Jul 09,2020

More than 10,000 pieces of new news a day. News update non-stop 24/7.  Colin Jost Knows What He Has: ‘A Very Punchable Face’.  How to Buy Tech That Lasts and Lasts.  New York as a Biking City? It Could Happen. And It Should..  Buyer interest in suburban over city living grows in May, report finds.  Coronavirus Live Updates: U.S. Daily Cases Surpass 59,000.  D.C.-area forecast: Humid heat shows little sign of relenting. Tropical showers could skirt us Friday..  Leader of fake church peddling bleach as covid-19 cure sought Trump’s support. Instead he got federal charges..  Biden releases $700 billion plan to spur American economy.  Donald Trump está en disputa abierta con funcionarios de salud mientras el virus arrecia.  Anti-government protesters clash with riot police outside Serbian parliament.  More than 10,000 pieces of new news a day. News update non-stop 24/7.  Biden set to unveil economic agenda in speech outside Scranton.  HSBC may have to choose between East and West as China tightens grip on Hong Kong.  Louisville detective fired over killing of Breonna Taylor.  Twitter memeified justice for Breonna Taylor. But can a joke make change?.  Israel Hawks Are Spending Big To Unseat Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar.  Education Union President: 'I Double-Dog Dare' Trump To Sit In Class During Pandemic.  Racial disparities follow pandemic’s path across political divide.  For black women mayors, rising national profiles come with political risk.  Coronavirus Cases Show No Sign of Slowing in Worst-Hit U.S., Brazil and India.  New audio of police interviews sheds light on police probe of fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor.  
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Colin Jost Knows What He Has: ‘A Very Punchable Face’
In pre-pandemic times, Jost’s memoir, which Crown will publish on July 14, might have come across as a victory lap for an author contemplating new horizons. But now the book reads like his appreciation for a comedy institution that he hopes will come back in its traditional, chaotic form as soon as possible. As exhilarating and as frustrating as it was to make “S.N.L.” from home, Jost told me, “You finish watching and then you’re just sitting on your couch. I now almost have a stepdaughter who I love and is a big part of my life now. Gradually, however, its producers began strategizing to write and perform the show from home, a plan that at one point would have leaned more heavily on contributions from the Weekend Update desk.
How to Buy Tech That Lasts and Lasts
When we buy a gadget these days, we rarely assume that it will endure. We expect to play a video game console only for as long as companies make games for it. We expect to use a smartphone or a laptop for just as long as the battery has juice or until it can no longer run important software. The reality is that consumer electronics, such as your phone, computer or tablet, can last for many years. This exercise will be increasingly important in a pandemic-induced recession, which has forced many of us to tighten our spending.
New York as a Biking City? It Could Happen. And It Should.
Getting through this whole crisis depends on city leaders’ capacity to think ahead, not hunker down. It lays out a master plan for 425 miles of interconnected, high capacity, protected bike lanes in the five boroughs. Last summer, the city issued its own proposal, called Green Wave, in response to an alarming spike in the number of bicyclists killed. The Green Wave promised to add 30 miles of protected lanes a year, up from 20 miles. Only 480 of the city’s 1,250 miles of bike lanes are presently protected.
Buyer interest in suburban over city living grows in May, report finds
The site’s “hotness” rankings, based on tightening supply and rising demand, likewise saw suburban listings make a record median gain in the rankings since 2016. The suburbs offers both larger footprints and yards.”Redfin real estate brokerage’s analysts identified an increasing interest in single-family homes rather than condos and townhouses. Redfin found that its site’s saved searches filtered for single-family homes was the largest share since March 2016. Redfin’s analysts attribute the interest in single-family homes to the anticipation that more people will continue to work from home and will need extra space for a home office. “People simply don’t want to share common elements or press elevator buttons in a pandemic,” said Orla O’Callaghan, a real estate agent with Re/Max Realty Centre in Olney, Md.
Coronavirus Live Updates: U.S. Daily Cases Surpass 59,000
In addition to a national record, at least five states set single-day records for infections. At least five states — Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and West Virginia — set single-day records for new infections on Wednesday. As of Tuesday, the country’s daily number of new cases had increased by 72 percent over the past two weeks. And by Wednesday, 24 states had reported more cases over the past week than in any other seven-day stretch of the pandemic. Texas reported more than 9,900 cases on Wednesday, the state’s third consecutive day with a record total of new infections.
D.C.-area forecast: Humid heat shows little sign of relenting. Tropical showers could skirt us Friday.
Highs: 88-92 Tonight: Mostly cloudy, late-night showers possible. Lows: 67-73Mostly cloudy, late-night showers possible. Humidity is high (dew points in the low 70s) while very light breezes from the east offer little relief. Showers die out in the evening with lows in the upper 60s to mid-70s. Confidence: MediumSunday/Monday both feature typical midsummer weather with highs in the upper 80s to low 90s and lows in the upper 60s to low 70s.
Leader of fake church peddling bleach as covid-19 cure sought Trump’s support. Instead he got federal charges.
Things are happening folks!” Grenon, 62, wrote on Facebook on April 24, linking to Trump’s comments. Because they allegedly continued to promote it and sell it anyway, the four men are also charged with criminal contempt. ADProfits soared in March, when Genesis started falsely claiming that Miracle Mineral Solution could cure the novel coronavirus, too. You better!” one Genesis newsletter said, with dosing instructions for “wiping out” the virus, according to the complaint. AD“I see the disinfectant that knocks it out in a minute, one minute,” Trump said during a coronavirus press briefing.
Biden releases $700 billion plan to spur American economy
And it reflects the success of Trump’s message that protecting American workers is more important than ensuring a free flow of trade. ADIn Thursday’s proposal, Biden is calling for closing loopholes around existing “Buy American” clauses; eliminating waivers in Buy American provisions; and cracking down on false advertising of “Buy American” goods. ADA senior Biden campaign official said more specific details would be released once the full plan is out, speaking on the condition of anonymity because the campaign did not authorize the person to speak on the record. A Biden administration, like the Trump White House, would face the prospect of foreign retaliation for any promotion of American companies. “Buy American” provisions are also likely to face objections from U.S. firms that would see their costs increase if forced to buy more expensive supplies.
Donald Trump está en disputa abierta con funcionarios de salud mientras el virus arrecia
Se le dijo a Fauci que participara en la reunión de forma remota por videoconferencia, evitando que participara en una rueda de prensa de mediodía. Cuando se le preguntó si el presidente todavía tiene confianza en Fauci, McEnany dijo que Trump “tiene confianza en las conclusiones de nuestros expertos médicos”. Ya en marzo, Trump estaba cada vez más frustrado porque las previsiones de Fauci para el virus parecían menos optimistas que las suyas, pero en gran medida evitaban las reprimendas públicas. Trump acusó a Fauci de vacilar en las primeras decisiones en la crisis, diciendo que era mejor ignorar a los expertos y confiar en sus instintos. por medida contra estudiantes internacionales 1:08LEE: Es posible que los estudiantes internacionales tengan que irse de EE.UU.
Anti-government protesters clash with riot police outside Serbian parliament
Serbian police fired tear gas at protesters who rallied in front of the Belgrade parliament, despite warnings such gatherings could spread coronavirus.
Biden set to unveil economic agenda in speech outside Scranton
The former vice president is set to deliver a speech outside his childhood hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, as he launches what his campaign is calling its "build back better" agenda. Biden's campaign plans to follow Thursday's speech with a major push involving Democratic surrogates. On Friday, Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin and Illinois Sen. Tammy Duckworth -- two women said to be in consideration for the Democratic vice presidential nomination -- will host a virtual roundtable in Wisconsin, while another potential Biden running mate, Michigan Gov. Former Biden rivals will also be involved in the push, holding events in potentially competitive general election states. Former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg will host a virtual roundtable in New Hampshire.
HSBC may have to choose between East and West as China tightens grip on Hong Kong
Hong Kong (CNN Business) HSBC has carved out a lucrative role in global banking over the past 155 years by straddling the line between East and West. HSBC HSBC declined to provide further comment on its support for the law. Hong Kong was seen as the natural choice, given its deep roots there and the allure of lower corporate taxes. On Tuesday, Bloomberg reported that Washington was also looking for "ways to punish banks based in Hong Kong, particularly HSBC." They will want to see how the situation in China and Hong Kong settles down.
Louisville detective fired over killing of Breonna Taylor
One of three Kentucky police officers involved in the killing of Breonna Taylor this year was fired Tuesday, authorities said. Breonna Taylor during a graduation ceremony in Louisville, Ky. Courtesy of Family of Breonna Taylor / AFP - Getty ImagesIn a two-page letter to Louisville Metro Police Department detective Brett Hankison, chief Robert J. Schroeder said that the detective violated department rules, procedures and deadly force standards when Taylor was killed. Schroeder added that Hankison fired those rounds without knowing if that deadly force was directed at someone who posed an immediate threat. Authorities have said the officers knocked several times and announced their presence before forcing their way into Taylor’s apartment.
Twitter memeified justice for Breonna Taylor. But can a joke make change?
Breonna Taylor during a graduation ceremony in Louisville, Ky. “It's my birthday, so arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor,” tweeted Ned Fulmer, an actor on the YouTube series “The Try Guys.”“Re Carne Asada Fries: After careful consideration, we’ve come to the conclusion that the Kentucky attorney general should charge and arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor,” another tweet from L.A. Taco reads. But while they state their purpose clearly, protest memes that use misdirects tweak the protest genre in ways that aren’t comfortable to all. For Hunter, some of the memes around Breonna Taylor feel like they trivialize “the seriousness of the loss of her life and the trauma her partner and her family is feeling at this point.”Memes that force a double take didn’t begin with Breonna Taylor. A demonstrator holds a painting of Breonna Taylor during a protest near the Seattle Police Departments East Precinct on June 7, 2020 in Seattle.
Israel Hawks Are Spending Big To Unseat Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar
Right-leaning pro-Israel groups are targeting Rep. Ilhan Omar, a Minnesota Democrat and outspoken critic of the Israeli government who is one of the most high-profile progressive members of Congress. Two such groups, Pro-Israel America and NORPAC, have bundled upwards of $450,000 for Melton-Meaux to date. Antone Melton-Meaux, Rep. Ilhan Omar's primary challengerUnlike the pro-Israel groups fundraising for him, Melton-Meaux supports then-President Barack Obama’s nuclear nonproliferation agreement with Iran in 2015. “The point of supporting a challenger to her is to try to stifle that voice.” An Ideological Conflict Like Omar, Melton-Meaux has a unique personal story to tell. Stephen Maturen/Getty Images Antone Melton-Meaux, an attorney challenging Rep. Omar, speaks at a Juneteenth celebration in Minneapolis.
Education Union President: 'I Double-Dog Dare' Trump To Sit In Class During Pandemic
“There’s no one that wants our kids back more than teachers,” Lily Eskelsen García, the president of the National Education Association , told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on Wednesday. “But we want to open it safely.”The president of the nation’s largest education union challenged President Donald Trump to sit in a classroom and “breathe that air” as she slammed his ongoing push to reopen schools amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Dems think it would be bad for them politically if U.S. schools open before the November Election, but is important for the children & families. We’re talking about second graders,” García said. “I had 39 sixth graders one year in my class.
Racial disparities follow pandemic’s path across political divide
Latinos make up about 8 percent of the state’s population, but a fourth of coronavirus cases. Marshallese and other Pacific Islanders make up less than a half a percent of the population — and 7 percent of cases. Nearly two-thirds of the coronavirus patients in the intensive care unit at Ben Taub and Lyndon B. Johnson hospitals are Latinos, said Dr. Esmaeil Porsa, CEO of Harris County Health System. “Our analysis strongly suggests that Arizona’s premature reopenings worsened racial disparities in the state, with Native Americans feeling the brunt,” said Sgaier of Surgo Foundation. “All Covid did was accelerate the inequities that we already know,” said Martha Moore-Monroy, a public health lecturer at the University of Arizona, whose work focuses on improving health in underserved communities.
For black women mayors, rising national profiles come with political risk
“There’s always added pressure on Black mayors dealing with public safety issues,” said Michael Nutter, the former mayor of Philadelphia. “We have this boom of Black women mayors and that has really shifted the numbers of Black women who are serving in these executive seats,” said Jessica Byrd, founder of the D.C.-based advocacy firm Three Point Strategies and a leading organizer with the Movement for Black Lives. None of the four, however, has publicly embraced a defund-divest model for their cities, the chief demand from Black Lives Matter activists. After the shooting death of 8-year-old Secoriea Turner over the weekend, Bottoms took a swipe at those perpetuating the violence, with an allusion to the Black Lives Matter movement, at large. April Goggans, a lead organizer with Black Lives Matter D.C., described the group’s relationship with Bowser as “contentious.”“She has done everything to discredit, disrespect or ignore us until George Floyd was murdered,” Goggans said.
Coronavirus Cases Show No Sign of Slowing in Worst-Hit U.S., Brazil and India
(WELLINGTON, New Zealand) — India on Thursday reported nearly 25,000 new coronavirus infections, as the disease continued its ominous spread through the nation of nearly 1.4 billion people. The virus is showing no signs of slowing in the worst-affected countries: the United States, Brazil and India. The U.S. reported nearly 59,000 new daily cases, just short of the record 60,000 cases set a day earlier, as President Donald Trump insisted that schools reopen in the fall. Brazil reported nearly 45,000 new cases. The virus has also been spreading rapidly in South Africa, which reported nearly 9,000 new cases in its latest daily update.
New audio of police interviews sheds light on police probe of fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor
In his interview, Mattingly insists officers knocked and announced themselves when they arrived after midnight on March 13. Jon Mattingly, one of three officers involved in the shootout that killed Breonna Taylor at her home on March 13, 2020. They also agree that Walker fired first. In his interview, Walker tells investigators he and Taylor were dozing in front of a movie in the bedroom when they heard loud banging. ‘A misunderstanding’When the shooting stopped, says Walker in his taped interview, he saw Taylor on her stomach in the hallway.
U.S. officials say intel on Russian bounties was less than conclusive. That misses the big picture.
But the debate about that narrow and contested issue distracts from a larger, often-overlooked consensus, current and former military and intelligence officials say. London was referring to an episode at the beginning of the Trump administration when he and others say the CIA was instructed to work with Russian intelligence agencies to fight terrorists. He said the Russian support began when the U.S. and Russia were at odds in Syria. The National Security Agency — the Pentagon's digital spying arm — has said it could not corroborate the intelligence reporting from detainees, officials say. Whether or not Russian intelligence officer specifically offered bounties to Taliban fighters to kill Americans, Russian money and aid has facilitated Taliban operations against the United States, London said.
Cop suspended over ‘All Lives Splatter’ meme posted after Seattle protester killed by driver
ADADThe family called for Brown to be fired and for the sheriff’s office to discipline any other officers who liked or reshared his posts. “That guy needs to be fired now,” said Matt Taylor, Summer’s father, according to the Seattle Times. “I think anybody who was liking it, sharing it or doing anything else with it should be fired. Taylor later died, and Love was severely injured. “I will take swift action to thoroughly investigate when the conduct of Sheriff’s Office members fails to reflect our core values and violates Sheriff’s Office policy,” Johanknecht said in a statement announcing Brown’s suspension.
Trump’s Tulsa rally, protests ‘more than likely’ linked to coronavirus surge, health official says
… You are warriors.”Now, just over two weeks later, Tulsa County is experiencing a surge of coronavirus cases — and a top local health official has suggested that Trump’s rally and other large events, including protests, “more than likely” contributed to the recent spike. But just hours ahead of the Tulsa rally, six staff personnel at the BOK Center, including two Secret Service members, tested positive for the coronavirus. Undeterred by the positive cases, Trump held the rally as planned, drawing about 6,200 supporters to the arena, where masks were a rarity and social distancing recommendations were openly flouted. Oklahoma has more than 17,800 reported cases and 407 deaths as of early Thursday. ADAD“Oklahomans know how to come together to respond to significant challenges and events,” Dart said.
Health expert warns the US needs to get a handle on coronavirus before conditions return to spring levels
The US reached more than 3 million coronavirus cases this week, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, and 35 states continue to see a higher number of new cases than the week before. "If you do those simple public health measures, guarantee you're going to see that curve come down. Where states standMany states are feeling the effects of the coronavirus surge. With 98 coronavirus related deaths in one day, Texas set its record for highest single-day fatality increases Wednesday. Look, you can open up schools anywhere you want," Jha, the faculty director of the Harvard Global Health Institute, said.
Nothing about the coronavirus is simple. Except the small actions you can take to prevent its spread
White House coronavirus response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx said Wednesday states with surges should return to the White House's "phase one" recommendations. "Public health experts overwhelmingly agree that wearing a face covering helps slow the spread of this sometimes deadly virus." Don't go to bars just yetReopened bars have been one of the greatest driving forces behind the rising numbers, according to health experts and state officials. In one Pennsylvania county , coronavirus cases spiked once restaurants and bars began reopening, officials said. As more state leaders reach the realization bars fuel the spread of the virus, one health expert says there is one simple choice going forward.
Body camera footage shows a Schenectady police officer putting his knee on a man's head and neck during arrest
(CNN) Newly released body camera footage shows a Schenectady police officer put his knee on a man's head and neck after the man runs from him and resists arrest. The man, Yugeshwar Gaindarpersaud, said the officer was "smashing my head to the concrete," according to CNN affiliate Spectrum News Albany. The officer was dispatched to Brandywine Avenue for a report of a vehicle that had its tires slashed, according to police. Gaindarpersaud tells Pommer he does not know what the officer is talking about and wants to see the video. Seconds later, it appears Pommer strikes Gaindarpersaud somewhere in his lower body because the camera shakes and the suspect says, "ow!"
Thailand could become the first Southeast Asian country to legalize same-sex civil partnerships
Bangkok, Thailand (CNN) Thailand's Cabinet on Wednesday approved a draft bill that will legally recognize same-sex civil partnerships and give greater rights to same-sex couples, a potential first for any nation in Southeast Asia if passed into law. While it doesn't go as far as endorsing same-sex marriage, the Civil Partnership Bill allows same-sex couples to legally register their union, a significant move in what remains a largely conservative nation. Under the draft bill, same-sex couples can adopt children, claim inheritance rights, and jointly manage assets such as property for the first time. Ratchada Thanadirek, a deputy government spokesperson, said it was a "milestone for Thai society in promoting equality among people of all genders." "The Civil Partnership Bill is an important step for Thai society in promoting equal rights and supporting the rights of same-sex couples to build families and live as partners," she said in a Facebook post.
Harry and Meghan's Commonwealth comments on British colonialism were long overdue
Prince Harry and Meghan have once again broken new ground for the royal family, this time by urging the British Commonwealth to honestly grapple with its colonial past. It’s commendable that Harry and Meghan were willing to risk the ire of the tabloids to speak honestly about Britain’s wrongdoing towards people of color. The list goes on, but despite this sordid record, 59 percent of British adults surveyed in 2016 claimed to feel pride rather than shame over the British Empire. The national school curriculum only lightly touches on the dark side of the British Empire. It should be adapted to include colonialism as part of a wider focus on Black British history.
Trump and Republicans have become a post-policy party. Coronavirus proves it.
As part of his needlessly divisive remarks on the Fourth of July, President Donald Trump briefly took note of the nation's struggle with the coronavirus crisis. Months after the pandemic arrived, the Trump administration still does not have a national testing strategy. But just as important, Americans should also recognize these conditions as part of a governing crisis. The Republican Party has abandoned its traditional role as a governing party and become what I call a post-policy party — one that no longer cares about the substance of policymaking. The more Trump and GOP leaders effectively abandon their roles as serious policymakers, the more breakdowns are impossible to avoid.
Israel battles new wave of coronavirus infections after reopening
Between 8 a.m. Tuesday and 8 a.m. Wednesday morning, Israel recorded a new daily high of 1,528 coronavirus cases, the Health Ministry said. Israel has now reimposed some coronavirus restrictions, though it has yet to go back into full lockdown. With a population of around 8.6 million — roughly the size of New Jersey — Israel has had 32,714 coronavirus cases since the beginning of the pandemic and 343 deaths. There are currently just over 14,000 active coronavirus infections, according to the Ministry of Health. Israel is reimposing a series of restrictions after seeing a surge of coronavirus infections in recent weeks.
A President Who Makes Us Puke—Just Like He Was Hired To Do
“A president who makes us puke” would be an improbable reelection slogan. A second Trump term is in doubt not only because of Trump’s failures but in an important sense because of his success. Even progressives might pause to notice—and, in a generous mood, to appreciate—the catalytic effect of Trump’s presidency in ushering in a new era of politics. Ronald Reagan’s historic assignment was to confront the Democratic welfare state and the old Soviet Union in radical terms rhetorically, and in steady but more incremental terms substantively. What is the historic assignment Trump proposes for himself in 2020?
Extremists exploit pandemic to spread hatred in UK, report finds
Fire and explosion damage can be seen on an EE network 5G mast that was attacked by an arsonist in Liverpool | Christophe Furlong/Getty Images Extremists exploit pandemic to spread hatred in UK, report finds Pandemic increased visibility of anti-vaccine, anti-5G and anti-minority conspiracies, government commission finds. The coronavirus pandemic has increased the spread of dangerous conspiracy theories in Britain, the U.K. government's Commission for Countering Extremism (CCE) warned. According to the report, far-right individuals have also encouraged others to deliberately infect Jews and Muslims with the virus. Extremists have "fully exploited the lockdown to promote dangerous conspiracy theories and disinformation, most notably online," said Lead Commissioner Sara Khan in a statement. "The short and long term impacts of the pandemic could create conditions conducive for extremism," the report warns.
‘Glee’ actress Naya Rivera presumed dead after going missing while boating with son, officials say
At around 5 p.m., when the boat was past its scheduled return time, another boater on the lake found Josey sleeping alone on the pontoon. Josey was found wearing a life vest and investigators located an adult life vest on the pontoon, Buschow said. Rivera and Dorsey, who divorced in 2018, shared custody of Josey. '” While on the show, Rivera signed a record deal with Columbia Records in 2011, one of the first “Glee” actors to ink a solo artist contract. ADADIn the days leading up to Wednesday’s boating trip, Rivera shared photos of her and Josey, as well as inspirational messages about enjoying life.
Campaign for Senate hopeful from N.H. uses photo trickery to hoodwink reporters
ADTwo 12-man teams — Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA) 555 and ODA 595 — arrived in mid-October 2001. ODA 595, led by Capt. When ODA 595 arrived, it turned out Dostum’s forces relied on horses for transportation in the rugged, mountainous countryside. There are video clips of Fox News anchors discussing ODA 595. ADThat’s because Don Bolduc, at the time a major, was assigned to southern Afghanistan — after ODA 595 had already helped capture Mazar-e Sharif.
Anxiety makes us bad decision-makers. Here's how to do better
Experts say Valentini is not alone in her anxiety and the paralyzing indecision it can cause. Scientists call that "amygdala hijack"— it's like your prefrontal cortex has lost control of the vehicle altogether. "Because they are emotionally driven, those are decisions that might not be your best decisions," Marques said. How to hack your brain's anxiety response"The best response is to cool off your brain before making decisions," Marques said. Those strategies can help you step out of the cycle of anxiety, putting your prefrontal cortex back in the driver's seat.
The Kalahari Desert is a difficult place to survive -- but it's bursting with life
The Kalahari Desert spans the borders of Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. To survive in the Kalahari, the gemsbok -- a large antelope -- digs for water-storing plants and roots. A 2017 study found Kalahari cheetahs are lighter on average than cheetahs in other parts of Africa. The open terrain of the Kalahari is ideal for this speedy predator, enabling packs to hunt large prey including wildebeest and gazelle. Dave Watts/Gamma-Rapho/Getty ImagesThe cape pangolin, also known as Temminck's pangolin or the ground pangolin, forages for ants and termites among the red sand of the Kalahari Desert.
Indigenous trackers are teaching scientists about wildlife
For over 20 years, Liebenberg, an associate of human evolutionary biology at Harvard University, has been connecting indigenous San groups in Namibia with scientists all over the world. "Professional scientists have as much to learn from indigenous trackers as indigenous trackers have to gain by working with professional scientists," he adds. Photos: The Kalahari Desert is bursting with life The Kalahari Desert spans the borders of Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. Hide Caption 8 of 13 Photos: The Kalahari Desert is bursting with life Meerkats live in groups -- called gangs or mobs -- of up to 50. Hide Caption 13 of 13The system is inclusive of non-literate people and, as Liebenberg points out, is quicker than text-based logging.
Indigenous Americans had contact with Polynesians 800 years ago, DNA study confirms
(CNN) Indigenous Americans and Polynesians crossed thousands of miles of open ocean and made contact with each other as early as 1200 A.D., centuries before the arrival of Europeans, a new study has found. Archeologists have long believed the two regions made early contact, pointing to the early, widespread cultivation of a South American plant in Polynesia, a collection of more than 1,000 islands scattered over the Pacific Ocean. The results of a genomic study now confirmed they did. According to a paper published Wednesday in the journal Nature , researchers found "conclusive evidence" for the early encounter between the two groups, after analyzing the DNA of more than 800 individuals from 17 Polynesian islands and 15 indigenous American groups on the Pacific coast. The researchers were looking for signs that prehistoric Polynesians and Indigenous Americans had children together, which would leave a clear genetic signature in their offspring -- called an admixture.
Australia suspends extradition with Hong Kong and offers path to citizenship for city's residents
(CNN) Australia has suspended its extradition treaty with Hong Kong, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced Thursday, as the country moves to offer a path to citizenship for those Hong Kongers who wish to leave the city. Speaking at a press briefing in Canberra, Morrison said that China's new national security legislation for Hong Kong constitutes a "fundamental change in our circumstances with respect to our extradition agreement with Hong Kong." "We have formally notified Hong Kong and advised the Chinese authorities," he said. The Prime Minister said that Australia has also updated its travel advisory for Hong Kong, warning Australians of the possibility of detention in the city under the "vague" law. Morrison also announced a pathway to permanent residency in Australia for Hong Kong citizens looking to leave the city due to the imposition of the law.
Nurses are suffering psychological trauma due to Covid-19
(The Conversation) Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, nurses have been given unprecedented media attention for their daily, selfless sacrifices. Make no mistake: Covid-19 patients recover largely because of the nursing services they receive. For the past five years, I've examined the types of psychological trauma that nurses experience. Prior to the pandemic, nurses faced ethical and personal safety dilemmas during disasters and other emergencies. Until all of us see nursing this way — and until organizations provide sufficient resources to prevent avoidable trauma, which will allow nurses to provide safe, quality care — nurses will continue to suffer.
Police Search For 'Glee' Star Naya Rivera at California Lake
(LOS ANGLES) — Authorities say former “Glee” star Naya Rivera is missing and being searched for at a Southern California lake. The Ventura County Sheriff’s Department late Wednesday confirmed that Rivera, 33, is the person being searched for in the waters of Lake Piru, which is approximately 56 miles (90 kilometers) northwest of downtown Los Angeles. KNBC reported late Wednesday that Rivera rented a pontoon boat at the Lake Piru reservoir Wednesday and that her young son was found on the boat wearing a life vest. Sheriff’s officials launched a boat and helicopter search Wednesday afternoon, but that had been suspended by nighttime. Rivera played Santana, a cheerleader in the musical-comedy “Glee” that aired on Fox from 2009 until 2015.
Liz Truss warns UK post-Brexit border plans could face WTO challenge
Liz Truss wrote to Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove to set out four concerns about plans to manage the border with the EU | Leon Neal/Getty Images Liz Truss warns UK post-Brexit border plans could face WTO challenge International trade secretary’s letter shows the tension between government departments over the plans. LONDON — Britain could face a legal challenge from the World Trade Organization about its post-Brexit border plans, International Trade Secretary Liz Truss warned Cabinet colleagues. Truss wrote to Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove to set out four concerns about plans to manage the border with the EU once the Brexit transition period ends in December. This means the U.K. could be deemed as giving the bloc preferential treatment, which is against WTO rules. “When we exit the transition period the U.K. will be vulnerable to a WTO challenge regarding its border regime,” Truss wrote.
There Is No Essential Work Without Child Care
There Is No Essential Work Without Child Care There Is No Essential Work Without Child Care Home-based day-care providers struggle to stay afloat while keeping other essential workers going. She primarily cares for the children of essential workers, including many nurses and nursing assistants. Listening to the public conversation around essential workers and the risks they brave on the job, she said:I felt like I was not being considered as an essential worker, [but] the people that they did consider as essential workers couldn’t work if we did not stay open. But yet, instead, you never hear [officials] talk about the day-care providers or home day-care providers. The median yearly income for the early childhood workforce in North Carolina was $16.71, and as low as $9.86 for child-care workers, according to the Center for the Study of Child Care Employment.
Systematic Inequality and Economic Opportunity
Tipped service workers The practice of tipping service workers came to the United States from Europe in the 19th century. Service workers were among the many workers initially excluded from the minimum wage provisions of the FLSA. These thresholds jeopardize the economic well-being of people of color who work for smaller employers, such as domestic workers, service workers, and some agricultural workers. Employment discrimination perpetuates inequality in economic well-being, especially for Black people. Over the past 40 years, Black workers have consistently endured an unemployment rate approximately twice that of their white counterparts.
Lakay Nou: Philly's unhoused demand to thrive, ask for solidarity
Lakay Nou: Philly's unhoused demand to thrive, ask for solidarityApproximately 125 residents make up philly's Lakay Nou, a protest by the unhoused in the form of an autonomous encampment (formerly #CampMaroon). we act in support of permanent housing, self led community, personally constructed housing & compounding on each other's strengths instead of focusing on deficiencies. a collective list of demands & recent press release contextualizes the massive amount of capacity the city has to radically reduce homelessness with it's existing, unused resources to provide permanent housing, our primary demand. we demand our right to thrive, on our own terms, with the support of our community. exclusive video of Lakay Nou: https://cryptpad.fr/file/#/2/file/SiWxnl7jmfuZ07d-kndr7OHj/
The Truth Behind ’40 Acres and a Mule’
We’ve all heard the story of the “40 acres and a mule” promise to former slaves. We have been taught in school that the source of the policy of “40 acres and a mule” was Union General William T. Sherman’s Special Field Order No. (That account is half-right: Sherman prescribed the 40 acres in that Order, but not the mule. Today, we commonly use the phrase “40 acres and a mule,” but few of us have read the Order itself. In its broadest strokes, “40 acres and a mule” was their idea.
The UNC Football Team Just Had 37 People Test Positive for COVID-19
The University of North Carolina football team paused their voluntary summer workouts after 37 student-athletes, coaches, and staff tested positive for COVID-19. The Orange County Health Department has also identified a "cluster" of 5+ related cases from these tests. The university has tested more than 420 people involved with the athletics department since June 12, when student-athletes returned to campus as part of their "Athletics Roadmap" for the fall 2020 season. The same day, four Burmese housekeepers at UNC-CH tested positive for COVID-19. These practices are organized by student-athletes, as opposed to coaches or the athletic department.
The Future of Homeless Organizing Lives on the Prettiest Street in Philadelphia
The Future of Homeless Organizing Lives on the Prettiest Street in PhiladelphiaA homeless encampment is nestled in a park at 22nd Street and The Benjamin Franklin Park Way. We really have values in line with each other,” says Sterling Johnson, a Philadelphia activist who helped organize the camp. “The homeless are organizers,” says Tara Taylor, who herself is both an organizer and resident of the camp. Though the city of Philadelphia has not greatly harassed the camp thus far, it is clear that that may soon change, demands notwithstanding. Adam Gottlieb, an activist and homeless organizer in Chicago, says the pandemic has made the day-to-day work of homeless outreach much more difficult.
Black People Own Less of the U.S. than 100 Years Ago. A ‘Black Commons’ Could Help Reverse the Trend
Land grabThe proportion of the United States under black ownership has actually shrunk over the last 100 years or so. Another study shows a 98% decline in black farmers between 1920, and 1997. This idea of a black commons as a means of economic empowerment formed a focus of W.E.B. Credit unions and co-opsThe accumulation of wealth was not the only desired consequence of a black commons. The long history of racism in the United States has held back black Americans for generations.
Separation of Trump and state: Blocking Republicans’ evangelical election strategy
So Trump aimed his Bible photo-op at right-wing white religious voters, mainly white fundamentalist evangelicals or Christian nationalists (used here interchangeably). Besides evangelicals, right-wing Christian voters include mostly white Catholics and Protestants who have been moving toward fundamentalism on many issues. Organizations like United in Purpose use sophisticated data-mining operations to identify and turn out dormant right-wing religious voters. According to Christian nationalists, the more significant the social change, the greater urgency to stop and reverse it. They are working to prevent Christian nationalists’ regressive measures in Congress and state legislatures across the country.
Canada’s 1% Is Incredibly Rich. Their Wealth Needs to Be Taxed.
This includes different forms of inequality, from those originating in the country’s inception as a colonial enterprise to extreme disparities of wealth and income. With a net wealth of $132 billion, the poorest 40 percent of Canadian families control a minuscule 1.1 percent share of national wealth. During the 2019 federal election, the social-democratic New Democratic Party encouragingly moved to the left of its 2015 position by embracing a super wealth tax on wealth exceeding $20 million. Taxing the country’s richest families would socialize a greater portion of Canada’s national wealth for investment in badly-needed new programs. But any wealth tax worthy of the name will ultimately look to roll back the power of billionaires and plutocrats for good.
Naya Rivera, actriz de ‘Glee’, desapareció en un lago en el sur de California, informa Oficina del Sheriff del condado de Ventura
(CNN) — La actriz de “Glee” Naya Rivera está desaparecida en un lago en el condado de Ventura, California, al norte de Los Ángeles. El miércoles por la noche, la Oficina del Sheriff del condado de Ventura dijo que estaban buscando una posible víctima de ahogamiento en el lago Piru. “La persona desaparecida en Lake P[i]ru ha sido identificada como Naya Rivera, 33, de Los Ángeles…”, tuiteó la Oficina del Sheriff del Condado de Ventura. The missing person at Lake Puru has been identified as Naya Rivera, 33, of Los Angeles. @VCAirUnit @fillmoresheriff @Cal_OES pic.twitter.com/bC3qaZS3Ra— Ventura Co. Sheriff (@VENTURASHERIFF) July 9, 2020
China's Top Diplomat Says U.S. Policy Is Driven by ‘McCarthy-Style Paranoia’
China’s top diplomat blasted U.S. policy toward Beijing while also proposing a blueprint for getting spiraling relations between the world’s biggest economies back on track. He also called for cooperation on the coronavirus, saying that China is willing to communicate further on treatment, vaccine research and economic recovery. The two countries are also sparring on everything from the South China Sea to technologies like 5G networks to access for academics and media organizations. He said the U.S. would start a dialogue soon with the European Union on ways to meet the challenge from China. Pompeo held secretive talks last month with top Chinese diplomat and Politburo member Yang Jiechi in Hawaii that failed to stem the attacks on both sides.
Kentucky man accused of planning school shooting sentenced to 10 years
A Kentucky man who bought an AR-15 rifle that authorities alleged he planned to use to open fire at his former high school in 2018 was sentenced to 10 years in prison Wednesday, federal prosecutors said. The attack on Shelby County High School never occurred. Dylan Jarrell, now 22, was arrested in October 2018 after a New Jersey woman tipped off police to harassing Facebook messages, authorities said at the time. Boyd wrote in court documents that while Jarrell "fantasized" about the shooting, "his actual capacity to follow through on these plans was negligible." Boyd also wrote that Jarrell has struggled with issues that include depression, anxiety, paranoid schizophrenia and alcohol abuse.
Thai Cabinet Approves Bills Giving Same-Sex Unions Legal Status
(BANGKOK) — Thailand’s Cabinet has approved two draft bills that would give same-sex unions legal status similar to that of heterosexual marriages. The draft Civil Partnership Act and amendments of the Civil and Commercial Code will be sent to Parliament soon for approval, deputy government spokeswoman Ratchada Thanadirek said after Wednesday’s Cabinet meeting. The Civil Partnership Act would allow couples who were born with the same sex to register their partnership if they are both at least 17 years old and at least one is a Thai citizen. Although their union is not defined as a marriage, it grants many legal rights that are the same as those held by married heterosexual couples in matters such as adoption of stepchildren and inheritance. Such unions could be ended by death, voluntary separation or court order.
'Glee' actress Naya Rivera missing after boating on California Lake
Authorities are searching a Southern California lake for "Glee" actress Naya Rivera, who officials believe went missing while swimming Wednesday. The 33-year-old from Woodland Hills had been boating with her son on Lake Piru, Ventura County Sheriff's Department Capt. The child told officials that the pair had been swimming but that Rivera never returned, Buschow said. On Wednesday night, the department identified in a tweet Rivera as the person for whom they were searching until it became too dark. Rivera is best known for playing Santana Lopez on "Glee," a high school glee club musical and comedy that ran on Fox from 2009 to 2015.
What to watch on Thursday: ‘Close Enough’ on HBO Max
The Bold Type (Freeform at 10) Kat, Jane, Sutton, Jacqueline and Alex confront challenges in their various relationships. PremieresCannonball (USA at 8) A competition series hosted by WWE’s Mike “The Miz” Mizanin, which features contestants facing off in water sports competitions. MiniseriesExpecting Amy (HBO Max) This three-part docuseries follows comedian Amy Schumer during her recent pregnancy. ADSpecialsWorld’s Smallest Woman: Meet Jyoti (TLC at 10) This series follows 26-year-old Jyoti Amge, the world’s smallest woman, on adventures in the United States, where she hopes to further her acting career and find relief for a persistent health issue. Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC at 11:35) Billy Porter, Kim Petras, guest host Billy Eichner.
Live updates: Hospitals again face shortages of protective gear as U.S. surpasses 3 million coronavirus cases
The number of students testing positive has more than tripled in the past week, officials said in a Wednesday message to the campus community. That represents a significant increase, since the university had only counted 23 total cases from the start of the pandemic to the beginning of July. The majority of new cases “stem from a series of recent parties connected to the CalGreek system” where basic safety protocols weren’t followed, U.C. Berkeley University Health Services Medical Director Anna Harte and Assistant Vice Chancellor Guy Nicolette wrote. Clusters of infections have been linked to Greek life at the University of Washington, University of Mississippi and Georgia Tech, and off-campus gatherings near the University of South Carolina.
With pressure and threats, Trump pushes to fully reopen schools. Schools say: Not so fast.
Miami-Dade County Public Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho said his district would not reopen until coronavirus rates have been reduced. ADADAdministration officials gave conflicting answers Wednesday as to whether hybrid models like New York’s would satisfy Trump’s call for schools to reopen. And they pressed the administration’s campaign to open school buildings. On Tuesday, Trump promised a pressure campaign aimed at opening schools this fall, and on Wednesday, he was true to his word. Democrats agreed that schools should reopen but said Trump was putting politics ahead of safety.
Coronavirus spikes again in rush to reopen. But lockdowns are more complex second time around
Alexander Kekulé, a virology professor and Director of the Institute for Biosecurity Research in Germany, told CNN: "The only strategy we can have is a stamping-out strategy. Kekulé said this was about clusters, rather than a second wave"We should get used to it," he added. Naeem Brisco, whose IT company is currently closed, told CNN more people seemed to be struggling financially this time around. Melbourne cafe owner Steffan Tissa told CNN that he switched to takeout service for around three months before reopening to dine-in customers recently. "We need a reliable picture of our future or the economy," he told CNN.
Citan a indagatoria a exjefes de inteligencia argentina por supuesto espionaje ilegal
En el entorno de Macri también declinaron comentar sobre el caso. Además, negó que el jefe de la AFI haya falsificado documentos del caso o presentado informes con información falsa. La ley impide al organismo de inteligencia del Estado investigar o seguir a personas por sus creencias, ideología o pertenencia partidaria. La gestión macrista en la AFI alegó que sí contaba con una orden del juez federal Federico Villena para realizar la tarea ahora bajo sospecha. “Si la AFI realizó tareas en el Instituto Patria o el domicilio de la ex presidenta, excedió el objeto del mandato judicial”, respondieron en el juzgado a CNN.
Christian Cooper, el hombre negro en incidente viral con mujer blanca, no quiere participar en proceso penal, reporta The New York Times
“Por un lado, ella ya ha pagado un precio alto”, dijo Cooper en un comunicado, citado por el periódico. Se emitido una orden de comparecencia en su contra y la lectura de cargos está programada para el 14 de octubre. Christian Cooper expresó su indecisión personal con el proceso judicial en su declaración a The New York Times. “Con base en 60 segundos de video malinterpretado, ella perdió su trabajo, su hogar y su reputación”, ańadió el defensor. żPor las palabras dichas en una interacción de sesenta segundos en la que incluso la presunta víctima califica esta reacción como excesiva?
Teens discover bodies in bags while filming TikTok videos in Seattle
(CNN) Seattle authorities have identified the remains of two people who were discovered by teens shooting TikTok videos last month. About a week later, the teens found the bodies stuffed in bags on a beach in west Seattle and immediately called 911 -- then posted the video the next day, CNN affiliate KIRO reported. Authorities responded to the scene after receiving the call of a suspicious bag on the beach. A second bag was located in the water, the Seattle Police Department said in a statement. Seattle Police Detective Mark Jamieson confirmed that the TikTok video wasn't posted until the next day.
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Coronavirus outbreak empties Mississippi capitol
Rachel Maddow reports on an outbreak of positive cases of coronavirus in the Mississippi state capitol where 26 legislators have tested positive, interrupting state business.
As Oklahoma struggles with coronavirus, Trump rally didn't help
Rachel Maddow shares the assessment by the Tulsa, Oklahoma health department director that Donald Trump's political rally 'likely contributed' to a surge in positive coronavirus cases.
Desperate measures in Arizona as COVID-19 overwhelms hospitals
Dr. Theresa Cullen, public health director for Pima County, Arizona, talks with Rachel Maddow about the shocking rate of increase in new cases in her county and the mitigation measures being taken given limited options and scarce hospital bed space.
Withdrawal of U.S. From WHO Strikes a Devastating Blow to Global Health
“This decision will have negative impacts on efforts to control the pandemic in countries all around the world, and also for the other essential health care programs that WHO supports. “Only if the international community works together can we bring this virus under control and ensure that everyone can access adequate health care. We call on other countries to step up and ensure that the global effort to respond to the pandemic and other health crises remains well funded. BackgroundThe WHO is the primary international body with a mandate to support global public health. Under President Trump, the USA has withdrawn from the UN Human Rights Council, the UN cultural agency (UNESCO) and the global accord to tackle climate change.
NARAL Pro-Choice America Responds to Supreme Court’s Reckless Decision to Green Light Trump’s Attacks on Birth Control Access
NARAL Pro-Choice America President Ilyse Hogue said:“The Supreme Court’s decision to allow the Trump administration to put control over people’s birth control in the hands of the whims of their bosses and employers is deplorable. It’s clear that our reproductive freedom is in immediate peril. Leading voices in the anti-choice movement oppose birth control and have repeatedly pushed disinformation about it in order to restrict access to it, even though the public overwhelmingly supports access to contraception. Most voters (75%) consider birth control part of preventive care for women and 77% of women voters want to keep the Affordable Care Act (ACA) birth control benefit. These critical voting blocs value reproductive freedom and align with the 77% of Americans who support Roe v. Wade.
Federal Reserve Fails to Disclose Information About Oil and Gas Industry Bailouts
From the start, critics expressed concern that the terms of the lending program could allow financially strapped oil and gas companies to receive bailouts. Those concerns were heightened when news reports revealed that the Fed had made important changes to program’s terms -- changes that directly mirrored the requests coming from industry lobbyists and politicians. In response to those developments, Food & Water Action filed a Freedom of Information Act request on May 4, seeking access to all relevant communications between the Federal Reserve, the White House, oil and gas companies and their affiliated trade organizations. If the lending program was changed in order to benefit specific companies, it could be a violation of the Federal Reserve Act, which forbids structuring programs to benefit a specific company or industry. Today, Food & Water Action filed a complaint against the Federal Reserve in the U.S. District Court for DC, over the agency’s failure to comply with FOIA and produce requested materials in a timely manner.
NYT Acknowledges Coup in Bolivia—While Shirking Blame for Its Supporting Role
The only surprise to readers who are aware of this ugly truth is that this time it took so long. While the coup was unfolding, and when Northern solidarity for Bolivia’s Movement for Socialism government (MAS in Spanish) might have helped avert disaster, the New York Times was whistling a different tune. The vast majorities within all rural areas across the country were also in deep resistance to the coup. The Indigenous and social movement bases resisting the coup were deeply distrusting of Bolivian media, which they immediately deemed as having played a key role in it. One might think this kind of grassroots, pro-democracy mobilization coordinated by working-class people against an authoritarian takeover would be the type of thing the New York Times would applaud.
Sunrise Movement Co-Founder Varshini Prakash Comments on the Biden-Sanders Climate Task Force Final Recommendations
WASHINGTON - In response to the release of the Sanders-Biden Unity Task Force final recommendations, Climate Task Force Member and Sunrise Movement co-founder Varshini Prakash issued the following statement:“In the last two years, young people have transformed the political landscape by calling on our political leaders—and particularly the Democratic Party—to act like they give a damn about our generation. Now our cries for good jobs and a livable future are beginning to be heard, and the power of our generation is beginning to show. We now have a Democratic unity position that begins to reflect what young people have been shouting relentlessly—that the climate crisis is not some far off threat. We’re no longer just setting far off goals for 30 years from now, but ready to take immediate action — and achieve drastic transformation in the next decade. Young people will keep making our voices heard, in the streets and at the ballot box, until we win a Green New Deal.
9th Circuit Upholds Endangered Species Protections for Yellowstone Grizzlies
SAN FRANCISCO - The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals today upheld the Montana District Court’s opinion that reinstated Endangered Species Act protections for the Yellowstone region’s grizzly bear population. Earthjustice, representing the Northern Cheyenne Tribe, Sierra Club, Center for Biological Diversity and National Parks Conservation Association, argued for restoring protections to Yellowstone grizzly bears. The following is a statement from Tim Preso, Earthjustice attorney:“This is a tremendous victory for those who care about Yellowstone and its grizzly bears. The court rightfully rejected the misguided proposal to subject Yellowstone grizzlies to trophy hunting for the first time in 40 years. Fish and Wildlife Service removed the Yellowstone-region grizzly bear population from the federal endangered and threatened species list, even though the area’s grizzly population has suffered high levels of human-caused deaths in recent years.
July 8, 2020 World Leaders Meet to Tackle COVID Debt and Development Crises
WASHINGTON - The G20 and Paris Forum convened a global virtual High-Level Ministerial conference for 39 countries focused on the economic, debt and development impacts of the coronavirus. "G20 Finance Ministers meet next week and will move forward decisions on debt relief and development aid for developing countries." Not all G20 countries are fully participating and the private sector and commercial banks won't commit to join in debt relief measures. We also have the whole category of developing Middle Income Countries who are left out of debt relief plans." "Expanding and increasing debt relief so people can survive the economic and health impacts of the crisis is essential for the developing world."
VP Pence Repeatedly Cites Child Nutrition as a Top Reason for Re-Opening Schools
In response, Joel Berg, CEO of Hunger Free America, a nationwide nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, said:“As a hunger expert, I can confirm that the health of many children is harmed when they miss school meals when schools are closed. SCROLL TO CONTINUE WITH CONTENT Never Miss a Beat. I am glad Vice President Pence is citing the importance of school meals, but troubled that he might be using them as an excuse to override all other public health concerns. Moreover, I must note that the Trump/Pence Administration has consistently sought to decrease the ability of children to obtain school meals and other federally-funded nutrition assistance. It’s the height of child hunger chutzpah for an administration that has worked to take food away from hungry children to say kids should be sent back to potentially dangerous schools just to avoid hunger.
John Prine as Tender Poet: The Best That I Could Do
Getty ImageThree months after the grievous loss of John Prine - songwriter's songwriter, big-hearted good ole boy of wit and grace, beloved best friend to thousands of ardent admirers he'd never met - his home state of Illinois has named him their first Honorary Poet Laureate. “John had great respect for writers of all kinds," she wrote. "He was always just John Prine," wrote Greene, "one of the greatest songwriters who ever lived, forever hiding in plain sight." It was recorded in his living room, where producer Dave Cobb recalls a lively John - "he was really happy, (and) he wasn't finished." Cobb calls the achingly poignant farewell gift "a classic Prine song in the best possible way," and it is - lustrous, true, clear as the waters of Lake Marie.
Supreme Court Ruling Denounced as 'Dangerous and Serious' Attack on Women's Right to Contraceptive Care
Today #SCOTUS gave the Trump administration a green light to attack our birth control coverage. BREAKING: We’re deeply disturbed that SCOTUS has upheld the Trump administration’s exemptions to the ACA’s birth control benefit. All people should be able to get birth control methods that work best for them. This is dangerous and a serious violation on workers’ freedoms, privacy, and healthcare access. "We will do all we can to ensure those who need birth control and other sexual and reproductive healthcare can access it.
'Enough Is Enough': 44 Groups Slam House Democrats for Including Hyde Amendment in Spending Bill
A coalition of 44 reproductive health, justice, and rights groups called out House Democrats for including the decades-old Hyde Amendment, which blocks federal funding for abortion services with limited exceptions, in a fiscal year 2021 appropriations bill that advanced Tuesday evening. "For 43 years, the Hyde Amendment has banned abortion coverage for people enrolled in Medicaid health insurance. Since 1973, there have been various versions of the Hyde Amendment. The congresswoman celebrated pieces of the bill—from support for programs like Early Head Start and Social Security to emergency Covid-19 appropriations—but also addressed the inclusion of the Hyde Amendment. "The Hyde Amendment is a discriminatory policy," DeLauro said.
Environmental Justice Wins, Pipelines Lose
The order marks a major victory for the Standing Rock Sioux and their allies, who have been organizing for years to oppose the pipeline’s construction. The Standing Rock Sioux are concerned that the pipeline will contaminate these water sources. “Today is a historic day for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the many people who have supported us in the fight against the pipeline,” said Mike Faith, Chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. “It took four long years, but today justice has been served at Standing Rock,” said Jan Hasselman, an attorney with Earthjustice who represents the Tribe. The rulings also highlight economic and environmental costs associated with pipelines, exacerbated by the protests, rendering pipelines less and less viable.
In Latest Blow to Fossil Fuel Industry, Appeals Court Sends Colorado Municipalities' Climate Case Back to State Court
Boulder County, San Miguel County, and the City of Boulder sued ExxonMobil and Suncor Energy in 2018 over the corporations' decades of contributing to the climate crisis via fossil fuel extraction. The organization hailed the appeals court decision as a victory, as the case will now be decided within Colorado, where the effects of ExxonMobil and Suncor's actions are readily apparent. This has led to rampant fossil fuel extraction that is connected to more air pollution, increased risk of wildfires and droughts, and reduced snowpack. "That's now three federal appeals courts that have rejected fossil fuel companies' bids to punt climate liability lawsuits to federal courts," tweeted environmental journalist Dana Drugmand. That's now 3 federal appeals courts that have rejected fossil fuel companies' bids to punt #climateliability lawsuits to federal courts.
'Height of Child Hunger Chutzpah': Pence Uses Guise of 'Nutrition' to Claims Schools Must Reopen in Fall
An anti-hunger advocate took issue with Vice President Mike Pence's Wednesday claim that fulfilling children's need for "nutrition" is a primary reason for having students return to schools in fall, calling it "the height of child hunger chutzpah." But, he stressed, the vice president's stated concern for addressing child hunger should be met with suspicion. "I am glad Vice President Pence is citing the importance of school meals, but troubled that he might be using them as an excuse to override all other public health concerns," said Berg. The Trump-Pence administration, he continued, "has consistently sought to decrease the ability of children to obtain school meals and other federally-funded nutrition assistance. It's the height of child hunger chutzpah for an administration that has worked to take food away from hungry children to say kids should be sent back to potentially dangerous schools just to avoid hunger."
In Blow to Trump and Win for Bears, Federal Appeals Court Upholds Endangered Species Protections for Yellowstone Grizzlies
Conservation and tribal groups scored a legal victory Wednesday after a federal appeals court rejected the Trump administration's bid to remove endangered species protections for Yellowstone-region grizzly bears. BREAKING: 9th Circuit upholds district court decision reinstating federal protections for Yellowstone grizzlies, stopping plans for trophy hunts in Wyoming and Idaho. Decision: https://t.co/JzyvLebSQ3 — Earthjustice (@Earthjustice) July 8, 2020The Trump administration in 2017 paved the way for such hunts by announcing the bears would be losing their federal protections, citing increased population numbers. "Grizzlies require continued protection under federal law until the species as a whole is rightfully recovered," Bishop said in a statement. "Misrepresenting the facts to promote killing threatened grizzly bears for fun is disgraceful," said Bishop, adding that he's "glad the judges didn't fall for it."
Civil Rights Groups Say Internal Facebook Audit Confirms Company Business Model 'Relies on Racism and Hate'
"Facebook has what I call an appeasement strategy: Tell us what we need to hear, and Facebook can keep doing whatever they like." According to the Post's reporting Wednesday:Facebook's auditors faulted the social network for making policy decisions that undermine civil rights progress. A new, damning audit of Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg is not enabling free speech, he’s just privileging some of it. "Facebook has an enormous impact on our civil rights—by facilitating hate speech and violence, voter and census disinformation, and algorithmic bias, and by shortchanging diversity and inclusion," the groups said. "The civil rights community remains united in our commitment to pressing Facebook to address outstanding problems and to do so urgently given what is at stake," said the groups.
UPRISING: Police, Prisons & the Pentagon
Americans in prisons and jails — roughly $120 billion a year. Elephant in the Room: Pentagon SpendingIn addition to the police and prisons, the other major source of American militarized spending is, of course, the Pentagon. Another way of looking at the problem is to focus on just how much of the federal budget goes to the Pentagon and other militarized activities, including federal prisons, immigration enforcement, and veterans’ benefits. Almost half of the department’s $750 billion budget goes to them. When it comes to both the police and the Pentagon, the sooner change arrives the better off we’ll all be.
In an Insane World, Madness Looks Moderate & Sanity Looks Radical
By Caitlin JohnstoneCaitlinJohnstone.comThere are no moderate, mainstream centrists in the U.S.-centralized empire. It’s not that moderate, mainstream centrism is an inherently impossible position. People who support the status quo of this empire are called “moderates,” but, just like the so-called moderate rebels of Syria, they are in fact violent extremists. The status quo effect is pervasive in both inconsequential and major decisions. Bearing in mind our natural propensity for the status quo will enable us to recognize the allure of inertia and more effectively overcome it.
'The Public Has a Right to Know': Fed Refuses to Release Documents on Fossil Fuel Industry's Covid-19 Bailouts
"As the climate crisis demands an abrupt shift away from fossil fuels, the federal government should not be creating programs to bail out these polluters." "There is evidence that the Main Street Lending program was altered to assist oil and gas companies that were already becoming insolvent before the pandemic." —Adam Carlesco, Food & Water ActionThe deadline for the Fed to release the documents requested through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) was June 17. On Wednesday, Food & Water Action filed a complaint (pdf) demanding that the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia compel the Fed to "disclose records wrongfully withheld in failing to respond within the statutory deadline." "The Federal Reserve was tasked with creating a massive program to protect workers' livelihoods during an intense economic and public health crisis," said Carlesco.
New Report Finds Economic Benefits of Protecting 30% of Planet's Land and Ocean Outweigh the Costs 5-to-1
The over 100 scientists and economists behind the CFN report found that the economic benefits of protecting 30% of the world's land and ocean outweigh the costs at least 5-to-1. An independent report out today shows the benefits of protecting nature outweigh the costs by at least 5-to-1. Considering multiplier effects, the report says, the final boost to global economic output could be over $1 trillion annually. REPORT LAUNCH: How much will it cost to protect 30% of our planet by 2030 and ensure effective management? As CFN noted Wednesday, the CBD included the 30% protected area goal in its draft 10-year strategy that is expected to be finalized at next year's meeting.
600+ Groups Warn 'Unprecedented' Wave of Corporate Lawsuits Could Imperil Global Fight Against Covid-19
"At a time when government resources are stretched to the limit in responding to the crisis, public money should not be diverted from saving lives, jobs, and livelihoods into paying ISDS awards or legal fees to fight a claim." "But the expansive reach of the ISDS system could open such critical government actions to claims for millions in compensation from foreign investors," the groups wrote. "The numbers of such claims could also be unprecedented and impose massive financial burdens on governments struggling under the burden of devastating health and economic crises." The ISDS system allows foreign investors to take legal action against governments in shadowy tribunals that critics have dubbed "corporate courts." The coalition of civil society organizations behind Tuesday's letter includes prominent international organizations like Doctors Without Borders, Greenpeace, and Oxfam.
Sanders, Khanna Say SCOTUS Ruling on Contraceptives Just One More Reason to Demand Medicare for All
"We must fight Trump's rollback of these rights by passing Medicare for All," said Sanders. Employers shouldn't be able to use their religion to deny birth control coverage under the ACA. The ruling was the latest example for Medicare for All advocates to point to as they decry the dangerous risks inherent in the current for-profit health insurance system. If you're understandably upset with the Supreme Court ruling that employers with religious objections can be exempt from the ACA's birth control mandate, you should support Medicare-for-all. If employers and insurance companies weren't involved in birth control or healthcare at all," tweeted Holly Stallcup, executive director of Rise, a faith-based women's organization in Texas.
Biden Defends Undying Allegiance to For-Profit Healthcare During Interview With Dying Medicare for All Advocate Ady Barkan
"Health care guaranteed as a human right, but taking away the right to have a private plan if you want a private plan, I disagree with." Will America ever have a single payer system where health care is guaranteed as a human right?" "Health care guaranteed as a human right," Biden responds, "but taking away the right to have a private plan if you want a private plan, I disagree with." But I know that we will win our struggle to guarantee health care as a human right someday very soon. And I have a great private insurance plan."
The Right-Wing Myth of the Left-Wing Mob ? Current Affairs
Donald Trump’s Independence Day speech at Mount Rushmore was a call to arms to take on the evil mob destroying our beloved country’s values. The statement itself is framed as a vague and unobjectionable endorsement of free speech, and several signatories had evidently assumed that’s what they were endorsing. Fredrik deBoer even argues that anyone who objects to the letter must be objecting to free speech itself, because all the letter is is a statement that free speech is good. It is frustrating when people who are not right-wing lunatics echo the language used by Donald Trump about the left. Having liberals and leftists endorse the right-wing myth about Totalitarian Leftist Mobs feeds into Trump’s culture war reelection strategy.
Robert Redford endorses Joe Biden. "Fierce compassion", "won't rest while people are struggling."
Robert Redford, shown in this 2019 photo, has endorsed Biden for president of the United States. I think, given what we know about Redford, it isn’t unusual that Redford would pick Biden over Trump. Then he draws a sharp contrast to Trump:But one thing is clear: Instead of a moral compass in the Oval Office, there's a moral vacuum. Trump, Redford states, has “no conscience or shame”. Redford puts Biden synonymous with “unity and empathy”, and also with “experience and intelligence.”And I believe Biden was made for this moment.
Tucker Carlson, Senator Duckworth and how far we've fallen
Last night, FOX news commentator Tucker Carlson criticized Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth (D). In response to her saying we should have a “national dialogue” about statues of George Washington, Carlson called her patriotism into question. Carlson refused, and last night called her a “coward” and a “fraud.” He continued to impugn her patriotism. For those who did not know, Sen. Duckworth was a Blackhawk pilot with the Illinois Army National Guard in Iraq. That Carlson can come on national television and say that a wounded warrior, double amputee lacks courage and patriotism- I feel like we’ve hit bottom, but I guess we’ve further to dig.
Lt. Col. Vindman announces he's retiring in wake of 'retaliation' and 'bullying'
This is what happens to patriots in Donald J. Trump’s America. “Through a campaign of bullying, intimidation, and retaliation, the president of the United States attempted to force LTC Vindman to choose: Between adhering to the law or pleasing a President. He’s endured far more grief than he should have after doing his duty and telling the truth about our criminal president. But this is how Donald Trump works. Dear F*cking Lunatic: 101 Obscenely Rude Letters to Donald Trump and its boffo sequels Dear Pr*sident A**clown: 101 More Rude Letters to Donald Trump and Dear F*cking Moron: 101 More Letters to Donald Trump by Aldous J. Pennyfarthing are now available for a song!
Emma Sanders (1928-2020) Was a Civil Rights Activist
Emma Sanders, a long time political activist died at the age of 91 on June 24th. In 1966, she ran for Congress and successfully sued the state to allow Black candidates on the Mississippi ballot. Emma Sanders was an inspiration to many and like many mothers insisted that the young people in her family registered and voted. I hope that we honor those who, like Emma Sanders, fought for equality by continuing the good fight. It is a reminder that although we may not recognize their names, we all stand on the shoulders of giants.
Daily Bucket: Another milestone set as California condors return to Sequoia NP
Not this condor in the photoAs humans emerged from lockdown blinking into the sunlight, California condors inspected an area of the Sierra Nevada Mountains once part of their historic range. In late May, at least six condors were spotted in Sequoia National Park for the first time in at least thirty years. Condors were regularly seen in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks until the late 1970s when sightings became rare as the population declined. Before their near extinction, the birds were known to nest in the cavities of giant sequoias throughout the Sierra Nevada. Condors have also returned to California’s Central Coast, including Pinnacles National Park, as well as Arizona, Utah and Baja California.
#Cult45 choir sings off-tune: Devos attacks Fairfax County Schools (FCPS) School Reopening Plans
Also, Secretary of (lack of) Education Betsy Devos is lending her voice to the ignore-the-pandemic-risks-and-open-the-schools choir. DeVos slammed plans by Virginia's Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) to have families decide between fully remote instruction or two days a week at school. for public students' health and public school systems. also of actually running schools - or with the extremely difficult challenges that school systems are facing around the country. — Tom Sherwood (@tomsherwood) July 8, 2020Unfortunately, Betsy DeVos' criticisms and Donald Trump's ignorant exhortations aren't making this process work any better.
I'll sign on to Trump's Back-to-School directive -- on two conditions.
Getty images, June 16 from NYC PS 124Once again, POTUS has issued a new “noble” sounding directive, amidst an out of control pandemic, but let’s make it simple: I’ll support it, Mr. President on these conditions:1. Not to mention from the “few” kids who may sicken or die from un-diagnosed underlying conditions. US population 330 million, daily cases: around 50,000 or more now. Canada’s population is about 38 million, daily cases around 300-400. Even at a higher average, of say 500 per day: That translates to US daily number of about 4500 (less than a tenth of our current daily tally.)
Health Care Activist, Ady Barkan, Officially Endorses Joe Biden For President
Mr. Biden, who opposes Medicare for all and was one of the more centrist candidates in the primary contest, declined to sit down with Mr. Barkan then, the activist said publicly at the time. The conversation was the latest and final installment in Mr. Barkan’s series of interviews with candidates created through Be a Hero, the political action committee associated with Mr. Barkan. “I think that the vice president and his staff understand the need to unify the party, and I think that is why they agreed to the conversation,” Mr. Barkan emailed. “The conversation reinforced my pre-existing understanding of Joe Biden. “And yet despite the literal and figurative distances between us, I know that the vice president heard what I was saying.
PWB Wednesday Woozles
Not-Elizabeth, being the sucker that she is, is right now, as I write, giving the woozles a ride. He was indeed fond of BBQ, but that wasn't the reason behind these purchases of raw meat. When the woman had explained that they were fed a raw diet he'd had to ask for details. More than one corner of his mind was beginning to have doubts about the raw diet. There was a distinct absence of raw meat, just a bowl of unfamiliar kibble, and on top of it were clumps of something extremely smelly.
Trump campaign considers displaying statues at future rallies...
x JUST IN: Trump campaign considers displaying statues at future rallies. The idea has been discussed by White House and Trump campaign aides, but no final decision has been made, sources familiar with the planning told @ABC News. https://t.co/VHtciD0ybH âÂ?Â? ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) July 8, 2020A potential new addition to President Trump’s future rallies: statues. The idea has been discussed by White House and Trump campaign aides, but no final decision has been made, sources familiar with the planning told ABC News. In an email to supports on Monday night, President Trump asked who should go in the "garden" and where it "should be built."
Why I think Kanye West is running for President
As a result, President Obama rightfully called him a jackass and Kanye watched his access to the White House disappear. They also had quite a bit of access to the White House and President Obama. So she marches herself up the White House and decides she is going to be savior to wrongfully convicted prisoners. Kanye and Kim get White House access and the press they so desire and Trump gets a famous black supporter to use as his “black friend”. So Kanye decides, due to extreme narcissism, bad advice and mismanagement of his bipolar disease, that running for President is a GREAT IDEA.
City Agriculture
Urban Agriculture and Climate Change: “The New Normal”Thursday, July 9 (through August 20)OnlineRSVP at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/urban-agriculture-and-climate-change-the-new-normal-tickets-110206065308Join Instructor Mason Trappio to gain an understanding of how climate change affects the urban farmer and the growth of new crops. Anyone can participateRegistration Information: TBACourse Instructor: Mason TrappioFor further information about the course, please contact course instructor Mason Trappio directly at mason.trappio@gmail.com, or Director of the Center for Urban Agriculture and Gardening Education, Che Axum, directly at mchezaji.axum@udc.edu. Poll 15 votes Show Results More city agriculture? More city agriculture? yes 15 votes no 0% 0 votes not yes 0% 0 votes not no 0% 0 votes neither yes nor no 0% 0 votes both yes and no 0% 0 votes don't understand the question?
Is The Lincoln Project Really Our Friend?
The Lincoln Project has been getting a lot of attention here lately! Their website header states that “The Lincoln Project is holding accountable those who would violate their oaths to the Constitution and would put others before Americans.” Sounds great, right? Just who is in this Lincoln Project (LP from here on out)? In a report last month, the Center for Responsive Politics, a campaign-finance watchdog group, wrote that the Lincoln Project is engaging in practices similar to those of pro-Trump PACs. The Lincoln Project reported spending nearly $1.4 million through March.
Beto O'Rourke Launches Another Virtual Phone Bank On July 16th To Flip The Texas State House Blue
Received this e-mail today from former presidential candidate, Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D. TX), and his organization, Powered by People:At our virtual phone bank on Monday, volunteers made 316,000 phone calls to voters across Texas! Will you be part of the team that’s going to flip the Texas State House and stop Trump forever? RSVP for our next phone bank on July 16th right now. Virtual Voter Contact Phone Bank with BetoThursday, July 167 pm - 9 pm CentralRSVPIf you can’t make calls on July 16th, please pitch in to help Powered by People volunteers organize instead. Hope to see you on the phone bank!
AK-Sen: Rep. Eric Swalwell (D. CA) Wants A Doctor In The Senate To Handle The COVID-19 Pandemic
Received this e-mail today from former presidential candidate, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D. CA-15), in support of Dr. Al Gross’ (I. AK) U.S. Senate campaign:When you're sick, you call a doctor. You heard that right -- Dr. Al Gross is tied with Dan Sullivan. This health crisis calls for a doctor, and this crisis of leadership calls for someone like Dr. Al Gross. Dr. Al Gross has dedicated his life and career to keeping Alaskans healthy; he's even provided medical care in the depths of the Alaska wilderness. So I know Dr. Al Gross is ready to take on anything Mitch McConnell and the special interests throw at him.
Nihilism, Depression, and Everclear's "Santa Monica"
The song is “Santa Monica”, by Everclear, which must have come out in the 1990s. To me, nuclear annihilation feels like a reasonable, fitting, even a happy ending for that dumpster fire of a reality. Now, in reality, I don’t think the rest of the world’s population deserves a ginormous fireball of death because Americans are idiots. I think maybe that’s what a lot of people who don’t experience depression don’t understand about it. We could live beside the ocean, leave the fire behind,Swim out past the breakers, and watch the world die.
Wait a minute, people...
The point is hate. Hate doesn’t heal. We need to heal and we need healers, not haters. We need to purge the haters, the ones who manipulate by hate, and those who enable them… especially the hater-in-chief. I specifically said that I don’t excuse anything that was done in the past or continues to be done in the present.
National Republicans book millions to save vulnerable Georgia senator
Until this month, we hadn’t seen any major outside spending from either party in the Perdue-Ossoff race. However, while Democrats haven’t won a Senate race in Georgia since 2000, polls have consistently found a close contest here, and the Team Red’s reservations indicate they’re worried about Perdue. Perdue himself is also going up with his first two TV spots, and he uses one to attack Ossoff. Perdue’s other ad positions the incumbent as a supporter of “police reform” who believes that “defunding the police” is not the answer. Please give $1 to each race in the Daily Kos Senate nominee fund today!
We should call it what it is. Genocide.
The question I will ask is why are Dems and the media not daily pounding the airwaves calling the COVID-19 deaths an act of GENOCIDE against American citizens. Doesn’t change the fact it is still genocide- deliberate lack of plan at the Federal level to combat a pandemic and instead pile on additional stress and strain on all citizens with threats to withhold funds needed to combat the pandemic. Why are we not shouting GENOCIDE from the rooftops??? Why are we not asking our elected Reps to state this on the record by walking the media through all the ways by which the act of genocide has been committed on racial minorities/POCs in America. Why is this GENOCIDAL act not front and center of the COVID-19 pandemic discussion???
A Point of Choosing
We stand in an intersection full of fear and anger,noisy with conflict and confusion. To stand still is to ride the tornado of chaos. We can choose greed and power,setting our fears loose in a frantic world,or we can choose justice and love,working together to heal the wounded worldand build a future. The choice is ours. The choice is now.
Towards better fundraising emails!
Does anyone else find the endless “surveys” that are just leadins to fundraising emails irritating—perhaps a little insulting to the intellect of those targeted? Let me be clear—I’ll vote for Joe Biden in November even is his running make is my friend Sarah’s goldendoodle. So asking me if I’ll vote for Joe Biden and _____ is pointless. Then whoever is running these emails might get some meaningful information out of the process. These fundraising emails are impossible to reply to directly (except by giving money).
ArtAttack Mini-Gallery #1
So it's in that spirit that I'm posting this mini-gallery. The reason it's called ArtAttack mini-gallery is because that's the name of an app that I developed—single-handedly, I might add—for the Android, years ago. ArtAttack is, in simple terms, just yet another of the many drawing or Paint-style apps that many have developed for Android or Apple or whatever. Some of the images—or I should say at least one of the images (namely, the title image)—presented here have been postprocessed outside of the ArtAttack app. I've also just now verified that that image is the only one in this mini-gallery that was postprocessed.
The paranoia of the President makes him believe that anyone opposing sending their kids, possibly into a diseased Petri dish, is out to get him. Of course, Mr. Trump’s demonstrated self-centered nature makes him ascribe nefarious motives to anyone who disagrees with him. Colonel Alexander Vindman requested early retirement from the Army to escape Mr. Trump’s bullying, because he dared tell the world Mr. Trump conspired with a foreign leader to delegitimize the American election process. Even John Bolton, the conservatives’ conservative asserts that Mr. Trump’s chief concern is not the country but his own political aspirations. As cases rise by the thousands per day and hundreds exponentially die, we still do not have a discernible plan of attack by the self-appointed General [Trump] of World War Covid-19.
Just up on Bloomberg: "Energy Transfer Isn’t Shutting Dakota Access Despite Ruling"
Well, the corrupt department of injustice has finally sent enough signals to American corporations that they don’t give a s$#t about the American legal system that companies are taking it to heart. Thirty minutes ago, the headline above came across Bloomberg here (paywall after a limited number of articles) The quote, which could have come from disBarr, our corporate lapdog UnAttorney General is:“We are not shutting in the line,” Energy Transfer spokeswoman Vicki Granado said in an email. Judge James E. Boasberg “exceeded his authority and does not have the jurisdiction to shut down the pipeline or stop the flow of crude oil.”Yup, Federal judges no longer have authority to stop illegal acts. They are betting the DoJ won’t press charges is my read. Sad day in America.
Helping Humpday at Street Prophets Coffee Hour
Welcome to the weekly edition of Helping HumpdayHelping Humpday is dedicated to Kossacks helping one another. HHday resides at the Street Prophets Coffee Hour, the intersection where politics and religion and faith and history and ethical values and art conveniently meet and sometime collide. Our goal is to publicize the Community Needs List and other fundraisers for needy Kossacks as widely across the site as possible. The folks on the Community Needs List are struggling. Some need help with a one-time emergency.
Little Sisters of the Poor Update to JAX Twitter Fireworks Story
JR, as he is known locally, is a former Sheriff and self-proclaimed strident pro-lifer, so the week before the 4th of July was tough. So he pulled a couple of stunts you can read about here if you have a mind to do so. Today, he seems to think he got a better decision to hang his hat on: Little Sisters of the Poor v. PA, the one about providing birth control to your employees if you really, really don’t believe in providing birth control. https://t.co/DIfntgFoT0 — Rep. John Rutherford (@RepRutherfordFL) July 8, 2020The replies so far mention a number of things: babies in cages, coverage of Viagra, hypocrisy, masks, somewhat oddly. I’ll stick around for the ratio on this one and report back if anything changes.
AZ-Sen: Martha McSally (R), "Women in the military get pregnant to 'skirt' deployment"
She later expanded on the article in a lecture at the Duke University School of Law, which hosts a full video on its website. Here’s the actual quote from McSally’s paper:The Department of Defense should rescind the policy that allows servicewomen to skirt their commitment to the military due to pregnancy. Sadly, I was also not surprised to learn that President Trump and the White House’s National Security Council have done nothing in response. McSally told the Arizona Republic “ I’m just concerned about the leaking here and the politicization of it.” The leaking? Kelly called for a proportional response against Russia, perhaps in the form of economic action or sanctions.
The Dignity of Work – A Salute to the People Who Built America
Gaze into the abyss of trucking, where mega-corps have begun the inevitable slide toward automation by purchasing “smart trucks,” and recruiting barely trained and underpaid drivers fresh out of school to helm them. Because smart trucks were supposed to replace smart drivers. Big S assembly line approach of “smart trucks plus dumb driver” brings down wages and freight costs for everyone. We built their roads, we built their offices and homes; we built the machines they use, and provide the power to run them. And today, I’m asking you to work with me on re-forging America.
Help urgently needed: Texas Runoff Election, West or Hegar
We have to go vote tomorrow. The Austin Chronicle has endorsed Royce West, but I was always going to vote for M. J. Hegar. My whole family is going West: should I change my preference? Poll 59 votes Show Results Should I vote for West or Hegar Hegar West 59 votes Vote Now! Should I vote for West or Hegar Hegar 40 votes West 19 votes
Powerlessness and CoViD-19
Baby grapesI think people who don't wear masks in public feel powerless when they wear a mask. I think it's interesting that wearing a CoViD mask is powerlessness, while wearing a Klan hood can make one feel powerful. I think religion is about powerlessness. It deals a lot with death, which is the ultimate powerlessness. It's like if you don't feel safe with a mask on, then you won't wear one and nobody's safe.
Does Nation-of-Islam's facsist Farrakhan think Hitler would not gas him?
Does Nation-Of-Islam facsist Farrakhan think Hitler would not gas him? Re latest Farrakhan garbage ideology surfaced, which Desean Jackson did good in apologisingJust like in 1930s Sufí Abdul Hamid, al-Husseini Mufti of Palestine's - admirer , termed 'Black Hitler' who called to drive out Italians and Jews, history repeats with Farrakhan, the "whites are devil" 1 , 2 preacher admiring Hitler. About nazi helper French police head Maurice Papon was on trial, Liberal Robert Fisk wrote about the massacre of Arabs he carried out in 1961. After taking advantage and "using up" his useful idiots. All the Farrakhan related hate outbursts will help Trump.
Daily Kos Radio’s KITM podcast (AUDIO): Kagro in the Morning, Wednesday, July 8 2020
Attention, students, parents and teachers wishing to open schools safely, Donald Trump hears you. And, well, safety reminds Donald of condoms, and you know how he feels about that. As for the election, Donald Trump does have a few more enthusiastic supporters... for some reason, but he also has many more enthusiastic haters, for obvious reasons. On their last date, back in March, Donald Trump gave the country of Brazil a super-nasty case of the Rona. Then, one day (the one moment your buddy lines up with the barrel) Bang—the gun and your buddy aren’t your friend anymore.
Is Kanye West running in 2020 as an 'Election Spoiler' like Jill Stein, Ralph Nader, or Ross Perot?
West has already missed the filing deadline in several statesNorth Carolina, which required candidates to register by March 3. Texas, which required candidates to register by May 11. New Mexico, which required candidates to register by June 25. Indiana, which required candidates to register by June 30. Stopping a third party vote split may be more difficult than it appears.
We put a Black Lives Matter flag in our yard. It was called for.
We know we are privileged to live here after living in cities all our lives. Or my many beautiful black students. We ordered a lovely Black Lives Matter flag and stand and it is now flying tastefully in our rock garden in front of our house. And, if you happen to be black, know your life matters to us. We wear small Black Lives Matter pins on our hat and backpack.
We Can Help Put a Stop to Racism
You Can Help Put a Stop to RacismWe have endured centuries of racism by every day people and police. This cannot be undone. Going forward there are three (3) behavioral changes that all people can do to help defeat racism. If these changes are practiced and put into motion, the current generation will be enlightened and the future generations to come will be influenced as well. I don’t want to make this a long read, so for the next 3 days I will post the behavioral changes.
Republican Delusions for 2022
But three things really jumped out at me. Even expecting to lose in 2020, in 2022 "we go back to a semi-normal Republican party" and "probably take back the house in two years, maybe even gains on the state level...."That last one made me laugh. When Trump loses in November (Dog willing), the Republican Party will not get back to "normal." So, why didn't the Democratic Party fragment after its horrific defeat in 2016, as I expect the Republican Party will? Trump resigns, and the Republican Party explodes into a little hate group circular firing squad.
7-2 SCOTUS Decision allows Employers to decide Contraception insurance.
Today the Supreme Court in a 7-2 decision, that employers can veto Birth Control coverage in Employee Provided Insurance. The ruling supported the Trump Administration’s take on the requirements in the ACA for BC Coverage in all plans. NPR: SCOTUS Undercuts Access to Birth Control under ACAI don’t like the direction here considering the entire ACA is under SCOTUS review…. Elections have consequences. So sorry for the women in my life.
Is Donald paying Putin's bounty?
Trump, in a conversation, says to Putin, “You want to be in Afghanistan we got to get out. You know you should pay them until the bodies really start piling up,” Trump says. I think it important to keep in mind that there have been several discussions between Trump and Putin of which there is no known public record. Even that damning charge is strangely consistent with weird Trump acts like retweeting the “White Power” video. The mystery is why is Trump and the GOP have done some really stupid things; things that don’t make good sense.
Q&A: Author Sylvia Harvey’s new book explores how families are affected by mass incarceration
Sylvia Harvey: Because I feel that there has been, obviously, coverage of mass incarceration, my original thinking was I wanted to report on children of incarcerated parents. So the question was, outside of the person that's incarcerated, how does this make its way through the whole family? I really wanted to just illustrate how families as a unit are either surviving or being torn apart as they deal with incarceration. What does it look like now that incarceration is touching a demographic that at one point was probably perceived to be untouchable? What has the response been from him, and other formerly or currently incarcerated people and their families to your book?
Univ. of CA Regents Appoint First Black President of UC System
Dr. Michael Drake was chosen Tuesday to be president of the University of California, the first Black leader in the system's 150-year history. Drake, a seasoned university administrator, replaces Janet Napolitano in overseeing a sprawling, 280,000-student system dealing with issues of accessibility for Blacks and other minorities, along with slashed budgets and upended campus life because of the coronavirus pandemic. ?Napolitano, whose seven years as president end Aug. 1, said Drake's appointment is “one more step in our university’s ongoing effort to ensure that the university reflects the rich diversity of our state. It follows other recent decisions by this board to address issues of inequity and systemic racism in our society.”The first woman to serve as UC president, Napolitano added that: “I recognize the significance of these firsts and while I hope that this kind of leadership diversity at our nation’s universities will soon become commonplace, I am humbled and grateful to have been part of this chapter in UC’s history.”Drake was UC Irvine's chancellor from 2005 to 2014, when the university increased the number of applicants for undergraduate admission by more than 90% and added programs in law, public health, pharmaceutical sciences and nursing sciencewww.sfgate.com/...
Poll: 81% of Canadians want Border to Remain Closed -Trudeau slams Trump's chaotic COVID-19 response
Ambassador Bridge connecting Detroit and Windsor,For Canadians it must be like watching the US morph into Brazil, across their southern border. Poll finds 81% of Canadians say the Canada-U.S. border should remain closed By JANICE DICKSON More than eight in 10 Canadians say the Canada-U.S. border should remain closed to non-essential travellers for the foreseeable future, according to a new Nanos Research survey. The survey suggests that there is strong support across regions and age groups for keeping the border closed. Canada - with a population one-tenth the size of the United States - has so far recorded 8,711 deaths and 106,167 cases and Trudeau said the situation was stabilizing, although some hot spots remained. In contrast, the United States has recorded more than 3 million cases and 131,336 deaths.
Cartoon: More tell-all books about Trump?
paulschicklercartoons.com Like me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter at @pschickler and on Instagram: paulschickler. Want this cartoon or one of my others on a tee shirt, sticker, or more? Check out my swag page: www.redbubble.com/…
Desperate Republicans planning the smear…
I am running for Ohio’s State Senate District 2 and my campaign is really gaining some momentum. Although it might not be surprising, I am even peeling off union support from my opponent, who was installed by the Republicans in a temporary appointment. “After a while, I definitely had the feeling it was a pro-Gavarone call, as opposed to random, bipartisan, neutral polling poll,” she said. The poll initially asked about Trump vs. Biden, name recognition for Rob Portman, and her general voting tendencies. Learn more about my campaign by visiting: www.joelforohio.comOr donate directly to help me return balance to Ohio’s Senate: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/committee-to-elect-joel-o-dorisio-1
Election Trends for the past 7 Presidential Elections
We can also see that 4 out of 7 elections the 3rd party votes were enough to sway the vote. We must do a better job in the local elections. We need to recruit good people to run in local elections other than just big cities. The good thing I take away from this table is that the Democrat's have the votes to win each year. Republicans have used the trick of making ballots complicated in order to make democrats vote wrong.
Trump is Giving the GOP Long-term Shpilkes
In whatever language, it’s what the GOP (Grumpy Obstreperous Party) leadership is feeling these days. And not just about losing the White House, but about losing the House and Senate for the next couple of rounds. In 2018, House races largely correlated with Trump’s approval rating, with even the most popular GOP incumbents unable to run more than a few points ahead of the president. Polls for Senate races this year show the same trend, with Republican incumbents’ totals closely matched with Trump’s. And they can’t escape the Trump albatross because Trump will go after them at whatever cost:Republicans have little control over their fate, given the polarized and nationalized electorate.
effectively forced out.
Trump cannot stand or abide anyone who has an abundance of qualities so alien to his own character and make-up. To be sure, no rational person could ever copy his make-up, but that is for another day and an another story. They see one of their finest attacked, back-stabbed and lied about, by the very commander they swore to obey. Tammy Duckworth, ex- military, new mom, wartime amputee, and on the list of Biden’s VP selection, fought hard, long, and smart . But the power of a malignant president far exceeds a mere junior senator of the minority party.
Tulsa Health Director: Trump Rally was “likely” source of Giant Virus Spike
From the AP:OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — President Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Tulsa that drew thousands of people in late June, along with large protests that accompanied it, “likely contributed” to a dramatic surge in new coronavirus cases, Tulsa City-County Health Department Director Dr. Bruce Dart said Wednesday. Tulsa County reported 261 confirmed new cases on Monday, a one-day record high, and another 206 cases on Tuesday. Although the health department’s policy is to not publicly identify individual settings where people may have contracted the virus, Dart said those large gatherings “more than likely” contributed to the spike. “In the past few days, we’ve seen almost 500 new cases, and we had several large events just over two weeks ago, so I guess we just connect the dots,” Dart said. A spokesman for the Trump campaign didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.
A Renewed Standard of Excellence in Leadership
A current Standard of Excellence in LeadershipA Renewed Standard of Excellence in LeadershipIn addition to the generally accepted characteristics of a good leader, let’s consider the following which I believe are more morally correct characteristics to be added to the list and then to help us to distinguish between a Good Leader and a Bad one the following:In a Good Leader, his or her first concern is, as it always must be, to see to it that the very basic needs of those that follow them are taken care of first and foremost. Those basic needs are:Clean Air (to breathe) Fresh Water (to drink) Pure fresh Food (to eat) Comfortable Shelter (to protect from the elements). These four things are essential to All Human Life on this Planet Earth, without question. In a Bad leader, his or her first concern is always to see to it that the basic needs of themselves and or their Corporate handlers are taken care of first and foremost; the People's needs come last if considered at all! Therefore, if any Leader who attempts to, or actually does cause harm or injury to any of those that follow them, either directly or indirectly by denying them free and unfettered access to any of the “Four Essentials of Life” or if by their participation in the design, implementation, and operation of any such political system or privately held organization that causes the denial of access to any of these Basic Human needs, he or she shall be held accountable by “The People” for their, “Crimes against Human Nature” and shall be brought forth to Justice one and all!
DA BEARS....Grizzlies that is: safe for now, as Trump's criminal cabal loses another court decision
Salmon: it's what's for breakfast, lunch and dinner if you are a Grizzly Bear. He’s also a HUGE environmentalist and has donated a ton of money and time to the Grizzly Bear issue in Yellowstone park. He’s taught his kids that when they hunt or fish they harvest every last BIT of it and only take what they can eat. So he’s going to be pretty pumped that those Yellowstone grizzlies will be protected from ‘trophy hunts’ in the foreseeable future. Nothing sadder and more gutless than ‘canned hunts’ or ‘trophy hunts’.
He is a can short of a six-pack. He is a few fries short of a Happy Meal. He cannot find his ass in the dark with both hands and flashlight. He is insane, mad, nuts, deranged, addled, mentally impaired, non compos mentis, unwell, bonkers, bull-goose looney, apeshit, and batshit. If you have any remaining decency, PLEASE DO NOT GO ALONG WITH THIS.
Indiana cops do little after Black man and witnesses report attack from would-be lynch mob
Additionally, the men yelled “choice slurs” and phrases like “white power,” while one was described as wearing a hat with a Confederate flag. While some racial slurs can be heard in the video, a man who allegedly yelled “get a noose” and threatened to break Booker’s arms was not captured on video, Booker wrote. “We were simply looking forward to a night of enjoying nature’s awesome beauty,” Booker said in the Facebook post. While police from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) were dispatched, no arrests were made, the Indianapolis Star reported. Following Booker’s Facebook post, dozens came together in front of the Bloomington courthouse Monday to protest and demand justice.
Joe Biden & Bernie Sanders Unity Task Force Release 110 Page Progressive Policy Recommendations
The task force recommendations don’t include the kind of wide-scale systemic upheaval that won Sanders such a fervent following in his two presidential campaigns — while also provoking an outcry from moderate Democrats and Republicans alike. Joe Biden’s presidential campaign on Wednesday rolled out the policy recommendations reached by its joint task forces with supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders ahead of the Democratic National Convention, which is slated for next month. The task force also began writing the outline of an executive order to set goals on ending unequal health outcomes in Black, brown and Native communities. Sanders’ camp attempted to prioritize a federal jobs guarantee during task force negotiations, according to labor leader Sara Nelson, president of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, who was tapped to co-lead the economy task force. “The campaign accepted these recommendations, which I think is a huge achievement,” said Representative Pramila Jayapal of Washington, a co-chair of the health care task force.
Evening Shade: Enough is Enough
Those who support tRump and call themselves “born again Christians” should really own up to their moral decay — they should call themselves “burn again Christians.”Bonus ShadeWhy does tRump have so many full-time polyp inspectors? tRump is like an ancient rat trap. There is no man less deserving of all the praise he heaps on himself than Donald J tRump. Donald tRump is the offal. If you spread the word about Evening Shade and your spreadee announces themselves in the comments, you will become eligible to receive your very, very special noprize of a meme of your very own.
WOW! Trump Cheated on His SATs, Then Demanded Obama's College Transcripts
Compounding his "birther" conspiracy allegations, Trump mounted a campaign to pressure Obama into releasing his college transcripts. Let him show his records.”Sure, Trump was looking into it just like he had people in Hawaii looking into Obama's birth certificate. Isn't it time that Obama release his college records and applications? Trump Offers To Donate $5 Million To Charity If Obama Releases College TranscriptsAttention all hackers: You are hacking everything else so please hack Obama's college records (destroyed?) Trump's interest in Obama's college records provides an ironic twist to his own reluctance to reveal anything about himself.
What percentage of the white vote do you think is most likely to be the toilet rock bottom?
I feel it will be between 45-50% support. It is going to be so telling who really wants the system to be about rich white heteronatured macho male/female double standard social norm authoritative “always right” privilege, corrupt complicated cruel unfair “it has to be intentionally this way. It always been the right way because it was a normal part of everyday life growing up. If something is normal, then that means normal is always right.” hidden curriculum privilege, and “if you are suffering, you asked for it/intentionally plotting to wanting the worst.”
Let's Win OHIO! (Volunteers Needed!)
A Democratic vote of 3.2 million would be a little over 53% of that. We also won more in Republican strongholds... � Simon Dallas�� (@Simon_D_Dallas) February 8, 2020x The suburbs and metro areas are swinging blue at an ALARMING rate. Registering voters all over the state... � Simon Dallas�� (@Simon_D_Dallas) February 8, 2020x 8/ Engaging 1st time voters and Re-engaging past voters in urban, suburban, and rural communities. � Simon Dallas�� (@Simon_D_Dallas) February 8, 2020We can DO this. Here are ALL of the state Democratic parties!
Bookflurries-Bookchat: Older Books
Welcome to bookchat where you can talk about anything...books, plays, essays, and audio books. You don’t have to be reading a book to come in, sit down, and chat with us. I mentioned the other day that I was spending some time at the Gutenberg Project with varying results. Somerville (178)………They, also, have a list of the greatest books which is interesting: Austen, Dickens, Cather, Poe, Hawthorne, Melville, Conrad, Chekhov, Dumas to mention just a few. http://www.gutenberg.org/files/38108/38108-h/38108-h.htmIn Mr. Knox's Countryhttp://www.gutenberg.org/files/38062/38062-h/38062-h.htmHave you tried any stories at the Project?
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In regards to music, could non-African Americans be defined as cultural appropriators if they sing songs originally done by black singers and songwriters? Are non-African Americans thieves if they sing songs originally sung and written by black folks? Some would say yes, or would they be called preserves of black music? Those who sing in the doo-wop street corner style, are mostly non-African Americans and those who attend and promote the music are non-blacks. If we do not, our music, business or anything we believe in will be in great danger.
To school? Or not to school?
The multiple choice of schoolMy view of back to school is as varied as the number of my children and grandchildren. Here is what my middle son sent me two days ago:“March 13th was our last day of school. When we walked out of the school that day there were only 42 confirmed cases in the entire state. School is starting with 100% face to face instruction in 27 days. I know we must somehow get kids back in school.
16 people test positive for COVID-19 after attending N.C. high school graduation
WSOCTV.com News StaffUNION COUNTY, N.C. — Union County has announced it is holding in-person, traditional graduation ceremonies with social distancing measures in place. Sheriff Eddie Cathey stated, “Members of the Union County School Board are duly elected officials by the citizens of Union County. Officials have identified 16 people who tested positive for COVID-19 who all attended the Marvin Ridge High School graduation. (asymptomatic cases or delayed symptoms, later confirmed positives)Keep in mind, 11 other UCPS highschools also held in person graduation ceremonies. — Chandler Morgan (@Chandler_TV) July 8, 2020If anything happens to any of these kids, the Union County School Board and Sheriff have blood on their hands.
Kitchen Table Kibitzing 7
Matzoh balls and gefilte fishIn an earlier KTK the subject of fish sauce came up. I recently finally finished a bottle of fish sauce that I’ve had in my refrigerator for at least 20 years. It sat so long that a ginormous salt crystal precipitated out of the liquid. Kitchen Table ChemistryI’m not sure what to do with it. Anyway, that’s all I got today.
Summer Sammiches & Sandwiches: Woozle Wednesday at PWB Peeps
Hello Peeps, welcome to our little corner of Woozleville. Don’t worry, pootie lovers, the kitties insist on making an appearance even though it is supposed to be their day off. Other critters like birdeez, farm animals, and sometimes wild creatures, will also make appearances from time to time. Summertime In WoozlevilleYes, the heat is on in Woozleville. The doggies are particularly fond of sandwiches any time of year.
Top Comments: Plans for My University to Open
While any lecture course could be delivered on-line, the university is sung ho on face-to-face course delivery, because that’s what students want. We are wrestling with the university administration to make sure that our building HVAC brings in fresh air from outside other than recirculate the building air, which may be laden with virus. The university administration is balking at allowing faculty who are at increased risk for bad COVID outcomes, or who have family members who have such increased risk, to deliver their lectures on-line. Indeed, it feels like it’s about to fly apart, like the one at the end of Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train. x YouTube VideoOkay, on to the comments below the fold, after this message from our sponsor:
The Truth About Trump, Barr's Fraudulent Claims About Absentee Ballot Fraud: 'BradCast' 7
In this case, "worse" means far more deadly and "better" means an election this fall that somewhat accurately reflects the intent of the electorate. Many GOP voters new believe that vote-by-mail ballots are all fraudulent, which could end up costing the GOP dearly this year. Perez explains (and here's a shorter Twitter version of his explanation) why such claims are largely nonsense, even if there are, in fact, some concerns about fraud in absentee voting -- just not the ones that Trump and Barr are mostly trumpeting. We need to pay attention to educating voters about what it's going to take to ensure that their ballot is accepted and counted." But, other than that, on the need for transparent oversight to build confidence among the electorate, he is spot on.
What is your favorite pizza topping combo?
Tastes change ...what used to be my top choice no longer is. All during high school and college I loved a pineapple and anchovie pizza. Plus it was great seeing people's faces when I ordered the pizza. I now go for a black and green olive pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms. What pizza topping combo is your favorite?
Cartoons, Cartoons, Cartoons: See them on Engaging Peace!
Our cartoon team at Engaging Peace—Joe Kandra (artist), Kathie Malley-Morrison, and Pat Daniel—have been spinning out some great cartoons. They’re available on Joe Kandra’s DK page. We’re working for peace and social justice, which means big changes are needed in DC. Help us fight the good cause—check out the cartoons on J Kandra’s DK page and please recommend them. Here’s the latest!
How Trump just invalidated his case against the WHO
If they are guilty of understating the pandemic, now POTUS himself is. Trump aims to withdraw from the WHO, why? You’ve had three months to experience how viral this virus is, your country’s infection rate is exploding,and what are you doing? In February, it was the WHO’s fault for not saying it was bad enough. And now in July, it’s Biden’s and the Democrats’ fault for saying “be careful, it’ll still be bad.” And your response to both: relax, it’ll go away.
Bruce Boise, Big Pharma whistleblower tells his story about fighting a major opioid pushing corp.
Bruce Boise paid the price for being a big Pharma whistleblower. Whistleblower Bruce Boise spills the beansWatch the full episode here. Who is Bruce Boise? Bruce Boise worked for nearly 24 years in the pharmaceutical industry, first as a hospital representative, and then as a sales manager in the Great Lakes region. Cephalon settled the case many years later with the United States for $425 million in fines and damages.
Late Night Insomniacs' Vent Hole
SPOILER WARNING: A late night gathering for non serious palaver that does not speak of that night’s show. This Vent Hole (hereafter known as IVH), if lost or stolen will not be replaced nor will the purchase price be refunded. Violation of IVH Rules will result in expulsion without a refund. A copy of IVH Rules can be obtained from one or more members wearing tie dyed oxford shirts after submitting a written request. Some Stuff From The Shows:x YouTube Videox YouTube Videox YouTube VideoWOW!
Band formerly known as "Lady Antebellum" has filed $10 million lawsuit against Lady A
The country-pop group formerly known as “Lady Antebellum” has sued Seattle blues singer Lady A (real name Anita White) for 10 million dollars. The country-pop group demanded $10 million for the rights of the name, arguing that the name “Lady A” has been trademarked by the band since 2010. Lady A is my brand, I’ve used it for over 20 years, and I’m proud of what I’ve done,” she said. The band did try to respond by practically saying they are extorted and that they have the right to the name. They attempted to collaborate with Lady A, and were dismayed that the singer demanded $10 million.
If it is good enough for my kids, is it good enough for his?
x I disagree with @CDCgov on their very tough & expensive guidelines for opening schools. He makes it clear — it’s too expensive to keep kids and school staff safe. It is not really surprising that our kids are not worth couch change to this “man.” It is not clear that his children are even worth that to him. But would Melania agree to have Barron go to public schools with the reopening plans he feels are cost-effective enough? Would Ivanka be cool with hers going to these same public schools that are “good enough” for my children?
Overnight News Digest July 8, 2020
In fact, it’s more important than ever.” Pritzker is not the only governor to call for a national mask mandate. The data is cumulative since the start of the pandemic, though the state's ramped-up contact tracing didn't start until mid-May. IndyStar: Holcomb: Video of alleged racist assault at Lake Monroe 'beyond disturbing' by Elizabeth DePompei and Vic RyckaertIndiana Gov. He’s the former Ohio State University president and UC Irvine chancellor, a distinguished professor, a medical doctor, a Stanford University graduate. The prime minister left May 2 for medical treatment in France despite the closure of borders due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Pandemic Observations -- July 8, Top 40+ Nations:
Clovid-19Today the world passed the 12 million case milestone in the Covid-19 pandemic, and the future is looking ever darker at this point in many parts of the globe:In Latin America, which continues to dominate the weekly per capita death lists, and occupies not just the top 6 slots, but 10 of the top 13;In the USA, which is closing in on 400,000 new cases per week now;In India, which will soon become the third member of the million case club and secure its position as part of the Big Three (along with Brazil and the USA) for the foreseeable future;In Africa, where South Africa, Nigeria, and Ghana are just the tip of a dangerous new phase of the pandemic;In Central Asia, where Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are just the vanguard for this emerging region;And even in places like Serbia and Israel that had apparently beaten back the first phase of the pandemic successfully, only to fall victim to complacency and what could be an even worse resurgence of the coronavirus. But perhaps the worst takeaway from today’s grim news is the realization that the time interval between these milestones continues to shrink — after the 1st million cases back on April 2, it took 13 days to reach the 2nd, 12 days each to reach the 3rd and 4th, 11 days to reach the 5th, 9 days to reach the 6th and 7th, 7 days to reach the 8th and 9th, 6 days to reach the 10th and 11th, and just 5 days to reach the 12th. Update on Swedish data — the problems with near constant revision of both their fatality and new case data over the past two weeks continue to multiply, so the weekly stats I’ve been compiling since March may no longer be reliable. Hopefully the accumulated totals are still being updated reliably, but I have yet to hear back from either Worldometers or the Swedish CDC regarding my request for clarification. Top 40+ Nations: July 2-8 New Deaths 7-Day D/1M 7-Day Deaths Weekly Changes Changes fr Max New Cases 7-Day C/1M 7-Day Cases Weekly Change Change fr Max Tests %Pos World Chile Panama Peru
GA-Sen B: Warnock (D) Slams Loeffler (R) For Being On The Wrong Side Of History On WNBA BLM Movement
Black Lives Matter seems to affirm the humanity of all citizens to uplift the American creed of equal protection under the law.”“And I'm not going to let a political movement tear our country apart,” Loeffler said. “The folks at the WNBA, NASCAR, NBA and NFL are all trying to find themselves on the right side of history. Raphael Warnock said of current Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler's statements denouncing the WNBA's plan to honor Black Lives Matter during the upcoming season. A Democratic candidate for one of Georgia's U.S. Senate seats is weighing in on his opponent's stance on the Black Lives Matter movement - saying the issue is about more than just politics. Loeffler has been slammed for her racist dog whistling and there have been calls to remove her as owner of the Atlanta Dream.
Sad Development For Editorial Writer Who Pleaded With AZ To Take Corona Seriously
This delay is shameful and it will not only cost us our livelihoods, but it will cost us precious lives too. I am not going to pretend to understand the mental health issues that cause such a erratic shift, but I doubt those issues just occurred upon entering Target. In fact, a writer in the comments section of the editorial seemed to be conducting an unrelated feud with her even back in March. It reminds me of how little we know of people, good and bad, through the novelty lens of social media. It also reminds me that individuals with significant mental health issues can produce positive contributions to the world, even if they get overshadowed by the sensationally awful.
Nuts need numb-naming as Trump Tulsa rally is likely source of COVID-19 surge
So much complicity so little time left, the GOP seems ready to lose the Senate because they back-ended the wrong horse. Oklahoma, Arizona, South Dakota, and this weekend the Trump typhoid-tour goes to Hew Hampshire. x The city of Tulsa is experiencing a surge in coronavirus cases, a little over 2 weeks after President Donald Trump held a campaign rally in an indoor arena there.#TrumpLiesAmericansDie#TrumpIsANationalDisgracehttps://t.co/xbSbqc5Lq5 âÂ?Â? Robert Cooper Ă°Â?Â?Â? (@RobertCooper58) July 8, 2020x ICYMI: Modelers used this surge to estimate that 8.7 million Americans could have been infected with the novel coronavirus between March 8 and 28, a period during which fewer than 120,000 new cases were documented. https://t.co/lZeUdmGqgE âÂ?Â? The Scientist (@TheScientistLLC) July 8, 2020x Sweden Has Become the WorldâÂ?Â?s Cautionary TaleIts decision to carry on in the face of the pandemic has yielded a surge of deaths without sparing its economy from damage âÂ?Â? a red flag as the United States and Britain move to lift lockdowns.https://t.co/22AzTMCqKC âÂ?Â? Kyle Knight (@knightktm) July 8, 2020x Weeks after President Trump demanded that houses of worship in the U.S. be allowed to reopen, new outbreaks of the coronavirus are surging through churches across the country where services have resumed https://t.co/1lXRnZCZ52 âÂ?Â? NYT Politics (@nytpolitics) July 8, 2020x "President Donald TrumpâÂ?Â?s campaign rally in Tulsa... âÂ?Â?likely contributedâÂ?Âť to a dramatic surge in new coronavirus cases, Tulsa City-County Health Department Director Dr. Bruce Dart said Wednesday." https://t.co/SapFn8B7wa — Judd Legum (@JuddLegum) July 8, 2020x The sheep-like loyalty of Trump supporters is starting to backfirehttps://t.co/9vazIlqVBT âÂ?Â? Raw Story (@RawStory) July 9, 2020
TX-10, 24 & 25: Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D. MA) Helps Push Texas Out Of The Red And Into The Blue
Candace Valenzuela (Texas 24th District) and Mike Siegel (Texas 10th) have primary run-off elections next Tuesday. Julie Oliver (Texas 25th) is already on the ballot for November, and she needs to make investments right now to beat her GOP opponent. Mike Siegel (D. TX-10)Mike Siegel is a civil rights lawyer and a former public school teacher. Julie Oliver (D. TX-25)Julie Oliver grew up poor, and she was homeless and pregnant at 17. If you can, please split a donation today between Candace Valenzuela, Mike Siegel, Julie Oliver, and our re-election campaign.
Today, Unca Donald may get the Money Bin opened-up without the Beagle Boys.
"Huey, Dewey, and Louie are the nephews of Donald Duck and the great-nephews of Scrooge McDuck. Like their uncles, the boys are anthropomorphic white ducks with yellow-orange bills and feet. Scrooge is an elderly Scottish anthropomorphic Pekin duck with a yellow-orange bill, legs, and feet. Cartoon characters without pants might have to drop drawers as SCOTUS finally rules on Trump’s financial records today. — Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) July 8, 2020x Tomorrow we find out if SCOTUS will require that Trump's taxes be turned over to Congress and/or Manhattan DA Cy Vance.
Americans have to understand that the CDC is now compromised and a political tool of Donald Trump
The risk of COVID-19 spread increases in school settings as follows: Lowest Risk: Students and teachers engage in virtual-only classes, activities, and events. More Risk: Small, in-person classes, activities, and events. Small, in-person classes, activities, and events. Highest Risk: Full sized, in-person classes, activities, and events. His willingness—exhibited today-- to reflexively alter the CDC’s course pursuant to the political demands of Donald Trump indicate that the CDC can no longer be fairly considered an independent body.
Lincoln Project thanks Lt. Col. Vindman for his service and patriotism
The Lincoln Project has dropped a new ad in response to the news that Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman has retired from the military as a result of the harassment and retaliation from the Trump administration. CNN reports “Vindman has endured a ‘campaign of bullying, intimidation, and retaliation’ spearheaded by the President following his testimony in the impeachment inquiry last year, according to his attorney, Amb. David Pressman who is a partner at Jenner & Block.”Vindman was removed from his post as the top Ukraine expert on the National Security Council and it appeared that Trump was set on blocking Vindman's upcoming promotion to the rank of colonel. Recognizing Vindman’s true patriotism, the Lincoln Project posted a thank you to Vindman for his your service and your patriotism:
now Laura Ingraham says to prepare for Trump loss
“We have to be prepared for Trump losing,” Ingraham told her dinner companions, according to the source. The dismal polling is one reason why visible cracks in Trump’s Republican firewall are increasing. According to sources, Trump has told people he wants to commute Stone’s sentence before Stone reports to prison on July 14. White House counsel Pat Cipollone is against the move, and even Attorney General Bill Barr is opposed. “Barr has told Trump not to do it, and if he does there will be a mutiny at DOJ,” said a source briefed on the internal debates.
P.S. Senate Republicans: We're coming for you
All the while, the TV screen floods with pictures of these Republican senators loving on Trump. "Every time they had a choice between America and Trump, they chose Trump. Every time they were called to the service of this nation and their sacred oaths, they chose Trump. Far from being hostages, Senate Republicans built the monster who is now devouring the nation in a senseless loss of both blood and treasure. Senate Republicans, we're coming for you.
I'm on my way to winning my election. The campaign is going great. I've got COVID-19.
My opponent just dropped a ton of her own money into the race, (very interesting to say the least). AND, I recently tested positive for COVID-19. I have traced my exposure back to someone that came within my personal space with no mask and tested positive prior to me. As many residents in our community, I am a full-time mom, expecting my second child at the end of August. I work a second job full-time.
Reporter asks press sec: If it's safe to go back to school, why couldn't Manafort stay in prison?
Because he’s the angel of death, Donald Trump is pressuring schools to reopen in the face of the glowing Skeletor skull that is coronavirus. x NOW: My question - If itâÂ?Â?s safe to send kids back to school is it safe to send Manafort back to prison. ok cool, that checks out — Jeff Tiedrich (@itsJeffTiedrich) July 8, 2020x IâÂ?Â?ll send my kids back to school full time when they send Cohen and Manafort back to prison full time. Trump also: "It's not safe for Manafort and Stone to be in prison." Dear F*cking Lunatic: 101 Obscenely Rude Letters to Donald Trump and its boffo sequels Dear Pr*sident A**clown: 101 More Rude Letters to Donald Trump and Dear F*cking Moron: 101 More Letters to Donald Trump by Aldous J. Pennyfarthing are now available for a song!
Lincoln Project slams Republican Senators
In a new ad whose tag line is “Learn. Names.”It goes after McConnell, Graham, Tillis, Gardner, McSally, Cruz, Ernst, Rubio, Collins, Daines, Cotton…. (Yeah, I know, the picture I used lacks the two not running as welll as Daines and Cotton and has the two from Georgia who are). “Every time they chose Trump.”watch it:
Cook Political Report: Trump may be "close to the point of no return"
Some highlights:Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and NE-02, previously tossups, are now “Lean Democratic.”Maine-AL moves from “lean Democratic” to “likely Democratic,” while ME-02 moves from “likely Republican” to “lean Republican.”Georgia moves from “lean Republican” to “toss-up.”The full breakdown is here. With these moves, Biden now has 279 electoral votes in the solid, likely or lean Democratic category, compared to 188 solid, likely or lean Republican votes for Trump. In Cook Political Report’s analysis, Trump would need to sweep all of the toss-ups and then scoop up at least 11 “lean Democratic” votes (presumably NE-02 and either Minnesota or Wisconsin). And according to Cook Political’s Amy Walter, a lot of Republican strategists know it. Republican strategists we’ve spoken with this week think Trump is close to the point of no return.
Trump isn't trying to solve the COVID-19 crisis, because he doesn't want a solution
Even there, Ziemer was theoretically in charge of disaster response, but he was completely sidelined from addressing COVID-19. Its removal slowed the national response, and the dismissal of experts, or assignment to other posts, meant that the U. S. response was slow at every point, and inadequate in every way. But rather than moving to address this still unfolding tragedy, Trump has done everything he can to heap crisis on top of crisis. In the past, Trump’s response to scandal has often been to throw another scandal at it. But now Trump isn’t just dealing with his failings in the bedroom or boardroom, he’s serving up national disasters.
'It sounded like a war': Bystander details hearing Phoenix police shoot, kill her son's friend
"He trying to kill me again," the man could be heard telling officers in the 911 audio. The man repeatedly told officers to shoot him and lifted the gun toward officers. Before Garcia was shot, the witness video showed four officers surrounding his car, with two of them aiming guns at Garcia. A bystander made a final plea of officers not to shoot Garcia before a popping sound could be heard and next Garcia screaming “ah.” Gunshots followed. "There's no bigger shock that comes to a parent that their son or daughter has been fatally shot," Ortega told The Arizona Republic.
Trump doomed red state reopenings, now he plans to doom schools nationwide too
Trump is taking the hammer directly to state officials while overtly sidelining the recommendations of his own Centers for Disease Control. "We're very much going to put pressure on governors and everyone else to open the schools," Trump told reporters Tuesday. An hour later, Trump also tweeted that the current CDC guidelines for reopening schools were "very tough & expensive," complaining that they were "very impractical." Pence also offered that his wife, Karen, was “the best expert” he knew on the topic of schools reopening. Trump is approaching his push to reopen schools exactly as he approached his push to reopen states.
President Hillary Clinton announces that every case of COVID-19 has now been traced to its source
As of Monday, New Zealand had 23 cases of COVID-19, all of them being carefully monitored in isolation. The United States had 1,620,520, and states were waving the white flag on even attempting to conduct contact tracing or case management. Because when the first case appears in the United States, Clinton is ready with thousands of test kits obtained from overseas in advance of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) kits becoming available. With that first case, testing sites are set up and Clinton announces a national effort to distribute tests, provide rules for isolation and quarantine, and ensure prompt results. Could anyone have really held the numbers in the United States this low?
Tulsa sees nearly 500 new infections after Trump's rally; Houston nixes in-person GOP convention
The 500 new Tulsa cases almost certainly do not include others who attended the campaign rally but tested positive only after returning to their home states. In other news, Houston, Texas Mayor Sylvester Turner and city convention center operator Houston First have now informed the Republican Party of Texas that they can pound sand, cancelling the party's in-person Houston convention set for next week. The move came a day after the party itself announced that important Texas Republicans like Gov. Dan Patrick would be giving their speeches remotely, via video, while leaving the 6,000 less important Republican conventioneers to take their chances with the virus. Meanwhile, in Jacksonville, Florida, cases have risen almost tenfold in the last two weeks—but as of right now, the Republican National Convention is still scheduled to go forward.
Team Trump says it's trying to 'replenish' emergency stockpiles, but the details are still dodgy
What we do know: Apparently, the push is to replenish the stockpile to a level that can support a 90-day outbreak. Apparently, that's defined as "the worst 30 days for the whole country" so far, multiplied by three. It will take until October to get there, meaning if multiple states again begin running out of supplies all at once in, say, July, everything goes to hell. There have been no further invocations of the Defense Production Act, for example; the orders to replenish the stockpile are taking place through the usual channels. The efforts to replenish the national stockpile represents an acknowledgement that the pandemic not only isn't over, but is likely to get much worse.
Nearly half the employees at an Arizona ICE detention center have tested positive for COVID-19
WASHINGTON — Nearly half the employees at an Arizona ICE detention center have tested positive for COVID-19, with a guard dying of the disease, and according to two employees and 14 migrants, a shortage of staff has left detainees in their cells without access to showers, laundry and other necessities. We care deeply for our hard-working, dedicated employees and the detainees in our care, and we're committed to their safety. Demonstrators gather near the Eloy Detention Center in Eloy, Ariz., for a vigil for detained immigrants on Nov. 10, 2017. CoreCivic provides increased pay for all staff members who choose to be assigned to other locations, as well as a $500 "Hero Bonus" for all front-line workers. But another employee who spoke to NBC News said staff members have taken the virus home and that some family members have been infected.
ICE isn't publicly listing that nearly half of workers at one facility tested positive for COVID-19
Last month, AZ Mirror’s Laura Gómez reported CoreCivic’s Eloy Detention Center had seen such a massive surge in confirmed COVID-19 cases among detainees that it accounted for nearly half of new positive results among facilities nationally. “On June 11, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement reported 22 positive cases of COVID-19 at the Eloy Detention Center in Pinal County. Four days later, that number jumped 460% to 123 confirmed cases, ICE reported Monday.”Among them has been Marisol Mendoza, who earlier this year pleaded for release amid the pandemic due to her medical condition. “We are exposed on a daily basis … They were not doing the best contract tracing in the facility, and that's why I think the exposure has spread between staff, detainees and family members of staff." This is a man-made crisis, no matter how officials try to spin it, and its endangering everyone inside these facilities.
Masks and other protective equipment 'running low again' as pandemic hospitalizations surge
The Associated Press is now reporting that protective equipment such as masks is "running low again" as cases in hospitals in Arizona, Texas, California, Florida, and most places between escalate in an exponential fashion. The president of National Nurses United told AP that there are "still shortages" of gowns, masks, and other equipment, and nurses are "still being told to reuse them." And the Trump official in charge of procuring those supplies told Congress only last week that a quarter of U.S. states have less than a 30-day supply. Any casual look at the latest charts shows that the pandemic has now escalated far above what officials were counting as a "worst" scenario back in June. And it's looking increasingly unlikely that the Strategic National Stockpile isn't going to be needed, on a large scale, before October.
Coronavirus blows a hole in state and local budgets, and Senate Republicans won't act
Maryland has cut $412 million. Ohio has cut $775 million and expects to spend its entire $2.7 billion rainy day fund. Maryland cut $136 million from higher education, or 8% of its higher education budget. The National Governors Association says states need $500 billion in federal aid, while the U.S. Conference of Mayors says cities need $250 billion. Already, 63% of the 1.5 million state and local government layoffs have been women.
Recession Forces Spending Cuts on States, Cities Hit by Coronavirus
State and local governments from Georgia to California are cutting money for schools, universities and other services as the coronavirus-induced recession wreaks havoc on their finances. Widespread job losses and closed businesses have reduced revenue from sales and income taxes, forcing officials to make agonizing choices in budgets for the new fiscal year, which started July 1 in much of the country. Governments...
Q&A: Patrisse Cullors and Kendrick Sampson on mental health, defending Black life, and Black joy
How did the intersection of your journey and your brother Monte’s journey lead you to become passionate about mental health? This is not something that's relegated to people who suffer from mental health issues. We have a broad spectrum of mental health issues in my family, and me and many loved ones [have gone through] the trial and error process of addressing their mental health and trying to help [each] other. That disparity shows the intersectionality and oppression, and it's a clear indicator that our mental health is criminalized. I need to be a lot better at sleep—that is my weak spot in my physical and mental health.
A Muslim woman ordered a frozen drink at Target Starbucks. The barista wrote ‘ISIS’ on her cup.
As soon as she started telling the Target employee her first name, she said, the barista wrote something on a clear plastic drinking cup. When the Muslim woman received her drink, she found “ISIS” written on the cup. is calling for the firing of the Target Starbucks employee who wrote ISIS on the cup of a Muslim customer. He also pointed out that this isn’t the first report of Islamophobia at Target or Starbucks. According to CAIR-MN’s account, after Aishah walked out of the store, Target provided her a new drink through a friend she was shopping with, along with a $25 gift card.
Starbucks barista accused of writing ‘ISIS’ on Muslim customer’s cup in Minn.
A 19-year-old woman named Aishah and a friend went to grab coffee at a Starbucks located inside a Target in St. Paul, Minnesota. Aishah, who is Muslim, says before she could finish telling the employee behind the counter her name, she saw her write something on the side of the cup and hide it from view.
'I felt belittled': Muslim woman alleges Starbucks barista wrote 'ISIS' on her cup
ISIS is a common acronym used to refer to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, a terrorist organization. Last year, a Philadelphia Starbucks came under fire after a Muslim customer named Aziz reported a barista wrote “ISIS” on his drink cups, and Starbucks called it a “regrettable mistake.”Aishah, a hijab-wearing Black woman, does not feel the term was written by mistake. “The word that was written on the drink is a word that shatters the Muslim reputation all around the world,” Aishah said. We have investigated the matter and believe that it was not a deliberate act but an unfortunate mistake that could have been avoided with more clarification. The national Muslim advocacy organization filed discrimination charges with the U.S. Department of Human Rights Monday on the basis of discrimination.
Trump smashes Obama-era payday lending rule, letting predatory lenders cash in on COVID-19 crisis
How on-brand can the Trump team get? They are again letting payday lenders be as predatory as they want to be, lending to consumers at ridiculous interest rates—sometimes as high as several hundred percent—without verifying that the borrower has the ability to repay the loan. The move was blasted by Sen. Sherrod Brown, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Banking Committee. "Last October we learned that, in exchange for contributions to the Trump campaign, payday lenders were bragging about being able to 'pick up the phone and […] get the president's attention' to fend off regulation. Today, the CFPB gave payday lenders exactly what they paid for by gutting a rule that would have protected American families from predatory loans that trap them in cycles of debt," Brown said.
Remarks by President Trump on the Jobs Numbers Report
It was just put out that the United States economy added almost 5 million jobs in the month of June, shattering all expectations. This news comes on top of May’s extraordinary jobs report, which was revised upwards, by the way, to 2.7 million jobs; it was 2.5. We revised it, and it was revised upward to 2.7 million jobs for a combined total of 7.5 million jobs created in the last two months. In June, we added 2.1 million leisure and hospitality jobs; 740,000 retail jobs; 568,000 education and healthcare jobs; 357,000 service jobs — these are all historic numbers — and 356,000 manufacturing jobs. So, no, I would focus on — the jobs numbers are the most accurate numbers, the trend of 8 million jobs back.
Consumer Bureau Scraps Restrictions on Payday Loans
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Tuesday formally rescinded a plan to impose new limits on payday lending, handing the industry a major victory by killing off tighter rules that it spent years lobbying to overturn. The proposed rules would have been the first significant federal regulations on an industry that makes $30 billion a year in high-interest, short-term loans, often to already struggling borrowers. Those loans can leave borrowers trapped in cycles of debt, incurring fees every few weeks to replenish loans they cannot afford to pay off. The change would have limited how many loans borrowers could take in a row and required lenders to verify that they had the means to pay back their debt. According to the consumer bureau’s estimates, the rules would have saved consumers — and cost lenders — some $7 billion a year in fees.
US: Look Critically at Widespread Use of Solitary Confinement
Human Rights Watch submitted the following written statement to the US Senate Committee on the Judiciary, Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Human Rights. Human Rights Watch is an independent organization dedicated to promoting and protecting human rights around the globe. There is no way, of course, to measure the misery and suffering produced by prolonged solitary confinement. Unfortunately, youth in some juvenile and adult facilities throughout the country are regularly subjected to prolonged solitary confinement. Congress should enact legislation that will require the Bureau of Prisons and all federal agencies that operate or contract for confinement facilities to prohibit:Prolonged solitary confinement;Indefinite solitary confinement; andThe imposition of solitary confinement on youth or persons with serious mental illness2.
Donald Trump rushed to reopen America – now Covid is closing in on him
Donald Trump said Thursday’s jobs report, which showed an uptick in June, proves the US economy is “roaring back”. The surge in cases isn’t because America is doing more tests for the virus, as Trump contends. Trump was so intent on having a good economy by election day that he resisted doing what was necessary to contain the virus. It would be one thing if every other rich nation in the world botched it as badly as has America. By doing nothing to contain the virus, Trump has not only caused tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths but put the US economy into a stall.
Millions of Americans will soon find out just how badly they've been screwed by Trump and the GOP
This was effectively an untested medical experiment on a grand scale, collectively embraced by Republicans, with ordinary Americans as its unwitting subjects. Republican state legislators from Texas to Arizona to Wisconsin, where COVID-19 cases are now shooting through the roof, all rode the reopening bandwagon for months. Not only will the virus take many more lives in the months ahead, but millions of Americans are in danger of becoming destitute. As the true, stunning magnitude of this crisis finally hits home for Americans, the Republican Party will be offering no solutions—because they have none. Helping Americans in a crisis like this is not in their playbook, and they have no point of reference even if they had the inclination to do anything.
Officer Grilled on Manning Suicide Watch Orders
Bradley Manning’s suicide watch orders at a Marine Corps prison in Quantico, Va., in apparent defiance of brig regulations, struggled to defend those calls Thursday during vigorous cross-examination. Chief Warrant Officer-4 James Averhart, the brig OIC, or Officer in Charge, put Manning on suicide risk, or SR, three times, despite the protests of his prison psychologist, Capt. Suicide watch forced Manning to strip naked, put on a rough smock and sleep on a special mattress and a blanket. In one instance, Averhart called for suicide watch shortly after having a private conversation with Manning, who he said had been “disrespectful” to him. During cross-examination, the defense made headway in the argument that Quantico officials would not have changed Manning’s status because of pressure from the chain of command.
Vietnam war deserter arrested 38 years on
Allen Abney, 56, who lives in British Columbia and who is now a Canadian citizen, had frequently crossed into the US without incident. "I don't think he'd been worrying about it, because he'd been in the states hundreds of times since he deserted. Last year, a 65-year-old man from Florida, Jerry Texiero, was arrested for desertion 40 years earlier. But instead of being prosecuted, he was released with an "other than honourable discharge", after being held in jail for five months. Legal observers said the new drive to hunt down Vietnam deserters is designed as a deterrent for soldiers being sent to Iraq.
America’s opinion of China continues to slide
Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, Americans — especially Republicans — have become increasingly likely to view China as an enemy of the United States. Ongoing data also shows China has fallen further out of favor with Americans, but especially among Republicans, of whom a quarter (25%) said China was friendly or an ally in January as phase one of a trade agreement was signed. At that time, 27 percent of Democrats and 18 percent of Independents viewed China as a friend or ally. Tensions have risen significantly between the two economic superpowers and President Donald Trump has ratcheted up tough-on-China rhetoric. YouGov asked Americans if they feel threatened by China as a superpower: nearly half (48%) said no, and roughly two in five (38%) said yes.
AL-01: Kiani Gardner Endorsed By Elizabeth Warren
17 SHARES Share Tweet Whatsapp Pinterest Reddit FlipboardSenator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has endorsed Dr. Kiani Gardner’s candidacy for Alabama’s First Congressional District. The endorsement came on Saturday, June 20, via tweet from Senator Warren:. I'm proud to endorse her. pic.twitter.com/GUz8wsBa6W — Elizabeth Warren (@ewarren) June 20, 2020“[email protected] will bring a data-driven approach to legislation to make our government work for everyone. I’m proud to endorse her.”In response to receiving this endorsement, Dr. Gardner had the following to say:“Senator Warren ran a presidential campaign that was marked by her thoughtful and in-depth policy proposals.
Solitary Confinement: Torture, Pure and Simple
By Gali Katznelson and J. Wesley BoydLet’s call it for what it is: Placing prisoners in solitary confinement is tantamount to torture and it needs to stop. Despite its barbarity, the United States continues to place thousands of people, including individuals with mental illnesses and children, in solitary confinement, sometimes for decades. He reported that 73 percent of people in solitary confinement felt chronically depressed, compared to 48 percent of those in maximum-security settings. Nonetheless, thousands of children continue to be placed in solitary confinement across the U.S. The verdict is clear: Solitary confinement causes such severe psychological damage that it is tantamount to torture.
Nancy Pelosi called Zoom 'a Chinese entity,' but it's an American company with an American CEO
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi speaks with Mad Money's Jim Cramer at the NYSE on Sept. 17th, 2019. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California called Zoom "a Chinese entity" in a television interview, despite the company's roots in Silicon Valley. However, the company took steps to prevent that from happening further, according to an April 3 blog post from Yuan. Zoom saw record usage as coronavirus took hold, and in February the company added servers to handle the surge, including in China. Zoom took the Chinese data centers off the list of secondary backup bridges for users outside China soon after learning about the issue, Yuan wrote.
Bradley Manning’s Description of Abusive Treatment at Quantico
Moore, CWO4 Averhart placed me under Suicide Risk. The Suicide Risk assignment resulted in me being required to remain in my cell for 24 hours a day. …(9) CWO4 Averhart placed me on Suicide Risk, over the recommendation of Capt. The determination to place me on Suicide Risk was without justification and therefore constitutes unlawful pretrial punishment. The guard told me to stand a parade rest, which required me to stand with my hands behind my back and my legs spaced shoulder width apart.
Bradley Manning's treatment was cruel and inhuman, UN torture chief rules
The UN special rapporteur on torture has formally accused the US government of cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment towards Bradley Manning, the US soldier who was held in solitary confinement for almost a year on suspicion of being the WikiLeaks source. Juan Mendez has completed a 14-month investigation into the treatment of Manning since the soldier's arrest at a US military base in May 2010. The findings of cruel and inhuman treatment are published as an addendum to the special rapporteur's report to the UN general assembly on the promotion and protection of human rights. They are likely to reignite criticism of the US government's harsh treatment of Manning ahead of his court martial later this year. He also said that the US government had tried to justify Manning's solitary confinement by calling it "prevention of harm watch".
The World Doesn’t Want a Digital Cold War
The United States is not pleased. One of these is 5G network infrastructure. Since 2000, China has leapfrogged the United States, becoming the dominant exporter to nearly every country in the world. Over the past two decades, the United States has leaned more heavily on coercion than consent in superintending global capitalism. The United States is trying to foment a digital cold war to weaken China and shore up its supremacy.
What are areas A, B, and C of the occupied West Bank?
The occupied West Bank was divided into three areas - A, B and C - as part of the Oslo Accords, signed by the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and Israel in 1993 and 1995. The Jordan Valley is considered the most fertile land in the West Bank and has proven lucrative for Israeli companies that have long exploited the area's land and resources. To understand what a formal annexation would mean, here is a breakdown of the three areas that make up the West Bank:Areas A, B and CToday, Area A constitutes 18 percent of the West Bank. In Area B, which comprises about 21 percent of the West Bank, the PA controls education, health and the economy. Area C is the largest section of the West Bank, comprising about 60 percent of the Palestinian territory.
Israel is forcing out Palestine’s watermelon farmers before it takes their land
The reduction of land available for cultivation represents the suffering of Palestinian farmers under Israeli occupation and the unjust distribution of water in the occupied territories. All the watermelons ripened, but I couldn’t find the boxes to package them in because all the boxes were reserved for the Israeli watermelon which floods the local markethe explains. Israel’s best watermelons are reserved for the Israeli market and not sold in the occupied territories. One day Israel will stop providing the farmers with water to force them to leave, he warns. No protection for Palestinian farmersPalestinian farmers feel they are alone in facing the Israeli occupation, while the Israeli farmers are well protected and supported by the occupation authorities.
UN calls on Israel to remove over 500,000 settlers
The United Nations’ first report on Israel’s settlements policy concluded Thursday that the government’s practice of “creeping annexation” clearly violates the human rights of Palestinians and called for the withdrawal of 500,000 settlers. “The only way to resolve all pending issues between Israel and the Palestinians, including the settlements issue, is through direct negotiations without pre-conditions. “The Human Rights Council has sadly distinguished itself by its systematically one-sided and biased approach towards Israel. The U.N. human rights inquiry said that the International Criminal Court had jurisdiction over the deportation or transfer by the occupying power of its own population into the territory. Article 8 of the ICC statute is in the chapter of war crimes, that is the answer.”(REUTERS)Daily newsletterReceive essential international news every morning Subscribe
Where Does Facebook Stop and the NSA Begin? – Mother Jones
And much like the NSA, no matter how often it’s told to stop using data in ways we didn’t authorize, it just won’t quit. Let’s review: Companies have given the NSA access to the records of every phone call made in the United States. O hai, check out Mark Zuckerberg at this year’s TechCrunch conference: The NSA really “blew it,” he said, by insisting that its spying was mostly directed at foreigners. “Like, oh, wonderful, that’s really going to inspire confidence in American internet companies. I thought that was really bad.” Shorter: What matters is how quickly Facebook can achieve total world domination.
Global reaction to Israel's imminent annexation plans
Israel's annexation of parts of the occupied West Bank has been fiercely criticised by not only Palestinians but by the international community at large. The Israeli annexation was slated for July 1, but Israeli officials said the process would take place later this month in coordination with their American counterparts. United KingdomIn an editorial in Israel's largest selling newspaper on Wednesday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called for any annexation plans to be scrapped. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said the Israeli plan threatened the stability of the entire Middle East. The VaticanThe Vatican has summoned the US and Israeli envoys over Israel's annexation plans.
Israel’s settlement policy is illegal under international law
Israel’s settlement policy in the occupied Palestinian territories is illegal under international law, particularly international humanitarian law, including the Fourth Geneva Convention, and contravenes Security Council resolutions. With almost 650,000 settlers in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, we are near the point of no return. Respect for international law is not negotiable. Together with our European partners, we will continue to monitor the situation closely and to advocate for an order based on international law. It is also the responsibility of the Council to ensure compliance with international law and the parameters agreed by the international community.
China, Arab countries adopt action plan to deepen cooperation
The 9th ministerial meeting of the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum, held via video link on Monday, adopted the Amman Declaration and an action plan for the forum to deepen cooperation and ties between China and Arab states, Xinhua news agency reported Tuesday. The Amman Declaration expressed the desire of China and Arab states to deepen relations and reiterated mutual support on the issues of core interests and major concerns. The China-Arab States Cooperation Forum agreed to foster a new type of international relations featuring mutual respect, fairness, justice, and mutually beneficial cooperation. The Arab countries stressed their support for China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, noting that Taiwan is an inalienable part of China. The Arab countries support China's position on the Hong Kong issue and its efforts to defend the national security within the framework of "one country, two systems", and oppose interference in internal affairs, it added.
Ashkenazi: Annexation? Ask Netanyahu
Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi said an announcement on the proposed annexation of West Bank land was unlikely on Wednesday, referring question about if and when the move is expected to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Follow Ynetnews on Facebook and Twitter"It seems unlikely to me that this will happen today," Ashkenazi told Israel's Army Radio. Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi ( Photo: Amit Shabi )July 1 was the date originally announced by Netanyahu for his planned annexation. The sides have been holding talks for several months on finalizing a map spelling out which areas of the West Bank would be annexed by Israel. I believe that the Trump peace plan is the right political-security framework for the State of Israel," Gantz told the Ynet studio in an interview.
How Israeli Annexation Could Turn the West Bank Into Another Gaza-Style Open Air Prison by MintPress News
MintCast is an interview podcast featuring dissenting voices, independent researchers and journalists the establishment would rather silence. Nonetheless, critics fear that Israel will begin annexing Palestinian land soon. The move is nothing short of territorial conquest and military occupation as defined by the United Nations Charter and the annexation is illegal under International Law. If the plan is not stopped, the West Bank could very well become a sprawling open-air prison and ghetto similar to Gaza. You can join the hundreds of financial sponsors who make this show possible by becoming a member on our Patreon page.
Israeli police, settlers clash in evacuation of illegal outpost
AMONA, West Bank (Reuters) - Israeli paramilitary police dragged dozens of Jewish settlers out of an illegal outpost in the occupied West Bank on Thursday and said more than 20 officers were hurt during violent resistance to the evacuation. Settlers had set up two caravans at the Amona outpost last month, in what they described as a protest against a recent surge in Palestinian attacks in the West Bank. Most countries consider all Israeli settlements on land occupied in the 1967 Middle East war to be illegal. Israel disputes this, and last week Israeli authorities issued approvals for more than 2,000 settler homes in the West Bank. Some 500,000 Israelis live in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, which was also captured by Israel in the 1967 conflict.
The Mask as a Symbol of Subjugation
'We know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection.” -The New England Journal of Medicine, May 21, 2020“(T)hey told us exactly what was coming, and advised us to shut up and follow orders. Tragically, most people have done just that.” -CJ Hopkins, 2020The contagion that must be checked is not viral but political. Take the mask off and breathe free!
91% of Republicans Approve of Trump's Job Performance, While Only 2% of Democrats Do
Congress Switchboard: 202-224-3121"Fascinating, eye-opening, and extraordinary, Rob Kall's Bottom Up: Tapping the Power of the Connection Revolution explores the emerging paradigm of our age -- bottom-up thinking -- connecting an enormous range of disciplines and topics from systems, chaos, and complexity theories to the evolving role of technology in our lives. Not merely a cogent exposition of contemporary thinking, however, Bottom Up extrapolates from abstract ideas to derive practical, everyday steps we can take to improve our chances of global survival, peace, and prosperity. Following Rob's lead, we can change habits as individuals to deepen our connection with others across the planet." Wendell Potter, former health insurance executive, co-author of Nation on the Take: How Big Money Corrupts Our Democracy and What We Can Do About It, and Founder of Tarbell.org
Networks ignoring the most important news about covid-19
The national case fatality rate has fallen dramatically, as I discussed here. CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, and CBS are making a catastrophic error in focusing in every newscast on surging numbers of cases while ignoring the declining numbers of deaths from covid-19. Fox commentators attribute the falling case fatality rate to the shift of the age distribution in new cases to mostly young adults. Probably the most important reason for falling case fatality rates, not affecting hospitalization rates, is improvements in medical treatment for patients who are hospitalized. I am unable to obtain useful information about the falling case fatality rates from professional literature on sites such as pubmed and google scholar.
Duped Progressives, Democrats and Right Wingers
It's also right wingers. I think it's because they've been punked, sock-puppeted and duped by right wingers on conspiracy sites and sites that celebrate the fear of the deep state or anti-vax messaging. I've had at least two people tell me I am accusing them of being right wingers. I am not saying that these progressives have become right wingers. I AM saying that they are being duped to help right wingers.
Is This What This Charter School Was Hiding?
- Anonymous WhistleblowerIn August 2016, the LAUSD School Board threatened to revoke the charter of El Camino Real Charter High School alleging "an inability to determine how public funds are being used and identify specific instances of their use for personal expenses". However, the school has refused to release this report using a dubious claim of attorney-client privilege. According to the documents included in the envelope, the wrongdoing may not have ended with Fehte's $215K golden parachute out of the school. I have, therefore, submitted a Public Records Act request seeking the complete notice along with the school's response. Notice of Concern - Page 1Notice of Concern - Page 2
Is Melville's 18,000-line 1876 centennial poem worth reading today? (REVIEW ESSAY)
Duluth, Minnesota (OpEdNews) July 8, 2020: Herman Melville (1819-1891), whose paternal and maternal grandfathers were heroes of the American Revolution, heroically devoted years of his life in obscurity as a minor customs official in Manhattan to writing his long centennial poem Clarel: A Poem and Pilgrimage in the Holy Land (1876) - an American Protestant jeremiad in the well-established tradition that Sacvan Bercovitch describes in his book The American Jeremiad (University of Wisconsin Press, 1978; 2nd ed., 2012), in which he discusses Melville from time to time (see the index entry for Melville for specific page references). However, without ever adverting explicitly to the American Protestant jeremiad tradition in general, or to Bercovitch's book in particular, William Potter (born in 1955; Ph.D. in English and American Literature, City University of New York, 1998) otherwise extensively reviews pertinent related literature in his 2004 book Melville's Clarel and the Intersympathy of Creeds (Kent State University Press). As Potter explains on page xiii, the expression "the intersympathy of creeds" is taken from Melville's poem Clarel (Part 1, Canto 5, Line 207 - or, for short, 1.5.207). An overview of Potter's book is in order. After the title page and the copyright page, the book includes the following parts:Dramatis Personae [Names of Nine Characters, with Lines from the Poem Describing Each One] (page v)Contents (page vii)Acknowledgments (pages ix-x)Introduction (pages xi-xxii)Chapter 1: Clarel and Nineteenth-Century Comparative Religion (pages 3-9)Chapter 2: Melville as Comparative Religionist (pages 10-19)Chapter 3: Nineteenth-Century Comparative Religion and the Evolutionary Model (pages 20-24)Chapter 4: Manifest Destiny and the "American Religion" (pages 25-37)Next Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6(Note: You can view every article as one long page if you sign up as an Advocate Member, or higher).
Of Monuments and Mankind
First of all, the monuments to Washington and Jefferson (which are now being considered to be taken down) were never erected as glorifications of their moral perfection in the first place. Washington (for goodness sake) has always been referred to as "first among equals" in that regard. He was, in fact, one if the most noble, courageous and honorable men in human history. Slavery was an institution which went back to pre-historical times and is only very recently that we've revised our understanding of it. But, in general, I think we all need to take a deep breath and get a grip...
The Limits of Religious Freedom
There seems to be consensus that the basic freedom of religious belief applies to individuals and private groups.The individual can hold any religious view and can speak out about it in a peaceful assembly, but cannot impose his viewpoint upon others or the government. Incidentally, the decision acknowledged the limitation of the religious right to individual persons, but extended the definition of "individual" to a closely-held family company, and now to company management. Abortion rights, gay rights, transgender rights are continually being challenged in court cases based on the opponent's religious-influenced views. One's religious views are in the private domain according to the constitution and should remain there, except as these religious views may agree with our existing laws based upon democratic principles. If a person refuses to conform to these laws based upon his private religious views, then he is not entitled to conduct his business in the public domain.
Now Is Not the Time to Get Complacent--Trump Could Still Win
Last year, Trump became the third president in history to be impeached. Just these examples alone are enough to see why it's obvious Donald Trump will lose re-election to Joe Biden in the fall. Trump even admitted to Sean Hannity Biden "is going to be president because some people don't love me." Yet, despite Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote by the widest margin of any president in history, Donald Trump now occupies the Oval Office. Next Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4(Note: You can view every article as one long page if you sign up as an Advocate Member, or higher).
Brace Yourself for Trump's Great Recession
So we're needing to close or partly close again, which will prolong the economic downturn and wreak even more havoc on millions of Americans' livelihoods. It never should have been a contest between public health and the economy, anyway. The economy has always depended on getting public health right. So what's Trump's and Mitch McConnell's response to this looming catastrophe? Next Page 1 | 2(Note: You can view every article as one long page if you sign up as an Advocate Member, or higher).
PATRICK LAWRENCE: Embracing the Equality of Nations
From Consortium NewsPresident Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, July 3, 2020, Mount Rushmore National Memorial in Keystone, S.D. President Donald Trump was not wrong, during his Mount Rushmore speech last Friday, to note the frightening illiberality of American liberals. Bitter as our national circumstances are at this moment, let us not miss the larger reality of which they are expressions. Read properly, America's decline is a subset of the decline of the West. The West's superiority over the non-West has been a given in the Atlantic world for half a millennium.
Barbarism Begins at Home
The original meaning of barbaros is rooted in language: an onomatopoeia meaning "unintelligible speech" as people go "bar bar bar" when they talk. Homer does not refer to barbaros, but to barbarophonos ("of unintelligible speech"), as in those who don't speak Greek or speak very badly. The Greeks invented the barbarian concept after the Persian invasions by Darius I and Xerxes I in 490 and 480-479 BC. Barbarism and slavery was a natural match. Greeks thought it was morally uplifting to help friends and repel enemies, and in the latter case Greeks had to enslave them.
Florida Felons Seeking Voting Rights Back Face Court Setback
Chainlink Prison Fence--of bigotry barring U.S. citizens from their most sacred right in democracy(Image by JobsForFelonsHub) Details DMCAI know, I know AP via NYTimes, but sad news for EI advocates. The legislature voted it down, in that fines and other fees owed by this voting group went largely unpaid and therefore they hadn't fully paid their debt to society. A lower court overruled this and most recently an appeals court in Atlanta overruled that humane decision. Florida's electoral votes are key to winning in 2020, says the article. Where does the case go from federal appeals if not to good old SCOTUS, a mixed bag this year.
Four years after the failed coup: Turkey detains 34 suspects
Turkish police on Wednesday (July 8) detained at least 34 suspects over their alleged links to a network believed to be behind a coup attempt in 2016, Xinhua news agency reported. They were all accused of using an encrypted mobile application to contact the members of the network led by U.S.-based Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen. In a separate operation in the Mediterranean province of Antalya, security forces captured 15 suspects over their suspected links to the network, Anadolu added. What is Fethullah Gulen? They presented arguments demonstrating that the fifth-grade dropout, Fethullah Gulen, should not be granted a preference visa.
Beyond Prisons: Historian David Stein On Ascent Of Abolition
Beyond Prisons: Historian David Stein Reflects On Ascent Of AbolitionKim Wilson and Brian Sonenstein are joined by historian and abolitionist David Stein for an episode of the Beyond Prisons podcast. David penned an excellent article in 2017 with Dan Berger and Mariame Kaba entitled, “What Abolitionists Do.” He reflects on this article in this moment of greater awareness of abolition and shares his thoughts and experiences from spending time in abolitionist spaces. David Stein is a UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of African American Studies at UCLA. It describes the political economy of unemployment and efforts to win a federal governmental job guarantee, and how this struggle impacted the ascent of mass incarceration. Episode Resources“What Abolitionists Do” by Dan Berger, Mariame Kaba, and David SteinDavid Stein’s website: https://davidpstein.wordpress.com/Follow David on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DavidpSteinSupport Beyond PrisonsSupport our show and join us on Patreon.
George Washington's Farewell Address: A 'Warning Against the Impostures of Pretended Patriotism'
Citizens, by birth or choice, of a common country, that country has a right to concentrate your affections. And there being constant danger of excess, the effort ought to be by force of public opinion, to mitigate and assuage it. In proportion as the structure of a government gives force to public opinion, it is essential that public opinion should be enlightened. The execution of these maxims belongs to your representatives, but it is necessary that public opinion should co-operate. How many opportunities do they afford to tamper with domestic factions, to practice the arts of seduction, to mislead public opinion, to influence or awe the public councils.
Fewer Births, More Deaths Lead to Slowest U.S. Growth Rate in 100 Years
ORLANDO, Fla.—The past year’s population growth rate in the United States was the slowest in a century due to declining births, increasing deaths and the slowdown of international migration, according to figures released Monday by the U.S. Census Bureau. That’s the slowest growth rate in the U.S. since 1917 to 1918, when the nation was involved in World War I, said William Frey, a senior fellow at The Brookings Institution. “Immigrants tend to be younger and have children, and they can make a population younger.”Ten states had population declines in the past year. Several forecasts predict California, the nation’s most populous state with 39.5 million residents, losing a seat for the first time. Texas, the nation’s second most-populous state with 28.9 million residents, is expected to gain as many as three seats, the most of any state.
Lawmaker Says Union Fired Him For Pushing Police Reform
In 2018 Asavero became the first openly gay man of Afro Latino descent elected to the Maryland state house. And he said, your stand complicated the union’s obligations to represent its members and some of those members are law enforcement. Afsney, UFCW as well as other labor unions play a role in this and I’m calling the question to labor. And so let’s take a look at budgets and what we spend on law enforcement. At the state level, we spend over $2 billion on the Maryland state police and correctional system.
Why You Should Give a F*ck | Ep. 5 | Campaigns
All donations in the US and Canada are tax deductible. To make a secure donation by credit or debit card. Please choose your location, or select PayPal.
US Government Plays Games With Reality Winner's Life During Pandemic
“The entire colloquy is emblematic of the government position regarding Reality’s compassionate release request and its scattershot approach to the COVID-19 pandemic at large,” Whitley declares. As Winner’s defense recalls, the government initially claimed that neither the BOP nor Warden Michael Carr received her request for compassionate release (something Winner predicted). “In reply in the district court, Reality included a declaration under penalty of perjury from her Texas-based counsel, confirming the substance and form of the request and all relevant details,” Whitley outlines. That leads Winner’s legal team to believe the “government’s absurd position” bolsters her arguments made to the district court. Prosecutors are upset that Winner supposedly circumvented an administrative procedure during a pandemic in order to expedite her request for release.
July Fourth Never Meant Anything to a Disabled Black Woman Like Me
Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty ImagesThe Fourth of July has never meant much to me or my family. The kids from my Black church were visiting a predominantly white church; this was the customary show of togetherness for the day. As a Black disabled woman, to be asked to celebrate this holiday at all is an insult. And it’s an insult to all my experiences in a country that has systematically disenfranchised Black people and has written off disabled people as burdens. Every day I celebrate those organizing for a better future—one in which Black kids in a church won’t have to hide, and disabled kids aren’t left inside during school shootings.
The Supreme Court Fails LGBTQ and Disabled Students in Ruling
ShutterstockThe separation between church and state got a bit murkier last week with a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that may lead to more taxpayer dollars going to religious schools. However, that misguided origin shouldn’t mean it’s now dandy to give public money to religious schools. And another private school with a similar rule would be under no obligation to admit that student. For example, in 2016, Florida alone funneled more than $830 million of public money to private schools. She shifted $180 million in the last COVID-19 bill to vouchers for private schools, known as microgrants.
The Confederate Flag Represents Sexual Violence
It reminds me of Sam, Louisa, Ann, Henrietta, and Florence, who refused to let their trauma die in silence. The topic of sexual violence is often left out of the history of chattel slavery. Understandably, when many talked about the sexual violence, they were cautious. The topic of sexual violence is often left out of the history of chattel slavery because it makes us uncomfortable. And next to it, centered for the world to see, are the stories and images of the violence suffered by Black lives under the Confederate flag.
Spiraling Eviction Crisis Threatens More Renters With Homelessness
Between 30 and 80 families face eviction in the county every two weeks, according to the Newark Advocate. Nor are they unique nationally, where many experts say we have an “eviction crisis” on our hands. Diane Yentel, president and CEO of the Washington, D.C.-based National Low Income Housing Coalition, agrees. Most tenants face eviction because of failure to pay rent, according to Yentel. The Coopers have never contested their case in front of a judge — a common occurrence among tenants facing eviction, Farias says.
If Schools Reopen This Fall, More People Will Likely Die. Full Stop.
For millions of kids, school has been the one place where they are sure to get a decent meal every day. All of that collapsed under COVID during the school year, and the pressure to get the schools going again in the fall is understandably extreme. If there is to be even a prayer of safely restarting schools this autumn, every school district in the country will need massive supplemental funds and PPE gear. There is no way to make sure grade-schoolers practice social distancing all day, every day. If schools open next month under the current circumstances, I fear we may start painting corner after corner of the entire country “infected” red.
Supreme Court Ruling Means 126,000 May Lose Contraception Coverage
The United States Supreme Court delivered a blow to reproductive rights on Wednesday, siding with the Trump administration in a case that gave employers across the country more leeway in denying contraception to workers if it goes against the company’s morals. As many as 126,000 people across the country may lose birth control coverage due to the ruling, with many more at risk of losing access to contraception now that the floodgates of exemptions from the Trump administration have been opened. In 2014, a ruling from the Supreme Court found that businesses like Hobby Lobby, which argued it was a religious-leaning private company, should also be granted exemptions. Planned Parenthood tweeted out that birth control is largely considered “basic, essential health care.”“And yet: The Supreme Court just ruled that your boss or university can opt out of covering it based on their personal beliefs,” the family planning organization wrote. “Notably, the Supreme Court did not say that the Constitution forbids the federal govt from providing contraceptive care — [Justice Samuel] Alito said that but not the Court.
Fauci Says Trump’s Focus on COVID Deaths is “False Narrative to Take Comfort In”
“Death Rate from Coronavirus is down tenfold!” he wrote in a tweet that he later deleted. However, looking at the seven-day average in COVID-19 deaths rather than at the number for a single day demonstrates a different story. Fact checking on Trump’s tweets on Tuesday further reveals that the limited amount of testing available makes understanding of the actual death rate difficult to comprehend. “It’s a false narrative to take comfort in a lower rate of death. How many [coronavirus patients] will recover completely, and how many of them will continue to have impairment?
Pence Aide Katie Miller Admits She Was Unaffected by Seeing Family Separations
Katie Miller, an aide to Vice President Mike Pence, says she was sent to the border to see family separations in a bid to make her “more compassionate” — but “it didn’t work,” according to a new book. Maddow read, “Jacob responds: ‘It didn’t work? The Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Inspector General found that children separated from their families suffered acute psychological trauma. “According to program directors and mental health clinicians, separated children exhibited more fear, feelings of abandonment and post-traumatic stress than did children who were not separated,” the September report said. “The welfare of children in our custody is paramount,” Miller told CBS News in 2018.
Trump Is Trying to Hide US and Israeli War Crimes by Attacking the International Criminal Court
A war crimes complaint has been filed against Donald Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Trump adviser Jared Kushner in the International Criminal Court (ICC). If the prosecutor launches a preliminary examination and finds reason to believe they committed war crimes, the court could then authorize a full investigation. Less than three months prior, on December 20, 2019, Bensouda had found a reasonable basis to believe that Israeli forces and Palestinians committed war crimes in the occupied Palestinian territories. Bensouda Requested an Investigation of War Crimes Committed in PalestineTrump’s June 11 executive order was also designed to shield Israeli officials from liability in the ICC for their war crimes. Palestine acceded to the Rome Statute, thereby becoming a member of the States Parties of the International Criminal Court.
How to keep activist movements from burning out
But the effectiveness of coercive repression depends greatly on how we react to it. To the extent our actions provoke and make coercive repression appear warranted, coercive repression becomes aggressively more effective. To the extent we endlessly tout its power and even become paranoid about its ubiquity, coercive repression becomes insidiously more effective. We therefore urge that we reveal mainstream media machinations and aid efforts within the mainstream media’s structures seeking reforms to mitigate and replace its oppressive features. In that case, we must centrally address not just coercive repression, media machinations, and under-attention to vision, but also a destructive dynamic that sits literally within ourselves.
Local health official says Trump’s Tulsa rally ‘likely contributed’ to surge in virus: ‘Connect the dots’
Tulsa City-County Health Department Director Bruce Dart said on Wednesday that the president’s recent rally in the city “likely contributed” to the surging outbreak of COVID-19, the Associated Press reported. But it’s already been reported that members of President Donald Trump’s team were exposed to the virus in connection with the event. Herman Cain, an ally of the president who attended the rally, was also recently hospitalized with COVID-19. This suggests it’s possible he either contracted the virus at the event or he attended it while potentially infectious himself. “The director of the Tulsa Health Dept said that the president’s rally very likely contributed to a surge of coronavirus cases in the city,” he said.
Why hospitals keep their prices secret
There are different prices for each, and each price is different for different people. “The actors charging these prices are doing everything they can to keep prices secret,” says James Gelfand, senior vice president for health policy at the ERISA Industry Committee, which represents large companies that fund their own employee health plans. Often, not even employers get to know what prices their own health care plans are paying doctors and hospitals. But until until all hospitals and insurers publicly report prices in a consistent way, national rankings remain unobtainable. Going forward, at least some health care prices may become more transparent.
Trump is openly corrupting the CDC’s guidance for schools as the pandemic spins out of control
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Wednesday presented a set of guidelines for returning to school this fall. “We hope that most schools are going to be open,” Trump said at a White House event Wednesday. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 8, 2020Vice President Mike Pence responded to the rebuke during a news conference addressing the issue. “I disagree with [CDC] on their very tough & expensive guidelines for opening schools,” Trump tweeted. Schools cannot safely reopen for students and teachers this fall if the @SenateGOP keeps blocking the money schools and states need.
How Trump is torching his own support in the key suburban demographic
One of the most polarizing figures in U.S. politics, President Donald Trump is wildly unpopular among urbanites but still has plenty of diehard supporters in rural areas and small towns. Suburban voters have become the key swing demographic. “In 2016, Trump won the overall suburban vote by five percentage points, and those votes were largely responsible for his narrow victory in states such as Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania,” Scott explains. “The pandemic has been challenging for many parents trying to adjust to working at home while educating their children,” Scott writes. “The latest NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll shows the president receiving about a third of the suburban vote — a significant decline from the nearly 50% of support he received in 2016,” Scott observes.
Trump doomed red state reopenings — and now he plans to doom schools nationwide
Trump is taking the hammer directly to state officials while overtly sidelining the recommendations of his own Centers for Disease Control. “We’re very much going to put pressure on governors and everyone else to open the schools,” Trump told reporters Tuesday. On Wednesday, he added a comparison between U.S. schools and those of other wealthy nations that actually enacted national coronavirus testing plans. Pence also offered that his wife, Karen, was “the best expert” he knew on the topic of schools reopening. Trump is approaching his push to reopen schools exactly as he approached his push to reopen states.
The sham of orthodox economics been exposed in the wake of COVID-19
COVID-19 exposes the sham of orthodox economics. There was, in short, no way to know (and thus be able to calculate) the costs in the manner fantasized by orthodox economics. In short, capitalists cannot know or calculate revenues in the manner fantasized by orthodox economics. Most orthodox economics textbooks—those actually used now in most college and university economics courses—teach the simple-minded cost-benefit or cost-revenue “model” as if it captured capitalists’ decision-making. One desperate effort of orthodox economics to banish the unknown from their models is worth considering because it seems to have persuaded some.
Even a 10-year-old knows better than to believe Trump
Yesterday, he saw President Trump saying on television that he’s going to get mad at any states or districts that don’t reopen schools for the fall. The Dems think it would be bad for them politically if U.S. schools open before the November Election, but is important for the children & families. If Trump says it’s safe, the only assumption my son can make now is that it’s not safe. There’s no chance that my son will ever trust Trump to keep him safe or give him good advice or tell the truth. He’s young, but he has enough experience already to know better.
Republican senators are suddenly trying to social distance — from Trump
There’s something interesting in today’s news:A number of Republican Senators have said they are skipping the Republican National Convention this year. Senators are using the dangers of the coronavirus to distance themselves from the president. This distancing is a sign that Republican leaders are uncomfortable with Trump’s behavior and are hoping to save Republican control of the Senate as his polls slip. Trump publicly blames the WHO for the spread of the virus because, according to Trump, it worked too closely with China. That those same Senators are now begging off from the upcoming Republican convention is too little a protest, too late.
The sheep-like loyalty of Trump supporters is starting to backfire
Trump sees Republicans primarily as marks, to be fleeced for all they’re worth and then abandoned the second he sees no value in them. But Trump and his propagandists are going full speed ahead, embracing coronavirus denialism and encouraging Trump supporters to return to church, reject mask-wearing and stop social distancing. Not that Trump cares about any of the suffering he’s inflicting on Republican voters, organizers or politicians as the price they pay for supporting him. On the contrary, he’s such a sociopathic narcissist that he probably gets off on the way Republicans keep swallowing his abuse and asking for more. An ass-kicking in November may well be coming, and Trump will make sure his followers suffer even more along the way.
How a ‘spiral of silence’ gives Trump power — and why it may start to crumble
State publicly that they won’t vote for him and plan to vote for Biden (Colin Powell and Carly Fiorina). State publicly that they won’t vote for him, but won’t vote for Biden (Mitt Romney and John Bolton). Indeed, one Republican senator, who is publicly supporting the president, said in an interview that he might prefer a Biden victory if the G.O.P. According to one: “You have 25% of the state is rural and Trump gets like Saddam Hussein level numbers here. The ranks include the Lincoln Project, Right Side PAC, 43 Alumni for Biden, and Republican Voters Against Trump.
Devastating new ad uses Ronald Reagan’s words against Trump to stunning effect
The Lincoln Project is not the only right-wing group that has been creating attack ads slamming President Donald Trump. Another is Republican Voters Against Trump, which uses the words of President Ronald Reagan in its latest video to illustrate Trump’s failures as president. In the ad — which lasts one minute and 40 seconds — RVAT contrast Reagan’s words with images of the U.S. during the Trump era. The message is not subtle: Under Trump, the United States is a long way from Reagan’s vision for the country. The ad isn’t aimed at liberals and progressives, many of whom would argue that Reagan’s economic policies were bad for the American working class during the 1980s.
A government official tried to share optimism about vaccines — but he hinted at a dark possible future
But he also hinted at a dark potential future for the virus, a consideration that has not yet received much public discussion. “I am very optimistic that we will have a vaccine in the near future, a safe vaccine,” he said. There’ll be multiple vaccines that we try to get across the finish line, as quickly as possible. What Madjarrad’s comments suggest is that we may find ourselves with a coronavirus season every year, just like we have flu seasons. There’s no reason to think another one isn’t coming.”Now, we don’t need to become unduly anxious about possible futures that may never arise.
New Hampshire Republican officials aren’t interested in attending Trump’s upcoming rally
This time, they think they’ve figured it out, said the New York Times. Already the Republican governor of New Hampshire said that he wouldn’t be attending. Well-known Republicans agree a big public rally is the last thing the state needs after they’ve fought to keep their numbers low. “It’s not what we need right now in terms of COVID,” said well-known former New Hampshire Attorney General Tom Rath. “We have been very, very fortunate, our number of deaths are quite small.”Read the full report at the New York Times.
‘A Democratic tsunami’: Top election forecaster just changed its predictions — and it’s great news for Biden
In order for that to happen, Trump will need to fire up his base as much as possible in swing states. But according to new, updated analysis from the Cook Political Report, former Vice President Joe Biden has an increasing advantage in many of the swing states that Trump needs to win. “This election is looking more like a Democratic tsunami than simply a blue wave,” Cook’s Amy Walter reports. President George W. Bush won Florida twice, but so did President Barack Obama — before Trump carried the state in 2016. However, a GOP strategist interviewed by Cook is predicting that many voters will go straight Democratic this time.
Ask Amy: Mother worries about daughter’s rage
I can ask her what time it is, and she will be convinced that I yelled at her. I've even tried writing a letter, hoping she would try to understand I'm not ever trying to argue with her. — A Very Sad MotherVery Sad Mother: Physically attacking you puts your daughter’s behavior in an alarming category. If you want to try to change the dynamic, you should stop being afraid of your daughter’s reactions. Dear Amy: I applaud your response to "In Love," from the young woman whose boyfriend never wanted to get married.
America is running short on masks, gowns and gloves. Again.
For weeks, nurses have posted online testimonials about a lack of PPE, with some given surgical masks instead of N95 masks because of shortages. In interviews, White House officials said concerns over PPE shortages are overblown. ADADIn a survey of 23,000 registered nurses, National Nurses United found 85 percent were asked to reuse masks designed for single use. A survey of 14,300 nurses by the American Nurses Association, an advocacy group, found 79 percent being asked to reuse masks and 45 percent reporting PPE shortages at their facility. But multiple hospitals across the region have millions of isolation gowns, masks and also hundreds of thousands of N95 masks,” Polowczyk said.
Miss Manners: Generous donations beget more requests
Dear Miss Manners: Over the past two years, my husband and I have received two rather substantial bequests from two very generous relatives. We have since been inundated with letters and phone calls soliciting more, even larger, donations. But Miss Manners recommends you save your admonition for a response to the inevitable follow-up solicitation. Dear Miss Manners: I am a tall woman, and am frequently asked my height by men and women alike. You can send questions to Miss Manners at her website, missmanners.com.
Live updates: Hospitals again face shortages of protective gear as U.S. surpasses 3 million coronavirus cases
The Washington Nationals played their first intrasquad simulated game Wednesday, and each coach and staff member had his face covered. Manager Dave Martinez leaned against a rail in the dugout and shouted directions through a mask all afternoon. And though this is a safety precaution, a way to limit transmission of the novel coronavirus in a workplace, players and coaches have seen another use. Masks have already helped them adjust to some wacky rules for 2020, including bans on spitting, finger licking, face touching and sunflower seeds. Players and coaches, many of whom were once players themselves, have spent decades spitting out spit, spitting out seeds or using spit to slick their fingers before pitching.
Carolyn Hax: A resolution to help keep your resolve
Dear Carolyn: Can you give me some direction on how to better keep my resolve? I'm single, 40-ish and, I swear, daily I wake up saying, "I'm going to read for an hour tonight," or "I'm going to make a healthy lunch for tomorrow," or "I'm going to do those stretches tonight." And I get home and end up having a glass of wine with the dog in front of the TV and that's that. let’s say 10 minutes of X, with X being stretches or reading or food prep: Pick one and focus on it. How much we exercise, eat, read, socialize, etc., all can be significantly affected by a seemingly low-significance change — like rearranging furniture.
Trump scorns science -- and wants his scientists to do the same
Within hours, Vice President Mike Pence, the head of the White House coronavirus task force, said the CDC would issue new guidelines. His comments came a day after Trump demanded that all schools reopen in the fall, then the President waffled when asked how that could be safely achieved given worsening conditions. "The question is can you keep schools open? Pence's swift accommodation of Trump's complaints on Wednesday was notable, because the President did not provide any logical or scientific arguments for his opposition to CDC guidelines. White House denies disconnect with the CDCDespite the obvious clashes between the President and his health experts, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany denied there was any tension between Trump and the CDC.
Coronavirus deaths and infection rates higher in US prisons than general population, analysis finds
(CNN) The coronavirus pandemic is having a significant impact on the nation's prison system, causing higher rates of infection and death compared to the general population. "The number of US prison residents who tested positive for Covid-19 was 5.5 times higher than the general US population," according to an analysis led by researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. The study, published as a research letter in JAMA Wednesday, analyzed cases and deaths from March 31 to June 6 using publicly available data from corrections departments websites, news reports and other sources and found large disparities between the two populations. Researchers said the prison infection rate was "3,251 per 100,000 residents," while the rate for the general population was around "587 cases per 100,000." Death rates in correctional facilities were three times higher at 39 deaths per 100,000 prisoners compared to 29 deaths per 100,000 in the general population, the analysis found.
As Twitter and Facebook find fake networks of accounts, are they merely scratching the surface?
On Wednesday Facebook deep-sixed four different networks of pages and accounts that were found guilty of "coordinated inauthentic behavior" -- the kinds of cheating and spamming that soil the social media landscape. One of the networks was linked to Roger Stone and Proud Boys, the far-right group that FB has banned under its hate policies. Another network contained dozens of "fake" accounts tied to Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. FB said the accounts targeted journalists and political opponents of the president. The "two other networks that were removed were affiliated with professional firms, continuing a trend of professionalization of disinformation," BuzzFeed's Jane Lytvynenko reportedRead More
A California security guard was charged with murder after fighting with a customer over face mask rules
(CNN) A security guard at a Southern California market is charged with murder after allegedly fighting with a customer who wasn't wearing a face mask. Umeir Corniche Hawkins shot 50-year-old Jerry Lewis on July 5, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office said. A statewide order was issued by California's governor last month requiring people to wear face covering s while entering most indoor settings to prevent spread of coronavirus. In May, a Michigan security guard was fatally shot after telling a customer to wear a state-mandated face mask. Another guard, this time in California, walked away from a fight with customers with a broken arm after they refused to wear face masks in a Target store.
Duda taps into anti-vax sentiment ahead of Poland’s presidential election
He also said while he had been vaccinated as a child, "I personally never get vaccinated for the flu, because no." The far-right’s presidential candidate, Krzysztof Bosak, won 1.3 million votes in the first round of the presidential election on June 28. Meanwhile, Poland’s anti-vaccination movement, STOP NOP, held a rally in Warsaw last month with a far-right MP Grzegorz Braun attending. He called out Duda for "undermining not only his own health but also public health safety." The number of people in Poland rejecting vaccinations has grown three-fold since 2015, according to data from Poland’s National Health Institute.
Mara Gay: Trump's COVID-19 failure is 'literally killing Americans'
Mara Gay of The New York Times, a coronavirus survivor, reacts to Trump distancing himself from Dr. Fauci.
Jacob Soboroff: Trump pushed to restart family separations in March 2019
MSNBC Correspondent Jacob Soboroff tells Lawrence O'Donnell about new reporting in his book, "Separated: Inside an American Tragedy," that Donald Trump tried to restart family separations while he was surveying tornado damage in Alabama in March 2019.
Australia Suspends Extradition Treaty With Hong Kong Over New National Security Law
(CANBERRA, Australia) — Australia’s prime minister says his country has suspended its extradition treaty with Hong Kong and extended visas for Hong Kong residents in response to China’s imposition of a tough national security law on the semi-autonomous territory. Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Thursday announced a range of visas that will be extended from two to five years and offers of pathways to permanent residency visas. The move comes after China bypassed Hong Kong’s Legislative Council to impose the sweeping security legislation without public consultation. Britain, too, is extending residency rights for up to 3 million Hong Kongers eligible for British National Overseas passports, allowing them to live and work in the U.K. for five years. Canada has suspected its extradition treaty with Hong Kong and is looking at other options including migration.
Disunity threatens Africa’s shot at the world’s top trade job
There is a possibility that only one African candidate survives the first round of consultations, after which the continent can rally behind him or her. South Korea's trade minister was only recently appointed, becoming the first woman to hold the position. Before that, she was a deputy minister for trade negotiations and a trade diplomat. The former international trade secretary is an ardent supporter of Britain's departure from the EU, pumping out the “global Britain” message. Kenya's current sports, heritage and culture minister is a former ambassador to the WTO and a former international trade minister who hosted the WTO's ministerial conference in Nairobi in 2015.
Supreme Court Expected To Rule On Trump Tax Records Thursday
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court is expected to rule Thursday on whether Congress and the Manhattan district attorney can see President Donald Trump’s taxes and other financial records that the president has fought hard to keep private. The high-stakes dispute tests the balance of power between the White House and Congress, as well as Trump’s claim that he can’t be investigated while he holds office. Trump has so far lost at every step, but the records have not been turned over pending a final court ruling. There are two Trump appointees, Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, on the court. Instead, House committees want records from Deutsche Bank and Capital One, as well as the Mazars USA accounting firm.
What Hong Kong’s National Security Law Means for Its Pro-Democracy Movement
For months, the mosaics of sticky notes, posters and artwork that dotted Hong Kong told a story of resistance. But after June 30, when Beijing passed Hong Kong’s national-security law, the walls came down. “It has already brought a chilling effect … and the politics of fear to Hong Kong,” he tells TIME. Since its passage, local authorities have expanded the reach of the law even further, adding warrantless searches and the power to ask Internet providers to remove posts that violate the security law. Even before the security law, the coronavirus pandemic and mass arrests sapped protests of their 2019 energy, when millions of people took to the streets.
Police Body Cam Shows George Floyd’s Last Word Was ‘Please’
Transcripts of police body cameras show George Floyd said “I can’t breathe” over 20 times and include new details about what the police said to George Floyd.
Fmr. Education Secretary: Trump has ‘no ability to order schools to reopen’
Arne Duncan, the former Secretary of Education during the Obama admin., joins Lawrence O’Donnell to explain why President Trump is “bluffing” when he claims he will cut school funding if they do not reopen in the fall.
‘Bullying, intimidation, and retaliation:’ Key impeachment witness Vindman retires
Chris Hayes on Lt. Col. Vindman’s announcement that he is retiring from the Army: “Unfortunately this is Donald Trump's America, and this is what happens to people who tell the truth.”
Live updates: U.S. surpasses 3 million confirmed coronavirus cases as Trump pushes to reopen schools
But, its leaders say, the district needs more emergency funding from Congress to promise this for the entire 2020-2021 academic year. President Trump is now saying that he may cut funding for districts that don’t do what he wants: reopen schools full time. He tweeted as much Wednesday, saying: “In Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and many other countries, SCHOOLS ARE OPEN WITH NO PROBLEMS. The Dems think it would be bad for them politically if U.S. schools open before the November Election, but is important for the children & families. If he were to favor with funding districts that reopen full time, that could help San Diego, which is planning to do just that.
Saif al-Islam Gadhafi Fast Facts
(CNN) Here is a look at the life of Saif al-Islam Gadhafi, son of late Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. Prior to the 2011 Libyan civil war , he was believed to be a moderate in comparison to his father. A NATO strike in May 2011 killed his younger brother who had a similar name, Saif al-Arab Gadhafi. August 23, 2011 - Gadhafi shows up at the Rixos Hotel, quashing the rebels' claim that he and his two brothers are in their custody. July 28, 2015 - A court in Tripoli A court in Tripoli sentences Gadhafi to death in absentia.
Court's contraception ruling leaves vulnerable Americans even more at risk
(CNN) On Wednesday, the Supreme Court gave a green light to the Trump administration's rules allowing employers to deny their employees insurance coverage for birth control on moral or religious grounds. But in reality, there's no need to question everything you thought you knew about Supreme Court battles over women's rights. These decisions seem surprising on the surface, but the fundamental battles over women's control of their bodies are still right there underneath. Packing our courts with judges willing to disregard settled precedent to push their agenda has always been critical to their strategy. Since most Americans don't support that agenda, it doesn't play well in the more democratic legislative and electoral spheres.
Supreme Court says Trump can weaken Obamacare contraceptive mandate
(CNN) The Supreme Court on Wednesday cleared the way for the Trump administration to expand exemptions for employers who have religious or moral objections to complying with the Affordable Care Act's contraceptive mandate. The Little Sisters case required the justices to balance concerns for women's health care against claims of religious liberty. Thomas commended the Little Sisters of the Poor for their efforts. The Trump administration and the Little Sisters of the Poor asked the Supreme Court to reverse the lower court. But Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, joined by New Jersey's attorney general, told the Supreme Court that the lower court got it right.
Authorities in Hong Kong warn of potential 'exponential growth' in coronavirus cases
Hong Kong (CNN) Authorities in Hong Kong, a city lauded for its quick and effective response to the coronavirus pandemic, are now warning of potential "exponential growth" in new cases of Covid-19 after a surge in local transmissions. Since the virus began spreading worldwide earlier this year, Hong Kong has recorded only 1,324 coronavirus cases and seven virus-related fatalities. Living with the virusExperts say the sudden upswing in new cases in Hong Kong demonstrates how difficult it is to control the coronavirus. But completely eliminating the risk may be impossible, especially because of just how reliant Hong Kong is on the outside world. "We cannot be an island where we keep everybody out," said Dr. John Nicholls, a clinical professor in pathology at Hong Kong University.
What will the national security law mean for travelers -- and Hong Kong's tourism recovery?
On June 30, the Chinese government introduced a national security law in Hong Kong that outlaws "acts of secession, subversion of state power, terrorist activities and collusion with foreign or external forces to endanger national security." Hong Kong welcomed 65.1 million visitors in 2018, according to data from the Hong Kong Tourism Board. @ Didier Marti/Moment RF/Getty ImagesAccording to a Hong Kong government spokesperson, the national security law should not affect the "vast majority of Hong Kong people including tourists and investors... who abide by the law and do not participate in acts or activities that undermine national security." Running afoul of the lawThe enactment of Hong Kong national security law has sparked wide concerns and fears in Hong Kong. However, providing "donations and other support to those criminals specified in the NSL (national security law) may be problematic."
As parts of Australia go back into lockdown, what hope is there for the rest of the world?
As well as Australia and Hong Kong, South Korea Singapore and Israel have all reported new infections after initially appearing to beat the virus. Melbourne in particular has introduced an intensive lockdown, ramping up restrictions as more and more cases were reported this month. "It's clear we are on the cusp of our second wave and we cannot let this virus cut through our communities." Other states have also imposed restrictions on Victorians in an attempt to keep the virus isolated in the southeast. "I think that each one know someone who has not been following the rules as well as they should have.
Live music and live sports look to outlast COVID-19
As coronavirus cases continue to rise across the United States, and social distancing remains the norm, the long-term future of live entertainment is in peril.
Biracial man charged with fatally shooting White teen was acting in self-defense, attorney says
(CNN) The legal team for a biracial man charged with felony murder in the shooting death of a 17-year old in Statesboro, Georgia, last month claims their client was defending himself against an angry group of White people. Marcus "Marc" Wilson, who is biracial, was in Statesboro visiting his girlfriend, who is White. The group in the truck yelled "your lives don't matter," called Wilson "N***er," and his girlfriend a "N***er lover," attorney Francys Johnson said in a press conference Monday. Johnson says, fearing for their lives, Wilson, 21, "defended his life" using a legally registered firearm when he shot at the group. A passenger in the truck, 17-year old Haley Hutcheson, was struck and later died from a gunshot wound.
Black MLS players raise gloved fists in racial justice protest before first match
(CNN) One by one the members of Black Players for Change each raised a gloved fist before MLS returned to the soccer field Wednesday night in Orlando. Then as the starters for the Orlando City and Inter Miami teams knelt there was silence for eight minutes and 46 seconds. The Black players were dressed in black shirts with slogans on them like "Silence is Violence," "Black All The Time," and "Black and Proud." MLS is holding a tournament for the league's 26 teams -- one team has had to drop out -- as it returns to action. All the players are staying in a central location under the league's coronavirus protocols.
NYPD sees 'troubling' surge of retirement filings, official says
(CNN) The New York Police Department has seen a "surge" in the number of officers filing for retirement, according to Sgt. From June 29 to July 6, filings soared 411% from the same period a year earlier, according to O'Donnell, a spokesperson for the Deputy Commissioner, Public Information. From June 29 to July 6, 179 uniformed members filed for retirement, O'Donnell said, compared to 35 during the same time period a year earlier. "There have been 306 retirements, 40 resignations and 503 have filed for retirement," since May 25, O'Donnell said. The New York City Police Pension Fund has not turned down anyone who wants to file for service-related retirement, according to O'Donnell.
How Europe could help save the Earth by selling it
One concept literally gaining ground worldwide is carbon farming, where farmers use certain techniques to capture and store more carbon in their soil. The trend has attracted buzz from the U.S. to Australia as well due to its huge potential: Soil is the planet’s second-biggest carbon-storage tank after its oceans. The French government also launched an international initiative in 2015 to encourage actors in both the public and private sectors to bolster soil carbon storage. Carbon farming systems can be complex to implement and monitor. Soil emissions trading is “an opportunity,” said Pekka Pesonen, the secretary-general of Brussels-based farm lobby Copa-Cogeca, at a POLITICO roundtable on soil health last month.
Disunity threatens Africa’s shot at the world’s top trade job
There is a possibility that only one African candidate survives the first round of consultations, after which the continent can rally behind him or her. South Korea's trade minister was only recently appointed, becoming the first woman to hold the position. Before that, she was a deputy minister for trade negotiations and a trade diplomat. The former international trade secretary is an ardent supporter of Britain's departure from the EU, pumping out the “global Britain” message. Kenya's current sports, heritage and culture minister is a former ambassador to the WTO and a former international trade minister who hosted the WTO's ministerial conference in Nairobi in 2015.
Officer Told Floyd It Takes 'a Lot of Oxygen to Talk'
“You’re going to kill me, man,” Floyd said, according to a transcript of Lane’s body camera video. It takes a heck of a lot of oxygen to talk,” said Derek Chauvin, the white officer who held his knee to Floyd’s neck for nearly eight minutes, even after Floyd stopped moving. “Oh man, God don’t leave me man, please man, please man,” he begged, later adding: “I’ll do anything y’ll tell me to, man. Lane repeatedly told Floyd to show his hands, and he told investigators he drew his gun at first because Floyd was reaching for something, but holstered it once Floyd showed his hands. Body camera video transcripts show Floyd initially said he had been shot before, and begged police not to shoot him.
Luxembourg’s Gramegna banks on credentials, recovery pitch in Eurogroup race
That’s one of the main arguments that Luxembourg’s Pierre Gramegna will present to his 18 fellow finance ministers Thursday as he bids to become the next Eurogroup president. Gramegna has been his country’s finance minister since December 2013, a membership in the Eurogroup matched only by Malta’s Edward Scicluna. This fall, the next Eurogroup chief will have to figure out how to implement the EU recovery program. Pressed for an example, Gramegna suggested recovery cash could be used to make cargo trucks more environmentally friendly. Gramegna said multilingualism — also a strong suit of Calvińo — could help distinguish him from Donohoe, who espouses similar plans about the Eurogroup playing a role in the EU27's recovery.
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‘The triumph of life’ — the front pages
‘The triumph of life’ — the front pages Behind the making of POLITICO’s illustrated coronavirus series. In June, we asked Los Angeles-based artist Zoë van Dijk to illustrate our next five front pages, in an attempt to capture our lives with the coronavirus. We named the series "The triumph of life," viewing our pandemic lives through a glass half full; we sought to show the triumph of the human condition. We spoke with van Dijk at the conclusion, which published with this Thursday's online edition of POLITICO. Here are the front pages, in order of publication, with comments from van Dijk:Zoë van Dijk , at left, is a freelance illustrator residing in Los Angeles, California with her partner and their dog.
France ditches ‘minister for attractiveness’ title after ridicule
France has changed the English version of the title of one its new Cabinet positions after ridicule online over the “minister for attractiveness” role. President Emmanuel Macron’s office unveiled its new government after a reshuffle Monday, aiming to beef up ministries to revive the economy after the coronavirus pandemic. AdvertisementWhen the English Twitter account for the French foreign ministry revealed Franck Riester’s new title of junior minister for trade and “attractiveness,” it immediately elicited mocking online and questions about whether it had been mistranslated. In France, the term "attractivité" is often used to refer to attracting investment.
Florida Democrats return PPP money amid scandal
As Republicans lobbed bombs at the party, Florida Democratic lawmakers were outraged as well, stung by the decision and their own potential political exposure. I don’t know who possibly thought that was a good idea.”The Florida Democratic Party late Wednesday issued a statement that acknowledged the mistake. A state party spokeswoman, Luisana Pérez Fernández, said the local party did not believe it could not apply for the money for employee salaries. The revelation of the Florida Democratic Party’s decision came the same week that Biden announced his Florida team, including senior advisor Juan Penalosa, who is the party’s executive director and was involved with the decision to take the loan. Using these funds for political purposes is outright theft from Florida employees and the Florida Democrat Party needs to immediately return the money to the taxpayers of America.
Trump demands schools reopen, but has no plan for doing it
The president said he might pull funding if states don't reopen schools and he's pushing the CDC to change its guidelines on the topic. But the White House is offering no guidance for how states should go about getting kids back in classrooms.
MLS makes its troubled return, as Orlando City and Inter Miami open league tournament
It began with Orlando City defeatingInter Miami, 2-1, on a field typically used by youth teams of various sports and other festivities. Intersecting with global protests, MLS also marked its return with a pregame demonstration involving players from around the league wearing T-shirts supporting Black Lives Matter and other causes. The 22 starters took a knee on the center circle, an act that has occurred on fields in Europe and at the National Women’s Soccer League tournament in Utah. MLS is aiming to resume the regular season in home markets later this summer, but given the health emergency, nothing is for sure. With a tournament, the league saw an opportunity to not only resume play, but to beat the NBA, NHL and Major League Baseball to the punch.
Stephen Jackson says DeSean Jackson is ‘speaking the truth,’ adds anti-Semitic claims of his own
Cooper was fined an undisclosed amount and made to undergo counseling, but was allowed to rejoin the team shortly thereafter. ADAD“And I’m like, ‘You right, you shouldn’t have to apologize if they didn’t make him apologize.’ And that was my whole thing,” Stephen Jackson said. I love Jews. I know how to love the minister and love white people, too. This is a new day, bruh — ya’ll don’t get it.”AD
A Texas officer runs into a burning house and saves an 8-year-old boy
(CNN) As flames erupted on a mobile home in Texas, a police officer ran into the burning building to save a family trapped inside and it was all caught on camera. Marin told CNN he turned in the direction of the smoke, which was coming from a residential area, to see if he could help. When he arrived, he said an officer wearing a bulletproof vest and face mask was running out of the flames carrying a child. Police officer Joshua Gonzalez running toward the mobile home in Socorro. "As I parked my patrol unit I could feel the heat coming from the residence," Gonzalez told CNN affiliate KVIA .
Trump granted another 45-day extension to file annual financial disclosure
(CNN) President Donald Trump has been granted a second 45-day extension to submit his annual financial disclosure form, a White House official told CNN on Wednesday. "The President has a complicated report and he's been focused on addressing the coronavirus crisis and other matters. As a result, he's been given an additional 45 days, but the President intends to file as soon as possible," the official said. Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and White House staff were initially granted a 45-day extension to submit their financial disclosure forms due to the coronavirus pandemic this spring. The extension deadline cutoff was on June 30, and shortly afterward, Pence's latest financial disclosure was made public by the Office of Government Ethics.
The man accused of punching a 12-year-old street dancer has turned himself in
(CNN) Police in Missouri have arrested a man accused of sucker punching a 12-year-old boy while he was dancing, causing him to bleed from his head and his nose. The incident happened just before midnight on Friday, July 3, according to the Cape Girardeau Police Department. Micheal "Crank" Curry, a dance instructor and owner of Fingerprint Urban Dance Studio, and two of his young students were in downtown Cape Girardeau, Missouri, dancing. Curry has been taking students to street dance in downtown Cape Girardeau for the last four or five years -- never with any problems, he told CNN. A video of the incident, part of a Facebook livestream that Curry said he sets up every time they street dance downtown, has been viewed more than 970,000 times.
Kimberly Guilfoyle 'feeling really pretty good' after coronavirus diagnosis
(CNN) Kimberly Guilfoyle, the girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr. and a top fundraiser for the Trump campaign, said Wednesday evening that she is feeling "really pretty good" following her coronavirus diagnosis. "I mean personally I'm doing my best and following my doctor's orders," she said on the Trump campaign's online show "The Right View." "So far I am asymptomatic and have been feeling really pretty good." Her comments come after the Trump Victory Finance Committee announced that she had tested positive for the virus earlier this month, stating that Guilfoyle "was immediately isolated to limit any exposure." "Donald Trump Jr. was tested negative, but as a precaution is also self-isolating and is canceling all public events."
NY attorney general report calls for NYPD overhaul in response to protests
The report says James, who is the top law enforcement officer in the state, "will fight for these reforms to be adopted." In response, the NYPD said the report was a "political and not investigative document." NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea testifies before New York Attorney General Letitia James. In her report, James suggested several other reforms to the NYPD. The report also recommends the NYPD seek public comment for any rule changes it wants to implement.
Jacksonville attorneys file lawsuit to block city from hosting Republican National Convention amid pandemic
Washington (CNN) Several attorneys in Jacksonville, Florida, filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the city in an attempt to block the Republican National Convention from occurring there amid the coronavirus pandemic. The complaint, filed in Duval County, lists many reasons against Jacksonville hosting the event, including that it would be "a nuisance injurious to the health (and) welfare" of the city's community. The complaint has yet to be recorded by the court clerk in Duval County's Circuit Court, according to attorney Jim Blecke. The lawsuit comes days after Florida, now the nation's No. The state currently has more than 223,000 confirmed cases, according to the university.
Astrologer Walter Mercado Lives on in Mucho Mucho Amor
He would sign off with an expansive benediction that seemed designed to make everyone feel better about everything: “Mucho, mucho amor!”Documentary filmmakers Cristina Costantini and Kareem Tabsch borrow that sign-off for the title of their delightful and open-hearted documentary Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado, streaming on Netflix. As Mucho Mucho Amor suggests, that’s their loss. Mucho Mucho Amor starts at the beginning, with Mercado’s childhood in Ponce, Puerto Rico: After breathing life into a seemingly dead bird, he was treated by people in his village as a kind of seer and mystical healer. Mucho Mucho Amor combines vintage clips with more recent footage of Mercado in his later years: Dressed in a luxe satin robe, he sits down to a breakfast prepared for him by his loyal assistant Willie. In Mercado’s universe, there’s no such thing as just a little amor.
Trump Administration Proposes Denying Asylum to People From Disease-Stricken Countries
(SAN DIEGO) — The Trump administration on Wednesday proposed empowering border authorities to deny asylum to people from countries with widespread communicable disease, its latest in a string of regulations before the November elections to dramatically raise the bar on who qualifies for humanitarian protections. The Homeland Security and Justice departments said in a joint proposal that denying asylum to people from high-risk countries would combat disease in the United States, in some cases stopping it before it reaches American soil. Human Rights First, an advocacy group critical of Trump’s policies, called it another example of using public health concerns to violate U.S. asylum law and treaty obligations. “This new rule flies in the face of our legal obligations to asylum seekers and seems to lack any real public health justification,” said Anwen Hughes, the group’s deputy legal director. Since March, the administration has been quickly expelling people at the border, without a chance to seek asylum.
Eurozone finance ministers prepare to cast e-ballots for president
Eurozone finance ministers will decide Thursday who should lead the group over the next 30 months. Whoever gets a majority will succeed Portugal’s Mário Centeno, whose two-and-a-half-year term ends on July 12, and try to coordinate a eurozone recovery after the pandemic cratered the EU economy. “The Eurogroup is made right now of a group of very experienced finance ministers,” Centeno told POLITICO in mid-June, standing neutral on who should follow in his footsteps. In the first round, Calvińo will likely be able to count on votes from Germany, Greece, Italy and Portugal, plus Spain. How ministers would vote in a second round is also uncertain.
GOP election lawyer explains how Trump’s war on mail-in voting could backfire
campaign lawyer for John McCain: “The right message is that every American ought to have a chance to vote safely … What they’re hearing out of the White House is, ‘It’s fraudulent, it’s dangerous, don’t do it.’ I think it is entirely possible that means it boomerangs on the Republican party.”
Spain’s Casado bets on confrontational approach for election win
A formidable parliamentary speaker, Casado has taken an aggressively critical line against Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez since the Socialist’s first administration. Casado has also accused Sánchez of seeking to implement a “constitutional dictatorship” under the guise of a state of emergency. In last year’s European election, the PP again finished a distant second to the PSOE. The Basque election has a very different context. “Pablo Casado has chosen to sacrifice the PP’s electoral performance in the Basque Country in order to control the party there,” he said.
In defense of Belgium’s coronavirus response
Press play to listen to this article Voiced by Amazon PollyMaggie De Block is Belgium’s minister of public health. The international press has got it wrong about Belgium and the coronavirus. Of course, Belgium was not perfect in its response to the crisis. Nevertheless, Belgium was definitely not the worst country in its response to the pandemic. The EIU report could therefore not be farther from the truth.
Amazon joins Target, Walmart in removing Washington NFL team merchandise
Amazon on Wednesday notified sellers that it is removing products that feature the name of Washington's NFL team. Amazon joins Target and Walmart in refusing to carry merchandise bearing the team's name. The team announced its review a day after FedEx, which owns the naming rights to the field where the team plays, requested that the team change its name. Washington's NFL team is not the only sports team exploring issues surrounding its name. A Target spokesperson said this week that it was in the process of removing Washington NFL team merchandise online and in stores.
Opinion | Sex, Sisters and Dr. Donald
Let’s pretend there was an order of nuns with a particular devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Following their consciences, these nuns banned heart-related care from their employees’ health policies. Still, the nuns noted, their insurance coverage was generous. The justices said they have the right to refuse to include birth control in their insurance policies. Now, other employers with religious scruples or simply a yen to save money will leap on the bandwagon.
Opinion | Mainers Are ‘Disappointed,’ Too, Susan Collins
As I filled out my absentee ballot for the Maine primary, I was overcome with a familiar sense of dejection. I was reminded of the way I felt years ago, albeit in a very different situation. While writing a story about a solar system model built by volunteers in Maine’s northernmost county, Aroostook — the place where our senator, Susan Collins, grew up — I visited each installation. The scale model — not much bigger than a Ping-Pong ball, affixed to the wall of the Houlton Information Center — was a little underwhelming. This was not because of my lack of enthusiasm for the Democratic speaker of the House, Sara Gideon, the favorite to take on Senator Collins this November.
Call It White Supremacy - The New York Times
Furthermore, this tension between the oppressed and the oppressors has always existed and always will. Then there are ever-present terms like “racial unity” and “racial division.” America loves to frame race in this country around unity rather than equality. I’ve never understood the aim of bringing people together in unity absent the removal of anti-Black white supremacist social and political frameworks. It is almost like we are experiencing a Lost Cause revisionism in our language on the issue of race. It is time for us to simply call a thing a thing: White supremacy is the biggest racial problem this country faces, and has faced.
Where’s Trump’s Financial Disclosure? The White House Blames the Pandemic
President Trump’s annual financial disclosure report was due to be released more than a week ago. But the filing, the only official public document detailing his personal finances, was not published, and neither the White House nor federal ethics officials offered a public explanation. The White House addressed the issue on Wednesday night. It was originally due in May, but Mr. Trump and all White House employees were given a 45-day extension until June 29 because of the pandemic. The White House official on Wednesday said Mr. Trump had been given “an additional 45 days, but the president intends to file as soon as possible.”
What Harvard and Your Local Commuter College Now Have in Common
The Chronicle database shows the most intense plans for online learning are at both ends of the selectivity spectrum. Many community colleges are also going online only, along with commuter campuses like the California State University System, which announced its online plans back in May. All of a sudden, Stanford has a lot in common with your local two-year vocational college. Nearly half of all Cal State students live at home with their parents, often studying while holding down jobs. This isn’t much of a problem for very wealthy colleges that enroll mostly wealthy students.
Nationals' Carter Kieboom describes finding the positive in delayed baseball start
Nationals' Carter Kieboom describes finding the positive in delayed baseball startNationals third baseman Carter Kieboom talked about how the 2020 baseball season being delayed due to coronavirus allowed him to continue to work on his game.
Driver Charged With Vehicular Homicide in Death of Seattle Protester
A Seattle man who the authorities said drove into a protest on a closed section of Interstate 5 over the weekend, killing one demonstrator, was charged on Wednesday with vehicular homicide, vehicular assault and reckless driving. Two of the charges, vehicular homicide and vehicular assault, are felonies, a spokesman for the prosecuting attorney’s office said. Mr. Kelete could face more than 13 years in prison, said the spokesman, Casey McNerthney. were still investigating the matter, and Mr. Kelete could face additional charges, according to a statement from the prosecutor’s office. The authorities said that Mr. Kelete was driving a white Jaguar XJL when he drove into the demonstrators “at a high rate of speed” early on Saturday morning, striking two protesters.
Stanford to discontinue 11 sports programs following 2020-21 academic year
The trouble finally reached the Power Five conferences Wednesday when Stanford announced it would discontinue 11 programs following the 2020-21 academic year. The 22 coaches who lead the cut programs will be forced to continue their careers elsewhere. The loss of nonrevenue programs at Stanford and other universities threatens the pipeline of Olympic talent in the United States. In 2016, the NCAA reported that more than 400 members of the U.S. Olympic team were future, current or former college athletes. Other schools have cut programs with Olympic success.
Live updates: U.S. surpasses 3 million confirmed coronavirus cases as Trump pushes to reopen schools
“The crew’s effort to slow and turn the ship were futile,” John Abikhaled, president of the Travis County Medical Society, said in a dire video address Wednesday. “We all know what happened next.”If it doesn’t correct its course soon, there could be disastrous consequences, he said. The state has become a new hot spot — largely, experts say, because its leaders rushed to lift social distancing guidelines — and its death rate has been rising steadily since late June. “In Texas, if the pandemic continues unabated, our death count will start to look like New York’s body count of over 31,000,” Abikhaled said. Overrun hospitals mean “terrible decisions will have to be made about who receives care, and who does not,” he said.
Muere el artista venezolano Daniel Alvarado, según su hija
View this post on InstagramGracias a todas y cada una de las personas que han escrito y llamado, gracias por el amor, sabemos que ese amor es el mismo que entregó nuestro padre en vida . Gracias por sus palabras .
Retired two-star Army general pleads guilty to sexually abusing his daughter
(CNN) Retired Army Maj. Gen. James Grazioplene on Wednesday admitted to sexually abusing his then-teenage daughter in the 1980s , in exchange for a suspension of his sentence. His daughter, Jennifer Elmore, turned 49 on Wednesday. Grazioplene pleaded guilty in a Prince William County, Virginia, circuit court to aggravated sexual battery. Also in attendance were Ann Marie Grazioplene, Elmore's mother and the retired major general's wife, and three of Elmore's five children. Among the evidence collected by the Army were letters written by Elmore's mother throughout the 1980s, which detailed abuse.
An officer told George Floyd it took 'a lot of oxygen to talk,' body camera transcripts show
(CNN) After George Floyd repeatedly told police that he couldn't breathe, former Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin said, "Then stop talking, stop yelling, it takes a heck of a lot of oxygen to talk," according to transcripts of police body camera footage. Minutes later, Floyd was unresponsive and was later pronounced dead. The transcripts detail the last moments of Floyd's life and were taken from body cameras worn by former Minneapolis officers Thomas Lane and J. Alexander Kueng. The motion, filed by Lane's attorney Earl Gray, seeks to have Lane's charges dismissed by a judge. Lane is charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder and aiding and abetting second-degree manslaughter in Floyd's death.
Early school reopenings quell virus concerns (for most) – POLITICO
And experts are cautiously optimistic that sending children back to school may be relatively safe. And while the reproduction rate of the virus increased after the country began reopening, it has since dropped. “So far, so good,” said Schernhammer of the effects of reopening schools. On June 8, the NASUWT teachers’ union in the U.K. welcomed a government U-turn on plans for all primary school children to return by the summer holidays. Smaller groups of children, social distancing and shorter school days are some of the measures being implemented.
New climate report highlights 'enormous challenge ahead' for meeting Paris Agreement goals
The world is struggling to slow the effects of climate change, according to a report released Wednesday by the World Meteorological Organization that outlines new projections for rising temperatures over the next five years. The new forecasts also show that there is a 20 percent chance that global average temperatures could exceed 1.5 degrees Celsius in at least one of those years. Last month, the Siberian town of Verkhoyansk recorded a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius (100.4 degrees Fahrenheit), likely setting a new record for the hottest temperature recorded that far north. The WMO stressed that any observed decreases in emissions from the coronavirus pandemic should not replace meaningful action to address climate change. “Failure to tackle climate change may threaten human well-being, ecosystems and economies for centuries,” he said in the statement.
American, United stop flying to Hong Kong amid crew testing requirements
United Airlines and American Airlines have temporarily halted flights to Hong Kong after its government imposed coronavirus testing requirements for airline crews, the latest twist in a simmering scuffle between the U.S. and China over access to aviation markets. The details: Hong Kong’s Centre for Health Protection has said that as of Wednesday, incoming crews will be subject to the collection of “deep throat saliva specimens,” and any person refusing to be tested will be subject to a fine and imprisonment. If a crew member tests positive, “hospital admission will be arranged as soon as possible.”AdvertisementAmerican is halting flights to Hong Kong until Aug. 5 because of the requirements, according to an email the leadership of the Allied Pilots Association union sent to its membership.
Hayes on Trump push to reopen schools: The last person we should trust with safety of kids
Chris Hayes: “There are a bunch of problems that have to be solved in order to open schools safely. But the president is incapable of solving them. He just wants them open, so that people can go back to work, and so things can be 'normal,' so he can get reelected.”
Exclusive: New Hopkins tracker you’ll click constantly
Exclusive: New Hopkins tracker you’ll click constantly Presented byHIT REFRESH — Here’s an exclusive preview of the latest website that you will now bookmark and obsessively check: a new Johns Hopkins University tracker that analyzes school reopening plans across the country. The JHU eSchool+ Initiative’s new education tracker, launching Thursday, examines state plans in 12 categories from academics to protecting kids from Covid infections. “I am despairing for the future,” said David Eisenman, the director of the UCLA Center for Public Health and Disasters. Each state has, therefore, the power to regulate the public health through its own political process, responsive to its own citizens. “She was in one of her bad patches even before the pandemic, and the pandemic put her over the edge.
Bernie: Joint task force policies will make Biden ‘most progressive president since FDR’
Sen. Sanders on Biden-Sanders unity task force recommendations: “I think the compromise that they came up with, if implemented, will make Biden the most progressive president since FDR.”
Life in the WNBA bubble is a mixed (and mostly fruitless) bag
The early reviews have been decidedly mixed, and many of them have been aired on social media, much to the league’s embarrassment. “We have been working closely with IMG and the Players Association to address issues players have expressed about one of the housing locations on campus,” the statement read. “IMG is accommodating all player requests regarding these issues, including moving players to other accommodations. … Clearly there were a couple issues when people came, but I think that things have been solved from what I know. There is not much else to do before individual workouts start Thursday and team workouts Friday.
How Florida's coronavirus reopening unfolded under Gov. DeSantis
How Florida's coronavirus reopening unfolded under Gov. DeSantisBehind the twists and turns of Florida’s decision to reopen is Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.). Here’s a timeline of how the governor has handled the outbreak.
Russian ambassador calls reports of bounty program to kill U.S. soldiers a ‘downright lie’
ADAD“It would be no exaggeration to say that arms control issues have always been a core of the U.S.-Russia relations,” he said. “We are deeply concerned about the United States actions leading to the collapse of strategic stability.”Antonov spoke in a virtual discussion with the Center for the National Interest, a Washington think tank. Trump and Putin are not known to have spoken since allegations of the Russian bounty program surfaced. Shocked [by] what I see today in the United States,” he said. China declined, saying it would be happy to talk with the United States if Washington wanted to decrease its warheads to “parity” with Beijing’s.
Opinion | The contraception war that just won’t end
She questioned extending the religious exemption to “even publicly traded corporations” and allowing closely held companies and not-for-profits to block contraception coverage not only on religious grounds but also for more nebulous “moral” reasons. It covered only narrowly defined “religious employers.” It exempted churches, for example, but not religious universities or social-service agencies and hospitals. Since then, religious conservatives have pressed for ever-broader exemptions, culminating in the Trump administration’s rules and Wednesday’s court decision. There’s good reason to wonder whether history might have turned out differently if the Obama administration had been more accommodating to religious groups at the outset. But the Trump administration is allergic to the words “common ground.” It thrives on orchestrating as many cultural conflicts as it can across as many fronts as possible.
Opinion | Dear Dan Snyder: Don’t pick a new native-inspired team name
Don’t pick a new, native-inspired name or mascot that references our culture. In fact, it would be doubling down on the way your team has mocked our history and culture, reinforced stereotypes and promoted prejudice. Let’s be honest: Snyder did not undergo some spontaneous moral enlightenment that moved him off his 2013 promise that he would “NEVER” change the team’s name. And it will perpetuate the unseemly practice of parading native veterans in front of rowdy fans during halftime shows. As a Native American director of one of the Smithsonian museums, I feel a special responsibility to practice anti-racism.
Opinion | If Trump wants to reopen schools, here’s what his administration needs to do
But the Trump administration can’t just set a timeline without committing to the necessary work to ensure the health and safety of students, teachers and their families. The Trump administration needs to support these actions rather than cast doubt on the severity of the current surge. ADADAnother urgent and long overdue step: The administration needs to implement a national testing strategy and substantially ramp up testing capacity. Instead of making a commitment for this needed funding, the Trump administration is attacking local officials who are trying to balance complex competing priorities. The Trump administration needs to support the enormous efforts undertaken by school districts to accommodate vulnerable students and teachers, not to shame and threaten them.
Opinion | Trump is shouting for schools to reopen. He needs an actual strategy.
All over the country this week, teachers, parents, students and administrators are wrestling with the methods of how to accomplish this, knowing the stakes are high. Students have already lost months of work; many parents need to return to jobs; a host of knock-on effects flow from canceled classes, including mental health troubles. !” Mr. Trump declared on Twitter. Mr. Trump also ominously insisted he would press the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — the public health experts — to loosen guidance for school reopenings. Nearly a third of public school teachers are 50 or older.
Opinion | Congress’s bipartisan national-service bill would be a powerful tonic for what’s ailing America
ADADJoining them is a diverse Senate alliance that includes people you’d like to see, at least temporarily, working together: Sens. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), Lindsay O. Graham (R.-S.C.), Jack Reed (D-R.I.), Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.), John Cornyn (R-Tex. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is likely to support the measure if it’s included in a Senate stimulus package, her colleagues say. But national service isn’t a cure-all. But perhaps Senate Republicans will do the right thing and support a big idea whose time has come again.
I’m a black CEO. I’ve been discounted on Wall Street because of my skin color.
I was raised in the Jim Crow South, when the railroad tracks separated whites from blacks and African Americans were considered second-class citizens. I founded Brown Capital Management in Baltimore, which now employs predominantly African American professionals and manages more than $14 billion in client assets. In my years on Wall Street, I have been doubted, discounted and judged reflexively on the basis of my skin color. What will change when corporate leaders still falsely claim there is not enough black talent to ascend the ranks? Similarly, 88 percent of senior fund managers are white and even analysts and associate managers, more junior positions, are more than 70 percent white.
Man who allegedly drove car into Seattle demonstration, killing protester, charged with homicide
The car struck two people — Summer Taylor, a 24-year-old Seattle resident, and Diaz Love, 32 — then fled the scene, speeding down the highway. Very wrong.” Love, who live-streamed the protest from the highway, said people had been sending them death threats through the social network. John Henry Browne, the defense attorney who represents Kelete, told the Associated Press that Kelete, who is black, was sorry and did not have political motivations. He feels tremendous guilt,” Browne told the AP. After the car hit protesters in Seattle, a detective in the King County Sheriff’s Office published posts on Facebook disparaging the injured demonstrators.
With pressure and threats, Trump pushes to fully reopen schools. Schools say: Not so fast.
Miami-Dade County Public Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho said his district would not reopen until coronavirus rates have been reduced. ADADAdministration officials gave conflicting answers Wednesday as to whether hybrid models like New York’s would satisfy Trump’s call for schools to reopen. And they pressed the administration’s campaign to open school buildings. On Tuesday, Trump promised a pressure campaign aimed at opening schools this fall, and on Wednesday, he was true to his word. Democrats agreed that schools should reopen but said Trump was putting politics ahead of safety.
Bad Bunny hace historia en la nueva portada de Playboy
View this post on Instagram@badbunnypr for PLAYBOY ? “He has powers because he thinks differently and has a vision of the future beyond what others see.” Introducing our first digital cover. Visit the link in bio for the full story by @er_pulgar ? Photography by @stillz
Trump no reconoce la amenaza de Rusia o China en América Latina, dice John Bolton en Oppenheimer Presenta
“No creo que él reconozca la amenaza a los intereses estadounidenses en América Latina por parte de actores externos como Rusia y China. Creo que se le ha explicado esa amenaza en el contexto de Venezuela en particular, y ha dicho que necesitamos sacar a los rusos y los chinos, por ejemplo. Entonces, como en muchas otras áreas, debido a que no está guiado por una filosofía o una estrategia, se vuelven comentarios anecdóticos y episódicos que no son desarrollados de forma persistente y consistente. Y al final lo que eso hace es dejarnos con políticas debilitadas e inadecuadas en muchas áreas”, respondió el exasesor de Seguridad Nacional de EE.UU. John Bolton a Andrés Oppenheimer sobre qué fue lo que más le habría soprendido de Trump al hablar sobre Latinoamérica.
A John Bolton le preocupa mucho que si Trump es reelegido busque reunirse con Maduro, en Oppenheimer Presenta
“Bueno, sí eso me preocupa mucho, y como sabes, en el libro explico que la mayor preocupación que tengo es que se tomaron muchas decisiones de seguridad nacional sin base en factores importantes en juego, sin importar el contexto, como en el caso de Corea del Norte, Irán, Afganistán, o el tema que fuera. Entonces, mi temor es que, dado que muchas de estas decisiones se basaron en motivaciones políticas, ese factor se eliminará de la ecuación si el presidente es reelegido, es decir, si ya no tiene que volver a pedir el apoyo de los votantes, una vez se elimine esa barrera de protección. No creo que sea seguro predecir lo que él estaría dispuesto a hacer”, dijo John Bolton en entrevista con Andrés Oppenheimer para CNN en Espańol.
John Bolton dice por qué cree que Trump se resiste a usar una máscara facial, en Oppenheimer Presenta
“Creo que él también ve el aspecto político de eso, ya sabes, el hecho de que lo haga parecer débil, algo que nunca le gusta parecer, y también porque sería una concesión reconocer que, de alguna manera, el virus es más grave de lo que él quiere que sea. En el libro cuento que en los primeros días de enero y febrero, cuando el personal del Consejo de Seguridad Nacional y del Centro para el Control de Enfermedades hablaba sobre los riesgos de esto, él no quería saber nada al respecto. No quería escuchar comentarios negativos sobre el presidente de China Xi Jinping. No quería preocuparse por un impacto negativo en la economía de los EE.UU., lo que socavaría su reelección. Entonces, creo que usar el cubrebocas es, en cierto sentido, admitir que se trata de un problema de salud muy grave, y no estoy seguro de que él todavía comprenda o crea eso en el fondo de su corazón”, dice John Bolton a CNN en entrevista con Andrés Oppenheimer.
Sylvester Turner becomes latest mayor to step on the national stage by canceling Texas GOP convention
(CNN) Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner thrust himself into the national spotlight Wednesday with his decision to cancel the contract for the Texas Republican Party to hold its state convention in the city. In making the announcement, the Democrat spoke in deeply personal terms about the memory of his late mother to explain his decision. And if your mom was alive today working at one of these hotels (would) you as the mayor still allow this convention to go forth and run the risk of infecting your mom?' Turner continued: "So you don't have to be my mom, OK? And if you're not willing to step up and do the right thing, I am not going to divorce my responsibility and my job."
Trump's threat to defund education adds pressure to schools squeezed by coronavirus
(CNN) President Donald Trump's threat Wednesday to cut off federal funding for schools if they don't open in the fall is the latest stress for schools already reeling from the coronavirus pandemic. But Trump could try to restrict some recent pandemic relief funding or refuse to sign future education grants and bailouts, and any reductions in federal funding would hit schools hard. Colorado slashed about $540 million from K-12 operations for the current fiscal year, but the state received $510 million in federal relief money for schools. Mike DeWine cut $300 million in public school funding for the fiscal year that ended June 30. Though some of the reductions are being offset by federal funding, it will not make up all of the losses, said Wendy Patton, senior project director of Policy Matters Ohio, a left-leaning group.
The Ivy League cancels football and all other sports for the fall semester
(CNN) Don't expect Ivy League sports this fall due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The Ivy League Council of Presidents said Wednesday that all fall sports, including football, will not be played at its colleges, to include Harvard, Princeton and Yale. The announcement makes the Ivy League the first Division I conference to drop out of the upcoming college football season. A decision on the future of winter or spring sports and whether fall sports could be played in the spring of 2021 will be "determined at a later date," the Ivy League said in a news release. The league, which consists of eight private universities, including Harvard, Princeton, Yale and the University of Pennsylvania, added that student-athletes will be able to train as long as they are following school and state regulations.
This chart should be getting Trump's attention
Trump's newest allergy to professional opinion comes directly on the heels of him encouraging states to open up before meeting the CDC's earlier guidelines. Will states again follow his lead and reopen schools before the virus is under control? Potentially of interest to parents: A summer camp in Arkansas closed down Wednesday after an outbreak of Covid among campers. What's most striking about Trump's insistence that everything is fine, despite the resurgence of cases, is that it's hitting states that voted for him. But these are among the many states now reinstituting restrictions on their residents, because the disease is spiraling out of control.
Brazilian press group to sue President Jair Bolsonaro for taking off mask
The Brazilian Press Association has said it will file a lawsuit in Brazil's Supreme Court against President Jair Bolsonaro over possibly exposing members of the media to Covid-19, according to a statement from the association.
Amazon pulls Washington Redskins merchandise from site as calls to change team name escalate
New York (CNN Businesss) Amazon is removing Washington Redskins merchandise from its online store, adding to pressure on the NFL team to change its name. The team on Friday said it would review its name , which has long been denounced by Native American groups as an ethnic slur and a derogatory reference to skin color. The announcement came after several of the team's sponsors requested the name change, following pressure from investors. Amazon AMZN said it told sellers it is removing products with the team's name and logo from its store after the team's Friday announcement, the online retailer confirmed to CNN. Pepsi PEP FedEx FDX Last week, 100 investment groups wrote letters to Nike,, and— sponsors of the Washington team — asking them to end their relationships with the team if it didn't change its name.
Coronavirus timeline: Tracking the critical moments of COVID-19
Get breaking news alerts and special reports. From citywide quarantines to infections aboard cruise ships to cancellations of major international events, the global public health emergency caused by the coronavirus has been unfolding rapidly and dramatically. The virus, which causes the COVID-19 disease, emerged in Wuhan, China, in late 2019. Since then it has spread to more than 200 countries and territories. Full coverage of the coronavirus outbreakHere's how the outbreak has evolved:
Lady A, formerly Lady Antebellum, sues blues singer who goes by same name
The band Lady A — formerly Lady Antebellum — has filed a lawsuit against a Black woman who has performed with the name Lady A for the past two decades. The band told TODAY they filed the lawsuit after Lady A the blues singer, Seattle-based Anita White, “demanded a $10 million payment" from them. The band created promotional materials and advertised on their website using the name Lady A starting in 2008, the lawsuit claims. The day after the band's name change announcement, White told Rolling Stone she had been shocked by the news. Last month, the band and singer seemed to have reconciled, with both posting a photo of a video chat together.
Summer camps close after Covid-19 outbreaks among campers and staff
(CNN) A summer camp in Arkansas and another in Missouri have closed down after campers and staff tested positive for Covid-19. At the Kanakuk K-2 Camp in Lampe, Missouri, 82 campers, counselors and staff tested positive for Covid-19, according to a Facebook post by the Stone County Health Department. The K-2 camp is for teenagers, aged 13-18, according to Kanakuk's website. The health department added that it is working closely with camp officials to identify exposed individuals and quarantine them. Meanwhile, in Mount Ida, Arkansas, Camp Ozark has temporarily shuttered its doors, according to Dr. Nate Smith, Arkansas cabinet secretary for the Department of Health.
The left gets rolled on legalizing pot — and legal protections for cops
But they struggled to persuade Biden’s team on criminal justice policy beyond what he has already embraced. “They really pushed them,” added Sara Nelson, the Flight Attendants Association union leader who was chosen by Sanders to co-chair the economic task force. Likewise, Vanita Gupta, a former acting assistant attorney general chosen by Biden to serve on the criminal justice task force, supports ending qualified immunity. One area of criminal justice reform that applies to immigrants was strongly praised by progressives. Sanders appointees view their work as far from over, said Marisa Franco, a member of the immigration task force and co-founder of the Latino mobilization group Mijente.
Opinion | Mark Zuckerberg Is Right
At a widely noted speech at Georgetown University last fall, Zuckerberg stated that it’s important “we hold each others’ right to express our views and be heard above our own desire to always get the outcomes we want.” He noted that free speech has been central to the worldwide fight for democracy. One flashpoint was Zuckerberg’s reference to the importance of the First Amendment to the cause of civil rights over the years. The left has been sore at Facebook since 2016 and bought into the cracked idea that Russian actors spending tens of thousands of dollars on Facebook ads somehow swayed a presidential election, when the presidential campaigns themselves spent tens of millions on Facebook ads. I’ve been harshly critical of Facebook over the years, but on this it is right. Despite all the corporate names associated with it, the advertising boycott is a mere flesh wound in terms of the company’s revenue.
Newly Proposed Oversight Committee Would Restore Faith in NYPD, AG Says
Andrew Cuomo asked James to investigate whether NYPD officers used excessive force to quell unrest and enforce a citywide curfew in the wake of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis. Floyd’s death led to weeks of demonstrations in the city that became violent at times and prompted widespread allegations of police misconduct. In the meantime, she outlined several reforms intended to restore New Yorkers’ faith in law enforcement. James’ report followed harrowing testimony about New York City police officers slamming peaceful protesters to the ground, kicking a woman in the face and beating people with batons. The police oversight commission James proposed would redirect power from the department’s commissioner to a new board with representatives appointed by the City Council, public advocate, comptroller and mayor.
How the Smallest State Engineered a Big Covid Comeback
I’m still doing press conferences about this, and it hurts to have to say, we’ve lost more Rhode Islanders today. That’s when we said we need aggressive testing, very aggressive contact tracing and social distancing. So I called Larry Merlo, the CEO of CVS, and I said I need help, we need to do testing. That was a fun phone call, calling the bishop and telling him to suspend Mass in a very Catholic state. Within a couple days, you’ll know if you’re positive, and within a couple hours, you’ll get a call from health department.
Houston cancels plan to host Texas Republican convention
The city of Houston on Wednesday canceled plans to host the 2020 Texas Republican Convention next week as coronavirus cases surge in one of the country’s biggest virus hotspots. Mayor Sylvester Turner said on Wednesday that he’d told the operator of the indoor convention center to opt out of its contract with Texas’ Republican Party, citing health risks to first responders, convention workers and those attending the convention event. AdvertisementThe convention, scheduled for July 16-18, was expected to draw roughly 6,000 attendees to Houston’s indoor George R. Brown Convention Center.
Trump wants to reopen schools. Hint: It's not just about education.
A second White House official argued the administration has been thinking about this issue for months. Still, many state and local leaders have remained hesitant to fully reopen schools or take any actions that could exacerbate rising Covid-19 caseloads. “President Trump understands education is the single greatest equalizer in our society and that we need to get children back into the classroom so they do not fall behind and parents can return to work,” Trump campaign spokeswoman Samantha Zager said. Some allies also hope the campaign to reopen schools can help Trump win over some independent voters. “Trump is pushing to reopen schools because it’s a major issue for working families,” said Dan Eberhart, a major Republican donor and CEO of the drilling services company Canary LLC.
ICE's international student ban is a politicized pandemic response that hurts America
Collectively, international students contributed $45 billion to the U.S. economy in 2018, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce, and international students created or sustained more than 458,290 U.S. jobs in 2018-19. America’s science and technology research, for instance, is critically dependent on international students, as is its start-up ecosystem. Of course, the U.S. did not exactly have a history of welcoming international students with open arms before the Trump administration. I came to the U.S. as an international student when Ronald Reagan was president, and it was bad then and remained challenging thereafter. The companies that let you get that stuff done are run by — you guessed it — former international students Sundar Pichai (who holds an M.S.
Supreme Court ruling on birth control has some 'terrified' about potential harm to women
The Supreme Court’s decision on Wednesday to allow employers and colleges to opt out of providing free birth control coverage weighed heavily on one Loyola University Chicago graduate. “I am just so terrified because it has the potential to do so much harm to so many, because for young adults sexual and reproductive health care is often one of their primary health concerns,” said Frasik. Almost all women will use birth control at some point, and 86 percent have used three or more methods by their early 40’s, according to the Guttmacher Institute. Reproductive health rights advocates said that the ruling makes essential health care even more difficult to obtain. “The Supreme Court’s decision to allow the Trump administration to put control over people’s birth control in the hands of the whims of their bosses and employers is deplorable,” said Hogue.
The book to stop Trump's re-election? 'Art of the Deal' co-author on why new tell-all scares Trump
A new tell-all book by Pres. Trump’s niece is roiling the White House with a string of allegations and scathing criticism. Tony Schwartz, the co-author of "The Art of The Deal," joins MSNBC's Ari Melber to explain why despite the President’s general lack of interest in reading, he has always understood the branding and messaging power of books, and why this book may concern him and his re-election.
Michigan attorney general: Betsy DeVos ‘reverse Robin Hood’ taking from poorer schools to give to richer ones
Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel reacts to the Trump administration’s threat to “cut off” funding for schools that do not reopen in the fall from coronavirus lockdown. Nessel claims Education Secretary Betsy DeVos will “illegally” shift funds meant to help low-income schools to wealthier ones.
Billionaries, lobbyists reap PPP loan windwall
Lots of other multimillionaires and billionaires, and country clubs, and private jet companies were feeding at the government while small businesses went bankrupt. Joy says, “The reverse robin hood list reads like a political dossier.”
Nancy Pelosi: We have to hold Treasury accountable for distribution of PPP loans
On where some PPP loans went after the passage of the CARES Act, Speaker Nancy Pelosi says, “Where that money goes and is lent from is as important as a consideration and that has to be a part of everything we do. And we have to hold the Treasury Department accountable for that.”
Does Cuomo Share Blame for 6,200 Virus Deaths in N.Y. Nursing Homes?
New York is in the minority in reporting deaths in this way; California’s count, for example, includes most nursing home patients who were transferred to hospitals and died. It is difficult to do state-by-state comparisons about nursing home cases or deaths because reporting requirements vary widely. Some states report no cases or deaths at all. The federal government publishes some data, but is not requiring nursing homes to report cases or deaths that occurred before May. When looking at deaths as a share of the total state population, New York has fewer nursing home deaths per capita than neighboring states like Connecticut, Massachusetts or New Jersey.
Coronavirus caseload rises slightly in Washington region with key metrics mixed
It was not clear whether the more than 1,110 new coronavirus cases and 36 deaths reported by Virginia, Maryland and the District on Wednesday represent a blip or change in a trajectory. Virginia reported 635 new cases and 24 deaths Wednesday, with both numbers above the state’s recent averages. One of the key measurements of the virus’s spread — the number of people sick enough to be hospitalized — is moving in different directions in the Washington region. ADIn Maryland, Hogan continued to warn against complacency and raised alarm about the virus spreading faster among younger people. The District, Maryland and Virginia have recorded more than 148,000 coronavirus cases and about 5,700 deaths since the start of the pandemic.
‘Miss Confederacy’ statue removed as workers rid Richmond of Confederate icons
Stoney had work begin July 1, as a new state law took effect giving local authorities control over war memorials on their property. ADOn July 1, Stoney’s crews started with the statue of Stonewall Jackson, which was taken down during a thunderstorm. That has left just one iconic monument standing on the avenue, a bronze equestrian statue of Robert E. Lee owned by the state. ADThen it was back to Monument Avenue, where workers in a cherry picker used drills and hammers to loosen the female figure, who stood with her right arm pointing to the sky. She was also known as “Miss Confederacy,” according to a 2017 Richmond Magazine article on her creation.
Metro agrees to solar power deal worth $50 million
Goldman Sachs Renewable Power, the company that will reap the power generated, will pay Metro annually for renting the space through 2047. The company operates more than 800 solar projects in 27 states, according to Metro. Metro estimated the project will create 17 acres of photovoltaic solar panels, generating enough power for the equivalent of 1,500 homes. Pepco customers will be able to sign up to use the energy, Metro said. D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) lauded the project for its expected environmental impact, saying it will create a sustainable energy source to help fight climate change.
Can Washington’s football team pick a name already, so we can stop talking about polls?
It has come before when the team has faced intense pressure to drop the r-word from its identity. The afternoon I clicked on that piece, I figured I’d read through it, see some familiar arguments and move on. It didn’t just push against the effort to change the team’s name — it used my words to do so. ADADOf course, not all Native Americans feel that way. Others see those faces and start talking about how the country needs to be even harsher in its crackdown on immigration.
Amazon will disclose merchant names to discourage rogue sales
ADADOften the names of third-party sellers on the site are an odd collection of letters that have no relation to the company’s actual name. But sellers do provide that information to Amazon when they establish their business accounts. “Amazon doesn’t do random things, just to try to help consumers,” said Juozas Kaziukenas, chief executive of the e-commerce research firm Marketplace Pulse. Those concerns came after a Wall Street Journal investigation found 4,152 unsafe items listed for sale on Amazon. ADForcing merchants to disclose their business names and addresses could discourage rogue sellers from listing products on the site.
Mystics’ Elena Delle Donne, Tina Charles don’t travel to Fla., could miss 2020 season
Delle Donne, 30, has chronic Lyme disease, flare-ups of which have caused her to miss significant playing time throughout her career. Los Angeles Sparks guard Kristi Toliver, a starter for the Mystics last season, and forward Chiney Ogwumike also opted out. ADADIf Delle Donne and Charles receive medical exemptions from the league, both will be paid for the shortened season. ADADStill, Delle Donne and Charles would be nearly impossible to replace — both on the court and in terms of the buzz Washington had entering the season. With Charles, Delle Donne and Meeseman, most pegged the Mystics as odds-on favorites for a second consecutive title.
America is running short on masks, gowns and gloves. Again.
For weeks, nurses have posted online testimonials about a lack of PPE, with some given surgical masks instead of N95 masks because of shortages. In interviews, White House officials said concerns over PPE shortages are overblown. ADADIn a survey of 23,000 registered nurses, National Nurses United found 85 percent were asked to reuse masks designed for single use. A survey of 14,300 nurses by the American Nurses Association, an advocacy group, found 79 percent being asked to reuse masks and 45 percent reporting PPE shortages at their facility. But multiple hospitals across the region have millions of isolation gowns, masks and also hundreds of thousands of N95 masks,” Polowczyk said.
The politicians who benefitted from the government's coronavirus small business loans
LIVE PoliticsThe politicians who benefitted from the government's coronavirus small business loans
As economy reels from pandemic, Trump and Mexican president mark start of 3-nation trade pact
Later in the day ahead of a dinner at the White House, López Obrador nodded at the past tensions in an attempt to minimize them. ADThe deal aims to reshape North American auto production by requiring that more work be performed in high-wage factories in the United States. ADDuring a news briefing, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany called the deal “good for businesses as President Trump rebuilds the strongest, most inclusive economy in history. While Trump didn’t mention the arrest of Cesar Duarte, it was widely seen in Mexico as a goodwill gesture from the White House. The Mexican president had promised to win the extradition of the notorious politician, who is wanted on corruption charges.
Surge in virus hospitalizations strains hospitals in several states
ADAD“This community has got to do something to change the direction of the virus,” David Persse, Houston’s chief public health doctor, said. But Miami hospital workers fear that might not be enough. Hospital workers are adding negative pressure systems to rooms so that they can be used for covid-19 patients, said Nicholas Namias, chief of trauma and surgical critical care. Hospitalizations for the virus in Texas have more than doubled in the past two weeks, filling nearly 80 percent of the state’s hospital beds. Cindy Zolnierek, head of the Texas Nurses Association, said some hospitals are implementing “just-in-time” training to boost their staff.
Trump highlights cooperation with Mexico on border security, coronavirus
Trump highlights cooperation with Mexico on border security, coronavirusPresident Donald Trump described U.S. cooperation with Mexico on border security and battling coronavirus during a July 8 joint news conference with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador
Mexican president praises Trump for being 'increasingly respectful' to Mexicans
Mexican president praises Trump for being 'increasingly respectful' to MexicansMexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador thanked President Donald Trump and the U.S. during a joint news conference on July 8 on a new trade deal.
Lopez Obrador’s diplomacy of subservience at the White House - The Washington Post
Rather than postponing his own trip to Washington, López Obrador carried on. For López Obrador it was also a missed opportunity to confront a man he has been criticizing, from afar, for years. In 2017, he toured the United States, speaking eloquently to immigrant communities whom he vowed to defend once in office. Trump, López Obrador said during Wednesday’s joint statement in the Rose Garden, has been “gentle and respectful” of Mexico. López Obrador’s sympathizers will likely argue that this cynicism is actually a shrewd appeasement strategy.
Opinion | Why conservative justices are more likely to defect
But this explanation fails to account for a basic asymmetry: While conservative justices often break ranks to give liberals a 5-to-4 majority, liberal justices rarely do the same in reverse. Hence the most conservative justices rarely defect. But in critical cases, involving central commitments of the unwritten constitution, it is highly likely that one or more of the middling conservative justices will do so. Liberal justices, by contrast, are more likely to agree with the concrete order’s commitments in any event. Conversely, the shape of the unwritten constitution also explains recent cases in which no conservative justices defected.
Here's how to volunteer for a Covid-19 vaccine trial
(CNN) If you want to be one of the first to receive an experimental vaccine for Covid-19, now's your chance. Despite the delay, the Covid-19 vaccine trials are moving at an unprecedented speed, as researchers try to accomplish in months what usually takes years. Del Rio said he enrolls six or seven study subjects a week in a typical clinical trial, but for the Covid vaccine trial he'll try to enroll that number in a day. Dr. Richard Novak, another clinical trial veteran agrees. What researchers are looking forOn the new website, anyone interested in joining a vaccine study can fill out a quick questionnaire.
Add fruit, veggies and grains to diet to reduce type 2 diabetes risk by 25%, studies say
The study compared nearly 10,000 adults with new-onset type 2 diabetes to a group of nearly 14,000 adults who remained free of diabetes. There was a 25% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes for every 66 extra grams of fruit and vegetables eaten each day, the study found. Whole grains good, except popcornThe second study used questionnaires to measure the whole grain intake of more than 158,000 women and nearly 37,000 men taking part in the Nurses' Health Study, Nurses' Health Study II, and Health Professionals Follow-Up Study. These statistics held true even after adjusting for body mass index and other lifestyle and dietary risk factors for diabetes, the study said. The study found an increased rate of type 2 diabetes with eating one or more servings of popcorn a day.
What Matters: We don't know much more about Trump's finances now than we did in 2016. The Supreme Court may change that
The Supreme Court is set to rule Thursday whether Trump's accountants must turn his financial records over to House Democrats and New York prosecutors investigating hush money payments. Punt -- Don't be surprised if the Supreme Court Don't be surprised if the Supreme Court kicks the issue back to lower courts , allowing another election to pass without voters knowing the financial interests of a candidate and now of the sitting President. What is Trump's "income?" While the President and vice president submit disclosure forms, they aren't subject to ethics requirements governing other federal appointees and employees . And two of the wealthiest members of Trump's Cabinet had their initial disclosure forms rejected by OGE in 2019.
Bed Bath & Beyond plans to close 200 stores over the next two years
New York (CNN Business) Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY) announced Wednesday that it plans to close roughly 200 stores in the next two years. The retail chain — which also operates Buybuy Baby, Christmas Tree Shops and Harmon Face Values — said it would be mainly closing Bed Bath & Beyond stores, starting later this year. It wasn't clear which stores the company would close, and it didn't immediately respond to requests for comment. Just like many other retailers, Bed Bath & Beyond was forced to temporarily close stores because of coronavirus. "The impact of the Covid-19 situation was felt across our business during our fiscal first quarter, including loss of sales due to temporary store closures," said Bed Bath & Beyond Chief Executive Mark Tritton.
Two strangers become heroes after saving siblings from apartment fire
At the scene of a devastating apartment fire, a retired Marine saved the life of a three-year-old boy by catching him after he was thrown from the burning building, while another man rushed into the blaze to rescue the boy’s sister.
Snowboard World Champion, Olympian Alex Pullin Dies in Spearfishing Accident
Clive Rose/Getty ImagesAlex Pullin, who was a three-time Winter Olympian and two-time world snowboard champion, died at the age of 32 on Wednesday. The Associated Press reported police said Pullin drowned while spearfishing in his native Australia and was found by a snorkeler. "Alex was a beloved member of the Snow Australia community and he will be dearly missed." Pullin represented Australia in the 2010, 2014 and 2018 Winter Olympics in the men's boardercross events, finishing in the top 10 in 2018. He was also his home country's flag bearer at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and won gold medals at the 2011 La Molina and 2013 Stoneham world championships.
United Airlines warns employees of 36,000 possible involuntary furloughs
As coronavirus cases surge across the country and travel demand remains low, United Airlines has warned that 36,000 employees may lose their jobs on October 1st as the company seeks to shrink its business and cut costs.
Joint Biden-Sanders task forces unveil progressive platform after months of negotiations
The task forces drafted a joint approach to climate change, criminal justice, the economy, education, health care and immigration. "But I do believe that the Climate Task Force effort meaningfully & substantively improved Biden's positions." In a statement, Biden commended the task forces "for their service and helping build a bold, transformative platform for our party and for our country. The task force recommended a commitment to eliminating carbon pollution from power plants by 2035 and an expansion of solar and wind energy systems. The task force supported making Social Security "more progressive" by "meaningfully increasing minimum benefit payments, increasing benefits for long-duration beneficiaries, and protecting surviving spouses from benefit cuts."
Are we on the verge of a 'Democratic tsunami'?
(CNN) The debate among smart political handicappers is no longer whether former Vice President Joe Biden is a clear favorite over President Donald Trump to win the White House in the fall. "This election is looking more like a Democratic tsunami than simply a Blue wave," wrote The Cook Political Report's Amy Walter on Wednesday. "Republican strategists we've spoken with this week think Trump is close to the point of no return. A couple of others wondered if Trump had reached his 'Katrina' moment: a permanent loss of trust and faith of the majority of voters." Backing up that prediction, The Cook Political Report, a nonpartisan campaign tip sheet, moved a series of states in Biden's direction: Wisconsin and Pennsylvania moved from "Toss Up" to "Lean Democrat" and Georgia was moved from "Lean Republican" to "Toss Up."
Ivy League colleges calls off all fall sports, including football, due to coronavirus
The ongoing coronavirus pandemic prompted Ivy League schools to cancel their upcoming fall sports seasons Wednesday, suggesting that other major intercollegiate bodies could follow suit. Athletic Director Vicky Chun's statement regarding the Ivy League decision on fall 2020 competition. The Ivy League's move also causes a ripple across the NCAA as various teams lose a scheduled opponent for non-conference games. It remains to be seen if the Ivy League's fall sports postponement will be the first domino to tumble across major college sports. While Ivy League football competes in the NCAA's second tier, the Football Championship Subdivision, it still represents a major symbolic role in the 151-year-old sport.
Father And Sons Charged After Allegedly Selling ‘Miracle’ Bleach COVID-19 Cure
Four Florida men are facing federal charges for allegedly refusing a court order to stop selling a toxic bleach solution called “Miracle Mineral Solution,” or MMS, as a drinkable preventative, treatment and cure for COVID-19. The Grenons’ company, the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, was raided by multiple agencies executing search warrants on Wednesday, local station WWSB reported. The company brands itself as a church, but it said on its website that it is not religious. tarasov_vl via Getty Images Genesis II Church of Health and Healing allegedly marketed “Miracle Mineral Solution” as a preventative, treatment and cure for COVID-19. The product was a combination of sodium chlorite and water, authorities said.
Supreme Court set to decide who can see Trump’s tax returns, financial records
Covid-19 outbreaks in the United States led the court to suspend in-person arguments, hold its first-ever telephone arguments and push some cases into the fall. The Trump subpoena cases were originally set to be heard on March 31, but the actual, virtual arguments were conducted on May 12. And even a ruling in Congress’ favor doesn’t guarantee that lawmakers will move to make Trump’s tax returns public before November. Several justices said Trump’s lawyers were ignoring or downplaying Clinton v. Jones, which green-lighted civil litigation that many would consider less weighty than a congressional subpoena or a criminal investigation. Trump’s personal lawyers said permitting such prospecting would lead to a flurry of similar requests, potentially unleashing 2,300 local prosecutors to target the president.
A Kennedy strikes a blow to New Jersey’s most powerful political machine
| Mel Evans/AP PHoto New Jersey A Kennedy strikes a blow to New Jersey’s most powerful political machine It’s a stunning turn of events. George Norcross, a wealthy insurance executive, has for decades run New Jersey’s most vaunted Democratic political machine, a seemingly unstoppable behemoth that carries huge influence over who leads the state Legislature and what bills become law. Fourteen months later, the question in New Jersey political circles isn’t whether the governor will face such a challenge. “All Empires crumble.”Many New Jersey political observers who hold less of a grudge against Norcross than Altman don’t think his machine is on the verge of crumbling. But Kennedy — a member of the political dynasty who was backed by Murphy, public sector unions and progressive groups — won handily, dealing the Norcross machine a stunning defeat on its own turf.
Ivy League Scraps All Sports Till January Amid Pandemic
Ivy League school officials announced Wednesday that all sports would be canceled until at least January amid the coronavirus pandemic. As CBS News noted, the Ivy League could still choose to move its football season to the spring of 2021. “You can’t move all the sports to the spring; the logistics don’t work,” the source said. These decisions are extremely difficult, particularly when they impact meaningful student-athlete experiences that so many value and cherish. “There can be no greater responsibility — and that is the basis for this difficult decision.”
Merkel sees tough road to EU budget and recovery deal
Merkel echoed that sentiment in a speech to the European Parliament on Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday's high-level discussion itself was a victory for European Parliament President David Sassoli, who demanded the session take place. The Parliament is particularly intent on the issue of creating new revenue streams for the EU budget, known as "own resources," or on expanding existing sources of revenue. Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron support the grants initiative, but any one EU country can veto the budget-and-recovery package. This article is part of POLITICO’s coverage of the EU budget, tracking the development of the seven-year Multiannual Financial Framework.
Ivy League Suspends Fall Sports Due to Coronavirus Pandemic
The Ivy League on Wednesday became the first Division I conference to suspend all fall sports, including football, because of the coronavirus pandemic, leaving open the possibility of moving some seasons to the spring if the outbreak is better controlled by then. “We simply do not believe we can create and maintain an environment for intercollegiate athletic competition that meets our requirements for safety and acceptable levels of risk,” the Ivy League Council of Presidents said in a statement. The league said it has not yet determined whether fall sports can be moved to the spring. Ivy League schools are spread across seven Northeastern states that, as of mid-July, have seen some success at mitigating the COVID-19 pandemic. But while Ivy League football remains a quaint extracurricular activity, the sport drives millions in revenues for Power Five schools.
Tulsa health official: Trump rally ‘likely’ source of virus surge
Trump’s Tulsa rally, his first since the coronavirus pandemic hit the U.S., attracted thousands of people from around the country. Dart had urged the campaign to consider pushing back the date of the rally, fearing a potential surge in the number of coronavirus cases. Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh said the campaign went to great lengths to ensure that those who attended the rally were protected. “Meanwhile, the President’s rally was 18 days ago, all attendees had their temperature checked, everyone was provided a mask, and there was plenty of hand sanitizer available for all. Although masks were provided to rally goers, there was no requirement that participants wear them, and most didn’t.
Grim projection: 200,000 dead by Election Day
With the nation now reporting more than 50,000 new infections every day, most experts say the concept of a second wave is outdated. The Trump administration failed to take advantage of the time to ramp up its defenses, public health experts said — and instead of becoming a moment of national solidarity, the pandemic response has been fractured and disorganized. The deterioration in places like Arizona and Texas has also raised new questions about how much of the spread states are actually capturing amid severe testing backlogs. “We did not have sufficient protections in place to assure that as people traveled you wouldn’t see spread,” he said. Yet Trump remains adamant that the U.S. seek a return to normalcy in spite of warnings from public health experts and even some of his own advisers that it may be dangerous to do so.
Key battleground states most vulnerable to cutoff in jobless aid
With millions of workers still filing new claims for unemployment benefits — the Labor Department will report on the latest initial jobless claims on Thursday — Democrats argue that the additional aid is being cut off too early. “We have shielded ourselves from how damaging all these layoffs could have been by providing this aggressive effort around unemployment benefits,” he said. Most Americans support extending the additional aid past the July deadline, according to a Peterson Foundation-FT poll of 1000 likely voters. Republicans opposed to extending the aid point to recent positive economic reports that suggest the labor market may be recovering. Florida caps normal unemployment benefits at just $275 a week, one of the lowest rates in the nation.
Netflix’s ‘Mucho, Mucho Amor’ Captures Intimate Life Of Walter Mercado
Walter Mercado, a charismatic and widely adored astrologer, commanded the attention of millions of Latinx families almost every afternoon since the 1970s. They’d sit quietly, patiently waiting by the television to hear Mercado read their daily horoscopes, ready to soak in his dramatic guidance and contagious optimism. A new Netflix documentary, “Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado,” searches for the answers. I just want to enjoy this moment of my life,” Mercado says in the trailer. In the documentary, Mercado and company tell his side of this dispute, along with the vibrant story of his rise to stardom.
Pathologist shares findings from autopsies of COVID-19 patients
"We are seeing small strokes," Pathologist Mary Fowkes says. "The small strokes don't explain a lot of the clinical symptoms. So I think there's something else going on."
International students face censorship if sent back home to complete education
American Immigration Council Policy Export Aaron Reichlin-Melnick shares the significant hurdles ahead if universities are forced to choose between being online-only and their international students.
Trump admin plans to block asylum seekers from U.S. by citing public health risk of COVID-19
The Trump administration has proposed a new rule that would allow it to deny asylum to immigrants who are deemed a public health risk. The rule would apply to immigrants seeking asylum and those seeking "withholding of removal" — a protected immigration status for those who have shown they may well face danger if returned to their home countries. The determination of whether migrants pose a public health risk would be made at the "credible fear" screening — essentially the first interview of the application process to determine an immigrant has a credible fear of returning to their home country — not in immigration court. The credible fear interview transcript of an asylum seeker in the gated compound where she lives two hours outside of San Salvador, El Salvador on Sept. 6, 2018. Minear stated she considered the proposed rule a move to create a "backstop" in case the courts strike down other immigration limitations the administration has put in place.
Beto O’Rourke is calling for Texas Governor to resign, citing coronavirus response
Congressman Beto O’Rourke talks to Joy Reid about Texas government’s handling of the coronavirus and how they should proceed on opening schools in the fall. O'Rourke is also calling for Texas Governor Greg Abbott to resign: “We should be outraged and angered and demanding more from our leaders. And that’s why I took the step within the last couple of days to ask Governor Abbott to resign. He’s clearly not up for this moment.”
‘Hamilton,’ ‘The Simpsons’ and the Problem With Colorblind Casting
Despite this recent trend, actors and creators have defended such choices with purportedly merit-based arguments. The fact that Ariel is white has nothing to do with her story about wanting to be with her love and walk on land. The casting of a Black actress to play Hermione Granger in the play “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” provoked howls from many fans, but the character’s whiteness never had any bearing on her brilliance. The singer-actress Brandy was a Black Cinderella, with a white stepmother (Bernadette Peters) and a Black stepsister, as well as a white one. The prince was of Filipino descent, with parents who were Black and white (Whoopi Goldberg and Victor Garber).
Schools, Supreme Court, Summer Gardens: Your Wednesday Evening Briefing
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will issue new guidelines on how to reopen the country’s schools. The announcement came hours after President Trump assailed the agency’s current guidelines for reopening schools during the coronavirus pandemic and threatened to cut off aid to schools that refuse to fully reopen this fall. Mr. Trump has no control over around 90 percent of school district budgets. Vice President Mike Pence, speaking at a coronavirus task force briefing, said the C.D.C. would have guidelines next week but said the Trump administration didn’t want the guidance to be a reason schools didn’t open.
All in the Family Dynamics: Donald Trump’s Niece on the President’s Clan
ImageThe sanitized version of the family myth is that Fred Trump valorized the importance of hard work, but Mary says this simply isn’t true. Donald, though — he thrived in the world that his father created, even if, as Mary argues, his personality was ultimately deformed by the experience. But Mary, who was also a graduate student of comparative literature, knows how to tell a story and choose an anecdote. A section on the gifts that her family received from Donald and his first wife, Ivana, suggests that their feints at generosity were bizarrely cheap and therefore rich with symbolism. Her brother received a handsome leather-bound journal that was two years out of date; Mary received a cellophane-wrapped food basket consisting of crackers and salami and an indentation on the tissue paper where a jar of caviar had been removed.
What Will Trump’s Rally in New Hampshire Be Like? It’s Anyone’s Guess
Three days before President Trump’s latest rally, in a state that Hillary Clinton narrowly won in 2016, the only thing that seems clear is that the president’s team has no idea what to expect. Mr. Trump’s campaign is planning an event at an airport hangar in Portsmouth, N.H. It isn’t clear how many other Republican elected officials will come. Campaign officials believe they will be able to prevent the kind of ticket prank that helped turn Mr. Trump’s rally last month in Tulsa, Okla., into a far smaller event than expected — but they still cannot say for sure. “It’s not what we need right now in terms of Covid,” said Tom Rath, a well-known Republican and former New Hampshire attorney general.
#IAmVanessaGuillen: Women share stories of sexual assault in the military
Below, four women — one active service member and three veterans — share their stories. They are four voices among the chorus of hundreds who have spoken out in the wake of Guillén’s death. And they say they want bigger changes in military culture, including a mandatory third party to investigate claims of harassment and assault. Most of all, they say, they want to see a fundamental shift in how women are regarded in the military. As they protect their country, they want to feel protected by their country, too.
Shepard Smith, former Fox News anchor and frequent Trump target, to host CNBC nightly news show
But in recent years, Smith became a frequent target of attacks of President Trump and departed in October amid an atmosphere of internal conflict, which included an exchange of on-air barbs with opinion host Tucker Carlson. At the time, Smith divulged little about what sparked his sudden departure, only saying the decision to leave was his alone. “Recently I asked the company to allow me to leave Fox News and begin a new chapter,” he said in on-air remarks. CNBC reached out to Smith shortly after his departure from Fox News, according to a CNBC executive close to the discussions. I know I found a great home for my newscast.”“Gathering and reporting the news has been my life’s work,” Smith added.
Ivy League won’t hold sports this fall, becoming first D-I conference to suspend football season
But the financial stakes of not holding the college football season as scheduled at Power Five schools are massive compared to a conference like the Ivy League. Ivy League schools don’t compete in the Football Bowl Subdivision. ADThe Ivy League was the first to cancel its conference basketball tournament this spring. ADThe Ivy League said Wednesday that return-to-campus policies for athletes would be the same as the general student body. Division III Centennial Conference said this week that it decided to suspend all competition scheduled for the fall semester.
Fed’s Main Street lending program doesn’t have many large banks making loans to new customers
The Fed’s Main Street program has become a sort of litmus test for how effective the central bank’s multifaceted response to the recession can be. The Fed’s list of banks will continue to be updated, but it’s unclear how much more enthusiasm will follow the program. The Main Street program allows banks to make low-interest loans to businesses, and then the Fed purchases 95 percent of the loan from the bank. The Fed’s public balance sheet is updated each week, including with aggregate information on the Main Street facility. Since the Main Street program became entirely operational Monday, the Fed’s latest disclosure from July 2 won’t reflect loans made this week.
Kayleigh McEnany addresses Trump's Tweet criticizing CDC guidelines for schools
The FDA eased its ban on blood donations from gay men amid covid-19. Some say it's still not enough.
Muslim woman files discrimination complaint after Target barista writes ‘ISIS’ on her cup
But when her drink was ready, the acronym for the terrorist group the Islamic State had been written on the cup. The cafe’s supervisor told her, “Mistakes sometimes happen with customers’ names,” according to the complaint. ADAD“There is absolutely no way she [the barista] could have heard it as ‘ISIS,’ ” Aishah told CNN. CAIR has asked Target to fire the 16-year-old barista who took the order and the cafe’s supervisor. In 2016, a gunman shot two Muslim men on their way to their mosque for Ramadan prayers.
Live updates: U.S. surpasses 3 million confirmed coronavirus cases as Trump pushes to reopen schools
“The public health concerns outweighed anything else,” Turner said. “This decision is a decision to protect the health and safety of the employees, the delegates and members of the public. But a day later, Turner asked Houston First, the government corporation that operates the city convention center, to terminate its contract with the state Republican Party. On Wednesday afternoon, the corporation informed the party that it was calling off the event, Turner said. The city’s public health authority called the gathering “a clear and present danger.”
Resources to understand America’s long history of injustice and inequality
2020 | By Heather Long and Andrew Van DamNationwide, home values in predominantly African American neighborhoods were the least likely to recover from the Great Recession. 2020 | By Jared Bernstein and Janelle JonesHealthThe dangers of internalizing racism: Racism hurts. Black Americans account for just 13 percent of the U.S. population, but more than a quarter of police shooting victims. 2020 | By Dan Keating and Kevin UhrmacherOpinions: Incarceration rates of African Americans in general remain 5.6 times greater than those of white Americans. Aboveground, bold, busy galleries celebrate some of the cultural contributions African Americans have made to the country and the world.
TSA head orders new virus safety measures after meeting whistleblower
“I’ve never seen the truth make a difference so quickly.”A spokesman for the special counsel’s office declined to comment. ADPekoske met with Brainard last Monday, according to Devine, and the agency imposed the new measures before the July 4 holiday weekend. ADThe special counsel’s office ordered the investigation June 18, determining that Brainard’s allegations had a “substantial likelihood” of being true. ADThe TSA said then that it was following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in handling the virus. The TSA had previously revamped its security screening process in an attempt to reduce the chance of spreading the virus.
George Floyd warned police he thought he would die because he couldn’t breathe, according to body camera transcripts
Lane, according to the transcripts, appeared to ask Chauvin — the most senior officer at the scene — if they should reposition Floyd. Officer, before,” Floyd told Lane, according to the transcript. Because you was not listening to anything we told you,” Kueng told him, according to the transcript. “Man, you’re going to die of a heart attack,” one of the officers told Floyd. As the officers held Floyd to the ground, Chauvin asked the other officers if Floyd was “high.” Kueng told him they’d found “a pipe on him.” Floyd again told the officers he couldn’t breathe.
żCómo se cuidan del contagio de coronavirus los principales expertos en enfermedades infecciosas de EE.UU.?
24:12(CNN Espańol) –– Los expertos en enfermedades infecciosas más renombrados de Estados Unidos, como el Dr. Antony Fauci, han sido vitales en la respuesta de salud pública a la pandemia. En este episodio, el Dr. Elmer Huerta habla de un artículo publicado por el diario estadounidense The Washington Post que les preguntó a especialistas, incluyendo a Fauci, sobre cómo se cuidan del coronavirus en sus consultas y en su vida cotidiana. Hoy veremos las primeras 10 preguntas y respuestas, y en el episodio de mańana completaremos las nueve restantes. Todos los especialistas coinciden en que el uso de las mascarillas es un asunto central en sus vidas, y que las usan constantemente cuando están con gente alrededor. Casi todos los expertos tienen hijos que ya no viven en la casa, pero dijeron que tampoco los han invitado.
La pandemia de coronavirus podría causar una ola de dańo cerebral, advierten científicos
(CNN) — La pandemia de coronavirus podría provocar una ola de dańo cerebral en pacientes infectados, advirtieron investigadores británicos en un nuevo estudio publicado el miércoles. El estudio, publicado en la revista Brain, examinó a 43 pacientes tratados en los hospitales de UCL por coronavirus confirmado o sospechoso en el período de abril a mayo. Los pacientes tenían entre 16 y 85 ańos, y mostraron una gama de síntomas leves a severos. El virus que causa el covid-19 no fue encontrado en su fluido cerebral, lo que significa que el virus no parece atacar directamente al cerebro. Necesitamos entender más sobre el impacto de esta infección en el cerebro”, explicó.
Essure birth control device tied to higher rates of pain and bleeding, FDA says
(CNN) Even though it's no longer on the market, new data has emerged around potential side effects of the permanent birth control device Essure. The results show that, following each procedure, incidence of chronic lower abdominal or pelvic pain was reported among 9.1% in the Essure group and 4.5% in the tubal sterilization treatment group. Incidence of abnormal uterine bleeding was reported among 16.3% in the Essure group and 10.2% in the tubal sterilization treatment group, the study says. There were 340 patients in the Essure group and 788 patients in the tubal sterilization group. Then in 2018, Bayer announced it would no longer distribute or sell the Essure device in the United States.
OPINIÓN | La evaluación inquietantemente creíble de Mary Trump de su “peligroso” tío Donald
Ver más opiniones en CNNe.com/opinion(CNN) — Nadie explicará por completo a Donald Trump: la crueldad, la vanidad, la inseguridad convertida en un exceso de confianza masivo. A escala personal, Mary Trump vio un precedente para la frialdad de Donald Trump en la forma en que su tío trataba a su propio padre mientras él moría. Según Mary Trump, el viejo Trump consideraba la suavidad humana como vergonzosa y la debilidad como inaceptable. Décadas más tarde, Mary Trump dice que ve la disfunción que presenció cuando era un joven miembro del clan Trump que se desarrollaba a escala nacional durante la pandemia. Una sugerencia de la forma en que el desarrollo de Donald Trump fue arrestado en la infancia viene en una anécdota que Mary Trump comparte sobre un incidente que ocurrió desde el interior de la Casa Blanca.
Coronavirus canceled office clothing. These stores are in big trouble
The new work-from-home reality has rapidly recalibrated the fashion code for professional wear, and that spells trouble for the retailers who sell formal office clothing. With more work calls and team meetings now taking place from the comfort of home, office wear has become decidedly more relaxed. "Brooks Brothers' bankruptcy filing is really quite incredible," said Jessica Cadmus, a New York-based stylist whose clients mostly work in the finance industry. Even prior to the national shutdown, Cadmus said her clients were gravitating to a more relaxed work look. Goldman Sachs announced that its employees Last year,Goldman Sachs announced that its employees could start dressing down for the office .
Kanye's anti-vax stance is a risk for Gap
New York (CNN Business) Last month, Gap's announcement that it was partnering with Kanye West's fashion brand Yeezy on a clothing line in 2021 sent the retailer's shares soaring . Brand consultants said the comments could pose a risk to Gap. Gap and Yeezy did not immediately respond to requests for comment. "What's essential for Gap at this moment is that it's injected with a strong point of view, and people pay attention to the brand again," said Sehdev. "Gap knows it can't play it safe and is counting on this big risk translating into a big reward."
La Liga: Luis Suárez mantiene al Barcelona en la lucha
Bartomeu: Tenemos la obligación de renovar a Messi 0:37(CNN Espańol) — El Barcelona no se da por vencido en la recta final de La Liga y le puso presión este miércoles al Real Madrid tras derrotar al Espanyol en el derbi catalán. Un tanto solitario del uruguayo Luis Suárez al minuto 56? bastó para que el Barça lograra los tres puntos que necesitaba para mantenerse cerca al líder merengue. Ahora, el equipo culé queda a un punto del Madrid en la tabla de posiciones, con sus 76 unidades contra las 77 que ya tienen los dirigidos por Zinedine Zidane. El Real Madrid se pondrá al día el viernes cuando reciba al Alavés, y buscará volver a quedar con cuatro puntos de ventaja sobre su escolta, el conjunto azulgrana. La victoria del Barcelona también confirma el descenso del Espanyol a la segunda división.
Fay could develop this week into sixth-named storm of hurricane season with impacts along the East Coast
(CNN) If the weather system meandering through the Southeast develops, it will become Tropical Storm Fay, the sixth named system of the Atlantic hurricane season. If upgraded, Fay will be the earliest tropical storm that begins with an "F" on record. The previous record was set on July 21, 2005. "Environmental conditions are expected to be conducive for development and a tropical or subtropical cyclone is likely to form within the next day or so," the National Hurricane Center said. The system, currently impacting the South Carolina coast, is producing heavy rain, including offshore.
NASCAR Fast Facts
NASCAR runs three national series: NASCAR Cup Series, NASCAR Xfinity Series and NASCAR Gander RV & Outdoors Truck Series, which is for trucks only. Johnson is the only NASCAR Cup Series driver to win five consecutive championships (2006-2010). December 1, 2016 - NASCAR announces that it has signed a multi-year deal with Monster Energy, which replaces Sprint as entitlement sponsor. December 5, 2019 - NASCAR announces that the premier series' name will change to the NASCAR Cup Series beginning in 2020 and will feature four cornerstone brands as Premier Partners; Busch Beer, Coca-Cola, GEICO and Xfinity. February 14, 2020 - NASCAR reveals that the champion of the NASCAR Cup Series will be awarded the the Bill France Cup beginning in 2020.
Revisiting 'Hamilton' and power of unlearning what we think we know
Leah: I think that I am one of the only people on the planet who has NOT seen it. I think that many people would say that "Hamilton" is still zooming in on history from a very specific perspective -- i.e., the perspective of the (White) Founding Fathers. I think that it's fair to say that "Hamilton" was appealing to a different moment. White Americans are joining the cause more vigorously than at any moment in recent memory. Recommended for your eyes and earsThe fact that White Americans are joining the cause now more than ever speaks to a key question: Why now?
Dr. Deborah Birx: Masks can be a fashion statement
Dr. Deborah Birx promoted the use of masks to combat Covid-19 during a coronavirus task force briefing by saying they can be a fashion statement.
Prospects slim for new recovery package as Dems scoff at emerging Senate GOP proposal
Republicans in the Senate, led by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, are starting to piece together their own package. Sources involved in the talks said Wednesday that discussions centered around a GOP plan roughly one-third of the size of the $3 trillion proposal House Democrats pushed through their chamber in May. Indeed, bipartisan talks have yet to begin, as McConnell instead seeks to get Republicans on the same page with the White House. White House demands for schools to reopenOn Wednesday, Pence added a new wrinkle to the talks. According to aides, the White House has asked Senate Republicans to present them with a legislative framework for the next package by Friday.
Bolsonaro vetoes Covid-19 protections for indigenous people in Brazil
Sao Paulo (CNN) Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has vetoed several points of a law aimed at protecting indigenous communities against Covid-19 on Wednesday, according to the government's official journal. The proposed legislation establishes an emergency plan to combat the pandemic in indigenous territories and classifies indigenous people and other traditional communities as "groups in situations of extreme vulnerability." Bolsonaro vetoed points which assured access to drinking water, free distribution of hygiene products and the distribution of cleaning and disinfection materials to indigenous communities. If a majority in both houses vote against the President's vetoes, the law will be approved in its entirety. Otherwise, the law will move forward without the vetoed parts.
J K Rowling Fast Facts
(CNN) Here is a look at the life of J.K. Rowling , author of the Harry Potter book series. 1990 - Comes up with the idea for Harry Potter on a train ride from Manchester to London. 1994 - On public assistance and living in Edinburgh, Scotland, she writes "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" in coffeehouses while her daughter naps. 1999 - Scholastic, the American publisher of the Harry Potter series, is sued by Nancy Stouffer on grounds of trademark infringement. Stouffer claims elements from the Harry Potter series were taken from her 1984 book "The Legend of Rah and the Muggles."
Baby raptor discovered in Alaska may have been a permanent resident of the ancient Arctic
(CNN) Paleontologists may have identified a new species of dinosaur that lived, mated and nested in the Arctic 70 million years ago. Analysis of the tip of a fossilized jawbone, just 14 millimeters long, found in northern Alaska, showed that the creature was a type of dromaeosaurid, a group of predatory dinosaurs closely related to birds, whose members include the Velociraptor, the dinosaurs that terrorized in "Jurassic Park." The jawbone would have been from a young dinosaur chick, and the early developmental stage of the bone suggests it was born nearby. Many paleontologists believe the Arctic was a migration path for many types of dinosaur when they crossed between Asia and North America, but so far there's been little evidence found to suggest that the animals lived there year in, year out. "If juveniles from these dinosaurs are being found, it means that these animals had to spend a great deal of time mating and nesting in these sites," said Tony Fiorillo, a paleontologist at Southern Methodist University in Texas and chief curator of the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.
Viriginia eliminated its rape kit backlog, attorney general says
(CNN) Virginia has eliminated its backlog of rape kits , processing thousands of tests in a five-year project, Attorney General Mark Herring said. "Virginia's backlog of untested rape kits has been completely eliminated and it's never coming back," Herring said Wednesday at a press conference in Richmond, Virginia. While DNA is helping to solve more and more crimes, even those decades old, the backlog of unprocessed rape kits has long been a problem nationwide. According to End the Backlog , a program of the national non-profit Joyful Heart Foundation, it's estimated that there are hundreds of thousands of them across the country. Virginia is only the seventh state in the country to eliminate its rape kit backlog, according to Herring.
Stanford cuts 11 varsity sports programs as the pandemic worsens finances
(CNN) A gap in resources widened by the coronavirus pandemic is leading Stanford University to cut 11 varsity sports from the school's athletics program in 2021, the school announced Wednesday. The school says because of the costs associated with running 36 varsity sports teams, the athletics program has been carrying an economic deficit for years -- and the pandemic exacerbated the financial burden. The Cardinal sports teams to be eliminated are men's and women's fencing, field hockey, lightweight rowing, men's rowing, co-ed and women's sailing, squash, synchronized swimming, men's volleyball and wrestling. "Still processing, but we will keep our heads on a swivel and fight this," associate head wrestling coach Ray Blake wrote on Twitter . "Stanford has made this decision with wrestling in the past and each time, the program has come back stronger."
Report: MLB's Intake Testing for Coronavirus Produced 66 Positive Results
Charlie Riedel/Associated PressThe MLBPA reportedly informed players Tuesday that the intake round of COVID-19 testing returned 66 positive results, split between 58 players and eight staff members, according to Marly Rivera of ESPN. The second phase of testing—the "monitoring phase"—has begun, with the opening round of saliva tests coming back with 10 positive results (eight among players) from 2,111 tests. We cannot have our players and staff work at risk. We will not sacrifice the health and safety of our players, staff and their families. Without accurate and timely testing it is simply not safe for us to continue with Summer Camp.
Japan's Amusement Parks Warn Coaster Riders: Screaming Can Spread COVID-19
Japan’s amusement parks may not be as amusing as they used to be. Currently many of the country’s parks are open or reopening in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. However, park officials are hoping to minimize the possible spread of COVID-19 by asking customers not to scream while on rides, according to The Wall Street Journal. The edict is based on health studies that suggest actions such as coughing and screaming will spread the disease. “There’s just no way not to scream,” she told The Wall Street Journal.
Trump’s Florida Convention Could Be The First That Actually Helps Lose A State
And now all of a sudden it’s spiking up a little bit and that’s going to go down. One top Republican close to the White House acknowledged things could, indeed, go badly and wind up hurting Trump’s chances of winning the all-important state. “It’s one of the lowlights of Jacksonville’s history,” said Mike Binder, a University of North Florida political science professor whose recent poll showed that Jacksonville residents, by a 58-42 margin, opposed having the convention there right now. Added an older white woman: “I’m just here because I’m mad as hell.”Nymeyer thanked them for coming. could win the nomination, making it hard to win a more moderate swing state like Florida.
Merkel sees tough road to EU budget and recovery deal
German Chancellor Angela Merkel | Pool photo by Yves Herman/AFP via Getty Images Merkel sees tough road to EU budget and recovery deal German chancellor says ‘rigidity’ of positions could prevent accord at summit next week. Merkel echoed that sentiment in a speech to the European Parliament on Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday's high-level discussion itself was a victory for European Parliament President David Sassoli, who demanded the session take place. The Parliament is particularly intent on the issue of creating new revenue streams for the EU budget, known as "own resources," or on expanding existing sources of revenue. This article is part of POLITICO’s coverage of the EU budget, tracking the development of the seven-year Multiannual Financial Framework.
‘Dukes Of Hazzard’ Stars Dismiss Controversy Over Confederate Imagery
The former stars of “The Dukes of Hazzard,” which depicted the adventures of two “good ol’ boys” defying corrupt cops in a fictionalized Georgia county, have offered their take on the show’s prominent usage of the Confederate flag. ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ has been shot down, I believe unfairly. We haven’t missed a generation yet, but we may miss this next one.”Schneider has expressed similar views in the past, most notably on his YouTube channel. He has created videos challenging viewers to engage in “tough questions” on whether “The Dukes of Hazzard” was “a racially charged show,” decried division within the United States and criticized COVID-19 restrictions. Wopat, 68, offered a more nuanced response to the controversy, acknowledging that “the situation in the country has obviously changed in the last 40 years.”“I feel fortunate to be living in a time when we can address some of the injustices of the past,” Wopat said.
Republicans invite Parler CEO to rumble with Silicon Valley giants
The network has banned a variety of far-right personalities for violating its terms of service, which has generated great disgruntlement in some circles. “I will be on PARLER celebrating Independence Day with the rest of the patriots!” Nunes tweeted jubilantly on Independence Day. And the hearing could be a historic moment in the complex relationship between Silicon Valley and Washington. But the Republicans’ letters suggest their concerns about partisan social media censorship––which their Democratic colleagues emphatically do not share––will gain significant airtime at the hearing. Jordan sent a letter yesterday raising different concerns about the hearing and Democrats’ approach to the tech probe.
'Blind spots' in Arizona testing suggest community spread since reopening in mid-May
NBC News Correspondent Steve Patterson says officials are trying to avoid shutting down, but it’s still an option.
Trump's Tulsa Rally 'Likely' Source Of Coronavirus Surge: Health Official
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — President Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Tulsa that drew thousands of people in late June, along with large protests that accompanied it, “likely contributed” to a dramatic surge in new coronavirus cases, Tulsa City-County Health Department Director Dr. Bruce Dart said Wednesday. Tulsa County reported 261 confirmed new cases on Monday, a one-day record high, and another 206 cases on Tuesday. Statewide, Oklahoma health officials on Wednesday reported 673 new confirmed cases of coronavirus, the state’s second-highest daily total since the start of the pandemic. The health department also reported three additional COVID-19 deaths, bringing the statewide death toll to 407. In response to a recent surge in coronavirus cases, the cities of Norman and Stillwater have approved mandates that people must wear masks in public.
My Fat Body Is Not A Punishment, No Matter What Drew Barrymore Says
There’s the fact that Barrymore refers to her strenuous efforts to maintain a smaller body size as “her journey,” which frankly just makes me sad, even if she’s being glib. But what bothers me most of all is the idea, expressed in Barrymore’s joke that her body type is her “karma” for being “thin and mean in a former life,” that gaining weight, or simply having a fat body, is some kind of punishment. I was a fat kid, I was a very fat adolescent, and today I’m a slightly less fat but still plus-sized adult. Being fat, getting fat, staying fat: These are things that have no inherent moral value. “Taking care of yourself” is not defined as shrinking your body or maintaining a smaller body size.
Biden, Sanders unity task forces release policy recommendations
The former Democratic primary rivals unveiled the members of their unity task forces in May, about a month after Sanders suspended his campaign and endorsed Biden. Each of the six task forces, focusing on climate change, criminal justice reform, the economy, education, health care and immigration included members picked by Biden and Sanders, as well as co-chairs selected by each man. Biden linked the work of the task forces as integral to the country’s recovery from the devastation wrought by the coronavirus pandemic. Biden continued: “I commend the task forces for their service and helping build a bold, transformative platform for our party and for our country. And I am deeply grateful to Senator Sanders for working together to unite our party, and deliver real, lasting change for generations to come.”Sanders, for his part, expressed satisfaction with the policies laid out by the joint task force.
Steve Schmidt on why many Republican voters are splitting from Trump: ‘He’s a profound threat to the security of the country’
A striking new ad from Republican voters makes the case that their party has fallen under Trump. Meanwhile, polling shows voters who disliked both nominees in 2016 are increasingly willing to support Joe Biden
Ron Klain says the Trump administration pressuring schools to reopen this fall despite CDC guidance is ‘de ja vu all over again to what happened in April’
U.S. schools face pressure to balance safety against the growing pressure to reopen coming directly from the president
Ivy League colleges calls off all fall sports, including football, due to coronavirus
The ongoing coronavirus pandemic prompted Ivy League schools to cancel all of their upcoming fall sports seasons on Wednesday, suggesting that other major intercollegiate bodies could follow suit. "As athletics is expected to operate consistent with campus policies, it will not be possible for Ivy League teams to participate in intercollegiate athletics competition prior to the end of the fall semester." Wednesday's action comes after Harvard announced earlier this week it'd only be bringing a fraction of their students back to campus this fall with all learning online. The Ivy League, back on March 10 as the pandemic first took hold of North America, was the first conference to cancel its post-season basketball tournaments. While Ivy League football competes in the NCAA's second tier, the Football Championship Subdivision, it still represents a major symbolic role in the 151-year-old sport.
Trump threatens funding for schools if they don't reopen
"[Press Secretary] McEnany just said that while he has confidence in the advice of his medical experts, he decides whether or not he listens," NBC News Correspondent Carol Lee reports from the White House.
Supreme Court set to issue decision about release of Trump tax returns
“It did seem like the court was prepared to say that Congress went too far with its supboenas, but that [Trump v. Vance] might be able to get the president's tax returns," Pete Williams says in his Thursday preview.
TRoberts Supreme Court Curtails Birth Control Access. Again. - The New York Times
In a decision Wednesday, the justices dealt another blow to the birth control mandate under the Affordable Care Act. The Little Sisters of the Poor is an order of Catholic nuns who are religiously opposed to birth control. (Many conservatives wrongly conflate some methods of birth control with abortion.) That’s why, if women have insurance through work, they probably have not been charged a co-pay to get birth control pills or an intrauterine device in recent years. In other words, the Little Sisters of the Poor did not have to pay for a single birth control pill.
How Democrats Should Increase the Youth Vote - The New York Times
In Wisconsin, college fellows from LIT create an Instagram Live series that explores current issues, like prison abolition and immigration. When grass-roots groups invest in young people, Mr. Moore said, they take pride in their work and want to come back and work again. Young organizers are calling on political leaders to make investments in this voting bloc, too. Youth voter turnout in Texas tripled between 2014 and 2018, and Move Texas registered 30,000 new voters under 30 in 2018. Instead, the political industry should “be playing a longer game here that is about fundamentally changing the electorate,” he added.
Ivy League Places All Sports on Hold Until January
Robin Harris, the executive director of the Ivy League, declined an interview request before the decision was announced. The Ivy League universities, which are buoyed by large endowments and a powerful academic brand, have largely been able to remove money from decisions regarding athletics. For example, the Ivy League became the last Division I league to hold a conference basketball tournament and is the only league that prohibits its football teams from playing in bowl games or a playoff. And as the start of the college football season has crept into August, the Ivy League has steadfastly stuck to a 10-week season ending on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. The Ivy League also did not flinch on March 10, when it became the first conference to cancel its men’s and women’s basketball tournaments, just before the coronavirus began to run rampant in the Northeast.
Opinion | Democrats have a new opportunity to expose Trump’s deceptions
Democrats have a rare opportunity to try to expose the deceptions at the core of this campaign. This will allow Democrats to grill officials about what the intelligence actually shows about the true state of the protests. Democrats should use this opportunity to pin down the administration. All this represents yet another way in which the government has been pressed into service in support of Trump’s reelection. It’s possible that officials will succeed in stonewalling House Democrats at this coming briefing.
Virginia eliminates backlog of 2,665 untested rape kits
The Williamsburg woman became a national symbol of the problem after her own rape evidence kit was untested for six years. At a Richmond news conference with Herring on Wednesday, Smith grew tearful as she recalled being led into an evidence room years ago where, she said, “from floor to ceiling, there were nothing but [rape] kits, there were boxes and bags and baskets. Gomer, the spokeswoman for Herring’s office, declined to say why more cases have not led to charges in the five years since the backlog testing launched. And even with the backlog eliminated, rapid results from testing may not occur. ADADStill, Herring said he was pleased with the elimination of the backlog, which he said made Virginia only the seventh state without a rape kit backlog.
PM Update: Toasty conditions continue through Thursday
It helped temperatures head to and past 90, but it also felt slightly less nasty compared to the high humidity of late. This evening should prove less dramatic than recent ones, as clouds have largely been unable to tower high enough to become storms today. Listen to our daily D.C. forecasts: Apple Podcasts | Amazon Echo | More optionsThrough Tonight: An isolated storm remains possible into the evening. (Ian Livingston/The Washington Post)Day 13: We notched our 13th day in a row of 90 degrees or greater in the city. That moves us up to the top 10 percent of years in history (since 1872) for lengthiest heat waves.
Plays online by Richard Nelson and Lorraine Hansberry reveal diverse virtues of digital theater
ADADThe hour-long “And So We Come Forth,” available free this month and next at theapplefamilyplays.com, is an excellent example of the nourishment cooked up by theater minds while theater spaces remain shuttered. The first four Apple plays premiered at the Public Theater, and, unlike some stories, moving theirs online proves to be seamless. “Les Blancs” was on the agenda of Shakespeare Theatre Company for the 2020-2021 season before covid-19 made a shambles of theater calendars. “Les Blancs” is as lavish a spectacle as “And So We Come Forth” is devoid of it. At the end of “And So We Come Forth,” the great Plunkett declares — and, heck, her castmates are all great — that she has never felt so old.
The more data we get, the more obviously wrong Trump’s ‘it’s just because of testing’ becomes
As more data comes in, Trump’s repeated insistence on this point makes it more and more obviously wrong. Again, Trump’s claim is that this is a function of more testing. Yes, there has been increased testing in the 10 states where the average number of cases has increased the most. ADADLet’s say, theoretically, that you increased testing in a state from 100,000 a day to 300,000 a day. If, instead, you increased from 100,000 tests to 200,000 and saw positive tests increase from 10,000 to 30,000, you’re seeing a jump from 10 percent positive to 15 percent.
No masks, no coughs: Robots can be just what the doctor ordered in time of social distancing
Nowhere is that truer than in Japan, a country with a long fascination with robots, from android assistants to robot receptionists. ADThere are even avatar robots that have just arrived in the International Space Station. You can just walk around, and people will talk to you about really, really natural things. What sets this project apart from existing avatar robots, the company says, is the ability for users to access the robots easily from a laptop, by renting them out rather than having to buy them. Before the robot came to school, teachers had taken kids’ temperatures as they arrived, creating long lines and raising infection risks from human contact.
As sports leagues prepare to resume, ‘I can’t wait’ has turned to ‘We sure about this?’
It makes the usual “I can’t wait” expectation of sports’ arrival collide with, “Wait, what if this is a disaster?” consternation. And contrary to President Trump’s truth-mangling assertion that that is merely the result of more testing, the percentage of people testing positive also has climbed, to its highest rate since early May. Into this environment, more sports leagues seek to return and either start or finish their seasons. AD“We won’t be surprised when they first come down to Orlando if we have some additional players test positive,” Silver said. There is cognitive dissonance in every crevice of this strange sports experience, from the fan craving to the dollar-seeking teams and players.
Japan is reeling from devastating rains and flooding, with more on the way
A number of communities were isolated, with roads and other vital infrastructure damaged by heavy rain and landslides. Meanwhile, meteorologists are eyeing the potential for parts of Japan to receive another foot or more of rainfall next week. Meanwhile, landslides have wrought havoc, and the Japanese Meteorological Agency has issued rainfall and ground-loosening warnings for most of southern Japan. The American GFS model simulates very moist air and high precipitable water values approaching southwest Japan next week. Weather models show low pressure meandering northeastward through the Sea of Japan, triggering the waves of heavy rainfall.
Civil rights groups say D.C. police aided clearing of Lafayette Square on June 1
Shortly before the U.S. Park Police initiated the operation, D.C. police instructed officers to hold their positions on streets around the square, officials said. AD“We were not involved in the movement of the president — the unplanned movement of the president,” Newsham said the following day. Court filings Wednesday accuse D.C. police of deploying tear gas at demonstrators escaping the square and forcing them to turn back. D.C. police have said they were not in Lafayette Square, which is federal property, but did have officers on nearby city streets who confronted protesters fleeing federal officers. That included a D.C. police line along I Street between 15th and 17th streets, where arrests were made.
Opinion | We can’t wait for schools to reopen safely!
Of course, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention technically does have some suggestions and guidelines for how to reopen safely. ADAD“We don’t want the guidance from CDC to be a reason schools don’t open,” as Vice President Pence said at Wednesday’s press conference. No, but — the fact that so many people can’t tell the difference just shows why being back at school is so crucial! And is the CDC going to change its guidelines now that the president is upset that they are too detailed? which is why the American Pediatric Association urged us to set physically reopening schools as our goal!
Black women to Biden: You owe us
Black women to Biden: You owe usWhat black women want from the Democratic Party. The relevance of political conventions during a pandemic. About Post Reports Post Reports is the premier daily podcast from The Washington Post. Unparalleled reporting. All Post Reports episodes All podcastsIn this episode
Black Lives Matter may be the largest protest movement in U.S. history
The recent Black Lives Matter protests peaked on June 6, when half a million people turned out in nearly 550 places across the United States. These figures would make the recent protests the largest movement in the country’s history, according to interviews with scholars and crowd-counting experts. Collectively, the recent Black Lives Matter protests — more organic in nature — appear to have far surpassed those numbers, according to polls. and NASCAR for Black Lives Matter may have also encouraged supporters who typically would sit on the sidelines to get involved. And of those people, half said that it made them more supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement.
Just how far will Clarence Thomas go? (Opinion)
Lisa A. Tucker is an associate professor of law at Drexel University's Thomas R. Kline School of Law. If you follow the Supreme Court, you probably know that "I would have gone further" is a maxim usually associated with Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, given that he often has a more extreme view of the Constitution than his fellow justices. JUST WATCHED Clarence Thomas says he was 'radical' while at Harvard Replay More Videos ... MUST WATCH Clarence Thomas says he was 'radical' while at Harvard 02:09It's not like having Clarence Thomas on the court for another year is something for progressives to celebrate, 30 years or no. Without Thomas, what would the Supreme Court look like? And we wonder: Is this the week that Clarence Thomas decides that he has gone far enough?
Doctor: What Covid stress is doing to your body
But for many individuals with no trace of the virus in their bodies, pandemic stress reactions are also tipping the scales toward medical catastrophe. I'm also seeing delayed medical care with disabling consequences and reckless behaviors (another unhealthy response to stress) resulting in life-altering injury. Doing what we can to manage our personal pandemic stress reactions, while accepting more of what we can't change, will be one key to our survival. As everything moves online -- our work lives, social lives, and more of our basic services, including our health care -- this may seem like an impossible goal. The same exercise and diet that can help your heart can also help calm your pandemic brain.
Unemployed workers in 29 states now getting $600 boost in benefits
(CNN) Jobless Americans in 29 states are now receiving much bigger weekly unemployment checks , compliments of the federal government. The coronavirus pandemic has forced non-essential businesses to close in most states, leaving millions of Americans out of work and overwhelming state unemployment agencies. Another 5.2 million Americans filed fresh unemployment claims last week , bringing the total of new claims to 22 million since mid-March. The pandemic program broadened unemployment benefits to cover certain people affected by the coronavirus, as well as independent contractors, the self-employed and gig economy workers , who are not typically eligible. Three states — Rhode Island, Louisiana and Texas — have started administering the pandemic program, a Department of Labor spokesperson said.
US added a million new Covid-19 cases in less than a month
The White House is urging schools across the country to re-open as the US added one million new coronavirus cases in less than a month.CNN's Erica Hill reports.
New Hampshire rally shows how the Trump campaign is adjusting to 2020 realities
(CNN) Rally planning for the Trump campaign has changed dramatically since 2016. Instead, the Trump campaign must now balance the threat of coronavirus, local reopening guidelines, emerging cases and the political benefits of the location. It's made planning more difficult, but the campaign found a location that met all those metrics in New Hampshire , where President Donald Trump will appear on Saturday. "You have to go to a place where the state guidelines allow you to put on the rally that works," Trump communications director Tim Murtaugh said. "From the beginning, our plan has been to retain the states that President Trump won in 2016 and then pick off a few states where he was close," Murtaugh said.
Amadou Gon Coulibaly, Ivory Coast Prime Minister, dies at 61
(CNN) Ivory Coast's Prime Minister Amadou Gon Coulibaly has died, the country's President announced. In a statement, President Alassane Ouattara said the nation was in mourning over Coulibaly's death on Wednesday afternoon, which occurred shortly after he attended a cabinet meeting in the Presidential Palace. He described the prime minister as his closest collaborator over a 30-year period. Coulibaly, 61, had been chosen to run as the ruling party's candidate in this year's October presidential election. He had only recently returned from a two-month stay in France where he had been undergoing health check-ups.
Tulsa sees Covid-19 surge in the wake of Trump's June rally
(CNN) The city of Tulsa is experiencing a surge in coronavirus cases, a little over 2 weeks after President Donald Trump held a campaign rally in an indoor arena there. There had been a 20% decline in new Covid-19 cases the week of June 28 through July 4. The Tulsa Health Department reported 266 new cases on Wednesday, bringing the total number in the county to 4,571. There are 17,894 cases in Oklahoma and 452 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University's tally of cases in the United States. When asked if the cases in Tulsa are going up due to the rally on June 20, Dart said that there were several large events a little over two weeks ago.
How the Covid-19 pandemic may change airlines' much-hated $200 change fees
None of the major US airlines have signaled they will abandon change fees altogether. US carriers made more than $3 billion from change fees in 2019 alone, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics . Getting rid of change fees, airlines hoped, could spur would-be travelers to book flights even if the ever-changing health crisis and local quarantine orders forced travelers to change their plans. Some critics of the change fees point to Southwest Airlines, which is the only major US carrier that doesn't impose them. But, it's hard to make the "opportunity cost" argument if travelers change their plans two weeks or more before takeoff.
Black lives matter in Washington. Does the Senate agree?
That's why last month's historic vote in the House of Representatives on the Washington D.C. Admission Act , which would grant DC statehood, is a victory for Black residents in the capital and the entire Black Lives Matter movement. This was particularly offensive considering that Black DC residents are disproportionately affected by Covid-19, accounting for an astounding 80% of the capital's fatalities. Such rhetoric continues to this day and is often mirrored to undermine protesters who are out in the streets stating that Black Lives Matter. It's time for Black lives in DC to matter.
New to running? Don't make these painful mistakes
Whether you are new to the sport or training for a marathon, get off on the right foot by avoiding these five common running mistakes. Mistake #1: Running too muchThere is nothing quite like the feeling of going for a run on a beautiful day. Ramp up your running gradually, and don’t run intensely every day unless you know you to handle it. Stronger runners also find themselves running with less effort, which means running is easier to enjoy. If this sounds overwhelming, or you are unsure of which strengthening exercises to do, Kafker’s company, Recover Athletics, specializes in running injury prevention.
Ivy League Reportedly Cancels Fall Sports amid Coronavirus Pandemic
Hunter Martin/Getty ImagesThe Ivy League has reached out to its eight member schools to indicate it is cancelling its fall sports season amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to CBS Sports' Jon Rothstein. Rothstein reported that Jan. 1, 2021, is the earliest the Ivy League envisions returning. The Athletic's Dana O'Neil added the league is "hopeful" it can move the fall sports to the spring in some capacity. The Athletic's Nicole Auerbach provided more details:The Ivy League announced March 10 it was cancelling its men's and women's basketball tournaments. On March 12, the NCAA scrapped the remaining winter championships and the spring season altogether.
Attorney for Minneapolis officer in George Floyd case files motion to dismiss charges
The lawyer for one of the former Minneapolis police officers involved in George Floyd's death wants the charges dismissed. Former officer Derek Chauvin was arrested and faces murder and manslaughter charges for kneeling on Floyd's neck for nearly nine minutes. People pay their respects at the makeshift memorial outside Cup Foods where George Floyd was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer, on May 31, 2020 in Minneapolis. According to the document, Lane approached a car that Floyd was in and asked him at least 10 times to show his hands before ordering Floyd out of the vehicle. As Lane walked Floyd toward his squad car, Floyd said he was claustrophobic and did not want to get inside the car.
New York AG says a series of police reforms should be 'quickly' enacted amid protest investigation
New York Attorney General Letitia James on Wednesday proposed a series of police reforms she says should be "quickly" enacted following violent encounters between police and protesters during recent demonstrations after the death of George Floyd. The 57-page report was released amid an investigation James is leading into police conduct during the protests against racial injustice. This site is protected by recaptchaJames' proposed reforms could curb much of the NYPD's commissioner's significant power over firing or promotions. And It requires change and it requires reform and it requires transparency and accountability. Viral videos of the protests in New York City showed police aggressively handling protesters and using substantial force against people.
Democratic task forces send Biden a progressive policy roadmap
But the climate task force, co-chaired by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., recommended more aggressive timelines for achieving net-zero carbon emissions than Biden had called for in the campaign. “I commend the task forces for their service and helping build a bold, transformative platform for our party and for our country. I look forward to working with Vice President Biden to help him win this campaign and to move this country forward toward economic, racial, social and environmental justice,” he said. Each panel’s co-chair worked with Sanders adviser Analilia Mejia and Biden adviser Carmel Martin to shape the discussions and move both sides toward consensus. We're going to take a monumental step forward for the prosperity, power, safety and dignity of all American workers," Biden said.
CDC to release new safety guidelines for reopening schools
Full coverage of the coronavirus outbreakRecommendations on reopening schools have been available on the agency’s website since mid-May, and more guidance was added last week on COVID-19 testing in schools. I disagree with @CDCgov on their very tough & expensive guidelines for opening schools. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 8, 2020During the briefing, CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield echoed the task force's stance on the importance of reopening schools, adding that the agency's additional guidelines should not be used as a rationale to keep schools closed. "It’d be very disappointing if individuals were using guidelines for not reopening schools," Redfield said. He added that the federal government would consider providing incentives for states to go forward with reopening schools.
Map: International student enrollment is in jeopardy. These are the states that would be affected the most.
The Trump administration’s decision to strip visas from international college students whose schools will be online-only in the fall could put the status of more than 1 million students at risk and disproportionately affect several large states. California, New York, Texas, Massachusetts, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Florida would be most affected by the policy, which would force students on F-1 or M-1 visas to either depart the country or transfer to a school with in-person instruction. The seven states, which are among those with the most four-year colleges, had approximately half the international college student enrollment in the 2018-19 school year, according to data from the nonprofit NAFSA: Association of International Educators.
Uber buys Postmates in deal where restaurants, delivery people and customers all lose
On Monday, Uber announced it was acquiring the food-delivery service Postmates for $2.65 billion in stock. Uber continues to lose billions of dollars a year, reporting a $2.9 billion loss in the first quarter of 2020, while the food-delivery companies are similarly struggling to turn a profit. (Although GrubHub’s “success” might also come from its shady practice of tricking customers into calling GrubHub-generated phone numbers that charge restaurants additional fees.) The services also rely on delivery couriers. Maybe the Postmates acquisition is a signal Uber thinks the food-delivery business could be the one that will finally work.
Laurie Garrett: If we don’t have guidelines for reopening schools, ‘we will see a cycle’
Laurie Garrett, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter covering global pandemics, tells Nicolle “If we don’t have strict quarantine measures in place and strict protocols in place, we will see a cycle emerging from the school systems.”
FDA official casts doubt on 'challenge trials' for Covid vaccine
The ethical debate: Typical vaccine studies enroll tens of thousands of healthy volunteers in separate vaccine and placebo arms under the assumption that a certain amount of each group will come in contact with the virus. Thirty-five House members, including former HHS chief Donna Shalala, wrote to HHS in April urging the agency to consider human challenge studies. Challenge studies have typically been used for mild diseases with known treatments like a common cold or diarrhea, Marks said Wednesday during an Alliance for a Stronger FDA event. Still, he didn't rule out the option of a challenge trial. Marks said that safety has been top of mind as vaccine trials go at record speed.
Professor Anne Rimoin calls out need for more research on covid-19 transmissions as schools plan to reopen
Ayman Mohyeldin is joined by Geoff Bennet and Professor of Epidemiology at UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, Anne Rimoin to discuss the unclear road toward reopening schools this fall.
Pandemic looms over Trump trade day with Mexican president
During the Rose Garden ceremony, Trump praised the deal and said he would speak to Trudeau later in the day. The White House said López Obrador, known by his initials AMLO, and his delegation were all tested for Covid-19 upon their arrival at the White House. The Mexican president has been criticized for being slow in his response to the pandemic, and the two countries have grappled with how long to extend travel restrictions across their shared border. After arriving in Washington, López Obrador laid a wreath at the Lincoln Memorial and at a memorial for Mexican President Benito Pablo Juárez García, who had a close relationship with Lincoln. Trump will host the Mexican president and his delegation for a “working dinner” in the evening that is expected to be the largest indoor gathering at the White House since the beginning of the pandemic.
San Francisco lawmaker proposes CAREN Act to make false, racist 911 calls illegal
A San Francisco lawmaker proposed a bill this week that would make fake and racially motivated 911 calls illegal. Act’ To Deter False, Racially Biased 911 Calls https://t.co/vjJuFFDW16 — yvette nicole brown (@YNB) July 8, 2020Others, like former San Francisco mayoral candidate Richie Greenberg, slammed the name. Those who violate the CAREN Act would be liable for no less than $1,000. After a 30-day hold, the CAREN Act will be heard at the Public Safety and Neighborhood Services Committee. If San Francisco Mayor London Breed signs the bill into law, it will take another 30 days to go into effect.
Coronavirus reported in over half of Latino meat, poultry workers in 21 states, CDC says
Latino workers at meat and chicken processing plants have been the hardest hit by coronavirus, accounting for 56 percent of cases reported in plants in 21 states, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported. Shared working, commuting and living conditionsIn many facilities, workers are within 6 feet of one another for long periods, with work shifts of 8 to 12 hours. Workers share work spaces, transportation to and from work, live in shared housing and have frequent community contact with fellow workers, CDC noted. Nebraska reported the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases among workers with 3,438 and the highest number of deaths, 14. Forty-one of 111 facilities offered testing for the virus that causes COVID-19 to workers; 24 reported closing temporarily.
The Cafe Has Black Lives Matter Signs. The Owner Voted for Trump.
At Indian Road Cafe in Upper Manhattan, a Black Lives Matters sign hangs in a front window. And for years, two drag queens have hosted a monthly charity bingo tournament there. Many in the surrounding Inwood neighborhood considered it a community hub and a progressive oasis. But then the cafe’s owner, Thomas Bosco, said in an MSNBC interview in late spring that he voted for President Trump in 2016 and was likely to do so again. Neighbors railed in the comments on various neighborhood Facebook groups, posting hundreds of angry messages aimed at the cafe — and one another.
New Transcripts Detail Last Moments for George Floyd
“You’re not going to answer that,” Mr. Gray said. Mr. Lane did not answer the question. The filings also include what Mr. Gray described as pictures from inside the car Mr. Floyd was sitting in when Mr. Lane first approached him. Officers had been called after a nearby store employee reported that Mr. Floyd had passed a counterfeit $20 bill. According to Mr. Gray, the pictures show two crumpled counterfeit $20 bills that were found lodged between the center console and the passenger’s seat.
Grave Shortages of Protective Gear Flare Again as Covid Cases Surge
As coronavirus cases surge across the country, hospitals, nursing homes and private medical practices are facing a problem many had hoped would be resolved by now: a dire shortage of respirator masks, isolation gowns and disposable gloves that protect front-line medical workers from infection. Doctors at Memorial City Medical Center in Houston who treat Covid-19 patients have been told to reuse single-use N95 respirator masks for up to 15 days before throwing them out. The country’s largest organization of registered nurses found in a survey of its members in late June that 85 percent had been forced to reuse disposable N95 masks while treating coronavirus patients. In Florida, some hospitals are handing out only loosefitting surgical masks to workers treating newly admitted patients who may be asymptomatic carriers. The inability to find personal protective equipment, known as P.P.E., is starting to impede other critical areas of medicine too.
Drivers Are Hitting Protesters as Memes of Car Attacks Spread
The driver of a red Toyota first stopped, then unexpectedly accelerated into a crowd of dispersing demonstrators in Bloomington, Ind., on Monday night, injuring two of them in the latest of a disturbing rash of vehicular attacks targeting protesters. Dramatic video footage of the attack showed a woman clinging to the car’s hood and a man clutching the driver’s door handle as the vehicle zoomed forward. The police were still searching for the hit-and-run driver on Tuesday. “It was terrifying,” said Rachel Glago, 28, whose friend, she said, had jumped onto the hood to avoid being run over. “I wanted to stop the car, I wanted to help her, I was screaming, I could hear other people screaming.”
Changing the name on a cellphone account wasn't easy
Richard died in 2014. As time went on, the cheery greeting — “Hi, Richard!” — made Judith a little sad. Even so, Judith said, the bill kept coming “Hi, Richard!”ADEventually, a Verizon representative promised Judith that things would soon be straightened out. Judith said she has been switched to an autopay account that is $10 a month cheaper than her old account. My father-in-law, Bill, died in 1999.
Authors addressing the art of conversation can teach us a lot about social distancing
You have to be there, you have to be sitting right next to him, to see it all working in concert. The kind of conversation I’m missing is about mutual sympathy, I guess, but it’s not always about perfect understanding. In response, wrote McEwan, “I tell him how difficult I’m finding it, writing a novel. “It’s very easy to like Philip Roth,” McEwan concluded. ADWhen she writes: “i, y, c, f, a, f, w, h,” (meaning: “if you could forgive and forget what happened”) Levin intuits the meaning immediately.
FaZe Clan among several esports organizations receiving PPP loan money
The most notable of these organizations is FaZe Clan, which in April announced a $40 million fundraising round that included musical celebrities, pro athletes and chief executives. In addition to FaZe, eight other organizations applied for and received at least $150,000 in PPP loan money. Exact dollar amounts were not specified, but all companies took between $150,000 and $2 million in PPP money. In 2018, Envy Gaming raised $20 million in funds after raising $35 million in 2017, while in 2019 Rekt Global raised $10.8 million. ADThese gaming industry loans are in addition to previously disclosed PPP loans that went to Super League Gaming and Allied Esports, which operates HyperX Esports Arena in Las Vegas.
Retail workers are being pulled into the latest culture war: Getting customers to wear masks
Like millions of other retail and service workers, she has been pulled into the front lines of a growing culture war between those who are willing to wear masks and those who aren’t. But there are no federal rules mandating masks, and retail workers say what little enforcement or oversight there is often falls to them. Some workers say they have been told they cannot refuse service to maskless customers, even if local laws require it. Some shoppers say spotty enforcement makes them feel unsafe. Just about everybody — supervisors, employees, shoppers — complains about having to wear them, she said, and there is very little enforcement of the rules.
The Nationals, used to spitting and sunflower seeds, have a new way to kick their habits: Masks
Masks have already helped them adjust to some wacky rules for 2020, including bans on spitting, finger licking, face touching and sunflower seeds. Players and coaches, many of whom were once players themselves, have spent decades spitting out spit, spitting out seeds, or using spit to slick their fingers before pitching. “I’m definitely going to miss the seeds this year.”Outside baseball, a national debate on masks rages on. Under MLB’s health and safety guidelines, spitting, sunflower seeds and chewing tobacco are all off limits, though gum is still permitted. Octavio Martinez, one of the Nationals’ bullpen catchers, is considered non-playing personnel and will have to wear a mask while working with pitchers.
D.C. on the brink of allowing inmates to vote from prison
Supporters of voting by inmates say the fundamental right to vote shouldn’t be taken away with a criminal conviction. The effort to let prisoners vote is part of a broader movement to restore voting rights for convicted criminals. ADThe District has allowed felons to vote after leaving prison, and also allows those convicted of misdemeanors to vote from jail. ADThe Bureau of Prisons says it has 2,600 D.C. residents in its custody — though the local Criminal Justice Coordinating Council pegs the number closer to 4,500. ADADAdvocates acknowledge helping imprisoned D.C. residents to vote is no easy feat.
Tucker Carlson’s attacks on Sen. Tammy Duckworth are as disgusting as they are predictable
And it’s thoroughly in keeping with Carlson’s recent on-air comments in which he called Black Lives Matter protesters “criminal mobs.”Nor is it very far afield from his past remarks. “If you ask his former editors, they’ll say they’re wistful when they think about the old Tucker Carlson,” wrote Lyz Lenz in a 2018 Columbia Journalism Review profile. Having co-founded and edited the conservative website the Daily Caller, he was pretty far along this partisan trajectory by the time he started hosting “Tucker Carlson Tonight” in 2016. And, after moving into Bill O’Reilly’s coveted 8 p.m. slot after O’Reilly’s show was canceled in 2017, Carlson really dug in. Yet it may well be the worst example yet of how far Carlson has fallen.
Trump is making it harder and harder to escape blame on the coronavirus
On Monday, it was Trump urging the FDA to rekindle its previously aborted emergency-use authorization of the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus treatment. !”On the latter account, health officials appear to have acceded. What Trump’s public comments lay bare is that he is affecting those health officials’ recommendations. Similarly — and perhaps more important — Trump was among the earliest proponents of reopening the economy across the United States, even as health officials were reluctant. And today, he’s saying those things much more publicly, and more explicitly differing with health officials.
Black Lives Matter protests spark debate over racism in the Arab world
Abuse of domestic workers has long been a problem in the Arab world under the “kafala” system, which excludes foreigners from labor laws and makes their residency — and fate — subject to their employer’s whims. “This crisis coinciding with Black Lives Matter forced society to face the systemic racism inherent in the kafala system and in the way we treat migrant workers,” said Aya Majzoub, a Lebanon researcher for Human Rights Watch. ADADAbeer Sinder, a black Saudi model and beauty video blogger, has used her online platform for years to discuss racism in the Arab world. Inspired by the Black Lives Matter protests, she recently posted some of the offensive things people say to her, including: “This is your husband??! “Be better.”ADTwo Arab celebrities, who say they were trying to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement, recently posted online photographs of themselves in blackface.
Opinion | The 2020 Senate map could be even worse for Republicans than they think
Most analysts still rate this as a Republican seat, but the chance of an upset led the Cook Political Report to downgrade its rating slightly to “likely Republican” in June. Republicans also look set to lose House seats if trends don’t improve. Republicans gained 680 state legislative seats in their 2010 wave victory, while Democrats picked up 309 state legislative seats in 2018. Another Democratic landslide could hand them control of a number of key legislative chambers, the most important being the Texas State House. Republicans in Austin hold an 83-to-67 advantage, but they lost 12 seats in 2018, and Democratic Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke won nine districts currently represented by Republicans.
Opinion | Why moderate Republicans will have it rough in 2024
So it’s not surprising that, midway through his second term, Hogan is coming out with a book and starting to do the things that future presidential candidates do. In a state in which Democrats outnumber Republicans by more than 2 to 1, Hogan was reelected in 2018 by a 12-point margin. After Barry Goldwater’s loss in 1964, Republicans nominated the relatively moderate Richard M. Nixon four years later. Bill Clinton reoriented Democrats in a more moderate direction in 1992 after they had lost their third presidential campaign in a row. ADBut it may be precisely the disaster of Trump that prevents Republicans from moving to the center.
Opinion | How Trump is losing Asia
ADWhile the United States is half a world distant from Asia, China is Asia’s geographical, demographic, economic and military organizing principle. But for the first time since World War II, a U.S. president has shaken that faith to its core. Were Taiwan’s independence ever compromised, it would signal the end of the United States’ preeminent influence not only in Asia but far beyond. Yet it is unclear how much it can rely on the United States in a crisis. ADWhat is now tethering the United States’ Asian allies to Washington is less confidence in the United States than outright fear of China.
Opinion | Tucker Carlson rules Fox News
Carlson found a scandal in there, as he made clear on Monday night:So what to make of all of this? These people actually hate America. But to morons like Tammy Duckworth, Washington is just some old white guy who needs to be erased,” said Carlson. With that talk about profit and equality, Omar sounded quite a bit like a certain Fox News host. They ski on private mountains, with people very much like themselves.”ADSo what problem does Carlson have with Omar, or Duckworth?
Live updates: U.S. surpasses 3 million confirmed coronavirus cases as Trump pushes to reopen schools
Federal officials charged four Florida men Wednesday with marketing a fraudulent “Miracle Mineral Solution,” made from bleach, as a cure for the coronavirus. Federal authorities said the men’s organization, the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, has sold the cure-all since 2010. The men have admitted it is a “nonreligious” church created to avoid legal troubles, prosecutors said. The criminal charges filed Wednesday come after the federal government filed a civil case against the men in April. … The 2nd Amendment is there in case [it] can’t be done peaceably,” the men wrote, according to court exhibits filed Wednesday.
Opinion | The Trump-made calamity is getting worse
Much of the blame rests with President Trump, who has downplayed the virus, eschewed mask wearing, held mass gatherings, misrepresented the facts and egged on governors to open up their states too soon. Oh, threatening to cut off funding unless schools open without regard to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. ADADFormer vice president Joe Biden was remarkably restrained in responding to the latest news on Wednesday. In a written statement, Biden denounced Trump’s nonexistent leadership. In any event, his unfitness was never so evident, nor has the refusal among Republicans to dump him been more irresponsible.
What the ‘black-on-black crime’ fallacy misses about race and gun deaths
As a group, African Americans are consistently more likely to be concerned about crime than white Americans. That’s because the majority of the gun deaths in the United States are not homicides but suicides, and white men account for 74 percent of them. In other words, if white men didn’t have so many guns, they would be much less likely to die. ADADWhile most violent crime has fallen dramatically since the early 1990s, gun violence began rising again in recent years. Federally funded research into gun violence solutions ground to a halt after lawmakers passed the Dickey Amendment in 1996.
OPINIÓN | La purga planificada de estudiantes internacionales por parte de la administración de Trump tiene un cruel propósito
Está claro que, en tiempos normales, las clases en persona tienen beneficios significativos sobre las que se toman en línea. Las instituciones de educación superior tienen la obligación de educar a sus estudiantes y la obligación de mantenerlos seguros, junto con su profesorado y personal. Pero es muchísimo mejor que la enfermedad y la muerte en masa. Tener una gran experiencia, talento y perspectiva de un cuerpo estudiantil diverso mejora todos nuestros colegios y universidades; Fomenta la innovación, la creatividad y la excelencia. Se espera que el Departamento de Seguridad Nacional publique la regla formal pronto, lo que significa que todavía hay tiempo para que el público la rechace.
OPINIÓN | Robert Redford: Este es el candidato que tiene mi voto
Nota del editor: Robert Redford es actor, director, productor y miembro del Consejo para la Defensa de Recursos Naturales. Pero lo que sí entendí fue que se trataba de un hombre que se preocupaba por nuestro bienestar. Incluso los nińos como yo tenían un papel que desempeńar: repartir periódicos, recolectar chatarra, hacer lo que pudiéramos hacer. Este noviembre, la unidad y la empatía están en la boleta electoral. La experiencia y la inteligencia están en la boleta electoral.
It's harder to find sale items at the grocery store
That's partly because deals normally seen at the grocery store, like two-for-one specials, are getting harder to find. Food companies that make products like Cheerios cereal, Progresso soups and Duncan Hines cake mix are offering fewer deals on items. Grocery stores, which buy those products in bulk often pass along those discounts to lure consumers into stores. But food manufacturers and grocery stores are rethinking their pricing strategies now because demand is surging. A customer wearing a protective mask shops inside an Albertsons Cos. grocery store in San Diego, California, on Monday, June 22, 2020.
Welcome to Walgreens. The doctor will be with you soon
San Francisco (CNN Business) Walgreens plans to open full-service doctors' offices in hundreds of its stores across the US during the next five years. It's part of a bigger effort by the drugstore chain to become a one-stop shop for health care. Walgreens Boots Alliance WBA is partnering with health care company VillageMD to create the 500 to 700 primary care clinics. During the next three years, Walgreens will invest $1 billion in VillageMD, including $250 million upfront, to assist the build-out efforts. asked Eric Percher, research analyst at health chare investment research firm Nephron, in a research note Wednesday.
Twitter could launch a subscription option
(CNN Business) Twitter may be working on a paid product and investors seem thrilled about it. Twitter TWTR Shares ofrose 8% Wednesday afternoon following a job posting that said the company is building a subscription platform codenamed "Gryphon." The job listing seeks a senior software engineer in New York to join Gryphon, described as a "new team" that's "building a subscription platform" that can be "reused by other teams in the future." A spokesperson for Twitter stressed that it's only a job posting, not a product announcement. A paid subscription offering could help the company find a source of revenue beyond advertising and data licensing.
Coronavirus live updates from around the world
Schools grounds stand empty at the Miguel Contreras Learning Complex before the new restrictions went into effect at midnight as the the coronavirus pandemic spreads on March 19, in Los Angeles, California. David McNew/Getty ImagesCalifornia schools will reopen when the data shows it is safe to do so, according to California Gov. Gavin Newsom“I’m not worried about the latest tweets,” he said, in a thinly veiled reference to President Trump. “We need to address safely reopening schools. Anticipating that schools will continue to be a topic of conversation, Newsom implored the public that reopening is contingent on behavior.
Reopening American schools, and why Trudeau skipped a visit to the White House -- Meanwhile in America
Experts fear that emotional and mental problems and even teen suicides will reach critical levels if schools remain empty. Millions of poor American pupils get their only square meals of the day at school. One of his top allies, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, has already said schools will be open all day, every day, come what may. While Trump and López Obrador have never been seen in public wearing masks, Trudeau doesn't leave home without one. Skipping a trip to the White House was an easy call for Trudeau.
Trump now in open dispute with health officials as virus rages
(CNN) Five months into a still-raging pandemic that has killed more than 130,000 Americans, the long-simmering tensions between President Donald Trump and the health experts who staff his government have escalated from private griping to shrugging disagreement to now open dispute. A day after criticizing Fauci, Trump accused the CDC of producing "very tough & expensive guidelines for opening schools," saying he disagreed with the health agency's recommendations. Why Trump did not meet with the nation's principal health agency about reopening schools before they released their guidelines and before Trump convened a roundtable to discuss the matter wasn't clear. "What is not the intent of CDC guidelines is to be used as a rationale to keep schools closed," Dr. Robert Redfield said. That was before Trump issued his tweet disparaging the CDC guidelines on returning students to school.
Ady Barkan, progressive activist with ALS, endorses Biden: 'He is everything Trump is not'
(CNN) Ady Barkan , a prominent progressive activist who is dying of ALS, endorsed Joe Biden on Wednesday, saying, "He is everything Trump is not." "I am endorsing Joe Biden for president because he is everything Trump is not: compassionate, intelligent and committed to the public interest." Biden has worked extensively to court progressive voters since securing the Democratic nomination. During the extended conversation with Biden for NowThis, Barkan and the presumptive Democratic nominee discussed their differences on Medicare for All. Barkan asked Biden what he hopes his late son, Beau, would say about him.
Brazil coronavirus: Cases explode while country investigates corruption
(CNN) As Brazil's coronavirus cases surge by the tens of thousands each day, the country is contending with a parallel outbreak -- a flurry of corruption investigations into the alleged misuse of public money rapidly shelled out for Covid-19 emergency procurement. Meanwhile, cases of coronavirus are soaring across Brazil , and the healthcare system in several states has been stretched to its limit. At least seven high-ranking state health officials have been fired or resigned during the pandemic. The country's flurry of corruption investigations come amid crushing poverty and unemployment in the country, as the pandemic caps off years of economic decline . Employees at the hospital where she works went unpaid for more than a month during the pandemic, the Rio de Janeiro state health secretariat has confirmed to CNN.
Former Fox News anchor Shep Smith joins CNBC
Shephard Smith, the former Fox News anchor who left last year amid tensions with the channel's more conservative voices, is joining CNBC as a prime-time anchor, the financial news network announced Wednesday. Smith will anchor a new one-hour evening news program titled "The News With Shepard Smith," airing Monday through Friday at 7 p.m. He will also assume the new roles of CNBC’s chief general news anchor and chief breaking general news anchor. Smith joined Fox News shortly after its launch in 1996. “Watching Fake News CNN is better than watching Shepard Smith," the president tweeted in August 2019, two months before Smith left the network.
Former CFB Player Phillip Blanks Catches Child Thrown from Burning Building
Nick Wass/Associated PressPhillip Blanks was a wide receiver in college but made the most important catch of his life Friday. The 28-year-old caught a three-year-old boy who was thrown from the balcony of a third-floor Phoenix apartment that was on fire. "I just had tunnel vision on the patio, and when the boy got thrown off the balcony, it was just me and the boy," Blanks told ABC7 News. The Michigan native played receiver at Saddleback College in Southern California and also served in the United States Marines Corps while spending time in 12 different countries. While the three-year-old was rushed to the hospital, his 30-year-old mother, Rachel Long, died in the fire shortly after saving her child.
Black birdwatcher in Central Park 911 call has not cooperated with prosecutors, NYT reports
(CNN) Christian Cooper, the Black man who filmed a White woman calling the police on him while he was birdwatching in Central Park in May, has not cooperated with the Manhattan district attorney's investigation, The New York Times reported Tuesday. "On the one hand, she's already paid a steep price," Cooper said in a statement, according to the Times. On Monday, the Manhattan district attorney announced plans to prosecute the woman, Amy Cooper (no relation), on a charge of falsely reporting an incident in the third degree. Christian Cooper expressed his personal ambivalence with the prosecution in his statement to the Times. "So if the DA feels the need to pursue charges, he should pursue charges.
Janelle Monae Wants To Play Storm In 'Black Panther' Sequel: 'It Would Be A Dream'
Janelle Monae already brings the thunder to every performance, so why not a little lightning? If Monae has her way, she’ll make her superhero debut in the long-awaited “Black Panther” sequel, as she’s already approached the film’s director Ryan Coogler about the character stopping by Wakanda. “One of my dreams has always been to play Storm. I don’t know if she comes in ‘Black Panther,’ but it would be a dream to have her in it. I don’t know where they are with that.
Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome And COVID-19: What Parents Need To Know
Then multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (or MIS-C as it is often called) just sort of slipped out of the national news cycle. The syndrome is rare, and so far has been concentrated in areas like New York, once the epicenter of the pandemic domestically. Fortunately, doctors and researchers have been racing to better understand the mysterious syndrome, which can cause life-threatening complications including coronary-artery aneurysms and toxic shock syndrome. We could start seeing more cases elsewhere in the country. That’s why it is imperative that parents be aware of the symptoms associated with MIS-C, rare though it may be.
As Trump crashes in polls, new push for down-ballot resurgence
New reporting reveals growing concerns in GOP ranks that Donald Trump’s political troubles could taint Republicans in the next election, from lawmakers in Congress down to the state level. MSNBC’s Ari Melber talks to rapper Yellopain – whose video on the critical importance of down-ballot races became a smash hit that went viral, drawing millions of views. The 24-year-old Ohio rapper stresses the value of voter registration and the pivotal role of the midterms and local elections in creating change.
Shepard Smith joining CNBC as evening news anchor
Shepard Smith, the former Fox News anchor who left the network abruptly last October, will join CNBC, where he will host an hourlong evening newscast beginning in the fall. CNBC said in a news release on Wednesday that the new show, titled “The News with Shepard Smith,” would air Monday to Friday at 7 p.m. beginning later this year, but that Smith would join the network effective Monday. Smith will have the title of chief general news anchor, chief breaking news anchor and executive producer of his show. AdvertisementSmith announced his departure from Fox News last fall after more than two decades at the network, stepping down from his role as the network’s chief news anchor and managing editor of the breaking news division. He also anchored “Shepard Smith Reporting” in the 3 p.m. hour for six years.
Coalition of Democrats presents Biden with roadmap for ambitious, progressive policy
A coalition of Democrats has presented Joe Biden with the roadmap for an ambitious, progressive agenda in the White House that would include immediate proposals to address ongoing crises, reflecting areas of consensus reached after weeks of deliberations between allies of the presumptive nominee and Bernie Sanders.
Attorney for Minneapolis officer in George Floyd case files motion to dismiss charges
The lawyer for one of the former Minneapolis police officers involved in George Floyd's death wants the charges dismissed. Former officer Derek Chauvin was arrested and faces murder and manslaughter charges for kneeling on Floyd's neck for nearly nine minutes. People pay their respects at the makeshift memorial outside Cup Foods where George Floyd was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer, on May 31, 2020 in Minneapolis. According to the document, Lane approached a car that Floyd was in and asked him at least 10 times to show his hands before ordering Floyd out of the vehicle. As Lane walked Floyd toward his squad car, Floyd said he was claustrophobic and did not want to get inside the car.
Leah Litman Supreme Court birth control ruling shows how civil rights and abortion access will be limited
On Wednesday, the court ruled that the Trump administration could exempt employers from offering health insurance coverage for contraception if they have either religious or moral objections to contraception. It’s poised to decide a case next term in which it will likely expand religious objectors’ ability to opt out of civil rights protections. This site is protected by recaptchaIn 2017, however, the Trump administration decided to exempt all employers from even this notification requirement. Wednesday’s decision affirms the Trump administration objections, leaving the up to 126,000 female employees at companies whose owners object to contraception in the lurch. In the hands of this court, it is not clear where religious exemptions will end and women’s health will begin.
The U.S. has already had 10 billion-dollar disasters this year
This makes 2020 the sixth consecutive year with at least 10 separate billion-dollar weather and climate disasters, a new record, NOAA officials said. The busy first half of 2020 also puts it on pace to rival 2017, which had 16 separate billion-dollar weather and climate disasters, and holds the record for the most such events in a year. According to NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information, 2020 is currently tied with 2011 and 2016 for the most billion-dollar disasters in the first six months of the year. All of 2020’s billion-dollar disasters through the end of June were due to severe storms, which NOAA said affected more than 30 states. And though the first half of 2020 is at near-record pace for billion-dollar disasters in the country, Smith said he hopes the next six months are more subdued.
Wallace: Someone with Trump's incompetence will not decide if my kid goes back to school
On Trump politicizing the opening of schools in the fall, Nicolle says “I, for one, am not leaving him in charge of whether my kid goes back to school. It’s an unbelievable new turn for him.”
Players want Sen. Kelly Loeffler out of WNBA ownership for opposing Black Lives Matter
Some WNBA players are calling for the ouster of Sen. Kelly Loeffler, who co-owns the Atlanta Dream, after she objected to the league's plans to honor the Black Lives Matter movement. The announcement also said "Black Lives Matter" will be prominently displayed on courts during games. This site is protected by recaptchaIn the letter, Loeffler said, "I adamantly oppose the Black Lives Matter political movement." "Sen. Kelly Loeffler has not served as a Governor of the Atlanta Dream since October 2019 and is no longer involved in the day-to-day business of the team." The WNBA players union tweeted Tuesday in response to Loeffler's letter: "E-N-O-U-G-H!
With summer jobs canceled and internships on hold, students struggle to pay for college
As the coronavirus pandemic took hold, internships were canceled, summer jobs disappeared, and research programs added restrictions, stripping many students of valuable experience — as well as an income. “I had a full-time job as a barista at a small coffee shop,” Hughes said. Hughes, on the other hand, is not sure how she will be able to pay her way through her final semester at Temple. “I use the money I make at the coffee shop to pay my rent, my groceries, my utilities, and more,” she said. “I’ve had a couple of internships in the past, so I’m hoping those will help me get a job after graduation.
Harvard and M.I.T. Sue to Stop Trump Visa Rules for Foreign Students
The two universities said that the new directive would prevent many of their 9,000 combined international students — and hundreds of thousands of students at other universities across the country — from staying in the United States. Their suit, filed in federal court in Boston, seeks a temporary restraining order preventing the government from enforcing the policy because it violates the Administrative Procedures Act. Now they can take more, as long as at least some of their instruction is in person. “The government made clear that this arrangement was in effect for the duration of the emergency,” the lawsuit says. “The effect — and perhaps even the goal — is to create as much chaos for universities and international students as possible,” the universities said in the lawsuit.
Trump Hosts Mexico’s President to Spotlight Trade and Immigration
President Trump welcomed Mexico’s president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to the White House on Wednesday for meetings on trade, the economy and immigration — subjects far more compatible with Mr. Trump’s re-election campaign themes than the spreading coronavirus. The meeting is meant to celebrate the official July 1 enactment of a revised North American Free Trade Agreement ratified by the United States, Canada and Mexico. Mr. Trump has cited the deal as a signature achievement, although economists say it will have marginal effects. Mr. López Obrador has also played an important role in Mr. Trump’s relentless campaign to restrict immigration across the southern U.S. border, ordering more vigorous enforcement on Mexican territory to prevent border crossings into the United States. And the visit — the second to the White House by a foreign leader since the coronavirus shutdown in March — provides a welcome distraction for Mr. Trump and Mr. López Obrador, who have both been criticized for inadequate responses to the pandemic.
Opinion | Its director may now be subject to political winds, but the CFPB is here to stay
The upshot is that the CFPB emerges with its authority to regulate payday lending, debt collection, mortgages and other pocketbook issues intact. Yes, CFPB leadership is now somewhat more subject to the winds of politics, which is not what Congress had in mind, but also not the end of the world in practical terms. Indeed, there may actually be a benefit to this, in terms of political accountability, as Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.’s controlling opinion noted. In an even more pragmatic sense, the ruling opens the way for former vice president Joe Biden, if elected in November, to fire and replace the acting CFPB director President Trump installed in 2018. The FBI director serves a 10-year term — subject to presidential firing for any reason.
Usain Bolt le da a su hija un nombre digno de una futura campeona
View this post on InstagramI want to wish my gf @kasi.b a happy birthday and To let u know I am happy I get to spend ur special day with u. I want nothing but happiness for u and will continue to doing my best keeping a smile on ur face. Now we have started a new chapter together with our daughter Olympia Lightning Bolt I look forward to what the future will bring for us but be reassured that I will be the ROCK for this family. I Love you and happy 21th birthday ???.
Allowing the $600 unemployment benefit to expire could devastate the US economy (opinion)
That $600 is the amount the CARES Act added to weekly unemployment benefits for workers who lost their jobs during the pandemic. Congress must extend the weekly unemployment benefit in order to stabilize our economy and society in this precarious moment. Just last week, it was reported that more than one million Americans filed for first-time unemployment claims in the week prior. Sen. Portman is advancing the idea of a temporary back-to-work bonus worth $450 per week for returning workers, as a replacement for the $600 unemployment increase. Policymakers should extend the $600 unemployment benefit increase and move on to focus on a wider range of recovery solutions.
Former Fox News anchor Shep Smith heads to CNBC to host evening newscast
New York (CNN Business) Shep Smith, who stunned the television news industry by walking away from Fox News in the middle of a three-year contract last fall, is joining CNBC as the network's new 7 p.m. Eastern anchor. Smith will anchor "The News with Shepard Smith" starting sometime in the fall, CNBC announced Wednesday. It was a surprise to some staffers at CNBC, which is known for specialized business news reporting, not Smith's brand of breaking news coverage. But the business network has been exploring new scheduling strategies for the post-market hours, and Smith appears to be part of that. "We're thrilled that Shep, who's built a career on an honest fight to find and report the facts, will continue his pursuit of the truth at CNBC."
Disney World union head warns Disney has to get Florida reopening right
New York (CNN Business) The head of the union representing 43,000 Walt Disney World service workers said that Disney "has to get it right" in regard to its phased Florida reopening Saturday. Matt Hollis, who leads the Services Trades Council Union, told CNN that Disney was responding with robust measures to protect employees following worries over safety. Most important to Hollis is ensuring that any infected worker is encouraged to provide names of contacts, and that those contacts can stay home with pay. Disney will have recalled about 20,000 of the 43,000 workers in the Service Trades Council Union to its Florida parks. These workers have hundreds of different job responsibilities, ranging from bus drivers to concierges, according to Hollis.
Holocaust survivor invites DeSean Jackson to tour Auschwitz after the NFL star's anti-Semitic posts
(CNN) A 94-year-old Holocaust survivor has invited NFL star DeSean Jackson to visit Auschwitz, where an estimated 1.1 million people were killed. The invitation comes after the Philadelphia Eagles' wide receiver shared a series of anti-Semitic Instagram posts, including a quote falsely attributed to Adolf Hitler. Jackson apologized this week after sharing a passage that Snopes.com reports is often used by those who argue Hitler was not racist -- and other posts that referenced a Jewish plan to "extort America" and achieve "world domination," according to screenshots obtained by the Philadelphia Inquirer and other publications. Mosberg is chairman of From the Depths, an organization created by descendants of Holocaust survivors to preserve memories of the Holocaust. The organization has hosted athletes like Ray Allen, a retired NBA star who was appointed to the US Holocaust Memorial Council.
Prospect of chaos in November grows as coronavirus cases rise and Trump escalates attacks on voting
And as coronavirus cases continue to rise across the country, the need for alternatives to in-person voting is becoming more urgent by the day. States are struggling to retrofit their voting process to meet the needs of voters concerned about risking their lives to cast their ballot. Meantime, the election processes, which differs in every jurisdiction in the country, appears unprepared to instill confidence in the system. the solicitation readsOhio election officials recently mused that people who are out of work or those working from home may provide an untapped source of Election Day labor. And that in counties with a high incidence of coronavirus cases, turnout was lower than in counties where there had not been confirmed cases.
Houston mayor asks for contract review in push to cancel Texas GOP in-person convention
Escalating his push for the Texas GOP to hold its convention virtually, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, a Democrat, said Wednesday that he has asked the city's legal department to review the contract between the State Republican Executive Committee and the convention venue's operator, Houston First Corporation. The mayor said during a City Council meeting that the city will exercise any provisions it finds that would allow it to cancel the contract and not allow the GOP convention to go forward. "Where there are provisions that would allow us to cancel this convention, we will exercise those provisions," Turner said. "The plan is to exercise those provisions, to cancel this agreement, this contract, today, to not go forward with this convention." The Texas GOP convention is set to be held indoors at the George R. Brown Convention Center from July 16-18 and is expected to draw thousands to downtown Houston.
Fact-checking Trump's threat to cut off education funding if schools don't reopen
On Wednesday, House Democrats dismissed the idea that Trump could unilaterally cut funding for schools. "Congress provides federal education funding to support some of the most vulnerable young people in our country," said Evan Hollander, a spokesman for the Democrats on the House Appropriations Committee. Given the distribution of federal education funds, Martin Carnoy , a professor of education and economics at Stanford University, told CNN any cuts to federal funding would disproportionately impact low-income students. "States have reacted strongly in the past to threats to cut federal funding," Corcoran added. But his own party allies have been pushing for more pandemic-related education funding, not less.
Florida's governor took a victory lap on coronavirus -- but it was only halftime
Because you have some of these health officials saying, 'You've got to do this. And last Friday, July 3, Florida hit its single-day record for cases: 11,406How did DeSantis respond to the surge? "There's no need to be fearful," DeSantis said MondayThere are two political lessons to be learned in DeSantis' struggles. What Florida looked like on May 20 -- when Lowry wrote the column -- and what it looks like today are radically different. To put it in Florida terms that DeSantis can understand: The Miami Hurricanes football team doesn't stop playing at halftime just because they are ahead by three touchdowns.
Tim Scott says he's moved back to the 'drawing board' on police reform
(CNN) The architect of the GOP's failed police reform bill said Wednesday that he was talking to senior House Democrats and moving closer to a potential deal on the thorny issue that had consumed policy circles in Washington following George Floyd's death. "Folks who are now calling me about the legislation from the other side suggest that perhaps it's not dead. We may have a Lazarus moment, we may not," the South Carolina Republican said. Weeks of protests across the country after Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis police officer on Memorial Day had stirred lawmakers in both parties, but reform from Washington has so far proved limited. On Wednesday, Scott said he had moved back to the "drawing board" on the bill, and pointed toward a proposal to gather data on incidents of racial profiling by police as one area of newly found common ground with Democrats.
Stephen Jackson Defends DeSean Jackson Posting Anti-Semitic Messages
Julio Cortez/Associated PressFormer NBA player Stephen Jackson has attempted to defend anti-Semitic posts by Philadelphia Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson, saying the NFL star was "speaking the truth." However, Stephen Jackson defended the posts Tuesday in a since-deleted Instagram video, via ESPN:"So I just read a statement that the Philadelphia Eagles posted regarding DeSean Jackson's comments. He was trying to educate himself, educate people, and he's speaking the truth. He's speaking the truth. You know he don't hate nobody, but he's speaking the truth of the facts that he knows and trying to educate others."
'I feel threatened': Unmasked Florida man's viral Costco outburst cost him his job
A man's outburst at a Costco in Florida that was caught on video has cost him his job. The man in the video was identified by social media users as Daniel Maples, a salesman at Tedd Todd Insurance. Maples, 42, of Fort Myers, did not immediately return a request for comment Wednesday. In a subsequent tweet, Corben said the incident occurred at a shopping center in Fort Myers on June 27. Tedd Todd Insurance CEO Charley Todd addressed the episode on Twitter.
EPP’s illiberal rebels lay out political vision
Keeping the EU together requires that the West "not force its views on Eastern countries," Viktor Orbán said | Janek Skarzynski/AFP via Getty Images EPP’s illiberal rebels lay out political vision Leaders of Hungary, Slovenia and Serbia say Western Europe shouldn’t lecture Easterners. A group of illiberal rebels has a message for Europe: Leave us alone if you want to keep us close. Some center-right European politicians support a liberal leftist vision for Europe, according to Orbán. And there are more and more politicians supporting that kind of vision of Europe, may I confess sometimes even inside EPP," he said. Those who blame me for conversing with European leaders of my own political family, do not understand what Europe and democracy are about," he said.
Spain and Italy link arms ahead of EU summit on recovery plan
Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte (left) and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez | Gabriel Bouys/AFP via Getty Images Spain and Italy link arms ahead of EU summit on recovery plan After meeting Sánchez in Madrid, Conte warns any delay will raise costs for all taxpayers. It was a clear warning to countries such as the Netherlands and Austria that have expressed opposition to the idea of using joint debt to issue recovery “grants” — the signature component of the Commission's proposal. “The health emergency has led to an economic and social emergency for which we need a common, European response,” Sánchez said. Perhaps most crucially, Conte is due to meet Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte on Friday in The Hague. Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa welcomed Sánchez in Lisbon on Monday, and Conte on Tuesday.
Conte’s coronavirus honeymoon comes to a close
As the Italian prime minister waged battle against the coronavirus epidemic, political opponents heeded calls for unity, halted their attacks and reined in their criticism. In March, approval for Conte’s measures to combat the virus stood at 94 percent, and his personal ratings climbed to 71 percent. But as Italy’s health emergency begins to recede and signs of the impending economic catastrophe move into sharp focus, Conte’s coronavirus honeymoon appears to be coming to a close. “The more that public opinion shifts from the health to the social and economic crisis, the more Conte risks losing consensus,” said Pregliasco. “We completely support his proposed measures to prevent the economic crisis from becoming a structural crisis that would leave workers and companies abandoned,”said Guidesi, the League MP.
Parliament confirms EU banking nominee despite gender concerns – POLITICO
The European Parliament voted 343-296 in favor of François-Louis Michaud, with 56 abstentions | Kenzo Tribouillard/AFP via Getty Images Parliament confirms EU banking nominee despite gender concerns Lawmakers overturn committee and back François-Louis Michaud for European Banking Authority post. EU lawmakers backed François-Louis Michaud’s nomination to the European Banking Authority in a setback for members campaigning to put a woman in the executive director post. The European Parliament voted 343-296 in favor of the Frenchman, with 56 abstentions, overturning his narrow rejection in the economics committee, where members had voiced concerns about gender equality in top financial roles. The European Commission should come up with a targeted reform of the nomination and confirmation procedure, Yon-Courtin said. An EBA spokesperson said: “We welcome the decision of the European Parliament and look forward to François-Louis Michaud joining the EBA soon as our new Executive Director.”
German minister: Europe must develop own defense even if Biden wins
Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer argued that the United States will remain focused on China even if the Democratic candidate defeats President Donald Trump in November | Pool photo by Mika Schmidt/Getty Images German minister: Europe must develop own defense even if Biden wins US shift to focus on China won’t change, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer says. A Joe Biden victory in the U.S. presidential election would not mean Europe could rely on America for security as it used to do, Germany's defense minister said Wednesday. Kramp-Karrenbauer said that based on Biden's statements to date, the economic and geopolitical rivalry between the United States and China would continue if he became president. "This is important for future cooperation with the United Kingdom, but also for cooperation with the United States," she said. "These are first and foremost issues that are particularly relevant for Europe," Kramp-Karrenbauer said.
Biden slams Trump on coronavirus, Russia: 'Commander in chief who doesn't command anything'
Joe Biden on Wednesday slammed President Donald Trump as a "commander in chief who doesn’t command anything in the fight" against the coronavirus pandemic, also ripping him for "not doing a damn thing" in response to U.S. intelligence that Russia offered the Taliban bounties to kill Americans in Afghanistan. Biden, who spoke for less than 10 minutes to the union’s virtual political conference, also hit Trump over his administration's response to the pandemic. "The guy who says he’s commander in chief and then doesn't command anything in the fight against COVID," he said. Biden has repeatedly hit Trump over his pandemic response in recent weeks, as deaths and confirmed cases have continued to grow. He also praised unions as the "backbone" of the U.S., adding that unions "built America" and "built the middle class."
Supreme Court backs Trump plan for limiting contraceptive coverage
Houses of worship were always exempt, and thanks to the Supreme Court’s 5-4 Hobby Lobby ruling, that exemption is quite broad. But for Donald Trump -- or at least those in the administration who care about such things -- this wasn't nearly good enough. This site is protected by recaptchaToday, the Supreme Court gave the administration the green light to do exactly that. The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday cleared the way for the Trump administration to give the nation's employers more leeway in refusing to provide free birth control for their workers under the Affordable Care Act. That said, the practical effects are important: by federal estimates, as a result of the Supreme Court ruling, Trump's policy will likely end birth-control coverage for up to 126,000 women in the United States.
Pence touts progress in Covid-19 hot spots amid a surge of cases
In Florida, more than 223,000 coronavirus cases have been confirmed and nearly 17,000 patients have been hospitalized, according to the Florida Department of Health. Texas’ testing positivity rate has remained steady over the past few weeks at around 14 percent. Trump's own health officials have suggested a positivity rate below 10 percent is desirable, though other public health experts say the goal should be 5 percent or lower. Pence made the comments as President Donald Trump and others in his administration push to reopen schools in the fall. Public health experts have expressed concerns with moving forward with cases on the rise in most states and the U.S. total surpassing 3 million on Wednesday.
Illiberal European bloc says Westerners shouldn't lecture Easterners
Orbán, who has previously clashed with EPP President Donald Tusk and other senior center-right figures, has been pushing for the party family to move further to the right. Some center-right European politicians support a liberal leftist vision for Europe, according to Orbán. And there are more and more politicians supporting that kind of vision of Europe, may I confess sometimes even inside EPP," he said. Orbán, meanwhile, emphasized that despite his criticism of the party family, he would like to see the EPP shape a new strategy for Europe. On the birthday of the EPP, I wish the EPP to be the one to do so," he said.
Independent autopsy of Andres Guardado finds he 'was fatally shot five times in the back'
Guardado's parents, Elisa and Cristobal, said the preliminary findings confirmed "what we have known all along, which is that Andres was unjustifiably killed by a Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy." Andres Guardado. The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Lawyers for the Guardado family have said that officials’ failure to explain exactly what prompted the shooting has made the family's grieving process that much more difficult. After chasing Andres into an alley in the back of a building, one of the deputies shot Guardado several times.
CDC to release new safety guidelines for reopening schools
Full coverage of the coronavirus outbreakRecommendations on reopening schools have been available on the agency’s website since mid-May, and more guidance was added last week on COVID-19 testing in schools. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 8, 2020During the briefing, CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield echoed the task force's stance on the importance of reopening schools, adding that the agency's additional guidelines should not be used as a rationale to keep schools closed. This site is protected by recaptcha"It’d be very disappointing if individuals were using guidelines for not reopening schools," Redfield said. The tests are not yet widely available and it's unclear whether they will be available for school children in the South who typical start going back to school in August. He added that the federal government would consider providing incentives for states to go forward with reopening schools.
Bolton: Trump 'doesn't pay much attention' to intelligence, and is 'dangerous for the country'
Former National Security Advisor John Bolton joins Andrea Mitchell, reacting to the retirement of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman's by saying his work “merited promotion,” and that his retirement is "a loss for the country." Bolton criticizes Trump's pandemic response as "clearly inadequate" and delayed as a result of concerns of upsetting China and jeopardizing his re-election, as well as Trump's consumption of intelligence, saying he "doesn't pay much attention to it."
Skeletal remains found in Susquehanna River believed to be Pennsylvania fisherman Alexis Mardis missing since October 2019
Skeletal remains pulled from the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania last week are believed to be 31-year-old Alex Mardis, a Clinton County man who has been missing since October, Pennsylvania State Police confirmed to Dateline. Alex Mardis Katie ByrneSergeant Andrew Peters told Dateline that two fishermen found the body Thursday afternoon in the Susquehanna River near Avis, Pennsylvania. This site is protected by recaptchaSergeant Peters told Dateline that the family members have been notified that the remains found are believed to be Alex. His girlfriend told police that Alex grabbed a fishing pole and left to go fishing at the Susquehanna River. “He was a good man and he loved his family,” Tammy previously told Dateline.
New York AG says a series of police reforms should be 'quickly' enacted amid protest investigation
In a 57-page report released Wednesday, New York Attorney General Letitia James proposed a series of police reforms she says should be "quickly" enacted following violent encounters between police and protesters during recent demonstrations after the death of George Floyd. The report was released amid an investigation James is leading into police conduct during the protests against racial injustice. "While our investigation remains ongoing, after 30 days of intense scrutiny, it is impossible to deny that many New Yorkers have lost faith in law enforcement,” James said. The investigation found that between May 28 and June 7, the NYPD made more than 2,000 protest-related arrests. Viral videos of the protests in New York City showed police aggressively handling protesters and using substantial force against people.
Democratic task forces send Biden a progressive policy roadmap
The health care task force, for instance, focused on ways to expand coverage through Biden’s firmly-held position of building on the Affordable Care Act, rather than pursuing a single-payer system like Medicare for All. But the climate task force, co-chaired by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., recommended more aggressive timelines for achieving net-zero carbon emissions than Biden had called for in the campaign. “I commend the Task Forces for their service and helping build a bold, transformative platform for our party and for our country. I look forward to working with Vice President Biden to help him win this campaign and to move this country forward toward economic, racial, social and environmental justice,” he said. Each panel’s co-chair worked with Sanders adviser Analilia Majia and Biden adviser Carmel Martin to shape the discussions and move both sides toward consensus.
Video shows man thrown out of California restaurant for racist tirade against family
A white man was caught on camera going on a racist tirade over the weekend before he was kicked out and banned for life from an upscale restaurant in coastal Northern California, managers said Tuesday. The ugly incident happened Saturday night at Lucia, a restaurant at Bernardus Lodge & Spa in Carmel Valley, as a family was celebrating an aunt's birthday when the man started hurling anti-Asian insults. This site is protected by recaptchaA staff member of the lodge is then seen intervening, telling the man he has to leave. The man was identified by the Bernardus Lodge & Spa as Michael Lofthouse, who is CEO of Bay Area tech company Solid8. "She had one second to think and she did the right thing and he was escorted off the premises."
Bolsonaro Hails Anti-Malaria Pill Even as He Fights Coronavirus
RIO DE JANEIRO — President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil has been presenting an image of resilience and vigor as he fights the coronavirus, flashing smiles and thumbs-up, posting on social media — and enthusiastically promoting the drug hydroxychloroquine. His attitude during convalescence is consistent with his widely-discredited contention that the virus poses little threat to people who are healthy, and his endorsement of the drug, though studies have found no evidence that it works on Covid-19 patients, but have shown possible danger in taking it. “I’m doing much better than I was,” Mr. Bolsonaro, 65, said in a video posted Tuesday night as he washed down a dose of hydroxychloroquine with water. “It’s working.”Mr. Bolsonaro acknowledged that there are no drugs scientifically proven to treat Covid-19, but he said: “I’m one more person it’s working on. I trust hydroxychloroquine.”
A senator wants to ban middle seats after finding himself on a packed flight during the pandemic
Instead of finding his connecting flight to Texas mostly empty, as he had flying American recently, Merkley saw passengers shoulder to shoulder. A day later, the senator announced on Twitter that he would introduce a bill to ban the sale of middle seats through the coronavirus pandemic. I will introduce a bill to ban the sale of middle seats through this pandemic. Merkley joins other government officials in expressing concern over American Airlines ending their in-flight social distancing efforts. Correction: A previous version of this article stated that American Airlines declined to comment for the piece.
Trump apparently can’t help but make reopening schools into his new partisan cause
Trump’s effort included an attempt to demonstrate the low risk of reopening schools by comparing the United States to European countries. ADADA group of school principals in Santa Clara County, Calif., held an in-person meeting to discuss reopening schools. The CDC’s umbrella department, Health and Human Services, clearly recognized storm clouds on the horizon as Trump’s attention turned to reopening schools. Trump’s CDC tweet, he said, was simply saying that the federal government would work with local districts. There hasn’t been public polling yet on the extent to which people would prioritize reopening schools versus containing the virus.
Pence says reopening schools is ‘absolutely essential’
Pence says reopening schools is ‘absolutely essential’Vice President Pence said July 8 that President Trump's threats to cut funding for schools that don't reopen are a "determination" to get kids back to school.
Tucker Carlson’s continued ‘coward’ attack on Sen. Tammy Duckworth draws swift backlash
ADADBut, on Tuesday night, Carlson ratcheted up his criticism of the senator even further. “Tammy Duckworth is also a fraud.”Two Democratic senators who have appeared recently as guests on Fox News criticized Carlson’s comments in statements to The Washington Post on Wednesday afternoon. “Tucker Carlson’s comments were reprehensible, and I have no interest in appearing on his hateful, pro-Trump propaganda show,” said Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.). “Tammy Duckworth paid her dues with her blood,” he wrote. “Tucker just pays his platinum credit card bills.”ADIn July 2019, Carlson faced criticism for comments he made about Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.).
Live updates: Trump undercuts CDC, disagrees with coronavirus guidelines on reopening schools
Vice President Pence stood by the White House’s insistence that schools open in the fall as he took the podium Wednesday at the first White House coronavirus task force briefing in two weeks. “As the president made clear yesterday, it’s time, it’s time for us to get our kids back to school,” Pence said. “It’s absolutely essential that we get our kids back into classrooms for in-person learning. “We’re here to help, and we don’t want federal guidance to be a substitute for state and local laws and rules and guidance,” he said. Trump did not appear at the briefing, which was held at the Education Department.
Opinion | The Supreme Court just helped the Trump administration limit access to contraception
Before we go further, I must correct something that appears in almost every report: the idea that we’re talking about “free” contraception here. Employer-provided insurance coverage is compensation for your labor, just as surely as the money in your paycheck. ADEvery time we refer to “free contraception” we reinforce the idea that this is all about the prerogatives of employers and not the rights of employees. The Trump administration will promulgate a rule giving you that ability. Which means that should presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden win, his administration can simply reverse the Trump administration’s decision.
CDC will issue new guidance on school openings, Pence says, after criticism from Trump
“We don’t want the guidance from CDC to be a reason why schools don’t open,” Pence said. “I disagree with @CDCgov on their very tough & expensive guidelines for opening schools,” Trump wrote. ADAppearing alongside Pence at Wednesday’s briefing, CDC Director Robert R. Redfield said he recognized that “there is a variety of unique circumstances for different schools”and that the additional guidance would reflect that. The announcement about additional CDC guidance came as Trump and other officials made a concerted effort Wednesday to portray reopening schools as key to the nation’s recovery from the pandemic. As Trump threatened federal intervention, Pence stressed the importance of local decision-making — even allowing that in coronavirus hot spots, officials could decide to curtail school openings in limited cases.
In photos: Chief Justice John Roberts
Tom Williams/AP Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts listens to President Donald Trump's State of the Union address in January 2018. In photos: Chief Justice John RobertsTom Williams/AP Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts listens to President Donald Trump's State of the Union address in January 2018. In 2005, John Roberts became the 17th chief justice of the US Supreme Court. He was 50 years old at the time, which made him the youngest chief justice since John Marshall in 1801.
Birx's nod to mask fashion is more than just sartorial
(CNN) The White House coronavirus response coordinator began her remarks Wednesday with a seemingly light remark. "Masks can be a fashion statement," said Dr. Deborah Birx , noting another positive reason -- aside from the public health standpoint -- for Americans to wear them. And indeed, masks have already become fashion statements. The deliberate effort of Birx and the task force to encourage the "fun" side of mask-wearing was a rare nod to the more personal way they can be a vehicle for individual expression. Earlier this spring, fashion houses and designers were forced to close stores, and many pivoted to mask-making, turning leftover fabric into face coverings, with varying prints, patterns and colors, and selling them online.
Brazilian press group will sue Bolsonaro for taking off his mask
(CNN) The Brazilian Press Association has said it will file a lawsuit in Brazil's Supreme Court against President Jair Bolsonaro over possibly exposing members of the media to Covid-19, according to a statement from the association on Tuesday. The association, known as ABI, alleged Bolsonaro did not respect the health safety distance from reporters, and took off his mask at Tuesday's televised press conference in the capital Brasília, where he announced that he had tested positive for Covid-19. Three TV stations -- CNN Brasil TV Record and TV Brasil -- were present at the press conference. CNN Brasil reporter Leandro Magalhaes will be tested for the virus Wednesday, and is working from home until he gets his result. After Tuesday´s press conference, congressman Marcelo Freixo tweeted that he filed a lawsuit against Bolsonaro with the Federal Attorney's Office.
300 drones flew above Seoul to thank frontline workers and encourage coronavirus preventative measures
(CNN) South Korea's government used 300 drones in an unusual display to thank frontline workers and to encourage citizens to keep battling against the spread of coronavirus. The nation's Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Support coordinated a 10-minute synchronized light show that lit up the night sky above the Han River in the country's capital of Seoul on July 6. The drones were used to create images of medical workers in protective gear along with images of handwashing, people wearing masks and people socially distancing from one another. To avoid having large crowds gather to watch the spectacle, the light show was not advertised ahead of time. While South Korea is often cited as an example of a country acting swiftly to contain the spread of Covid-19, there have been new clusters popping up in the country.
To save his presidency, Donald Trump may tear America apart
Trump is not even pretending to hide the divisive racial rhetoric on which he's anchoring his bid for a second term. And it will leave wounds that will take years to heal by whoever wakes up in the White House next January 21. 'A leader in Covid-19'"I think the world is looking at us as leader in Covid-19," White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany claimed at a press briefing on Monday. The other new White House claim that 99% of coronavirus cases are "totally harmless" is just untrue. Doug Ducey said Thursday that the state's reopening plans are now "on pause" as a result of a major spike in coronavirus cases.
How a psychiatrist uses knitting to heal
Knitting isn't merely a pastime for Swiss psychiatrist Dominique Kaehler Schweizer. It's a means of creative expression. Dr. Kaehler knits everything from animals to meat to baked goods to body parts—even anatomically correct hearts. And her clever, intricate work is on display in museums. The knitting psychiatrist, known as Madame Tricot in the art world, shows us how her passions for healing and knitting are interwoven.
An election cliffhanger could spook Wall Street, Goldman Sachs warns
New York (CNN Business) Wall Street could get rattled if the November election is a cliffhanger, Goldman Sachs is warning clients. The proportion of voting done on Election Day has dropped from 90% in 1996 to 60% in 2016, according to government survey data cited by Goldman Sachs. "Implied volatility for the period around November's election is extremely high," Goldman Sachs said. But Goldman Sachs noted that there is an "unusual humped shape" of implied volatility curves, suggesting an "extended period of high volatility is anticipated." Potential market turbulence this fall may not solely be about the election though.
Bay Area Doctor Shot And Killed While Offroading With Son In Sierra County
DOWNIEVILLE (CBS13) — Over the weekend, a Bay Area doctor was shot to death while off-roading with his teenage son in the Sierra. Deputies said that doctor, Ari Gershman, was one of three people shot in the same area by a suspect with no clear motive. Family said Gershman and his 15-year-old son Jack had planned a Fourth of July getaway for just the two of them. His son Jack started running for his life. He married the love of his life, his best friend,” Meyers-Barer said about her cousin, Ari Gershman.
One dead and two others injured in shooting at Storrie Lake State Park
One dead and two others injured in shooting at Storrie Lake State ParkOne girl is dead, and two others were injured in a shooting that happened at Storrie Lake State Park on Monday night.According to New Mexico State Police, the shooting happened around 11:44 p.m. and all three of the victims were transported to a nearby hospital in Las Vegas to be treated for their injuries.All of the victims were under the age of 18.The conditions of the two other victims are unknown and police have not released their names.Stay with KOAT for continuing updates. One girl is dead, and two others were injured in a shooting that happened at Storrie Lake State Park on Monday night. According to New Mexico State Police, the shooting happened around 11:44 p.m. and all three of the victims were transported to a nearby hospital in Las Vegas to be treated for their injuries. AdvertisementAll of the victims were under the age of 18. The conditions of the two other victims are unknown and police have not released their names.
Tanker crashes into backyard of Salt Lake home
8, 2020 at 6:21 a.m.SALT LAKE CITY — Hazmat crews are cleaning up after an asphalt oil tanker rolled into the backyard of a home in Salt Lake City early Wednesday, officials said. The tanker rolled 700-800 yards through an empty parking lot near the University of Utah into the backyard at 66 N. Wolcott Street about 3:20 a.m., according to a tweet from the Salt Lake City Fire Department. SLC Hazmat crews are on scene of an asphalt oil tanker spill 66 North Wolcott St. The tanker rolled from an East parking lot across N. Campus drive into the back yard of address. Approx 3:20 A.M. pic.twitter.com/1xyGZAVHmC — Salt Lake City Fire Department (@slcfire) July 8, 2020As of 6:30 a.m., the tanker was still in an alleyway behind the home as hazmat crews worked to clean up oil from the tanker.
$100K bail set for man accused of charging at cop with crowbar
West Washington Avenue in Escondido shortly after a police officer shot a driver who officials say got out of his car with a crow bar after he was pulled over. VISTA, Calif. (CNS) – A man who was shot by police after allegedly charging at an Escondido officer with a 3-foot crowbar pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges including assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer. Using a suspect and vehicle description provided by his ex-wife, police say Quezada’s car was stopped near the intersection of Broadway and Washington Avenue. Police performed CPR on Quezada before the arrival of paramedics, who took the Escondido resident to Palomar Medical Center. In addition to the assault charge, Quezada is facing charges including resisting arrest and violating a restraining order.
Navajo Nation citizens not following public health order could see $1,000 fine
>> THERE HAVE BEEN SPIKES ALL AROUND THE NAVAJO NATION. >> THE SHELTER IN PLACE, AS WELL AS LIMITING OUR VISITORS TO THE NAVAJO NATION. SHELBY: A STATE POLICE SPOKESPERSON TOLD US THAT RIGHT NOW, THEY AREN’T HELPING ENFORCE THE NAVAJO NATION STAY AT HOME ORDER, BUT THEY ARE HELPINGAdvertisement Navajo Nation citizens not following public health order could see $1,000 fine Share Shares Copy Link CopyCoronavirus cases are continuing to rise on the Navajo Nation, and now leaders are re-issuing their public health order. "There have been spikes all around the Navajo Nation," said Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez. "The shelter in place, as well as limiting our visitors to the Navajo Nation."
Warriors Partner With Uber Eats To Help Local Restaurants, Feed Essential Workers
Liam’s List: Your Guide To Fitness, Food, Fun, Staying Connected While Social DistancingKCBS reporter Liam Mayclem will be providing KPIX 5 users with a weekly tip list on how best to survive the current coronavirus outbreak. Quarantine Cooking: Your Essential Nonstick Cookware GuideStep up your quarantine cooking with this guide to nonstick cookware. How To: 6 Easy Steps To Make Homemade Soft PretzelsLearn how to make your own homemade soft pretzels with these six easy steps! 5 Vodka Sauce Recipes To Try This WeekAnd would you miss it if it wasn't there? Try These Make-Ahead Freezer Meals Perfect For WeeknightsSet yourself up for easy weeknight dinners no matter what!
Northridge Family Victims Of Anti-Asian Racist Rant In Carmel
NORTHRIDGE (CBSLA) — Raymond Orosa was celebrating his wife’s birthday with another family at a restaurant in Carmel when his table was verbally assaulted by a man sitting at another table. The families had just finished singing “Happy Birthday,” when the man, who has now been identified as Michael Lofthouse, went on a racist rant against the Asian American families. Quickly, the server came to the defense of Orosa and the others at the table, kicking Lofthouse out of the restaurant. Since the video went viral on social media, the server’s reaction has also garnered the praise of prominent social media figures including model Chrissy Teigen. Orosa said he was glad the server stepped in and he thinks more people need to do so when hearing racist attacks like this one.
As the virus surges in the US, Canadians and Mexicans alike say keep the US border closed
(CNN) If public opinion and recent activity are any indication, the United States' northern and southern neighbors agree that the American border should remain closed due to a surge in coronavirus cases stateside. The United States has more deaths from the coronavirus, with over 130,000 dead, than Canada has confirmed cases, with 108,000. Border states hit hardArizona and Texas have been hit particularly hard by the coronavirus pandemic. And Texas had its highest single day increase in coronavirus cases Tuesday, with 10,028 new cases reported. That Canadians and Mexicans would prefer to restrict Americans from crossing the border is certainly a new dynamic since President Donald Trump's election.
Vermont Black Lives Matter roadway murals defaced, state police say
(CNN) Three Black Lives Matter roadway murals in Vermont were defaced, state police say. The murals, located in and near Underhill, featured the slogans "Black Lives Matter" and "Black Trans Lives Matter." In Baltimore , chalk messages by elementary school students in support of "Black Lives Matter" were washed away by adults. And in Northern California , two people face hate crime charges for painting over a "Black Lives Matter" roadway mural. The defacements are being investigated as potential bias-related incidents, the press release said.
San Francisco official proposes 'CAREN Act,' making racially biased 911 calls illegal
(CNN) It may soon be illegal to make discriminatory, racially biased 911 calls in San Francisco. The "CAREN Act" (Caution Against Racially Exploitative Non-Emergencies) was introduced on Tuesday at a San Francisco Board of Supervisors meeting by Supervisor Shamann Walton. The ordinance's name is a twist on "Karen," the name social media gives people making racially biased 911 calls. There are also names like "Becky," which has also come to symbolize a stereotype of whiteness . The ordinance is similar to the statewide AB 1550 bill introduced by California Assemblyman Rob Bonta, making it unlawful and accountable for a caller to "fabricate false racially biased emergency reports.
CAREN Act: San Francisco ordinance would make racially-motived 911 calls a crime
SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – The CAREN Act could impose criminal charges to people who call 911 because of racial bias on another person. CAREN – spelled with a “C” instead of the famous “K” in Karen – stands for Caution Against Racially Exploitative Non-Emergencies. She became known as the “San Francisco Karen.”Nationally, there was a case of a woman in New York who called the cops on a Black man bird watching in Central Park. There are currently charges being brought upon that woman, dubbed “Central Park Karen.”This San Francisco ordinance was introduced by San Francisco Supervisor Shamann Walton. That ordinance also results in consequences for racially or discriminatory-motivated 911 calls.
Special Needs Center Targeted By Thief Who Made Off With Electronics, Vehicles
WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. (CBS4)– A day center for adults with developmental disabilities is trying to figure out what to do after a thief ransacked their facility and made off with thousands of dollars in electronics. It happened over July 4th Weekend at A Brighter Community in Wheat Ridge. She says the thief trashed the inside of their center and stole laptop and desktop computers. If you have any information you’re asked to call Wheat Ridge Police. A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help the center recover from the thefts and damage.
Nick Cordero's Wife Remembers Him As A 'Very Special Man': 'I’m Heartbroken'
Cordero had been fighting the coronavirus since March and entered intensive care at the end of that month. The “Rock of Ages” star is survived by Kloots and their infant son, Elvis. Kloots has been remarkably upbeat on social media throughout Cordero’s trials and since his passing, posting various videos and photographs to honor his memory. On Tuesday, she shared a heartbreaking Instagram post about their five-year relationship that looked back on their time together. “Nick always said we were completely different people that normally would never be together,” she wrote in the caption.
Miami’s Republican mayor won’t commit to voting for Trump
Former Vice President Joe Biden leads Trump by five percentage points in Florida, according to the RealClear Politics polling average . Trump narrowly won the state by 1.2 percentage points in 2016 over Democrat Hillary Clinton. But President Trump is trailing in the polls and recently re-hired a veteran political operative for his Florida team. He is the son of former Miami Mayor and Cuban immigrant Xavier Suarez. The mayor’s refusal to throw his support behind the Republican president follows criticism of Miami's Little Havana neighborhood — and others like it — by a key Trump administration official.
POLITICO Playbook PM: Trump’s day in court is tomorrow
POLITICO Playbook PM: Trump’s day in court is tomorrow Presented byThe Supreme Court decision on the Trump financial records case should come Thursday -- the last decision day for the court this term. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty ImagesAFTER A BRUTAL FEW WEEKS at the Supreme Court, religious conservatives landed two significant wins this morning -- and both by lopsided 7-2 margins. -- NYT’S ADAM LIPTAK: “Supreme Court Lets Employers Opt Out of Birth Control Coverage”: “The Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld a Trump administration regulation that lets employers with religious or moral objections limit women’s access to birth control coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Former teachers sued the two Catholic schools in Southern California after losing their jobs, launching a fresh test of a 2012 high court decision and new tension between workers rights and church authority. But the court ruled constitutional language that protects religious freedom barred the former teachers from suing their private schools for employment discrimination.”THE DECISION ON THE TRUMP FINANCIAL RECORDS case should come Thursday -- the last decision day for the Supreme Court this term.
Your local Walgreens could soon include a doctor's office
The pharmacy chain said Wednesday it has struck a deal with VillageMD, which will staff and run the primary-care clinics. Walgreens said it will own about 30 percent of the primary-care company after the multiyear investment. Through the new partnership, patients will be able to visit the Village Medical at Walgreens clinics for a wide range of medical services from annual checkups to walk-in appointments. Walgreens is expanding its focus on medical care as it cuts costs and invests in new areas. “We want to be everywhere in America where people need health care,” said Walgreens co-Chief Operating Officer Alex Gourlay.
Majority Rule? Not Yet, Fellow Americans
The Court’s ruling leaves in place the Electoral College, inasmuch as the case before the Court wasn’t about the Electoral College’s existence. Which is to say, the Electoral College negates the first precept of democracy: The majority (or at least, the plurality) rules. So far, those 15 states plus D.C. amount to 196 electoral votes, well shy of the 270 needed to win in the Electoral College. The real American deep state, after all, which thwarts the ability of Americans to govern themselves by the principle of majority rule, is the Electoral College and the U.S. Senate. The Electoral College?
Know Your Enemy: Pandemic Politics, with Marshall Steinbaum and Sarah Jones
Know Your Enemy: Pandemic Politics, with Marshall Steinbaum and Sarah Jones Know Your Enemy: Pandemic Politics, with Marshall Steinbaum and Sarah Jones Two special guests, Sarah Jones and Marshall Steinbaum, return to the show to help Matt and Sam make sense of the politics of the pandemic. You can subscribe, rate, and review to the show on Apple Podcasts and Stitcher, and receive bonus content by supporting the podcast on Patreon. Matt and Sam are joined by two special guests, Sarah Jones and Marshall Steinbaum, who return to the show to take stock of where we’re at: our failed response to the pandemic, the connections between the pandemic and the protests, and how all this might play out in November. The four of us range widely—but be warned, this is not the most inspiring conversation. (with further thoughts on the protests that followed George Floyd’s murder)
Two National Crises, the Pandemic and Police Violence, Have One Common Thread
One crisis this year has been followed by another, the COVID-19 pandemic by the crisis over police violence and black lives. In the immediate case of the pandemic, the responsibility for the failure to protect Americans lies with Donald Trump. The immediate responsibility for the failure of the police to uphold their obligations to protect black lives lies with the police themselves. This spring’s uprising over black lives has raised at least two big issues. The second big issue, radically restructuring the means of reducing violence in America, is an example of how the movement to protect black lives has already expanded the sense of the possible.
How New Jersey Became a Vote-by-Mail State
× Expand Seth Wenig/AP Photo In New Jersey’s Bergen County, election officials received more than 100,000 absentee ballots. Phil Murphy took the proactive step to mail absentee ballots to all registered voters for the July 7 primary. Murphy’s May 15 executive order catapulted the state to a 100 percent vote-by-mail election—with reduced in-person alternatives—compared to less than 5 percent vote-by-mail turnout in 2016. Only New Jersey and Maryland, however, delivered absentee ballots to all eligible voters. Executing this expanded vote by mail election also highlights how much planning goes into running elections by mail.
Unsanitized: COVID-19 as a Bucket on a Swivel
× Expand Max Ortiz/Detroit News via AP Unsanitized-070820 Abdul El-Sayed, right, appears with Bernie Sanders at a coronavirus briefing in Romulus, Michigan in March. “The bucket’s on a swivel and the drops come into the bucket until it tips one way, or another,” El-Sayed said. I asked him if the medical community has gotten any better at handling the disease since its inception. We have talked on Unsanitized about why deaths may not be spiking yet (here are some other discussions of that phenomenon), and this has mostly held. “I think the Biden team recognizes this critical moment, and the need to approach it with a broad-shouldered agenda,” he said.
Dissent Magazine
Essential Work Essential Work Introducing a special section on the Democrats in 2020. Since the collapse of the housing market back in 2008, leftists have launched an acute critique of the financialization of the economy. Like Debs, Sanders spoke passionately for the same policies he has advocated for decades. Unlike Debs, however, Sanders has done a good deal to improve the policies of a major party. Michael Kazin is co-editor of Dissent.
Native Americans Hail Oil and Gas Pipeline Decisions
× Expand Sipa via AP Images Native Nations Rise march in Washington, D.C. against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline in Portland, Oregon, March 2017. Against the backdrop of Black Lives Matter and President Trump’s neo-Confederate holiday crusade, three oil pipeline decisions spotlight Indian tribes’ fights against environmental racism in new and powerful ways. The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia responded to the Trump administration’s move to accelerate Dakota Access Pipeline permitting with an unexpected decision: a shutdown. Like Keystone XL and DAPL, the Atlantic Coast Pipeline project involved disputes over waterways and marshes, which are increasingly becoming flashpoints for conflict across the country. The effort has been aided by legislation in South Dakota and three other states directed at indigenous people and their allies that criminalizes protest against gas or oil pipelines.
The Rise and Rise of a Young Gorgon
Eventually, Twitter caught on that this child actually was a young Gorgon, and that’s where the chaos began. This was when the world knew, for certain, that we were housing an actual, real-life Gorgon. Practically overnight, people were admonishing the young girl for being satanic, hailing her as the first sign that the apocalypse was officially on its way. Through all of this outcry, we heard nothing from little Medusa, and the world waited with its breath held for her to make some kind of a statement. Finally, Ellen Degeneres, our savior, landed her for an interview, and record amounts of people tuned in to watch the mysterious little girl try to milly rock to a fourteen-year-old Pitbull song.
Michael Peterson's Durham Mansion is Back on the Market
× Expand Courtesy of ZillowConvicted murderer Michael Peterson's Durham mansion featured in the Netflix series "The Staircase" is back on the market. Peterson, a novelist and failed Durham mayoral candidate, is best known for being convicted of killing his wife, Kathleen Peterson, in 2003 after she was found covered in blood at the bottom of a staircase in their home. There is a grand staircase, but no pictures of the infamous staircase where Kathleen Peterson died. The listing only hints at the home's tragic past: "This home has been featured in Netflix documentary as well as a major feature film." Join the INDY Press Club to help us keep fearless watchdog reporting and essential arts and culture coverage viable in the Triangle.
COVID-19 Cancels the Islamic Pilgrimage, Grounding a Lifelong Dream for Some N.C. Muslims
More than two million Muslims from dozens of countries were planning on flying to Saudi Arabia at the end of the month to take part in the annual Islamic pilgrimage of hajj. But in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Saudi government effectively canceled the pilgrimage—grounding the dreams of dozens of Muslims in North Carolina. The Kaaba, known in Islam as the “house of God,” is the location where Muslims direct their daily prayers. The time frame of hajj is determined by the Islamic calendar, which is based on the lunar year. “I was in the middle of millions of Muslims and just so happened to run into the Muslims from my own state.
Duly Noted
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“California Is Ripe for a Revolution”
JFWhen I was an undergrad and after college, I was inspired by Black Lives Matter to become a police accountability activist. At that time, I was looking at police policies from the local level to the state level, and the flows of money from police unions to political candidates. Earlier in the month, I challenged my opponent, Scott Wiener, to donate the more than $70,000 of campaign contributions that he’s received from law enforcement unions. He ended up donating about a third of what he has received from police unions since 2016. Of course, I had pledged from the start of my campaign to not accept that funding.
The Coddling of the Elites
Free speech for whom, exactly? It is the standard issue argument for “free speech” as wielded only by those who already have power. “As writers we need a culture that leaves us room for experimentation, risk taking, and even mistakes,” the letter concludes. Help In These Times Continue Publishing Progressive journalism is needed now more than ever, and In These Times needs you. If it is within your means, please consider making an emergency donation to help fund our coverage during this critical time.
How the Trump Administration’s Small Business Protection Program Has Failed Communities of Color
The Trump administration’s Small Business Administration isn’t helping. Structural disadvantageToday, business owners of color continue to face the same structural challenges that put them at a financial disadvantage compared to white business owners when the SBA was created. Business owners of color tend to have smaller businesses on average than white-owned small businesses. Minority-owned small businesses are less likely to have employees but were still only permitted to use 40% of their PPP loans on non-payroll expenses. The agency has not adequately provided small business owners of color with the support the Small Business Act calls for in nearly 70 years since the legislation’s passing.
The Catholic Church Siphoned Away $30 Million Paid to Native People for Stolen Land
(Mary Annette Pember)Free, government-funded schools were rarely built on reservations—meaning that for many Native families, Catholic mission schools were the only option. Type Investigations and In These Times located annual reports from BCIM for nine years that Catholic mission schools received funding this way. (Mary Annette Pember)Among tribes, some scattered resistance did exist against the use of individual treaty funds for Catholic mission schools. “I think you need to look at it from the lens of the past era.” According to the American Indian Catholic Schools Network (AICSN), 26 Catholic Indian mission schools remain in the United States, seven belonging to AICSN. In January 2020, NABS received funding to start digitizing federal boarding school archives and making them available to the public.
Mike Davis Tried to Warn Us About a Virus-Induced Apocalypse
Mike Davis has good claim to being the most important Marxist historian of the past fifty years. In its original version, Davis sought to warn us of the impending threat of an avian flu pandemic, which, he argued, would likely have a catastrophic global impact. The pandemic has finally come in the proportions that Davis described, though from a different source than that he predicted. Instead of avian flu — H5N1, or its even deadlier cousins H7N9 and H9N2 — we are confronted with the global outbreak of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Each of these on their own are what Davis calls “human-induced environmental shocks”; taken together, they have created our current disaster.
When Black Sharecroppers in the South Rose Up
NEWThe STFU was an interracial union that included both sharecroppers and tenant farmers. Tenant farmers were renters who paid their rent in the form of crop or cash, thus allowing for some degree of nominal independence. Their success was further restricted by the dramatic shifts occurring in agricultural production that the Depression, federal policies, and World War II accelerated. They had formed the Alabama Sharecroppers Union in Alabama at the same time among black sharecroppers. When the chance to affiliate with the UCAPAWA came, black sharecroppers chose that over the SPA.
Jonathan Sackler Spent His Life Spreading Opioid Addiction Throughout the United States
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention statistics on opioid overdose deaths start that same year, in 1999. Drug overdoses are the leading cause of accidental death in the United States, and opioids are involved in two-thirds of them. More than one hundred people are now dying from opioid overdoses in the United States every day. It’s well established now that the proliferation of prescription opioids, particularly the game-changing painkiller OxyContin, fueled the broader addiction epidemic. The opioid crisis has claimed nearly five hundred thousand lives since 1999.
How Counterinsurgency Tactics in the Middle East Found Their Way to American Cities
How have the military tactics and technologies used to suppress dissent in the Middle East found their way to America’s cities in the latest round of Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests? The United States has long been Israel’s primary supplier of military weapons — a “special relationship” forged when the United States transported 2.2 million dollars of military assistance during the 1973 War. Because of the live rounds fired during the Second Intifada, Israel offered safety to “embedded journalists,” who would become mouthpieces for the Israeli military. An extensive 2018 report titled “Deadly Exchange: The Dangerous Consequences of American Law Enforcement Trainings in Israel,” compiled by Researching the American-Israeli Alliance, documents how Israel’s policing tactics were transferred to US personnel. The United States condemned extrajudicial killings in the Occupied Territories before adopting it for use on suspected terrorists.
Eric Hobsbawm’s Century
Yet in confronting the politics and publications of his fascinating subject, it is difficult not to see Evans as Hobsbawm’s handler. In his presentation of Hobsbawm’s role in these late-1950s and early-1960s developments, Evans largely misconstrues where Eric was situated and why. Yet Evans exaggerates significantly Hobsbawm’s leadership role among the dissident communist anti-Stalinist critics and obfuscates the limits of Hobsbawm’s political opposition in the 1956 crisis of British communism. After the 1992 electoral collapse of front-running Labour under the leadership of the hapless Kinnock, a radical reordering of Labour Party politics was on the agenda. With the arrival of Tony Blair’s New Labour, socialism’s obliteration within the Labour Party was assured.
Unions Are Essential for Eliminating Racism
The non-cooperation of groups of waterfront workers resulted in a permanent supply of strikebreakers — if the white workers walked out, black workers could be called in to replace them, and vice versa. The result of this dawning awareness was the Triple Alliance, a consortium of three unions consisting of black and white workers alike, who decided to strike in tandem. The racially integrated unionism that followed the New Orleans General Strike of 1892 hardly entailed the total elimination of racism among white workers. And US labor history is tragically full of examples of white workers using their unions as vehicles for defending white supremacy rather than dismantling it. A new paper titled “Labor Unions and White Racial Politics,” published in the American Journal of Political Science, provides new data affirming that multiracial unions do indeed positively transform white workers’ attitudes about race.
In Melbourne’s “Hard Lockdown,” Public Housing Residents Get the Harshest Measures
They also commandeered the buildings’ security systems (public housing residents are some of the most surveilled people in Australia) to watch residents’ every move. Though there are several viral “hot spots” in Melbourne, it’s only those who reside in high-rise public housing — largely poor and working-class immigrant and refugee families — that are subject to the measures. The public housing towers are an annoyance to all the powerful players in Victorian politics. Despite a 100,000-strong waiting list, there hasn’t been any expansion of public housing in the state since the 1960s. Both Labor and the Coalition are committed to the privatization of public housing: since 2014, the Andrews government has sold off eleven public housing estates across the city as part of its misnamed “Public Housing Renewal Program.” Unfortunately for both property moguls and politicians, many residents of the inner-city housing estates are quite politically organized.
Cooperative Ownership: A Covid Recovery Strategy
Du Bois to the leaders of the Movement for Black Lives have pointed to a vital strategy for this transformation: community ownership. But what that recovery left behind was a simmering crisis of ownership. Related Article What Does It Really Mean to Invest In Black Communities? It could help communities finance green energy and cost-saving retrofits. As the investor class cowers behind its bailouts, communities need the tools to get their economies going on their own terms.
A New Tonkin Gulf Incident in the Making?
For more from The Nation, check out our latest issueSubscribe now for as little as $2 a month! Its more recent activities, however, suggest something more sinister and dangerous—an intent to reverse China’s occupation of the islands by military force. Is the Trump administration actively seeking such an incident to divert attention from its failures at home? Is the Pentagon itself hoping to provoke China to justify the forcible expulsion of Chinese forces from those islands in the South China Sea? It is essential, then, that members of Congress call on senior Pentagon leaders to withdraw the Nimitz and Ronald Reagan from the South China Sea and begin talks with their Chinese counterparts on steps to reduce the risk of conflict there.
How Black Lives Matter Inspired West Papua’s Freedom Struggle
The scenes in Surabaya angered West Papuans who saw clips of the violence circulating via television and social media. The authorities in Jakarta encouraged migration of non-Papuans from Java, Sumatra, and other regions into West Papua, in a push for ethnic acculturation. In spite of these developments, the influence of the Melanesian identity has been growing in West Papua. Academic Bobby Anderson has compared the homicide rates in West Papua with other countries around the world. A group of researchers from Australia and the UK set out to map violence in West Papua since the 1970s.
Our Nation Needs a Wake-Up Call to the Nuclear Threat
For more from The Nation, check out our latest issueTravel With The Nation Be the first to hear about Nation Travels destinations, and explore the world with kindred spirits. Ad PolicyToday, the threat posed by nuclear weapons is just as great as it was nearly 40 years ago. We need a wake-up call, and former defense secretary William J. Perry, together with leading nuclear policy maker Tom Collina, has given us just that. Their new book, The Button: The New Nuclear Arms Race and Presidential Power from Truman to Trump, is the alarm our nation needs—especially now. He has pulled out from the Iran nuclear agreement and the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, signed in 1987 by Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev.
Defund the Pentagon, Too
The Elephant in the Room: Pentagon SpendingIn addition to the police and prisons, the other major source of American militarized spending is, of course, the Pentagon. Almost half of the department’s $750 billion budget goes to them. Likewise, the platform of the Movement for Black Lives suggested a 50 percent reduction in Pentagon outlays. When it comes to both the police and the Pentagon, the sooner change arrives, the better off we’ll all be. It’s long past time to defund America’s wars, both abroad and at home.
Disaster Looms as the Coronavirus Disrupts the Garment Supply Chain
Meanwhile, garment workers across Latin America and Asia face factory shutdowns, mass unemployment, and assaults on their unions. About 2.3 million of the 4 million Bangladeshi garment workers have been laid off or furloughed. Garment workers in Bangladesh earn a minimum wage of about $95 a month, and any interruption in payment can send families into cycles of debt. The Cambodian government is offering the mostly female garment workers welfare payments of about 40 percent of minimum wage—well short of a living wage. For now, Akter will continue organizing garment workers in the streets, but she said change in the industry also has to include a moral appeal to regular shoppers.
A Summer of Reckoning—for American Racism and Israeli Aggression
The Nation is reader supported: Chip in $10 or more to help us continue to write about the issues that matter. Sign up for Take Action Now and we’ll send you three meaningful actions you can take each week. Sign up for Take Action Now and we’ll send you three meaningful actions you can take each week. The very same week that Minneapolis police killed George Floyd, Israeli police killed Iyad Hallaq, a 32-year-old Palestinian man with autism, on the streets of Jerusalem. And now, global racial justice protests have emerged just as Israel mulls its latest major land grab.
Just How Far Can Trump Go in an Emergency?
The policies were a special form of executive action, dating back to the Eisenhower administration, known as “presidential emergency action documents.” These were, in essence, secret presidential orders, made without congressional oversight, setting protocol for government response to nuclear attacks or a comparable crisis. The “presidential emergency action documents” that he’s inherited and also new ones he could issue are a storehouse of extra-constitutional authority. It might pay off, but there’s a real danger that Trump could use his emergency powers in a way that renders any election moot. Beyond presidential emergency action documents, Trump can also call on the law-and-order precedents created by earlier presidents. After all, the judiciary is much more Republican now, especially after the wave of appointments Trump has made.
Republicans Lose Their Collective Minds Over Ilhan Omar’s Call to Dismantle ‘Systems of Oppression’
For more from The Nation, check out our latest issueSubscribe now for as little as $2 a month! The Nation is reader supported: Chip in $10 or more to help us continue to write about the issues that matter. Sign up for Take Action Now and we’ll send you three meaningful actions you can take each week. “We are not merely fighting to tear down the systems of oppression in the criminal justice system. So, we cannot stop [with reform of the] criminal justice system,” explained the Somali-born refugee who served in the Minnesota legislature before her election to the House in 2018.
China and Hong Kong Face Off
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This Is the Perfect Moment to Push for Reparations
For more from The Nation, check out our latest issueSubscribe now for as little as $2 a month! The Nation is reader supported: Chip in $10 or more to help us continue to write about the issues that matter. Even before the recent wave of protests for Black lives swept the nation, the bill already had unprecedented support. Policing in the United States has always been a form of social control of Black people, with roots tracing back to the slave patrols created in the early 1700s. So what is Congress waiting for?
Why Has Society Failed to Integrate Grief Into Public Life?
But so too did a deep and daily grief, which staffers had little time or support for metabolizing. Lovers, friends, and grandparents become implicated in her research into our society’s failure to incorporate death and grief into the fabric of public life. A more familiar kind of mourning, for the routine and violent devaluation of Black life, broke our solitude and brought us back into the streets. Does the book feel different? I’m curious how you’ve been thinking about care work.
Why the US-China Rivalry Is Thwarting Transnational Solidarity
Trump is increasingly using Hong Kong to escalate the US-China rivalry. Related Article The Infinite Heartbreak of Loving Hong Kong Wilfred ChanThese policy interventions in Hong Kong come amid a broader confrontation against Beijing that spans diverse areas such as trade, media, and telecommunications. It has also used crackdowns on Black Lives Matter in the US to justify its own violent response to protest. While these dynamics are not new, they’re creating fresh challenges in Hong Kong and derailing solidarity efforts. There are lessons here that could be exported into the Black Lives Matter movement.
Charles Booker Could Have Won
Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Senator Bernie Sanders, and Senator Elizabeth Warren all backed Booker, and national progressive groups like MoveOn, Indivisible, and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee began to follow suit. Charles Booker Charles Booker Is Determined to Fight Voter Suppression in Kentucky John NicholsThe truth is: All of these races look unwinnable until they’re not. But isn’t that what movement organizations are here to do—take on the worthy fights, and turn the improbable into the possible? We need established progressive organizations to learn from that, and do what Sunrise did with Booker, and what Justice Democrats has impressively done with Jamaal Bowman. Because somewhere out there this week, the next Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or the next Charles Booker, is starting to think about picking up the baton.
In Mississippi’s Covid Island, Trying Not to Get Wet
EDITOR’S NOTE: The Nation believes that helping readers stay informed about the impact of the coronavirus crisis is a form of public service. Now we are all in little boxes, trying to connect, trying to make it more human. Covid is revealing all of the cracks and fissures in our systems—of care, of connection, in our economy. Many of the folks in line brave the heat hoping to be among the lucky ones to get a mobile Covid test before kits run out. The volunteers are friends and neighbors who have stepped up as part of the Jackson Community Covid Response.
Frank Stearns, Veterans for Peace leader and CPUSA activist, felled by coronavirus
He proudly wore his Veterans for Peace hat at rallies, demonstrations, marches, and in his everyday life. Frank joined Veterans for Peace – NYC Chapter 034 in April 2004. For Frank, Vietnam was immersion into what felt like a 24-hours-a-day nightmare of danger, death, and destruction—combined with individual and organizational madness. Partly protected by the tank, Frank had a much larger gun and could have killed the man, who likewise might have been able to kill Frank. Like the coronavirus that ultimately killed Frank, Agent Orange had no mind or will and attacked equally the crops, animals, and human beings it reached.
Perry Mason, then and now
Matthew Rhys as HBO’s Depression-era Perry MasonPerry Mason and The Case of the Missing CaseThere are many things to like about HBO’s new version of one of the most popular book and television series of all time, Perry Mason, available in Britain on Sky and in France on OCS. This Young Perry Mason, set in the Los Angeles of 1932, is traumatized from his experience in World War I, ŕ la the Peaky Blinders. Perry is also a Lost Generation private detective not above sleazy blackmail himself, ŕ la Jake Gittes in Chinatown. That is absent, except as colorful background, from this Perry Mason, which instead lavishes too much time on middle-class divergences like faith healing or tabloid sensationalism. This is especially damaging since both the former series and the Perry Mason books are excessively plot driven and require an intricate case.
Trump defends Confederate flag, attacks NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace
In this Feb. 16, 2020, file photo, President Donald Trump speaks before the start of the NASCAR Daytona 500 auto race at Daytona International Speedway. Biggest of them all was banning the Confederate flag from all tracks, cars, uniforms, and merchandise. Trump went to say that Wallace should apologize after the sport rallied around him, following the noose discovery, which federal investigators found to be not a hate crime. “We are proud to have Bubba Wallace in the NASCAR family, and we commend his courage and leadership,” NASCAR said. McEnany also refused to say whether or not the president supports NASCAR’s Confederate flag ban—no surprise there.
Arizona teachers want to tax the rich for their students
In the 2020 election, the 'Red for Ed' coalition is spearheading a ballot initiative to raise taxes on the rich to boost school funding. The proposal, backed by Arizona's teachers union and progressive groups, and would raise more than $900 million a year for schools. Arizona’s “Red for Ed,” the militant coalition of teachers, parents, students, and other community members, is flexing its grassroots muscles once again. Ballot initiatives require 237,645 signatures, but the coalition blew past that total to guarantee they’d meet the legal hurdle. The “Red for Ed” coalition was born out of the 2016 teachers’ strikes and actions in several states, including Arizona.
July 4th: Whose Independence Day is it?
It's part of a display under the granite carving of George Washington intended to educate visitors about American Indian history. As a result of the July 4th Declaration of Independence, the American Revolution unleashed a flood of rapacious white settlers onto Indigenous lands. Many of the so-called “founding fathers” who sat down and signed the Declaration of Independence were slaveholders. Of course, not all whites benefited from the Declaration of Independence promulgated on that date. The military genocide, generated by a merciless, cutthroat capitalism, that began with July 4th roared well into the end of the 19th century.
U.S. blockade, domestic supply system inefficiencies bring food insecurity for Cubans
Cuba’s food supply system is presently unstable, due in part to a fragile Cuban economy. The woody marabou plant, useful only for making charcoal and removable only with heavy machinery, has invaded 4.2 million acres of Cuban land—18 % of the total. Private farmers in general, new and old, occupy 5.93 million acres, which yield almost 80% of Cuba’s domestically-produced food. Cuban farmers also face gasoline and diesel fuel shortages, mainly because of drastically reduced shipments from Venezuelan oil producers, paralyzed by U.S. sanctions. The food distribution system on the island is also inefficient, hampering efforts to get out what food is available.
Concert for Cuba: A star studded extravaganza July 18 & 19
Abreu and the Timba Allstars will be performing at the Concert for Cuba. This unprecedented gathering has already secured the commitment of highly regarded A-list talent from the Americas and Europe. In 1981, he co-founded the Encuentro del Canto Popular, a San Francisco-based Latin American music festival. His work with the Encuentro lead him to become one of the nation’s leading experts in U.S.- Cuba cultural exchanges and artists’ visas. Throughout her thirty+ year career at HotHouse, she has organized over 7,000 community-based programs including concerts with Hugh Masekela, Gil Scott Heron, Sonia Sanchez, Amiri Baraka, and the U.S. debut of Cuban legends, Los Van Van.
Illinois Supreme Court rules Chicago police can’t destroy disciplinary records
The movement against systemic racism and police violence won a victory this week when the Illinois Supreme Court ruled that Chicago Police cannot destroy past displinary records. Dunne was talking of the U.S. Supreme Court, but his line could just as easily have applied to the Illinois Supreme Court on June 18, in a case the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police lost. The city went to court and won reversal at every level, all the way up to the Supreme Court. Illinois public records law and Chicago’s own ordinance on records, say that with a limited number of exceptions, public records must be preserved, the justices ruled. The Illinois Supreme Court ruling is a notable advance in the cause of holding police accountable for such killings and other repression of communities of color.
The continuing evolution of Latinx voting—and voter suppression
Voter suppression is a common practice used to disenfranchise people of color. As far back as 1877, the Dixiecrats designed and passed laws to suppress the Black vote. Prejudice, suppression of rights, and exclusion from the community at large, otherwise known as segregation, became the rule of law. The single most important exclusionary action came in the suppression of the Latinx/Mexican vote and to deny representation. Amidst this tension, deportation, segregation, economic suppression, and white purity became the new methods of exercising public domination over the Latinx/Mexican population.
Rudolfo Anaya, an American writer for eternity
In this June 6, 2016 image, author Rudolfo Anaya poses for a photograph in his home writing studio. One cannot discuss the Chicano Movement without mentioning the talent of Rudolfo Anaya. Rudolfo Anaya wrote short stories, poetry, novels, six plays, and a dozen children’s books such as The Farolitos of Christmas. I was first introduced to Rudolfo Anaya when I was a Chicano Studies Major at CSULA during the 1970s. Rudolfo Anaya won many awards in his lifetime, including the 2016 National Humanities Medal awarded to him by President Barack Obama.
Study Shows Rise in Racial Bias
“Mom,” she explained, “they kill Black girls on BART.”All across America, people of color, like me and my kids, are perceiving that racial bias is increasing. Now a new study by the Pew Research Center delivers some numbers to back that up. All across America, people of color, like me and my kids, are perceiving that racial bias is increasing. A significant percentage of respondents also felt that race bias against Black and Latinx folks had also spiked. But it isn’t just the perception of bias that is on the rise.
Cuba helping the world fight COVID-19, despite U.S. government’s retaliation efforts
| Ismael Francisco / APHAVANA—While the United States tries to disqualify Cuba’s international medical cooperation, the list of brigades sent by the island to fight COVID-19 in different latitudes of the planet grows. These are countries whose governments are historic allies of the United States but who are not buying into Washington’s crusade against Cuba’s international health performance. Cuban cooperation has several modalities. Others are through medical services and technical assistance, an export of services with a high humanitarian content and in defense of health and life. The income from these services contributes to sustaining the Cuban health system, which is universal and free for the entire population.
Big win for Native Americans: Judge shuts down Dakota Access Pipeline – People's World
Demonstrators protest against construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline outside of the White House, March 10, 2017. | Jose Luis Magana / APWASHINGTON—In a big win for Native Americans and their environmental allies, U.S. District Judge James Boasberg in D.C. ordered the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline to shut down within 30 days. We told them that from the beginning.”Boasberg vacated the Dakota Access Pipeline’s operating permit and ordered it shut down until the full EIS is done. But he didn’t order Dakota Access (DAPL) ripped out of the ground, an option at least one tribal leader advocated. So do U.S. building trades unions, who see pipeline construction as a source of construction and operating jobs.
Trump in ‘free trade’ talks with Brazilian right-wing authoritarian President Bolsonaro
President Donald Trump with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro at Mar-a-Lago, March 7, 2020, in Palm Beach, Fla. | Alex Brandon / APWASHINGTON—Even as he celebrates forcing one so-called “free trade” pact down Mexico’s throat, President Donald Trump is pursuing another, with his right-wing Southern Hemisphere compadre, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. “Negotiating any trade agreement with Brazil is a non-starter,” the group, led by House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal, D-Mass., stated. The lawmakers’ letter to Lighthizer makes those points, too, in arguing against a Trump trade pact with Bolsonaro. “We strongly oppose pursuing any type of trade agreement with the Bolsonaro government in Brazil.
Environmental Justice Wins, Pipelines Lose
The order marks a major victory for the Standing Rock Sioux and their allies, who have been organizing for years to oppose the pipeline’s construction. The Standing Rock Sioux are concerned that the pipeline will contaminate these water sources. “Today is a historic day for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the many people who have supported us in the fight against the pipeline,” said Mike Faith, Chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. “It took four long years, but today justice has been served at Standing Rock,” said Jan Hasselman, an attorney with Earthjustice who represents the Tribe. The rulings also highlight economic and environmental costs associated with pipelines, exacerbated by the protests, rendering pipelines less and less viable.
The Story Behind the Lee Statue in Richmond, Virginia
Since the May 25 murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the Robert E. Lee monument in Richmond, Virginia, erected in 1890, has been a focus of protests, graffiti, and public pressure calling for the removal of this offensive symbol of Confederate aspiration. On June 4, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, a Democrat, issued an order to remove the statue, but days later a judge in Richmond issued an injunction blocking its removal. It is obvious that the Lee statue symbolizes the values of the Confederate South, but few people are aware that its original purpose was to block the development of a biracial workers’ movement, a vision for a new Richmond, a new Virginia, and a new South. In October 1886, the Richmond Knights of Labor hosted the organization’s national convention, bringing almost 1,000 delegates to the city. It was within this context that Virginia Governor Fitzhugh Lee announced the state’s plans to build a gigantic statue of his uncle, Robert E. Lee, consecrating Monument Avenue as an homage to “The Lost Cause” and white solidarity.
As Virus Spreads, States Face a Truth: ‘We Cannot Test Our Way Out of This’
WASHINGTON — As the United States struggled with coronavirus testing this spring, Tennessee was the rare state that lived up to President Trump’s promise that “anybody that wants a test can get a test.” Governor Bill Lee announced in mid-April that any Tennessean could get tested — regardless of symptoms — and that the state would pay for it. “Testing may be the most important thing in addressing the unknown,” Mr. Lee, a Republican, said in an interview in early June. Decisions, he said, should be based on “real information.”But that real information is now telling the state’s leadership a story it most likely did not want to hear: As in much of the South and West, Tennessee is awash in confirmed cases, and testing has proved no match for the coronavirus once it overwhelms local governments’ abilities to trace an infected person’s contacts and forces those who were exposed to self-quarantine. Tennessee is far from the only state to discover that despite Mr. Trump’s hype — he boasted on Monday on Twitter: “our great testing program continues to lead the World, by FAR!” — coronavirus testing is not a miracle path to a safe reopening. As the nation faces a new shortage of tests, Tennessee’s experiences offer a cautionary tale about the limits of testing.
Mexico’s Leader Sought Harmony With Trump. He Got a Lopsided Relationship.
Before heading out for his first state visit to the United States, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the firebrand president of Mexico known for excoriating his foes in long-winded tirades, made a surprising promise to his people. He vowed to be strong and not embarrass Mexico on his first trip abroad to meet President Trump, a man seen by many Mexicans as their nation’s chief antagonist. “I am going to represent you and have no doubt, I will do as you all deserve, with decorum and a lot of dignity,” he said. It was an exceptional statement for Mr. López Obrador, whose unapologetic manner has been a hallmark since he came to office in 2018 with a landslide and a sweep of both houses of Congress.
Army Officer Who Clashed With Trump Over Impeachment Set to Retire
WASHINGTON — An Army officer who was a prominent witness in the impeachment inquiry into President Trump last year said on Wednesday he has decided to retire after his promotion was imperiled by objections from the White House. The incident is the latest in what Pentagon and congressional officials say could be another flash point between the president and the military. Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman, a decorated Iraq war veteran who served on the staff of the White House National Security Council, is among scores of officers who have been picked to be promoted to full colonel this year. Typically, such promotions are backed by Army and Pentagon officials before moving to the White House for final approval, and then to the Senate for a confirmation vote. But the White House had made clear to officials in the Pentagon’s office of personnel and readiness, which handles such matters, that Mr. Trump did not want to see Colonel Vindman promoted, officials said.
'Caravaggio's Cardsharps on Trial' and 'Descriptive Bibliography' book reviewss
In “Caravaggio’s ‘Cardsharps’ on Trial,” Spear provides a detailed, insider’s account of a major suit brought in London against Sotheby’s auction house. To all appearances, it was just an early copy of Caravaggio’s “Cardsharps,” a masterpiece now owned by Texas’s Kimbell Art Museum. More technical than Spear’s narrative case-study, G. Thomas Tanselle’s “Descriptive Bibliography” is a “comprehensive guide to . A stellar recent example is “Theodore Roosevelt: A Descriptive Bibliography,” by Heather G. Cole and R.W.G. CARAVAGGIO'S 'CARDSHARPS' ON TRIALBy Richard E. SpearThe Burlington Press/University of Chicago.
In November, Maryland will have ‘a normal election’ despite pandemic
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A Redskins name change would be costly at first, but it could end up as a lucrative move
Further, even team officials will have a difficult time predicting how its fan base, already divided on the issue, will react. Whether there is an increase in gear sold by the team will depend largely on how the fan base reacts to a new name and logo. Aside from the name issue, Washington’s attendance has dwindled in recent years, as a frustrated fan base has felt alienated by the on-field product and front-office decisions. Many will continue wearing the old gear, which will mean the team and its fan base will continue to wrestle with what they collectively find appropriate. Some suggest the NFL, in an effort to support its relationships with its licensees and help expedite the change, would most likely help.
Voting rights of some felons in Florida in question after appeals court ruling
The appeals court has scheduled a hearing on the issue for Aug. 18 — the same day as Florida’s primary election. If they’re eligible and they’re registered, they’re fine,” he said. ADBut voting rights activists worry the uncertainty of the issue may discourage “returned citizens” from trying to register even if they’re eligible. ADThe re-enfranchisement of felons in Florida has been a contentious issue in the important swing state since voters passed Amendment 4 in 2018. Previously, Florida had been one of a handful of states that barred felons from voting for life.
Everything Americans need to know about the E.U. travel ban
The travel ban announced recently has raised lots of questions. Can I get a refund for my airline ticket if I cancel? It is probably prudent to postpone any European vacations until at least 2021.”ADHere are frequently asked questions about the Europe travel ban:ADWhy are Americans banned from E.U. For most summer travelers, that’s the equivalent of a travel ban. Geoffrey Millstone, a travel agent with Clarksburg Travel Service in Clarksburg, W.Va., thinks it may be that long.
Opinion | How Washington can help the smallest businesses during the pandemic
A more recent survey of small businesses conducted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and MetLife revealed that more than half were either still closed or only partially open. Most of these very fragile enterprises are micro businesses, which is not surprising because 89 percent of all U.S. small businesses fall into this category. These are very large amounts, but they went to only 14 percent of the nation’s small businesses. That was a difficult hurdle for micro businesses because other costs such as rent, utilities and taxes often make up a relatively high share of expenses. Even so, the new payroll hurdle remains too high for many micro businesses; for others, the changes come too late.
Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman retires, citing campaign of ‘bullying’ and ‘retaliation’ by Trump after impeachment testimony
“Through a campaign of bullying, intimidation, and retaliation, the president of the United States attempted to force LTC Vindman to choose: Between adhering to the law or pleasing a President. Between protecting his promotion or the promotion of his fellow soldiers,” Pressman said. While the White House had not taken any action to strike Vindman’s name, officials have said that Trump strongly disliked Vindman and might move to block him. ADADVindman was removed from his position at the White House following the impeachment proceedings, in which Trump was acquitted. The president has repeatedly assailed Vindman, who received a Purple Heart for his actions in Iraq, on Twitter.
Karen Bass is Biden's running mate if he wants to lead us to calmer days - The Washington Post
Her public career, which has been shaped by her district’s memories of both disasters, suits her to be Joe Biden’s vice-presidential selection. Her focus today on criminal justice issues, particularly prison reform, would dilute progressives’ resentment of Biden’s large role in passing the 1994 crime bill. Elected to the state assembly in 2004, in three terms Bass became majority whip, then majority leader, then speaker. Rarely has a presidential nominee owed to a supporter a debt as large as Biden’s debt to Clyburn. Biden-Bass would be the nation’s oldest winning ticket, transitional leadership to get the world’s oldest party, and the world’s oldest democracy, to calmer days.
United says it may furlough as many as 36,000 workers because of pandemic losses
The number of furloughs could be less depending on the number of employees who take advantage of early retirement, voluntary separation or other programs. What is happening at United could be repeated across the industry as carriers struggle to survive during the worst crisis in the history of the industry. “We will continue our work with our airlines to create voluntary options that can help mitigate involuntary furloughs,” Nelson said. Conversely, a clean extension of the program helps prime us for economic recovery.”ADOf the 36,000 United employees who could be affected, roughly 15,000 are flight attendants and 11,000 are customer service or gate agents. About 1,800 catering workers, 1,000 contact center employees, 5,500 technical operations employees and 225 network operations also could be affected.
Light pollution ruins teen sleep and may contribute to mental disorders, study says
(CNN) Hey sleepyheads -- have you been turning off or covering up all your smartphone and computer lights in your bedroom at night? Blocking indoor light to keep your body in sleep mode is one of the first things any sleep expert will tell you to do for better sleep. Now, you may want to use light-blocking curtains at your bedroom windows as well -- especially for any children in your home. A new study, published Wednesday in the journal JAMA Psychiatry, finds adolescents who live in areas with high levels of outdoor artificial light at night get less sleep and are more likely to have a mood disorder than teens who live with low levels of outdoor light. Research has long studied the association between indoor artificial light and mental health, but few studies have looked at the impact of outdoor artificial light, especially in teens, making this the first study of its kind, the authors said, with "potentially long-term implications for mental and physical health."
Trump trashes CDC school reopening guidelines as 'very tough' and 'expensive'
(CNN) President Donald Trump tweeted Wednesday his disagreement with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for safely reopening schools, calling the recommendations "very tough" and "expensive." the President tweetedDuring a press briefing a few hours later, Vice President Mike Pence said the CDC would issue new guidance on reopening schools next week. Still, Pence said the White House would be "very respectful" of states and local communities who determine they cannot fully reopen schools. Trump told Nexstar in an interview Tuesday that he had time to consider school reopening. But we want to have the schools open," Trump said.
Trump threatens to cut funding of schools that don't reopen
President Donald Trump tweeted his disagreement with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for safely reopening schools, threatening he "may cut off funding" to schools that do not reopen
The Chicago Blackhawks won't change nickname because it honors the life of an actual Native American
(CNN) With pressure mounting on the NFL's Washington Redskins to change its team name due to its racist connotations, an NHL team also under scrutiny is standing behind its name. The Chicago Blackhawks contend its nickname actually honors a real life Native American, and the team has no plans to make any changes to its name and logo. "We celebrate Black Hawk's legacy by offering ongoing reverent examples of Native American culture, traditions and contributions, providing a platform for genuine dialogue with local and national Native American groups. As the team's popularity grew over the past decade, so did that platform and our work with these important organizations." The Chicago Blackhawks first joined the NHL in 1926, and it got its team name from owner Frederic McLaughlin, who was a commander during World War II serving under the 86th Infantry Division.
Consumer protection bureau gets rid of restriction on payday lenders
Washington (CNN) The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau formally scrapped a rule -- originally proposed in 2017 under an Obama appointee -- that would have put limits on payday lenders. As written, the rule would have imposed an underwriting requirement on payday lenders. The revised regulation instead won't require lenders to determine whether a customer can afford paying back the loan before approving one. Several consumer groups criticized the bureau for siding with the payday loan industry, which has long fought the implementation of the rule, and green-lighting predatory lenders. The original rule was proposed by former bureau director Richard Cordray, whose resignation in November 2017 set off a political fight for control of the controversial agency.
Nigerian Senate passes sexual harassment bill
Lagos, Nigeria (CNN) Nigeria's Senate has passed a bill aimed at combating sexual harassment as part of a broader move to uphold ethics in the nation's universities, legislators said. University lecturers found guilty of sexually harassment or teachers who make sexual overtures towards students could be jailed for two years under the proposed law. It also prescribes fines or jail terms for university administrators who fail to probe allegations of sexual misconduct brought against staff members. Senate President Ahmad Lawan described the proposal as "landmark legislation." "We have to protect our daughters from predators," Lawan said.
Ultrasound machines that connect to smartphones are helping doctors safely scan coronavirus patients
San Francisco (CNN Business) When Butterfly Network first began rolling out its handheld ultrasound scanners in 2018, much of the focus was on providing tools to parts of Africa and Latin America, where access to large and more traditional ultrasound machines was far more restricted. Getting an ultrasound examination can be a long process that usually entails a visit to the hospital and the use of equipment worth tens of thousands of dollars. And while ultrasounds can help in the treatment of the coronavirus by scanning a patient's lungs, getting patients to an exam room risks exposing others to the virus and further straining an already overstressed healthcare system. The Butterfly iQ consists of a handheld probe similar to the one attached to traditional ultrasound machines, but instead is attached to a cable that connects to a smartphone or tablet through its charging port. Doctors can then view the images on the screen through Butterfly's app.
Police: Man carjacked after meeting up with woman he met on Facebook Messenger
Authorities say that the victim was carjacked by two men after meeting and picking up a woman in York he had met on Facebook Messenger. YORK COUNTY, Pa. — Police say a man was carjacked by two men after meeting and picking up a woman he chatted with on Facebook Messenger. According to police, a 27-year-old man told how he was talking with a woman on Facebook Messenger and agreed to meet her on July 7. He picked her and another woman up outside a home on the first block of E. 5th Avenue in York. The victim told police that on his way back to drop the women off, one of them received a message from her boyfriend telling him to bring her home.
Victim assaulted with spicy 'Boom Boom Sauce' at Pa. Sheetz, police say
Shippensburg police in Cumberland County say someone assaulted a person with spicy Boom Boom Sauce at a Sheetz.Police said the person was in a group seen on surveillance camera at the Sheetz on East King Street. The suspects in question intentionally threw Sheetz 'Boom Boom Sauce' from a white Nissan four-door sedan with a West Virginia license plate into the eyes of a passerby, causing temporary blindness and eye irritation. Shippensburg police in Cumberland County say someone assaulted a person with spicy Boom Boom Sauce at a Sheetz. The suspects in question intentionally threw Sheetz 'Boom Boom Sauce' from a white Nissan four-door sedan with a West Virginia license plate into the eyes of a passerby, causing temporary blindness and eye irritation. The white Nissan sedan has a hubcap missing on the front right side wheel.
Mississippi prison escapee captured in Nashville
An inmate who escaped from Parchman has been captured, according to Mississippi prison officials.Arthur Lestrick was taken into custody Tuesday in Nashville, the Mississippi Department of Corrections said on Twitter. Arthur Lestrick, 40, was confirmed missing early Sunday morning from the Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman, MDOC officials said. An inmate who escaped from Parchman has been captured, according to Mississippi prison officials. Arthur Lestrick was taken into custody Tuesday in Nashville, the Mississippi Department of Corrections said on Twitter. AdvertisementArthur Lestrick, 40, was confirmed missing early Sunday morning from the Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman, MDOC officials said.
'Please, There's Hope': Lowell Woman Helps Talk Suicidal Man Off Bridge
I hear you.”Those are the words Lowell woman Francis Gonzalez uttered over and over again as she tried to help a man who police say was attempting to take his own life. It was a chance encounter at the Church Street bridge in Lowell, overlooking the Concord River. “She noticed a man on the bridge but he was over the railing. “I gave him a big hug and I said, ‘You’re going to make it. You’re going to make it.
12-Year-Old Boy Suffers Serious Injuries To Hand After Playing With Explosive Device, Philadelphia Police Say
Adventure Aquarium Wants Public To Vote On Name For New Little Blue PenguinA big announcement at the Adventure Aquarium about one of its smallest resident. Coronavirus Latest: Barnes Foundation Offering 'Takeout' Series Showcasing Artwork On YouTubeThe Barnes Museum's daily specials are works of art, which they've started presenting virtually in a Barnes Takeout series on Youtube. Coronavirus Latest: Devon Horse Show And Country Fair Canceled Due To COVID-19 PandemicThe annual Devon Horse Show and Country Fair has been canceled this year because of the coronavirus pandemic. SEE THEM: These Philadelphia-Based Dogs Are Up For Adoption, In Need Of Furever HomesStart your day off right by browsing through delightful doggies! There are dozens of dogs up for adoption right here in Philadelphia.
Maryland Delegate Nino Mangione Introduces Monument Protection Act Of 2021
Finalists For Janet And Walter Sondheim Artscape Prize Chosen The finalists have been chosen for this year's prestigious Janet and Walter Sondheim Artscape Prize. Howard County Summer Restaurant Weeks Will Look Different Due To CoronavirusDiners will see a number of changes to the Howard County Summer Restaurant Weeks this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. This Baltimore Summer Music Camp Is Free For Families Economically Impacted By COVID-19The camp, which is open to Baltimore City families, runs through August 21 and provides an outlet to children who have been cooped up for the past several months. Maryland Boy Scout Holds Flag Retiring Ceremony On July 4th Weekend As Part Of Eagle Scout ProjectA Maryland Boy Scout helped retire hundreds of American flags over the July 4th holiday weekend as part of a project he hopes will earn him scouting's highest rank. Old Bay Hot Sauce Sold Out Online, May Still Be Available In Some StoresThe limited-edition Old Bay Hot Sauce that flew off shelves when it was first announced earlier this year is sold out again, at least online.
Vestavia Hills 13-year-old Emory Carver reels in one of Alabama's largest bass fish
Enloe students develop app to help prevent sports injuries :: WRAL.com
— Around 90% of high school students will experience a sports injury, and more than half of those are preventable, research shows. A team of Enloe Magnet High School students decided to be part of the solution to those preventable injuries by creating an app that helped education high school students on their sports injuries -- Sports MAN. Reddy and his fellow app developer, Likith Solasa, entered their app in the 2020 Lenovo Mobile App Challenge. "We’ve got a lot of people who would like to vote for both of us and everyone only gets a single vote," Solasa said. Voting for the fan favorite in the Lenovo Mobile App challenge ends on July 13.
NYC schools plan to reopen with students in class just 2 or 3 days a week
(CNN) New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said city schools plan to reopen in the fall with a "blended learning" approach in which most students spend just two or three days in school per week. "At some points in the week, you're learning in person in the classroom, at other points of the week you're learning remotely," he said Wednesday. "Most schools will not be able to have all their kids in school at the same time," he added. "We know that we cannot maintain proper physical distancing and have 100% of our students in school buildings five days a week. "Health and safety requires us to have fewer students in the building at the same time."
White House preps school reopening guidelines as Trump threatens funding
WASHINGTON — The White House is preparing to release its new reopening guidelines for schools as President Donald Trump threatened on Wednesday to “cut off” funding for institutions that do not reopen this fall. White House officials said on Wednesday the guidance released earlier this summer by the Centers for Disease Control are too restrictive. May cut off funding if not open!,” Trump tweeted Wednesday morning. Pence, speaking at a briefing of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, took a softer approach. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 6, 2020Trump and other White House officials hosted a series of public events on Tuesday focused on reopening schools and universities.
Britain’s First Pint In 15 Weeks Ends 'Long National Hibernation'
There were no fireworks to commemorate July 4 in the United Kingdom, but it was nonetheless a day of great national significance. After weeks of gradually easing the country’s lockdown restrictions, England largely threw open its doors on Saturday. Some pub owners said they felt obliged to open, despite health fears. Pubs and restaurants in Northern Ireland reopened on Friday, while those in Scotland will be allowed to start serving patrons indoors on July 15. “It was different but it was great to be back,” Tommy Byron, the owner of The Cloth Market in Newcastle, told The Chronicle.
US coronavirus cases pass 3 million
Donald Trump has largely downplayed the rise in cases | Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images US coronavirus cases pass 3 million The US hit the milestone as Trump demanded schools reopen and criticized his public health agency. WASHINGTON — The United States has surpassed 3 million confirmed coronavirus cases, with infections rising in at least 40 states and the Trump administration pushing to reopen schools in the fall. It took less than a month for the national case count to rise to that level from 2 million, on June 11. With cases and hospitalizations spiking in states including Arizona, California, Florida and Texas, some public health officials have predicted the pace could further intensify and perhaps reach 100,000 new cases a day if the virus isn't controlled. However, Trump has largely downplayed the rise in cases or the need for masks while emphasizing a falling mortality rate.
Kanye West Now Claims He's Taking Off His 'Make America Great Again' Hat
Kanye West is dumping his “Make America Great Again” cap for a birthday hat. Days after the hip-hop superstar tweeted that he’s running for president, he spoke with Forbes in a baffling interview (blatant publicity stunt?) in which he discussed conspiracy theories, running the White House like the fictional kingdom of Wakanda from “Black Panther,” and allegedly pulling his support from Donald Trump. As far as his support for Trump, West says he’s “taking the red hat off.”Talking about the president, the rapper said “it looks like one big mess to me,” adding that he didn’t like that Trump “hid in the bunker” amid anti-racism protests. The rapper told Forbes, “A lot of Africans do not like the movie [“Black Panther”] and representation of themselves in … Wakanda.
Unemployed And Alone: US H4 Visa Restrictions Are A Blow To Women Stranded In India
Her husband Deepak, a software engineer, was in the US on a H1B visa, working for a multinational company in Texas. Srivastava said that she had already been suffering from anxiety because of the lockdown and the executive order dealt a huge psychological blow. According to an article on Quartz, 90% of H4 visa holders are women and at least 70% of H1B visa holders in America are Indian. “If they are abroad, and currently do not have a valid H4 visa stamped, it is a tough situation. In February, they got married and she applied for a H4 visa.
Visitors From The United States Will Still Have To Quarantine, Says Grant Shapps
The United States will be on the “red list” of countries from which visitors to the UK will still have to have quarantine for 14-days when they arrive, Grant Shapps has confirmed. But speaking to BBC Radio 4?s Today programme, Shapps was asked if the United States would be on a “red list” of countries not included. July 1 saw 52,000 new infections reported across the United States, a record-breaking number. Shapps also told BBC Breakfast that passengers who are currently isolating for 14 days will be able to break the restrictions legally from next Friday. He said while “nothing could happen” before July 10, “from that point onward you will be legal not to quarantine yourself”.
Soldiers and Sailors statue adds to growing list of downed monuments in former Confederate capital
The Confederate Soldiers and Sailors statue in Richmond, Virginia, was removed Wednesday morning, adding to the growing list of monuments ordered to come down in the former capital of the Confederacy, according to the city's mayor. Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney on July 1, citing his emergency powers declared in late May, ordered the removal of all city-owned Confederate statues. Construction crews removed Stonewall Jackson and Matthew Fontaine Maury from Monument Avenue last week, and a statue of Gen. J.E.B. Richmond's largest Confederate statue left standing, the massive monument to Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, is on state land. Virginia has always been the state with the most Confederate statues, but the state's Democratic-led House and Senate voted earlier this year to grant local governments the power to decide whether to remove Confederate statues from public property, and Northam signed the measure into law in April.
Faced with 'bullying,' Lt. Col. Vindman retires from military
One of the most dramatic and memorable moments of the congressional impeachment hearings came in November, when Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman addressed his father, who was born in the former Soviet Union. Soon after, the retaliation campaign reached a new level when Vindman was ousted from his White House job. Team Trump also removed Vindman's brother, Lt. Col. Yevgeny Vindman, an Army officer who also worked on the National Security Council staff. The next day, Trump tweeted about Alexander Vindman's military rank, putting it in scare quotes as a way of demeaning Vindman's service. I can only wish the White House served Vindman as well as he served us.
Thomas Lane, Officer Charged In George Floyd Death, Seeks Case Dismissal
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — One of four Minneapolis police officers charged in George Floyd’s death is asking to have his case dismissed. An attorney for Thomas Lane said in court papers made public Wednesday that the case against his client should be dismissed for lack of probable cause. Chauvin is charged with second-degree murder, third-degree murder and manslaughter. Lane, Kueng and Tou Thao are charged with aiding and abetting both second-degree murder and manslaughter. Lane was holding Floyd’s legs at the time, Kueng was holding Floyd’s back and Thao was managing nearby bystanders.
As coronavirus surges, Houston confronts its hidden toll: People dying at home
Karen Salazar holds a picture of her mother, Felipa Medellín, outside of her mother's home in Houston on Tuesday. But by the time Houston paramedics arrived at her home in northwest Houston, Medellín was dead. As coronavirus cases surge, inundating hospitals and leading to testing shortages, a rapidly growing number of Houston area residents are dying at home, according to an NBC News and ProPublica review of Houston Fire Department data. These increases also echo those reported during outbreaks in Detroit and Boston, when the number of people dying at home jumped as coronavirus cases surged. In June, the number jumped to 19, with most of those cases coming in the second half of the month, coinciding with a surge in the number of confirmed coronavirus cases locally.
Bolton claims Lt. Col. Vindman retirement is 'a loss for the country'
Former National Security Advisor John Bolton praised Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and claimed that his retirement from the U.S. Army is "a loss for the country."
'I feel threatened': Unmasked Florida man's viral Costco outburst cost him his job
A man's outburst at a Costco in Florida that was caught on video has cost him his job. The man in the video was identified by social media users as Daniel Maples, a salesman at Tedd Todd Insurance. Maples, 42, of Fort Myers, did not immediately return a request for comment Wednesday. In a subsequent tweet, Corben said the incident occurred at a shopping center in Fort Myers on June 27. Tedd Todd Insurance CEO Charley Todd addressed the episode on Twitter.
7 Senate Democrats report half their staff is 'non-Caucasian'
Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey, who is Black, reported the most racially and ethnically diverse staff, at 65 percent, up from the 61 percent in 2019. Sen. Brian Schatz of Hawaii had the second-most diverse staff, reporting 64 percent of his staff is non-Caucasian, down from 69 percent in 2019. The survey uses percentages to highlight growing diversity among Senate staff members and not raw numbers, making it difficult to make direct comparisons among the Senate staffs. He reported no Black staff members. The diversity of staff members has received greater scrutiny amid the Black Lives Matter movement and as Democrats represent increasingly diverse constituencies.
Key impeachment witness Vindman retires from the Army, citing Trump 'bullying, intimidation, and retaliation'
pic.twitter.com/h2D9MRUHY2 — Alexander S. Vindman (@AVindman) July 8, 2020Vindman was ousted from his White House job after the Senate acquitted Trump. "Through a campaign of bullying, intimidation, and retaliation," his attorney said, "the president of the United States attempted to force LTC Vindman to choose: Between adhering to the law or pleasing a president. These are choices that no one in the United States should confront, especially one who has dedicated his life to serving it." "LTC Vindman did what the law compelled him to do; and for that he was bullied by the president and his proxies," Pressman continued. "And yet, LTC Vindman would not be intimidated and will not be corrupted.
N.Y.C. Schools, Nation’s Largest District, Will Not Fully Reopen in Fall
One-point-one million kids, millions of parents and family members, who want to see their kids educated the best way possible. Seventy-five percent of our parents said they want their kids back in the school buildings getting the very best education. Here’s the deal: For the vast majority of kids and the vast majority of schools, you’ll be going to school, to the classroom, either two days a week or three days a week, depending on the week. But for the vast majority of kids, a typical week — two or three days in the classroom, in the school. But basically this blended model, this kind of split schedule model, is what we can do under current conditions.
In Parched Southwest, Warm Spring Renews Threat of ‘Megadrought’
But droughts, even long ones, eventually end, when the natural variability of climate results in a few “good,” meaning wet, years in a row. But then came April and May, which were warm and dry, leading to rapid melting and runoff. Becky Bolinger, a drought specialist at Colorado State University and the assistant state climatologist, said the lack of new snow in late spring affected the rate of melting. But without any new snow, the melting continues unimpeded. “When you turn the heat on early in spring and shut off the snow altogether, that allows that snowpack to melt at an extremely fast rate,” she said.
Graffiti Is Back in Virus-Worn New York
announced reduced hours — echoed subway graffiti’s heyday some 40 years ago, when artists took advantage of snowstorms that left dozens of unattended trains parked overnight in tunnels. Concerns over the virus, as well as the death of George Floyd and others at the hands of the police, have been reflected in the pieces showing up around the city. But a lot of the new tags around town are, on their face, apolitical, though the mere act of writing on a wall is a political statement in itself. “The whole thing with quarantine is that people feel powerless because daily life and activity is very different,” said Eric Felisbret, the author of “Graffiti New York,” who took up aerosol art as a teenager on the Lower East Side. But they can get out there and bomb — that’s something they can control.”
Refreshing cocktails to carry us through a summer like no other
If you had asked me in early March what makes for a great summer drink, I might have listed such qualities as brightness, lightness, low ABV. Right now, talking to people about their favorite summer drinks feels like asking Roy Scheider about his favorite beach vacation. So I ask instead: Can a summer drink even exist right now? What is a beach book, a summer song, a summer drink when the usual circumstances of their consumption are so utterly lost to us? Still, the heat is upon us, feral and thirst-inducing, and so I return to the compositional characteristics of a great summer drink: brightness, lightness, freshness.
D.C. has become a leader in a movement to plant more diverse city trees
Today, we have a mix of street tree species and varieties that seemed unimaginable just a few years ago. Today, its use as a street tree has generated varieties that correct natural traits for street use — a dominant trunk and branches that don’t droop down. ADIn Portland, Ore., Warren said, the paperbark maple — a plant once just known by connoisseurs — is used as a street tree. Not only can it take inundation but, once established, drought, too — key traits for a street tree. Moving away from red oak, Eutsler and his team of arborists and tree crews now routinely plant the overcup oak, the swamp white oak, the nuttall oak and the shingle oak.
American Shakespeare Center prepares to reopen in Virginia, with coronavirus measures onstage and off
ADAD“I’ve said to the company, we don’t want to do this if we can’t do it safely,” said Ethan McSweeny, ASC’s artistic director. In addition to state and federal health guidelines, McSweeny also got advice from an infectious-disease specialist at a local community hospital, Augusta Health. Will reopening now help secure the future of a 32-year-old classical organization that’s built a following on its minimalist Renaissance performance aesthetic? Or will theatergoers prove too skittish to return — or, worse — subject themselves prematurely to the spread of the virus? “It is also important to me that our state has been as smartly responsive as any of those in the Northeast.
'Becoming Duchess Goldblatt' book review
Now, she has inspired a book, “Becoming Duchess Goldblatt,” the true memoir of an anonymous writer inventing a fictional character on Twitter who takes on a life of her own while transforming the life of the writer. Through her moonlighting as Duchess, the author becomes more productive at her day job as a “nonfiction writer.” She gets better at life. When Lovett encourages her to write a book, she writes this book. You believe the details of the author’s life because, through Duchess, she’s committed to staying generous and true. Duchess adores her subjects, answering every request, sharing their Duchess-inspired art and celebrating their mutual affection.
Ilhan Omar's actual comment about 'dismantling' systems in U.S. government
“Ilhan Omar Calls For ‘Dismantling’ US Economy And Political System,” the Federalist’s says. Ilhan Omar Calls For ‘Dismantling’ the U.S. Economy, Political System,” RealClearPolitics’s headline initially read. “Ilhan Omar Calls For ‘Dismantling’ of America’s ‘Economic and Political Systems,'" says Breitbart’s. AD“@IlhanMN advocates for the ‘dismantling’ of the U.S. economy and its political system,” read a Washington Examiner tweet. ADADBut even then, Omar’s comments indicate that these systems of oppression exist inside our criminal justice system, inside our housing system, inside our education and employment systems and inside our health-care system.
Tropical storm Fay likely to form south of New York City, bring heavy rain to Northeast
That would beat out the previous record for earliest sixth named storm — Tropical Storm Franklin, which formed on July 22, 2005 — by more than a week. Then the system will likely become better organized, possibly morphing into a tropical storm as it barrels farther north. A “mesoscale convective vortex" left behind by thunderstorms over the South can be seen by radar on Monday afternoon remaining intact over Georgia. 4 days ago, the initial feature was a remnant Mesoscale Convective Vortex (MCV) located on the Alabama/Tennessee border on 1 July. (Colorado State)When Tropical Storm Edouard formed on Sunday, it became the earliest fifth named storm on record.
Volunteers can now sign up for large coronavirus vaccine studies
ADADTesting a vaccine is a conceptually simple idea, but it is a careful and methodical process that unfolds through a phased system of trials that grow progressively larger. But the ultimate test of these vaccines will be large trials designed to test whether they are effective at preventing or reducing the severity of the disease. The first late-stage vaccine trial, in which 30,000 people will be randomly assigned to receive either an experimental vaccine made by the biotechnology company Moderna or a placebo, is expected to begin in the second half of July. There are expected to be at least five such large vaccine trials conducted through the network over the coming months — as well as trials of other preventive measures, such as monoclonal antibody drugs. “This is what we do for a living and have done for a living,” said Larry Corey, a virologist and past president of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, who is co-leading the trial network.
Trump has tried to claim Democrats want to eliminate police. Americans aren’t buying it.
That is a remarkable finding, suggesting that even within his base the spin Trump and conservative media are deploying isn’t effective. The Monmouth poll more broadly offers an intriguing look at how Americans are responding to the protests and Trump’s response to them. What is clear, though, is that Americans broadly see Trump’s response to the protests as having exacerbated problems. This is a dubious claim in general, and it’s one that Monmouth’s polling shows that most Americans reject. Even a plurality of Republicans sees the country as having grown more divided under Trump.
Opinion | In Kenya, colonial statues came down. The problem was what replaced them.
At independence in 1963, statues of British monarchs and settlers were hastily taken down and hidden away. Streets were renamed and any but the most generic references to the colonial period were kept out of history textbooks. However, even as the symbols of coloniality were removed, the state the British established was allowed to persist. The failure to elaborate an honest history of the colonial period keeps many Kenyans blind to the fact that the colonial state was not actually dismantled. The monuments serve the same purpose they did in colonial Kenya: They attempt to petrify the public memory and set the narratives of the oppressor in stone while erasing those of the oppressed.
Opinion | Stop saying Trump is ‘in denial.’ The truth is much worse.
Trump is “basically in denial,” insists one Democratic governor. ADBut is the problem really that Trump is incapable of learning, or that he’s deceiving himself, or that he’s closed his eyes to reality? It isn’t enough to point out that Trump repeatedly ignored that advice. What’s more important is that Trump has repeatedly seen the predicted consequences of those failures come to pass, and is seeing that right now. Once we dispense with the idea that Trump remains “in denial,” we’re left with a few interpretations.
Anti-racism trainers were ready for this moment. Is everyone else?
A voice in the background saying something like, “Oh, now you think white supremacy is a problem.”It’s a good time to be in the anti-racism training business, but, um, let’s just unpack that statement a little bit. For the professionals who have been thinking and talking about race for a while, it’s a bittersweet moment. And human resources managers filled the inboxes of people who run anti-racism training programs. Confronting the entirety of white supremacy is more intense than talking about how to hire and support people from a wide range of backgrounds. And anti-racism trainers say they have reason to believe they can use this unusual historical moment to facilitate real change.
Live updates: Debate rages over plans to reopen schools as U.S. nears 3 million cases
Several hundred cases have been reported in Victoria state, where Melbourne is located, in recent days. Starting Tuesday evening, Victoria and neighboring state New South Wales shut down their border to prevent the virus from spreading further. Morrison said Wednesday that he is also considering restricting the number of Australians and permanent residents who can enter the country from abroad. Victoria has suspended all international flights for two weeks, leading some passengers to book travel through other parts of the country. New South Wales is restricting the number of people who can travel into its airport from abroad each day.
Radio drama makes a small comeback in the age of covid-19
In the fashion of Orson Welles’s Mercury Theatre of the 1930s, the ACA is producing three radio dramas, to be live-streamed next week and subsequently released as podcasts. ADADBilled as the “ACA Radio Reps,” the project will debut July 15 with director Holly Twyford’s “Romeo and Juliet,” followed by a Wild-helmed version of “Hamlet” the next day. — and it all transfers to radio.”Twyford and Posner, staples of the D.C. theater community, already had discussed overseeing ACA repertory productions before the pandemic and reacted warmly to the radio plays pitch. “How do we tell this story clearly and effectively, but with no visual elements?”The Radio Reps team has largely answered that question by staying true to the summer reps process. Just as they would for any other production, the actors dissected the material, memorized their lines and collaborated to fine-tune scenes.
En Cataluńa será obligatorio usar mascarilla, sin excepciones. Así funcionará la medida
(CNN Espańol) — La Comunidad Autónoma de Cataluńa hará obligatorio el uso de mascarillas en toda su territorio independientemente de que se pueda o no mantener la distancia de seguridad entre las personas. La decisión fue aprobada este miércoles en el marco del Plan Territorial de Protección Civil de Cataluńa, tras el brote de coronavirus que obligó a confinar este pasado sábado la comarca del Segriŕ, al oeste de Cataluńa. A lo largo de estos últimos quince días se ha doblado el número de infectados en la comarca catalana, pasando de 266 contagios la semana del 22 de junio, a 587 la semana del 29 de junio. No cumplir con las medidas del confinamiento podría acarrear multas comprendidas entre los US$ 110 y US$ 680, según anunció la Consejería del Interior catalana. Eso es debido a que del total de quince brotes localizados en esta comarca, once están asociados a empresas y trabajadores dedicados a la agroalimentación.
La ciudad de Nueva York se convierte en una galería de arte con 50 artistas emergentes en “Art on the grid”
View this post on InstagramOut in the wild ? Thank you @publicartfund @ddotpalmer @kstath and @nicholasbaume for including my work in #artonthegrid!! —— Bus shelter locations: Adams St & Joralemon Ave Utica Ave & Avenue J Watson Ave bet. Ave L & Ave M Boston Rd bet. Gun Hill Rd & E 211 St Grand St & Pitt St Horace Harding Exwy bet. 175 & 176 St 35 Ave & 24 St
Billie Eilish's Bieber obsession had her 'crying and crying'
(CNN) It was already well known that Billie Eilish loves Justin Bieber, but we have now gotten some insight into just how much. Talk turned to the younger Eilish being a Belieber and her mother said her daughter was super excited for Bieber's 2012 "As Long As You Love Me" music video. "I remember this one really well and the video, and Billie talking about it, and being excited it was coming out, and just crying and crying," her mother said. "Everyone knows the whole Billie, Justin Bieber thing but this song was a big part of it." Eilish confirmed that it was just that deep saying she "would watch the music video for this song and just sob."
Brain damage could be linked to Covid-19, scientists warn
(CNN) The novel coronavirus pandemic could lead to a wave of brain damage in infected patients, warned British researchers in a new study released Wednesday. Experts at the University College London (UCL) were the latest to describe that Covid-19 could cause neurological complications including stroke, nerve damage, and potentially fatal brain inflammation -- even if the patients didn't show severe respiratory symptoms associated with the disease. Follow-up studies will be necessary to understand the potential long-term neurological consequences of the pandemic, they said. The study, published in the journal Brain, examined 43 patients treated at University College London Hospitals for either confirmed or suspected coronavirus, from April to May. They varied in age from 16 to 85, and showed a range of mild to severe symptoms.
Conjoined twin girls successfully separated in Vatican hospital
(CNN) A pair of conjoined twin girls with an extremely rare condition have been successfully separated at a hospital in the Vatican City. The separation took place on June 5 and the girls, who are from the Central African Republic, are expected to make a full recovery. The girls shared a skull and a majority of blood vessels. This is the first time that doctors in Italy have successfully separated conjoined twins in total posterior craniopagus, which means they shared a skull and a majority of blood vessels. There are no other cases of a successful intervention described in medical literature anywhere else in the world.
Supreme Court set to issue opinions Thursday on Trump's financial records
(CNN) The Supreme Court is expected to issue opinions in two cases concerning access to President Donald Trump's financial records on Thursday, the final day of the term, the court announced on Wednesday. The cases tackle whether Trump can stop the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives from getting his financial and banking records from his accounting firm and banks and whether the President can block a subpoena from a New York prosecutor seeking his tax returns. At oral arguments, the justices focused on Trump's effort to shield his documents but they also prodded the lawyers to look into the future and gauge how an eventual decision will impact the separation of powers and the White House's broad claims of immunity. Trump's attorneys argued that that the House subpoenas were "unprecedented in every sense" and they asked for "temporary presidential immunity" against a subpoena from a New York prosecutor for Trump's tax records. "We're asking for temporary presidential immunity," Trump attorney Jay Sekulow told the court, defending against a subpoena from New York for the President's tax records.
180 suspected victims of extrajudicial killings found in Burkina Faso graves, rights group says
(CNN) The bodies of 180 men suspected to be victims of extrajudicial killings have been found in graves in northern Burkina Faso, Human Rights Watch said Wednesday. A majority of the bodies were found dumped along highways, under bridges, and in fields outside Djibo town. A few were discovered in the town between November and June, the rights group said, citing interviews with residents. Residents told HRW that those buried between March and April were found blindfolded and had been shot. HRW Sahel Director Corinne Dufka called on the Burkina Faso government to urgently "uncover who turned Djibo into a killing field."
United warning 36,000 employees it may furlough them this Fall
New York (CNN Business) United Airlines is warning nearly half of its frontline workforce that they could be furloughed this fall. The world's third-largest airline says 36,000 workers — including 15,000 flight attendants, 11,000 customer service and gate agents, 5,550 maintenance employees and 2,250 pilots — will receive layoff notices. So far, airline workers have been largely insulated from the job losses that have wracked other industries. Notices were sent to employees Wednesday because federal law requires employers to notify workers 60 days before a mass layoff. Cuts are "now the last option left to protect the long-term interest of the company and long term prospects of" employees who will remain with company, the United executive said Wednesday.
Trump warns stocks will 'disintegrate' if he loses. But stocks are climbing as Biden pulls ahead
New York (CNN Business) President Donald Trump is warning a blue wave in November will crash into Americans' investment portfolios. Biden's poll numbers are looking strong, and yet the S&P 500 just wrapped up its longest winning streak since December. JPMorgan Chase is predicting that a blue wave could even help boost stocks. "We think a Blue Wave will have a roughly neutral effect on equities." By December of those years, the S&P 500 gained an average of 3.1%, advancing in every instance.
Rock Hall of Fame replacing live induction ceremony with HBO special
(CNN) The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Foundation announced Wednesday that it will replace its annual live induction ceremony with an exclusive HBO special honoring this year's inductees. The program will be available on HBO and to stream on HBO Max at 8 p.m. EST/PST on November 7. HBO is owned by CNN's parent company. It was announced in March that the ceremony would be postponed due to the pandemic. This year's show will replace the live 35th Annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony that was originally scheduled for May 2.
Study finds state legislatures are dominated by White men
Of the current 7,383 state legislators in the US more than 81% are White and over 71% are male, according to the report. Black legislators make up just under 10% while Latinx politicians represent about a little more than 4% and Asian Pacific Islanders about 2%. Those identified as "new Americans" -- first- or second-generation immigrants -- represent 3.5% of all seats. That does not include Latinx politicians of Puerto Rican descent, who the group does not count as new Americans. Women represent less than a third of all state legislators, or 28.9%.
Donald Trump's push to reopen schools is going to get teachers killed
"The Dems think it would be bad for them politically if U.S. schools open before the November Election, but is important for the children & families. So we're very much going to put pressure on governors and everybody else to open the schools, to get them open." And it's not entirely clear how Trump plans to mitigate that scenario amid his push to reopen schools. And, even if schools do reopen, it's not at all clear that enough teachers will show up to make it feasible. So he's going to push for schools to reopen.
Trudeau skips summit with Trump as Canada's case numbers fall
CNN's Paula Newton reports on how Canada has been flattening the coronavirus curve while sharing a border with the US that is thousands of miles long. Canada had 399 new cases on July 6, according to its Public Health Agency, while the United States had just over 47,000.
Vesicular stomatitis virus found in Oklahoma horse
OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry confirmed the finding of vesicular stomatitis virus, also known as VSV, at a premise in Washington County. The horse showed lesions in its mouth and on its muzzle. What livestock owners need to know:VSV affects primarily horses and cattle. The virus can be transmitted through direct contact with infected animals or by blood-feeding insects. If VSV is confirmed, infected animals are quarantined for 14 days after clinical signs of lesions are observed.
Independent autopsy reveals Andres Guardado was shot five times in the back
(CNN) An independent autopsy reveals Andres Guardado, the teenager whose death on June 18 sparked an outcry across Los Angeles, was shot five time in the back and died of gunshot wounds to the trunk, according to lawyers for his family. Guardado also suffered a graze abrasion to his left forearm with a forward trajectory. and he did not have drugs or alcohol in his system, according to the independent report. Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies opened fire on Guardado, 18, in mid-June after they say he produced a handgun, looked at the deputies, and ran from them. Attorneys representing the Guardado family have disputed those claims.
New Orleans Workforce Development Team to offer free short-term job training
“If the unemployment was not there at all, then we would be not just in a health crisis but we would be in a financial crisis.”As an attempt to lighten the load on struggling residents, Cantrell announced that the New Orleans Workforce Development Team is now offering short-term job training for free. The job training is available to all ages and we’re told, there will be several opportunities to land a job at the end of training. “We’re offering quick, quick, quick training- three to four weeks- where they can transition into patient care tech jobs. We’re trying to upscale them or re-train them,” Director of The Office of Workforce Development, Sunae Villavaso said on Tuesday afternoon. To sign up for the New Orleans Workforce Development Team short-term job training, call (504) 658-4500.
Hasbro: Scrabble Players Association Agree to Ban Racial Slurs from Tournaments
Paul Sakuma/Associated PressThe North American Scrabble Players Association will remove all racial slurs from its word list for official Scrabble tournaments. Per David Waldstein of the New York Times, Hasbro has announced that the association "agreed to remove all slurs from their word list for Scrabble tournament play, which is managed solely by NASPA and available only to members." Waldstein noted that the version of Scrabble sold in retail stores "has not included slurs in its dictionary since 1994," but the NASPA has permitted their use in competitive events. NASPA chief executive John Chew told Jana G. Pruden of the Globe and Mail last month he petitioned the players' advisory board to consider banning racial slurs. According to Waldstein, the decision could result in "as many as 225" racial slurs taken out of use in competitive Scrabble tournaments.
First-of-its-kind social club in Kansas City 'barks' down barriers
Bar K is a unique space with a dog park, restaurant and bar all in one. The owners noticed that their space didn’t represent the makeup of the community and the Black Dog Lovers Club of Kansas City was born.
Cub Foods To Open 2 Pop-Up Tent Locations To Fight Food Deserts After George Floyd Unrest
Quarantine Cooking: Your Essential Nonstick Cookware GuideStep up your quarantine cooking with this guide to nonstick cookware. How To: 6 Easy Steps To Make Homemade Soft PretzelsLearn how to make your own homemade soft pretzels with these six easy steps! 5 Vodka Sauce Recipes To Try This WeekAnd would you miss it if it wasn't there? Try These Make-Ahead Freezer Meals Perfect For WeeknightsSet yourself up for easy weeknight dinners no matter what! Quarantine Recipes: How To Make Homemade BagelsSee how to make your own homemade bagels while stuck inside during quarantine.
Boy Scout Troop leader accused of online revenge porn
PROSECUTORS SAY THIS MAN, 56-YEAR-OLD HOWARD HICKEY, POSED AS A TEENAGE BOY ONLINE AND USED NAKED PICTURES AND VIDEOS OF A 16-YEAR-OLD GIRL IN A REVENGE PORN CASE. HICKEY ALSO SERVED AS A COMMITTEE CHAIR WITH BOY SCOUT TROOP 512 IN KENOSHA. PATRICK: BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA ALSO SAYS THEY HAVE REMOVED HICKEY FROM HIS POSITION AND BANNED HIM FROM FUTURE ACTIVITIES. Advertisement Boy Scout Troop leader accused of online revenge porn Police in Illinois tracked down Howard Hickey, 56, of Kenosha, and arrested him at his home. Share Shares Copy Link CopyA Boy Scout Troop leader is accused of online revenge porn involving a teenage girl.Police in Illinois tracked down Howard Hickey, 56, of Kenosha, and arrested him at his home.
SUV filled with five siblings goes over embankment
AJ lost control of the vehicle, sending it flipping down an embankment with all five of his siblings inside. — A mother says her children are lucky to be alive tonight after their SUV went off the edge of a cliff in Mountainburg. "I just kept on turning and kept on turning trying to get back on the road," said Molly's son AJ Dunaway. AJ lost control of the vehicle, sending it flipping down a 150-foot embankment with all five of his siblings inside. "Flipping and turning and I heard people screaming, I heard all the windows shattering," AJ said.
Boone County Officials Investigating After Pipe Bomb Found at Hunting Area
BOONE COUNTY, Iowa – The Boone County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after a home-made pipe bomb device was found Monday at a hunting area south of Highway 30. A post on the department’s Facebook page says a deputy responded after receiving the report about the device. “This device was left at this location and set to explode in a delayed manor and without any supervision. Agents with the Iowa State Fire Marshalls Office were called in and after examining the device it was dismantled. The Boone County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone who has information about who built the device or placed it at the hunting area to contact them at 515-433-0524.
K-State students sue university for refund on tuition, fees
Birds of a feather: The afterlives of America's eagles
For hundreds of years, Native Americans have used eagle feathers for religious practices and cultural purposes. In recognition of the significance of these feathers, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service established the National Eagle Repository. The Repository stores and distributes bald and golden eagles found dead throughout the U.S. The eagles are then shipped to Native Americans enrolled in federally recognized tribes for use in religious ceremonies.
This doctor and his family got the coronavirus when they relaxed rules along with Florida's reopening
(CNN) Dr. Andrew Pastewski, the ICU medical director at Florida's Jackson South Medical Center, has been treating coronavirus patients at his hospital since the pandemic began. Soon, coronavirus cases started appearing in his family. The focus is now on creating negative pressure rooms as coronavirus treatment has moved from intubations and ventilators. "(We are) using other modalities like noninvasive ventilation and high-flow oxygen, which are aerosol-generating procedures and should really be done in a negative pressure room to keep the staff safe. So, our hospital has been proactive in trying to create more of these negative pressure rooms," he explained.
Some Hyde Park Residents Say They’ve Gotten No Mail For Weeks, Are Missing Necessities Such As Medicines
CHICAGO (CBS) — No mail for weeks – it’s an issue in Hyde Park, where CBS 2 heard from a few people who are missing shipments they need. “Probably sitting at the Post Office, because we’re not getting anything,” Coleman said. But Coleman never heard back about the complaint he made to USPS, trying to reach his nearest Post Office several times. We found the Post Office at 4601 S. Cottage Grove Ave. open and active. Late Tuesday night, Coleman said big stacks of mail were dropped off at the complex where he lives, for everyone.
New York City public schools will reopen on a part-time basis in the fall
New York City public school students will return, on a part-time basis, to classrooms this fall with in-person instruction two or three days a week, officials said Wednesday. Students across America were forced to take their classes online this past spring, and remote learning will still be a major element of New York City public education this fall, officials said. But in order for New York City schools to reopen, they'll need a green light from Gov. This site is protected by recaptchaIf and when New York City students get back on campus, they'll see only a fraction of their schoolmates. “These kids, they’re going to inherit New York City," de Blasio said.
4 takeaways from UK’s coronavirus recovery plan
The U.K.'s coronavirus chancellor on Wednesday unveiled a new suite of measures to support the British economy — one of the worst-hit in the world — through the next phase of the crisis. But the true measure of Johnson and Sunak's "new deal" for Britain will be whether strong growth returns in the long-term; something that these crisis measures can only lay the groundwork for. Sunak hinted at the intended direction of travel, promising a "green recovery" and announcing Ł2 billion in grants for home insulation. The true test for the young chancellor, however, lies ahead. If the U.K.'s recovery doesn't take off, questions will be asked about what he could have done more of, or done differently.
Video Shows Michigan Youth Facility Staff Restraining Black Teen Who Died
Surveillance video footage from the Lakeside Academy in Kalamazoo shows 16-year-old Cornelius Fredericks being pushed to the floor and held down by staff members because he threw a sandwich in the cafeteria. The video was released Tuesday by Detroit-area attorney Geoffrey Fieger, who represents Fredericks’ estate. In its investigation, the state of Michigan disclosed that staff members at Lakeside had also suffocated Fredericks as a form of discipline, according to Fieger. They called it ‘fearing.’”Lakeside Academy and its operator, Sequel Youth and Family Services, are named in the civil lawsuit. The state said last month that it had terminated that contract with Lakeside Academy and removed all 125 youth being housed there.
U.S. Passes 3 Million Coronavirus Cases
The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. surpassed 3 million on Wednesday as the nation logged record rises in daily infections. The grim milestone, tallied by researchers at John Hopkins University, came almost exactly a month after the U.S. passed 2 million COVID-19 cases. The U.S. has the world’s highest number of reported cases and deaths from the virus. ASSOCIATED PRESS President Donald Trump listens during a "National Dialogue on Safely Reopening America's Schools" at the White House on Tuesday. The Dems think it would be bad for them politically if U.S. schools open before the November Election, but is important for the children & families.
Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman To Retire From Military, Cites Trump’s ‘Campaign Of Bullying’
Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a key witness in the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, announced Wednesday that he is retiring from the Army. Vindman’s lawyer, Amb. David Pressman, told CNN that his client is making the move after 21 years in the armed forces because he has determined his future in the military “will forever be limited.”Pressman said Vindman, a Purple Heart recipient, has endured a “campaign of bullying, intimidation, and retaliation” since testifying against the president.
Alex Vindman, key impeachment witness, retires from military
His testimony infuriated Trump and his allies, who attacked Vindman’s credibility and questioned the Iraq War veteran's patriotism and honesty. “Over the last months, LTC Vindman has been guided by a very simple and very American principle: ‘Here, right matters,’” Pressman said, quoting from Vindman’s testimony. “LTC Vindman did what the law compelled him to do; and for that he was bullied by the President and his proxies,” Pressman said. “And yet, LTC Vindman would not be intimidated and will not be corrupted. LTC Vindman’s patriotism has cost him his career.
Supreme Court Rules Employers Can Opt Out of Providing Free Birth Control
(WASHINGTON) — The Supreme Court on Wednesday sided with the Trump administration in its effort to allow employers who cite religious or moral objections to opt out of providing no-cost birth control to women as required by the Affordable Care Act. The high court on Wednesday said 7-2 the administration acted properly when it made the change, which lower courts had blocked. “We hold today that the Departments had the statutory authority to craft that exemption, as well as the contemporaneously issued moral exemption. We further hold that the rules promulgating these exemptions are free from procedural defects,” Justice Clarence Thomas wrote for a majority of the court. Today, for the first time, the Court casts totally aside countervailing rights and interests in its zeal to secure religious rights to the nth degree,” she wrote.
Body of missing Connecticut school teacher Gil Cunha who thought he had coronavirus found in waters off Long Island
A beloved Connecticut school teacher who disappeared in the early morning hours of his 50th birthday while quarantining over COVID-19 fears, has been found dead, according to the Suffolk County Police Department. Gil CunhaThe body of Gil Cunha was found in the waters off the coast of Long Island in Suffolk County, New York, near Fire Island, according to a release emailed to Dateline by the Suffolk County Police. “A terrible outcome but at least the family can have some closure,” he told Dateline. Lori Kenney, another of Gil’s cousins, told Dateline last week that it wasn’t unusual for Gil to go on walks. “He wouldn’t just take off without contacting his family.”The family told Dateline that Gil had left his cell phone at home, along with his wallet.
Trump threatens to 'cut off' funding if pandemic-shuttered schools do not reopen
WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump threatened to “cut off” funding if public schools do not reopen this fall amid the worsening coronavirus pandemic, escalating his recent focus on getting kids back into the classroom. Whether to reopen schools in the fall is one of the most consequential decisions facing Americans in the response to the pandemic. May cut off funding if not open!,” Trump tweeted Wednesday morning. Trump has accused Democrats of not wanting to reopen schools for "political reasons" because they "think it will help them in November." Corrupt Joe Biden and the Democrats don’t want to open schools in the Fall for political reasons, not for health reasons!
Thandie Newton left 'Charlie's Angels' after disturbing racial encounter with Amy Pascal
The press referred to it as an affair, and this, Newton said, left her re-traumatized. “I think the reason I talked about it a lot, too, is I’m trying to find someone who understands. '”Amy Pascal attends the "Little Women" World Premiere on Dec. 7, 2019 at Museum of Modern Art in New York City. She didn’t think that it was right for the particular shot. And that’s what’s there.”Once Newton signed on for “Westworld,” the writers at “Rogue” killed her character off “miserably,” dumping her into a garbage-disposal tank.
Wednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.8.20
Phil Murphy's (D) backing, defeated professor Brigid Callahan Harrison, who was backed by both of New Jersey's U.S. senators. * Kansas' Barbara Bollier (D), a 2020 U.S. Senate hopeful, raised $3.7 million for her campaign in the second quarter. According to the Kansas City Star, that's more than "any candidate in Kansas history for federal, state or local office." * On a related note, Kentucky's Amy McGrath (D), another 2020 U.S. Senate hopeful, raised $17.4 million between April and June. * According to the Democratic National Committee, Facebook made a series of promises after the 2016 election related to fact-checking and curtailing disinformation.
On re-opening schools, Trump trashes the CDC's recommendations
Donald Trump, however, has a different vision in mind: the president insisted yesterday that he simply wants schools to re-open. Trump, giving a boost to the thesis of my book, wants to simply bark an order. In a separate tweet, Trump suggested he's prepared to cut off funding for schools that resist his re-opening directive. * The president wants schools to re-open, but he doesn't have a plan. * The CDC has something that looks like a plan, but Trump has decided he doesn't like it.
Supreme Court expected to rule on two cases involving Trump on last day of term
The Supreme Court announced the last day of the term will be Thursday with expectations that rulings on the two cases involving President Trump's financial records will be released, NBC's Pete Williams reports.
United Airlines warns 36,000 employees of potential job cuts as travel continues its slump
United Airlines on Wednesday said it is warning about 36,000 frontline employees — more than one-third of its staff — about potential job cuts as the coronavirus pandemic continues to roil travel demand. Federal law requires employers to give staff notice about possible layoffs or temporary furloughs 60 days in advance. United, Delta, American and other airlines have been urging workers to take early retirements, buyouts and other voluntary measures as the carriers scramble to cut costs. But travel demand is a fraction of last year’s just as what is usually the peak summer travel season hits. That presents a bleak outlook for the industry, and voluntary measures may not be enough to reduce airlines’ costs to match weak demand.
Dallas ICU doctor speaks out on frontline virus fight
As the state of Texas tops 10,000 new daily virus cases for the first time, Critical Care/ICU Doctor Gary Weinstein joins Garrett Haake to discuss the most important thing patients need right now.
Impeachment witness Lt. Col. Vindman is retiring from the U.S. Army
Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a witness in the impeachment proceedings against President Trump, has announced that he will be retiring from the U.S. Army. NBC News' Peter Alexander reports from the White House.
N.J. Gov. to all the 'knuckleheads': Wear a mask outdoors or risk a ticket
Phil Murphy has a warning for all the "knuckleheads" -- you could be ticketed if you’re not wearing a mask in public to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Murphy’s edict now extends mask wearing to outdoor settings where there are lots of people and six-feet social distancing is difficult. And as of Wednesday morning, there have been a total of 177,166 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the state and 15,281 fatalities. But recently Republican leaders who had been reluctant to impose mask-wearing mandates have begun urging people to wear them, including New Hampshire Gov. And it remains to be seen whether Trump will wear one.
Thousands of contracts highlight quiet ties between Big Tech and U.S. military
The report offers a new window into the relationship between tech companies and the U.S. government, as well as an important detail about why such contracts are often difficult to find. Poulson has publicly opposed collaborations between American technology companies and the U.S. and foreign governments that aid in efforts to track immigrants, dissenters, and bolster military activity. The Department of Defense and federal law enforcement agencies accounted for the largest share of those contracts, with tech companies accounting for a fraction of the total number of contracts. Procurement contracts tend to be terse, Poulson said, masking the depth of the ties between tech companies and federal law enforcement agencies and the Department of Defense. “Often the high-level contract description between tech companies and the military looks very vanilla and mundane,” Poulson said in an interview.
Supreme Court decisions likely Thursday in fight over Trump tax returns, financial records
WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court said it will announce the last of the decisions from its current term Thursday, which almost certainly means the court will reveal its rulings on whether Congress and a New York state prosecutor can get access to President Donald Trump's business records, including his tax returns. ET, unless the court is unable to reach a decision and want them held over to be re-argued next term, which seems unlikely. Three House committees issued subpoenas for several years' worth of financial records from Mazars, the Trump organization's accounting firm, and two banks that loaned money to Trump businesses — Capital One and Deutsche Bank. Vance was said to be looking at whether the payments violated state tax or business regulations. Trump has fought the subpoenas but lost in the lower courts and his hoping the Supreme Court will rule in his favor.
Lawsuit Over Israel Boycott Should Be Dismissed as SLAPP, Academics Argue
Among those appealing today is Dr. Steven Salaita, an outspoken advocate for Palestinian rights, who is represented by the Center for Constitutional Rights. Salaita was sued for the ASA’s decision to participate in the boycott despite having not joined the ASA board until two years after the vote. Four professors subsequently sued the ASA and ten ASA members for the boycott resolution in federal court. The federal court dismissed the case—and the plaintiffs promptly filed a separate lawsuit in the D.C. courts. A D.C. judge similarly dismissed many of those claims but declined to dismiss them and other claims under the anti-SLAPP law.
Law Firms Are Recruiting Corporations to Attack COVID-19 Policies in ISDS ‘Corporate Courts,’ Warn 600-Plus Civil Society Groups From 90 Nations
WASHINGTON - The threat of Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) claims from multinational corporations for compensation from taxpayers for governments’ COVID-19 responses is dire, warned more than 600 labor, consumer, environmental, development and other civil society organizations today in a letter to heads of government worldwide. Specialist law journals have speculated that “the past few weeks may mark the beginning of a boom” of ISDS cases. The controversial ISDS mechanism is written into many trade and investment agreements and grants rights to multinational corporations to sue governments before a panel of three corporate lawyers. These lawyers can award the corporations unlimited sums to be paid by taxpayers, including for the loss of expected future profits, on claims that a nation’s policy violates their rights. View the letter and the full list of signatures.
Elevating the Conversation Around COVID-19 & Drug Policy
WASHINGTON - Today, the Drug Policy Alliance announced the latest in their COVID-19 Webinar Series, exploring the intersection of drug policy and COVID-19. DPA also announced they had reached a record number of participants, with over 1,000 unique registrations for the bi-weekly two-hour webinars featuring drug policy, criminal justice and health policy thought leaders. “We have always known that the criminalization of drugs and people who use and sell them is a public health crisis, but this pandemic has made it all the more obvious,” said Kassandra Frederique, Managing Director of Policy, Advocacy and Campaigns at the Drug Policy Alliance. While this has been a growing priority of DPA, having these kinds of public dialogues about it with others in the health, criminal justice and public policy space is an important step in developing a broader understanding of drug prohibition’s negative impact on health and society and moving towards actual policy reforms centered in public health. For DPA’s full COVID-19 policy recommendations, visit drugpolicy.org/COVID19.
Trump, DeVos Ignore Educators On What It Will Take to Reopen Schools Safely
The reality is no one should listen to Donald Trump or Betsy DeVos when it comes to what is best for students. He ignores educators on what it will take to reopen schools and colleges safely. “If Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos have proven anything over the past four years, it’s that they do not care about students. And then see how they feel about cavalierly demanding that schools reopen in an unsafe manner. America must listen to the health experts on when to reopen schools and to educators on how to return to in-person instruction.”###
ASBC and Ben & Jerry’s Co-Founders Call on Business Community to Support Eliminating Qualified Immunity
BURLINGTON, VT - The American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) and a group of 440 business people issued a letter to Congress today urging Congress to end qualified immunity. “Qualified immunity is a get out of jail free card that protects police officers from being held accountable,” said Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s. This must change.”The letter urges Members of Congress to support the bi-partisan Ending Qualified Immunity Act, sponsored by House Reps. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) and Justin Amash (L-MI). And officers must know that if they act in such a manner, there will be repercussions,” the letter, titled Request for Business Leaders to Support Ending Qualified Immunity, says. Ben and Jerry and ASBC are encouraging more business people to sign on to the letter and continue to pressure their elected officials to end qualified immunity and help end the state-sanctioned murder of Black people.
Historic Climate Liability Case in Colorado Against Exxon and Suncor to Proceed in State Court
WASHINGTON - Today, the United States Court of Appeals Tenth Circuit ruled that a case launched by Boulder County, San Miguel County, and the City of Boulder will proceed in state, rather than federal court. Federal courts have consistently ruled that these climate cases belong in state courts -- which makes sense because these cases are about harms experienced at the local level. The Colorado state court has already begun considering this case, and today’s ruling means that the case will not be moved to federal court as the oil companies would prefer. These clear indicators of climate change are also undermining public health, local economies, and essential infrastructure systems like roads. The Boulder County District Court held a hearing on this case on June 1, and we look forward to its pending decision on whether the case can proceed towards trial.”###
Sacrificing People to Corporate Profit
They've even quietly filched the bulk of the government's multitrillion-dollar pandemic recovery program, twisting it so severely that it is dramatically increasing wealth inequality. Also, corporate interests are pocketing untold amounts from several little-reported grant programs and tax breaks discreetly created just for them. It's the corporate version of the old political adage "Never let a big crisis go to waste." Uh ... not workers and customers but corporate profits. If you preemptively give a blanket pardon to corporate entities that cause deadly harm, you'll give direct financial incentive to executives to forego investing in protective measures for workers and public health.
9th Circuit Court Urged to Reject Arizona Utility’s Discrimination Against Rooftop Solar
PHOENIX - Five climate and energy-conservation groups took legal action this week in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to challenge an Arizona public power utility’s discrimination against rooftop-solar customers. The Salt River Project, a public power utility in Arizona, raised electricity rates for rooftop-solar customers by 60%. Today’s amicus brief opposes the dismissal and urges the appeals court to remand the case back to the lower court to address the utility’s antitrust violations. “It’s outrageous that fossil fuel utilities like Salt River are using anticompetitive tactics to strangle rooftop solar and protect their profits. Solar energy is critical for the future of this planet.
Facebook’s Civil Rights Audit Shows Need for Reforms
WASHINGTON - The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and leading civil rights groups issued the following statement on Facebook’s civil rights audit:“This audit has laid bare what we already know — Facebook is a platform plagued by civil rights shortcomings. Facebook has an enormous impact on our civil rights — by facilitating hate speech and violence, voter and census disinformation, and algorithmic bias, and by shortchanging diversity and inclusion. But many crucial civil rights problems remain that Facebook must address to protect our democracy and our communities. The civil rights community remains united in our commitment to pressing Facebook to address outstanding problems and to do so urgently given what is at stake. We have also sought to share our expertise with Facebook leadership to guide and inform necessary changes, and we have encouraged the company to create an internal infrastructure of civil rights expertise to inform change.
Independent Facebook Content Audit Finds the Platform Has Become a Conduit for Attacks on Civil Rights
WASHINGTON - The following is a statement from Kristen Clarke, president and executive director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law:“Communities are still reeling from the rise in hate and racially motivated violence, and Facebook is not moving aggressively enough to ensure that hate is eliminated root and branch across the platform. There are real-life consequences when social media networks provide platforms for violent white supremacists, allowing them to incubate, organize, and recruit new followers to their hateful movements. Facebook's failure to check elected officials who openly abuse the platform to spread misinformation and sow racial discord stands as one of the greatest threats to our democracy.”###
Even Facebook’s Own Audit Proves Its Business Model Is Toxic
To underline these findings the audit also concluded that Facebook allowed Trump to share racist, xenophobic, and false posts even though they explicitly violated even the current set of weak rules. SCROLL TO CONTINUE WITH CONTENT Never Miss a Beat. It really can’t get any clearer that Zuckerberg and Facebook will never change their business model voluntarily, and the propagation of racism and hate speech, election meddling, and overall poisoning of discourse will never cease until they're broken up and targeted advertising is banned. It is incumbent on Congress, the FTC, the DOJ, and State Attorneys General to act. Every week that Facebook is allowed to continue poisoning our discourse and democracy is exponentially more dangerous as the 2020 election rapidly approaches.
The 'Camo Economy' Hides Military Costs and Exacerbates Inequality
Recent research of mine has shown that rather than reduce costs, military contracting—or what I call the “Camo Economy” because it camouflages human and financial costs—has resulted in higher costs to taxpayers. Military contracting serves a public purpose and uses public funds, while contractors earn profits at the taxpayer’s expense and are often not subject to the competitive pressures of private markets. Many contractors operate more as monopolies than as competitive firms. Military contractors, then, act more as commercial monopolies than as competitive private firms. High profits allow military contractors to pay high wages, which contributes to rising inequality.
Beware the 21st Century Robber Barons
Watch:To understand the current concentration of corporate power we need to go back in time. In the late nineteenth century, corporate power was a central concern. By 1890, public anger at the unchecked greed of the robber barons culminated in the creation of America’s first anti-monopoly law, the Sherman Antitrust Act. Most of the increasing value of the stock market has come directly out of the pockets of American workers. So, what can be done to restore bargaining power to workers and narrow the widening gap between corporate profits and wages?
UN Special Rapporteur: US Drone Strike Killing Iranian Gen. Soleimani Was Unlawful
Agnes Callamard, the United Nations special rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, has concluded in a new report that the Trump administration’s killing of Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani at Baghdad International Airport on January 3 was unlawful. He used a drone on a high-ranking general in a foreign army of a state—a state with which the United States is not formally at war. The United States would have to demonstrate that it encountered an imminent threat to lives and that, in order to protect those lives, there was no other choice than to use lethal force. So far, no such justification has been demonstrated.”President Trump initially announced that Soleimani had been coming to Iraq to kill Americans. But under international law his past involvement in human rights violations or acts of terror is not enough to make his murder lawful .
To Keep Americans Safe, We Have to Get Billionaires Out of Politics
Billionaire Donald Trump has beat him more than 130 times over—with far more death and destruction to come. Canada, a country run by competent leaders and actual civil servants at the provincial and federal level, largely has the coronavirus under control and have closed their border to Americans. The Guardian is reporting how Mexican border towns are asking Americans not to come, for fear of further spread of the virus there. The billionaire Trump chose to run our commerce department, Wilbur Ross, says that the coronavirus spreading in China will be good for the American economy. Until we get billionaires and the dirty money of corporations and the ultra-rich out of politics and and return competent leadership to all levels of government, Americans will continue to die in numbers even greater than we've seen in all the wars we've fought since 1945.
What Do the Racial Wealth Gap, Police Brutality, and the Climate Crisis Have in Common? Wall Street
In case you missed their tweets and statements, Wall Street wants you to know that it is definitely, without a doubt, very much not racist. "The money that Wall Street pipes to the fossil fuel industry is the oxygen upon which the fire of global warming burns. Without it, the fossil fuel industry simply couldn't afford to build its new coal mines and oil pipelines. Yet, instead of offering reparations to black communities, Wall Street continues to give billions to industries that disproportionately harm and kill black people. Wall Street, it turns out, is every bit as complicit in the climate crisis as it was in the slave trade.
GOP Has Unhinged Meltdown After Ilhan Omar Makes Simple Call to 'Dismantle All Systems of Oppression'
"It is telling that a black woman discussing systematic oppression is so triggering to the right," Omar tweeted as performative conservative outrage over her remarks increased through the evening. "We are not merely fighting to tear down the systems of oppression in the criminal justice system. We are fighting to tear down systems of oppression that exist in housing, in education, in health care, in employment, in the air we breathe." Because they want Americans to hate Black women, Muslims, and refugees more than the people in power benefitting from a system that causes the majority to suffer. "Ilhan Omar is the truth teller in Congress we have been waiting for," activist Linda Sarsour said on Twitter.
What’s New About Free College? ? Current Affairs
And the idea isn’t free college; it’s free elementary school. But really, free college is just the next step in our long American tradition of expanding public education. Next: free high schoolThe next great transformation of American public education was the establishment of near-universal public high school. Big Business may have supported the free high school movement to get better trained workers, but like the common schools movement, the political coalition supporting free high school was broad. Free college was supposed to follow…With free elementary school and free high school firmly established in the American social landscape, reformers set their sights on free college.
60+ Environmental Justice Advocates and Groups Issue Coronavirus Call to Action Demanding End to 'Sacrifice Zones'
—open letterThe joint call to action on environmental justice and the coronavirus pandemic demands an end to "sacrifice zones" and pushes for "proactive" national policies to serve the historically marginalized communities that are struggling with the intertwined health and economic crises. "We must expose and dismantle the structures that permit and perpetuate this nation's sacrifice zones, and pursue environmental and climate justice and self-determination for all peoples." Underserved and environmentally overburdened communities are now also experiencing disproportionate Covid-19 infections and deaths. "How many times have we heard those advocating for environmental justice and equal protection demand a 'paradigm shift' over the past forty years?" Other individuals and groups supporting the call to action include Mustafa Santiago Ali of the National Wildlife Federation and Revitalization Strategies, Adrienne Hollis of the Union of Concerned Scientists, Leslie G. Fields of the Sierra Club, the Center for Biological Diversity, the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice, Earthjustice, National Black Environmental Justice Network, Natural Resources Defense Council, Rio Grande Indivisible, and WE ACT for Environmental Justice.
'Prolonged Recession' Could Be on Horizon as Covid Economic Crisis Leads to State and Local Budget Shortfalls
"Estimates of state and local shortfalls are based on historical experiences during recessions," said Bivens. "The unique nature of the current recession means that these estimates of the help state and local governments will need are probably significantly too low." —Josh Bivens, Economic Policy InstituteBut as National Association of State Budget Officers director of State Fiscal Studies Brian Sigritz told the network, federal aid could defray some of the shortfall. Bottom line, said McNichol, state and federal leaders need to take action to ensure social services survive the crunch. "States need fiscal relief to address these budget crises."
UPRISING: Protesters Attacked by Police Sue to Vindicate Constitutional Rights
Qualified Immunity Excuses Police AbuseWhen the plaintiffs litigate these lawsuits, they will be met with the qualified immunity defense. On June 15, the Supreme Court declined to review eight cases that would have given them the opportunity to reconsider the qualified immunity defense. Colorado made history on June 19 by banning the qualified immunity defense. Representatives Justin Amash (D-Michigan) and Ayanna Pressley (D-Massachusetts) introduced the Ending Qualified Immunity Act in the House of Representatives on June 4. Qualified immunity shields police from accountability, impedes true justice, and undermines the constitutional rights of every person in this country.
Reflections on Palestinian Leaderships Past
Jamil Hilal traces the history of Palestinian leadership from elitist to grassroots in the 1960s and 70s to its dire situation today, post-Oslo. The Palestinian leadership also lacked sufficient understanding of the internal and international dynamics of the Zionist project. The social composition of the PLO leadership was radically transformed, as was the constituency it represented and the form that representation took. During its years in Beirut the PLO leadership met regularly, and discussions frequently lasted for hours until some sort of consensus (ijma’) emerged. They never posed a threat to the PLO leadership because the leadership inside the OPT was organizationally and politically an extension of the leadership on the outside.
July 8, 2020 – Consortiumnews
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Teachers Say Rush to Reopen Schools Without Covid-19 Safety Plan Shows Trump and DeVos 'Do Not Care About Students'
A coalition representing millions of American teachers and parents slammed President Donald Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Tuesday over their push to reopen schools by the fall without first presenting a concrete plan to protect students and educators from Covid-19. "No one should listen to Donald Trump or Betsy DeVos when it comes to what is best for students." "If Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos have proven anything over the past four years, it's that they do not care about students. They have zero credibility for how to best support students, and how to re-open classrooms safely," said García. "America must listen to the health experts on when to reopen schools," García said, "and to educators on how to return to in-person instruction."
WATCH: CN Live! Book Launch and Interview With Andrew Fowler, Author of Updated Assange Biography
Watch the launch of an updated bio of Julian Assange, followed by an interview with the author on CN Live! Top investigative reporter and TV correspondent Andrew Fowler on Wednesday launched his updated biography of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, The Most Dangerous Man in the World: Julian Assange and WikiLeaks’ Fight for Freedom (Melbourne University Press). In a time of pandemic, Fowler virtually launched the book online in conversation with Mary Kostakidis, a veteran Australian news presenter, at Gleebooks in Sydney, Australia. Immediately following the event Fowler joined CN Live!for a Season 2, Episode 12 live interview. Here is the CN Live!
Cartoon: Save our statues!
Order my new book, We Should Improve Society Somewhat, 184 pages of political cartoons on the last few years of our dystopian world!
COVID-19 Reality Check UPDATE: What We've Learned
It finds your vulnerabilities...COVID-19 Reality CheckUPDATE: WHAT WE'VE LEARNEDWe’ve actually learned quite a lot since our last update, none of it particularly good. Beyond those alarming implications, the study also suggests that COVID-19 may be linked to psychological and neurological conditions including strokes and psychosis. In their introduction, the authors claim that "ischaemic stroke was common in our cohort of 153 patients (most of whom were confirmed to have COVID-19). We identified a large group of patients with altered mental status, reflecting both neurological and psychiatric diagnoses, such as encephalitis and psychosis. A fine aerosol virus mist could travel far greater distances and linger far longer, especially in enclosed environments.
Black Kos, Tuesday's Chile- Interlude
x They ate this one UP pic.twitter.com/3W22plKtoL — Anakins Wife (@Obiwansinobi) July 7, 2020That’s it, that’s all for today...and for my Black Kos interlude for the rest of this year! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NEWS ROUND UP BY DOPPER0189, BLACK KOS MANAGING EDITOR~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A Black high school athlete says his dreams were dashed when he was attacked with racist taunts during a baseball game in Iowa. The Root: Armed Black Militia Marches Through Stone Mountain Park Calling for Removal of Nation’s Largest Confederate Monument~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~It’s often said that if Black people took up arms and marched through the streets, gun laws would get passed with the quickness. x #BlackLivesMatter protest at Stone Mountain Park, a popular KKK gathering site, in Georgia. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~WELCOME TO THE TUESDAY’S PORCHIF YOU ARE NEW TO THE BLACK KOS COMMUNITY, GRAB A SEAT, SOME CYBER EATS, RELAX, AND INTRODUCE YOURSELF.
Coronavirus Quarantine Day 2
The hospital has determined that there is no need to process the PCR test. There is no indication that Chris’ positive result has been reported to the county. I obtained an official quarantine request for Chris’ employees since I need to document the doctor’s recommendation in order for the payroll agency pay to pay them sick pay. Since the order recommended they quarantine I am able to get them paid at a 100% rate for two and a half weeks instead of the 75% rate they would receive because Chris is hospitalized. Hopefully those funds will fall under ‘other compensation earned prior to being laid off’ and will not have an affect on the unemployment funds the employees should receive.
Norway didn’t make me a Liberal – Alabama did
From Norway we moved back to my parent’s home state of Alabama. At that time Alabama had a state agency called the Alabama Milk Control Board. Turns out that wasn’t what the Milk Control Board was all about. I wish I could say the Alabama Milk Control Board was a one-off, but it wasn’t. And no, I didn’t become a Liberal because of what I saw in Norway – it was what I saw in Alabama that did that.
A Lesson About Power
Tom Scott - UK YouTuberTom Scott is an English YouTuber with a background in linguistics and computer programming. CodaI’ve previously embedded videos by Tom Scott in comments about electronic voting and I’ll repeat them here, as they will remain relevant until the US abandons its use of dire voting machines:Why Electronic Voting is a BAD Ideax YouTube Video. Why Electronic Voting Is Still A Bad Ideax YouTube Video. While this posting provides a bit of boosting for Tom Scott, please note that I have nothing to do with him. I checked and he currently has about 2.81 million subscribers on YouTube and many of his videos get over a million views and some get multiple million views, so he’s doing fine without us.
Voting Third-Party is Playing with Fire
The image used in this cartoon was created by combining and modifying several different images that are in the public domain and were obtained from pixabay.com. There are some voters who are just as repulsed by Trump as the rest of us, yet they don’t plan to vote for Joe Biden either. In a perfect world, we could all vote for a perfect candidate, and that perfect candidate would have a significant chance of winning, with or without being on the ballot. However, we do not live in a perfect world. Why can’t the idealistic 3rd-party voters and write-in voters understand that?
Crazy/Stupid Republican of the Day: Clay Higgins- 2020 Update
U.S. House Rep. Clay Higgins of Louisiana's 3rd Congressional District, who is vying to be one of the dumbest bigots in the Republican Party. There’s Scott Angelle, a moderate Republican, and Clay Higgins, an arguably pretty racist, over-aggressive, fame-seeking, wannabe-fascist nut who seems to want to evade paying taxes. On the upside, for all their long-standing grievances, at least Muslims and Jews can come together and agree, Clay Higgins is an ***hole. Since Clay Higgins arrived in Congress, he’s also outed himself as a climate change denier. One Year Ago, July 7th, 2019: Clay Higgins (LA)… 2019 UpdateTwo Years Ago, July 7th, 2018: Clay Higgins (LA)… 2018 UpdateThree Years Ago, July 7th, 2017: Clay Higgins (LA)… Original ProfileFour Years Ago, July 7th, 2016: Christopher Shank (MD)…2016 UpdateFive Years Ago, July 7th, 2015: Christopher Shank (MD)… Original Profile
GA-Sen B: Loeffler (R) Opposes WNBA's BLM Plan As Calls For Her Removal From Team Ownership Amplify
O-U-T!https://t.co/XgIS2vRb2X � WNBPA (@TheWNBPA) July 7, 2020 In the letter, Loeffler said she thought adding the American flag to jerseys and licensed apparel would be a "common-sense" solution. The WNBA Players Association also called for Loeffler's removal. More WNBA players continue to speak out against Loeffler:x Dear @SenatorLoeffler ....I�m pretty sad to see that my team ownership is not supportive of the movement & all that it stands for. Tuesday's letter only intensified calls from WNBA players to remove Loeffler as the Dream's owner. A Republican Senator from Georgia, Loeffler recently appeared on Fox News calling armed Black protesters in Atlanta "mob rule," despite her support of the Second Amendment.
Another suggestion for Biden Adds
I suggest a different approach for some Biden Ads. If Charlie Chaplin can make “The Great Dictator” Biden can make a 30 second spot. I actually liked the one with the leaders laughing, more than any of the new ones. He may surprise some but he won’t surprise me, because I have gotten to know him & fully understand how capable he is. North Korea will become a different kind of Rocket - an Economic one!
My mother taught me not to laugh at other's misfortune but this is just too, too good as a metaphor!
Corey LaJoie’s car was one of many that attempted to squeeze its way into the pitlane during the first few minutes of NASCAR’s Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Sunday, July 5. A pile-up occurred when a number of cars slammed into each other, rendering LaJoie’s car unusable as it suffered too much damage to keep racing...Trump 2020 was the primary sponsor for LaJoie’s car, with Go Fas Racing just last week announcing it had entered into a partnership with Patriots of America PAC – a pro-Donald Trump Political Action Committee. Trump 2020 Car Wrecked Just 16 Laps Into 170-Lap NASCAR Race
“In the end, there would be no love for Donald at all, just his agonizing thirsting for it”
She claims Trump hired a smarter boy he knew to take the SAT for him; the high score helped get him into college. She describes Trump’s father, Fred, as not just domineering but a “sociopath.” He was verbally abusive to his children, especially Fred Jr., insisting that they become “killers” unhindered by emotion. “Fred perverted his son’s perception of the world and damaged his ability to live in it,” she writes. Her father, Fred Jr., came in for particular contempt from Fred Sr. for being soft. On a trip to Mar-a-Lago when she was 29, Mary came out in a bathing suit and shorts.
Enough is enough!
120,000 Florida homes will be lost due to rising sea levels caused by climate change over the next 10 years. While only 4% of the world’s population, United States is responsible for 14% of the world’s carbon emissions. x What meaningful climate legislation was passed in Florida this year, or over the last 25 years? Republicans, YOU own this Ă°Â?¦Â? Ă°Â?¦Â? Ă°Â?¦Â? Ă°Â?Â?Â?Ă°Â?» https://t.co/6IyHJQYvYU âÂ?Â? Shawn Williams (@Williams_For_78) July 1, 2020We need to operate with the fierce urgency of now! We can no longer sit on the sidelines and expect others to do the right thing for us and our environment!
Fourth of July Fireworks in Jacksonville of the Congressional Twitter Variety
It had to be a tough week for Rep. John Rutherford, as it was for all self-proclaimed “staunch pro-lifers”. https://t.co/sQFnQytxyw — Rep. John Rutherford (@RepRutherfordFL) July 1, 2020To say that he got dragged in real-time would be a huge understatement. The New York Times is named after the City and State of New York. pic.twitter.com/rCjYZzz8Io — Rep. John Rutherford (@RepRutherfordFL) July 2, 2020That’s Jordan, bottom left, no jacket, no mask, no sense whatsoever. #USA #ProudToBeAnAmerican — John Rutherford (@JRutherfordFL) July 4, 2020One of the comments wondered whether there should be random drug testing for Members of Congress?
Sailors who wore masks and socially distanced had lower COVID-19 rates.
The Navy Times is reporting on a CDC Study that sailors on the USS Theodore Roosevelt who wore masked and socially distanced had lower COVID-19 rates than those who did not. Those wearing a face covering had a 55.8 percent infection rate versus those not wearing masks, who had a 80.8 percent infection rate, the study said. Sailors who avoided common areas had a 53.8 percent infection rate versus those who didn’t and had a 67.5 percent infection rate. Those who observed social distancing rules had a 54.7 percent infection rate compared to those who didn’t, who had a 70 percent infection rate, the Navy said in its statement. Avoiding common areas only showed a 13.7% difference and social distancing only showed a 15.3% difference.
Not Fit to Print: Blah, Blah, Blog
This secretive group is a Jesus cult , known as The Family or The Fellowship . It took me two decades to realize that it was the same group highlighted in the Netflix mini-series, The Family . As stated on their wiki page : “’All approaches to ‘loving Jesus’ are acceptable.’” Translation: say you love Jesus and we’ll believe you. They call it “Jesus plus nothing.”This is the mentality of the people currently in power in the United States. These are the morally bankrupt, denial practitioners, and white supremacists who put Trump in power, and this is who we must beat in November.
Electoral Vote.com Estimate: Biden 368, Trump 170, DEMOCRATIC Senate. GOTV, GOTV, GOTV!
Their current assessment:STRONGLY DEMOCRATIC STATES: 233 electoral votes (which includes Pennsylvania among many)LIKELY DEMOCRATIC STATES: 80 electoral votes (which includes Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, and Arizona among others)BARELY DEMOCRATIC STATES: 55 electoral votes (which includes Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, and Nevada)BARELY REPUBLICAN STATES: 66 EVs, which includes Texas, Missouri (! ), and IowaLIKELY REPUBLICAN STATES: 11 EVs (Tennessee)STRONGLY REPUBLICAN STATES: 93 EVsThat’s 313 strongly or likely for Biden, and only 104 strongly or likely for the Orange Shitgibbon Loser/Rapist/Traitor/Criminal/Con Man/Traitor. And the current Senate estimate is 52 D, 1 Toss-up, 47 R.WE CAN DO THIS! Let’s Win NORTH CAROLINA! If any of you have suggestions for what I could add to any of these, please let me know!
Military spending: Do we have the right to mortgage ourselves on the altar of perpetual fear?
We are seriously in debt arising from the Coronavirus; and that indebtedness will continue to rise. Enough of the U.S. building of the Pentagon four times more than the other nations combined: China, Russia, Great Britain, and France. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. Yet, in retrospect, these disasters never have seem to have happened, seem never have been quite real."
Cartoon: Trump's campaign strategy
paulschicklercartoons.com Like me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter at @pschickler and on Instagram: paulschickler. Want this cartoon or one of my others on a tee shirt, sticker, or more? Check out my swag page: www.redbubble.com/…
I find myself in a dire situation and need your help. Even though I was able to get a box of free groceries from my local library a couple weeks ago, I now have 2 days worth of groceries left and need money to buy more, plus paper towels and toilet paper. Clearly, I cannot wait until next Wednesday — I need help now. ===================My need has already been met! Thank you thank you thank you — sincerely.
Evening Shade: tRump Has a COVID-19 Solution
Beware, the Deadly EveningShadetRump is getting hammered over his non-response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of his singular focus on all things tRump, he’s managed to make the United States number one — in COVID-19 related infections and deaths. His new notoriety is making him uncomfortable and he’s getting ready to put forward a new and uniquely tRumpian solution to our problem. This is the best transcription of the document we have been able to generate from the original crayon. We think it is a collaboration between Donald tRump, Ivanka and Stephen Miller based on changes in crayon color and pressure.
Daily Kos Radio’s KITM podcast (AUDIO): Kagro in the Morning, Tuesday, July 7 2020
The Ayn Rand Institute, along with the Grover Norquist Group, are paid to be opponents of federal spending, and of course showed up right at the front of the Paycheck Protection Program line. Donald Trump will describe his easy, one-step method tonight. About the time Donald Trump learned to talk, he’s been asking why Black people haven’t been more thankful, but still hasn’t received a satisfactory answer. A bipartisan handful of lawmakers are pushing a rescue package apart from the Paycheck Protection Program, reconfigured to specifically aid Black-owned businesses. Meanwhile, 40 Trump-connected lobbyists, including five former administration officials, are splitting $10 billion in coronavirus aid from the federal government.
'I felt belittled': Muslim woman alleges Starbucks barista wrote 'ISIS' on her cup
ISIS is a common acronym used to refer to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, a terrorist organization. Last year, a Philadelphia Starbucks came under fire after a Muslim customer named Aziz reported a barista wrote “ISIS” on his drink cups, and Starbucks called it a “regrettable mistake.”Aishah, a hijab-wearing Black woman, does not feel the term was written by mistake. “The word that was written on the drink is a word that shatters the Muslim reputation all around the world,” Aishah said. We have investigated the matter and believe that it was not a deliberate act but an unfortunate mistake that could have been avoided with more clarification. The national Muslim advocacy organization filed discrimination charges with the U.S. Department of Human Rights Monday on the basis of discrimination.
#ElectionTwitter crowdsources $8,000 in 24 hours to poll crucial states and turn America blue
On July 6th, a Twitter user named @we_want_gore asked the Democratic-leaning pollster Public Policy Polling to do a poll of the 2020 Alaska senate race. As such, the demand for a poll for Alaska’s senate race is in high demand among Twitter’s most avid political junkies. Last night PPP polls made Election Twitter an offer: raise $5,000 for the firm and they would do a poll for Alaska. Before the night was out, hundreds of Twitter users had contributed more than that amount to a “Go-Fund-Me” posted by twitter user Jack Vaughan to secure the funds necessary to poll Alaska. This act of compassion on behalf of Public Policy Polling inspired election junkies to raise an additional $3,000 dollars to poll an additional race.
Contemporary Fiction Views: A created persona leads to real-world goodness
Duchess Goldblatt. The woman behind the online persona of Duchess Goldblatt is such a kind-hearted person. In her new memoir, Becoming Duchess Goldblatt, the anonymous author recounts when her marriage fell apart, her world did as well. Duchess Goldblatt is a famous and esteemed writer in her early 80s. But that's not the complete Duchess Goldblatt story.
Kitchen Table Kibitzing 7
Note that you are responsible for buying postcards (and stamps if you don’t use pre-stamped ones.) Postcard stamps are 35 cents each; pre-stamped postcards from USPS are 39 cents each; two different pretty designs. Note that, as with the postcards, you are responsible for buying envelopes, paper (no special paper required), and stamps. Or, google something like “am I registered to vote” plus your state, and go to your state government’s page directly. If you’re sad your presidential candidate wasn’t nominated (I was), please find some downticket races to get excited about.
IGTNT: A 21-Year-Old Infantryman from Texas
Vincent Sebastian Ibarria, 21, from San Antonio, Texas, died as the result of a vehicle rollover accident, July 3, 2020, in Farah, Afghanistan. Ibarria was assigned to 2nd Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, Fort Drum, New York. Vincent Sebastian IbarriaAccording to the 10th Mountain Division, Spc. 10th Mountain Division spokesperson Lt. Col. Kamil Sztalkoper said: “Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Spc. Vincent Sebastian Ibarria had plans after the military — he wanted to be a nurse.
There's A Darkness At The Edge Of Town ...
… But I think you flout a number of realities when two and two don’t add up to four.”Did I mention he’s really good at cutting through the BS? What got people through those years, Hanks said, was a “sensibility” that “permeated” society — “Do your part. That alone means you are contributing to the betterment of your house, your work, your town, your society as a whole, and it’s such a simple thing. Do your part!”Then Hanks played the Bruce Springsteen card: “There is a darkness at the edge of town here, folks. Like the fog descending on an isolated Maine town in a Stephen King thriller, it is going to envelop us all.
KY-Sen: Amy McGrath's (D) Campaign Staffers To Join Major Union In Louisville
Some big news today out of Kentucky:“Unions are the backbone of our state’s economy, and I strongly support the right of workers to organize and engage in collective bargaining. Workers’ rights have been hard won, and my campaign is proud to be a part of that movement,” she said. Staffers on Amy McGrath ’s Senate campaign in Kentucky are beginning the process of joining a union a week after she won the Democratic primary in the Bluegrass State. My campaign staff has started the process of joining the IBEW 369 in Louisville. Unions are the backbone of our stateâÂ?Â?s economy, and I strongly support the right of workers to organize and engage in collective bargaining.
Top Comments: Surgically Long Day Edition
Please remember that comment inclusion in Top Comments does not constitute support or endorsement by diarist, formatter, Top Comments writers, Barack Obama or DailyKos. From ZenTrainer:elfling gives us a way to stay with a better way, the old way. In a diary today about the no good horrible changes to the Daily Kos format, in this comment gives us a way to stay with a better way, the old way. From BeninSC:The thread that begins here (with comments by Chachy, RobNH and MetroGnome) ticked the 1,000 Alaskans box for me! For those of you interested in How Top Mojo Works, please see his diary on FAQing Top Mojo.
NJ-Sen: Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D. MA) Helps Sen. Cory Booker (D) Get Ready To Win Re-Election
Senator Cory Booker’s (D. NJ) re-election campaign:My friend Cory Booker has always been a powerful voice for justice and equality. Now, he's up for re-election to the United States Senate — and now more than ever, we need to keep his voice in Washington. If you're able to, please split a contribution of $15 or whatever makes sense between Cory Booker's re-election campaign and mine. Your donation would help re-elect Cory, take back the Senate, and elect Democrats up and down the ballot. Help make sure that Cory Booker can keep fighting for working families, and help elect Democrats all over the country, by making a donation to his re-election campaign and Warren Democrats today.
Live coverage: 2020 New Jersey primaries
New Jersey is holding its downballot primaries tonight, and we’ll be liveblogging the results. Due to the coronavirus, many voters are choosing to vote by mail, and a significant amount of votes may not be counted on election night. As a result, it may be several days before we have winners in these races. Resources: Guide to key races | Cheat-sheetResults: NJ
Trump says Republicans are “flexible” about having a full convention in Jacksonville Florida
Earlier today HHS announced they would open up three COVID-19 testing sites in Edinburg, Texas, Baton Rouge, La., and Jacksonville, Fla. (not Miami?). Trump says GOP 'flexible' on convention plans BY MORGAN CHALFANT President Trump said Tuesday that Republicans are “flexible” with respect to holding a full convention in Jacksonville, Fla., amid a rising number of coronavirus cases in the state. “We’re always looking at different things,” Trump told Greta Van Susteren, host of “Full Court Press,” in an interview Tuesday. Look, we’re very flexible, we could do a lot of things, but we’re very flexible,” Trump continued. Trump’s insatiable need for need for adoration prompted him to move the convention to Jacksonville.
Faithless Judiciary: SCOTUS, Appeals Courts Block Voting Rights Amid Pandemic: 'BradCast' 7
His emergency order notes that reopening schools is critical to "a return to Florida hitting its full economic stride". That, despite more than 200,000 confirmed cases and new record daily infection rates each day for weeks now in the Sunshine State. The issue stemmed from two combined cases of "faithless electors" in 2016, one of which was brought by plaintiff Michael Baca against Colorado. There are more opinions to come from the Court before they are finished for the summer. Quips Stern darkly today: "We've got a handful left, and we will see if the Supreme Court breaks our democracy before the end of the term."
Thirty Two Short Films About Confederate Monuments
Shit, even I can’t tell the difference between this blog and the last one anymore. You wouldn’t hire Seb Gorka to adapt Mr. Smith Goes to Washington into a musical, is all I’m saying. Which would explain why the Adderall-Addled Assclown is spending his time attacking NASCAR from the right on the Confederate Flag. Now, I knew I’d write some weird shit when I started this blog, but that last sentence is melting my damn brain. Statues and hatred, hatred and statues, blah blah blah blah blah.
Texas schools required to reopen campuses in August, with option for remote learning
Texas schools have been shuttered since March 23, and there is no precedent for whether or not these guidelines will prevent viral transmission. In late June, Texas governor Greg Abbott announced schools would reopen in the Fall without requiring masks or social distancing. Similar to hospitals, students, teachers, staff and visitors will be questioned about COVID symptoms and have their temperature checked before being allowed on campus. Asked how school buses would accommodate social distancing requirements, Cruz said that buses would likely be seated at 25 percent capacity. We can’t afford to let that happen in our schools,” Noel Calendaria, president of the Texas State Teachers Association, said in a statement.
Lesson from Covid: Part Four-- The Ugly American
Because if you are American, everyone thinks it is your fault that the current administration exists. It’ll be interesting if it is enforceable, but we have sure seen a lot of 35-80 year old white folks complaining about rights and privileges and mask wearing. Some conspiracy theories suggest that mask wearing will give us CO2 poisoning (Are our surgeons just invincible? Some just don’t think it’s fair. And if a store demands that you wear one and you really don’t like them, don’t go ballistic and tear up your local Target.
Facebook says this post is not 'hate speech'
According to Facebook, this post does not qualify as "hate speech." What you’re looking at above is a screenshot of a post I reported to Facebook as “hate speech.” This was Facebook’s response (bold mine):Your report Today at 3:13 PM You anonymously reported XXXXXXXXX’s share for displaying hate speech. I have been testing Facebook in the past couple of weeks to find out just what they consider “hate speech,” which is one of the reasons a reader can choose to report a post. People repeatedly posting provably false and dangerous conspiracy theories, outright lies, smears, hate speech, violent imagery and violent threats continue to post. Facebook’s “Community Standards” explanation for hate speech includes the following:We do not allow hate speech on Facebook because it creates an environment of intimidation and exclusion and in some cases may promote real-world violence.
Covid by the Numbers
United States totals as of 07/07/2020These are the top ten countries/states for new coronavirus cases for today according to Worldometer. The figures for all fifty United States is 55,442 new cases with 167.1 cases per one million population. The world as a whole had 207,752 new case today and 26.6 new cases per one million people. Texas and Florida and, I’m sorry to say, my home state of California are unique shitholes. And for anyone crazy enough to claim the US is doing a good job, point them to Europe.
Next up on the Trump Administration's "Collateral Damage" Hit-Parade: "Fully Reopening the Schools"
Who needs 'Social Distancing' -- when we all have "Trump Stupidity" to keep us all safe? —Not only is Trump willing to sacrifice up the Nation’s elder, and health care workers, to the whims of the Coronavirus’ exponential contagion — he is now on the crusade, to put our nation’s educators on that “collateral damage” bandwagon. Trump pushes state, local leaders to reopen schools in fallby Collin Binkley, AP News — 7/7/2020[...] “We want to reopen the schools,” Trump said. The president of the nation’s largest education union said Trump is more interested in scoring points for the November election than in keeping students safe. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos rejects part-time reopening for schools amid coronavirus pandemic
PWB Peeps: Toosdai Evening: Srs Not-Srs Poetry for Today, July 7, Illustrated!
Today is Chocolate Day! There are some other sweet holidays today — Global Forgiveness Day, Tell the Truth Day (anyone question our *resident about that one today? ), even National Strawberry Sundae Day — but Chocolate Day wins! Interesting history of chocolate and Chocolate Day — and mouth-watering photo! — at this link, www.checkiday.com/…How to Observe Chocolate Day must be celebrated by eating chocolate!
Wanna help Freep a poll on mask wearing?
The Iowa Standard, an online right wing news site that claims that:by no means are we beholden to the Republican Party. We will report Iowa political news fairly and we will be your reliable source of information. We will likely upset Republicans as much as we upset Democrats. But we’ll always report truth. At “The Iowa Standard,” we don’t have a Republican standard or a Democrat standard.
The Insomniacs' Vent Hole w
SPOILER WARNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Insomniacs' Vent Hole is a latenight gathering for non-serious palaver. ______________________________________________________This vent-hole (hereinafter known as IVH), if lost or stolen will not be replaced nor purchase price refunded. Violation of IVH rules will result in expulsion without refund. A copy of IVH rules can be obtained from one or more members wearing tie-dyed oxford shirts after submitting written requests.
The Day Democracy Finally Died
No democracy never lasts long. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide." -- John AdamsDonald Trump couldn’t kill Democracy all by himself. He is merely the culmination of a long line of neo-fascist democracy haters on the right who have previously been working in the shadows to undermine our secular democracy. As H. L. Mencken said, “As democracy is perfected, the office of President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people.
What is your favorite album of all time?
To me, as I have said many, many times, there is no better music than New Wave. My favorite group of all time is DEVO …..a group that is still going strong. Thus it makes sense that my favorite album of all time is from Devo: Oh, No! There are so many great songs on this album it is very hard to pick just one favorite. Time out for funPeek-A-BooOut of SyncExplosionsThat’s GoodPatternsBig MessSpeed RacerWhat I must doI DesireDeep Sleepx YouTube Videox YouTube Videox YouTube VideoWhat is your favorite album of all time?
Remember "This Guy"? In the news again today ?it's Peter Strzok's fault & more documents coming
2020-07-07 doc# 235-1 DOJ discovery letter to counsel - United States v. FLYNN, 1:17-cr-00232U.S. Department of Justice. Michael R. Sherwin, Acting United States Attorney, District of Columbia Judiciary Center,July 7, 2020 Via Email Sidney Powell Dallas, Jesse Binnall, Harvey & Binnall, Alexandria, VARe: United States v. Michael T. Flynn, 17-cr-00232 (EGS)Dear Counsel:As we have previously disclosed, beginning in January 2020, the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri has been conducting a review of the Michael T. Flynn investigation. The enclosed documents were obtained and analyzed by USAO EDMO during the course of its review. These materials are covered by the Protective Order entered by the Court on February 21, 2018; additional documents may beforthcoming. Sincerely, MICHAEL R. SHERWIN, Acting United States AttorneyBy: /s/ Jocelyn Ballantine, Assistant United States Attorney
In which I retract my coming out statement. And amend it.
Pan (pansexual) is more accurate; but the "bi" is, for most contexts, a widely understood shorthand. And with it, I started a new coming out process. People who had known me - "known" and "me" both in bold quotes - have been re-introduced to me as Stephanie. So for everyone who had kind and welcoming words for me when I came out in 2012, thank you. But I'm happy for the chance to be here in the world as my authentic self.
California Regulators Approve 12 New Permits for Chevron to Frack in Kern County
In this photo taken on May 10, 2019, oil flows at at a Chevron oil filed in Kern County, California's top oil producing county. The permits will allow Chevron to frack these wells 168 times, according to Hollin Kretzmann, a senior attorney at the Center for Biological Diversity. Newsom is handing out fracking permits during a pandemic that disproportionately harms polluted communities,” said Kretzmann. Yet CalGEM continues to issue new drilling and fracking permits to this company.”48 new fracking permits issued since end of moratoriumNewson ended a moratorium on fracking permits in April when the California Geologic Energy Management Division approved 24 new permits for Aera Energy LLC. Including Chevron’s new permits, Newsom has now granted a total of 48 fracking permits since ending the moratorium, according to Kretzmann.
Overnight News Digest- July 7, 2020
Chicago Tribune: COVID-19 cases are spiking in states across the country. By Joe Mahr and Jonathon BerlinAcross the country, states have either delayed reopening or reimposed restrictions amid surges in COVID-19 cases that have begun packing hospitals. The commission has been soliciting feedback from patients and members of the health care community as part of a review of the state’s health care system in the time of coronavirus. He stayed at the hospital overnight for observation and was released the next morning. Brussels is forecasting an 8.3% drop in GDP for the 27 economies of the European Union in 2020 followed by a 5.8% rebound in 2021.
A response to "Goodbye Blog. Hello New Daily Kos Front Page"
I typed in the feedback form for this page seven days ago and have yet to receive any reply. At this point, sadly, I have little to no faith in whatever passes itself off as support for the site. The inability to find an answer to a question when a page with the keywords in it’s title is presented to the user is inexcusable. Speak the language your users speak. It’s late, I’m tired, and running on too little sleep, and at this point I’m pretty much beyond caring.
Let’s help rename the Washington DC football team
A much cuter orange face that TwitlersAh, the supreme intelligence of Trump (or at least the person taking his SAT) can never be underestimated. He is now commenting on how the racist word “Redskin” is actually a term of strength. They name teams out of STRENGTH, not weakness, but now the Washington Redskins & Cleveland Indians, two fabled sports franchises, look like they are going to be changing their names in order to be politically correct. Indians, like Elizabeth Warren, must be very angry right now! Washington Puppets?
would you sign this letter or would your signature depend on who else signed it
Here’s A Letter on Justice and Open Debate in Harpers July 7, 2020. The usual contingencies apply considering that some of the signatories have serious issues with one or more ideas represented by other signatories. Yet it could be said that they all signed to ensure some degree of protection of speech rights in response to recent anti-democratic intolerance of press freedoms. The free exchange of information and ideas, the lifeblood of a liberal society, is daily becoming more constricted. The way to defeat bad ideas is by exposure, argument, and persuasion, not by trying to silence or wish them away.
Seven States
Because it comes down to seven states, as I see it. Trump MUST WIN all seven of these states...a loss in any one of them hands the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to Joe Biden. BUT….and here’s the rub...take ONLY the states which are SAFE Dem and STRONGLY Dem — and we get 269. I see weaker support than normal in Montana because of Steve Bullock. I see weaker support in the Dakotas, because COVID is affecting the shale oil industry.
Pandemic Observations -- July 7, US States & Canadian Provinces:
Clovid-19The contrast between Canada and the USA in where they are heading with the Covid-19 pandemic could hardly be any starker than in tonight’s update of the weekly stats. Not only are all Canadian Provinces now well under the 100 new cases per week per million population threshold (compared to just Vermont on the US side), Arizona (along with FL, LA, and SC) continues to set new records for that metric, and is now being infected with new cases at a far more rapid pace than any other national entity on the face of the planet. Even worse, we may be seeing the first hints that the long gradual decline in US fatality stats may be coming to an end and could start chasing the ever larger accumulations of new cases toward seriously higher levels. Likewise we may also be seeing the first evidence of a trend reversal in Oklahoma due to Trump’s Tulsa event back on June 20, though that still remains to be confirmed. Note: New Jersey has apparently done something similar to what the UK did last week, though on a smaller scale, when something in excess of 1,500 presumably duplicate cases were removed from their time-series dataset according to a note from Worldometer.
Whose deepfake personas are these and how many more are out there?
The placing of 90 op-eds in a range of 40+ media outlets signals some real disinformation problems at work. Badani is part of a network of at least 19 fake personas that has spent the past year placing more than 90 opinion pieces in 46 different publications. Most of these fake personas wrote for two websites, The Arab Eye and Persia Now. Marc does great work uncovering disinformation networks and he was the first to spot something wrong with "Lin Nguyen" and "Raphael Badani." Marc does great work uncovering disinformation networks and he was the first to spot something wrong with "Lin Nguyen" and "Raphael Badani."
The 4 hot states topped the mortality charts for COVID-19 on 7/7/20
The deaths number 133972 at this moment. From the looks of it, the death march in these 4 states is starting, after the lag from cases to hospitalizations to deaths. From www.worldometers.info/… ordered by descending deaths:
MI-Sen: Trump's GOPer's Company Just Happens To Be Raking In The PPP Loans
Jackson-based Orbitform, which was founded by Republican Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey and builds assembly machines for manufacturers, was among nearly 20,000 recipients in Michigan that were identified by the Treasury Department on Monday. Another was Renaissance Global Logistics of Detroit, whose CEO is John James, the Republican challenger to Democratic U.S. Sen. Gary Peters. The Paycheck Protection Program helps smaller businesses to stay open and keep Americans employed during the pandemic. Under the PPP, the government is backing $659 billion in low-interest business loans that will be forgiven if employers use the money on payroll, rent and similar expenses. Still, the release of the data is the most complete look at the program’s recipients so far.
ME-Sen: Bangor Daily News Calls Out Collins (R) For Misrepresenting Kavanagh's Position On Choice
Limits were OK unless the majority of the Supreme Court decided the state created an “undue burden,” restricting women’s rights too much. Whether you’ve heard of Casey, Collins certainly has. She mentioned it four times when she explained why she was voting for Kavanaugh to sit on the Supreme Court. While Casey didn’t let states ban abortion outright, it did allow them to make it harder to get an abortion. This was at issue in last week’s Supreme Court decision in June Medical Services v. Russo, which overturned a law passed in Louisiana.
MFWOT Daily Update Thread
A shepherd drives a horse-drawn carriage made from an old car in Knyazhytsy, Belarus. Mojo Friday’s Weekly Open ThreadThis is a diary for those who continue to participate in the Mojo Friday diary throughout the week. You are welcome to join us
IAN: 7
ZoeInstead of little Itzl; Zoe will greet and provide protection. I’m still without a computer and am on the iPhone. Everyone please be careful and safe. We’re still in dangerous times of Covid.
MO-Gov: James Carville & Paul Begala Reunite To Help Nicole Galloway (D) Flip Missouri Blue
Received this e-mail today from Democratic Political Operative, James Carville, on behalf of State Auditor Nicole Galloway’s (D. MO) gubernatorial campaign:Nicole Galloway (D. MO)Hey folks —James Carville here. Paul Begala and I are excited to join Nicole Galloway for a virtual grassroots fundraiser this Thursday, July 9th at 5 pm CST — and we’re excited to have the chance to answer your questions directly. Let’s get serious here for a moment: Paul and I know what it takes to flip Missouri blue. And we know that Nicole Galloway has what it takes to win this November. Any donation amount will secure you a place to join the virtual grassroots fundraiser with Nicole Galloway, Paul Begala, and myself.
PA-10: Sen. Bob Casey, Jr. (D) Helps Eugene DePasquale (D) Expand Our House Majority
Senator Bob Casey, Jr. (D. PA) in support of State Auditor General Eugene DePasquale’s (D. PA-10) congressional campaign:The Hill called the race for Pennsylvania's 10th Congressional District "one of the most closely-watched House contests this year." This year, Democrat and Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale is surging in his race for Congress and his momentum has turned this race into a toss-up. With your help, Democrats are getting closer than ever to flipping the Senate majority, but we need to defend our majority in the House as well. Help Eugene flip PA-10 and defend the Democratic House majority. As Auditor General, he's worked to hold Pennsylvania's government accountable to the people it serves, and to protect the Commonwealth against waste, fraud and abuse.
There is a Blue Wave Rising! Wednesday Good News Roundup.
..As a high school student in Queens, Ms. Trump writes, Donald Trump paid someone to take a precollegiate test, the SAT, on his behalf. The downward spiral that will take Donald Trump out of the White HouseThe latest Politico/Morning Consult poll reveals that 75% of Americans believe {the country is heading in the wrong direction. Bush in 1988, George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004 and, yes, Donald Trump in 2016. Harrison has been helped along by the distaste Democrats nationwide have for Graham, whose one-time appearance of moderation has been fully eclipsed by blind allegiance to President Trump since the president took office. Vote Joe and vote blue all the way down the ticket.
Cool you off edition...
Be Good Humans - - DijitMorning Open Thread is a daily, copyrighted post, from a host of editors and guest writers. We support our community, invite and share ideas, and encourage thoughtful, respectful dialogue in an open forum. This series was conceived as a haven where folks can drop in to share conversation, ideas, weather reports, and music. We need to cool off a bit, so here are some videos with a psychological intent for dealing with the heat. We have stories, tall tales, weather reports, critter reports, music, and companionship to spare.
GOP Spokeswoman Liz Harrington attack on Biden shows GOP believes women not equal to men
GOP spokeswoman Liz Harrington slams Joe Biden because he had the nerve to paraphrase the constitution by replacing men with people in all men created equal. Spokeswoman Liz Harrington, really? The Washington Post reported Liz Harrington rather ridiculous commentary about Joe Biden as follows. His woke staffers changed it to, not all “men are created equal,” all “people are created equal,” and are guaranteed equality throughout life. “That’s the same radical left socialism that has taken over his party,” Harrington concluded.
It wasn't a "Lost Cause." The Statues Mean Something Down South, Because THE SOUTH WON THE WAR!
What we don’t think about, any more than a frog thinks about how the water is getting hotter in that pot it’s swimming in, is that the South Won The War. It just evolved.”The South lost the battle of 1861-1865, but they played the long game and won. We know the terror that ensued over those years, as the South won a decades-long war of attrition and the North gave up. By the turn of the 20th century, the South won the war, by attrition. And, like frogs in heating water, we don’t even realize that the North lost the war.
Epic New York Times columnist freak-out on Trump’s dereliction on COVID-19 & more
New York Op-Ed Columnist Michelle Goldberg had sort of a freak-out on MSNBC's All In with Chris Hayes as she discussed Trump's dereliction of duty. Columnist Michelle Goldberg understandable freak-outWatch complete episodes here. Columnist Michelle Goldberg is not alone in her exasperation. And the reality is that Donald Trump has made it so. We've watched all of that be eroded.
Lethal Stupidity, why science matters
He’s baaaaack… Meet Ohio State Rep Nino Vitale. What I saw alarmed me, a slew of science deniers, conspiracy theorists, plague “patriots”, silly memes, outdated data and ignorance on parade. I wish I could say that I’m shocked about the stunning stupidity and hubris of many of our fellow Americans. Please take a moment to reach out to your friends and family to help keep them safe and healthy. And then take a moment to reach out to Rep Vitale.
100 Days of Loving Joe Biden -- Day 5: Biden's COVID-19 Plan
Whether Joe Biden was your first choice for the Democratic nomination or your last choice (or somewhere in between) there are many, many reasons to be excited about a Biden presidency. In this series, I will list 100 reasons, 1 by 1, to be excited about a Joe Biden presidency. Eliminate cost-sharing for Covid-19 testing and treatment — and change the law so that provision would apply to future public health emergencies. Establish a national public health jobs corps, which would employ at least 100,000 people to do contact tracing. Here they are:Day 1: Biden’s Tax PlanDay 2: Gay MarriageDay 3: Biden’s FDR Sized presidencyDay 4: Biden is a mensch
Mike Shellenberger Works Climate Denial Media Circuit To Sell Misleading Book, “Apocalypse Never"
We first mentioned nuclear power-lover and renewable-hating former environmentalist Michael Shellenberger back in 2015 , when he accused the Pope of blasphemy (among other things). The marketing ploy started with a blog post at Forbes, in which Shellenberger claims to “apologize for the climate scare” on behalf of environmentalists. As for Shellenberger’s book, that’s actually the point. In fact, Shellenberger’s “censored” op-ed was so rife with mistakes that even those couple legitimate climate scientists who wrote positive blurbs of their book were critical, according to a piece in the Guardian by Graham Readfern . Shellenberger responded with a lengthy post that amounted to “nuh uh!”, but sensing one of their own was in trouble, deniers swarmed twitter to defend him .
08 OT: Resources, Resources, Resurces
"All of the above" Obama was pretty open at one point (when talking about Syria) that we won't abide anything that impedes or interferes with the free flow of resources. Look at "resources" broadly and that explains our entire global economic and foreign policy, maximum exploitation through maximum exploitability, the US corporate-government symbiote as uber-parasite. Here's the dealObama, speaking of Syria, said something about the US being committed to ensuring the free flow of resources. When you look at it, all of our global history, politics and policies and the like has to do with resources. Not so much guaranteeing free flow as guaranteeing maximum access and exploitation by the global corporate parasites, especially those headquartered here.
Texas COVID-19 Update V: Numbers Rising Rapidly, Hospitals Reaching Critical Capacity
graph courtesy worldometers.info; edits by authorActive cases are not slowing down at all. For reference, at this rate Texas alone will have had more COVID-19 deaths than died in 9/11 before next week. graph courtesy Texas HHS; edits by authorgraph courtesy Texas HHS; edits by authorTotal hospitalizations are continuing to grow; we’ve added over 2,700 in just a week, an increase of 34%. The statewide capacity numbers are not looking good: there are almost 800 fewer available beds. Texas Urban Hospital Information (Courtesy Texas HHS) urban region available beds available icu beds available ventilators current patients Dallas/Ft.
Cook Report Moves Wisconsin and Pennsylvania to Lean Democrat, Biden leading with 279 EV
cookpolitical.com/…Cook Political Report is shifting its ratings of the key states of Wisconsin and Pennsylvania from “Tossup” to “Lean Democrat”. Nebraska’s 2nd congressional district is also moved to “Lean Democrat” and Georgia is now a considered a “Tossup” state. Wisconsin , Pennsylvania , and Nebraska’s 2nd district move from Toss Up to Lean Democrat. Maine , once in Lean Democrat, moves to the safer Likely Democratic category. , once in Lean Democrat, moves to the safer Likely Democratic category.
New Day Cafe: This And That
Good morning, folks! In case you missed it, Kos wrote a diary about the changes coming with DK 6. Not sure how much I’m going to like it, but I said that about DK 5, too, and here I am. If you’ve never heard this young woman, Sarah Cooper….she is priceless!! This young woman is Ahn Ye Eun….and she has bags and bags of talent...
This Joe Shapiro didn't take Trump's SAT
x Let me check the NDA https://t.co/LS2kXivPIp — Joe Shapiro (@NPRJoeShapiro) July 8, 2020The tweet above is from the most well known Joe Shapiro on Twitter. https://t.co/4VjPNZcMaa — Joe Shapiro (@NPRJoeShapiro) July 8, 2020x A very stable one. https://t.co/iOeXuJXbiu — Joe Shapiro (@NPRJoeShapiro) July 8, 2020Two days ago he was an NPR reporter (profile) not familiar to those who didn’t listen to National Public Radio or watch PBS. Several of his followers on Twitter asked him if he was the Joe Shapiro who took Trump’s SAT. Now Joe Shapiro has a chance to showcase his comedic funny bone.
Help Me Organize Navajo, Hopi, and Apache Voters to Defeat Trump in Arizona
The Navajo Nation is an important voting block in Arizona, with a majority of Navajo tribal citizens voting for Democratic candidates. I returned to the Navajo Nation because in June my mentor Peterson Zah, former president of the Navajo Nation, told me about the Democratic Party’s effort to organize Navajo voters and he wanted to connect me with them. I was struggling the last few months since the pandemic hit Navajo Nation and was thinking of ways I could help. I cried because I knew our communities needed help and they were not getting the resources we needed. Donate to support Native Get-Out-the-Vote efforts on the Navajo Nation, and Apache and Hopi Trib a l lands .
The night they hosted a traitor...
In the past 11 days, Donald Trump has opened new scars and old wounds in the only wars he is willing to fight---the culture wars that divide America. Donald Trump has managed to replicate the divisiveness and lethality of the darkest hours in our history. In a speech given on the fourth of July, before a small crowd gathered at the foot of Mount Rushmore, Donald Trump channeled words written by Stephen Miller. But on this night, a fourth of July no less, they were audience to the least among them. Rushmore, if they could speak, would tell us that on this night they played host to a traitor.
Trump's promotion of HCQ as a miracle cure turned Veterans into Guinea Pigs, and is still killing us
That’s the headline on a Washington Post report by Debbie Cenziper and Shawn Mulcahy from July 7, 2020. The nurses and aides at the Southeastern Veterans’ Center in the suburbs of Philadelphia had watched so much go wrong since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. The communal dining that lasted into April, the nights that feverish patients were left to sleep beside roommates who weren’t sick yet. It would have been bad enough, but the HCQ story adds an extra element of disaster. What happened in that veteran’s center is likely to be repeated as the situation becomes desperate in states where the pandemic is spiking and people seek whatever remedies they believe can help them.
Neuroscientists warn that we may face a wave of 'Covid linked brain damage'.
Dr. Adrian Owen, NeuroscientistMultiple news outlets are reporting on a new study published in the scientific journal Brain that COVID-19 impacts on the human brain include stroke and nerve damage, delirium, and brain inflammation. Other terms used to refer to ADEM include post-infectious encephalomyelitis and immune-mediated encephalomyelitis. From the IB Times:A likely wave of COVID-19-related brain damage may be in the offing as new evidence suggested coronavirus infection could lead to severe neurological complications, scientists warned. The study added to the growing body of evidence that claimed the disease may cause damage to the brain. "Whether we will see an epidemic on a large scale of brain damage linked to the pandemic perhaps similar to the encephalitis lethargica outbreak in the 1920s and 1930s after the 1918 influenza pandemic remains to be seen," he said.
Get up to 10 FREE pro-Dem bumper stickers! New STAR TREK thread: Fave/least fave TOS cast movie?
There’s no mark-up on my pro-Dem stickers and T-shirts — no profit for me. There’s no mark-up on my pro-Dem stickers and T-shirts — no profit for me. Sponsors just order bumper stickers and postage stamps to contribute to our inventory — it’s easy! Sponsors just order bumper stickers and postage stamps to contribute to our inventory — it’s easy! Quick Links to View or Order Bumper StickersThere’s no mark-up on my pro-Dem designs — no profit for meMessage Link DEMOCRATS INVENTED & PROTECT magnetic vinyl 10-pack 50-pack DEMOCRATS FIGHT FOR WORKERS magnetic vinyl 10-pack 50-pack DEMOCRATS FIGHT FOR JUSTICE magnetic vinyl 10-pack 50-pack DEMOCRATS LEAD ON HEALTH CARE magnetic vinyl 10-pack 50-pack DEMOCRATS FOR AMERICA’S KIDS magnetic vinyl 10-pack 50-pack DEMOCRATS MULTITASK magnetic vinyl 10-pack 50-pack DEMOCRATS FOR CLIMATE ACTION magnetic vinyl 10-pack 50-pack DEMOCRATS GOVERN WITH CARE magnetic vinyl 10-pack 50-pack VOTE DEM magnetic vinyl 10-pack 50-pack“I hope thousands of Kossacks give this a Yes!!
What Is a MediSheet and Why Should You Have One?
My first MediSheet was just a list of current medications and surgical history. If I had an accident, fainted or had a cardio episode, a quick rummage in my handbag would find my MediSheet. So healthy or not, think of your MediSheet as another ordnance in the armoury of being prepared for the unforeseen. Essentially you will decide this for yourself but to give you a place to start, here’s what my MediSheet looks like. Altogether, it looks like this:While working on your own MediSheet, keep in mind that it may find itself being read by busy Emergency staff.
About that new design...
In the morning, the first thing I do is open up the APR on the Front Page. In this new design, it HAD usually been in one of the side columns, if not front and center. This week it has been nowhere to be found on the Front Page. I found today’s only by clicking on a diary (The OLD design) and scrolling down where I found it in the “most shared” space. The APR is a great way to start the day, and for a news and politics site, a necessary precis of the topics of the day.
Tulsa, Oklahoma: More Wreckage in the Wake of the Trump Campaign
Who Could Have Imagined This Would Have Happened? COVID-19: New records reached for daily case increases in Oklahoma, Tulsa CountyWith 858 new COVID-19 cases reported in Oklahoma on Tuesday, the state has set a new record for the number of new cases reported in a single day and has landed on New York’s travel advisory list. When the Trump campaign announced plans for an indoor rally in Tulsa, the experts said this was a really bad idea. I guess the experts were right.
West Coast Cookbook & Speakeasy Daily Special, Smothered Benedict Wednesdays
Starting off in the Bistro Cafe, Trump applauded his pandemic response as three million confirmed cases in the US leads the world. After the break, we move to the Chef’s Table where Russian security forces detained a former journalist and accused him of treason, saying he had passed military secrets to the Czech Republic; and, Russian investigators opened a criminal case against an anti-Kremlin activist and associate of the Pussy Riot punk group, for having failed to declare his dual Canadian citizenship. All that and more, on West Coast Cookbook & Speakeasy with Chef de Cuisine Justice Putnam. Bon Appétit! The Netroots Radio Live Player
Trump isn't trying to solve the COVID-19 crisis, because he doesn't want a solution
Even there, Ziemer was theoretically in charge of disaster response, but he was completely sidelined from addressing COVID-19. Its removal slowed the national response, and the dismissal of experts, or assignment to other posts, meant that the U. S. response was slow at every point, and inadequate in every way. But rather than moving to address this still unfolding tragedy, Trump has done everything he can to heap crisis on top of crisis. In the past, Trump’s response to scandal has often been to throw another scandal at it. But now Trump isn’t just dealing with his failings in the bedroom or boardroom, he’s serving up national disasters.
mother Carlson attacks Tammy Duckworth fortunately #SheHasMoreBallsThanYou
Like the rest of the entertainment division of Fox News, Tucker Carlson simply chases the latest Trumpist meme as Tammy Duckworth is mentioned as a VP candidate. The Fox News host Tucker Carlson accused Tammy Duckworth, a Thai-American senator who lost both legs fighting in Iraq, of hating the U.S. Donald Trump has yet to condemn Putin or take a single action to protect our troops, but he *is* investigating how the public came to find out he�s ignoring troops� safety. Fox News lawyer tells the judge that Tucker Carlson's audience expects him to lie:x Tucker Carlson says masks and social distancing "have no basis of any kind in science. And the attorney further argued that Carlson has no duty to look into whether his statements are truthful.
Slavery exists today: An inconvenient truth...
Slavery was commonly practiced in Africa — among Africans — before Europeans ever landed on its shores. But, wouldn’t it be better to tone down the noise and work to stop slavery in the places where it still exists? I’m not saying that history shouldn’t reflect truth. Slavery is a worldwide issue and reveals something about our basest instincts as human beings. Isn’t this just another form of slavery?
$1500 for Sexy Data
Florida State Senate Candidates need access to voter data. But, we need data it to win Florida for Biden and flip the state legislature. Please help us raise $10,000 so these candidates can immediately access the data they need. Please help us raise $10,000 so these candidates can immediately access the data they need. **It costs less for Florida State House candidates ($750 each).
Facebook said this post is just fine. Twice.
It’s been a little over a year since I reported this post as hate speech on FB. And it’s still up, along with many thousands and perhaps millions of posts just like it. They twice told me this post doesn’t go against their so-called “community standards.”Facebook doesn’t care. They don’t care about hate, racism, anti-Semitism, Homophobia, Islamophobia, Transphobia, etc. Facebook is evil.
Tom Friedman's Brilliant Idea: Two Conditions Biden Should Place on Debating Trump
Over the years, I’ve had my reservations about New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman: very smart, too often glib and too often in thrall to shiny objects. But his column today is a real home run. A very quick summary is this: Joe Biden should debate Trump only if two conditions are met, because otherwise the debate would give Trump unfair advantages:First, that both candidates release their tax returns, thus equalizing their exposure to being questioned;And second, and here I will quote Friedman directly, “Biden should insist that a real-time fact-checking team approved by both candidates be hired by the nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates — and that 10 minutes before the scheduled conclusion of the debate this team report on any misleading statements, phony numbers or outright lies either candidate had uttered. That way no one in that massive television audience can go away easily misled.”The article itself should be read. Especially by Joe Biden and his team!
The Truth About Bias.
Through my personal experiences and travels, it has helped me to understand about Bias and how it comes about. Bias is something that is both taught to us and even done by our own doings as well. We also develop bias by the teachings of our parents, family, friends, teachers and even our religion and country. Unfortunately, we will also pass those same biases on to our offspring, creating and endless cycle of bias. Music could be described as noise that humans make, but instead we consider it almost as a different language in itself.
Betsy DeVos 'very seriously' considering keeping federal funds from schools that won't reopen
In an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson last night, full-time Christian soldier and education policy hobbyist Betsy DeVos said the administration is “very seriously” looking at withholding funds from schools that refuse to reopen during the deadly coronavirus pandemic. What do we do with all these wee snowflakes standing in the way of Trump’s “Nothing to See Here” Agenda? Later pressed on how seriously she was looking at withholding federal funding from schools, the education secretary said: "We are looking at this very seriously. But since Donald Trump can’t conceive of anyone putting someone else’s needs above their own, he thinks parents will want to unload their annoying, bratty kids at all costs. Dear F*cking Lunatic: 101 Obscenely Rude Letters to Donald Trump and its boffo sequels Dear Pr*sident A**clown: 101 More Rude Letters to Donald Trump and Dear F*cking Moron: 101 More Letters to Donald Trump by Aldous J. Pennyfarthing are now available for a song!
It's now completely safe in schools, restaurants, concert halls, and stadiums -- in New Zealand
This is what good leadership looks like: NZ Prime Minister Jacinda ArdernNew Zealand has completely eliminated COVID-19 after just 22 deaths by completely locking down the country for 10 weeks. After 10 weeks in lockdown, coronavirus restrictions have lifted in New Zealand, giving the green light for the country's live entertainment industry to come out of hibernation. ...43,000 Fans Pack Stadium for Rugby Game After New Zealand Beats CoronavirusPeople in New Zealand did something this weekend that’s a distant memory for Americans. ...With no active Covid-19 cases, New Zealand is lifting almost all its coronavirus restrictionsJune 8, 2020. Almost all coronavirus restrictions in New Zealand will be lifted tomorrow, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced, after the country reported no active cases.
Audio recordings of police clearing the way for Trump photo-op are conveniently missing
Representative Raúl Grijalva, stated he obvious in saying, “Trump administration officials ordered the attack on clergy, nonviolent protesters, and working members of the press. For the official audio record of that day to now turn up missing has every appearance of a cover-up.”Appearance is putting it way too mildly. There are “written logs.” Those logs apparently back up claims made by Barr that protesters were hurling “objects” at the Park Police. The written logs also conveniently record the police as saying that chemical agents are not going to be used. The Park Police did not respond to requests from the Post on how those written logs were generated.
Trump continues to lose the suburbs
Great (and somewhat surprising) news that race/fear message from Trump and the Four Horsemen of the Fox-pocolypse (Rush, Sean, Tucker, Laura) is NOT resonating in the suburbs. This isn't 1972, 1980, 2000 or even 2016. https://t.co/AA8jGJe1MsHearing from Congressional GOP strategists that Trump collapse not just taking place in the suburbs. Fox poll found this slippage earlier this month https://t.co/voqmIQqNywx Analysis: Suburban voters got behind TrumpâÂ?Â?s message in 2016. That could hurt him with suburban voters — and particularly the women and mothers who supported him in the past. [...]Among the Americans who feel uncomfortable with Trump’s position on racial issues are suburban voters — and that can have real ramifications for November.
Some thoughts about awe
Ripening grapesI think the basic religious experience is awe. Awe is an altered state of consciousness felt when the dimensions or meaning of an event overwhelm the mind's ability to process it. It is believed that awe takes place in the forebrain. Awe can be accompanied by a feeling of terror. The videos can help us understand our powerlessness and access our love for helpless creatures, like our fellow humans.
Universities sue Trump admin over dangerous ICE policy targeting international students
(Nearly three weeks after this ruling, officials have yet to fully reopen the program to new applicants.) x Somewhere an ACLU attorney is typing up this transcript for a future lawsuit. Betsy DeVos made a deliberate decision to bar undocumented students from emergency pandemic relief, lying that she was just following the law. “But, until that time comes, we will not stand by to see our international students’ dreams extinguished by a deeply misguided order. We owe it to them to stand up and to fight—and we will.”
Joe Biden has an actual plan for handling COVID-19, and he's offering it to the nation right now
A quick look at Biden’s plan shows that it’s exactly the kind of thing that healthcare professionals have been asking for since January. Rather than leading by his “great instincts,” Biden’s plan shows that he’s willing to listen to experts, act rationally, and use the power of the presidency to make things better for America. Here’s what Biden’s offering:A national program of free, regular COVID-19 testing for everyone, managed by a Pandemic Testing Board that would coordinate the data and provide consistent access. A consistently managed, sustainable supply chain for PPE, test kits, and safety gear for healthcare workers. Finally, Biden’s plan would recognize something that Republicans keep saying—older Americans are at greater risk.
Where are the drive-thru COVID-19 testing locations Trump promised? Here they are. All 5 of them
Here’s another little glitch: CNN reports testing in those locations is still very limited. Like all things Trump, that March 13 press conference in the Rose Garden was more about creating the appearance of effective leadership and strong partnerships between the public and private sectors. The reality is this is one more failed test of the reality show president. At the end of the day, forget four more years of this reality buffoon. There are many days where I question whether we can withstand four more months of this deadly incompetence.
'Ordering a lot of supplies' vs. 'Not a shipping clerk': Trump's story changes on medical supplies
“We’re ordering a lot of supplies,” Trump told reporters on February 28. “We’re ordering a lot of—a lot of elements that, frankly, we wouldn’t be ordering unless it was something like this. But we’re ordering a lot of different elements of medical.”So it went from “We’re ordering a lot of supplies” to invoking the law that would allow the government to prompt production of more supplies to “We’re not a shipping clerk” and that’s why Trump is not actually ensuring production of more supplies. But hey, he insisted, “Governors are supposed to be doing a lot of this work, and they are doing a lot of this work.” Which would be nice if governors could do it all. “We’re not a shipping clerk” suggests that Trump doesn’t get that—adequate medical supplies are critical for fighting COVID-19.
White House testing plan largely places responsibility on states
Instead, states should "develop testing plans and rapid response programs" and "maximize the use of all available testing platforms and venues," according to the copy of the blueprint. States are also instructed to "identify and overcome barriers to efficient testing," including "misallocation of supplies" and "logistical failures." Trump on Monday again claimed the United States was "lapping the world on testing," though per capita testing rates in the US remain behind other nations and health officials still warn there isn't enough testing for states to safely reopen. Though the White House spelled out a three-phase plan for reopening earlier this month, the guidelines did not contain specific information about how to proceed without widespread testing. In the blueprint, responsibility for setting up testing plans is shifted to states and the private sector.
Senate GOP aid package may tailor payments to low-income households
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell began to sketch out details of a forthcoming GOP-drafted coronavirus relief package Monday, leaving the door open to another round of direct payments to households as well as more funding for state and local governments. “I think the people who have been hit the hardest are people who make $40,000 a year or less. The $2 trillion March aid package's maximum payments began phasing out at 5 percent of adjusted gross income above $75,000 for single filers, and above $150,000 for married couples filing jointly. Payments phased out completely for individuals starting at $99,000 annually, or $198,000 for joint filers. Another $500 was provided for each child under the age of 17, however, so parents with children could still receive some money if their income wasn't too high to lose all eligibility.
Militias flocked to Gettysburg to foil a supposed antifa flag burning, an apparent hoax created on social media
In May, the person sent out an urgent request for gas money on Left Behind USA’s Twitter account. It included a video first posted on a Twitter account controlled by the Alan Jeffs persona who runs Left Behind USA. The Christian Science Monitor found in an analysis of social media data that Jeffs’s Twitter account, @Bernieorelse, stood out for its frequent and aggressive posts against former Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg. ADIn 2017, rumors of an antifa event at the national park prompted a large group of armed militia members to show up. A separate Facebook post that circulated widely warned that antifa protesters were planning on “MURDERING White people and BURNING DOWN Suburbs” after the Gettysburg flag burning event.
Far-right 'Patriots' beclown themselves on the Fourth of July with two hoax rallies
They all believed they were coming to prevent “antifa” from burning American flags. “These people are acting like savages,” one AR-15-toting participant told his fellow patriots, according to the Washington Post. There never was a legitimate threat from any antifascist group to burn flags—just trolling spread widely on social media, particularly Facebook. Prntly’s owner/founder, Alex Portelli, boasted on social media that he had convinced “12,000 patriots to commit to tearing down the barricades” on the Fourth of July. “Antifascists didn’t even call for a public mobilization and still the far-right were run the fuck out of town.”
Welcome to Seattle's CHOP: An open community, but targeted for violence by Trump and his fanboys
And the only signs of potential violence at the scene were from the pro-Trump provocateurs and far-right extremists who came to CHOP hoping to create a disturbance. Some find spots on the soccer field to sit with friends. Others walk along the rows of tent booths on Pine, as well as the various tents offering goods and services set up around the edge of the soccer field. Beyond the northern end of the soccer field sits a large encampment of people in tents; a smattering of other tents appears to be working northward to the lawns surrounding the water storage facility. And it’s other things as well—a protean, issue-focused but conceptually sprawling formative community, at once silly and serious, spontaneous and disciplined.
These Colors DO Run: Seattle Reportback from July 4th “Patriot” Rally
People could be heard coughing and sneezing inside their apartments, reminiscent of SPD’s week-long teargas attack on the neighborhood. In show of true and beautiful solidarity, random neighbors from the street ran out of their homes on multiple occasions to offer hoses and water bottles to antifascists who had been maced. Those same neighbors joined antifascists in chanting against and driving the far-right off their street. Antifascists didn’t even call for a public mobilization and still the far-right were run the fuck out of town. The photo below identifying the people who were at their rally was labeled by our friends at Rose City Antifa.
Morning Digest: Conservatives could push Kentucky Supreme Court right thanks to surprise open seat
In particular, plaintiffs are asking that all voters once again be allowed to request absentee ballots because of the pandemic. ? CO-Sen: John Hickenlooper is up with his first general election TV spot a week after winning the Democratic primary. He gave up that job two years later to run against Obama, but he dropped out of the Republican primary after a disappointing showing in New Hampshire. ? TN-01: The anti-tax Club for Growth has endorsed state Rep. Timothy Hill in the crowded Aug. 6 Republican primary for this safely red seat. ? UT-01: On Monday, the Associated Press called the June 30 Republican primary for this safely red northern Utah seat for businessman Blake Moore.
Trump is deliberately making things worse, and those who remain at the White House know it
We would have been in much worse shape.”This isn’t the first time Trump has blamed his failure to address the pandemic on others. Trump is making no effort to assist. He has no intention of making things better because he is not interested in making things better. Instead, the White House is now viewing the crisis as an opportunity. Dr. Fauci can break with the White House and deliberately oppose the effort underway by Donald Trump to not just refuse to act, but to exacerbate the crisis.
White House hasn't approved requests for TV interviews with Fauci, official says
(CNN) Dr. Anthony Fauci, arguably the most trusted man in America, is practically invisible right now. CNN and other TV networks routinely ask for interviews with Fauci and other task force experts, but some of the requests have been blocked by the Trump White House. An administration official familiar with the situation said high-profile figures from the task force, including Fauci, have been unable to secure White House permission to appear on American TV networks. The administration source said that White House officials view Fauci as too candid during his interviews -- too "doom and gloom." Many of task force members were also present at the televised coronavirus task force briefing on June 26, the first of its kind in roughly two months.
Donald Trump declares church services 'essential' and stomps away without taking questions
On Feb. 18, a single 61-year-old woman became the first known case at Shincheonji Church of Jesus in Daegu to test positive for COVID-19. Within a week, over 100 cases were found in the church or directly connected to the church. More than half the cases in South Korea had their origin in that single case, at that single church. In Arkansas, where churches were never forced to close, a rural church paid the price when 35 out of just 92 members tested positive for COVID-19. It’s essentially wrong, essentially counterfactual, and essentially deadly.
Churches Were Eager to Reopen. Now They Are a Major Source of Coronavirus Cases.
So as soon as regular services resumed at the end of May, he went right back, eschewing a mask. Just like a child that goes to school is supposed to feel safe.”The church is now reopened, again, after a two-week closure. The pastor of the Island City church contracted the virus, and his wife was hospitalized, Mr. Satterwhite said. In his own church, Mr. Satterwhite said, congregants were social distancing and mostly wearing masks. I know a lot of people don’t feel this way, but those that do, feel that church is essential,” Mr. Satterwhite said.
Trump White House is going to get people killed with watered down COVID-19 guidelines for churches
”[Two White House] officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to talk about policy discussions, said there have long been concerns within the White House that there were too many restrictions on choirs,” The Washington Post reports. The White House is also worried that it would anger evangelicals by suggesting not sharing hymnals or passing collection plates. That’s not about the First Amendment—churches can be provided the information without the booted heel of the state slamming down on them. It’s about Donald Trump’s particular political need to suck up to evangelicals in advance of November. And it’s going to get people killed.
'Keep this area upscale' warns letter to interracial Wake Forest family :: WRAL.com
"[P]lease remember that the rest of us live in an upscale neighborhood and have spent the extra money to stay out of mixed neighborhoods and/or the ghetto," the letter states. "I was horrified, appalled, disappointed, sad," said Kate Pirrung, another neighbor and friend of the family that received the letter. The anonymous letter singles out the husband and children of the family, saying "no one is interested in your or their 'struggles.'" "Keep matters inside your own house and do your best to keep this area upscale and free of that element," the letter states. "If you are the person that wrote this letter, we will not be intimidated by your cowardly act and ignorance.
In win for Trump, Supreme Court allows plan for religious limits to Obamacare contraceptive coverage
Up to 126,000 women nationwide would lose birth control coverage under President Donald Trump's plan, the government estimated. Planned Parenthood said nearly nine in 10 women seek contraceptive care of some kind during their lifetimes. Since Congress passed Obamacare in 2010, the issue of which employers can decline offer contraceptive coverage has remained highly controversial. In a 2014 case involving the Hobby Lobby stores, the Supreme Court said a private, religiously oriented, and closely held company could get an exemption from the contraceptive mandate on religious grounds. New Jersey and Pennsylvania sued, saying they would have to pick up most of the cost of contraceptive coverage, and a federal appeals court last year blocked enforcement of the rule nationwide.
Supreme Court allows Trump administration gutting of Obamacare contraceptive coverage
In a 7-2 decision, the Supreme Court backed the Trump administration in gutting Obamacare’s contraceptive coverage mandate. The administration is basically offering any employer the right to deny employees insurance covering contraceptives based on any claimed moral objection, and the court is fine with that. Originally, churches and religious organizations were exempt from covering birth control, an exemption that was expanded in 2014 for Hobby Lobby to cover “closely held” private companies with religious objections. Now the court has included universities and publicly traded companies in the right to deny workers insurance coverage with which they may get contraceptives.
Racist letter to interracial couple warns against Black Lives Matter signs to prevent 'semi-ghetto'
The writer, who apparently lives in the same Wakefield Estates neighborhood as the couple, went on to claim that "no one is interested in your or their 'struggles.' Instead of letting the bigoted writer hide in silence, the targeted couple made sure their neighbors received copies of the letter with a note, WRAL News reported. "If you did not write this letter, we wanted you to be aware of what has happened in our neighborhood," the family said in the note. "If you are the person that wrote this letter, we will not be intimidated by your cowardly act and ignorance. To the person who wrote the letter, we pray for your heart to be released from bitterness and filled with understanding and compassion for others.
Trump is 'going with his gut,' so expect a steady stream of foul racism
Some of Donald Trump’s advisers wish he’d tone down the racism. But others think it’s a winning strategy. Guess which side is going to triumph here? Trump is “going with his gut” and “relying on instinct,” two unnamed officials tell NBC News. And Donald Trump’s gut and instincts will always mean more racism.
Trump 'going with his gut' in fanning racism, frustrating some White House aides
WASHINGTON — Some White House officials are privately expressing frustration over President Donald Trump’s recent embrace of a message stoking racial and cultural divisions. “Cultural issues are always going to be with us, and the president is animated by them,” a White House official said. A second White House official said Trump is making a mistake by stoking racial divisions and continuing to revive the kind of grievances he also aired in 2016, when he stoked racial animosity targeting immigrants. After a rough June, some aides had hoped Trump would politically reset in July. We have a short period where we have to stay on message,” one of the White House officials said.
White House divide on Floyd response, as some push Trump for tougher tactics
A White House official said the president “doesn’t see the protests as directly about him — which is accurate — it’s a result of decades of racism in our country. It has created dueling public White House narratives. “Soon, he’s going to find out he doesn’t have any room to write off sets of potential voters,” said one Republican close to the White House. “There’s a disconnect there,” the Republican said, adding it’s in part because the president doesn’t believe polls — public or conducted by his own campaign — showing him trailing presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden. The doom and gloom has prompted some White House and campaign staffers to start thinking about life after the election if the president loses, according to people familiar with the discussions.
‘STOP GETTING TESTED’: GOP lawmaker gives Ohio residents dangerous COVID-19 advice
Mike DeWine announced Tuesday, which requires residents in seven counties to wear face coverings in public. Ohio’s death toll rivals that of new COVID-19 epicenters like Texas, Arizona, and Florida. In fact, Florida is the only state of the three with more reported COVID-19 deaths than Ohio. Florida has reported 3,778 COVID-19 deaths. "It has been, and remains, a very strong recommendation that I urge all Ohioans to continue doing even if you are not in a red-alert (very high exposure) county,” he said.
The Lost Spirit of the Law and the Lost Law of the Spirit
The Spirit of The Law existed to maintain safety, to enhance individual liberty, and provide benefit or at least prevent detriment of community. Law enforcement today little considers The Spirit of The Law and frequently utilize bureaucratic systems and administration to encroach safety, encroach liberty, and provide benefit to regional institutions. The Spirit of The Law: law supports individual liberty, not investigatory, prosecutorial mandates. And yet no matter its importance and no matter its lacking having influence The Law of Spirit is much more important perhaps ultra-important. I learned what I call The Law of Spirit when I was about 13 commuting to high school from The Bronx to Harlem.
Donald Trump's Niece Says Trump "Subscribes to Cheating as a Way of Life" in New Book
Congress Switchboard: 202-224-3121"The book is very well written...very important in this individualized capitalistic illusory world that enslaves us all within its tentacles and forces us to believe that we are atomized and disconnected beings. Indigenous Lakota people end prayers with "Mitakuye Oyasin...all my relations..." An ancient African proverb states, "A person is a person only because of and with others..." This instructive text is very useful for us living in what we are always told is the modern world, because it reconnects us all and reminds us that ultimately, the endless circle of the Universe binds and connects us all and the Earth is Mother to us with no hierarchy...the ones at the bottom matter the most...like the ants who build mounds and hills, all working in unison and harmony...the book teaches that we were created for community and our destiny is organic community...anything else is doomed..."Julian Kunnie, Professor of Religious Studies/Classics at the University of Arizona and author of The Cost of Globalization: Dangers to the Earth and Its People
What More Can We Do?
It is graciously offering refuge to at least some of the people of Hong Kong, opening its borders to them. And just graciously surrender to their ownership and gladly pay taxes on tea and whatever equivalent there is to stamps, these days. Like the situation of the people in Hong Kong, a would-be dictator is trying to limit our freedoms. He didn't like Quakers because they refused to fight against the British even though they were refugees from its religious intolerance. First we must do everything we can to make sure that every vote cast is counted, and that's an uphill battle.
Donald Trump's Niece Says Trump "Subscribes to Cheating as a Way of Life" in New Book
“Donald is much as he was at three years old: incapable of growing, learning or evolving, unable to regulate his emotions, moderate his responses, or take in and synthesize information,” an excerpt on the book’s back jacket cover says. “Donald suffered deprivations that would scar him for life.”Mary Trump’s account appears to be unsparing, according to a release from the publisher. She alleges that her uncle Donald values human beings “only…in monetary terms” and subscribes to “cheating as a way of life.”
Sweden Hasn't Fared Any Better Than Any Other Country
More than three months later, the coronavirus is blamed for 5,420 deaths in Sweden, according to the World Health Organization. But Sweden is a country of only 10 million people. Per million people, Sweden has suffered 40 percent more deaths than the United States, 12 times more than Norway, seven times more than Finland and six times more than Denmark. The elevated death toll resulting from Sweden’s approach has been clear for many weeks. What is only now emerging is how Sweden, despite letting its economy run unimpeded, has still suffered business-destroying, prosperity-diminishing damage, and at nearly the same magnitude of its neighbors.
Weak, divided, incompetent... the west is unfit to challenge Xi's bid for global hegemony
This article by Simon Tisdall provides insight into why the Chinese leadership is behaving the way it does. Understanding China(Image by CIIDS) Details DMCAThe points made in the article suggest that the only way to counter China's hegemonistic tendency would be for the West to get rid of its weaknesses, especially with regard to its sincerity to uphold the spirit of democracy.
The Real Horror of 'Jaws' Isn't the Shark
I didn’t recall the real horror of the movie . Or maybe, I was too young to understand that the shark was simply doing what a shark is built to do, and that the true villain is not the coldblooded predator — it’s the warm-blooded mayor. Rob Kall is an award winning journalist, inventor, software architect, connector and visionary. His work and his writing have been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, ABC, the HuffingtonPost, Success, Discover and other media. Recent long-term projects include a book, Bottom-up-- The Connection Revolution, debillionairizing the planet and the Psychopathy Defense and Optimization (more...)
Quotation: Pluralism
Congress Switchboard: 202-224-3121"Rob Kall's book, Bottom-Up: Tapping the Power of the Connection Revolution has really caused me to relook and reframe many of my thoughts on where our connectedness using social media tools like LinkedIn is headed, and not just for career trajectory but for life. If you are looking for a new perspective on our sometimes zany digital world we live in, this book will keep you reading and may ultimately revise but for sure challenge your current paradigm." Wayne Breitbarth, author of The Power Formula for Linkedin Success: Kick-Start Your Business, Brand, and Job Search
6 Reasons Your Car Key Is Not Working!
Most of us have been through the rough days when you are ready to leave your house for an important meeting and the car key is stuck! Here are 6 reasons your car key may not be working. It may seem a no-brainer but checking your car key for damages is essential. Most of the people assume damaged car key as a broken one. The tiny grooves in your car key may be worn out or bent rendering the key useless.
Article: freedom is
(Image by Unknown Owner) Details DMCA[Music]Dear slaw PaulDe Leeuw betta emNot you Not youBut don't it feelLike someone is alwaysGetting away with murder? Self-containedPacking its own oxygenI don't knowWho counts the bullets? Na-na-la liberatedMe is so also too soSo I'll see redSadlyA billion per yearOr soDoctorsAnd the British serviceTracking the BuddhistProtestersMasking upYou doing all of thatShould be bosco medina schemataBanter soWhat the! Total stress trackerReallyReally? [Music]Do you fish?
Far-Out Religious Right Comes from a Crazy Mold
"Think not that I come to send peace on earth; I came not to send peace, but a sword. Except in war zones, today's worst threat comes from a hodgepodge of True Believers who kill defenseless strangers to make political or religious statements. Here's a zealotry scorecard for the past couple of years:-- Muslim militants bombed New York's World Trade Center in 2003 to smite "the Great Satan," killing six people, injuring 1,000, and causing $500 million damage. (This was written before the second, historic, World Trade Center massacre in 2001.) -- Japanese cultists loosed poison gas in Tokyo's subway, killing a dozen commuters and sickening 5,000 -- for reasons that defy comprehension.
Article: "Nasty as Hell": Work and Food in Alabama Prison, February-May, 2020
Prison laborers in Alabama are unpaid for their work. Ventress Prison was still dealing with a TB outbreak around the time coronavirus hit the United States. Several times a week, from February to early March, X worked 16 hours a day without pay. Some of those main hall-runners work[ed] all day and all night." Instead, due to exhaustion from the constant work, every day started and ended feeling "spiritually disconnected from God."
The Mask as a Symbol of Subjugation
'We know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection.” -The New England Journal of Medicine, May 21, 2020“(T)hey told us exactly what was coming, and advised us to shut up and follow orders. Tragically, most people have done just that.” -CJ Hopkins, 2020The contagion that must be checked is not viral but political. Take the mask off and breathe free!
If at First You Do Succeed, Do Do It Again
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Either this nation shall kill racism, or racism shall kill this nation." (I dunno which one it is, but we do have him to blame --- see Mary Trump's book.) After all, we hear that privately some Republicans wish that he would at least start on another tack. He learned it from Roy Cohn (who learned it from Joseph McCarthy): "Always attack; Never defend." Also learned from Roy Cohn is the mantra: "when you run into a problem, just sue."
Mommy, Where Do Peace Activists Come From?
How, I wanted to know, do people become peace activists? Reviewing the stories in this book, I find that none of the protagonists were raised by peace activists to take over their parents' positions in peace organizations or businesses. Most had to find their way into peace activism at a relatively advanced age for launching their peace careers. In fact, some of these peace activists started out as war activists. The problem is that the peace movement doesn't have the funds to hire all the willing and able peace activists.
Article: "They Don't Care About Our Health": Hunger Striker at Otay Mesa ICE Jail Speaks Out as COVID Spreads
Last week, we reached immigrant and activist Anthony Alexandre, who's detained there. I began by asking Anthony Alexandre to describe the conditions he and others are facing. ANTHONY ALEXANDRE: Well, we are still in a unmitigated disaster, that it's the condition is still dire. The amount of detainees that's been affected with the positive here in Otay Mesa is around 250 detainees. And they decided after that to take us to a medical unit that had three other detainees that tested positive, where we're sharing phone.
China, Arab countries adopt action plan to deepen cooperation
The 9th ministerial meeting of the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum, held via video link on Monday, adopted the Amman Declaration and an action plan for the forum to deepen cooperation and ties between China and Arab states, Xinhua news agency reported Tuesday. The Amman Declaration expressed the desire of China and Arab states to deepen relations and reiterated mutual support on the issues of core interests and major concerns. The China-Arab States Cooperation Forum agreed to foster a new type of international relations featuring mutual respect, fairness, justice, and mutually beneficial cooperation. The Arab countries stressed their support for China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, noting that Taiwan is an inalienable part of China. The Arab countries support China's position on the Hong Kong issue and its efforts to defend the national security within the framework of "one country, two systems", and oppose interference in internal affairs, it added.
Tomgram: William Hartung, What Makes Us Safer?
In 2019, for instance, stationed in the Middle East were 53,000 private contractors hired by U.S. companies and only 35,000 American troops. Similarly, since 2001, 8,000 contractors have died in that region (or 1,000 more than American troop deaths there). Many of them, by the way, were hired foreign nationals, so their deaths went completely unattended to here. TomPolice, Prisons, and the PentagonDefunding America's Wars at Home and AbroadBy William D. Hartung Think of it as a war system that's been coming home for years. The Elephant in the Room: Pentagon Spending In addition to the police and prisons, the other major source of American militarized spending is, of course, the Pentagon.
When the Dollar Collapses, U.S. Imperialism Will Be Forced to Retreat Like Never Before
When the dollar collapses, U.S. imperialism will have to retreat(Image by Rainer Shea blog) Details DMCAIf you think U.S. imperial decline has been accelerating lately, wait for when the dollar crashes. The country's economic intelligentsia has been trying to dismiss this prospect, claiming that "there is no alternative" to the dollar as a hegemonic world currency. The outcome that this is leading towards is one which has been anticipated years before the pandemic: the dollar loses its status as the global reserve currency. It's now weakening the dollar, even at a time when the dollar has the advantage of being seen as a safe financial bet during an economic crisis. And if the U.S.-China trade war deepens, China will be prepared to carry out its stated "nuclear option" of rejecting all dollar transactions.
The US Should Stop Lying About Its History
I am against perpetuating white colonial, white settler colonial history, and the more we erect statues to Lee, and to Columbus, and to all these Confederate soldiers and known racists, we are not just lying to ourselves as a country, we are lying to the world, and it is time that we stop lying. It is time that we face that uncomfortable truth. But the reality of it is, is that America is not willing to face that uncomfortable truth. With his expertise in education policy and systemic inequity, he focuses on Baltimore, Maryland. He mainly grew up in the Baltimore area and studied modern history at the University of Maryland, College Park.
Donald Trump Listens to His Gut. And It's the Gut of a Racist.
From Mother JonesSlipping in the polls, Trump ratchets up the racismWith the coronavirus pandemic surging -- and deaths and hospitalizations once again increasing -- President Trump chose to start this week by attacking a race-car driver. He led a racist campaign against the Central Park Five. And Trumpworld does push back whenever Trump's racism arises as an issue. At the start of this week, Trump's White House was prepping to promote talking points hailing the economy. He is indeed listening to his gut, and it's a cauldron of racist bile.
It’s March Madness. Unionize the NCAA!
The injury came on the doorstep of March Madness, the NCAA’s most profitable event of the year — to the tune of $900 million in revenue. Despite the billions riding on his performance, the NCAA insists that athletes like Williamson are “amateurs” — student-athletes there only for the love of the game. These thousands of athletes who play in the NCAA are often not allowed to enjoy the benefits of the schools they attend (and enrich). The NCAA not allowing athletes to be paid — or even sign autographs for money! And the NCAA needs to, at the very least, allow for these people to make money selling autographs or appearing at sports camps.
Protest Song Of The Week: ‘All Tomorrow Carry’ By Special Interest
Protest Song Of The Week: ‘All Tomorrow Carry’ By Special InterestThe following was originally published at Ongoing History Of Protest Songs. An album highlight, “All Tomorrow Carry,” confronts several systemic issues and criticizes the prevalence of apathy. It addresses gentrification and how it contributes to systemic poverty and homelessness. House was near dilapidated.”These lyrics resonate since these issues as poverty is compounded in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. They close their eyes to the issues of police brutality by trying to dismiss the problem as just a few bad apples.
Duped Progressives, Democrats and Right Wingers
It's also right wingers. I think it's because they've been punked, sock-puppeted and duped by right wingers on conspiracy sites and sites that celebrate the fear of the deep state or anti-vax messaging. I've had at least two people tell me I am accusing them of being right wingers. I am not saying that these progressives have become right wingers. I AM saying that they are being duped to help right wingers.
Vladimir Putin's New Cult of Personality
This I have seen as a violation of his commitment to rule of law and democratic principles of alternation in power through the polling booths. Now I turn your attention to another unpleasant fact that is an inescapable feature of this latest segment of Vladimir Putin's long stay in power: the rise of a personality cult that is as ugly as any in the country's past. The result is a pandering sort of populism that appeals to the lowest common denominator in the general population. This is not to say that Mr. Putin and his government are failing the population. But that makes the ugly signs of a personality cult none the less regrettable.
Trump Health Secretary Says US Healthcare Workers 'Don't Get Infected' With Covid-19 (94,000 Have Contracted the Virus)
Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar on Tuesday falsely claimed that healthcare workers "don't get infected" with Covid-19 "because they take appropriate precautions" as he attempted to make the case for reopening schools in the fall—even with coronavirus cases surging across the United States. "If we don't have enough PPE for the healthcare workers on the front lines, how can we possibly have enough PPE for all of the country's teachers to take the same precautions?" We have healthcare workers, they don't get infected because they take appropriate precautions. Others at risk work in nursing homes or are employed as home health aides," the outlets reported. Many hospitals have been overwhelmed and workers sometimes have lacked protective equipment or suffer from underlying health conditions that make them vulnerable to the highly infectious virus."
Abolish Policing, Not Just the Police
So this is really, really timely. Then we’re going to move into really talking about four different areas of what we’re going to call, for now, soft policing: child welfare, electronic monitoring, privatized policing and neighborhood watch, and school policing. There is no — there is no, you know, like, “Give Johnny a second chance.”So we can see, again, how this policing happens on a — you know, like, on both the policing level. So this idea that you can coerce someone into getting help if their only other option is a literal cage, is really, really scary and troublesome. So we really, really appreciate it.
Trump Gives Official Notice of Withdrawal From the World Health Organization
The Trump administration officially announced on Tuesday that the United States would be withdrawing from the World Health Organization (WHO), giving formal notice to the United Nations secretary-general about its intention to do so. Other allegations by the Trump administration of misdeeds on the part of the WHO have been similarly disputed by fact-checking organizations. Removal of membership from the WHO requires a year’s notice, which means the U.S. will remain within the organization until at least July 6, 2021. Because of the presidential election that’s set to occur later this fall, it’s possible that the decision made by the Trump administration this week could be reversed by next summer. “The United States helped create the World Health Organization,” Tom Frieden, former director for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said to NPR in May.
Alex Vitale: Defunding The Police Is The Future
I know that removing the police and their footprint in our city and redefining public safety is going to be a long process. Jaisal Noor: Well now joining us to discuss this is Alex Vitale. Alex Vitale: Well you’re absolutely right that this is not really new. Alex Vitale: One of the challenges the movement faces is that policing is always considered central to the kind of hard money budget. Alex Vitale: There’s a group of us who’ve been looking closely at this role of police unions for a long time.
#WhiteCoatsForBlackLives Wants Racial Justice In The Medical Field
One such protest came from the medical community. Hospitalizations and deaths have overwhelmingly been Black Americans and Black people, even disproportionate to the amount that this community takes up for population. Black people are sometimes reluctant to get medical help or seek medical attention because of these mistrusts, which are certainly grounded in historical fact. And I think that’s all the way the system has evolved in this very racist way has just been amplified here. Dr. Abramson, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak with us.
Trump Threatens to Cut Funding for Schools if They Don’t Reopen in the Fall
President Donald Trump threatened on Wednesday morning to cut federal funding to schools that choose not to reopen their doors this fall in response to concerns about coronavirus. “In Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and many other countries, SCHOOLS ARE OPEN WITH NO PROBLEMS,” Trump wrote. “The Dems think it would be bad for them politically if U.S. schools open before the November Election, but is important for the children & families.”“May cut off funding if not open!” Trump added at the end of his tweet. Hours after Trump’s tweets on Wednesday morning, it was reported that New York City schools would not fully reopen in the fall. Sweden, with 7,262 cases per million residents, comes the closest to the U.S. numbers, which are 9,051 cases per million.
ICE Threatens to Deport International Students If Schools Move Classes Online
More than a million international students were issued visas to study in the United States last year. There are something like 1.1 million international students in universities and graduate schools across the country. So, historically, there were limits on the amount of online courses international students could take. You wrote, “Three common misperceptions: 1. International students don’t pay taxes; 2. International students can apply for a green card after graduation; 3. International students have freedom of speech when they are in the United States.” Explain these three points. And this is significant, because of the 1.1 million foreign students, it looks like more than a third of them are Chinese students.
The two American Revolutions in world history
The two American Revolutions in world history4 July 2020Today marks the 244th anniversary of the public proclamation of the Declaration of Independence, on July 4, 1776, which established the United States of America. Two days later, on July 4, it approved the final draft of the Declaration of Independence. But it is not only the direct political impact of the document but, rather, the principles it proclaimed that determined the world historical stature of the Declaration. Where in the world did existing conditions substantiate the claim that all of humanity had been “created equal”? Louis, declared Jefferson, ought to be punished “like other criminals.” Rather than witness the defeat of the French Revolution, Jefferson wrote to a friend, “I would have seen half the earth desolated.
Trump Health Secretary Says Health Care Workers Don’t Get Infected With COVID
Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar on Tuesday falsely claimed that healthcare workers “don’t get infected” with Covid-19 “because they take appropriate precautions” as he attempted to make the case for reopening schools in the fall — even with coronavirus cases surging across the United States. “There’s no reason we can’t do any of this,” Azar, a former pharmaceutical lobbyist and executive, said during an event at the White House. We have healthcare workers, they don’t get infected because they take appropriate precautions. Others at risk work in nursing homes or are employed as home health aides,” the outlets reported. It may not be reproduced in any form without permission or license from the source.
Supreme Court Ruling Fails LGBTQ Youth and Students With Disabilities
The separation between church and state got a bit murkier last week with a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that may lead to more taxpayer dollars going to religious schools. However, that misguided origin shouldn’t mean it’s now dandy to give public money to religious schools. And another private school with a similar rule would be under no obligation to admit that student. For example, in 2016, Florida alone funneled more than $830 million of public money to private schools. She shifted $180 million in the last COVID-19 bill to vouchers for private schools, known as microgrants.
Ennio Morricone, among the greatest composers for the cinema, is dead at 91
Ennio Morricone, among the greatest composers for the cinema, is dead at 91By Marc Wells8 July 2020“In love as in art, constancy is everything. Ennio Morricone, 2007 (photo credit–Olivier Strecker)It can be argued that Morricone’s death brings to an end the Golden Age of Italian cinema music. Morricone’s music is embedded in the consciousness of a global audience. That, however, would not detract the slightest from Morricone’s achievements in film music. One is often struck, in Morricone’s music, by its “voice,” that distinctive Morricone voice (or sound) that has the unique ability to tap into a universal sensibility.
Hands off international students! Oppose ICE deportation of foreign college students!
Hands off international students! Oppose ICE deportation of foreign college students! While the latest measure affects all international students holding F-1 visas, 370,000 ,or 41 percent, are Chinese nationals. Trump is also hoping to pressure universities, which rely on the tuition paid by international students, to reopen in the fall. It is to this social force that those seeking to defend international students must turn.
100 years since formation of Soviet Extraordinary Commission for the Liquidation of Illiteracy
The Soviet literacy campaign remains the largest and most successful in world history. From today’s perspective, the Soviet literacy campaign remains an extraordinary achievement. [10] Cited in V. Protsenko, “Lenin’s Decrees on Public Education.” Soviet Education, vol. K. Krupskaya on Complex Themes in Soviet Education.” Comparative Education Review, vol. [34] Jon Lauglo, “Soviet Education Policy 1917-1935: From Ideology to Bureaucratic Control.” Oxford Review of Education, vol.
The COVID-19 vaccine and the drive for profit
The COVID-19 vaccine and the drive for profitBy Frank Gaglioti8 July 2020Last month, Four Corners screened the episode Injection of Hope: The hunt for a COVID-19 vaccine on Australian television. While over 100 laboratories spread across multiple nations are working to develop a COVID-19 vaccine, the program limits its focus to research conducted by Australia. Frazer and his team have developed a “molecular clamp,” a genetically engineered protein like the spike-protein on the COVID-19 virus. Access to a vaccine for the COVID-19 virus, if, and when, it is produced, should be a social right and not left to the largesse of wealthy individuals. After the development of their candidate COVID-19 vaccine, Oxford University’s research team undertook initial safety testing in animals at a CSIRO facility in Australia.
New York City Democrats ensure budget protects NYPD and guts social services
New York City Democrats ensure budget protects NYPD and guts social servicesBy Sam Dalton8 July 2020On Monday, New York City’s “progressive” mayor Bill de Blasio and the Democratic Party-controlled City Council announced the final figures for the huge cutbacks in next year’s city budget. To placate anti-police violence protesters, the budget includes a highly publicized $1 billion “cut” to the New York Police Department (NYPD). While the NYPD budget has barely been touched, New York City’s social services, already in a decrepit state from years of austerity, face further crippling cuts. The failure to even make such calls reflects the rightward shift of the New York Democratic establishment in recent years. The most recent budget is yet another wholesale assault on the living standards and social rights of working people in New York City.
Duterte signs draconian anti-terrorism law in the Philippines
Duterte signs draconian anti-terrorism law in the PhilippinesBy Joseph Santolan8 July 2020On July 3, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte signed Republic Act 11479, known as the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020, into law. The Anti-Terrorism Act replaces the Human Security Law of 2007, which was signed by the administration of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Philippine news agency, Rappler, reported that the impetus behind the 2020 Anti-Terrorism law came from "the generals" who "wanted a 30-day period for warrantless arrests to allow them to conduct their investigation." The Anti-Terrorism Law grants to a presidentially-appointed body, known as the Anti-Terrorism Council (ATC), the authority to designate anyone a 'terrorist.' Phil Robertson, deputy Asia director at Human Rights Watch, summarized the implications of the law, “The new counter terrorism law could have a horrific impact on basic civil liberties, due process, and the rule of law amid the Philippines’ shrinking democratic space,” he said.
US war drive against China accelerates
US war drive against China accelerates8 July 2020The presence of two US aircraft carrier strike groups in the South China Sea conducting “high end” war games starting Saturday, involving round-the-clock aircraft launches, is just the most graphic demonstration to date of the Trump administration’s accelerating preparations for war against China. The Trump administration has intensified the drive to war against China. While he abandoned the TPP, Trump launched a full-scale economic war against China, imposing a raft of punitive tariffs on virtually all Chinese goods, most of which remain in place. The only social force capable of halting the precipitous plunge towards world war is the international working class. The statement outlined the fundamental principles that must form the political basis for uniting the working class against war:* The struggle against war must be based on the working class, the great revolutionary force in society, uniting behind it all progressive elements in the population.
Immigrant worker with COVID-19 dies after being sent home by Tennessee hospital
Immigrant worker with COVID-19 dies after being sent home by Tennessee hospitalBy Warren Duzak8 July 2020Miguel Ordońez, a 44-year-old self-employed painter, died on June 18 of complications from COVID-19 after being sent home from Erlanger Medical Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee days earlier with nothing more than a prescription for Tylenol. Like their brothers and sisters on the auto assembly lines and in hospitals and restaurants, immigrant workers are some of the most vulnerable to the virus. Like millions of workers around the world, the health of immigrant workers is being sacrificed for owners and stockholders who see profits as the alpha and omega of all production. In the middle of June, The Tennessean reported more than one-third of Nashville residents and Tennessee residents with COVID-19 were identified as Hispanic. In addition to the impact of the virus, immigrant workers and their families have been subjected to abuse and harassment from the highest levels of the state.
India takes economic reprisals against China as border frictions continue
India takes economic reprisals against China as border frictions continueBy Deepal Jayasekera and Keith Jones7 July 2020New Delhi has responded to the bloodiest border clash between Indian and Chinese soldiers since 1967 by taking economic reprisals against Beijing. Thousands of troops, artillery guns, tanks and fighter planes have been deployed at multiple locations along the 3,488 kilometre/2167 mile long disputed border. Under Modi, India has emerged as a frontline state in the US military-strategic offensive against China. At the same time, the American political establishment enthusiastically encourages India’s rivalry against China, calculating that an escalation will further integrate India into Washington’s military-strategic offensive. When border tensions flared between India and China in May, Washington quickly rushed to signal its support for India, denouncing Chinese aggression and tying it to the South China Sea dispute.
Chicago mayor uses rise in social distress, violent crime to advance “law and order” policing
Chicago mayor uses rise in social distress, violent crime to advance “law and order” policingBy Kristina Betinis8 July 2020As the public health and social disaster triggered by the coronavirus pandemic has taken an ever-greater toll on the jobs, lives and physical and mental health of millions across the United States, a number of cities have seen a surge in violent crime and shootings. Seventy-nine people were shot in Chicago over the July 4th holiday weekend, with reports indicating that 15 were killed and 64 wounded. The pandemic has worsened every measure of poverty and social distress, which were already at epidemic levels in the poorest communities in US cities such as Chicago. Now, Mayor Lightfoot is criticizing the press for reporting statements made by recently appointed Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown. Even before the pandemic, Lightfoot had been a “law and order” candidate.
US Border Patrol deployed against anti-police violence protestors
US Border Patrol deployed against anti-police violence protestorsBy Meenakshi Jagadeesan8 July 2020Over the July 4 holiday weekend, as protests in Portland, Oregon, continued for the 38th straight day, Border Patrol (CBP) agents joined federal law enforcement officials from the US Marshals, the Federal Protective Services and Homeland Security Investigations to aid police in asserting “law and order” in the city. There is also a temporary restraining order that governs the interaction of officers with journalists covering the protests. Neither rule apparently applied to the federal agents who were active in “clearing the streets” this past week. Morgan defended the actions of the federal agents as necessitated by the dereliction of duty by local officials: “These are not protesters, these are criminals who got together and organized and planned and actually brought weapons. A few days later, 350 CBP troops were deployed to confront protestors in Washington, D.C.
Bombing of Turkey’s Watiya base escalates Franco-Italian proxy war in Libya
Bombing of Turkey’s Watiya base escalates Franco-Italian proxy war in LibyaBy Alex Lantier8 July 2020Even as COVID-19 spreads, the decade-long civil war between rival imperialist-backed warlords triggered by the 2011 NATO war in Libya is spiraling out of control. The attack damaged hangars and destroyed military equipment from Turkey, which is coordinating its support for the GNA with Italy. On June 21, Egyptian dictator General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi threatened to intervene in Libya against Turkey. Berlin declined to join the war, and the belligerent powers ran roughshod over initial Turkish objections. Thousands have died in fighting between rival militias unleashed by the 2011 war, and the coronavirus pandemic is now ravaging Libya.
US billionaires, politicians cash in on “small business” loan program
Under the PPP, loans can be turned into grants if more than 60 percent of the loan is used for payroll. The Ayn Rand Institute, named for the libertarian arch reactionary, was approved for a PPP loan between $350,000 and $1,000,000. A Forbes report found that at least 44 companies backed by 15 billionaires received loans. Paul Pelosi is an investor in the firm EDI Associates, which received a loan of between $350,000 and $1,000,000. The author also recommends:Senate votes unanimously to extend CARES Act loan program despite businesses' plans to lay off thousands more[2 July 2020]Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.
UK set to ban Huawei from 5G network
UK set to ban Huawei from 5G networkBy Nick Beams8 July 2020The global economic war initiated by the US against the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei has gone up another notch. A decision to ban Huawei in the UK will prove very costly, potentially running into billions of dollars and will be less efficient. The increase in costs arises from the fact that 5G does not replace the existing 4G network but is based on it. Huawei is deeply involved in the UK 4G network, and its technology is not compatible with other systems. Even before the latest US sanctions, leading Tories had been threatening an “insurgency” against any decision to include Huawei in the 5G system.
Limited lockdown imposed in Melbourne as COVID-19 surges in Australia
Under the umbrella of the “national cabinet,” they have overturned most lockdown measures over the past six weeks. Only when new daily case numbers hit triple figures did Andrews move to impose lockdown measures across Melbourne. As with the measures introduced when the pandemic began in March, the Melbourne lockdown is aimed at ensuring minimum disruption to big business. Nine people are in intensive care, a four-fold increase over the past week. It is also another warning of a turn to police state measures.
Jeffrey Epstein’s confidante Ghislaine Maxwell relocated to federal jail in New York City
Jeffrey Epstein’s confidante Ghislaine Maxwell relocated to federal jail in New York CityBy Kevin Reed8 July 2020Ghislaine Maxwell, the longtime partner of convicted sex offender and wealthy New Yorker Jeffrey Epstein, has been relocated to a federal jail in Brooklyn where she will appear via remote video before a Manhattan judge on July 14. Federal Bureau of Prison officials disclosed on Monday that Maxwell was transferred from Merrimack County Jail in New Hampshire to the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn but did not say on what day she was relocated. Prosecutors have indicated that Maxwell is a flight risk and any request for bail will be denied. Ghislaine MaxwellLast year, Jeffrey Epstein was awaiting trial on multiple counts of sex trafficking and abuse of minors when he was found dead in his jail cell in the Manhattan Correction Center on August 10. Shortly after Robert’s death, Ghislaine moved to New York City and met the investment advisor, multimillionaire and well-connected socialite Jeffrey Epstein with whom she developed a close relationship.
New York City EMS worker commits suicide
New York City EMS worker commits suicideBy Ali Elhassan8 July 2020The tragic suicide of Emergency Medical Services Lieutenant Matthew Keene on June 20 marks the second suicide by a New York City EMS worker since the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in New York. Among health care workers, emergency personnel have been most directly confronted with the horrifying impact of the virus, especially on the working class population. This has been one of many factors that has added to the traumatic experience of EMS workers. Twenty-five percent of the EMS force in New York City reportedly contracted the virus and six eventually succumbed to the disease. The starting salary for an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in New York City is $35,000.
UK: Coronavirus exposes Leicester’s sweatshops and government hypocrisy
UK: Coronavirus exposes Leicester’s sweatshops and government hypocrisyBy Thomas Scripps8 July 2020The lockdown imposed on the East Midlands city of Leicester after an outbreak of COVID-19 has been linked to garment factory sweatshops. The Tories and the entire ruling class have knowingly presided over Leicester’s sweatshops for years. In 2015, the Ethical Trading Initiative commissioned research by the University of Leicester into the city’s garment industry. The Financial Times investigation article in 2018: "Dark factories: labour exploitation in Britain’s garment industry"A Financial Times investigation in 2018, “Dark factories: Labour exploitation in Britain’s garment industry,” found average wages of Ł4.25 an hour and significant fire safety hazards. As for lethal safety failings, LBL report that workers’ complaints to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have been ignored.
UK meat processing factories involved in COVID-19 outbreak back up and running
UK meat processing factories involved in COVID-19 outbreak back up and runningBy Tony Robson8 July 2020The 2 Sisters Food Group (2SFG) chicken factory on the island of Anglesey, North Wales is the last of three meat processing companies involved in the largest industrial outbreak of COVID-19 in the UK to restart production. However, any further lockdowns have been resisted in Anglesey, as in all other areas hit by an outbreak of the virus in the meat processing industry. In England, a further outbreak of COVID-19 has been reported at another meat processing plant owned by the major supermarket chain, Asda. The past few weeks have demonstrated that further outbreaks are inevitable in the meat processing industry and that they will invariably be followed by cover-ups. The author also recommends:COVID-19 increase at UK’s 2 Sisters, Rowan and Kober meat processing factories[1 July 2020]Unite union facilitates cover-up of COVID-19 outbreak in UK meat processing plants[25 June 2020]Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.
French bus driver left brain-dead after asking passengers to wear masks
French bus driver left brain-dead after asking passengers to wear masksBy Will Morrow8 July 2020A bus driver in the southern French city of Bayonne has been left brain-dead from a brutal assault, after he ordered a group of passengers to either wear masks or get off the bus, on Sunday evening. On Monday, the bus drivers at Chronoplus, where Monguillot worked, announced that they were on strike until after Monguillot’s funeral service. But between March and April the Paris-area public transport operator (RATP) had confirmed four deaths in that region alone. Bus drivers reported receiving no masks at all, and only one pair of gloves per shift. They have worked to suppress workers’ anger over the lack of protective equipment and safe conditions for bus and public transport workers.
Spanish unions isolate Nissan workers’ struggle
Spanish unions isolate Nissan workers’ struggleBy Alice Summers8 July 2020Hundreds of Nissan autoworkers have demonstrated outside the company’s Cantabria factory in protest at the planned closure of its Barcelona plant. The more than 500 workers at the Los Corrales plant produce vehicle parts for factories in the Nissan-Renault Alliance across Europe. Workers at the Barcelona plant remain on strike after more than two months in opposition to the planned plant closures. The trade unions are trying to sow illusions that negotiations with Nissan remain open, and that workers can win an isolated, national struggle against the international Nissan-Renault Alliance. They have isolated the struggle of Nissan workers even within Spain, limiting the strike to just the Barcelona plant and leaving workers at the company’s two other Spanish factories, in Cantabria and Ávila, to continue production.
South Africa sees surge in COVID-19 as restrictions lifted
South Africa sees surge in COVID-19 as restrictions liftedBy Stephan McCoy8 July 2020The lifting of the lockdown and social distancing measures has caused a surge of coronavirus infections in South Africa. The total number of cases is now approaching 210,000 and the number of deaths is over 3,300. This makes South Africa the country with the second highest number of deaths, behind Egypt, and the largest number of cases on the continent. In Gauteng province, at least 589 schools recorded positive cases of the coronavirus before the “second-phase” of the reopening began and 71 have had to close. In KwaBhaca in the Eastern Cape, 200 students tested positive at Makaula Senior Secondary School.
Florida orders schools to reopen as COVID-19 cases surge
We won’t go!”The Florida order comes as part of a nationwide push to end lockdown measures, “reopen” the economy and force workers into unsafe conditions. The same day as the Florida order, Trump tweeted “SCHOOLS MUST OPEN IN THE FALL!! During the nearly four months since Florida schools were closed—when there were only 217 confirmed cases acknowledged in the state—no effective measures were implemented to contain or mitigate the disease, such as contact tracing. Now that there are 1,000 times as many confirmed cases in the state, they are trying to open up schools. To oppose the rush to reopen the schools, teachers need new organizations of struggle, which are independent of the NEA and AFT.
Striking nurses in Joliet, Illinois denounce unsafe conditions at AMITA hospital
Striking nurses in Joliet, Illinois denounce unsafe conditions at AMITA hospitalBy Benjamin Mateus7 August 2020More than a hundred nurses picketed AMITA St. Joseph Medical Center in Joliet, Illinois Tuesday on the fourth day of the walkout by 700 nurses who are demanding adequate staffing and safe conditions for their patients as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage throughout the US. Diane and Marianne said that AMITA does not value the nurses and frontline workers who have been exposed to COVID-19. We are working with COVID-19 patients and they want to take our sick time away. And we jumped right in and started taking care of these patients and risked our families. While the hospital is paying their air travel, meal, hotel, and bus transportation, striking nurses told the WSWS that the Illinois Nurses Association (INA) was not paying them strike benefits.
Canadian establishment downplays failed attempt to assassinate Trudeau
Canadian establishment downplays failed attempt to assassinate TrudeauBy Roger Jordan8 July 202046-year-old Corey Hurren was arrested by the RCMP last Thursday morning after crashing his pick-up truck through the gates of Rideau Hall, the official residence of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Governor General Julie Payette. Hurren “did knowingly utter” or “convey a threat to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau … to cause death or bodily harm,” reads the charge sheet. Initially the RCMP stated that Hurren had wanted to deliver “a note” to Trudeau, but declined to divulge anything about the note’s contents. However, judging by the response of the corporate-media and political establishment, Trudeau included, little out of the ordinary happened last Thursday morning. Present at the rally were several so-called “Yellow Vests”, a far-right group based in Alberta and Saskatchewan that has repeatedly organized anti-Trudeau and anti-immigrant protests over the past year-and-a-half.
Brazil’s fascistic President Bolsonaro tests positive for coronavirus
Brazil’s fascistic President Bolsonaro tests positive for coronavirusBy Tomas Castanheira8 July 2020Brazil’s fascistic President Jair Bolsonaro announced yesterday morning to a group of reporters that he tested positive for the new coronavirus, after first presenting symptoms on Sunday. The impact of the virus continues to expand, with a weekly average of about 37,000 new cases per day. The fascistic president’s main argument is that the virus is like a “rain” that will inevitably fall on everyone. How much the devastating results of the coronavirus in Brazil can be attributed to Bolsonaro’s actions is hard to estimate. The author also recommends:Brazil’s coronavirus cases top 1.5 million amid record unemployment[6 July 2020]Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.
Peru lifts quarantine restrictions as coronavirus infections pass 300,000 mark
Peru lifts quarantine restrictions as coronavirus infections pass 300,000 markBy Cesar Uco8 June 2020On July 1, Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra initiated the third phase of a “targeted quarantine” to fight the COVID-19 epidemic. In South America, Peru trails only Brazil in number of deaths, but ranks first in terms of fatalities per capita. This week Peru jumped to fifth place among the countries with the highest number of coronavirus infections. Sunday, the first day of “targeted quarantine,” saw a record number taking to the streets, most of them ignoring social distancing rules. With the initiation of the “targeted quarantine,” skirmishes with police forces took place in the popular markets of Mesa Redonda and La Parada.
Pete Sessions lost his US House seat in Dallas. Can he win a new one 100 miles south?
“Pete Sessions lost his U.S. House seat in Dallas. Since then, he has moved 100 miles south in hopes of a political comeback in a different district. “This lack of attention to his constituents shows us what we can expect if Pete Sessions is elected to represent the 17th district,” Flores added. Around that time, campaign finance reports showed that Sessions spent campaign funds on criminal defense attorney fees — a point of criticism from the Swann campaign. He is the former consultant to Flores, and he worked in a similar role for another Texas Republican: Pete Sessions.
US coronavirus case count soars past 3 million
As Trump demands full reopening of schoolsUS coronavirus case count soars past 3 millionBy Bryan Dyne8 July 2020There have been more than 1 million new confirmed coronavirus cases in the US in the past month, bringing the total to just under 3.1 million. Including the fatalities in the United States, there have been 544,000 deaths worldwide and more than 11.8 million cases. Every day that the pandemic is not brought under control leaves at least another 4,000 people dead. Twenty-two states have seen an increase in hospitalizations over the past 14 days, including Arizona, California, Georgia, Florida and Texas. The author also recommends:Trump defunds the World Health Organization: A “crime against humanity”[16 April 2020]Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.
World Socialist Web Site
By Robert Stevens, 7 July 2020Workers have been laid off particularly heavily in the retail, travel, hospitality, and manufacturing sectors. No fue solo el impacto político directo; más bien, fueron los principios que proclamó los que definieron su estatura histórica mundial. Die welthistorische Bedeutung der Unabhängigkeitserklärung ergibt sich nicht nur aus ihren unmittelbaren politischen Folgen, sondern mehr noch aus ihren Grundsätzen. Juli 2020Jean Castex soll gemeinsam mit den Gewerkschaften die drakonischen Austeritätsmaßnahmen koordinieren, die Macron und die Banken trotz Corona-Pandemie durchsetzen wollen. Andrea Peters, 22. mai 2020Om litt mer enn to uker vil 6 000 amerikanske og polske tropper simulere bakke og luftbĺrne angrep ca.
Trump plans to spend his second term crushing his enemies — and he doesn’t just mean immigrants and Muslims
In other words, even the issue of how to conduct the school year during a raging pandemic is all about him. Last week Trump was asked by his most fervent acolyte, Sean Hannity, to share with his assembled fans at a Fox News town hall what his priorities for a second term might be. But none of that is really what Trump has learned about being president and they’re obviously not what interests him going forward. Should he win a second term, the first and most obvious way he will use the power will be this:“Always get even. If you want to know Donald Trump’s agenda for a second term, this is it.
Physicists warn of a disgusting way coronavirus could spread: toilet flushing
A new study argues that the simple act of flushing a public toilet could inadvertently spread the coronavirus. The new research fits with previous observations made by Chinese doctors in Wuhan treating coronavirus patients. As Salon reported in April, those scientists found that the concentration of coronavirus aerosols was low in public areas, but very high in patients’ bathrooms. Scientific research that has been conducted since the pandemic has provided valuable information about ways that the coronavirus can be spread. “The concentration of SARS-CoV-2 RNA in aerosols detected in isolation wards and ventilated patient rooms was very low, but it was elevated in the patients’ toilet areas,” the authors explained.
Trump ‘would throw Mike Pence in a wood chipper’ to shake up the election: White House sources
President Donald Trump has proven to be a volatile and unpredictable president, and more and more individuals close to him believe he might upend the November election. … They think he’s looking for an excuse to get out.”“He would throw Mike Pence in a wood chipper if he needed to,” said one former White House official who frequently interacts with the president. “At the end of the day, the Senate majority leader wants to be the Senate majority leader,” said another former senior White House official. “I couldn’t even fathom the chaos a vacancy could bring to this race,” said one Republican operative who’s close to the Trump campaign. “That will be his rationale and for the rest of his life, we’ll never hear anything but, ‘It was stolen,’” said one former White House official.
Republicans are winning their shadow war on America’s government
The Supreme Court is the highest profile entity in the judiciary, but it is only the tip of the iceberg. Underneath the Supreme Court there are 13 courts of appeals, and below them 94 district courts. Of all of these, federal appeals courts see only a small fraction, at about 50,000 filings a year. And of those, the Supreme Court sees only about 7,000 filings, and only hears about 100-150 cases. There was a great deal of discussion during the Democratic primary about “packing” the Supreme Court by expanding the number of Justices.
Experts fear Trump supporters will be dangerous if he loses: ‘The last gasp of a dying party’
The United States has a long history of bitter, divisive presidential elections being followed by gracious concession speeches. But Journalist Andrew Feinberg, in an article published by The Independent on July 7, examines the possibility of far-right violence if Donald Trump loses to Joe Biden in November. President Richard Nixon, in 1972, slammed Democratic nominee George McGovern unmercifully and was reelected by a landslide. Walsh, interviewed by The Independent, described Trumpism as “the last gasp of a dying party” that will become “even more desperate” if Democrats retake the White House and the Senate in November. “They will engage in violence,” Walsh warned.
Trump is now openly feuding with Dr. Fauci about the state of the pandemic
President Donald Trump is in open revolt against public health experts in his own administration and against, it would seem, reality. Dr. Fauci said don’t wear masks and now he says wear them. “The current state is really not good,” Fauci said Monday. “If you look at the chart of deaths, deaths are way down,” Trump said Tuesday. Late Tuesday night, Worldometer reported that there were 994 new coronavirus deaths that day, the largest increase in a single day since June 10, nearly a month ago.