishing duties, and we welcome everyone who reads IAN to write diaries for the group! Once again, it’s Story Time, and as promised, now that Mom has had the chance to read it, I can tell you all about Wild Sign, the new offering from Patricia Briggs!
Insomniacs' Vent Hole with James Corden
SPOILER WARNING: A latenight gathering for non-serious palaver that does not speak of that night's show. Violation of IVH rules will result in expulsion without refund. A copy of IVH rules can be obtained from one or more members wearing tie-dyed oxford shirts after written requests. Colbert: Jared Leto; musical performance by LANCO. Corden: Noah Centineo; musical performance by Madison Cunningham.
Minerva @ Midnight: 400,000 Trump deaths
Other research suggests that it was instead the lax approach to the pandemic that led to Trump’s eventual defeat. His own pollster, Tony Fabrizio, produced research showing how those who voted against Trump were more likely to view his response to the pandemic critically. “Trump’s vote share increased by 2 percentage points on average across counties nationally,” the researchers find. — The New York Times (@nytimes) March 27, 2021And what would make us more depressed, an informal economy in so-called vaccine passports. Those falsified results can be purchased for $25 in less than 30 minutes.#FreshVoicesRise — ?PrincezzP? (@juslilmissp) March 27, 2021
Mr. & Mrs. PotatoHead Dancing in the Kitchen
The PotatoHeads stopped by this evening for a quick visit. We played a couple of rounds of “Who’s the Potato Head Now?” which gave Mrs. The PotatoHead a bit of the vapors. She said she wasn’t feeling herself tonight as her fingers must have gotten lost in the box. Mister PotatoHead’s legs couldn’t take the strain & after awhile he moaned, just before he collapsed in the kitchen, “I’ll be so fried in the morning!”He couldn’t stop grinning the whole time.
Top Comments: Second Shot
Here at Top Comments we welcome longtime as well as brand new Daily Kos readers to join us at 10pm Eastern. If you see a comment by another Kossack that deserves wider recognition, please send it either to topcomments at gmail or to the Top Comments group mailbox by 9:30pm Eastern. It’s not as if my pre-pandemic life was full of trips to museums or the theater or readings and other cultural stuff. And now that it’s been a little over 24 hours since my second shot of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, I am anticipating the passage of the two week period as the vaccine works it’s way through my system so I can get out and do all these things that I hadn’t been doing pre-COVID. Being in the grocery store or supply store unable to distance myself from someone else by six feet.
Buttigieg says taxing drivers by the mile “shows a lot of promise” and could fund infrastructure
Pete Buttigieg floated the idea for a mileage based tax when asked by a reporter which sparked a lot of debate online. Some supported the idea as a good way to transition away traveling in cars and vehicles in favor of public transportation. Many where concerned that it could disproportionately hurt those in rural areas who have trouble affording to travel without having any public transportation available. This has been a complicated and decisive issue for decades that will likely need to be addressed sooner rather than later. x Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg says taxing drivers by the mile “shows a lot of promise” and could be a way to fund a big infrastructure overhaul.
PWB Friday Night Open Thread
While you weren’t looking, the gang lit out for New York. For one of their myriad FASHION WEEKS, of course! There’s a new couturier in town, and he’s taking the Big Apple by storm. Our models are fierce — in every sense of the word! Today’s diaryToday’s community linksAnd for Andy fans: The Big Book of Andy — Now With More Aliens.
Fox News faces second billion-dollar defamation lawsuit filed by voting systems company
“Fox wanted to continue to protect its broadcast ratings, catering to an audience deeply loyal to President Trump.”Dominion's filing against Fox follows other defamation suits it already filed against Powell, Rudy Giuliani, and MyPillow guy Mike Lindell. In actuality, multiple polls have shown the vast majority of Republicans believe the election was stolen from Trump. Fox News, of course, deemed Powell’s claims credible enough to air to many millions of its viewers. “Viewers began fleeing Fox in favor of media outlets endorsing the lie that massive fraud caused President Trump to lose the election,” the company said in the lawsuit. “They saw Fox as insufficiently supportive of President Trump ...
Thank you to the Daily Kos community for my fundraiser!
From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Daily Kos community, for creating, participating in, and donating to my fundraiser. The fundraiser took place in two installments, one in December, by elenacarlena, and one last month, by JekyllnHyde. With your help, I now have time to develop a sustainable income with my music teaching and to continue to search for a “regular” job. And thanks so much to the TPR group — your support and kindness continue to sustain me in so many ways! The sea, and its wide shoulders;the sea and its triangles;the sea lying back on its long athlete’s spine.
Overnight News Digest
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MN court fines right-wing attorney $10,000 for fraud in 2020 contest lawsuit against Rep. Ilhan Omar
“As a lay person, an affidavit doesn’t mean anything.” Through her questioning, Shogren Smith explained to Braun that contesting an election in Minnesota means filing a lawsuit. At the end of the hearing, the court ordered the three contestants’ names removed from the lawsuit and fined Smith ten thousand dollars. (Prior to the hearing, Smith and other unnamed parties had already paid the ~$4,000 judgment that Braun and the other contestants had been hit with at the end of the lawsuit.) From one perspective, all this is shocking: bizarre behavior by a licensed attorney leading to a stunning fine from a Minnesota district court. I won’t weep for Susan Shogren Smith.
MI GOP Chair calls Whitmer, Nessel, Benson "Three Witches," talks about assassinating officials.
Last month Michigan GOP Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey called the January 6th Trump Insurrection a "hoax" and claimed he "spanked" Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Weiser responded that the party is focused on beating the "three witches" in 2022, referring to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Attorney General Dana Nessel and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson — the three statewide Democratic leaders who are up for re-election next year. Gretchen Whitmer, Attorney Dana Nessel and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson "witches" and referenced calling elected women "witches" and the GOP needs to make sure "they are ready for the burning at the stake." To top it off, the MI GOP is trying to damage the democratic process by using a loophole in the state constitution to ram through massive voter suppression bills:
Beverly Cleary Has Passed
Not a cycle, but miceVery sad news. Beverly Cleary has passed. My favorite book of hers was The Mouse and the Motorcycle. But there were other characters, Ramona, Beezus and Henry Huggins, among others. Share your memories.
Maybe Letting the White Supremacists Decide Who Gets to Vote Isn’t the Best Idea
Come to think of it, why DO they oppose all this good, good stuff, which the public clearly wants? It’s the most sickeningly anti-American thing I’ve seen since...ok, January 6th wasn’t that long ago, but you get my point. You may recall this tactic from the LOCK YOUR DOORS SWEET JESUS IT’S A MIGRANT CARAVAN freakout preceding the 2018 midterms. Take care of yourselves out there, my friends, and may all your breakfast cereals remain generally shrimp-free. You should really sign up for updates, and follow @CapShower on the Tweetymachine, because there might just be a new comic book a-comin’...
House Democrats introduce legislation to block DeJoy's Postal Service sabotage
The Postal Service, he reminds us, is a public service and "Changes to its universal service guarantee must go through a process that is designed to protect the public interest." They're now in the federal employees benefits plan, where all that pre-funding money has been going. DeJoy's planned price hikes and service cuts are getting panned by consumer groups—including business groups that rely on the mail. "Apart from price increases and service reductions, there is little about mail in the plan at all. The Postal Service is too critical an institution to let this malfeasance continue.
FOX News Is Going to Have a Hard Time Overcoming the OVERWHELMING Evidence in the Dominion Lawsuit
The bill is coming due for Fox News for having recklessly, repeatedly, and maliciously spread flagrant falsehoods to support Donald Trump's Big Lie over election fraud. Dominion Voting Systems has just announced that they are suing Fox for defamation to the tune of $1.6 billion. And Fox News has also been sued by Smartmatic, a voting software services company that alleges similar defamation in Fox's election reporting. Fox News is going to have a hard time defending itself from these lawsuits. There is an abundance of evidence that supports the claims, and most of it consists of video from Fox News itself.
Cheers and Jeers: Rum and Social Distancing FRIDAY!
Unfortunately—and longtime viewers of this show may be surprised—the men and the women in those tournaments are being treated pretty differently. Man, if they could just put the medicine in a chicken sandwich America will flatten the curve by Friday." They should have put that ship into their stretchy canal—you know, the one that looks like denim but gives?" The White House press corps, on the other hand, was its usual atrocious White House press corps self. With your support, Earth Hour 2021 could be a spotlight moment that puts nature at the center of international conversations.
Bolsa perde 4% e dólar dispara após anulação de condenações de Lula
“A decisão do ministro Edson Fachin, relator da Lava Jato no Supremo, coloca o ex-presidente Lula em condições de concorrer às eleições de 2022”, afirmou a equipe da XP Política em comentário a clientes. “Com Lula elegível, cresce ainda mais a chance deste governo ir totalmente para o populismo”, comentou Alfredo Menezes, sócio-gestor na Armor Capital. Mais cedo, a Bolsa brasileira já operava em queda frente ao avanço da crise sanitária da Covid-19 no país. Copyright Forbes Brasil. É proibida a reprodução, total ou parcial, do conteúdo desta página em qualquer meio de comunicação, impresso ou digital, sem prévia autorização, por escrito, da Forbes Brasil ( [email protected] ).
Do NOT let your guard down
Yes, we can see the light at the end of the covid-19 tunnel but for the sake of you, your family & perfect strangers around you — do NOT let your guard down yet. Last week, I was at a rare in person meeting for a special project I am on. !” but being new to the group I didn’t want to be seen as a trouble maker. And the one time I let my guard down and didn’t stand up for myself & those around me, we could all be screwed. However, that doesn’t make the risk zero and now I’m going through a hellscape of “what if” scenarios.
In 1946, Maceo Snipes was lynched for voting in Georgia. Is this the America that's 'great again?'
[5] The day after Snipes voted, four white men arrived in a pick-up truck outside of his grandfather’s farmhouse, where Snipes and his mother Lula were having dinner. The men, rumored to be members of the local Klan chapter, called for Snipes, who came outside to meet them. During their encounter outside the house, Edward Williamson, who sometimes went by the name of Edward Cooper, shot Snipes in the back. Over the last few days I’ve read a lot of pieces about this—including some fairly offensive ones implying Democrats and Republicans are engaging in a “game.” Voting is not a game. We want to do everything we can to make America great as soon as we can.
GOP senator says people shouldn't vote on Sundays because 'in God we trust' is printed on money
I give you Mississippi Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith:x Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith defends preventing people from voting on Sunday, because God — Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) March 24, 2021Transcript! Schumer’s question was, he was wondering why on Sundays Georgia would not participate in an electorial [sic] process of gathering signatures ... registration and things on Sunday, and I would just like to respond to that. — Jim Wallis (@jimwallis) February 27, 2021Secondly, Georgia’s proposed “no doing election stuff on Sundays” rule has fuck-all to do with God, unless God is an unreconstructed racist, too. The Atlanta Journal Constitution:The proposal to end in-person early voting on Sundays would be a blow to Black churches that host “Souls to the Polls” get-out-the-vote events. Thanks to Goodbye, Asshat: 101 Farewell Letters to Donald Trump, Dear F*cking Lunatic, Dear Pr*sident A**clown and Dear F*cking Moron, you can purge the Trump years from your soul sans the existential dread.
News roundup: Georgia voter suppression draws blowback; state-level Republicans target abortion
Friday’s news was dominated by Thursday’s move by Georgia Republicans to do everything they can to suppress the vote enough to win. And, since SB 202 specifically targets Black voters, this has to be regarded as an intentional restoration of Jim Crow for the purposes of voting at least. Continuing our years of coverage of voting rights issues, Daily Kos covered this story throughout the day:In other news:From the community:
The Suez Canal crisis sparked truly hilarious memes, but also, you might want to buy toilet paper
The cargo ship Ever Given has been stuck since Wednesday and everything from car parts, electronics, and livestock are stuck behind the 220,000-ton ship. Roughly 30 oil tanker ships are caught in the blockage and that has already caused oil shipping rates to nearly double this week. And if that doesn’t make you pucker, this probably will: Walter Schalka, the CEO of Brazilian-based Suzano SA, one of the world’s largest wood pulp producers, says the blockade will create a snowball effect on delivering wood pulp, an industry that was already strained. Because wood pulp is how toilet paper is made. I’m not saying you need to go out and hoard, but beware that we may again face a toilet paper shortage.
Lula’s arrest is “a gift from the CIA”, mocked Lava Jato prosecutor
All Brasil Wire articles on Operation Lava Jato 2014-21. Sergio Moro and Deltan Dallagnol have been accused of “treason” for their illegal collusion with United States authorities. In 2019 the U.S. Department of Justice attempted to pay the Lava Jato task force a $682 million dollar kickback, ostensibly for them to set up a “private foundation to fight corruption”. On June 27, 2018, Attorney Roberson Pozzobon asks for the ages of Lava Jato defendants, in a proposed effort to avert any chance of Lula escaping prison. Last week it was announced that Lava Jato, or Car Wash, as it was relentlessly promoted in the English speaking media, will be shut down completely later this year, having helped wreck Brazil’s economy and eviscerate its democracy.
Financial Press Fears Brazilians Will Be Allowed to Elect President of Their Choice
But far from celebrating the news, the financial press is very disappointed that the world’s most popular politician is finally free again. “Stock Exchange Loses 4% and Dollar Rises After Lula Charges Annulled,” ran Forbes Brasil’s headline (3/8/21). The financial press has long been afraid of what Lula’s liberty would mean for the profits of its readers. This is in complete contrast to two years ago, when the financial press lauded the election of the fascist Bolsonaro (, 10/31/18). Financial media were all too happy to see a far-right authoritarian gain power, as long as he implemented pro-rich policies.
How The FBI “Toppled Presidents” In Brazil
2) George “Ren” McEchern, then-chief of the FBI’s International Corruption Unit, said that the FBI started “looking for countries that could invite FBI agents into analyze corruption investigations that have a connection to the United States,” in 2014. 7) After the visit, prosecutors suggested ways for the US to bypass the Federal Supreme Court to interrogate Brazilians. 9) The following year, DOJ prosecutors and FBI agents returned to Brazil to interrogate the first Lava Jato whistle blowers. We have had a lot of work there”20) It is worth mentioning the role of other FBI agents. All signs indicate that he served as an intermediary with Lava Jato prosecutors.
US DOJ gives Lava Jato $682 million kickback
By Brian MierOver the past 4 years, as most Anglo media completely ignored the issue, Brasil Wire has extensively covered US government involvement in the Lava Jato corruption investigation. We documented how the Lava Jato investigation appears to have been planned at a 2009 meeting between the DOJ and Brazilian public prosecutors office, and how DOJ officials visited Sergio Móro in Curitiba during the investigation. This transfer, which essentially constitutes a kickback to the Lava Jato task force for its help in sabotaging Brazil’s national development strategy, turning its oil reserves over to US corporations, attacking the PT party and jailing Lula, is valued at $682,560,000. In 2014, President Dilma Rousseff issued a decree earmarking 100% of Petrobras’ royalties to the Public Health and Education systems. Ironically the Lava Jato task force, which was hailed in the Anglo Media as being a heroic group of impartial corruption crusaders, is now slated to benefit from its own shady Petrobras deal.
Analysis: Brazil markets, on shaky foundations, rocked by Lula bombshell
FILE PHOTO: A man leaves a currency exchange office in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 31, 2015. REUTERS/Ricardo MoraesThey have now been rocked to their foundations - even if the October 2022 vote remains far on the horizon. (Graphic: Brazil rates spread, )The benchmark Bovespa stock market index is down more than 15% in dollar terms this year, making it the worst-performer among the world's major equity indices. But he has recently shown a desire to keep the spending taps open, despite the government’s record debt and deficit, much to the market’s dismay. “But while higher rates might help to shore up the real and dampen inflation expectations, they would also worsen Brazil’s debt dynamics.”
Wikileaks: US 'routinely spied' on Brazil
"If President Rousseff wants to see more US investment in Brazil on the back of her recent trip as she claims, how can she assure Brazilian companies that their US counterparts will not have an advantage provided by this surveillance, until she can really guarantee the spying has stopped - not just on her, but on all Brazilian issues," he wrote in a statement.
US admits role in Operation Lava Jato, brags about Lula conviction
In his speech, Blanco says, “the cooperation between the [US Justice] Department and Brazil has led to extraordinary results. In just the last year alone, for example, the Criminal Division’s Fraud Section and the Brazilian Lava Jato task force have cooperated and coordinated resolutions in four FCPA cases: Embraer, Rolls Royce, Braskem, and Odebrecht. He continues saying, “At the core of the tremendous cooperation between our two countries is a strong relationship built on trust. Ex-president of Peru, Ollanta Humala is arrested on corruption charges involving Odebrecht construction company as part of the Lava Jato investigation. Current Peruvian president, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, is facing impeachment charges from the same investigation.
Will Drones Really Protect Us?
The next section of the briefing is about the future use of police surveillance drones, and how they could become useful in combating crime. The British Army Watchkeeper drone has been commissioned to help with surveillance of people crossing the Channel. In the area of Sussex and Surrey, there are 23 drones and, according to a recent Freedom of Information, they were used 108 times between January-June 2020. The vaunted "eyes in the skies," the surveillance drones, won't help us understand these realities. I hope a surveillance drone will get the message painted on large banners we've held, standing along our seacoast, proclaiming a welcome for refugees and a longing for peace.
Bolivia's Separatist Movement
The statement is representative of a growing social movement with interests that are diametrically opposed to those of the powerful indigenous-based popular movements. The ongoing controversy has radical groups from the resource-rich media luna calling for the creation of a nation independent from the impoverished western highlands. The altiplano is primarily indigenous—Aymara and Quechua—while the media luna has a much larger mestizo population. Economically, the altiplano is geared towards domestic markets, yet the resource-rich media luna is export-oriented. Much like the U.S. conservative movement, these groups, for the most part, wage their battles with culture rather than economics, because the latter would alienate their less-affluent base.
Brazil Elections: 13 Years of Achievements Under PT Gov'ts of Lula and Dilma
The Lula and Dilma governments meant the development of social policies that translated into social benefits for citizens. This was achieved due to an important increase in the percentage of the country's income used for social policies. Preserving ProgressAnother sector that saw development and progress under the PT governments were family farms. Between 2004 and 2013 period, as a result of these policies, Brazil grew by 30 percent, equivalent to an average annual increase of 2.6 percent. Regardless, PT governments have been repeatedly attacked by neoliberal forces in the country.
Bolsa-Família: template for poverty reduction or recipe for dependency?
Thanks to a programme that no Brazilian politician now dares to go against: Bolsa-Família. But Bolsa-Família is one of the largest existing instruments of income transfer, benefiting 13.8 million families (almost 50 million people.) But will Bolsa-Família alone solve the problem of poverty? Another researcher on Bolsa-Família and executive co-ordinator of Action Aid Brazil, Adriano Campolina, highlights the impact of Bolsa-Família in reducing internal migration. Social workers are now also looking for other people living in extreme poverty still not included in the programme.
Lula da Silva: Brazil's former President urges Biden to call an emergency Covid-19 summit
ET to watch Christiane Amanpour's full exclusive interview with former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. (CNN) Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is calling on US President Joe Biden to ensure vaccine equity, in an exclusive interview with CNN's Christiane Amanpour. Speaking from Sao Paulo, Brazil, da Silva said the US has a surplus of vaccines and suggested the excess could be donated to countries in need. "One suggestion that I would like to make to President Biden through your program is: it's very important to call a G20 meeting urgently," da Silva told Amanpour. My main priority now is to save this country," da Silva said.
As Brazil tilts rightward, Lula’s leftist legacy of lifting the poor is at risk
The Brazilian senate’s impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff in August ended about 13 years of center-left government by the Workers Party (PT). During this study, I made frequent trips to Brazil and witnessed the remarkable rise of Lula and his Workers’ Party (PT). Under Lula, it seemed, Brazil had finally turned the corner on the boom and bust cycles of the past. Now, with Lula indicted, his successor impeached and the new president promising to take the country to the right, is his legacy as the president of poor Brazilians at risk? Although President Rousseff has never been accused of direct involvement, it occurred on her watch.
Brazil judge annuls Lula's convictions, opens door to 2022 run
Bolsonaro, speaking to reporters in Brasilia, said he hoped the decision is overturned when it is reviewed by the full Supreme Court. He added that he did not believe Brazilians wanted Lula to run next year. In a note, Lula’s legal team said the decision on Monday was recognition that the former president was innocent. It found that 50% of the 2,002 people it interviewed “would certainly” or “could” vote for Lula, compared with 38% for Bolsonaro. Some 44% of respondents said they would never vote for Lula, while 56% would never vote for Bolsonaro, the poll found.
I Just Visited Lula, the World’s Most Prominent Political Prisoner. A “Soft Coup” in Brazil’s Election Will Have Global Consequences.
My wife Valeria and I have just visited a prison to see arguably the most prominent political prisoner of today, a person of unusual significance in contemporary global politics. Lula is by far the most popular candidate and would easily win a fair election, not the outcome preferred by the plutocracy. Returning to the Bolsonaro-Guedes prescriptions for undermining Brazil, it is important to bear in mind the overwhelming power of finance in the Brazilian political economy. Some Brazilians at least, but not those who hold economic power. One important example is buying elections, a topic that has been studied in depth, particularly by political scientist Thomas Ferguson.
Sergio Moro's ruling on Lula was biased, says Brazil's Supreme Court
Sergio Moro's ruling on Lula was biased, says Brazil's Supreme Court25th Thursday, March 2021 - 07:14 UTC Full articleMoro accepted Bolsonaro's offer to become Justice Ministr, thus demonstrating his partiality towards The PT leader. In a 3-2 split ruling, Brazil's Supreme Court Tuesday determined that Judge Sergio Moro's sentencing of former President Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva (2003-2011) on corruption charges in the Lava Jate case was biased. In the light of this new ruling, the entire process now goes back to square one at a federal court in Brasilia. “We hope that the judgment passed today by the Supreme Court will serve as a guide” for the future. The partiality corresponds to a singular situation about a person, in this case, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva,” the Supreme Court justice said.
Brazil poll shows jailed Lula extending lead for October election
Brazil's former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva's supporters walk during the Free Lula March in Brasilia, Brazil, August 14, 2018. His nearest rival was far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro with 18.3 percent, followed by environmentalist Marina Silva with 5.6 percent and business-friendly Alckmin with 4.9 percent. Support for Marina Silva and center-left candidate Ciro Gomes has slipped since the May poll, while support increased for Bolsonaro. Another 11.9 percent of the voters surveyed would migrate to Marina Silva, 9.6 percent to Gomes, 6.2 percent to Bolsonaro and 3.7 percent to Alckmin. Lula, Brazil’s first working class president and whose social policies lifted millions from poverty in Latin America’s largest nation, was jailed in April to start serving a 12-year sentence for receiving bribes.
What is the difference between DDT and Glyphosate?
What is the difference between DDTAnd Glyphosate? There is no difference. Or it might be the caffeine of my coffee,Or it might be a bitter karmic spiritTickling some obscure lobe of my brain. I confess, I ate a clementine yesterdayAnd glyphosate started whispering,"There, there, admit it, you love me. I should have known by now,Being an American: When youDebate with a poison, you lose.
3 Sonnets: What Is Evil?
The Glass HouseWhat is evil? It's the cliches, the empty thinking,the self-loving animal roars, banalfascists who despise culture, kine blinkingat bodies they pushed into the canal. It pushes me to the edge of my mindto be locked up among this Glass House kind. When Christ returns with RICO and a gunMan, oh man, won't we have some roundup fun. Tony Makes A MoveWho'll end up like Mussolini upsidedown from a rope, spanked like a piñatafull of bon mots, eye hanging by a thread?
Quotation: Mister Window
View Quotations by: Authors Subjects Tag Country Date Range View Author Page at WikipediaSearch for (None) at Quotation by (None): Mister Window is Florida's most highly rated impact window and impact door company. We sell and install premium hurricane impact windows and doors. (None) Type: ProseContext: FavoriteMister Window Social Media Pages:Mister Window is Florida's most highly rated impact window and impact door company. We sell and install premium hurricane impact windows and doors. Daily Weekly OpEdNews NewsletterNameEmail(Opens new browser window)
Will advances in TB treatment outweigh the Covid-19 pushback?
Will new latest treatments for TB help us recover from the setback global fight to end TB has faced due to Covid-19? (Image by CNS) Details DMCAThe impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on TB diagnosis and mortality in 2020 has been frightening, to say the least. Recently released WHO data shows that 1.4 million fewer people got TB care in 2020 as compared to 2019 - a 21% decrease. A 3-month lockdown followed by 10 months to restore to normal could lead to an additional 6.3 million cases of TB and an additional 1.4 million TB deaths between 2020 and 2025 globally. In India the disruptions are expected to cause an additional 1.19 million TB cases and 361,000 TB deaths over the next 5 years.
In Georgia, Republican Dumbness Whets Democrats' Thirst for Victory
If you've ever voted in an urban center with heavy turnout, you may have spent hours waiting in line (I know I have). If you've ever voted in an urban center with heavy turnout, you may have spent hours waiting in line (I know I have). By making it harder for those voters to vote, Republicans think, they can make it harder for Democrats to beat Republicans in elections. Republicans making it harder for Democratic voters to vote will just make Democrats work harder to get their voters to the polls. Republicans making it illegal to hand nice, cool bottles of water to voters will likely push a few thirsty undecided voters into the Democratic column.
Biden's Inner Circle Maintains Close Ties To Vaccine Makers, Disclosures Reveal
The proposals have been fiercely opposed by American drugmakers, including Pfizer, a pharmaceutical giant that Thomas-Greenfield's former consulting firm has recently counted as a client. The firm, which represents Pfizer, specializes in helping large corporations understand and influence international trade policy, including on intellectual property. Eric Lander, the White House science adviser, holds up to $1 million in shares of BioNTech, Pfizer's partner for its coronavirus vaccine. Chiquita Brooks-LaSure, Biden's pick for Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, previously served as an attorney advising both Pfizer and Gilead on federal policy issues. The White House has previously said that Lander will be recused from "any such matters related to COVID vaccines" until he divests from his holdings in BioNTech.
The President Has Not Ended the War on Yemen; Congress Must Do So
Were President Biden ending U.S. participation in the war, and were he and various Congress Members serious in their rhetoric about Congressional legislative powers, he would be delighted for Congress to legislate an end to the war. Since Biden is not ending U.S. participation in the war, Congress is obliged to act. On February 4, President Biden announced in vague terms the ending of U.S. participation in this war. The letter also asked the President whether he would support Congress ending the war. Congress needs to permanently end weapons shipments to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
An Unusually Optimistic Conversation With Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders didn’t win the 2020 election. But he may have won its aftermath. If you look back at Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders’s careers, the $1.9 trillion stimulus package, the American Rescue Plan, looks a lot like the proposals Sanders has fought for forever, without much of the compromise or concerns that you used to see from Senator Joe Biden.
Voting Gangnam Style: The New Kim Crow in Georgia
Before the 2016 presidential race, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, armed and ready for combat, raided an office in northern Atlanta. I stood with a passel of them called The Proud Boys at a Macon rally for Brian Kemp hosted by Donald Trump. The Proud Boys, co-sponsors of the Charlottesville mayhem, were founded by Gavin McInnis (tag line: "Hitler was right. But the Georgia G-men didn't do a damn thing about the Proud Boys. Next Page 1 | 2(Note: You can view every article as one long page if you sign up as an Advocate Member, or higher).
Workers in Bessemer are “gonna start a movement”
After a year of workers organizing, signing union authorization cards, enduring constant union-busting efforts from management, and participating in an election, the historic union drive at the Amazon fulfillment center in Bessemer, Alabama, is coming to a close. Vote counting will begin on March 29, and we will know soon after if 5,800 warehouse workers in Bessemer will become the first unionized Amazon workforce in the U.S. Longtime poultry plant worker and current lead organizer for the Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store Union (RWDSU) Mid-South Council Michael “Big Mike” Foster has been fighting with and for Amazon workers throughout the union drive. In the latest installment of our special TRNN series “Battleground Bessemer,” Foster explains why the union struggle at Amazon is so significant for workers in Bessemer, for their communities, and for the labor movement writ large. To see more of our in-depth coverage of the historic Amazon union drive in Bessemer, which we’ll be bringing you throughout the month of March, subscribe to our YouTube and podcast channels, and visit the “Battleground Bessemer” series page on our website.
The debt is too damn high!
Americans are currently buried under a staggering $1.7 trillion in student debt, and many see no way out. This is why the Debt Collective, a debtor’s union, has organized the Biden Jubilee 100, a debt strike carried out by 100 people—one for each of Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office. In the first segment of this week’s “Marc Steiner Show,” we talk with Umme Hoque, Organizing Director of the Debt Collective, about the fight to cancel all student loan debt. Then, Marc is joined by Dr. Stephanie DeGooyer, a residential Burkhardt Fellow at UCLA and an incoming assistant professor of English at UNC-Chapel Hill, and Srinivas Murthy, M.D., a clinical care specialist in British Columbia and researcher at the BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute, to discuss why the global response to COVID-19 has paled in comparison to past, internationally coordinated efforts to eradicate polio and smallpox. Tune in for new episodes of The Marc Steiner Show every Friday on TRNN.
Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and New Zealand
The boycott was in protest against management attempts to create a company union at the plant and undermine the worker-initiated Royal Enfield Employees Union. New Delhi insurance employees oppose privatisationInsurance sector workers protested across the country on March 18 against foreign direct investment (FDI) limit increases. Sri Lankan water workers demand pay riseHundreds of workers demonstrated outside the National Water Supply and Drainage Board Head Office in Ratmalana on March 23. They also want health workers to be given a COVID allowance, increased uniform allowances, permanent jobs for the temporary health employees and pensions for all state sector workers. Australia and New ZealandWestern Australia mental health workers strikeMore than 100 mental health workers in Perth, the state capital, walked out on Wednesday over inadequate funding for child mental health services.
Sound of Metal: Searching for relief in “a damn cruel place”
The story initially follows a musician couple, Ruben (Riz Ahmed) and Lou (Olivia Cooke), who play in a “sludge metal” band, Blackgammon. Both Ruben and Lou depend on music, not only for money but for their various emotional needs. The nightly, high-volume shows suddenly cause a rapid deterioration in drummer Ruben’s hearing. At the shelter, Joe works with Ruben to convince him to accept the reality of his deafness. The precariousness of Lou and Ruben’s daily life will be familiar to multitudes of people, particularly among the younger generation.
Democrats and Republicans use House hearing on social media “disinformation and extremism” to advance internet censorship
A joint hearing entitled “Disinformation Nation: Social Media’s Role in Promoting Extremism and Misinformation” was held on Thursday by two subcommittees of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce and at which the CEOs of Facebook, Google and Twitter testified. After the respective committee and subcommittee chairpersons gave their opening statements, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Google (Alphabet) CEO Sundar Pichai and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey delivered their prepared remarks. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies during a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, Thursday, March 25, 2021. They can be summarized as follows: The Democrats are demanding that social media and internet content—especially left-wing criticism of the Biden administration considered “divisive,” “harmful” and “extremist”—be directly regulated by the government. The Democratic Party position was articulated by Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Frank Pallone of New Jersey in his opening statement.
Battleground Baltimore: The tangled knot of Baltimore politics
Mosbys under investigationLast week, The Baltimore Sun reported that federal prosecutors had launched a criminal investigation into Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby and her husband, Baltimore City Council President Nick Mosby. Additionally, Baltimore City Schools said, “we will no longer be implementing the 2 pod/48-hour rule. According to the Baltimore City Health Department’s online dashboard, cases are up 100% from four weeks ago. The Baltimore Teachers Union, like several unions around the country, have fought to slow the rerun, citing safety concerns. — Jaisal Noor (@jaisalnoor) March 23, 2021“The Baltimore Teachers Union is pretty powerful.
UK councils funding crisis threatens essential services
Local councils in the UK are facing a devastating funding crisis that is bound up with the health crisis produced by the Conservative government’s homicidal response to the pandemic. The government’s aim is to eliminate central grant funding to councils, so the cost of services is offloaded onto impoverished residents via the council tax. Three youth community centres will close, and the City Development department aims to eliminate 176 jobs as part of £7.55 million cuts. Public health services are being decimated at a time when they were never needed more. This further depletes children’s health services, health visitors, sexual health, drug and alcohol abuse schemes, as well as spending on local outbreak management and coronavirus contact tracing—increasing pressure on the National Health Service.
Behind Amazon’s expansion in Detroit
Construction of a new Amazon distribution center on the former grounds of the Michigan State Fair in Detroit is well underway. The selection of the Michigan State Fairgrounds is a case in point. In 2018, the City of Detroit bought the 142-acre Fairgrounds site from the state government for $7 million. The global auto giant is eligible for up to $2.27 billion in tax credits from the state of Michigan through 2029. The Romulus walkout also followed the actions of Amazon workers in other cities throughout the US and Europe demanding protective equipment, hazard pay, extension of sick leave and COVID-19 testing.
Determined opposition to 12-hour day at Sterling Heights Assembly as April 5 start date approaches
Opposition is growing in advance of the April 5 start date for the new 12-hour, 7-day schedule for skilled trades at the Stellantis Sterling Heights Assembly Plant (SHAP) north of Detroit. Management and the UAW say the 12/7 schedule is allowed under terms of the 2019 national contract agreement as a form of alternative work schedule (AWS). The UAW has attempted to justify adoption of the 12/7 as an alternative to the contracting out of skilled-trades work. They have already published the work schedule based on the team concept and going by seniority. We could have gotten this bad deal on our own.”A report in the Detroit Free Press earlier this month pointed to the massive opposition among skilled-trades workers.
German train drivers union head calls for massive staff cuts
The chairman of the German Train Drivers’ Union (GDL, Gewerkschaft Deutscher Lokomotivführer), Claus Weselsky, has called for massive staff cuts at the country’s main rail company, Deutsche Bahn (DB, German Railways). It was opposing the adoption of a contract agreement agreed to by the corporatist Railway and Transport Union (EVG, Eisenbahn- und Verkehrsgewerkschaft) with railway management. Since then, however, it has been shown time and again that the GDL is no alternative to the EVG—a member of the German Trade Union Federation, DGB. The GDL ended the contract dispute in 2015 by signing an agreement, which banned workers from taking industrial action for four years. According to Deutsche Bahn, both the EVG and the GDL are represented in 71 of the group’s 300 different companies.
Australian government and media seek to bury Afghanistan war crimes
The Brereton report was a damage-control operation, initiated after some details were leaked to the media. Its descriptions of the war crimes were as vague as possible. Clearly, there are also concerns that the true scale of the war crimes could be revealed if the alleged perpetrators are pressed in court. The last major media mention of the war crimes came in December, when Zhao Lijian, a Chinese foreign ministry representative, tweeted a condemnation of the killings. Labor, the Liberal-Nationals, the Greens and various independents all denounced Zhao’s tweet as a Chinese “attack” on Australian soldiers.
US-backed UNHRC resolution puts Sri Lanka on notice
On Tuesday, the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) passed a new resolution on Sri Lanka and called on the Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) to monitor human rights violations in the country. The media reported that it was the lowest number of votes for Sri Lanka, when similar UNHRC resolutions were first moved against the country. It is the first time a UNHRC resolution has outlined specific measures for an international intervention in Sri Lanka. Last week, Beijing, well aware of Washington’s political manoeuvres, campaigned against the UNHRC resolution on Sri Lanka. The UNHRC resolution is not just about Sri Lanka but is another indication of the intense pressure being exerted by Washington on its allies in preparation for US-led military operations against China.
Australian Treasury flags 150,000 job losses as JobKeeper ends
This month, University of Melbourne economist Professor Jeff Borland estimated up to 250,000 jobs would be lost once JobKeeper ended. In the far north Queensland city of Cairns, 1,821 businesses received JobKeeper payments in December, in a population of less than 160,000. While part-time employment in goods-related industries covering retail, mining and manufacturing grew by around 25,000, twice that number of full-time jobs were lost in that sector. Small increases in mining and utilities positions were vastly outweighed by the destruction of more than 100,000 full-time jobs in manufacturing, wholesale trade and logistics. During the first wave of the pandemic, around 40,000 full-time jobs were even lost in health care and social assistance.
Quebec court throws out union lawsuit calling for greater protection from COVID-19 in schools
This third wave of the pandemic is fueled by the B.1.1.7 and other more contagious and likely lethal COVID-19 variants. In September, the union filed an initial motion against the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) government to demand that teachers have priority access to COVID-19 testing. Since the beginning of the school year, more than 30,000 students and staff members have contracted the potentially deadly and debilitating virus. The FAE has pressed the court to order the government to put in place a timetable and methodology for properly testing school ventilation systems. Teachers across Canada have begun organizing to fight for this program in the Cross-Canada Educators Rank-and-File Safety Committee.
Evanston, Illinois city council votes to enact racial reparations program
Passing the council by an 8–1 margin, the Local Reparations Restorative Housing Program, promises to allocate a mere $400,000 to black residents in amounts of up to $25,000. Like all plans to apportion social benefits on the basis of race, a concept with no biological foundation, the Evanston program, consciously or unconsciously, reproduces the old racist “one drop” rule to determine eligibility. In a statement she made at the city council meeting explaining her “no” vote, Fleming said, “We can talk more about the program details, but I reject the very definition of this as a ‘reparations’ program. The financial basis for the Evanston reparations plan is a decision in 2019 to allocate the first $10 million in regressive tax revenue it receives from legalized cannabis sales toward reparations. This was made clear in recent remarks by Chicago alderman Jason Ervin, a Democrat, who attacked a Chicago City Council resolution advocating the city spend $30 million to pilot a universal basic income (UBI) program.
Virginia’s state government abolishes capital punishment
On Wednesday, Democratic Governor of Virginia Ralph Northam signed legislation banning the use of capital punishment within the Commonwealth. The passage of state Senate Bill 1165 makes Virginia the 23rd state in the United States to abandon usage of the barbaric punishment. Its new law follows closely behind the state of Maryland’s 2013 decision to rid itself of the punishment. Aside from Texas, Virginia has resorted to the death penalty far more than any of its state counterparts. The state Democratic Party’s cynicism is revealed in a recent Washington Post article on Virginia’s latest law.
Advance notice: Socialist publisher Mehring Books launches new Australian website
Mehring Books, the English-language bookseller and publishing house of the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI), is proud to announce the launching of a new website, Mehring Books Australia on March 29. Mehring Books, formerly Labor Publications, distributes its titles in the United States, Canada, Australia and Britain, many of which will be available on the new website. Mehring Books Australia will also feature works by Russian Marxist historian Vadim Z. Rogovin (1937–1998) which powerfully detail the socialist-based opposition to the Stalinist bureaucracy in the Soviet Union. The latest English-language translation in the series published by Mehring Books is entitled Bolsheviks Against Stalinism 1928–1933: Leon Trotsky and the Left Opposition. In the coming period, Mehring Books Australia aims to distribute and publish new material, as part of the global expansion of Mehring Books, thus enabling a new generation of socialist workers and young people to develop and build their own library of Marxist literature.
Demonstrators protest brutal removal of Los Angeles homeless encampment
Since Wednesday, Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officers and Los Angeles Park Rangers have faced off with demonstrators protesting the forced eviction of several hundred homeless people living around Echo Park Lake, the centerpiece of one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, located just west of downtown. Later, LAPD Captain Stacy Spell responded to an inquiry from the Los Angeles Times regarding his allegations with the claim that the department was launching an investigation. We weren’t causing any disruption,” Andrews told the Los Angeles Times. I couldn’t believe it.” Cagle was later released, as was James Queally, a Los Angeles Times reporter, who also was detained and zip-tied. A January 2020 count by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority reported that there were more than 66,400 homeless people living in Los Angeles County alone, including more than 41,000 people within Los Angeles city limits, both figures were up by more than 12 percent from the previous year.
Teachers in Los Angeles speak out as catastrophic school reopenings loom
Numerous educators, parents and community members have taken to social media to denounce aspects of the agreement between the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and the United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) to reopen the second largest school district in the US. Parents and students line up to pick up school materials outside the Aurora Elementary School in Los Angeles [Credit: AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes]The UTLA referred to the agreement as the “gold standard” of union-backed return-to-school plans. After teachers were given an initial date for vaccine eligibility, this would have meant a return to school on April 19, the date initially provided in the tentative agreement. Given recent vaccine shortages throughout Los Angeles County this week alone, it is likely that many teachers will not receive a second dose of the vaccine at all before returning. The UTLA simply stated that reentering the purple tier would result in “resumed negotiations,” presumably of a completely nonbinding character.
Texas implements new CDC guidelines in public schools
People wait in line at a free COVID-19 testing site at the Mexican Consulate in Texas. While rates of infection in schools have fallen recently, the decline generally tracks with closures caused by the recent Texas power crisis. So far, there have been 127,196 confirmed cases of COVID-19 among students and 67,740 among staff statewide. In Tyler, a city in eastern Texas, current school reopening plans include the full in-person resumption of all extracurricular activities, academic and athletic. We urge all Texas educators, parents, students and workers opposed to the unsafe opening of schools and nonessential workplaces to join the Texas Educators Rank-and-File Safety Committee and become part of the fight to save lives.
Morenoite CRT offers political alliance with Spain’s PSOE-Podemos government
After Iglesias intervened in the snap Madrid regional elections by calling for a common “anti-fascist” struggle, the CRT called for a political front with Podemos. As Podemos remains in government, this is simply a call for a political front with the PSOE-Podemos government against the working class. Amid this crisis, CRT is calling for a political front with Podemos and offering to do what it can to revive its tattered political credentials. The only way to halt the EU’s criminal herd immunity policy is to build a political movement in the working class fighting to expropriate the financial aristocracy and transfer state power to the working class. The record of Anticapitalists provides irrefutable evidence of the hostility of this tendency to the working class.
COVID-19 infections shoot up in reopened UK schools
One in 10 secondary school pupils were absent on March 18. On March 19, the Daily Mirror reported that 137 areas in England have seen a rise in COVID-19 infections since schools reopened, up to March 15, according to government data. Another Sheffield school, Valley Park Community Nursery and Primary School, closed after a number of positive cases as a “precautionary measure”, following advice from Public Health England. Wales Online reported March 17 on 21 positive cases of COVID-19 in the previous seven days among the youngest pupils at Pontprennau Primary School, Cardiff. Parents take children to a primary school in Bournemouth, UK following the reopening of schools nationally.
Form a Network of Rank-and-File Action Committees for Safe Workplaces!
· Form a Network of Rank-and-File Action Committees for Safe Workplaces! · No to the “herd immunity” policy of the UK government, corporations, the Labour Party and trade unions! The Socialist Equality Party (SEP) is urging workers to organise independently of the trade unions and all the official parties by establishing rank-and-file safety and action committees in all workplaces. These committees, organised in a network encompassing ever broader sections of workers, will provide the new and democratic organisations of class struggle workers need. Join us in building independent rank-and-file committees to wage the class struggle and take part in the fight to build a new socialist leadership.
Texas reports 111 dead from February winter storm that knocked out power and water for millions
The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) reported the official statewide death toll from winter storm Uri now stands at 111. Texas was devastated when the state’s power grid collapsed because of the frigid temperatures and a record demand for electricity. Millions lost access to water in their homes for days on end, forced to queue for supplies in frigid temperatures. Even after the storm passed and temperatures rose, it took days for power to return and even longer for water service to be restored across the state. February’s brutal winter storm exposed the criminality of the state government, which worked with power companies to block regulation of the power grid in the interest of profits.
Top US admiral warns war with China over Taiwan “much closer than most think”
His remarks underscore the mounting bipartisan clamour in Washington against Beijing and the accelerating danger of the Biden administration, not China, provoking a war. Combined with naval provocations in the South and East China Seas and trade war measures against China, this has dramatically escalated geopolitical tensions. Tensions in the narrow Taiwan Strait between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan, which repeatedly flared in the past, were defused. Over the past decade, US actions, particularly under the Trump administration, have destabilised the inherently unstable and highly-charged issues surrounding Taiwan’s status. It has repeated statements that Taiwan is part of China and conducted military exercises near Taiwan.
Columbia graduate workers hold the line, set to continue strike into third week
Columbia graduate students picketing on FridayThe graduate student workers are up against powerful political and financial interests in the Columbia University administration. It was only because of overwhelming opposition to the proposal from graduate students in attendance that this attempt to push through a sell-out deal was thwarted. However, the real threat to the strike and the interests of graduate students is not the exposure of what is, in fact, happening. The success of the Columbia graduate workers strike depends, above all, on its widest expansion. The deteriorating conditions facing graduate students are part of the deteriorating conditions of workers across the US and internationally.
In memory of the Commune
On Saturday, April 3, the WSWS is hosting an international online meeting to mark the 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune. This essay by Vladimir Lenin was published in April, 1911, on the 40th anniversary of the Paris Commune, in the Russian-language newspaper Rabochaya Gazeta. * * *Forty years have passed since the proclamation of the Paris Commune. The memory of the fighters of the Commune is honoured not only by the workers of France but by the proletariat of the whole world. The cause of the Commune is the cause of the social revolution, the cause of the complete political and economic emancipation of the toilers.
The class issues behind the unionization drive at Amazon
No doubt, these Amazon workers are looking for a way to fight the company. But when a capitalist politician claims to support the “rights” of workers, workers should check their wallets. Behind their claims of support for Amazon workers, ulterior motives are at work, in accordance with a definite class strategy. Under these conditions, the ruling class needs a mechanism for disciplining the working class and channeling its anger. With the assistance of the WSWS and the SEP, workers are building a rapidly growing network of such committees among teachers, autoworkers, healthcare workers and Amazon workers.
After the January 6 coup attempt, Republicans escalate attack on voting rights
On Thursday, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed into law a sweeping attack on voting rights aimed at crippling the ability of poor, minority and working class people to cast a ballot. Georgia is the first of these states to turn its proposals to gut voting rights into law. The entire working class must be united in the struggle to defeat the attack on voting rights. The current assault on voting rights is an escalation of an attack that has been ongoing for decades, against which the Democratic Party has mounted no serious opposition. In 2013, the Supreme Court carried out the next major attack on voting rights in its 5–4 decision to overturn Section 5 of the landmark Voting Rights Act of 1965, the most important gain of the mass civil rights struggles of the 1950s and 1960s.
Trump reiterates support for January 6 Capitol siege
“It was zero threat right from the start, it was zero threat.” Trump said on the Laura Ingraham show. At least five people died during the siege on the Capitol, including Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick, who died after getting doused with bear spray during the attack. Despite the deadly intentions of the crowd, several of whom were seen carrying zip ties and clubs as they entered the Capitol and attempted to kidnap and assassinate lawmakers, Trump attempted to paint his supporters as good patriots. Rhodes posted another photo in the chat with the caption, “Trump better do his damn duty,” a reference to Trump invoking the Insurrection Act. Patriots entering their own Capitol to send a message to the traitors is NOTHING compared to what’s coming if Trump doesn’t take decisive action right now.
EU summit: Trade war instead of protection from coronavirus
Thursday’s European Union summit demonstrated once again that the EU is neither able nor willing to offer its citizens even the most minimal protection against the coronavirus pandemic. Charles Michel, president of the European Council and US President Joe Biden in EU summit video conference. This also applies to the procurement of vaccines, which was at the centre of the EU summit. So far, pharmaceutical companies have delivered only 88 million vaccine doses to the EU. Von der Leyen accused Britain of importing 21 million vaccine doses from the EU without delivering a single one to the EU.
Carolyn Hax: Are some people destined to be single?
I went through a major breakup a year and a half ago, which was followed by a severe depression. During this period, my job performance suffered, my family and friends suffered, and my financial stability suffered along with me. So, do you think there are people who are just supposed to live life alone, without a significant other? ADI think it’s a life that just happens, by choice, tragedy, or just by inches — and that sometimes really fits. And, I think that if you think it fits, then I’m not going to try to talk you out of it.
Ask Amy: Funeral mix-up creates family break
Our adult child is blaming us and will not return calls, emails, texts, etc. I am grieving my father and also the loss of a relationship with our adult child and their family. We just want to have communication, and to be allowed to see our preteen grandchildren and our adult child. After you do your own personal inventory, you may conclude that your adult child’s current behavior is extreme and disproportionate. — The Old UncleOld Uncle: I love this, as long as you respect the wishes of any family members who don’t want to be included.
Miss Manners: Responding to unwanted messages on dating sites
What is Miss Manners' opinion in the matter? But if you feel you must, Miss Manners suggests: “Thank you, but as I stated in my profile, I am interested in dating only women. My preferences are as unlikely to change as your own.”Dear Miss Manners: After dinner one evening, a guest was unable to dislodge a bit of food in his teeth. How would Miss Manners tackle the situation now? You can send questions to Miss Manners at her website,
Celebrated children's author Beverly Cleary dies at 104
MSNBC's Katy Tur takes a look back at the live of award-winning author Beverly Clearly who passed away, but leaves young readers with over 40 books to discover.
Five reasons why Georgia Republicans are restricting voting
Obama White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs says there are five reasons why Georgia Republicans passed a restrictive new voting law, and none of them have to do with voter fraud. He joins us to explain.
Jon Meacham: With Joe Biden, what you see is what you get
Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer and historian Jon Meacham reacts to what we've seen thus far from the 46th president and his performance on the job.
Ship stuck in the Suez Canal disrupts global trade, but makes good memes
Sal Mercogliano, a professor and former merchant mariner, explains to Ali Velshi why the massive cargo ship stuck in the Suez Canal is not only inspiring a wave of memes, but it will also increase prices for consumers in the United States and the rest of the world. Sal says, "This is going to get exponentially worse."
This one-bowl cheesecake is light as a cloud, but still rich and creamy
Here I combine it with regular cream cheese to create a cheesecake that strikes the just right balance of richly creamy, yet light and fresh-tasting. When that time comes, each mouthful proves worth the anticipation — lusciously creamy and fresh, with a delicate hint of vanilla and lemon zest. Stop the mixer, add 2/3 cup of the sugar and beat, starting on medium-low speed and increasing to medium-high until incorporated. Then, keeping the cake in the pan, cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours and up to 3 days. ADNutrition InformationCalories: 198; Total Fat: 9 g; Saturated Fat: 5 g; Cholesterol: 84 mg; Sodium: 112 mg; Carbohydrates: 20 g; Dietary Fiber: 1 g; Sugar: 18 g; Protein: 9 g.ADTested by Olga Massov; email questions to
VA State Del.: Georgia GOP ‘giving life to Jim Crow’ with new voter suppression law
Charniele Herring, majority leader of the Virginia House of Delegates, tells Ali Velshi that Democrats in Virginia have turned the state reliably blue by “talking to voters, earning their trust and support because we’re getting things done” while Republicans in Georgia are choosing to ignore issues that will help their constituents in favor of voter suppression.
An 'atrocity': Biden blasts GOP efforts to block the vote
The president responded to Republicans in Georgia passing a hugely restrictive voter law. We discuss that with Julie Pace of the AP and POLITICO's Eugene Daniels.
Stricter COVID-19 Precautions Could Have Saved 240,000 Lives So Far, Economist Says
An early, stricter, more consistent approach to mask mandates, social distancing and testing protocols could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives that have been lost to COVID-19, a new research study concludes. The death toll from COVID-19 could have been less than 300,000, estimated Andrew Atkeson, an economics professor at the University of California, Los Angeles. Disease-control measures initially helped suppress the spread of the coronavirus, but when deaths began falling, restrictions were lifted, driving the death toll higher once again. Had COVID-19 vaccines not been developed, the death toll in America would likely be 1.27 million by 2023, Atkeson predicted. In other research, University of California, Berkeley, economics professor Christine Romer criticized some poorly targeted funding from the federal government that was aimed at shoring up the economy.
Returning political power to the people
Rep. John Sarbanes says big money and special interests have been preventing issues with bipartisan national support from making it through Congress. He says the “For The People” Act, which he authored, was “designed for the American people to step back into their democracy and take control again.”
Calls for economic boycott grow after Georgia adopts voter restrictions
Following Georgia's approval of new voter restrictions Thursday, a number of voices are considering a boycott of state businesses. The Atlanta-based company said in a statement that it's been in favor of greater accessibility for voters. "We, along with our business coalition partners, sought improvements that would enhance accessibility, maximize voter participation, maintain election integrity and serve all Georgians." Director James Mangold ("Girl, Interrupted," "Logan") tweeted Friday, "I will not direct a film in Georgia." LaTosha Brown, co-founder of Black Voters Matter, has started a campaign to pressure Georgia-based businesses to oppose the voter restrictions.
Children's author Beverly Cleary dies at age 104
Literary legend Beverly Cleary has passed away at the age of 104. Cleary wrote dozens of popular children's books including the "Ramona Quimby" series and "The Mouse and the Motorcycle" trilogy. CNN's Stephanie Elam looks back at her life and career.
Study: Winter is 'vanishing' from Lake Michigan
As the globe continues to warm at an astonishing rate due to climate change, winter is shrinking at depths we've never known before, including the Great Lakes. CNN's Bill Weir reports.
Calls Mount To Boycott Coca-Cola After Home State Of Georgia Strangles Voting Rights
Calls grew Friday for a consumer boycott of Coca-Cola after the mammoth corporation largely stood by as its home state, Georgia, passed one of the biggest crackdowns on voting rights in recent history. Coca-Cola, headquartered in Atlanta, offered what critics have called too-measured statements about voting rights and no real action to battle the measure. Among the most consequential calls for a statewide boycott are coming from leaders of the AME Sixth Episcopal District of Georgia, which includes more than 500 Black churches in the state. He said he expected other civil rights groups to soon join in the calls to boycott. Coca-Cola has come under particular pressure over the voting rights crackdown.
Michigan GOP chair calls top Democratic women 'witches'
LANSING, Mich. — The leader of Michigan’s Republican Party referred to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and two other top Democratic elected women as “witches” that the GOP wants to “soften up” for a “burning at the stake” in the 2022 election. Someone asked Weiser about “witches in our own party.”He said: “Ma’am, other than assassination, I have no other way other than voting out. The Michigan Democratic Party and two Democratic members of the university board said Weiser, a major donor to the school, should resign. Do better, Michigan GOP.”
A fight is brewing over an oil pipeline and it's pitting Native groups against Big Oil
PALISADE, Minnesota — On the edge of the Mississippi River in Northern Minnesota, Tania Aubid stares at the slushy waters that thaw a little more with every passing spring day. “Sixty-eight million people rely upon this water that comes from up here in Northern Minnesota, and it goes all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico,” she said. “And along the way there are cities — people that drink straight from the river here.”Tania Aubid says Enbridge Line 3 poses a threat to drinking water for millions. She was born in Northern Minnesota and has become a leader in this movement. These wilds of Northern Minnesota have become the new front line in tensions between climate protesters, some Native populations, and Big Energy.
Woman sentenced to time served for school bomb threat over same-sex wedding announcements
A woman who threatened to bomb a Catholic school and kill students and staff over its decision to publish same-sex wedding announcements was sentenced Friday to the more than a year in jail she's already served. The threats were made to Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School in Washington, D.C., in 2019 after the girls' school said it would begin publishing the announcements in its alumni magazine, prosecutors said. Sonia Tabizada, 36, of San Jacinto, Calif., pleaded guilty in January to obstructing religious exercise by threat of force by making threats in January. Visitation Prep is the oldest Catholic school for girls in the United States. In a letter about the same-sex announcements, a copy of which was published in The Washington Post, Sister Mary Berchmans Hannan wrote that the Catholic Church's teachings on same-sex marriage is clear.
Georgia Law Kicks Off Partisan Battle Over Voting Rights
President Biden on Friday called Georgia’s new law an “attack on the Constitution” and said the Justice Department was “taking a look” at Republican voting efforts in the state. “This is Jim Crow in the 21st century, it must end,” Mr. Biden said, a day after Gov. Let the people vote.”Civil rights groups immediately challenged the Georgia law in federal court, backed by prominent Democratic voting rights lawyers. Several Black leaders described the legal skirmishes to come as an existential fight for representation, saying the law clearly puts a target on Black and brown voters. Protests against voting restrictions unfolded this week in state capitols like Austin, Texas, and Atlanta, and more lawsuits are expected.
Montgomery County police release video showing officers yelling at 5-year-old boy
ADMontgomery County police released video on March 26 showing two officers yelling at a 5-year-old boy after he left his school in January 2020. “It made me sick,” said Montgomery County Council member Will Jawando (D-At Large), who pushed for the video’s release. This is violence.”The Montgomery County school system released a statement describing the video as “extremely difficult” to watch. Both the Montgomery County Police Department and school system, citing the pending litigation, declined to address the incident in detail. ADThe lawsuit named four defendants: Holliday, Christmon, the Montgomery County government as a whole, and the Montgomery County Board of Education.
Bertrand Tavernier, versatile and acclaimed French filmmaker, dies at 79
Mr. Tavernier let them take their time. ADADAfter being diagnosed with tuberculosis, Mr. Tavernier spent part of his childhood at a sanitarium. Mr. Tavernier’s first marriage, to screenwriter and collaborator Claudine “Colo” O’Hagan, ended in divorce. Survivors include his wife, Sarah Tavernier; two children from his first marriage, filmmaker Nils Tavernier and writer Tiffany Tavernier; and a number of grandchildren. In 2016, Mr. Tavernier released “My Journey Through French Cinema,” a three-hour meditation on film, which explored some of the movies that had offered him direction when he was a boy recovering from tuberculosis.
Washington bolsters secondary by signing cornerback Darryl Roberts
With the Lions last year, his number of defensive snaps in the slot and at cornerback were nearly equal, according to Pro Football Focus. In 2019 with the New York Jets, he played primarily cornerback, taking a handful of snaps at free safety — where he played nearly 40 percent of his defensive snaps the year prior. The team opened last season with Troy Apke as its starting free safety but later turned to Deshazor Everett, who suffered a pectoral injury late in the year. ADWashington, which surrendered a league-high seven pass plays of 50 yards or more, also gains another cornerback with sub-4.4-second speed. In addition to Jackson, who ran a 4.37 in the 40-yard dash at the NFL combine, Roberts ran a reported 4.39 seconds in the 40 at Marshall’s pro day in 2015.
Biden attacks new Georgia voting law as ‘Jim Crow’
“Among the outrageous parts of this new state law, it ends voting hours early so working people can’t cast their vote after their shift is over,” Biden said of the Georgia statute. But some civil rights activists argued that Biden is not doing enough beyond his impassioned rhetoric to ensure the passage of a federal voting protection law. ADThe new Georgia law has several components: It allows state lawmakers to initiate takeovers of local election boards while stripping power from the secretary of state. The House recently passed a sweeping voting rights bill, but it has foundered in the Senate. It’s urgent that we get it passed.”The White House said Friday that Biden plans to communicate with lawmakers and advocates to press for voting rights legislation.
Winners and Losers of NFL's Blockbuster 49ers, Eagles, Dolphins Trades
0 of 6Scott Eklund/Associated PressThe San Francisco 49ers decided they wanted a top quarterback in this year's draft class, but they needed help. That wouldn't be possible had San Francisco stood pat at No. Instead, Grier and 49ers GM John Lynch orchestrated a blockbuster deal for the third overall pick. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, San Francisco sent the 12th overall selection, a 2021 third-round pick and '22 and '23 first-rounders for Miami's slot. Grier turned around and sent the 12th and 123rd picks, plus a '22 first-rounder, to the Philadelphia Eagles for this year's sixth and 156th overall selections.
'Zero threat': Trump, GOP, right-wing media downplay horror of Capitol riot
“I was there on January 6th – the insurrectionists didn’t give a damn if I was a Democrat or a Republican or a staffer or a visitor. They were out for an attack,” says Rep. Dean on the reality of what happened at the Capitol riot, as opposed to the lies coming from the right.
Amazon union battle raises stakes for Biden's sweeping labor revival
And the Democrats’ lack of a clear majority in the Senate will make passage of any far-reaching legislation difficult. Workers say they began organizing over concerns about the spread of the virus, and their frustration over racial injustice sparked by the George Floyd protests last spring. Those critical of labor unions caution that such drives are often heavily influenced from elsewhere and can leave local workers caught in the fray. “There has never been a greater argument for labor law reform and the PRO Act than this election,” said Appelbaum, the union leader. Alabama is one of 27 states that have enacted right-to-work laws, meaning that workers can opt out of union membership if they choose.
Sharon Osbourne leaves 'The Talk' after network investigation
Earlier this month, Osbourne expressed her support on-air for Piers Morgan after critical commentary he made about Meghan's interview with Winfrey. Osbourne was criticized for the tweet, and a heated discussion with "The Talk" co-host Sheryl Underwood ensued on air. “I feel even like I’m about to be put in the electric chair because I have a friend who many people think is a racist so that makes me a racist,” Osbourne said on "The Talk." Osbourne responded, "You tell me where you have heard him say ... educate me, tell me when you have heard me say racist things! Osbourne's former "Talk" co-host Holly Robinson Peete, who's Black, subsequently shared her own alleged experience with Osbourne on Twitter.
Arizona man faces federal charge after Texas holdup of National Guard with vaccines
An Arizona man already facing state charges in the holdup of an Army National Guard convoy in Texas has been charged federally. The National Guard was transporting Covid-19 vaccines, but Harris believed a missing woman and girl were in the vans, officials said. Idalou, Texas, Police Chief Eric C. Williams has said that Harris appeared to be mentally disturbed and called the holdup a dangerous situation. The Guard personnel were unarmed as they transported vaccines to Matador, Texas, which is northeast of Idalou. Assaulting a federal officer with a deadly weapon carries a maximum sentence of 20 years if convicted, the U.S. attorney's office said.
10 months after George Floyd’s death: What’s changed—and what hasn’t in Minneapolis
MSNBC correspondent Shaquille Brewster went back to Minneapolis less than a year after the death of George Floyd to see where things stand on the push to defund the police department.
Opinion | How to Protect Massage Workers
The shootings of Asian massage workers in Georgia this month have been framed as part of a surge of anti-Asian violence during the Covid-19 pandemic. But they’re also part of a longstanding problem: the violence against and the surveillance of migrant massage workers. Asian massage parlors have long been a target of law enforcement and anti-trafficking organizations who see “illicit massage businesses” as loci of human trafficking. Nearly all of these organizations have called for the increased surveillance and policing of massage businesses, and the result has been hundreds of raids across the country which have terrorized and criminalized massage workers. Countless Asian massage workers in the United States are not victims of sex trafficking, and many of them aren’t sex workers, even if they are often profiled as such by police agencies, anti-trafficking organizations, and civilian vigilante groups.
Anti-Asian Activity Online, Walking Down the Aisle Alone and Your Brain on Peloton: The Week in Narrated Articles
What We KnowAnti-Asian Activity Online, Walking Down the Aisle Alone and Your Brain on Peloton: The Week in Narrated ArticlesFive articles from around The Times, narrated just for you. People gathered for a silent vigil in Washington last Wednesday in response to the shootings in and near Atlanta that killed six women of Asian descent. Credit... Shuran Huang for The New York Times
Opinion | Stop the Executions, President Biden
The death penalty has not been shown to deter crime, despite the repeated claim to the contrary by its supporters. Credit for this dubious achievement goes to former President Donald Trump, who authorized a spate of executions as the election neared, and then three more after he lost to Joe Biden. Politicians once calculated that backing the death penalty was an effective electoral strategy to show their tough-on-crime bona fides. With Virginia’s ban this week, 23 states now prohibit the death penalty, and 11 more haven’t used it in at least a decade. In several states, Republican lawmakers have joined Democrats in voting to ban capital punishment.
A vivid reminder that the threat to American democracy remains
“Right from the start, it was zero threat,” Trump said of the Capitol. By itself, this is a problematic position for a former president to hold, much less to espouse publicly. Shortly before Trump’s interview with Ingraham, for example, Fox News host Tucker Carlson welcomed the far-right personality Jesse Kelly. The two were discussing a Politico report about President Biden’s son Hunter involving his purchase of a gun in 2018. Any nuance or uncertainty about the incident was swept aside when Carlson and Kelly were talking.
To Beverly Cleary, with love (from other children's authors)
Arts & EntertainmentTo Beverly Cleary, with love (from other children's authors)Beverly Cleary celebrated her 100th birthday on April 12th, 2016. Other famous children's authors looked back on their favorite Cleary books and sent her well wishes to mark the occasion.
Deadly Marine Corps disaster at sea was ‘tragic’ and ‘preventable,’ investigation finds
A wave swept over the first vehicle, water rushed inside, and it quickly sank, the investigation found. On the island, Marines discovered the AAV that soon sank was leaking transmission fluid and added six gallons to keep it going. The majority of the Marines in the vehicle had never trained at sea in an AAV before, she said. Vienna said he had been bracing for bad news about how the disaster happened but was still shaken by it. Vienna said the Marine Corps gave him about 2,000 pages of investigative documents to read.
Sarah Pinborough, author of ‘Behind Her Eyes,’ talks about that controversial twist
Instead, Pinborough sold the rights to British production company Left Bank Pictures, which envisioned a more loyal adaptation. In the book, Louise was definitely older than Adele, whereas now they’re kind of similar ages. And obviously in the book, Louise was a dumpy blonde and we’ve now got this beautiful woman of color. Q: I was going to ask about how the series, though still quite dark, softened the book's edges with those decisions. I don’t mind if they expect it to be a straight crime thriller and then it’s not, because that’s fine.
Sharon Osbourne is out of 'The Talk'
Osbourne demanded Underwood present instances of when Morgan had been racist and was visibly upset during the exchange. Osbourne later tweeted an apology, saying she "panicked," "felt blindsided" and then "got defensive" during her conversation with Underwood. Following the episode, CBS announced an internal review would take place and the show went on a temporary production hiatus. Before the allegations went public, Osbourne spoke to "Entertainment Tonight" and insisted she is not racist. Osbourne was the only remaining original cast member of "The Talk" which debuted in 2010.
Jen Psaki Has It Out With Fox News Reporter Peter Doocy Over Biden Snub
White House press secretary Jen Psaki wasn’t having it when Fox News reporter Peter Doocy complained Friday about not being called on by President Joe Biden at his first news conference the previous day. The barely patient Psaki asked Doocy: “We’re here having a conversation, aren’t we? He claimed that Fox News was left off a “list” Biden had of news organizations to call on — a statement Doocy later contradicted on his own network. Jen Psaki and Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy go back and forth on Doocy's complaint that the network is "never" on Biden's list of media to call on. “I’m not sure if that was the end of the list” when Biden ended the press conference, Doocy said.
Dems smashed Trump in Georgia, now the fight against 'Jim Crow 2.0' ignited
The Republican state government of Georgia is escalating its crackdown on voting rights, literally arresting a Black state Senator because she knocked on the governor’s door as he signed this new voting bill into law. MSNBC’s Ari Melber reports on the fallout and the growing protests around the nation. He also explains how this grows out of Trumpism and is broader than a contemporary political spasm.
Survey: Asian Americans less likely to report hate crimes, fear they may be attacked again
Richard Lui joins the ReidOut to talk about new survey data out from AAPI Data: "What they found is that Asian Americans are less likely to report hate crimes, they're not comfortable with it. They're worried that they may be attacked again."
Cory Booker calls new voting restrictions in Georgia ‘a step towards authoritarianism’
Senator Cory Booker calls new voting restrictions passed in Georgia ‘a serious inflection point for the United States of America,’ saying it’s a step towards authoritarianism.
Georgia authorities under fire after arresting Democratic lawmaker objecting to voting law
Rapper and activist Vic Mensa returns to “The Beat” with MSNBC’s Ari Melber for Fallback Friday, an irreverent segment on the show. The duo discuss the new Georgia law restricting voting in the state and the scrutiny on policing in the BLM era. Mensa explains the GOP’s tactics, asserting “they're in fear of the power that the people have, and they're responding in classic fashion by doing everything they can to suppress and to silence.”
They report, a judge decides: Fox braces for $1 billion lawsuit protecting Trump’s lies
Fox News has been hit with a billion dollar defamation suit by Dominion Voting for false election claims, alleging “Fox sold a false story of election fraud in order to serve its own commercial purposes” and “knowingly broadcast lies.” This new suit follows a separate lawsuit from another voting technology company, Smartmatic. Fox News stands by its reporting. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent discusses the fallout with former Watergate prosecutor Nick Akerman.
The Agency at the Center of America’s Tech Fight With China
WASHINGTON — As tensions between the United States and China escalate, a little-known federal agency is at the center of a debate in the Biden administration about how tough an approach to take when it comes to protecting American technology. The Bureau of Industry and Security, a division of the Commerce Department, wields significant power given its role in determining the types of technology that companies can export and that foreign businesses can have access to. In recent months, Washington lawmakers, lobbyists and other interested parties have been vying to influence how the agency, under the Biden administration, will approach a technology relationship with China that is both crucial for American industry and national security. China hawks, including a collection of national security experts, congressional Republicans and progressive Democrats, say that in the past, American industry has held too much sway over the bureau. They have been pressing the administration to select a leader for the agency who will take a more aggressive approach to regulating the technology that the United States exports, according to people familiar with the discussions.
Biden Defines His Underlying Challenge With China: ‘Prove Democracy Works’
WASHINGTON — At the end of a winding answer on Thursday about competing with China and about his relationship with Xi Jinping, a man he said does not have a democratic “bone in his body,” President Biden offered up a revealing assessment of one of America’s most pressing challenges. “This is a battle between the utility of democracies in the 21st century and autocracies,” he told reporters at his first news conference as president. “We’ve got to prove democracy works.”China’s president, Mr. Xi, Mr. Biden said bluntly, was “a smart, smart guy” who shared with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia a belief that “autocracy is the wave of the future and democracy can’t function” in the complexities of the modern world. Among the biggest tasks of his presidency, Mr. Biden seemed to be arguing, is to prove anew to a skeptical world that both American democracy and its model of democratic capitalism still works — and that it is superior to the very different system Mr. Xi is ruthlessly enforcing at home as he tries to extend China’s influence around the world.
An iconic wine label is blending Aussie and American wines — and it’s working
They unabashedly set out to make Penfolds wines in California. The cabernet-shiraz blend is a Penfolds signature, as is the use of American oak barrels. “We have extolled the virtues of American oak more than Americans have,” Gago says. He uses combinations of French and American oak, with varying proportions of new and used barrels, to differentiate wines in the Penfolds lineup. So Quantum, aged in all new, mostly American oak barrels, is 87 percent Napa cabernet from Oakville and Diamond Mountain District, plus 13 percent South Australian shiraz.
Jacob Blake sues Kenosha police officer who shot him, alleging excessive force
ADADBrendan P. Matthews, an attorney representing Sheskey and the local police union, the Kenosha Professional Police Association, has previously argued the officer acted lawfully in response to Blake. “None of the officers involved wished for things to transpire the way it did,” Matthews previously told The Washington Post. ADADSheskey and other officers followed Blake with their guns drawn, and when Blake dropped the knife into the car, Sheskey, pulling Blake toward him by his shirt, shot him at point-blank range, according to the complaint. Blake’s attorneys allege Sheskey did not identify himself at first and shot him in proximity to Blake’s children — ages 5 and 8 — who were in the back seat of his SUV. The attorneys say that Blake was not threatening Sheskey as he tried to disengage with police.
Two more tied to Proud Boys hit with conspiracy charges in Jan. 6 Capitol breach
ADADU.S. Magistrate Zia M. Faruqui of Washington, D.C., ordered the younger Klein detained after a video teleconference hearing Friday. He was wearing body armor and goggles and carrying a baseball bat and a paintball gun, chasing one person who was beaten by a person seen with Klein, prosecutors alleged. ADThey accuse the men of entering the Capitol through a door on its northwest side, where the younger Klein allegedly celebrated with an unnamed Proud Boys member. The panel also directed the trial judge to consider how judges have treated similarly situated defendants. The judge did order a third co-defendant, Meggs’s husband, Kelly Meggs, 52, jailed pending trial.
A Minnesota man can’t be charged with rape because the woman chose to drink beforehand, court rules
Almost four years later, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled this week that Francios Momolu Khalil, 24, cannot be found guilty of rape because the woman got drunk voluntarily beforehand. In Khalil’s case, Justice Paul Thissen wrote in an opinion, no one disputes that the woman chose to become drunk. That’s when Khalil and two other men allegedly approached the woman and her friend and invited them to a party. Under the existing statute, Khalil’s case could be charged as fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct, a gross misdemeanor, according to the court ruling. She pointed to Khalil’s case to argue that some alleged offenders seek to prey on people in that kind of condition.
Five myths about poverty
The political scientist Charles Murray once wrote, “When we know the complete genetic story, it will turn out that the population below the poverty line in the United States has a configuration of the relevant genetic makeup that is significantly different from the configuration of the population above the poverty line.” In short, poverty is abnormal — outside the American mainstream. In research I’ve conducted using a large nationally representative sample, 59 percent of Americans will spend at least one year below the official poverty line between the ages of 20 and 75. That number rises to 76 percent if it includes people who are near the poverty line. Social surveys asking Americans about the causes of poverty have consistently found that they tend to rank these individual shortcomings as most important. Furthermore, instead of protecting people from falling into poverty, our social policies are designed to punish people who experience poverty.
Opinion | Andrew Cuomo is plummeting, and there’s no one left to catch him
Many things have been said of Andrew Cuomo, often with respect and occasionally with admiration — but “nice to people” is not one of them. For Cuomo, this is a very rough patch, and it arrives just as he was nearing the top of the ladder. ADADNew York Attorney General Letitia James is investigating whether the Cuomo administration illegally obscured statistics concerning covid-19 nursing home deaths. ADADBut now there’s a third scandal, and this is the one that might make the bully governor wish he had heeded Mizner’s advice. Cuomo was asked to complete the same training other state executives received regarding the problem of sexual harassment.
Opinion | Yes, motive matters in mass shootings. But not as much as means.
People gathered in the streets to protest anti-Asian violence; President Biden pressed for hate-crime legislation; officials in Washington state vowed to set aside funds to fight anti-Asian bias. ADOnce again: “Officials Search for Motive Behind Boulder Mass Shooting.”The lesson of one mass murder might lie in motive, but the lesson of one mass murder after another must lie in means. But we can reduce gun deaths — including mass shootings — if we focus instead on the means. But every chance they get, Republican lawmakers, with few exceptions, have refused to pass laws to reduce gun violence — laws that save lives. ADRefusal to pass gun laws is killing Americans.
NRA faces internal woes as it girds for new gun control fight
ADADThe bankruptcy proceedings are likely to reveal embarrassing new details about the organization’s internal workings and extravagant spending. LaPierre and other executives also have “voluntarily participated” in the attorney general’s investigation, NRA attorney William A. “An important part of this plan is dumping New York,” LaPierre said in announcing the bankruptcy filing. The New York attorney general and Ackerman McQueen would go further. Those expenses, and more, were detailed in the recent filings by the New York attorney general.
Opinion | Mitch McConnell needs to remember why Republicans are in such poor standing in D.C.
In the November 2020 elections, the GOP failed to field candidates in contests for D.C. delegate, and Ward 2, Ward 4 and Ward 7 council seats. ADBlack people once formed a strong base of the Republican Party. The freeing of the enslaved by the first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, had something to do with it. Once returned to power, Southern Democratic state governments suppressed Black political rights — despicable actions that were aided and abetted by violence after dark. window shade on which he had copied the party symbol of the Democratic Party of the State of Alabama.
Opinion | Republicans fixate on nonsense arguments against D.C. statehood while denying a basic right
A Republican witness said D.C. residents already impact the national debate, noting the yard signs and bumper stickers posted in support of D.C. statehood. Never mind that D.C. residents have fought in all of the United States’ wars and helped bring democratic freedoms to people of other countries. Never mind that D.C. residents have paid billions of dollars in federal taxes and that they fulfill all the other responsibilities of citizenship. Never mind that no other modern country denies residents of its capital city the fundamental right of a voice in their government. Instead, Republicans railed about a “power grab” by Democrats and talked nonsense about yard signs, car dealerships and landfills.
Opinion | Georgia’s repulsive new election law is Exhibit A in the GOP’s war on voting rights
Welcome to 2021, where Republicans have embarked on a national effort to suppress the vote at all costs. And, not to avoid the obvious, to suppress Black votes, because those ballots would not be cast to Republican advantage. Alice O’Lenick, chairwoman of the Gwinnett County election board, didn’t mince words about the need to tighten up voting rules in Georgia. “Politics is a zero-sum game, and every extra vote they get through unlawful interpretations of [the Voting Rights Act] hurts us.”A shot at winning. The new Georgia law stands as Exhibit A in the 2021 campaign to curtail voting rights but will not be the year’s last.
New Disney+ 'Mighty Ducks' series banks on nostalgia and our love of the underdog
“The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers,” the first live-action TV series for the 1990s-era Disney franchise, debuts Friday. One might argue that “The Mighty Ducks” franchise is itself an underdog story. Like most reimaginings, Disney’s new take on “The Mighty Ducks” brings back the most important face from the original films: Emilio Estevez, as Coach Gordon Bombay. As a series, “The Mighty Ducks” is no better or worse than the original films, and its 30-minute episodes include plenty of hockey action. But, despite checking all the right boxes, “The Mighty Ducks” doesn’t seem like it’s a game changer.
Joy Reid on Georgia voting restrictions: It doesn’t get much clearer who this law benefits and hurts
Here’s what Joy Reid had to say about new voting restrictions passed in Georgia: "It's just almost poetic how much the history this week rhymes. It doesn't get much clearer who this law is designed to benefit and who it's designed to hurt."
Joe Biden Can’t Stop Talking About History
“The elder has the perspective of history,” Russell Riley, the co-chair of the presidential oral history program at the University of Virginia, told me. “The challenges that he faces are daunting, and big challenges make big moments for ambitious presidents, and I think he is visionary enough to seize the moment,” presidential historian Mark Updegrove said. Of the 10 Biden called on, as compiled by my colleague Theodoric Meyer, half of them asked about immigration. When Biden talks about labor, you could close your eyes and picture a New Dealer,” he said. “Biden knows,” Engel concluded, “that there’s only two or three moments in life that actually really matter for making a structural difference.
9-year-old girl drowns while crossing Rio Grande
Araceli Franco Cruz and two of her children traveled from Guatemala to meet other relatives in the U.S. when they were overwhelmed by the current.
Slower than Suez: Global travel during Covid
Slower than Suez: Global travel during CovidWith help from Joanne KenenHALFWAY AROUND THE WORLD IN 68 HOURS — That little paper card the CDC issues when you get your Covid vaccination: It probably isn’t going to help you cross borders in 2021. I nearly fell at the first hurdle: Singapore demands a test taken within 72 hours of arrival. With rooms starting at $400 a night, guests are taken from the airport under escort — after their mandatory Covid test on arrival. Reach out with news and tips at [email protected] and [email protected] or on Twitter at @politicoryan and @renurayasam. The industry blames a patchwork of travel restrictions, a lack of bailout cash and a plodding vaccine rollout.
Why Did the Dean of the Most Diverse Law School in the Country Cancel Herself?
Decades ago, long before it became commonplace, Ms. Bilek railed against the bar exam and other standardized tests for their disparate impact on low-income students. “Her reputation in the world of deans is that of someone who cares deeply about racial justice,” said Ronald Weich, an assistant attorney general in the Obama administration and the dean of the University of Baltimore School of Law. “I regret that my mistake means that I will not be doing that work” — the work of fighting racism — “with my CUNY colleagues,” Ms. Bilek wrote to me in an email. To the contrary, they were angling for her to remain and oversee changes in the way that power and prestige were allocated at the school. Other well-qualified colleagues of color, further along on the tenure track, were not up for immediate consideration.
Covid Stole Your Sense of Smell? Try Physical Therapy for Your Nose.
Before you begin, however, it is wise to rule out other conditions that could be affecting your sense of smell. Once he removed the polyps, which were unrelated to Covid, his patient’s sense of smell improved greatly. Alternatively, “some people have had a lot of success with things that smell bad,” Dr. Dalton said. At one point during her smell training, Ms. Rao, the restaurant critic, used spoiled milk. Then ask whether the person can easily smell the fragrance when the scent is a few inches below his or her nose.
Vaccines, Georgia, Beverly Cleary: Your Friday Evening Briefing
States are racing to vaccinate as many people as possible as the coronavirus infection curve continues its plateau for a third week. At least 34 states are giving all adults vaccine access by mid-April, and at least 14 more have announced plans to expand eligibility on or before May 1, a goal set by President Biden. Track your state here. Above, a vaccine clinic in Coraopolis, Pa. The U.S. is logging more than 54,000 new cases per day, a level that health experts warn could rapidly escalate into a new wave.
Maple Leafs center John Tavares due for a breakout
Of the 11 NHL skaters that are within five high-danger scoring chances of Tavares, nine have scored more even-strength goals. Seven of those nine skaters have at least twice as many goals scored than Tavares. Matthews is second among this group with 14 expected goals, a rate of 1.3 expected goals per 60 minutes. Right behind him is Tavares with 12 expected goals or 1.3 expected goals per 60 minutes. McDavid and Matthews each have 21 actual goals scored, almost triple Tavares’s total.
Black-owned distilleries are breaking barriers that once surrounded the Kentucky bourbon industry
ADADBrough Brothers Distillery — and another Black-owned bourbon brand, Fresh Bourbon, that is planning a distillery in Lexington — are challenging a history of enslavement and exclusion surrounding the most quintessentially American spirit in its Kentucky birthplace. Their entry comes at a time when the American distilling world is under increasing pressure to diversify and to acknowledge the role of enslaved people in developing the industry. ADIn Kentucky bourbon is a big deal: an $8.6 billion industry that employs 20,000 and has attracted investment from multinational corporations like the British alcohol company Diageo and the Japanese Suntory. It was not until Yarbrough was in his late 20s working in finance in London when he finally started drinking and appreciating Kentucky bourbon. “But those events were clearly not marketed toward people like me.”Black bourbon enthusiasts like Mack have become better known in the bourbon world in recent years with the spread of African American bourbon clubs.
Beverly Cleary, beloved author who chronicled schoolyard scrapes and feisty kids, dies at 104
As Beverly Cleary celebrates her 100th birthday on April 12th, other famous children's authors look back on their favorite Cleary books and send her well wishes. (“He didn’t see how his mother could object to two quiet little fish that didn’t bark or track in mud or anything,” Mrs. Cleary wrote.) She was the little sister of Henry’s friend Beatrice “Beezus” Quimby and was “tossed in,” Mrs. Cleary said, to move the story along. ADThe “Ramona” books, the last of which appeared in 1999, gained a following that even Mrs. Cleary never expected. In “My Own Two Feet,” Mrs. Cleary recalled a brief feeling of anxiety while working on her first book.
Since 1994, the GOP is getting a lot more bang (House seats) for its buck (votes)
So I re-created the one above, pulling data from the House website and using Cook Political Report’s 2020 House vote tracker. Since that election, only once, in 2008, has the GOP had a lower percentage of the vote than seats. In every other election, it’s secured a greater percentage of seats than it has a percentage of votes. One factor may simply be that the GOP is earning a higher percentage of the national House vote than it used to. Because the percentage of votes cast is necessarily more finely represented than the percentage of House seats (you can’t win precisely 50 percent of House seats, for example) that necessarily means that there will be some disconnect in most years.
Meet three Latina scientists leading the way in Washington’s Covid-19 research
In Washington, three Latina scientists are leading the way in coronavirus research, from detecting the city’s first positive cases to analyzing the new variants.
Baltimore will no longer prosecute drug possession, prostitution, low-level crimes
A year ago, as the coronavirus began to spread across Maryland, Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby stopped prosecuting drug possession, prostitution, minor traffic violations and other low-level offenses, a move aimed at curbing Covid-19's spread behind bars. In the 12 months since she ordered scaled-back enforcement, violent crime is down 20 percent and property crime has declined 36 percent, she said. “Clearly, the data suggest there is no public safety value in prosecuting low-level offenses,” Mosby said at a news conference. Kim Foxx, the state's attorney in Cook County, Illinois, said Mosby’s announcement was the culmination of years of discussion among reformers seeking ways to reduce focus on low-level offenses. “What Marilyn has been able to do is demonstrate that those changes didn’t lead to an increase in violent crime, didn’t lead to mayhem in the streets.
New GA voting law gives partisan lawmakers power over election officials
Pennsylvania’s Attorney General, Josh Shapiro, explains the damaging implications of Georgia’s new voting law, and why new voter suppression bills are a phenomenon across the country
Chris Hayes: The Suez Canal crisis shows there is a ‘tradeoff between efficiency and resiliency’
MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes highlights the world’s global economic interdependence as displayed by the massive amount of dollars in trade lost due to the ship stuck in the Suez Canal
Heather McGhee: The only thing the right wing has is a racist lie about election fraud
Heather McGhee, Chair of the Board of the Directors for Color of Change, Greg Bluestein of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, and president of the National Action Network Rev. Al Sharpton, discuss Georgia enacting sweeping voting restrictions and what these limits mean for democracy
Florida Boat Copies Suez Canal Cargo Ship And Blocks Freeway Access
A boat in Florida was apparently jealous of all the attention being given to that giant cargo ship wedged in Egypt’s Suez Canal. On Thursday evening, the 38-foot-long pink-and-white boat somehow landed on Interstate 10 near Crestview, blocking traffic for hours, according to NWF Daily News. There were no injuries, according to a Facebook post from the Crestview Fire Department, which said the Florida Highway Patrol removed the boat. Boats around the world are trying to duplicate their kin's successful blocking of the Suez Canal. — Patrick Andelic (@pkandelic) March 26, 2021I think the boats have had enough of our shit — St. Sunflower??? (@floraenthusiast) March 26, 2021
25 Of The Funniest Tweets About Cats And Dogs This Week (March 20-26)
We Shih Tzu not. Each week at HuffPost, we scour Twitter to find the funniest posts about our furballs being complete goofballs. They’re sure to make you howl. (And if you want some more, no need to beg. Check out last week’s batch right here.)
Author Beverly Cleary dies at 104
Beverly Cleary, the award-winning children's author whose work has been read by young readers for more than 70 years, has died at 104, her publisher, HarperCollins, said in a statement Friday. Cleary, whose books helped generations of kids grapple with the challenging issues of childhood, was inspired to answer the question once posed to her by a young boy: "Where are the books about kids like us?" We are saddened to share that cherished children's book author Beverly Cleary passed away yesterday, March 25, at 104 years old. — HarperCollins (@HarperCollins) March 26, 2021Cleary was born April 12, 1916 in McMinnville, Oregon. After first training as a librarian, Cleary became an author and wrote scores of children's books that were translated into over a dozen languages, popularizing characters like Ramona Quimby and Henry Huggins.
Vaccine data suggests Biden equity goal remains elusive
Detroit's population is 78 percent Black and 15 percent white, but just 13.8 percent of doses went to Black people. Federal officials say that about 60 percent of the 1.7 million doses of vaccine injected at federal centers went into the arms of people of color. The federally run centers are a complement to doses of vaccine the administration is distributing to state governments for injection into patients. Each state is allotted 12,000 doses of vaccine per day for its federal centers. Collecting data has been a challenge for federal officials, even though registration forms ask patients to fill out information on date of birth, race, ethnicity and other data.
Biden administration kicks off national vaccination outreach campaign
WASHINGTON — The Biden administration is formally launching its much-anticipated national campaign to increase confidence among Americans in the coronavirus vaccine, branding the effort “We Can Do This,” according to images obtained by NBC News. Graphics the administration created with the slogan come in multiple languages, and can be set against the backdrop of a map of the U.S. or individual states, according to the images. The effort will also include ads on television, radio, online and social media platforms, though those ads have not yet begun to run. White House officials had said the administration was holding off on launching the campaign until the vaccine supply in the U.S. was closer to meeting the demand they hope such an effort would created. On Friday, the U.S. set a record with some 3.38 million doses of the vaccine administered, according to the White House’s COVID-19 data director, Cyrus Shahpar.
D.C. Statehood Backers Want to Be Part of Broad Voting Rights Measure in the Senate
They want to make sure Congress acts while President Biden, a statehood supporter, is in the White House and Democrats hold majorities in the House and Senate. It creates a delicate situation for Senate Democrats, more than 40 of whom are sponsoring the statehood measure. They support making the District of Columbia a state — creating a House seat and two Senate seats. But they see the voting rights bill as an extremely heavy lift and worry that trying to add statehood at this stage would be a significant complication for a measure they say is urgently needed before elections next year. The voting rights bill endorses the concept of statehood with language that declares “there are no constitutional, historical, fiscal or economic reasons why the Americans who live in the District of Columbia should not be granted statehood,” but it does not go beyond that.
Wall Street’s march into China increasingly at odds with Biden’s tough stance
“China has tried to use Wall Street in the past to provide ballast in the relationship,” said Ryan Hass, a former Obama administration China specialist. When he negotiated a North American trade deal, he eliminated special tribunals that allowed corporations to end-run Mexico’s legal system, calling it an implicit subsidy for offshoring. Wall Street was among the big winners in Trump’s China trade deal. Additional restrictions on American trade and investment flows may loom. To compete economically with China, the United States needs a sophisticated financial industry, which requires experience in the second-largest economy in the world.
The latest TikTok craze: Career advice, résumé reviews and interview tips
The company is now cultivating career-related videos about interview tips or job skills, along with other how-to content areas such as recipes, financial advice, math skills and home DIY videos. It’s evolving.”ADLeah Sorto, 23, said she turned to TikTok while job hunting last year. ADHer generation turns to the platform for advice, she said, because unlike YouTube, “we aren’t committing to six whole minutes. So I start giving career advice — I’m not doing the Renegade dance.”ADADAs a Muslim woman who wears a hijab, she said she’s aware of the obstacles women of color face as entrepreneurs. Some TikTok career creators are concerned the platform allows those without much hiring experience to broadcast advice to young job seekers, especially in a tough economy.
Glover Park Grill restaurant review: All-American cooking woos neighborhood
The result, Glover Park Grill, made its debut in November with Hamilton Johnson leading the kitchen. Familiar is not another word for Ambien, however, at least not at Glover Park Grill. The saucy, super-crunchy chicken wings Johnson created early on were good at the source but went limp in transit. At Glover Park Grill, pasta means housemade cavatelli and sweet lump crab in a barge, er, bowl strewn with toasted breadcrumbs, lemon zest and parsley. The owners of the Glover Park hotel are poised to renovate the entire property, dining room included.
A new way to view homelessness: Not as a problem but as a culture
“I’m trying to show they actually have agency and are using rational thought.” A year later, their fundamental view has not changed. Among anthropologists, this is “material culture” — from soda bottle caps to propane heaters — and studying it can help researchers understand how to help those living on the margins. Some people end up living in encampments because they think shelters are unsafe, or they avoid shelters because they don’t want structure. “There is a culture within the homeless community for people to be responsible, to help each other,” Sheptock told me. But focusing on violence or exploitation in encampments rather than on the mutual aid practiced there denies homeless people agency, Howe says.
Date Lab: The attraction was virtually immediate
“I felt really positive going into it.” To get in the right mind-set, she listened to her Spotify playlist, which included “I’m on Fire” by Bruce Springsteen. It’s possible that Jeffrey Davis, 39, went into the date with even fewer expectations. In fact, he had forgotten about his Date Lab application — he applied about a year ago. Jeffrey noticed her “nice smile” and added, “She’s very pretty.” Something about Jeffrey put Lexi at ease. In part because of the conversation, in part because he didn’t want to stuff his face with the stromboli, Jeffrey didn’t start eating until around 9 p.m.
I lived in the U.S. for 18 years without wanting to become a citizen. 2020 changed everything.
We lived in Kyiv — Ukraine’s capital, about 100 miles away — and like everyone we were kept in the dark. Seeing people in Ukraine scramble to find work, my parents felt convinced that with fluent English and an American degree, the doors would open up for me. America felt very different from the place I had come to nearly 20 years ago. In the spring of 2020, when we knew little and feared everything, the coronavirus pandemic raged on, cases and deaths mounting. After I became a citizen, a friend told me I’d picked the wrong year to tie myself to America.
Gene Weingarten: Meet Fred, the Tooth Fairy
The Tooth Fairy was a plausible bit of nonsense. He negotiated tooth prices with Molly in days-long back-and-forth communication, and she generally won, but only after showing gumption. Their final exchange was at age 7, involving Molly’s very last baby tooth, and she was angling for a major payout. ADADTragically, there was never any third kid, so I never got to try out another Tooth Fairy. (One of them, Lucretia the Tooth Fairy, is at least mildly evil.
Former D.C. police chief: ‘There should be a higher standard for police’
I mean, right now, people are talking about Eugene Goodman at the Capitol and how heroic he is. I don’t think anybody really does. I would think that in law enforcement the standard should be higher even than in most jobs in society. The minute you lose sight of that — I mean, that’s a key role of police in a democratic society: to protect the constitutional rights of people. ADADWhen I was first appointed police chief in D.C., I received a letter from David Friedman, who, at the time, was the executive director of ADL [the Anti-Defamation League] in Washington.
Why did Latino men shift toward Trump in 2020? I looked to my dad for answers.
In North Carolina, Trump won Latino men by 20 points but lost Latinas by 54 points. Why, I wondered, did Latino men seem to be shifting to the right? In fact, especially in some border communities, law enforcement is a major employer of Latino men. Instead of expecting — as many progressives do — Latino men to automatically vote against someone who works against their “self-interest,” it might be better to ask what Latino men actually see as their best interests and how they view themselves — and then adjust accordingly. Democrats can certainly make inroads with Latino men — though my dad, as you can see, won’t be one of them.
PM Update: Today’s record and near-record warmth gives way to more springlike conditions this weekend
I love the 80s myself, but it felt a bit warm to my unacclimated self. Dulles Airport got to at least 81 degrees, which beats the old record of 78 for the date. While we got up to at least 84 in the city, that fell short of the record for the date by a few degrees. And not to be left out, BWI airport was close to a record, as well, reaching 83. The wind will calm this evening ahead of a very springlike weekend.
The cost of racism for Asian businesses
Start your day with this morning briefing of the news you need to know and insights you can’t get anywhere else.
Virus cases, hospitalizations trend up in Maryland; Norfolk to get FEMA vaccine clinic
Virginia’s seven-day average for new cases has grown as well, but not as much as in Maryland. D.C.’s seven-day average has increased slightly in recent days but is still lower than at the beginning of March. He attributed the rise in cases in the state to new coronavirus variants, changes in behavior by residents tired of the pandemic and Gov. ADADDespite the increased number of hospitalizations in Maryland, deaths have remained relatively low, with a seven-day average of 14 new daily deaths as of Friday. Officials will ensure Black and Latino populations are prioritized by allocating vaccine to specific community groups.
The Suez logjam shows how fragile our global trade system is
But the system of rapid shipping that now drives so much of global trade was first enabled by the Suez Canal, so it’s little surprise that the backup is rippling around the planet. ADADSince its opening in November 1869, the Suez Canal has provided a shorter route between the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean. Reopened after a few months, the Suez Canal was a strategic asset for the nation, providing revenue from tolls. Egypt and the Suez Canal Authority are using dredgers to clear out the dirt along the forward port side of the vessel. Either way, the lack of large salvage tugs as a part of the Suez Canal Authority is forcing the world to await the arrival of such vessels.
Opinion | Vaccine nationalism is a corrective to often-naive views of globalism
So it’s telling, and more than a bit ironic, to see countries that regularly cast aspersions on nationalism resorting to nationalism themselves. India has also engaged in vaccine nationalism, preventing the export of the savior drug produced within its borders for its own use. The E.U., of course, piously pronounced that it doesn’t engage in vaccine nationalism. has pursued a characteristically subtler course, but its euro is now the second-most traded global currency. Vaccine nationalism is a useful corrective to often-naive views regarding globalism as an end unto itself.
Jessica Walter and George Segal personified a time when movies grew up
She personified the postwar generation’s apprehension about the mid-century women’s movement, especially when it came to sexual agency. But Walter resisted the reflex to play Evelyn as a B-movie banshee, or a pathetic patsy of the feminist movement the film caricatures so floridly. ADAD“Loving” engaged with some of the same themes as “Play Misty for Me,” including jittery sexual anxiety and the treacherous tectonics of shifting gender roles. Interestingly enough, both “Play Misty for Me” and “Loving” were ostensibly about men. In “Play Misty for Me,” Evelyn arguably symbolized America’s most deep-seated societal fears about what Selma might become if she read that book and took it to heart.
As an Asian American in Boulder, I fear both for my kids and parents
I pulled them aside one at a time, because I didn’t want my kids to get sucked in, too. I knew my parents were aware of the anti-Asian violence spiking across the country. I’d even already made my mom take online training with me about what to do if confronted by anti-Asian harassment. For the next couple of hours, I stayed glued to my phone screen as the kids, 5 and 7, played with their grandma. ADADMy parents immigrated to America for better education and more opportunities than they’d had in Taiwan.
The right way to do a downward dog so that it doesn't strain your back
Yoga moves require flexibility and if you’re still working on yours, jumping right in to a full downward dog isn’t the best plan of attack. Downward dog is also helpful for relieving back pain, and performing it consistently can help relieve stiffness and tension. Like many other yoga poses, downward dog is a great move to drop into when you need to relax. How to do modified downward dogPerforming downward dog on the floor can be tricky. Since standing up is a more natural position, performing downward dog this way can be a big help in mastering the move.
How to politely ask loved ones about COVID-19 vaccination status
Muskin advises that before asking, you consider two things: Why you're asking and what your relationship to the person you're speaking to is. "Knowing people's vaccine status can give us a level of comfort, but what if we don't know if they're vaccinated? Muskin also advises that people be prepared to explain their reasoning when they ask a friend about their vaccination status. Muskin said that you should prepare for someone to not want to share their vaccination status, but think ahead to how you want to handle that potential situation. To recap, here are three simple steps to follow when approaching these conversations:Explain why you’re asking (you’ll be meeting indoors, kids are not vaccinated, etc.).
17 of our best recipes for your Passover Seder
Preparing for your Passover Seder? If it's your first time having a Passover Seder, keep this Passover guide handy before you begin prep. To make menu planning easy, here are some of TODAY Food's favorite Passover recipes. Brighten up your spread with this roast chicken that pops with color. There is a reason Ina Garten thinks roast chicken is pure romance.
Woman, 54, buys her first swimsuit ever after losing 115 pounds
At 5 feet, 9 inches tall, she reached 309 pounds — a BMI that firmly put her in the obese category. But today, she’s the owner of two swimsuits after losing 115 pounds. “It feels really good… I'm not at my ideal weight yet. Jones pays careful attention to when she’s hungry and when she’s full. It's everything.”Focus on your healthAfter losing so much weight, Jones feels “fantastic.” She reversed her hypertension and prediabetes.
'Bad Trip' makes its actors the butt the joke instead of the civilians, and is funnier for it
After all, "Bad Trip" isn’t meant to be a movie about two guys finding themselves on a road trip. The unnamed civilians in “Bad Trip” are fascinating, and they're presented in ways you empathize with more than just laugh at; their responses to pressure are unpredictable. “Bad Trip” also, unlike its predecessors, seems committed to showing us how its sausage is made. Perhaps a little bit against its inclinations, “Bad Trip” ends up demonstrating how nice most people are. Most of the time, “Bad Trip” delights in capturing the shock people show when they’re faced with something truly surreal, dangerous or gross.
Lil Nas X writes a letter to his younger self about coming out
Rapper Lil Nas X wrote a letter to himself about coming out publicly as gay. He added that coming out was difficult for him, and people accused him of "pushing an agenda." In a follow-up tweet, Lil Nas X shared a link to his new single, "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)," with a music video that Rolling Stone described as "unabashedly queer." Lil Nas X first appeared to come out in a tweet in June 2019, on the last day of Pride Month. Lil Nas X rose to fame after Billboard removed his song "Old Town Road" from the Hot Country chart after it debuted at No.
Outgoing Ecuador trade minister presses for deal with U.S.
With just a short time left in office, Ecuadorian Trade Minister Iván Ontaneda hopes to put his country and the United States on a path toward a free trade agreement. In an interview with Morning Trade, Ontaneda said a deal would help put Ecuador on a level playing field with Colombia and Peru, its two Andean neighbors that already have FTAs with the United States. Arauz is the candidate of former President Rafael Correa’s Union of Hope party, which favors state-led development projects and social spending funded largely by commodities exports. Current Ecuadorian President Lenín Moreno reversed many of Correa’s policies and adopted a more free-market approach. GSP not enough: Still, Ontaneda said he believes whichever candidate wins in April would want to pursue talks on a free trade agreement with the U.S. Ecuador currently has duty free access for many goods under the Generalized System of Preferences program, but that’s not as comprehensive as a free trade agreement would be.
Biden team holds fire after North Korean missile launches
By comparison, the Biden team is taking a more conventional approach. But there are steps the Biden team can take to send a stronger signal without resorting to military action. And it’s not clear how much Beijing will want to pressure North Korea right now. This is a contrast to the short-range weapons tests last weekend, which military officials linked to U.S.-South Korea military drills. “I would rather see North Korea feel pressure for some period of time before we try diplomacy again.”
Baltimore will no longer prosecute drug possession, prostitution, low-level crimes
A year ago, as the coronavirus began to spread across Maryland, Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby stopped prosecuting drug possession, prostitution, minor traffic violations and other low-level offenses, a move aimed at curbing Covid-19's spread behind bars. In the 12 months since she ordered scaled-back enforcement, violent crime is down 20 percent and property crime has declined 36 percent, she said. Homicides inched down, though Baltimore still has one of the highest homicide rates among cities nationwide. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University found sharp reductions in calls to police complaining about drugs and prostitution, she said. “Clearly, the data suggest there is no public safety value in prosecuting low-level offenses,” Mosby said at a news conference.
New Jersey rolling out new vaccination vans to bring Covid-19 relief to hard-to-reach people
The big blue vans that the New Jersey Health Department is rolling out to deliver Covid-19 vaccines to the residents who have been the hardest to reach. Vaccination vans similar to these are also being used in Connecticut, California, New Mexico, South Carolina and Virginia to get shots into the arms of hard-to-reach populations. The problem is especially acute in Hudson County, "which is the most diverse county in the state," Hudson County spokesman Jim Kennelly said. Currently, Hudson County has the lowest vaccination rate of any county in the state with 16 doses administered per 100 people. I am deeply concerned that Hudson County residents do not have equitable access to covid-19 vaccinations.”
Puerto Rico cleanup by U.S. military will take more than a decade
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — The reopening of hiking trails and various white-sand beaches on two tiny Puerto Rican islands long used as Navy bombing ranges and now popular with tourists will be delayed more than a decade, according to a federal report released Friday. Meanwhile, crews have cleared more than 5,000 unexploded ordnances since January 2020 in Culebra, where the military ceased all activities in 1975. An unknown number of munitions remains on both islands located just east of Puerto Rico as teams use tools ranging from machetes to drones to help clean the area. Meanwhile, cleanup at 14 of 15 former military sites in Culebra will continue through fiscal year 2031, the agency said. The U.S. government has said that past military actions and ongoing cleanup efforts pose no risk, but many have disputed those findings.
HPV vaccine is protecting even young women who haven't been vaccinated, CDC report finds
There's growing evidence that the HPV vaccine can protect even young women and girls who haven't been immunized. A new government study finds human papillomavirus infections have declined dramatically in both vaccinated and unvaccinated teen girls and young women. In 2018, an estimated 23.4 million men and 19.2 million women in the U.S. were infected with HPV strains linked to cancer. Among sexually active teens and young women who had not been vaccinated, there was also a decline compared to before 2006. Among 14- to 19-year-old girls, infections with the HPV strains targeted by the vaccine fell by 87 percent, and among young women ages 20 to 24 there was a decline of 65 percent in infections with the HPV strains targeted by the vaccine.
Covid-19 cases are rising. States are opening up anyway.
After several weeks at a plateau, Covid-19 cases in the United States are rising again, the clearest warning sign yet that the country could face another "avoidable" surge, the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday. The urgent pleas from public health officials come as a growing number of states have begun to relax mitigation strategies. "Elected leaders are undermining public health messaging left and right," said Brian Castrucci, president and chief operating officer of the de Beaumont Foundation, a public health nonprofit. Castrucci suggests a different public health communication tactic: Rather than focus on mitigation, keep the spotlight on vaccinations. Follow NBC HEALTH on Twitter & Facebook.
Suffolk County, Where Police Call the Shots - The New York Times
Eye-popping a sum as that might seem, it’s par for the course in Suffolk County. With so much money at stake, the Suffolk County Police Benevolent Association doesn’t leave elections to chance. It has not only a PAC, but also a super PAC that spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on local elections. With those generous salaries, the citizens of Suffolk County have paid for what should be world-class law enforcement. Steve Bellone, the Suffolk County executive who appointed Mr. Burke, says he was fooled by Mr. Burke and Mr. Spota and turned against them when he discovered their “criminal enterprise.” He vows that a new day has dawned.
Why Did Someone Pay $560,000 for a Picture of My Column?
After more than 30 bids, the auction ended at 12:32 p.m. Eastern time, with a winning bid of 350 ether, or about $560,000. A few minutes later, after the auction platform had taken its cut, nearly $500,000 in cryptocurrency landed in my digital wallet. The whole ordeal was surreal, and it raised the question: Why would anyone spend the price of a high-end Lamborghini on a picture of my words? The winner, whose handle on the auction site was @3fmusic, appeared to be a prominent NFT collector. They also gave me permission to include an image of their music studio’s logo in this column.
NFTs Are Neither Miracles nor Scams
That said, NFTs will probably not fix the broken economics of streaming music or tear down the power structures of the journalism and art worlds. Likewise, cryptocurrencies are probably not an effective fix for unaffordable housing. So, are NFTs a bubble inflated by unusual financial conditions and our brains turning to goo in the pandemic? And it felt as if America’s policymakers were moving at a snail’s pace to resolve whether and how laws should change to make tech companies more accountable, effective and fair. But let me give two examples of tech companies actually becoming more transparent and effective.
Here’s why D.C. was excluded from a FEMA vaccine program: It’s for big states
The agency started with the most populous states, opening sites in California, then Texas and Florida, and will continue to proceed by state size, Fenton said. That means the District — with a population smaller than all but two states — will not get this federal assistance. ADADThe federal agency is also providing logistical support, without any extra vaccine, to a far larger number of vaccination sites across the country. Arlington, a Dallas suburb that received a FEMA site, has a population of under 400,000 residents, compared with more than 700,000 in the District. ADA D.C. health department leader caused concern among some city lawmakers on Wednesday when he said the local government did not want such a FEMA site in the District.
NBA trade deadline winners and losers
If he played well with a change of scenery, he could be re-signed or flipped at the deadline for additional assets. Gordon was the biggest name to join any West contender at the deadline and he should benefit from playing in Jokic’s orbit. Winners: Brooklyn NetsADADPerhaps the best way to explain why Philadelphia was a loser is to imagine the sigh of relief from Brooklyn once the deadline passed. The Lakers stood pat at the deadline, confident in a well-constructed roster built around LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Losers: Cleveland CavaliersThe Cavaliers took a flier on Andre Drummond at last year’s deadline and now officially have almost nothing to show for it.
As states expand vaccine eligibility, universities make a push to inoculate all students
College students have largely been left out of earlier rounds of vaccine distribution. ADADWhile officials are encouraging students to get their vaccines, they will not be forced to do so, Sands said. Rutgers leaders in their announcement cited President Biden, who encouraged states to open vaccine eligibility to include all adults by May 1. But at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, some students can get vaccinated on campus starting Wednesday, said spokeswoman Kate Maroney. Reeves Moseley, UNC’s student body president, said the availability of the vaccine is giving students hope after an exceedingly difficult year.
Opinion | Biden just issued a scathing indictment of his party’s hypocrisy on the filibuster
So, let’s get this straight: By Biden’s own admission, Democrats abused the filibuster to obstruct President Donald Trump’s legislative agenda. ADADEven in the face of the Democrats’ unprecedented obstruction, then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) refused Trump’s repeated entreaties to get rid of the legislative filibuster. “No Republican has any trouble imagining the laundry list of socialist policies that 51 Senate Democrats would happily inflict on Middle America in a filibuster-free Senate,” McConnell said. ADADUnhindered by the filibuster, Democrats will also pack the Supreme Court and install an activist liberal majority that will protect their constitutional overreach. More than a decade later, despite unified GOP control of government under Trump, Republicans were unable to repeal it.
Opinion | The time has come to share power with the Taliban
The time has come to give the Taliban a share of power in the current system rather than excluding the group from it. Parents in many rural parts of Afghanistan are still deeply opposed to education for their girls, Taliban or no Taliban. Even if allowed to share power, the Taliban is unlikely to disarm immediately, to stop objecting to women’s participation in public life or to welcome full freedom of expression. The Taliban leadership has spent the past 20 years mobilizing its soldiers and commanders in the name of those ideals. The world has sent billions of dollars and thousands of precious lives in the effort to exclude the Taliban from power.
Live updates Biden assails Georgia voting law: 'This is Jim Crow in the 21st Century’
Biden put out a statement on the new Georgia voting laws, calling them the “Jim Crow of the 21st Century” and vowing to work against efforts to suppress voting. Republicans’ response to the dual Democratic wins in the state in November and January was to rush “through an un-American law to deny people the right to vote,” Biden said. “Among the outrageous parts of this new state law, it ends voting hours early so working people can’t cast their vote after their shift is over,” Biden said. “It adds rigid restrictions on casting absentee ballots that will effectively deny the right to vote to countless voters. “Let the people vote.”Later, before departing Washington for Delaware, he spoke directly to reporters about the new Georgia law.
Opinion | Biden faces the world’s most dangerous problems in North Korea and Taiwan
ADNorth Korea had delivered a fiery calling card over the past week by launching a series of short-range missiles. North Korea offers a rare example of where President Donald Trump prepared carefully for a diplomatic pressure campaign. If Xi thinks the United States’ demise is permanent and irreversible, the wise course presumably would be to wait until America is even weaker. ADSince Anchorage, Chinese think tanks have been using a phrase that means “hit, hit, talk, talk” to describe what’s ahead with the United States, according to one top Sinologist. The “hit, hit” part of that formula carries significant risks — especially if China continues to believe that a weakened America isn’t ready to fight back.
Expanding voting is not simply the political inverse of limiting voting
ADADThese days, it’s rarely the case that discussions of voting access involve explicitly stated opposition to large demographic groups voting. A century ago — well, 60 years ago — Black Americans were barred from voting through often-indirect mechanisms. The effort to tamp down on Black voting was rationalized and manifested in a variety of ways, but it is impossible to extricate race from those efforts. ADADOthers take a different tack in trying to juxtapose the Republican efforts to constrain voting with the Democratic efforts to expand it. Maybe Democrats are only trying to encourage more voting because they think it will lead to their winning more elections.
Man who alerted police about armed man speaks out
Police arrested a man with six guns at a supermarket in Atlanta after a bystander said he thought he heard the man loading guns in a bathroom stall. The Fulton County Public Defender's Office did not respond to CNN's request for comment.
Boulder police faced 'significant amount of gunfire' as they responded to grocery, DA says
Police were met with a "very significant amount of gunfire" as they responded to the mass shooting that took the lives of 10 people, a Colorado prosecutor said Friday. That gunfire will lead to additional charges of attempted murder against suspect Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, according to Boulder County District Attorney Michael Dougherty. Officers "charged into the store and immediately faced a very significant amount of gunfire from the shooter, who at first they were unable to locate," he told reporters during a news conference. Alissa used a Ruger AR-556 pistol when he opened fire on a King Soopers grocery store on Monday, killing 10 people, including Boulder Police Officer Eric Talley, 51, authorities said. The gun was legally purchased at a gun shop in Arvada, the suburb where the suspect is from, according to Boulder Police Chief Maris Herold.
Netflix's new Sherlock Holmes show 'The Irregulars' will break your heart
“The Irregulars,” with lesser-known stars, no franchise tie-in and a lower budget, is unlikely to be that kind of hit. But if you do tune in, in its quiet way, this show will break your heart. “The Irregulars” sounds initially like a feminist reworking of Sherlock Holmes stories. The series is about a group of street kids hired by Holmes' John Watson (Royce Pierreson) to investigate a series of crimes and murders. In “The Irregulars,” there’s no choice but to go on loving and to care for each other in our grief.
Six Minutes to Midnight Is an Unusually Gentle Spy Tale
Six Minutes to Midnight, an espionage drama directed by Andy Goddard and starring Eddie Izzard and Judi Dench, has a gentle spirit that you don’t expect from a period spy thriller—but then, there aren’t many spy thrillers with imperiled schoolgirls at their center. The attendees are all young German women from “good” families, very possibly the daughters, nieces or goddaughters of Nazi officials. Even with her countrymen becoming increasingly suspicious, with good reason, of all things German, Miss Rocholl insists on believing in the basic decency of her young charges. The idea for Six Minutes to Midnight emerged from Izzard’s fascination with the school. Read more reviews by Stephanie ZacharekAs compelling as the raw idea may be, the plot of Six Minutes to Midnight could have been more finely tuned.
7 best immersion blenders to keep on hand in the kitchen
What is an immersion blender and how to use itAn immersion blender is a handheld tool that purees, whips and blends ingredients. Immersion blender attachmentsMany immersion blenders come with attachments like a whisk, which I looked for so I didn't also have to buy a hand mixer. Immersion blenders can also come with beakers, juicer attachments and chopper attachments that snap on to the end of the immersion blender. 7 best immersion blenders of 2021We rounded up some of the most highly rated immersion blenders from Shopping reader favorite retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Target. The immersion blender’s shaft is built from heat resistant nylon and chromated brass, allowing you to use it in boiling liquids.
Politicians, businesses, advocates speak out in virtual #StopAsianHate day
Social media users are showing their support for the Asian American and Pacific Islander community by participating in a virtual day of action. This Friday marks the #StopAsianHate virtual day of action and healing, and @RepGraceMeng has been speaking out about Asian American discrimination. The Asian American community has been terrorized by >3,800 anti-Asian hate crimes and incidents this year. #StopAsianHate — Legal Defense Fund (@NAACP_LDF) March 26, 2021Today is the National Day of Action & Healing to #StopAsianHate. ????On this Virtual Day of Action, uplift the Asian American community by sharing your commitment to #StopAsianHate.
Evanston's $400,000 down payment for national Black reparations
This helped create the vast wealth gap among Black and white residents that mirrors the racial wealth gap we see all across the country. But Evanston’s repayment is aimed at healing a specific injury — housing and the wealth gap — in a specific place. “But I don't think they should call it reparations.”“Housing subsidies are not going to eliminate the racial wealth gap,” he said. “I think this notion of local or municipal reparations or even state-level reparations is really quite misleading,” he said. The city identified, articulated and illustrated how local housing policy had denied Black residents access to housing and thus wealth.
'It's an atrocity': Biden criticizes new Georgia voting law
President Biden condemned a new election law passed in Georgia that adds more voting restrictions as an "atrocity." He said the law has "nothing to do with fairness" and "nothing but punitive design to keep people from voting."
Harvard punishes professor who had ties to Jeffrey Epstein
Nowak, a math professor, was placed on paid leave after a May 2020 review found that he violated school security rules by giving Epstein “unrestricted” access to campus. The review found that Nowak gave Epstein an office in Nowak’s campus research center, along with a building key card, and allowed Epstein to visit even after the financier’s 2008 sex crimes conviction. Epstein killed himself in a New York City jail cell in 2019 after being arrested on sex trafficking charges. It concluded that Epstein visited campus more than 40 times after his conviction, including as recently as 2018. Other universities have also faced scrutiny over their ties to Epstein, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
As Biden adjusts to White House life, Wilmington beckons
But now that he lives at the White House, he often just wants to go home. The confines of the White House, with butlers and housekeepers always waiting on them, have made the Biden’s Delaware homes much more inviting and comfortable by comparison, another source said. Escaping to Delaware allows Biden to unwind and reset in a more relaxing place with his grandchildren, which is a huge priority for him, according to a White House official. As president, travel back to his home state is far more complicated. The overall cost of Biden’s Wilmington weekend trips are not yet known.
House selects Maj. Gen. William Walker to oversee security in chamber
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tapped Maj. Gen. William Walker, the head of District of Columbia National Guard, as the next House sergeant-at-arms, she announced Friday, which would make him the first Black American to hold the post. The Senate also selected a former military leader, retired Lt. Gen. Karen Gibson, as its sergeant at arms. Walker led the Army and Air Force components of the D.C. National Guard, according to his official biography. "His experience will be an important asset to the House, particularly in light of the January 6 insurrection. House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy also praised the selection in a statement.
In This World You Have to Sell Something I Carley Gomez
Sister Helene swings her baseball bat across Richard’s dresser and shards of decorative junk fly everywhere in the vast bedroom. Richard, the homeowner, Sister Helene, Nick the camera guy, and I are all wearing face shields for this very reason. There are also a number of columns in the house, but supposedly they’re load-bearing so Sister Helene can’t break those either. But a show could still make Nick, Sister Helene, and I quite a bit of cash if the episode got popular. One Saturday in early spring, Sister Helene, Nick, and I go out to make an episode at an estate on a golf resort.
What We Haven’t Learned From the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory was the largest factory of women’s shirtwaists and blouses. During the 1909 strike, the Uprising of 20,000, Triangle resorted to violence, hiring thugs and prostitutes to viciously assault pickets. While almost all other shops in the industry settled with the union, the International Ladies Garment Workers Union, the owners of the Triangle factory refused. Many wondered: If the strikers had been successful at Triangle, how many of those 146 might have survived? The Democratic Party, long in control of the state, passed legislation creating the Factory Investigating Commission.
Walmart’s Inhumane Policies for Pregnant Workers
But this defense, regardless of whether or not it is true, assumes that federal law provides adequate protection for pregnant workers — an assumption that many advocates contest. “The United States is far behind other countries in what we provide for pregnant women and for new parents,” says Linda Meric, Executive Director of 9to5, a national advocacy group for working women. She points out that, because the government has not created strong laws protecting pregnant workers as in most industrialized nations, only 12 percent of US workers have access to paid family leave (including maternity and paternity leave); this statistic drops to about 5 percent for low-wage workers. How Walmart treats women — and not just pregnant women — has incited action from workers before. “[Walmart has] no choice but to change because there’s a lot of Walmart workers that have jumped on board.”
One of the First Black Students at Duke University Dies
White Jr., one of the first five Black undergraduate students at Duke University, has died, Duke Today reported. With White’s death, Kendall is the last surviving member, Duke Today reported. A week after attending the March on Washington in August 1963, White enrolled at Duke, according to the school’s publication. White had a long career in public health beginning in 1969, when he became a commissioned officer in the U.S. Public Health Service. He worked in epidemiology with the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and later with the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, Duke Today reported.
Durham PACs Disagree Over Future of County Manager
“You’ve been told that there’s a philosophical misalignment between the elected bodies and our hired public managers,” Huggins wrote in the letter. Huggins described the Friends of Durham PAC as a non-partisan organization whose members “represent every political spectrum.”“Sometimes Durham is portrayed as having only one political ideology,” Huggins says. In Durham, we value high-performing administrators.”The FOD letter urged county commissioners to remember Durham’s residents are not politically homogeneous. To begin with, the FOD letter states that county managers are government professionals who serve in executive administrative roles that include managerial and operational duties. The FOD letter states that the manager’s compensation package should reflect the manager’s experience and responsibilities.
It May Be Pocket-Sized, but Caitlin Cary and Skillet Gilmore Have Big Plans for Their New Neighborhood Gallery
Tucked away in the back, shop owner Caitlin Cary is likely hunkered over her sewing machine. Cary and her husband, Eric “Skillet” Gilmore, have lived in Raleigh for over 25 years; on March 5, the couple opened Pocket Gallery at 222 North Bloodworth Street. Pocket Gallery also features a monthly-rotating guest wall, located at the front of the store. Prior to the pandemic, Cary had studio space in the Raleigh collective Artspace for five years. “It’s a groovy block with a restaurant right next door, right across the street,” Cary says.
The Right Created Boot Camps for Destroying Democracy and Voting Rights
South Dakota boasts stringent voter ID laws, and a recent review of its legislative districts shows a “persistent Republican advantage” thanks to gerrymandering. The publication is intended for South Dakota lawmakers, according to a description on the front page of each issue. South Dakota Republican state senator Jim Bolin, a member of the redistricting committee, told us that the South Dakota constitution required legislators to set the district boundaries themselves. “There are only three Democrats in the South Dakota Senate.” “Here’s the thing about South Dakota,” said Bolin. “Some states are becoming more liberal; South Dakota is becoming more conservative.
More “Pro-Business” Measures Aren’t Going to Pull Italy Out of Crisis
The first response, which we call an insistence on “normality and progress,” does mention inequalities, but only opportunistically. But this response has no intention of taking the crucial steps required to reduce inequalities by rebalancing power in society. The highlighting — and harshening — of inequalities during this crisis have made the need for a radical change more obvious, to more people. But it provides the opportunity for a political project able to identify new values and respond to them with suitable policies. In the meantime, in wider society, local social alliances are being cobbled together, sometimes including the trade unions.
A Year in the Life of Safeway 1048
We talk in an airless, subterranean breakroom at Safeway store 1048 in Arlington, Va., a typical, prosperous suburb of Washington, D.C. I have to pay the bills.”Heith Fenner, union rep for the workers of Safeway 1048, looks on March 5, a year into the pandemic. Like their counterparts across the country, the employees of Safeway 1048 have kept on working through a dangerous year. The workers at Safeway 1048, despite being eligible per state guidelines, had not been offered the vaccine by early March. Today, more than 6,000 Safeway workers in D.C. and the surrounding states are part of UFCW Local 400.
“In for a Fight": Rural Wisconsinites Resist Influx of Industrial Hog Facilities
In spring 2019, Lisa Doerr learned that staff for a large-scale hog farming company were asking people in her neighborhood to sell land for a facility in Polk County, Wisconsin. Doerr, a resident of Polk County, owns and operates a hay farm for small scale livestock. The County Board of Supervisors has become a focal point in community resistance to the expansion of concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) in the area. And basically the proposal is we’re the toilet and they get the food,” says Polk County Supervisor Amy Middleton. Meanwhile, fed up with rabble rousers, Polk County Chairman Chris Nelson has begun to crack down on public comments at board meetings.
Home Care Attendants Are Leading the Fight to Reclaim the Workday
“I take care of people who are really sick, who stay awake at night, who need a lot of care. So you have to be constantly waiting.”For Rodriguez, working 24-hour shifts has led to multiple health conditions, including high blood pressure, prediabetes, and frequent sickness. According to Rodriguez, preexisting anger over terrible working conditions, now exacerbated by the pandemic, has revitalized the fight against the 24-hour workday. The fight to recognize care work stretches back decades, and this contemporary campaign draws on the legacy of the Wages for Housework movement, a grassroots women’s network in the 1970s that fought for recognition and payment for all care work. “It shouldn’t be on us to sacrifice our life, our health,” says Ahn, “so that one agency is saved.” Home Care Workers Shouldn’t Home Care Workers Earn a Living Wage?
Amazon’s PR Flacks Are Starting to Sweat
Now, anyone who writes about Amazon knows, for starters, that the company regularly lies to journalists and the public alike. But as workers at the company’s Bessemer, Alabama warehouse continue voting on unionization, Amazon’s PR operation is getting uncharacteristically defensive. He is more responsible than almost anyone else for the remarkably dangerous working conditions endured by Amazon’s employees. Workers in Amazon’s Bessemer warehouse have mentioned their fear of wasting time on bathroom trips too. This latest PR blitz is just the latest example, but there is now one key difference: Amazon’s workers have started getting organized, and that means they and their duly chosen representatives can counter the company’s lies.
Save the Post Office — Fire Trump’s Postmaster Louis DeJoy
In the lead-up to the presidential election, many progressive groups and politicians were hyper-focused on defending the US Postal Service (USPS), as Postmaster General Louis DeJoy slowed service (and thus potentially delayed ballots). The only way to begin to defend the post office is to fire DeJoy. There’s even a post office in almost every zip code. The post office has been under attack for decades, with Republicans and centrist Democrats repeatedly trying to make the public service function like a private business. Now, he hopes to further gut the post office under the guise of shoring up its finances.
How the Pandemic Is Creating New Urban Wastelands
Announcing the British government’s “road map” out of our third COVID-19 lockdown, Boris Johnson said, “in a few short months . VNEB, like numerous places in London and other cities, presents a vision of the urban future that the pandemic is fast turning into a mirage. Even an urban booster like professor Richard Florida has suggested that central business districts that “pack and stack office workers in skyscrapers” could be doomed. Hollowed Out Cities Working-class urban communities everywhere are familiar with this dynamic. Going into the pandemic, London already had at least 22,500 of them (and ten times that number of people on social housing waiting lists).
Sweden’s Left Has to Show Working People That the State Will Protect Them
Thanks to the fact that the Swedish welfare system was really strong in the 1980s, when we came, getting an apartment was not an issue. In the early to mid-1990s, the Swedish welfare system was not dismantled but it was heavily cut back. But there was a huge round of austerity as part of the 1990s crisis, which hit Sweden really, really hard. That’s something that is still with us from the welfare state. We need to have a new paradigm in which the state takes on a major role in restructuring society, bringing about growth and a strong social safety net.
Biden’s New Foreign Policy Hire Considers Sanctions an Art Form
Subscribe to The Nation Subscribe now for as little as $2 a month! For more from The Nation, check out our latest issueSubscribe to The Nation Subscribe now for as little as $2 a month! Some progressives are also concerned with one of the administration’s recent hires, taking it as a troubling sign for the administration’s broader sanctions policy going forward. Erik Sperling, executive director of Just Foreign Policy, told The Nation that Nephew’s hiring “exposes a moral dilemma” for Democrats. “President Biden’s decision to review the impact of US sanctions on COVID-19 responses is a step in the right direction,” Cavan Kharrazian, foreign policy campaigner at Demand Progress, said in a statement.
In Yemen, 6 Years of Suffering and Death in an Ill-Fated War
On March 26, 2015, a coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates launched an ill-fated war on Houthi-led rebel forces in Yemen, inaugurating what the United Nations has described as the world’s worst humanitarian catastrophe. Mohammed bin Salman, or MBS as he’s known, the architect of the Saudi war effort, asserted that it would be a short conflict, with a swift Saudi victory. The administration has since paused two bomb sales to Saudi Arabia and ordered a review of US arms exports to Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Former Obama officials, many of whom are now in the Biden administration, have since expressed regret for their administration’s support of the Saudi war effort. After six years of war, Yemen can’t wait.
Students in Turkey Are Standing Up for LGBT Rights
This story was produced for Student Nation, a section devoted to highlighting campus activism and student movements from students in their own words. The presence of these students, often accompanied by LGBTI+ pride flags, drew criticism from conservatives, but members of the LGBTI+ club weren’t the exhibit’s organizers. Recently, he filed a criminal complaint about a tweet from a state-sponsored “AK troll” who threatened to physically harass Bogazici’s LGBTI+ students who were protesting. As word spread about the art exhibition and the closing of Bogazici’s LGBTI+ club, students organized more protests. Despite this, students from across Istanbul came out to support Bogazici’s LGBTI+ students.
The Night the Nazis Came to Murder My Grandfather
As World War I decimated a generation, a young Berlin artist born Helmut Herzfeld changed his name to John Heartfield to protest out-of-control German nationalism. Using just scissors and paste, Heartfield employed an extensive visual memory and a searing wit to expose the horrors hidden under fascism’s shiny surface. Once again, he narrowly escaped—this time to London, where for 12 years he enjoyed a measure of peace. Lance originally asked me to work with him on a comic strip about my grandfather. But I thought Lance’s initial drawings captured my grandfather’s character so well that I suggested we collaborate on a graphic novel telling John Heartfield’s extraordinary life story.
Lawsuit, avalanche of criticism, greets Georgia’s Jim Crow voting law
With Georgia's latest restrictions, long lines won't be the only hurdle voters face when trying to cast a ballot. | John Spink / Atlanta Journal-Constitution via APATLANTA—Cascades of criticism, including from Democratic President Joe Biden, and one big lawsuit greeted a new and sweeping Republican-crafted Georgia anti-voting law which state voting rights leader Stacey Abrams characterized as “nothing less than Jim Crow 2.0.”Right-wing GOP Gov. On the personal level, their law limits voting hours and voting on Sundays, forces voters to produce ID when they seek mail-in ballots, and limits voting drop boxes, among other restrictions. All this angered supporters of voting rights, including Biden and former state legislative leader Abrams, who is Black. And she succinctly named SB202 “Jim Crow 2.0,” referring to the racist system that kept Blacks from voting in Georgia, and the rest of the South, from 1877 through 1965 and beyond, despite the federal Voting Rights Act.
House panel OKs pro-worker bills
The Paycheck Fairness Act, a longtime cause of Connecticut's Democratic Rep. Rosa DeLauro, was passed by the House panel. The bill, by Rep. Joe Courtney, D-Conn., was one of three pro-worker measures the panel OKd on March 24, Equal Pay Day. Workplace violence has been on the rise for years, even before the coronavirus pandemic hit, NNU says. “We must begin by passing the Paycheck Fairness Act, which will take important steps towards the goal of ending pay discrimination. The committee’s ranking Republican, Virginia Foxx, R-N.C., infamous for questioning whether unions should even continue to legally exist, piously declaimed she too was against workplace violence.
With rural whites massively outnumbering Black voters, Kentucky Republicans make voting easier
In Kentucky, Republicans found that the measures taken during COVID to make voting easier, like voting by mail, helped turn out their white rural base. They’d never admit it, of course, but the Republicans approved voting “reform” legislation because it helps the GOP. Mostly rural, Bible Belt conservative Kentucky is one of the reddest of the Republican Red states. Kentucky is less than 9% African American, so Republican legislators saw no need to curb minority voting. Anyway, today’s almost all-white Bluegrass State GOP puts this historian in mind of the white supremacist Democrats who dominated state government during the Jim Crow era.
Oakland, Marin County to launch pilot programs for guaranteed income
| Ben Margot / APOAKLAND, Calif.—Communities around the San Francisco Bay Area are joining or considering joining the growing movement to test the ways a guaranteed income can help to lift low-income families out of poverty. On the same day, the nearby Marin County Board of Supervisors announced plans to start a comparable program, and other cities including San Francisco and South San Francisco are thinking about joining in. Schaaf is one of the founding members of Mayors for a Guaranteed Income. Oakland’s pilot is not only the largest so far, it is the first to limit eligibility to BIPOC communities. Some 40 mayors of cities including Seattle, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Atlanta, New Orleans, Houston, and San Antonio now participate in Mayors for a Guaranteed Income.
Daniel Ellsberg Isn’t Stopping Now
On the cusp of turning 90, Daniel Ellsberg sits in his book-and-box-cluttered office in his home in Berkeley, Calif., and prepares to discuss his life credo—and his future plans. Half a century after Ellsberg’s leaking of the Pentagon Papers, he shows no signs of slowing down. But, he continues, once he found out the newspaper was going to run the Pentagon Papers, “I was nothing but happy.”Happiness isn’t a state of mind that Ellsberg wears on his sleeve. “If the Pentagon Papers of Afghanistan come out, you could change place names and officials’ names,” he says. To get them to see the perils of nuclear war.
The Lege This Week: “Another Watershed Moment”
State Representative Briscoe Cain’s tenure as the new House Elections Committee chairman is off to a blundering start. On Thursday, Cain’s committee held a hearing on House Bill 6, the GOP’s sweeping “election integrity” legislation. “Vice Chair González, at this moment, you are not chairing this committee,” Cain said as he blocked her attempts to let Collier speak. “Even though I wish very much to continue today’s hearing, the rules prevent me from doing so,” he said. “Please forgive me for my error.”Ironically, Cain’s bill isn’t so forgiving of those who violate the rules—even by mistake.
Coup or no coup, Myanmar isn’t moving into U.S. orbit
No longer is Aung San Suu Kyi the unalloyed symbol of democracy and human rights. Myanmar’s military built this city as the capital and shifted all administrative offices from Yangon to this interior town in 2005. Neither the military nor Aung San Suu Kyi could logically break trading ties with its neighbor. In May 2017, Aung San Suu Kyi went to Beijing to sign an agreement to bring Myanmar into China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Wang Yi met with both Aung San Suu Kyi and the military leadership, both of whom spoke warmly about Myanmar’s relations with China.
Covid forced tour guides to go virtual. We took 4 to hear their stories.
Last March, Google searches for virtual tours skyrocketed when the world shut down, and they stayed strong into 2021. I took four virtual tours and spoke with the guides about how they have adapted during the pandemic. Compton's setup for her virtual Costa Rican cooking tour. Since then, she has continued to work at the call center while also increasing her virtual tour work. Compton takes an Amazon Explore virtual tour through Oslo with her tour guide.
After Trump tried to intervene in the 2020 vote, state Republicans are moving to take more control of elections
The new law removes the secretary of state from serving as chair of the State Board of Elections, giving the legislature the authority to appoint a majority of the members, and authorizes the state board to suspend local election officials. His efforts were blocked not only by dozens of judges but also by local and state election officials — including Republicans — who repeatedly refused to bow to pressure to halt the certification of the vote. ADADIn at least 43 states, Republicans and Democrats alike have proposed an unprecedented wave of legislation to alter the way elections are administered. The new law also gives the state elections board the power to suspend local election officials for violations of election rules or mismanagement and appoint a temporary superintendent. Democrats argued that giving the legislature the power to control the state board — which has oversight over the elections of the legislators themselves — creates a clear conflict of interest.
Putin foe Navalny once described prison life with dark humor. Now his messages are just dark.
AD“Greetings, everyone, from ‘Enhanced Control Sector A,’” a March 15 post said, announcing his arrival at the notorious Penal Colony No. If Navalny felt despondent in his early days, however, he did not show it in the posts that are made on his behalf. Describing the dehumanizing prison surveillance in his March 15 post Navalny said it was as if “someone upstairs” read George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four” then said, “Yeah, cool. ADShe called on Putin to free Navalny, a call echoed by Russian human rights activists, lawyers and celebrities. AD“But he was taken to hospital only when he was green and began to lose consciousness,” said a post on Navalny’s account.
Prince George’s County’s new police chief will be Malik Aziz, a deputy chief from Dallas
Aziz is currently deputy chief of the department in Dallas. “I want the citizens and the officers of Prince George’s County to understand what type of police chief I will be, and that is one of communication and high visibility,” Aziz said at the news conference. ADADDuring the Friday news conference, Aziz said the nation is the throes of a “reformation era” defined by a crisis in police-community relations. “Being a Black man in America is something I can’t run away from,” Aziz told TMJ4 in Milwaukee last year. Aziz has been with the Dallas Police since 1992 and has held an array of titles inside and outside the department, including as a deputy chief for four years before he was demoted during a leadership reorganization that decreased the size of the command staff.
Opinion: Big test for Biden is also a test for the media
(CNN) President Joe Biden will hold his first press conference on Thursday from the White House. He has comfortably exceeded his campaign goal on vaccines and that deserves the pomp and circumstance of a full White House press conference. I expect Biden will acknowledge the great work done on vaccines while focusing most of his attention on what comes next. There will be snap judgement of great import from the media and aggressive spin from the White House staff. The reality is, even if one side makes a big mistake, it will only be real news until the next press conference or big event.
Kathy Hochul: We can't let women get set back for a generation
It's sad, but not surprising, that women in the US still earn far less than men, and the pandemic has only heightened the economic hardships for women. It's a reminder that future historians will judge us on how women fared coming out of this once-in-a-century phenomenon. Will this be known as the year women fell into an abyss with no hope of climbing out? Or can women experience a "V" shaped recovery, falling fast and hard but rebounding higher than they were before? Now left in the wake are women of all ages struggling because for them, this pandemic has been a living hell.
'Outrageous': Biden condemns new Georgia law as a 'blatant attack' on voting rights
President Joe Biden on Friday condemned the sweeping new voting restrictions in Georgia as "outrageous," "un-American" and "Jim Crow in the 21st Century." “This is Jim Crow in the 21st Century,” Biden said, calling on Congress to enact protections. Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams, founder of the voting rights group Fair Fight, said in a statement Thursday that the law was "blatantly unconstitutional" and "nothing less than Jim Crow 2.0." Her organization, a nonpartisan group that aims to register and engage new voters, is suing state election officials over the law. He pressured Republican election officials to investigate and dismissed their claims that the election was secure and that the results were accurate.
U.S. Navy offers to help clear cargo ship from Suez Canal
The U.S. Navy has offered to help Egyptian officials to clear the Suez Canal, where a cargo ship has been stuck and blocking all traffic for days, a spokesperson said on Friday. The cargo ship Ever Given ran aground in the Suez Canal on Tuesday after a gust of wind pushed it sideways. With the ship lodged in the canal, no traffic can pass through. The blockage is costing the global economy about $400 million per hour, according to some estimates. The Navy is prepared to help Egyptian officials clear the canal and has offered assistance, Capt.
Pelosi Appoints First Black House Sergeant-At-Arms, Gen. William J. Walker
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has appointed Gen. William J. Walker, commanding general of the D.C National Guard, to serve as the next House sergeant-at-arms. “His historic appointment as the first Black American to serve as Sergeant-at-Arms is an important step forward for this institution and our nation,” she added. NEW: Speaker Nancy Pelosi appoints Major General William J. Walker as House Sergeant-at-Arms. “His historic appointment as the first Black American to serve as Sergeant-at-Arms is an important step forward for this institution and our nation." Walker’s historic appointment is one of many recent firsts in the U.S. government.
The Week in Pictures: Nation grapples with shootings and a big boat gets stuck
A smuggler transports migrants on a small inflatable raft towards U.S. soil in Roma, Texas on March 24. A surge of migrants on the Southwest border, mostly from Central American countries, has the Biden administration on the defensive. The head of Homeland Security acknowledged the severity of the problem but insisted it's under control and said he won't revive a Trump-era practice of immediately expelling teens and children.
Delay on Suez Canal could cripple already struggling auto industry
The blockage in the Suez Canal is straining an already struggling automotive industry, and further delays could create shortages in the U.S. market, if the massive Ever Given container ship cannot soon be refloated. The auto industry depends heavily upon the canal, which facilitates the move of raw materials, parts and finished vehicles. “We do see some potential impacts on energy markets from the role of the Suez Canal as a key bidirectional transit route for oil, and obviously that’s one of the reasons we offered assistance." The auto industry is particularly vulnerable right now. But the longer it takes to refloat the skyscraper-sized cargo carrier, the more likely it will be for the global auto industry to face serious disruptions.
Archaeologists unearth remains of 387-year-old colonial fort in Maryland
Conjectural drawing of St. Mary’s Fort based on the geophysical survey. In March 1634, roughly 150 colonists sailed aboard two ships, Ark and Dove, to settle at St. Mary's Fort. In fact, it was Calvert's own letters that caused some confusion during the search for St. Mary's Fort. A view of the St. Mary’s Fort dig site. Archaeologists are expecting to learn more about St. Mary's Fort as larger sections of the site are excavated.
With the Suez Canal blocked, shippers begin an end run.
Shipowners are beginning to reroute ships bound for the Suez Canal around Africa’s Cape of Good Hope, a costly alternative to avoid the logjam of vessels caused by the giant container ship blocking the canal. There are growing signs that the effort to dislodge the ship, Ever Given, may take many days if not weeks. Already, more than 100 vessels are stuck at either end awaiting clear passage. When deciding whether to divert, a shipping company will weigh the likely cost of sitting for days outside the canal versus the added time of steaming around Africa and other potential risks. “It is like choosing the queue at the post office; it is never the right decision,” said Alex Booth, head of research at Kpler, a firm that tracks petroleum shipping.
Drillers Burned Off Gas at a Staggering Rate as Winter Storm Hit Texas
Of course, if there had been no Texas blackout crisis, much of that natural gas would have been burned in power plants to supply energy to homes and businesses. Those emissions are just one part of the total amount of gases released by processing plants refineries, power plants and other oil and gas facilities as they struggled to cope with the extreme cold. Rystad Energy, a research company, found that flaring from those facilities reached 180 million cubic feet of gas a day in February, the highest since Rystad started tracking the data in 2018. “The extreme weather conditions that Texas experienced in February forced many facilities to flare gas, as there was no other exit,” Artem Abramov, head of shale research at Rystad, wrote in a research note. “Just immediately closing the gas tap is not possible.”Under pressure to rein in emissions from oil and gas production, the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative, a consortium of the world’s largest producers, says its members aim to end routine flaring by 2030.
Book review of The Barbizon: The Hotel That Set Women Free by Paulina Bren
“The Barbizon: The Hotel That Set Women Free,” as the title of Paulina Bren’s lively history puts it, fit the bill. “For all the young women at the Barbizon,” Bren writes, “the narrow bed, dresser, armchair, floor lamp, and small desk, all crammed into a tiny room with a floral bedspread and matching curtains, represented some sort of liberation. At least at the beginning.”“The Barbizon” is a story as much about 20th-century women seizing agency, in fits and starts, as it is about a hotel, and Bren tells it skillfully. Plath wrote of her experience in “The Bell Jar,” her only novel. For most women then, even and perhaps especially at the Barbizon, it was still a man, marriage, children, the suburbs.
Portraits of lesbians by JEB
One of JEB's portraits in “Eye to Eye: Portraits of Lesbians.” Gloria and Charmaine in Baltimore, Maryland in 1979. My hesitancy comes from a nagging feeling that I’m not really qualified to say much about the photos that make up JEB’s “Eye to Eye: Portraits of Lesbians.” (Anthology Editions, 2021). When it appeared in 1979, JEB’s book was the first known book of photographs of lesbians, by a lesbian, to be published in the United States. The portraits in the book were taken in the 1970s after JEB traveled across the country seeking out and photographing a diverse group of lesbians in both rural and urban areas. (JEB)“Eye to Eye: Portraits of Lesbians.” (Anthology Editions) (JEB)In Sight is The Washington Post’s photography blog for visual narrative.
Ethan Hawke and John Leguizamo take on ‘Godot,’ hoping it’s a powerhouse online
The first venture of the company’s offshoot, New Group Off Stage, is this version of Beckett’s absurdist masterwork — a play set in the ether of the open-ended, existential unknowable. “Ethan, actually, brought ‘Waiting for Godot’ to my attention,” Elliott said in a recent Zoom interview. “All of a sudden, I saw a human element to the play that I had never really seen before. ADAD“You feel like you stare right into the howling, cold night,” Hawke said of “Godot” from North Carolina, where he was working on a film. AD“What it lacked was the fun of sitting around with the other actors in a play,” he said.
Armand Hammer adds the Alchemist to make for an even more intriguing brand of underground rap
Armand Hammer is a New York City rap group informed by other locales. At times, Armand Hammer’s fourth album (2020’s much-lauded “Shrines”) resembled a doom metal album, at least Black Sabbath’s brand of ’70s doom, when the dirge still had some swing to it. The Alchemist makes clear he came into the project with the enthusiasm of a new fan eager to catch up. He put me onto Armand Hammer,” he says, referring to acclaimed rapper and major Armand Hammer supporter Earl Sweatshirt. Both rappers in Armand Hammer are in their fifth decade of life (Elucid is 40, Woods 43).
Gio Gonzalez was the cat’s meow with the Nationals
Cole, Tommy Milone, Derek Norris and Brad Peacock to Oakland, was the greatest swap in Nationals history. Gonzalez was winless with a 4.78 ERA in six postseason starts for Washington, including a pair of devastating, series-deciding losses. In a cost-saving mood amid a disappointing season, the Nationals dealt Gonzalez to the Brewers at the 2018 trade deadline. Signing with Miami was a dream come true for Gonzalez, who grew up less than 10 miles from where Marlins Park now stands. Before the game, Gonzalez visited with the family of his friend Jose Fernandez, the Marlins ace who was killed in a boating accident the previous September.
How new wide receiver Curtis Samuel fits into Washington’s offense
“[Samuel] gives this offense more juice,” ESPN analyst and former Washington safety Matt Bowen wrote on Twitter shortly after Samuel signed the three-year, $34.5 million deal. For the first three years of his NFL career, former Panthers offensive coordinator Norv Turner, Scott’s father, used Samuel outside about 60 percent of the time. ADPerhaps the most concerning stat was the lack of explosive plays. McLaurin had 25 explosive plays, nearly 40 percent of the team’s total, and no one else reached half that. Washington needs to show the tandem can work, and whether it can unlock this offense and provide explosive plays.
Teacher captures remarkable sky as hailstorm swallows Nashville
“That’s so cool,” she can be heard exclaiming on video, perhaps aware that she was looking at something that was, literally, quite cool. The storm that hit Nashville was one of many that plagued the Deep South and Tennessee Valley during Thursday’s “high risk” outbreak of severe weather. That is because the storm was strongly tilted. Storms are more likely to be tilted in environments characterized by wind shear, or a change of wind speed and/or direction with height. A three-dimensional volume rendering of the storm, shown above, illustrates how strongly it was tilted.
Opinion | President Biden’s lame answer on media border access
A group of government transparency organizations wrote to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Wednesday protesting the media’s lack of access. It declared “untenable” DHS’s invocation of pandemic safety as a justification for denying access to border facilities. The situation at the border has been in the news for weeks, and media organizations have repeatedly appealed for access to border facilities. ADADPolitico Playbook on Wednesday attempted to cast some perspective on the Biden border blockade against the media. There were indeed moments when the Trump administration invited media organizations to tour border facilities, but reporters pounded Playbook with examples of Trump appointees hassling reporters on immigration stories.
Samia Suluhu Hassan, Tanzania’s first female president, has arrived — with some red flags - The Washington Post
Tanzania stopped reporting covid-19 data in May 2020 after Magufuli declared Tanzania covid-free — after three days of national prayer. But like Magufuli, Hassan has disregarded the most basic of covid precautions. In the short term, Hassan can start with allowing the political party gatherings that Magufuli banned in 2016. So will Hassan’s presidency be different from the previous administration that has caused divisiveness and repression? In my personal interactions with Hassan, she has come across as a humble negotiator who is willing to seek consensus and reconciliation.
Founder of ‘Uber for private investigators’ sentenced to 8 years in prison
Ellis III said, before sentencing Boice to eight years in prison. ADThe model was viewed skeptically from the start by veteran private investigators, who said Trustify’s rates were too low to generate quality work and the kind of profits Boice claimed. He spent nearly $3,000 in one month alone at the Inn at Little Washington, a luxurious restaurant and hotel in Virginia. ADBoice hired a retired Arlington County sheriff’s deputy as a personal chauffeur and a former vice-presidential staffer as a “house manager. ADCorporate funds also were spent on a flashy “Film noir” inspired Crystal City office from which the company was ultimately evicted, along with unsuccessful ad campaigns.
Opinion | The secret strategy that explains how Joe Manchin wields his power
ADAfter all, you can barely walk a mile in Manchin’s home state without seeing something named after longtime senator Robert Byrd, whether it’s the Robert C. Byrd Bridge, the Robert C. Byrd Expressway or the Robert C. Byrd Hardwood Technologies Center. ADThis week, Manchin also released a statement on the For the People Act, the Democrats’ main electoral reform bill. But what Manchin didn’t say is as important as what he did say. ADHe will inevitably oppose some provisions, but he didn’t say which — so anything he didn’t bring up should be seen as still on the table. And note that he didn’t say he’d vote against the bill if it doesn’t have any GOP backing.
New Zealand becomes one of the first countries to legalize paid leave for miscarriages
While some companies have such policies in place, some women have otherwise taken sick leave after experiencing the loss of a pregnancy. Previously there was no support in New Zealand for women who lost a baby less than 20 weeks into their pregnancy. In Australia, women can take unpaid leave if they lose a baby after at least 12 weeks of pregnancy. In Britain, women are entitled to paid leave if they have a miscarriage or stillborn birth after 24 weeks. “Their actions will help break down some of the taboos around miscarriage and baby loss.”
Pelosi taps commander of D.C. Guard to become House sergeant-at-arms
3 testimony that top Army generals had raised concerns about the “optics” of National Guard forces arriving at the Capitol after Capitol Police made an urgent request for help on Jan. 6. He was selected to lead the D.C. Guard by President Donald Trump, who ousted Walker’s predecessor. ADUnlike in the 50 states, where governors control the Guard, the D.C. National Guard answers to the president, who delegates command control to the Army and defense secretaries. Walker was commanding the D.C. Guard during the federal government’s response to unrest in the District last June after the Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd. ADTwo helicopters from the D.C. Guard also descended upon protesters in what was seen as an unnecessary use of military tactics against peaceful civilians.
Opinion: A year on, the 'Color of Covid' still matters
And yet Biden can do more to combat our interconnected pandemics of race and gender inequality and Covid-19. I coined the term " Color of Covid " in an CNN op-ed published last year to think critically about the race and gender justice paradoxes the pandemic unmasks. Women, especially of color, face a similar duality -- what I call the " Gender of Covid ." Looking forward, the Biden administration should take additional steps to address the race and gender structural inequalities that the pandemic unmasked. Beyond tech jobs, green jobs will become increasingly significant (because of climate change) and need to be made more equitable.
A new season: Sitting at a baseball game, I saw the promise of a post-Covid life
He is a professor at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California. (CNN) I saw a slice of normal on a diamond of dirt and grass in the Arizona desert. Would we ever again gather in public without the paralyzing fear of a respirator, and a tearful goodbye on Zoom? And so on that warm Friday in March, on a field in northwest Phoenix, the normalcy of a baseball game became incredible. As a kid, I suffered from asthma attacks, and each time, when ordinary breathing finally returned, I experienced an extraordinary gift: the breath of life.
Opinion: This March Madness, women are on top of their game
This March, the women's courts are painted with the phrase "Women's Basketball" while the men's courts bear the household phrase "March Madness." That March Madness Twitter account , with 1.5 million followers, is the official handle "for all things Division I NCAA Men's Basketball," even though the NCAA women's tournament has been a thing for 40 years now, providing countless moments of madness. They literally patronize the women's game, as when LeBron James sits courtside at a Las Vegas Aces contest . Wilson's sister, Anna, is a senior star on the number-one-seeded Stanford women's basketball team, and he's been in San Antonio watching her games live. Meanwhile, the young women playing basketball continue providing indelible moments on the court in San Antonio.
Opinion: Biden is botching his first crisis
And yet President Joe Biden's administration just can't take the first step when it comes to the crisis unfolding on our southern border. In February, the US Customs and Border Protection says it tracked over 100,000 migrants crossing the southern border, almost a 30% increase over January. Now in office, laughably, Biden and his Department of Homeland Security secretary are trying to put the genie back in the bottle. Biden is telling migrants not to come, and Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas says the "border is closed." However, the bell cannot be unrung, and Biden's first crisis as President is at hand -- whether he admits it or not.
In pictures: Deadly tornadoes tear through the South
Butch Dill/AP Pastor Danny Poss removes a safe from the Ragan Chapel United Methodist Church in Ohatchee, Alabama, on Friday, March 26. In pictures: Deadly tornadoes tear through the SouthButch Dill/AP Pastor Danny Poss removes a safe from the Ragan Chapel United Methodist Church in Ohatchee, Alabama, on Friday, March 26. There are reports of multiple fatalities after a wave of tornadoes devastated parts of the South, authorities said. In all, there were 23 tornado reports -- 17 in Alabama, five in Georgia and one in Mississippi -- according to the National Weather Service. And while it's very rare for the Storm Prediction Center to issue this kind of outlook, it's now the second time in a week for the South.
Opinion: This Passover, relearn to swim
(CNN) As Passover approaches this year, those attending a traditional Seder may consider adding a fifth question to the four customary ones: Why is this night of Passover different from last year's? In an inspirational book, "Floating Takes Faith," Rabbi David Wolpe distinguishes between swimming and floating. As I've grown older, I've come to understand that receiving, too, is an art. One can "make love in war and war in love," he writes. Passover is the holiday of the spring, the holiday of redemption and new beginnings.
Report: 49ers Trade for No. 3 Draft Pick; Dolphins Get No. 12, 3rd, Future 1sts
Ezra Shaw/Getty ImagesThe first blockbuster trade of the 2021 NFL draft season has come, with the San Francisco 49ers reportedly acquiring the No. Per ESPN's Adam Schefter, the 49ers will send two 2021 draft picks, including the No. 12 selection and a third-rounder in 2022 , along with first-round picks in 2022 and 2023 to Miami. 123) and a 2022 first-round pick, from Miami for picks No. 3 pick puts San Francisco squarely in the mix to potentially select one of the top quarterbacks in this year's class.
Joe Biden Proved a Press Conference Doesn’t Have to Be a Spectacle
The most glaring error of fact was on that last point: Biden said he’d be traveling to Pittsburgh on Friday when the White House had it on the schedule for Wednesday. Biden took follow-up questions, asked if reporters were getting what they needed. Unlike Trump, Biden doesn’t make it up as he goes. He sent assignment editors spiraling when he took questions on the South Lawn before boarding Marine One. Trump did his best to bulldoze Biden and his family while Biden simply appealed to the idealism of America’s soul.
Stephen Miller to launch a new legal group to give Biden fits
That issue focus is derived, in large part, from the experiences that Miller and fellow Trump veterans confronted during the last administration. Former President Donald Trump was no stranger to legal challenges during his time in office. And on Wednesday, a 14-state coalition sued the Biden administration over its attempt to pause new oil and gas leases on public lands. “What we saw during the Trump administration was numerous lawsuits because we didn’t go through the formal process. Miller isn’t the only former Trump official using his executive branch experience to add a new entity to the conservative political landscape.
Container Ship Stuck In Suez Canal Gives Way To Massively Funny Tweets
A colossal container ship called Ever Given has been wedged sideways in Egypt’s narrow Suez Canal since Tuesday. DigitalGlobe/ScapeWare3d via Getty Images High-resolution satellite imagery of the container ship that remains stuck in the Suez Canal. But, when ship happens, you can rely on Twitter to have a hull of a time making fun of the situation. — h. p. heisler (@hpheisler) March 24, 2021is it possible to emotionally relate to a container ship — Tobias Schneider (@tobiaschneider) March 24, 2021supposed to have been getting a new dinosaur. BYOB - Boat Yeeted On BankWTF - What The FrigateBTW - Boat Totally Wasted — Mollie Goodfellow (@hansmollman) March 26, 2021Hey is the Suez Canal really slow for anyone else right now?
Pelosi taps D.C. National Guard chief as top House security official
The California Democrat also noted that Walker had a long career as a special agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration. Walker has provided key information about the timeline of events that led to the security breakdown on Jan. 6. In Senate testimony earlier this month, he said he relayed an urgent plea from the head of the Capitol Police to senior Pentagon officials seeking backup for the overwhelmed police force. Walker also has described a 2:30 p.m. phone call between Capitol Police and Pentagon brass and said senior Pentagon officials seemed to lack urgency despite frantic pleas from those inside the building. Walker was the 23rd commanding general of the D.C. National Guard and previously spent three decades as a guardsman and DEA agent.
Ted Cruz Slammed For 'Fear-Mongering' After Posting Video From Southern Border
“It’s time for the Biden administration to put an end to it, and stop sanctioning lawless chaos on our southern border,” Cruz said. Live footage from the banks of the Rio Grande.#BidenBorderCrisis — Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) March 26, 2021We encountered human traffickers & cartel members tonight, yelling at us across the Rio Grande and preparing to cross. — David Weissman (@davidmweissman) March 26, 2021Ted Cruz lost power in his $2M mansion for 24 hours and fled to Cancun. Now he’s standing on the shores of the Rio Grande fear-mongering about mothers and babies looking for safety from gang violence. — chris evans (@chris_notcapn) March 26, 2021Here we see Ted Cruz illegally crossing the border to go on vacation while Texas was suffering a huge ice storm.
POLITICO Playbook PM: Senators seek answers on Hunter Biden gun incident
POLITICO Playbook PM: Senators seek answers on Hunter Biden gun incident Presented by FacebookTop GOP senators including Chuck Grassley of Iowa have asked agencies to respond to their questions by April 8. | Win McNamee/Getty ImagesBREAKING: A pair of Republican senators sent letters to federal law enforcement agencies seeking more information about an October 2018 incident involving HUNTER BIDEN and a discarded gun that we wrote about Thursday. And in reality, almost a year after the popular program’s launch, Congress, the Biden administration and even small-business advocates have no firm estimate of how many jobs it saved. Will the Biden Administration embrace it, or cut it loose?”STAFFING UP — “A Biden Administration Strategy: Send In the Scientists,” NYT: “More than a decade ago, a woman at a bar near the Columbia University campus turned to Gavin Schmidt and asked if he knew the main component of air. She most recently has covered DOJ, the White House and more at CBS.
Don't post the yellow square
Don't post the yellow square Presented by IntelWith help from Teresa Wiltz. A message from Intel: Intel knows that talent is everywhere but opportunity is not. | Alex Wong/Getty ImagesTHE RECAST: We’re also seeing the rise of “performative allyship,” aka “If you posted a black square, then where’s your yellow square?”TRAN: Yellow square! Don’t post the yellow square! Meghan McCain: "We’ve only had one Asian American host co-host host this show.
Sanders pushes Medicare expansion in Dems’ next big bill
We’re talking about human infrastructure,” Sanders said. “In the rescue plan, we were able to take a major step forward in lowering child poverty — very important. Sanders said that if he, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Schumer can agree on including his Medicare and drug policy changes, they won't run into that procedural blockade. President Joe Biden is also considering proposing a massive $3 trillion infrastructure package, which Schumer said on Thursday he is just beginning to coordinate on with the administration. You start out by looking at the needs that need to be addressed and adding them up,” he said.
Facebook plans to reopen California HQ on May 10
Facebook said on Friday it plans to reopen its Menlo Park, California headquarters with 10 percent occupancy on May 10, if the COVID-19 situation begins to improve. Major tech companies including Facebook were among the fastest to shift to work from home during last year’s lockdowns and have regularly extended the freedom to continue do so for their employees. The social media company said its offices in Fremont and Sunnyvale are also scheduled to reopen at 10 percent capacity on May 17 and May 24 respectively, while its San Francisco office would reopen on June 7. Ride-sharing firm Uber Technologies said on Thursday it plans to reopen its offices at Mission Bay, San Francisco, with 20 percent occupancy on March 29, and provide an option for its staff to return to work on a "voluntary basis."
Evanston's reparations plan is a noble start to a complicated process, experts say
But experts say Evanston's plan is a noble start to a complicated process. But when you’re talking about historic discrimination, housing subsidies was a significant part of that. "It will have little, if any, impact on the lives of the other approximately 12,000 Black Evanston residents," Glanton's column reads. “The city of Evanston’s remedy plan was always centered around the localized harm that Black residents in Evanston faced. That means looking at the local policies, laws, practices that were anti-Black and discriminatory and how they impacted the Black residents there.
Jacob Blake sues Wisconsin police officer who shot him
MILWAUKEE — A Black man who was paralyzed after he was shot in the back by a white police officer in southeastern Wisconsin filed a civil lawsuit Thursday accusing the officer of excessive force. Jacob Blake Jr. was shot by Kenosha Officer Rusten Sheskey in August while Blake was about to get into an SUV during a domestic dispute. The white officer charged with murder and manslaughter in Floyd's killing is currently on trial. Sheskey and two other Kenosha officers were trying to arrest Blake on an outstanding warrant when a pocketknife fell from his pants during a scuffle. Shaskey's actions were “undertaken with malice, willfulness, and reckless indifference to the rights” of Blake, the lawsuit said.
SCOTUS just changed the game on how crooked cops can be prosecuted
The decidedly conservative U.S. Supreme Court just came out with a ruling on Torres’ case that may sound, well, decidedly liberal. The decidedly conservative U.S. Supreme Court just came out with a ruling on Torres’ case that may sound, well, decidedly liberal, by concluding the shooting could amount to a seizure. If the conduct above amounts to a seizure, then the police officer in that case can be sued for committing an unreasonable seizure. (As a side note, that past precedent happens to be written by the late Justice Antonin Scalia, another conservative justice). The dissent all but openly accuses the conservative majority of wanting civilians to be able to hold police officers more accountable, hence creating a new legal protection to make it so.
The Boulder shooting happened days after Colorado overturned a key gun control law
There’s a tragic irony to the mass shooting on Monday that left 10 dead at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado. Yet, that’s exactly what happened in Boulder, just 10 days after its local law was overturned by a state court judge because it conflicted with a state law that permits such weapons. The likelihood that this suspect would possess this weapon in the city limits would have been reduced under Boulder’s law. The two pending bills aren’t so much about “gun control” as they are about people control. The two pending bills aren’t so much about “gun control” as they are about people control and restricting people who shouldn’t possess firearms from doing so.
Almost 500,000 COVID Infections May Have Been Prevented with a National Water Shutoff Moratorium
WASHINGTON - Almost half a million COVID i